daftykinsdiddledan_: hrmm i've heard reports the 1511 release of win10 got withdrawn O_O00:01
diddledan_only the ISO00:01
zmoylan-piit wwas resetting privacy settings and uninstalling some software from reports i read online...00:02
daftykinsnah i got told it was the update too00:02
* zmoylan-pi is watching the expanse. has promise...00:04
daftykinsBritish/US series, or a film?00:04
daftykins<-- no clue00:04
zmoylan-pius sci fi series.... 1 episode so far00:05
diddledan_I haven't received the first ep of the expanse yet00:05
zmoylan-pinice attention to detail of a bird flying in zero g00:05
daftykinsis it still flying? :D00:06
diddledan_that's a good point, does it count as flying when it's in zero-g?00:07
zmoylan-piwell scientists are now saying that penguins do fly, just that it's under water...00:08
zmoylan-piso on that premise i'd say yes as it's using it's wings to move and position itself00:08
daftykinswow i can't even visit gamestop.co.uk00:13
diddledan_black friday?00:13
daftykinsError code 1600:13
daftykinsThis request was blocked by the security rules00:13
diddledan_or islands?00:13
zmoylan-piworks for me00:13
diddledan_yeah I'm guessing it's 'cos daftykins is an illegal00:14
daftykinspretty sure our IP range is blocked from a lot of sites00:14
daftykinsvery cheap PS4 with a bunch of games meant to be on there, ho hum :>00:14
daftykinsshouldn't buy anything anyway!00:14
* zmoylan-pi waits for the reward on daftykins goes up before reporting...00:14
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diddledan_srsly? dangling an ethernet cable out of an aeroplane flying above a fast driving car?!00:16
zmoylan-pithat would work with co-ax.... don't ask... :-)00:16
zmoylan-piof course the craziest thing that came across my radar on planes recently was this little beauty... watch a hercules c130 take off... quickly... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etzqmtYcpCQ00:27
diddledan_that's cking awesome!00:30
daftykinsO_O that is amazing00:30
zmoylan-piisn't it?  watching it throw itself into the sky using pure rockets is something else...00:30
diddledan_they should make more planes like that!00:31
diddledan_so what was op credible sport?00:32
zmoylan-piwho says that they haven't? /paranoia...00:32
zmoylan-pithey were going to fly into iran and rescue hostages in 70s00:32
zmoylan-piall guns AND rockets blazing00:32
diddledan_this one explains it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKCl3lfAx1Q00:32
daftykinsoh i just saw the end... oops00:33
zmoylan-piyeah, it failed the last flight test... badly...00:33
diddledan_land inside a football stdium!00:34
zmoylan-pifell 50ft out of the air when they engaged front braking rockets instead of vertical descent rockets accidently00:34
daftykins:S that's when you want someone to label the controls better00:35
diddledan_I love in all the Jerry Anderson model space craft they hover and THEN fire the decent rockets and only THEN start going downwards00:36
zmoylan-piit was a jury rigged made in 30 days modified plane... they didn't have budget for magic marker... :-)00:37
diddledan_you've seen what happens with controls labels in independence day00:37
daftykinshaha i was thinking of that very scene as it goes :>00:38
diddledan_"what say we try that again?" "yesyes. that way!"00:38
daftykinsas bad as folk that use inverted axis on games consoles00:38
* daftykins tuts00:38
zmoylan-piwell in some of the swing wing and vtol experiments in 50s and 60s it kinda looked like that as they switched from using wings for lift to alternate methods00:38
zmoylan-piof course then there's the an-2 a plane with no stall speed so it falls out of the sky like it has a parachute... :-)00:39
zmoylan-piA note from the pilot's handbook reads: "If the engine quits in instrument conditions or at night, the pilot should pull the control column full aft and keep the wings level. The leading-edge slats will snap out at about 64 km/h (40 mph) and when the airplane slows to a forward speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph), the airplane will sink at about a parachute descent rate until the aircraft hits the ground."00:41
