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joansitojust passing here to say thanks. Ubuntu Studio is perfect for my needs, three years with it.14:26
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Guest19140I have a question to ask about ubuntu studio auto-hide menu20:40
Guest19140then one that pops up when you put the arrow close to the bottom section of the screen20:40
Guest19140i want to disable it but i cant find it in options20:40
Guest19140hello fratto20:43
frattoGuest19140: Hi!20:49
Guest19140I need help21:00
Guest19140I need help21:14
frattoWith UbuntuStudio? I'm just a noobie, but please tell us your problem!21:22
Guest19140about ubuntu studio auto-hide menu21:22
Guest19140how do i disable it21:22
Guest19140the one that pops up at the bottom21:22
Guest19140yh UbuntuStudio21:22
Unit193Ctrl+Rightclick → Panel → Panel Preferences → Minus Button21:23
Guest19140u my friend i owe u a beer21:28
Guest19140also im trying to install wacom drivers , but i have broken packages21:29
Guest19140sudo apt-get update doesnt fix them21:30
Guest19140synaptic >edit> fix broken packages doesnt fix them21:30
Unit193sudo apt-get install -f  ?21:32
Guest19140-f then the package name?21:33
Guest19140doesnt work21:34
Unit193No, -f is for 'fix'21:34
Unit193What's the exact error you're getting21:35
Guest19140oh , i used aptitude its working now  , it said its gona remove 44 packages21:35
Guest19140hope its not gona mess up something21:35
Guest19140ah it froze21:38
Guest19140i fixed it21:44
Guest19140bye thank you for help21:45

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