pauljwi see it's going to be a loooong weekend in #ubuntu00:10
daftykinsthe winter is definitely bringing the social justice warriors in.00:10
pauljwyeah... i've noticed00:11
lotuspsychjegood morning to all01:50
daftykinsg'mornin' sir01:50
daftykinsjust got that new Tomb Raider game :O https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ghcu8ifx8cj1htq/AADOrNs0b6FyRdsX8T7nc02ea?dl=001:50
daftykinslotuspsychje: how's this for £200 delivered? :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/pb5y567wd9isf6h/lenovo.png?dl=001:51
lotuspsychjehey daftykins01:51
lotuspsychjewow cheap01:52
daftykinsmmm, haswell, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD - pretty darn good01:53
lotuspsychjenice lara graphs too :p01:53
lotuspsychjewonder what the price would be without win and hd :p01:55
daftykinsi did try once or twice to get the refund for not using Windows, but lots of places refused01:56
daftykinsi don't think it'd work out to much really01:56
lotuspsychjei hope more barebone shops rise in the future :p01:57
SeriouslyLaughdaftykins that's a fantastic price01:58
daftykinsbenefits of having a government with no VAT!01:59
SeriouslyLaughfirst thing i would do is swap that hdd out though. that'll be your biggest botleneck.01:59
SeriouslyLaughthat or the nic -- grab an 802.11ac nic02:00
OerHekskill that realtek nic indeed02:00
daftykinsthat depends who is going to end up getting it really02:00
daftykinsi could easily make £50 back by just selling it on as-is, maybe with a clean install so it actually gets the performance the hardware can give02:01
lotuspsychjewould work fine on winblows indeed02:01
daftykinsthe person i bought that 27" 2560x1440 £160 LCD for could probably use this machine02:02
daftykinshaswell would drive that res fine over HDMI02:02
SeriouslyLaughi'm not really a gamer, so there is no appeal for me in anything over 1080p at the moment02:04
SeriouslyLaughnot until they start mass producing 4k content02:04
SeriouslyLaughfilms, that is02:04
daftykinsit's not anything to do with gaming in the slightest, it's for a guy to see CAD drawings in better detail02:04
SeriouslyLaughah yes -- awesome02:04
lotuspsychjecant get any cheaper then this for sure02:05
lotuspsychjegood deal02:05
daftykinsshould've seen my face, i only visited amazon quickly to check the days deals02:08
pauljwgnite all02:41
lotuspsychjei wonder how system76 deals with 15.05 to 15.10 black screen upgrades02:47
lotuspsychjeand will they put xenial on their machines in april?02:48
OerHeksi still wonder why the fix is not out ..02:51
lotuspsychjewich fix OerHeks02:51
OerHeksfor that ati + 15.10 black screenissue02:52
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: ive read that the new amdgpu is bit dissapointing also02:52
lotuspsychjenot getting the performance they promised02:52
lotuspsychjelemme find link02:53
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: http://www.pcworld.com/article/3008622/linux/amds-radeon-software-crimson-doesnt-live-up-to-the-hype-on-linux.html02:55
SeriouslyLaughwow, that was a scathing review lotuspsychje02:55
SeriouslyLaughlooks like junk02:56
lotuspsychjesays phoronix benchmark02:56
lotuspsychjeso should be trusted right?02:56
lotuspsychjemaybe we should wait the real field experiences also02:58
OerHeksoh .. the performance changes were regressions02:58
lotuspsychjewell the good thing is things are moving02:59
lotuspsychjethey might actually do some more work on it :p02:59
lotuspsychjehey cfhowlett03:20
cfhowlettyowza ^2 lotuspsychje03:20
lotuspsychjeso much confusing on users on upgrades03:27
lotuspsychjethey all think newer is better03:27
cfhowlettthe download sites clearly state "LTS recommended" - or at least Ubuntustudio does.  I consider the interim releases to be "test versions" but that conflicts with the official narrative.03:28
lotuspsychjeyeah i have same opinion03:29
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: i was discussin earlier system76 machines with 15.04, wondering how they would deal with upgrade to 15.10 black screens and such03:30