daftykinszmoylan-pi: do you have any knowledge of whether that C130 mission was a success? :>00:50
ali1234so they originally used computers to fire the rockets and it worked perfectly00:51
ali1234then they decided to have the pilots control it, and human error caused the crash00:52
zmoylan-piit didn't happen as their plane was very broken00:52
zmoylan-piso regan bribed the iranians instead00:52
ali1234i thought ben affleck rescued the hostages00:52
diddledan_ben affleck ftw00:52
daftykinsaww they could've just built another!00:54
zmoylan-pibut that would take another 30 days00:55
daftykinseeeh, hostages sausages *whistles*00:55
ali1234nah the events of the ben affleck movie happened before credible sport apparently00:55
diddledan_so instead of building a plane in 30 days they waited a year till the iranians got fed up?00:55
zmoylan-pipretty much00:56
ali1234less than a year00:56
ali1234wikipedia suggests the plan was abandoned due to a change in administration00:56
ali1234they had backup planes00:56
daftykinsthis thing is going cheap :O01:03
zmoylan-pii got one of those from argos last year for less01:04
diddledan_it had better have superfish! I'm not buying it unless I can get targetted advertising01:05
zmoylan-pithe wifi and bt weren't detected by any of the distros i threw at it.  still using linux on it as it's beside ethernet cable anyhow and i couldn't be arsed hunting out drivers01:05
ali1234that would be a combo wifi and bluetooth card then01:05
zmoylan-pii got for around €25001:05
ali1234probably just needs IDs adding to the right kernel module01:05
ali1234got a lspci/lsusb/dmesg?01:06
zmoylan-pii usually check argos 2-3 weeks before they bring out a new catalog for cheap computers :-)01:06
zmoylan-piit's in the kitchen... let me go have a look01:06
daftykinszmoylan-pi: well it's £200 delivered to me, so i've gone for it!01:07
daftykinsi can easily sell that01:07
daftykinsaww yeah01:11
zmoylan-piok so mine is g50-30 which is probably some sub spec of the chassis. shipped with 4gb... now lets have a look01:15
* zmoylan-pi makes note not to do a lscpi on rasp pi and use terminal on actual laptop :-)01:16
zmoylan-pilspci... http://pastebin.com/0Dyupw5101:17
daftykinssounds like an atom?01:19
ali1234what about lspci -nn01:21
diddledan_yeah, valleyview appears to be atom01:21
zmoylan-pii pastebined without that, am trying to pastebin that now but it's asking me to wait.  long time since i used paste bin and not much even then. sorry...01:22
ali1234use pastebinit, it goes to ubuntu's pastebin01:22
daftykinsor even "lspci -nn | nc termbin.com 9999" :D01:22
daftykinsthat haswell i3 on the one i ordered will drive that crazy 2560x1440 LCD i got for someone01:23
zmoylan-piwhich wants me to read a 1000 pages of instructions to use...01:23
ali1234lspci -nn | pastebinit01:24
zmoylan-piall 3 in one post01:26
* zmoylan-pi shuts down kitchen and retreats to warm bed...01:27
ali1234your wifi appears to work01:27
ali1234and bluetooth01:27
ali1234they were both detected anyway01:28
ali1234apparently it all works on the latest kernel / ubuntu 15.0401:29
zmoylan-pinot in linux mint or ubuntu or 2-3 other distros who's names i'd need to check01:29
ali1234was supposedly fixed in may01:29
zmoylan-pioh i did poke around at one point but could never get them connected01:29
zmoylan-pithis was after may01:29
diddledan_yeah the april ubuntu won't have had it01:30
zmoylan-pijust made a note to avoid lenovo next time :-)01:30
diddledan_won't have arrived until 15.1001:30
ali1234thinkpads are great though01:30
zmoylan-pia lenovo isn't automatically a thinkpad though01:31
ali1234i know... next time01:31
diddledan_yeah, but a thinkpad is automatically a lenovo (new)01:31
ali12342nd hand thinkpads are like £25001:31
zmoylan-piand are still tanks01:31
* zmoylan-pi puts on st voyager01:32
diddledan_saint voyager!01:32
daftykinsi know someone who keeps buying ancient ones and doing them up to sell, seems like a waste of effort to me :>01:32
diddledan_daftykins: you do the same with phones :-p01:33
