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darkxstricotz, we have announced on social media and email lists, that xenial/staging will start breaking soon, so go ahead and upload gtk next week or so10:25
ricotzdarkxst, hmm, let's see -- here are some rogue updates https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ubuntu/testing/+packages10:27
ricotzbut yeah gtk+ breaks a lot (custom widgets), like libreoffice/firefox in its earlier gtk3 tries10:29
darkxstubuntu doesnt have gtk3 builds of either does it?10:31
ricotzdarkxst, libreoffice builds the gtk3 flavour and you can install it if you want14:06
ricotzfirefox has it if you use aurora/nightly, it was disabled in the beta branch again14:06
system0x001wich is the best solution for run script on slected folder (nor PWD ) ?14:50
eliaspsHello everyone. On Xenial (UG) + staging, has anyone noticed that some gnome applications have an extended window border? Like nautilus, archive manager, even the right click menu?16:07
eliaspsIn addition, in nautilus, trash and ftp, sftp gives an error: operation not supported.16:09
eliaspsInstalling gvfs-backends fixes the second one.16:11
eliaspsThis is what I mean by the first one: http://people.ubuntu.com/~eliasps/files/desktop.png16:12
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