cfhowlettdid/do they offer a working solution?03:30
lotuspsychjenot on their site they dont03:30
lotuspsychjeso and what will they do on april? put xenial on their boxes or not? im curious03:31
lotuspsychjei would be affraid to put non-lts on mass user machines03:32
cfhowlettI submit for consideration: OEMs should ONLY LTS versions.03:32
lotuspsychjecheckout system76 unboxing youtubes03:33
lotuspsychjethey preload ubuntu in a setup screen==>language/location/name==>15.0403:33
daftykinsit is pretty shocking how they don't learn the LTS difference, definitely a case of youngsters not reading the website imo03:35
daftykinsthough i think the difference is a lot more hidden than it used to be03:36
lotuspsychjewell its really a 'latest' thing03:36
lotuspsychjeppl always turn themselfs crazy on latest03:36
lotuspsychjein april, everyone gonna get crazy on xenial too03:37
daftykinsthe ones that want to install the latest kernel from kernel.org drive me crazy :P03:37
lotuspsychjethinking its latest :p03:37
daftykins"but the numer is bigger!"03:37
lotuspsychjeyeah i dont messa round with mainline03:37
cfhowlettnew distro release: Ubuntu4Idiots: the linux that protects the user from ... the user03:37
lotuspsychjeoh by the way xenial gonna get 4.4 kernel03:38
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: a guest distro :p03:39
lotuspsychjewouldnt be such a bad idea actually!03:39
lotuspsychjehide the admin from lightdm.conf03:39
lotuspsychjeand only guest allowed lol03:40
cfhowlettkiosk mode only03:40
cfhowlettthat's actually not a terrible idea!03:40
lotuspsychjecant mess up, and cleanup after logout!03:40
cfhowlettNubuntu: ubuntu for Noobs!03:40
lotuspsychjeNubuntu 17.04 'Naive Noob'03:43
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: one day you will hit the jackpot with your ideas :p03:44
cfhowlettfor sure.03:45
lotuspsychje<Spethus> i relly hate the way windows 10 has gone it has given me good reason to explore linux as an alternative04:20
lotuspsychjethese are the lines i wanna read every day!!!04:20
cfhowlettyeah, but somehow he wound up with zorin ...04:27
lotuspsychjeyeah, how are we gonna promote ubuntu best :p04:28
lotuspsychjethey all come to mint or zorin or nubuntu heh04:30
SeriouslyLaughlotuspsychje i think that user might be a troll. they PMed me04:31
lotuspsychjemaybe we should create a blog, mentioning ubuntu is the best of all distro's04:31
* lotuspsychje hands over the magic troll potion to SeriouslyLaugh 04:31
cfhowlettI would but I hate to get into the religious debates about "LINUX" "GNU" etc, etc04:31
lotuspsychjed21anthony: welcome mate04:32
SeriouslyLaughhonestly I use a spin of ubuntu, not ubuntu itself. but a lot of users of that distro have most of their troubles with upstream stuff04:32
d21anthonyHey there!04:32
lotuspsychjewhat spin SeriouslyLaugh04:32
SeriouslyLaughelementary OS04:32
lotuspsychjenot bad04:33
SeriouslyLaughby troubles i just mean general linux questions04:33
SeriouslyLaughlike 'will this app run on elementary OS'04:33
* cfhowlett looks around for tar and feathers ...04:33
SeriouslyLaughand i'm like...if it'll run on Ubuntu it'll run on elementary OS04:33
SeriouslyLaughso i've been lurking here for the past few days to get a feel for the ubuntu community04:33
d21anthonyIs there anyone using 15.10 out there?04:34
SeriouslyLaughhelping where i can04:34
cfhowlettso random question: why are you in #ubuntu not in #elementary???04:34
SeriouslyLaughi'm in #elementary04:34
SeriouslyLaughit's a graveyard04:34
lotuspsychjed21anthony: im sticking to LTS04:34
d21anthonyI installed it to see if there was some new jazz for unity - but nothing impressive04:34
SeriouslyLaughwhich kernel does 15.10 ship with? is it above 4 yet?04:35
SeriouslyLaughor 3.19ish04:35
d21anthonyyeah I think it's 3.1904:35
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic04:37
d21anthonyI lied, 4.2.0-18-generic04:37
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (vivid), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB04:37
d21anthonyjust did a uname -r04:37
