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dholbachgood morning08:04
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tvossmardy, mind giving https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/678 a spin09:46
mardytvoss: on it!09:47
tvossmardy, thx09:47
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mardytvoss: damn, I cannot open the HERE apps if I'm in flight mode :-)10:12
tvossmardy, oh yeah, I see :)10:12
tvossmardy, you probably want to try the simple example client from location service then10:12
mardytvoss: I guess OSMtouch is good enough10:12
tvossmardy, yeah, should do the job10:12
ogra_`after todays update my scopes dont have any images anymore10:19
* ogra_` reloaded ten times already but nothing chaanges10:20
robin-heroHey, is there a bug report for this: I set up an event in the calendar and indicator-datetime shows this in UTC, instead of the correct time?10:20
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday and happy Cake Day! 😃  http://goo.gl/oKyw2t10:23
mardytvoss: mmm... it works a bit too well10:29
tvossmardy, ?10:29
mardytvoss: the position keeps being updated apparently10:29
mardytvoss: isn't the GPS switched off, when we enter flight mode?10:29
tvossmardy, hmmm, maybe not10:29
tvossmorphis, ^10:29
tvossmorphis, do you know if urfkill disables the gps?10:30
tvossmorphis, would be kinda pointless as a gps receiver is not emitting any signal, but not sure about regulations10:30
mardytvoss: what's the name of the location command line client? Just want to make sure that OSMtouch is not messing up10:30
davmor2tvoss: not that I am aware of as I wrote a bug asking about it and was told it was not needed10:31
tvossmardy, ^10:32
tvossmardy, probably best to explicitly switch off gps then10:32
davmor2mardy, tvoss: you would lose the instant fix that you get from agps10:32
tvossdavmor2, that's a confusing statement :)10:33
davmor2tvoss: without cell and internet info agps would have no way to get an initial fix right, so you would be limited to gps only which can take a while to get a fix right10:34
tvossdavmor2, I get that, not sure what you are arguing for or against :)10:34
davmor2tvoss: no just a statement I thought it wasn't working for someone or something, not read the rest of the context :)10:35
tvossdavmor2, okay, that makes a little more sense then :)10:35
morphistvoss: I know there is not specific urfkill for GPS10:38
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morphisbut not sure what urfkill does for GPS10:38
tvossmorphis, I would be surprised if it ties in to the android gps layer10:39
morphisabeato: you know?10:40
morphistvoss: I know urfkill has some hybris* stuff in it10:40
morphisbut if I remember well that was only for WiFi10:40
abeatomorphis, tvoss not really sure what urfkill does for gps, as morphis says it enables/disables wifi10:41
davmor2tvoss, morphis: Flight mode (urfkill) does wifi/telephony/bluetooth and nothing else as far as I am aware10:43
tvossmpt, o/10:48
tvossmpt, updated trust prompt shot: http://pasteboard.co/2qgdLJ0R.png10:48
mpttvoss, cool!10:49
tvossmpt, the elliding of the name behaves as in the app scope, elliding of the app id ellides from the center to stay readable10:49
mpttvoss, what do you think of making the id grey instead of putting it in brackets?10:50
tvossmpt, that's fine with me, I selected the font size as small and replaced _ in the app id with / to make it a little more friendly10:51
tvosswhat do you think?10:51
tvoss_ somewhat looks like "error"10:51
seb128tvoss, can you fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/trust-store/+bug/1382610 while you are changing that dialog? I can provide a patch if needed, but it's only  switching the order of the buttons and changing a label10:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1382610 in trust-store "Buttons order is wrong" [Undecided,New]10:51
tvossseb128, sure10:51
mptI was just going to say, yes10:51
mptI didn’t know seb128 had reported a bug about it :-)10:52
tvossmpt, http://pasteboard.co/2qguqwvi.png10:52
tvossmpt, the description never elides, but wraps10:53
mpt“description” = “wants to access X”?10:53
tvossmpt, yup10:54
tvossmpt, http://pasteboard.co/2qgPK55k.png10:57
tvossmpt, secondary text with UbuntuColors.lightGrey10:57