daftykinsnah i get given those!01:33
zmoylan-pithey are the equivalent of vintage car market01:33
* zmoylan-pi pushes box with 10 phones out of sight... :-)01:34
diddledan_yah, but those 10 phones are nokias01:34
diddledan_they don't count01:34
diddledan_anything from the 20th century aren't worth bothering with imo01:34
zmoylan-pionly 4-5 nokias. to be dropped into a sock and used to club terminator or dalek into submission :-)01:35
diddledan_they won't stand a chance! that's unsporting01:35
diddledan_you've got to let them think they have the possibility of winning at least01:36
zmoylan-pithat's why they're hidden in a sock01:36
diddledan_that's almost as bad as climbing a staircase when pursued by a galick01:36
daftykinsthat reminds me, i've got another dumphone sony ericsson upstairs charging, got given 3 of them to wipe o001:36
zmoylan-pidaleks have climbed stairs since 80s01:36
diddledan_htf is that spelt?01:37
daftykinsgarlic yep01:37
diddledan_old stinky breaths01:37
daftykinshehe, that was one of those cases of saying it so many times to yourself it lost all meaning eh? :D01:37
daftykinsi did that with amazon this morning01:37
diddledan_that's why they have the tank to shield everyone from the stench01:37
daftykins"why are we entering a rainforest name to buy things O_O"01:37
diddledan_rainforest name because what better way of celebrating the written word than hilighting the fact that you helped destroy a giant forest01:39
diddledan_"I feel like helping to destroy an irreplacable natural resource today. TO AMAZON.COM!"01:39
daftykinsonly just ordered it and already reading the BIOS update description *whistle*01:40
zmoylan-piwell it is a lenovo so his paranoia is already +301:41
daftykinswas that oddjob's brother?01:41
diddledan_it's a term of enderement01:41
daftykinsah this new Tomb Raider really does look impressive01:41
diddledan_but her boobs aren't a giant wedge the width of her chest!01:42
daftykinsthat's not really a consideration when gaming!01:42
diddledan_wow that video is epic01:43
diddledan_that almost tempts me to have a go01:43
daftykinsanother snap going up after i battle OneDrive01:44
diddledan_this is the best graphics! http://tombraiders.net/katie/screenshots/tr1/lara209.jpg01:44
diddledan_wow. that lens flare!01:45
diddledan_when did games get pretty?01:46
daftykinsd'aww i got a traditional chocolate advent calendar from my olds :P01:55
daftykinshere's a blast from the past02:43
diddledanwalkman branded, too02:43
daftykinsentering an APN into that was amusing02:44
daftykinsthe thing has wifi! but i don't have the character set to enter my pass...02:44
zmoylan-piwell sony only stopped making sony walkman tape players 2-3 years ago02:46
zmoylan-piand they announced they're going to stop making betamax tapes soon i think02:55
diddledanwhat about blurries?02:56
daftykinswell the 4K spec for blurries only just got made!03:00
daftykinsin the new year everyone will be touting the newer HDR tech, which for all means is yawn03:00
diddledanwhy can't we have turkey day today?!03:03
diddledanI want to stuff my face till I pass-out!03:03
diddledanwait. that's nothing new.03:03
zmoylan-pibuy a turkey and do a dry run for crimbo :-)03:04
diddledanyeah I was just mentioning it 'cos it's american thanksgiving today03:05
daftykinsand now we have all their shopping hols but not their food ones!03:05
zmoylan-piat least the internet is a bit faster as they're all stuck at home on home wifi03:06
diddledanyeah. sucky!03:06
diddledanI want food!03:06
zmoylan-pinick daftykins advent calendar :-P03:11
daftykinsLindt no less!03:12
diddledanwb zmoylan-pi03:37
daftykinsit's not even 5am!03:39
mappshi alll;]04:05
mappsstill cant login to my router;/ sucks04:11
mappsstupid thing04:11
daftykinsu wot m804:16
daftykinsnot been told the pass?04:16
mappstried default ones doesnt work04:18
diddledanwhy don't you have the password?04:23
mappsno idea04:23
mappsthey didnt tell me it04:23
mappsseems a bit odd to not make it widely known04:36
mappsguess il have to email04:36