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial04:37
ubot5linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 10 kB04:37
SeriouslyLaughthere ya go04:37
d21anthonythey must have updated recently. Because I had to update vagrant recently04:38
d21anthonyso here's a some what noob question but curious to hear others opinions. How long do you wait to update to the newest LTS (16.04) after it's been released04:39
lotuspsychjed21anthony: april 2016 officially04:40
ubot5Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+104:40
cfhowlettd21anthony, I wait for the first point release, i.e. 16.04.104:40
d21anthonyI usually try to wait 6 mo's but is that over cautions04:40
lotuspsychjed21anthony: but you can test already now also, and help solving bugs also04:40
SeriouslyLaugh0day all the way04:40
cfhowlettbut while waiting, I put the 16.04 in a virtualbox04:40
SeriouslyLaughin a VM04:41
daftykinsSeriouslyLaugh: community? well there is one vs. elementary ;)04:41
lotuspsychjeim running it in developer version daily build and its already rock stable04:41
d21anthonyThe wierd thing about 16 is the unity 8 versus unity 7 adjustment capability04:41
lotuspsychjed21anthony: unity8 will come on 16.1004:42
SeriouslyLaughdaftykins amen04:42
d21anthonyis there really any difference from a user desktop perspective?04:42
lotuspsychjed21anthony: unity8 is still being worked on for desktop04:42
lotuspsychjed21anthony: not yet to say, where this will end04:43
lotuspsychjeive tested unity8 on xenial and still looks like the phone version04:43
d21anthonyAre you tesing in vm enviroments04:44
lotuspsychjed21anthony: no, physical on my desktop pc04:44
lotuspsychjed21anthony: works like a charm already :p04:44
lotuspsychjed21anthony: but things can still break in this stage right04:45
d21anthonyis there any common packages that don't work in your current enviroment04:45
lotuspsychjed21anthony: i only do this for testing and help bugging out04:45
lotuspsychjed21anthony: not on my system yet04:46
lotuspsychjed21anthony: just found 1 bug that been hunting me on all ubuntu versions so04:46
lotuspsychjenothinng really xenial specific04:46
d21anthonyinteresting. I'll have to test it out on one of my dud boxes04:47
lotuspsychjed21anthony: yes please do04:47
lotuspsychjegot libreoffice5 and newest firefox04:47
lotuspsychje!info firefox xenial04:48
ubot5firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 42.0+build2-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 43117 kB, installed size 103047 kB04:48
lotuspsychje!info firefox04:48
ubot5firefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 42.0+build2-0ubuntu0.15.04.1 (vivid), package size 43094 kB, installed size 104555 kB04:48
lotuspsychjeah they all on 42 now04:48
d21anthonyIt's kinda funny cuz I was die hard Firefox for years, then chrome had the awesome dev suite integrated and now I'm back on firefox. Chrome was bugging out for a while on 15.04 and crashed the whole os forcing a hard boot. :(04:51
lotuspsychjed21anthony: use LTS for stable experience :p04:52
d21anthonyFirefox / mozilla released a propaganda email or some splash page with the general jist that they aren't collecting all your info for big data. I'm assuming thumbing their noses at Chrome04:54
d21anthonyOpen source it is04:54
lotuspsychjechromium here also :p04:54
SeriouslyLaughfirefox is weaved into gnome very nicely as well04:55
SeriouslyLaughthe smooth scrolling is great, and lots of features04:55
SeriouslyLaughbut i'm a chrome user04:55
SeriouslyLaughat this point it's purely out of habit04:55
lotuspsychjewell with adobe flash dying on linux04:55
lotuspsychjesomething will happen for sure04:56
SeriouslyLaughmicrosoft edge is actually quite beautiful04:56
d21anthonyyeah the dev tools are still a little bit better. But I really dig Firefox's mobile emulator04:56
SeriouslyLaughas soon as they allow addons that will probably gain traction04:56
d21anthonyEdge is gaining traction. I wonder if there'll ever be a port for that on linux :)04:57
d21anthonymaybe wine it04:57