tvossmpt, parenthesis removed10:58
mpttvoss, great. Is now a good time to change “Deny” to “Don’t Allow” as well (as seb128 also mentioned in that bug report)? In my MP comment I forgot that detail for a moment.10:59
tvossmpt, sure, it's a string change though, which has implications for translations10:59
mptright, that’s what I mean by “a good time” :-)10:59
tvossmpt, but we have to adjust the translations anyway, as the description is no longer in the format "%1% wants to access %2%"11:00
tvossseb128, ^ what do you think?11:00
seb128tvoss, ota-8 just went out, translation freeze for ota-9 is not before a while11:00
* tvoss thinks having a watermark on the trust prompt would be really helpful11:00
seb128so +111:00
tvossseb128, ack11:01
seb128now seems like the perfect time to do it11:01
tvossseb128, mpt mind filing a bug for the change?11:01
seb128what change?11:01
seb128the Deny -> Don't Allow?11:01
tvossseb128, Deny -> Don't allow11:01
seb128I mentioned it on the bug you just assigned to yourself11:01
seb128the one about the buttons order11:01
tvossah okay11:01
seb128but I can open another one if you prefer11:01
tvossseb128, ah no, that's fine with me11:02
tvossmpt, it's "Don't Allow" with a capital "A", correct?11:02
mpttvoss, what do you mean by a watermark?11:03
tvossmpt, so let's assume our oobe requests the user to specify a unique image (probably taken with the camera during the oobe wizard) that was only accessible to the trust-store11:04
tvossmpt, if we had that, we could "mark" the trust prompt with the unique watermark image, thereby ensuring that it wasn't faked by an app11:04
mpttvoss, ah, like I specced for the PolicyKit dialogs https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AccountPrivileges#icon11:04
tvossmpt, something along those lines, yes11:06
tvossmpt, are you fine with the eliding I described before?11:06
mpttvoss, yep11:07
tvossokay, cool11:07
mpttvoss, actually, English has this weird thing where ellipsis at start/finish doesn’t have a space after/before it11:08
mpttvoss, so in your screenshot it should be “long name for…”, not “long name for …”11:08
tvossmpt, hmmm, you would have to talk the qml guys then, I'm just selecting a value from an enumeration11:08
mptoh, ok11:08
mardytvoss: what's the name of the location command line client? Just want to make sure that OSMtouch is not messing up11:09
tvossmardy, oh sorry, let me find it :)11:09
tvossmardy, package is *location-service*examples* :) executable should be in /usr/lib/{ARCH}/ubuntu-location-service/examples/client --bus system11:10
tvossmardy, use tab for good measure to fix my typos :)11:10
mardytvoss: thanks!11:11
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mardytvoss: yep, it works. I immediately get the same location, same timestamp11:14
mardytvoss: if this has to go through QA, better change the steps to use this cli app, instead of here11:15
tvossmardy, yup, mind adjusting the silo description?11:16
tvossmardy, perfect11:16
mardytvoss: sure11:17
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shadeslayerogra_: hi, I was reverse engineering the scripts to build the ubuntu touch rootfs and came up with this so far http://paste.ubuntu.com/13514952/14:26
ogra_shadeslayer, apt-get source livecd-rootfs ?14:26
shadeslayerogra_: but it doesn't seem to be particularly happy14:26
shadeslayerogra_: why source?14:26
shadeslayerI just install the livecd-rootfs package14:27
ogra_did you try to use rootstock-ng instead ?14:27
shadeslayerI have not14:27
ogra_it does all the necessary wrapping needed for livecd-rootfs14:27
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shadeslayerogra_: log http://paste.ubuntu.com/13514963/14:27
ogra_(you need a stacked build chroot for it)14:27
shadeslayerogra_: oh, but I need to modify some stuff like package-lists14:27
shadeslayer( see http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/customizations.tar.gz )14:27
shadeslayerright, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/trusty-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz is something I need to modify then right, because rootstock-ng doesn't do that14:28
ogra_rootstock-touch is what you want ...14:28
ogra_it allows you to add PPAs14:29
ogra_(it hasnt been maintained since i stopped working on the phone so it might need some adjustments)14:29