daftykinsseems common practice in NY now05:02
daftykinsthey disable the web admin to the users05:02
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moodoomorning all08:02
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:13
davmor2Morning all09:08
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Thursday and happy Cake Day! 😃  http://goo.gl/oKyw2t10:23
davmor2JamesTait: Not happy turkey day?10:26
JamesTaitAll the way.10:26
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSq93Hsn0Bg10:28
JamesTaitGroovy, brother.10:30
zmoylan-pirasp... pi... zero... https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/raspberry-pi-zero/10:38
bashrc_yes. Probably still needs a blob to boot10:39
zmoylan-piso cheap they're putting it on front of a magazine... :-)10:39
bashrc_but might be ok as an irc/xmpp/email server10:39
* zmoylan-pi pats my little irc pi that also does rss and a few other tasks...10:40
foobarryanyone played the tomb raider GO game on android?10:45
foobarrywanted to know what the controls were like10:46
awilkinsThe Pi2 in one of those FLIRC cases is a dead professional little thing10:53
awilkinsThe only thing that would improve that Pi Zero is if all the connectors were on one edge10:54
awilkinsThen you could just yank it out like a Terminator CPU10:54
awilkinsHell, you could put a heatsink on it that made it look like a terminator CPU, with that form factor10:55
foobarryridiculuous price for pi zreo10:59
foobarrythink i would have to buy one to run risc os10:59
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diddledanpizero can be jewellery: https://twitter.com/uisgebeatha/status/66991501274873856016:33
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diddledangraham clueless link alert: https://grahamcluley.com/2015/11/plusnet-isnt-acting-safely-password/17:00
popeyhe has a point17:05
diddledanthe reply to his request for info is rather unprofessional17:05
diddledan"we're not gonna talk to you" effectively17:05
diddledanI think they're doing the head-in-the-sand approach of "if we don't say anything, it's not happening"17:06
popeyThat worked out well for TalkTalk17:08
diddledanawesome. my Dad has fixed a dead monitor I had17:09
diddledanhe's amazeballs17:09
diddledanturns out the capacitors had died17:10
* bashrc_ wonders if he should get a new monitor17:10
diddledanit's an old LG flattron - wouldn't power on at all. He's got it showing a testcard now17:11
zmoylan-piare you staring at the smoking remains of a dead monitor now bashrc_? if not, no :-)17:11
diddledan24 inches of pure geek17:11
zmoylan-pimy boss got very lucky trying to fix an ancient crt monitor around the millenium.  he was a trained engineer in first job and thought what the hell he could save a few pennies by fixing a slightly wonky monitor17:13
zmoylan-pihe let it sit to allow the capacitors to discharge before opening it. but he didn't give it enough time and he melted a screwdriver when he went to remove one17:13
zmoylan-piwe of course offered great support and laughed our heads off :-)17:14
diddledanwell done :-)17:14
bashrc_zmoylan-pi: there's an issue with my laptop screen so I'm wondering if I should get a monitor17:14
zmoylan-piyou have to be cruel at these times :-)17:14
diddledanit's always the best response when someone burns their eyebrows off17:14
bashrc_I'm expecting to get a new laptop next year though so I might not bother17:15
zmoylan-piyou could get a decent laptop for the price of a decent monitor bashrc_17:15
zmoylan-pibut if it was a good monitor then it could be useful afterwards with a pi doing something else...17:16
diddledanor a pizero for whatever you find down the back of your sofa17:16
zmoylan-piwow... just thinking... if i only spent the money i found inserted into pcs on rasp pi zeros.... i'd have 2-3 rasp pi zeros... :-)17:17
diddledanshoving £20 notes into the floppy drive to pay for amazon orders?17:18
diddledansee, kids of today are missing-out on the lack of holes to shove jammy toast into (VCR!)17:18
zmoylan-pinew staff members of a video shop point of sales system who inserted money into the floppy drive...17:18