SeriouslyLaughdo you guys typically provide support for desktop environments outside of unity, or do you typically defer users to other channels?05:02
SeriouslyLaughlike if someone had a question about ubuntu gnome, would we send them away?05:03
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: we have #ubuntu-gnome yes05:03
SeriouslyLaughgreat, thanks05:03
lotuspsychjeno answer there, they can always come back05:03
lotuspsychjewe try to make the dead channels back alive again05:04
lotuspsychjeotherwise #ubuntu will be a mess with specific issues from all flavors and windowmanagers05:04
ubot5!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:05
lotuspsychjebut also #i3 and such05:05
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: the way i do, is check if specific channel exists05:06
SeriouslyLaughgood idea05:06
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: small channel cant help much right05:06
d21anthonyhmmm - I've never heard of Studio ubuntu before05:07
lotuspsychjethen we have ##hardware #netfilter ##networking ##httpd #openssh to redirect users05:07
lotuspsychjed21anthony: its an ubuntu music station flavor05:08
d21anthonyhuh, it looks pretty cool.05:09
d21anthonyWish I had time to jump down every rabbit hole I find05:10
lotuspsychjeit sure is, but you can grab those music apps on regular ubuntu also05:10
SeriouslyLaughyeah it's a weird distro05:11
SeriouslyLaughin that it appears to be a collection of applications05:12
SeriouslyLaughas opposed to something like Deepin, which is an entirely fresh spin on the entire concept of a desktop environment05:12
lotuspsychjei like vanilla ubuntu best05:13
SeriouslyLaughseriously you guys should try Deepin OS in a virtual machine and just play with the settings panel05:13
SeriouslyLaughit's remarkable05:13
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: im too addicted to unity :p05:13
SeriouslyLaughthe website and installer is full of broken english but i've never seen an OS like that before05:13
SeriouslyLaughall of the system settings can be changed via a notifications-like area, similar to Windows 1005:14
d21anthonyDeepin's got a dock station out of the box. That's pretty cool. I'm running a version of lubuntu (KDE) it's definitely not as user friendly as unity05:16
lotuspsychjemy xenial box05:16
d21anthonywhat is the app with the x - an upgraded x chat?05:18
lotuspsychje!info hexchat05:18
ubot5hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.1-2 (vivid), package size 386 kB, installed size 1195 kB05:18
lotuspsychjed21anthony: xchat is not maintained anymore05:19
d21anthonyreally.... oops.. :) it's still a fine piece of software. I'll have to upgrade apparently05:20
lotuspsychjenot upgrade, purge xchat and install hexchat05:20
d21anthonyright on05:20
d21anthonyI love the system monitor for the tool bar - it's a life savor for the ocd05:21
lotuspsychjed21anthony: alot of nice stuff exist: search your terminal with apt-cache search indicator05:21
daftykinswhy are we talking about all the silly ubuntu derivative distros? :)05:23
lotuspsychjethe new guys love them :p05:24
SeriouslyLaughwell someone asked about ubuntu studio in the main channel05:24
SeriouslyLaughand i got lost in Deepin's dreamy eyes05:24
SeriouslyLaughit calls me like a siren05:24
* lotuspsychje slap SeriouslyLaugh back to reality05:24
daftykinsit'll have you smash up on some rocks like a Siren, too05:25
d21anthonylotuspsychje: aptoncd is freak'n awesome05:45
lotuspsychje!yay | d21anthony05:54
ubot5d21anthony: Glad you made it! :-)05:54
lotuspsychjeim im off to spa sauna jacuzzi05:56
lotuspsychjehave a nice one all!05:56
daftykinswhere's our invite :(06:02
OerHeksthe cake is in the oven.06:05
daftykinsooh what kind?06:08
OerHeksjust a yellow one, nothing special06:10
OerHeksfull creamy butter, not that pseudobutter stuff06:10
OerHeksthose make you fat06:10
OerHekscake is now double height ..06:22
OerHeksnom nom nom06:23
daftykinsit's growing!06:31
OerHeksnearly tripple height now, it should not rise any further ..06:35
OerHekscake is born, needs to cool down for an hour ..expected lifetime one hour ..07:09
