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apwxnox, did that updated branch work ok for you ?09:20
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xnoxapw, i didn't build it yet, been busy with java.09:36
apwxnox, np09:36
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xnoxapw, jolly good! =) Status: successful10:59
xnoxand splits all look correct11:00
apwxnox, nice thanks for testing11:05
xnoxno problem.11:05
xnoxapw, when is the next upload scheduled for into xenial? is it on a cadance?11:05
apwxnox, xenial is free flowing ... we are waiting on some dkms packages gettting fixed right now before we can shift to the 4.3 kernel11:07
apwxnox, various 4.2 kernels may appear before then depending how long it takes11:07
apwthough that said it was pretty close when i last looked, i have just asked for some testing to be redone (adt side) which should let me have a current feel11:07
xnoxapw, if launchpad gets lit up on monday, i'd want to build images on tuesday, thus i will need /a/ kernel upload by then =) 11:08
xnoxbut it is a big if, if launchpad gets lit up on monday, cause turkey slaughter fest and all that.11:08
apwxnox, ok well that pushes us to release it with warts, but that is probabally ok, i'll know today i hope whether the main blockers are cleared up11:09
apwxnox, is it turkey day in the US again already ?11:09
xnoxapw, yeah, i think it is thanksgiving, cause i'm getting spam about pointless black friday sales for tomorrow11:09
xnoxthere is 25% off on champagne at tescos, nothing else good so far.11:10
apwheh, 25% off champers is good, i like champers11:20
xnoxbook online delivery or pickup before sunday midnight. it's also discount on wines. but the range is not that great that they have.11:22
davmor2xnox: if it is corked instead of screw cap it's top notch ;)11:23
xnoxdavmor2, well, it has to be /cork/ as well, rather than plastic cork ;-)11:24
* xnox shows his colours11:24
davmor2xnox: no, no, that is posh wine not top notch, top notch is corked, and cheap is screw top :D11:26
davmor2posh wine == decent11:26
davmor2xnox: technically unless you blow 100 years of dust off the bottle it's hopeless, but then you would never open that you just show it off and earn a fortune off it as it gets older :)11:27
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apwdavmor2, best not to open anything that old as it will likely be undrinkable12:11
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