zmoylan-pibut can they not shove a half melted chocolate hobnob into your xbox or playstation?17:19
diddledangotta love choccy knobknobs17:19
zmoylan-piit's like indiana jones trying to fish them out before they crumble all over the internal boards...17:20
zmoylan-pinot the weirdest thing i found lying on a motherboard mind.  that would be rivets...17:24
zmoylan-pia customer decided to save a penny and have one of their electricians start installing repairing pcs17:25
zmoylan-pihe didn't know how to open a pc so would cut the side of and rivet them back on17:25
diddledanthat's nuts17:25
zmoylan-pino not nuts, rivets :-)17:26
zmoylan-pithis was not the money saver they hoped for...17:26
zmoylan-piand he did a really nice job on the riveting so you only knew it was rivetted when you saw a case he had opened beside a case he hadn't AND when you found rivets lying on motherboards and bottom of cases17:27
zmoylan-piwhich shorted out 2-3 pcs17:27
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diddledanI didn't realise I had d/c21:39
diddledanI saw a load of netsplit at 19:07 and then nada21:39
diddledanmorning daftykins23:09
daftykinsseems i did some dialup impressions in my absence, or just popped off for a bit :)23:09
diddledanthere was a massive netsplit that caught me out earlier23:10
diddledanat around 19:07 I disappeared without realising23:10
diddledanI hate when I don't realise that I'm not here23:10
daftykinssuddenly nobody wants to talk to us!23:11
diddledanit strikes that such absentmindedness could mean that I end up in Scottyland or aussietralia or some such without knowing23:11
daftykinsjust lucky the trains don't run that far i guess, for the latter :>23:12
daftykinsi stayed up this morning and fitted some perspex to my windows!23:13
diddledandoes microsoft provide an API for that?23:13
diddledan24 condoms are on amazon's black friday23:16
diddledan100% claimed tho23:16
diddledanI guess a lot of people think they're gonna get lucky23:17
diddledanI wonder how many of those will be disappointed?23:17
daftykinsi had a great pic from my friend of his 14 month old playing with a strip, biting them apparently23:18
daftykinssaid friends line was "obviously keen for siblings"23:18
daftykinsthat Surface Pro 4 despatched \o/23:21
daftykinsseems next week is going to be my week of glorious deliveries23:21
daftykinsget to play with all the things then give them back :D23:22
diddledan:-D followed by :-(23:22
daftykinsnah it's deal, means i didn't pay but get all the fun!23:24
diddledankids can be so mean :-( my lil nephew proudly took a "frozen" lunchbox to school only to be picked-on for having a "girls" lunchbox23:29
daftykinsowned :>23:29
daftykinsat least he didn't get sent home for it i suppose, like that one in the US with the wonderwoman version23:30
diddledanhe's only 5 tho :-(23:30
diddledanfar too young to be concerned over such things imo23:30
daftykinsnothing like a trial by fire; are you spoiling them again this christmas? :D23:30
diddledanyes. yes I am! :-p23:30
daftykinsooh what's the plan?23:31
diddledanhaven't thought that far ahead yet :-)23:31
daftykins'tis mere weeks!23:31
diddledanI know :-(23:31
daftykinswhich reminds me i have a gift to put together23:31
diddledancomes along far too quick23:31
daftykinshaha, a friend wanted an accessory UK edition board for the board game 'ticket to ride' which i managed to get for £24 on fleaby23:32
Myrttiuk edition?23:32
diddledanwelldone :-)23:32
Myrttisuch thing exists?23:32
daftykinssure does!23:33
daftykinsonly one remains!23:33
MyrttiIt might be that I'm getting it fir Christmas, judging from dsamples reaction to my 'did you know' question23:34
daftykinsi was introduced to this game in the summer by a Texan pal23:35
MyrttiIt's great23:36
MyrttiWe've got quite few expansions23:36
Myrttisadly the most expensive version is in Finland23:37
Myrttithe anniversary edition of the original23:37
MyrttiIt's among the rest of the wedding paraphernalia we haven't had shipped to uk yet23:38
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