OerHeks.. why wait, ehh?07:09
=== DJones_ is now known as DJones
BluesKajHiyas all12:26
BluesKajhi pauljw12:54
lordievaderGood afternoon.13:31
lotus|xenialgood afternoon to all13:36
EriC^^hey lotus|xenial13:37
EriC^^how's it going?13:37
lotus|xenialhey EriC^^13:38
lotus|xenialall fine here mate13:38
lotus|xenialchecking xenial updates13:38
lotus|xenialEriC^^: i was also testing out unity8/mir on xenial the other day13:39
EriC^^how is it?13:39
lotus|xenialEriC^^: still looks like the phone model, but already nice13:39
lotus|xenialEriC^^: desktop version is being worked on13:39
EriC^^oh ok13:40
EriC^^16.04 will have unity 8?13:40
lotus|xenialEriC^^: no, 16.1013:40
EriC^^oh ok13:40
lotus|xenialxenial will have unity7 and kernel 4.413:40
lotus|xenialalready rockstable here (for now) :p13:41
EriC^^cool :D13:42
EriC^^lotus|xenial: any idea about satellite receiver stuff?13:45
lotus|xenialEriC^^: very little but do ask :p13:46
EriC^^the thing in front of the satellite dish seems to be bad, i removed it today it's like a round thing with 2 plugs13:46
EriC^^i dunno, it has to be replaced? or can i give it a smack with a hammer or something and it'll work again? haha13:47
lotus|xenialEriC^^: how do you know its bad?13:47
lotus|xenial2 heads should be pretty strong13:48
EriC^^it's similar to this http://i00.i.aliimg.com/wsphoto/v0/1086584104_3/Satellite-TV-box-AML8726-M3-Support-CVBS-DVB-AV-LAN-WIFI-Android-4-0-Satellite-TV.jpg13:48
EriC^^it's the while thing to the right with a plug at the bottom13:48
lotus|xenialah one head and 2 screws right?13:48
EriC^^it's the same almost, but with 2 plugs at the bottom13:48
lotus|xenialhow do you know its bad?13:49
EriC^^well satellite stopped working on both tv's13:49
EriC^^it's 2 different wires coming down, and 2 receivers13:49
lotus|xenialEriC^^: did the dish move with the wind?13:49
BluesKajits called a LNB EriC^^ , check it out with the dish maker on google13:50
lotus|xenialEriC^^: or does the model auto-turn?13:50
EriC^^i dont think so, it looked pretty screwed on tight13:50
EriC^^nope no auto-turn i think13:50
lotus|xenialit doesnt need much, to be out of range13:50
EriC^^the white thing did have a degree setting thing, but i don't think it has moved it was fastened tight13:50
EriC^^BluesKaj: ok, thanks13:50
lotus|xenialnormally those dishes are pretty rough13:50
lotus|xeniali would think contact of a cable?13:51
EriC^^well the cables kind of fell off when i moved them, but i tried to put both inside well and same thing13:51
lotus|xenialEriC^^: tv shows nothing?13:52
EriC^^maybe i should go to the roof and try to move the white thing and dish maybe and plugs and somebody sees if the tv shows something13:52
EriC^^yeah, no signal13:52
BluesKajI use a bell tv dish with 2LNBs , one for each satellite, and HiDef  service13:52
lotus|xeniali dont think its the dish or head, but could be wrong13:53
lotus|xenialthose things are pretty rough13:53
BluesKajseems like your cable connectors are kaput13:53
BluesKajlotus|xenial, you mean tough13:53
BluesKajwell gotta go ...vehicle needs servicing  for the winter ... BBL13:55
lotus|xenialEriC^^: check if the cable/connectors are wet from rain?13:55
EriC^^i'll try to fasten them in13:55
EriC^^well, that didn't go too well14:01
EriC^^i fastened one, the other one i tried to put without the round tighten thingy and i broke the wire14:01
EriC^^lol, let me see if one of the tv's work though14:01
EriC^^nope, not working14:05
EriC^^i guess it's a bad head thing14:05
lotus|xenialdid you guys have rain recently?14:05
EriC^^cause it stopped suddenly one day14:05
EriC^^nah i think when it stopped it was raining14:06
lotus|xenialyou could go test the dish as whole somewhere else14:06
EriC^^oh wait, im an idiot14:07
EriC^^i didnt put the wire thing in the receiver when checking it on the 2nd tv14:07
EriC^^nope still nothing14:09
lotus|xenialEriC^^: tested card in and out>?14:10
lotus|xenialor you dont have satelite card?14:10
EriC^^nope no satellite card14:10
lotus|xenialplugout power cable from satelite?14:10
EriC^^i didnt think it had a power cable?14:11
