Kiloscremora minora06:54
thatgraemeguyI wouldn't want to confuse the 2 when making the first cuppa of the day07:17
andrewlsdMaaz: last seen kilos09:33
Maazandrewlsd: Excuse me?09:33
andrewlsdMaaz: seen kilos09:33
Maazandrewlsd: kilos was last seen 2 hours, 38 minutes and 35 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-25 22:54:39 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-11-26 00:23:18 PST09:33
andrewlsdMaaz: thank you09:33
Maazandrewlsd: Okay :-)09:33
andrewlsdanyone here still play / recently played "BZflag" ?09:43
andrewlsdcoz I just re-discovered how much fun it can be.09:44
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Kiloshi smallpox theblazehen 14:54
Kiloshi there inetpro 14:54
Kiloshot and dry enough for you14:55
smallpoxHey Kilos 14:55
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grembleThey're celebrating thanksgiving. So I am just trying to be a small reminder of what they are actually celebrating14:57
theblazehenhi Kilos 15:38
KilosMaaz hmm...17:57
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking17:57
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superflygrenobyl: feeling dangerous? 18:42
grenobylLike I'm about to meltdown can cause my surrounding area to be uninhabitable for the next 10 000 years. How about you?18:43
grenobylHave you heard of the idea of removing ORM's and instead making objects that can handle their own SQL?18:44
Kiloshi superfly 18:46
superflygrenobyl: that's because most ORMs are doing it wrong. 18:47
superflyKilos: hi18:47
superflygrenobyl_: you'll notice how they don't actually talk about Python's ORMs much 18:53
superflyspecifically SQLAlchemy 18:53
superflyAnd they use Java (ugh) 18:54
grenobyl_Yes I noticed the java. So SQLalchemy does not do this?18:55
grenobyl_It is funny, because I have a friend that likes Java and he makes fun of my preference for lisp, deriding it for it's parentheses even though java looks worse and has just as many parentheses :P18:55
superflyWell, zzzeek wrote SQLAlchemy to be different to the rest. He wrote it as a way to show people that ORMs can be decent 18:56
grenobyl_My (albeit limited) experience with sqlalchemy has been similar. So I wondered whether it wouldn't be worth it to try play around without it.18:57
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superflygrenobyl_: ^^ related 19:04
grenobyl_superfly: Yes, I know that. Stories like that are what prevented me from jumping over to programming as a career :P19:05
superflyHrm, I need to get some rest. My migraine is threatening me19:06
grenobyl_Our local pharmacy has something called "migraine bomb" that helps a lot19:06
grenobyl_Maybe your pharmacist can mix something similar?19:06
superflyI've taken a myprodol, that plus some sleep should fix it. 19:07
superflyLater 19:07
Kilos-night all. sleep tight19:27
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