ogra_so i guess you could set up a PPA and upload a modified metapackage to that to get your different package set14:30
shadeslayerogra_: all of that's already setup, the meta package is called differently though14:30
shadeslayerand I'm mostly having issues with the live build hooks really14:30
ogra_well,. they are rather specific for the particular target indeed14:31
shadeslayerright, except they don't seem to work even with no modifications for me :)14:31
shadeslayerbut seem to work just fine on launchpad14:32
ogra_why dont you just integrate it properly instead and get a system-image people can just switch to14:32
shadeslayeryeah, that'd be the correct way of doing it, yes14:32
ogra_(it could be a channel... then you can just switch channels with a single command on any ubuntu phone out there and our UI will just work )14:33
tvossmpt, seb128 so what would be sensible behavior if we cannot find an icon?14:33
ogra_shadeslayer, well, i dont care about correct/incorrect ... but it would get you immediately a ton of devices out there without you having to care at all14:33
ogra_like ... every ubuntu phone14:34
* shadeslayer will poke someone14:34
shadeslayerogra_: right14:34
ogra_sudo system-image-cli --switch=plasma-phone-channel ....14:34
mpttvoss, that question should be answered by the “give me the icon for this app” API that is also responsible for rounding the corners etc14:34
mpttvoss, I’m guessing that API doesn’t currently exist? :-]14:35
tvossmpt, well, that api shouldn't handle corner rounding at any rate :)14:35
mptWhat should, then?14:35
Elleosil2100: heya; having a bit of trouble getting silo 17 working after switching it to vivid only; changed a few of the MRs to new vivid specific ones but getting odd "not a branch" bzr errors show up, does it need cleaning again in some way? or am I doing something else wrong?14:35
tvossmpt, well, the component responsible for actually rendering the icon obviously14:35
tvossmpt, but that's a different question14:36
ogra_shadeslayer, in any case, i'd recommend using rootstock-touch to get the right build env setup14:36
sil2100Elleo: let me take a look, uno momento14:36
ogra_if you do it out of archive14:36
mpttvoss, ok, so I should have said “component” rather than “API” … Anyway, I’d expect that component to display a placeholder of some sort if it still hasn’t loaded the real icon after ~1 second14:37
shadeslayerogra_: ack, I'm looking into it14:38
shadeslayerand seeing what's blocking us from uploading to launchpad and using the livefs builds14:38
tvossmpt, that's not how our ui framework operates. anyway: I will ask the u8 guys14:38
Elleosil2100: thanks14:39
mpttvoss, I’d expect it to be exactly the same placeholder regardless of whether it’s showing (or trying to show) an app icon in the Dash, in a System Settings screen, in a trust prompt, or anywhere else14:41
shadeslayerogra_: I've been told that we would at the very least need a PPA with actual real arm hw14:44
shadeslayerbecause qemu'd builds won't cut it14:44
shadeslayerwhich is why we build the packages from our own CI at the moment14:44
shadeslayerogra_: is there a way to make that happen?14:44
popeyshadeslayer, you can request a real hardware armhf builder, but in launchpad I believe they're restricted (for security reasons) to Canonical employees only.15:08
popeyshadeslayer, the other option being buy a few cheap chromebook / raspberry pi / beaglebone / odroid .. ;)15:09
shadeslayerpopey: I have arm builders from my company, but then we can't leverage lp for the livefs builds ;)15:10
popeyRight, bummer15:10
k1liirc you can request PPAs to be build for arm too.15:10
shadeslayerwon't work for some of the KDE packages15:11
k1lah ok15:11
* shadeslayer has a idea15:11
sil2100Elleo: still looking, but it looks like an internal issue, so not something you did wrong15:13
Elleosil2100: okay, thanks15:15
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Elleosil2100: not sure if I might need to ask people for other MRs targetting their respective vivid branches as well now that it's vivid only?15:16
shadeslayerogra_: isn't there a way to specify the ubuntu rootfs via ubuntu-device-flash :(15:24
shadeslayerdamn :(15:24
shadeslayerI guess I can reuse the rootstock stuff to convert it into a image and fastboot flash that instead15:25