EriC^^the actual satellite has a power cable?14:11
EriC^^or you mean the receiver in the room?14:11
lotus|xenialthe receiver sorry14:11
EriC^^oh ok14:11
EriC^^yeah, it's not working, no signal14:11
EriC^^it loads up fine and stuff then says no signal14:12
lotus|xenialif it auto turns, it will be hardware thing14:12
lotus|xenialcables,dish or head14:13
lotus|xenialif no rain entered cables or connectors, probably the head14:13
lotus|xenialEriC^^: you didnt touch 'source' button of tv?14:22
EriC^^yeah i did14:22
EriC^^apparently lnb's go bad pretty often14:22
lotus|xenialdoublecheck if its still on sattelite instead of hmdi214:22
EriC^^it's on satellite for sure, it loads up the logo then it says no signal ( not the tv the receiver's text thing )14:23
lotus|xenialhow old is that dish?14:24
EriC^^good thing i got the thread though, it says you shouldn't unhook or hook cables with the stb powered on ( i think stb is receiver? )14:24
EriC^^cause it can make a spike in the lnb and it wont work anymore14:24
lotus|xenialEriC^^: http://www.satcure.co.uk/tech/no_satellite_signal.htm14:25
lotus|xeniallooks like a good troubleshoot14:25
lotus|xenialmake sure cables and connectors arents damaged or corroded like on that link14:26
lotus|xenialbbl good luck EriC^^14:36
TJ-EriC^^: fixed your LNB issue yet?14:57
BluesKajlooks to me like he needs new cables, my LNBs are over 10yrs old and still work fine.15:01
TJ-First thing I always check is there's 19.5V DC present on the set-top box's antenna socket when its powered up15:01
BluesKajmost have a rg59 connector on them, depending where he's located15:02
TJ-then, connect the cable but leave the LNB disconnected, and check that 19.5V is present at the cable end at the dish.15:02
TJ-if you've got the power at the LNB, and it doesn't operate, then open up the LNB and check the diodes15:03
BluesKajsome are sealed , not easy to access the electronics15:04
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: any more luck?15:04
TJ-The 'LNB' is actually a frequency down-converter, from the very high frequency, very low power, satellite signal (which frequency would radiate and attenuate along the coax run to the STB, down to a frequency that is optimum for the type of cable15:04
EriC^^lotuspsychje: nope15:05
TJ-BluesKaj: crack 'em open, there's always a way15:05
lotuspsychjehi TJ- and BluesKaj15:05
* TJ- waves soggily15:05
EriC^^TJ-: i'll get the lnb15:06
EriC^^and give it a good whack15:06
EriC^^i told lotus hammer first he said check other stuff15:06
TJ-There's not much to go wrong in it, it's essential a tuned circuit and a power regulator, usually taking the 19.5V to 5V15:07
TJ-I have custom converters made in China for my Wifi interference scanners; down-convert 2.4GHx or 5.4/8GHx to 450MHz15:08
BluesKajhere the volyage is determined by the polarization of the transponder signal. either 19v dc or 13v dc15:09
EriC^^well there's no white spots on it15:10
TJ-right, usually defaults to 19.5V (18V nominal) for  horizontal15:11
EriC^^screws are pretty rusted15:12
BluesKajanyway the only drawback to dish users is rainfade which happens only few times/yr around here...the local cable co's picture and res leaves a lot to be desired vs our bell sat service15:12
EriC^^on the fastener thing15:12
* EriC^^ gets some wd-4015:12
TJ-EriC^^: spray with some degreaser15:12
TJ-Eric I once found the reason for loss of signal was a family of spiders took up residence in the horn, completely obscuring the focal point15:13
lotuspsychjeTJ-: you dont think the head is lbn is dead neither?15:13
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje , what's up ?15:13
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: updated xenial packages, all working fine still15:13
TJ-lotuspsychje: if it is, they're generally pretty easy to fix. Usual issue is the power regulator circuit, zener diodes sometimes15:14
EriC^^damn wd-40 is in the car15:14
EriC^^these things are really, really rusted on15:14
BluesKajquite stable here on plasma 5.4.2 as well15:14
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: nice115:14
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: xenial gonna have 4.4 kernel15:15
lotuspsychjeand unity715:15
lotuspsychje16.10 unity815:15
BluesKajyes I'm favourably impressed so far,  fewer probs than Wily15:15
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: we getting alot of black screens and acpi issues on both wily and vivid15:16
BluesKajnot so much with the W10 update :-) ...wife wants to stah=y with W715:16
BluesKajor upgrade rather15:16
BluesKajstay even15:17
lotuspsychjebut in one year they wont support w7 anymore15:17
EriC^^got the screws off15:17
BluesKajlotuspsychje, are those gpu driver issues with mir?15:17
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: not sure what messes up exactly, alot of recent drivers seems to fail15:18
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: reverting to older graphics driver helps15:18
BluesKajok , regression works sometimes15:19
EriC^^if i shake it i can hear like sand inside it or something15:19
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: clean it all out mate15:19
TJ-EriC^^: could be the remains of a blown component15:20
EriC^^TJ-: do i just use a flat head to remove the white ceramic looking head thing15:20
BluesKajEriC^^, what about your dish provider customer support, they should fix that problem for free15:20
TJ-EriC^^: There are a lot of different fixing methods. I generally make sure the thing is warmed up and pliable (hair dryer helps that), and use a strong blade like in a box-cutter to work the thing loose without breaking anything.15:21
TJ-Generally you can deduce whether glue was used on it or its a tight friction fit, or else internal clips15:22
EriC^^holy fuck15:22
EriC^^i pulled both sides with my hands after using the flat head for a while15:23
EriC^^then it just exploded into 2 pieces15:23
EriC^^anyways there's nothing inside! just a metal15:23
EriC^^a metal box15:25
TJ-EriC^^: someone stole the antenna?15:25
EriC^^no i mean theres a metal box but you can't open it15:26
TJ-there must be a PCB at the socket end15:26
EriC^^it's like cast15:26
EriC^^there's a shiny thing  in the middle, but it has rally hard glue around it15:26
TJ-Ahhh, can you see where the join is?15:26
TJ-EriC^^: at this point photos would be good :)15:26
EriC^^it's pretty oxidized on the inside15:29
EriC^^looks like it was found on the titanic15:30
lotuspsychjeyeah oxidized15:30
BluesKajit's cooked then15:30
TJ-EriC^^: that might be the explanation for the issue - that is likely spread into the inside via the connectors15:31
lotuspsychjewatched to many aljazeera EriC^^15:31
EriC^^nah the connectors are pretty clean15:31
TJ-EriC^^: those types usually need some heat to open up. Can you tell if there's solder used or is it waxed in?15:32
EriC^^the oxidation is mostly at the white tip thing, i noticed the sounds are coming from that area when i shake it though15:32
EriC^^looks like it's white glue around it15:33
EriC^^should i try removing the white tip?15:33
TJ-see if warming ut up makes it pliable.. also, can you cut a small piece away with a knife?15:33
TJ-EriC^^: tip? do you mean the horn cover? no... all the electronics is confined to the box. The antenna will be at the "AK-3" end of the feed horn15:34
EriC^^i removed the connector plugs15:37
EriC^^i think i screwed up though, i heard a snap and when i removed them they had some solder on the end15:38
EriC^^removed most of the glue but it wont budge15:38
EriC^^ill try a hairdryer and more man handling15:39
lotuspsychjeirc repair café :p15:40
EriC^^i removed the glue but it's not holding it together though15:44
EriC^^anyways i removed the horn cover TJ- , it had a bunch of white powder inside which was oxidation i think15:45
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
EriC^^the horn inside has some oxidation too, then it looks like there's 2 stainless steel rods way inside at the end, i've no idea how they got the pcb inside though,15:45
EriC^^TJ-: i cracked it open15:50
lotuspsychjelets hope no humidity entered on that board EriC^^15:54