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sil2100Elleo: hmmm, ok, silo building... I actually tried building with 'indicator-transfer' mentioned explicitly and it worked15:37
sil2100Elleo: I suppose it might be also a leftover from one of the transitions Robert was doing in the train, so not related even to your switch from dual to vivid15:38
sil2100Elleo: most probably once this finishes, there should be no further problems as I see it re-created the indicator-transfer directories15:38
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shadeslayerogra_: so, I ran rootstock-touch-install on a tarball I have, and then ... nothing15:49
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shadeslayerdo I have to reboot into recovery again?15:50
ogra_shadeslayer, there is a README, in the tree ...15:52
ogra_i'm not sure it still works ... as i said it has been unmaintained quite a while15:52
ogra_(the -install script)15:52
ogra_also it can only work on nexus devices ...15:52
shadeslayerI'm using a E515:53
shadeslayerreadme has a typo btw :P15:53
ogra_ah, yeah, the production phones use actual partitions where the nexus devices use loop mounted images15:53
ogra_(so the partitioning doesnt need to be changed on developer devices)15:54
ogra_the install script only handles the loop case15:54
shadeslayerokay, is it possible to manually untar the tarball onto the right partition then?15:54
ogra_you can try ;) no idea15:55
shadeslayerogra_: oh and the custom tarball is unpacked ontop of the rootfs right?15:58
ogra_yeah ... but the bits use specific dirs iirc15:58
shadeslayeryeah :/15:59
ogra_ypou have to check the code15:59
Elleosil2100: cool, thanks16:00
Elleosil2100: erk, it's showing a similar error for ubuntu-system-settings now16:00
Elleosil2100: do I just ask it to build ubuntu-system-settings on its own?16:01
Elleosil2100: ah yeah, that seems to be working16:01
sil2100Elleo: yeah...16:02
Elleosil2100: guess I might have to do that for the others too16:02
sil2100I think this might need repeating ;/16:02
sil2100It looks like a train bug to me16:02
Elleosil2100: it's entirely possible it's something I messed up, as I've been adding and removing MRs a bit after the switch from dual to vivid16:02
tvossmardy, updated to account for security request and design guidelines: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/trust-store/fix-1504022/+merge/27841816:17
mardytvoss: mmm... I might need to do something similar in OA...16:19
tvossmardy, please elaborate16:19
mardympt: I guess we need to update the OA permission request screen in a similar way?16:20
mardytvoss: in Online Accounts we also have a permission request screen, which is a bit more complex that this16:20
mptmardy, hmm, yes16:20
mardympt: I wonder if space might be a problem there16:21
mardywell, I guess not16:21
tvossmardy, ah okay16:23
mardytvoss: that screeenshot is coming from that QML file?16:28
tvossmardy, yup16:28
mardytvoss: I thought that one had to set the anchors on Column in order to make it use the full width of the parent16:29
mardytvoss: but if it's smarter than I thought, all the better :-)16:29
mardytvoss: reapproved :-)16:30
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tvossmardy, would you mind giving https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/657 a spin?16:50
shadeslayerogra_: hurray, I hacked up ubuntu_command to flash my image after flashing ubuntu on the E5 :P17:06
shadeslayerstill not happy though [  111.076811]systemd-logind[5359]: Failed to start user service: Unknown unit: user@32011.service17:09
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Elleosil2100: heya, any idea what causes the "Not in PPA" errors?17:21
Elleosil2100: (still with silo 17)17:21
ogra_shadeslayer, weird, given the phone does not use systemd at all17:22
ogra_oh, wait, thats only logind17:23
shadeslayerogra_: mmh, well, presumably there's other stuff going on as well on account of it being plasma and not unity :)17:26
ogra_yeah, llikely17:27
* shadeslayer tries flashing without formatting /system17:27
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slashHello, do you know a way to mount folder at every boot ?18:55
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