EriC^^removed the screws, there's nothing that seems to be fried inside15:54
lotuspsychjewrong link?15:57
EriC^^maybe i should check the other side15:59
lotuspsychjelooks rather good16:00
BluesKajconnctors look corroded16:00
TJ-That's a good photo16:03
EriC^^wow on the other side there are 2 actual elements of the circuit that have rust on them16:04
TJ-was that screwed down part a heatsink?16:04
EriC^^i pushed them a little and they broke off the pcb16:04
TJ-EriC^^: uhoh... photos or it didn't happen :)16:04
EriC^^TJ-: it looked like it had 2 hex screws that adjust something, they put pressure on these white ceramic type pieces under them16:05
BluesKajmust live in a city...out here in the boonies there's cleaner air I guess16:05
TJ-EriC^^: ahhh, tuning coils likely16:05
TJ-one of the problems with sealed units, if they've air inside rather than an inert gas, is condensation forms, and that causes rust unless the parts are wax sealed16:07
lotuspsychjeoldskool wax for modern technology16:08
TJ-or lacquer, anything to stop condensation on the metalised parts16:09
TJ-I like using pastidip16:09
lotuspsychjegood idea16:09
TJ-Plastidip, even16:09
TJ-mmmm pasti16:09
lotuspsychjeshhh dont wake the doggies16:09
TJ-haha! They got a massive scolding earlier on so they're behaving right now. Had just washed the kitchen floor and was out using the pressure washer in the yard. Came back to find 1 of them had opened the door and they'd trailed mud in - I was not a happy chappy!16:11
TJ-This new RasPi Zero looks really neat. Amazing, and on the front cover of the magazine too16:11
EriC^^those are the 2 rusted parts that fell off16:14
EriC^^now to put it together so the guy at the shop doesn't go wtf when i ask for a part like that one :D16:17
TJ-are they actually components, or spacers?16:20
TJ-EriC^^: they may be graphite spacers (conductive). What did they connect? It may be cleaning them and the pads they sit on to make contact will solve the problem, if you saw rust there16:22
TJ-EriC^^: if those parts were connecting the input terminals to the PCB that'd be very likely16:22
EriC^^they were not next to the plugs, sort of up one to the right and one to the left16:23
EriC^^anyways i threw the parts and put the plastic cover on16:23
TJ-are they conductive?16:23
EriC^^it was a fun learning experience though16:23
EriC^^hmm i dunno i dont have a multimeter, i'd guess so though16:24
EriC^^the upper plate had some odd metal stuff on the edges i noticed16:24
EriC^^and they were really rusted16:24
EriC^^( the plate that had the tuning screws )16:25
lotuspsychjethats how untiy8 looks like now17:51
lotuspsychjewb EriC^^18:07
BluesKajXenial at one point was taking only 20csecs to boot, but now it's up to 2mins, anyone else have this problem20:13
Bashing-omBluesKaj: Time to examine the logs and see what the gaps in time are ?20:15
BluesKajBashing-om, i chjecked , there doesn't seem to be anything that sticks out20:16
Bashing-omBluesKaj: Humm .. boot to terminal and watch the boot messages ?? - I can stop the disaplay on my system - .20:18
ioriahi all20:18
Bashing-om\o ioria ; better now that you are here .20:19
ioriaBashing-om, i'm flattered !!!! ^_^  i followed a lot of your articles on the ubuntu forum ....20:20
Bashing-omioria: Has been a bumpy road .. :) ; I make more errors in logic than I care to openly admitt .20:21
ioriaBashing-om, :þ20:22
BluesKajchecked the syslog , seems /etc/resolv.conf and network manager are correcting each other several times before the internet gets cconnected, some kind silly loop thing20:27
Bashing-omBluesKaj: I have not used network-manager in ages .. not much use to you here .20:35
BluesKajwell, i need nm for vpn20:36
BluesKajotherwise I'd use a staic IP and /etc/network/interfaces to do the job20:36
Bashing-omBluesKaj: VPN adds another level of complexity . What results when VPN is not started ?20:38
BluesKajvpn isn't in the system startup, i use it only when anonymity is needed20:45
* daftykins rolls his eyes at what is presumably London street talk23:27

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