Unit193ochosi: And a bit on the 23rd.  If you're volunteering to poke, be my guest.00:36
bluesabreknome: the tracker is having some issues, can't select filters01:55
krytarikbluesabre: No problem here.01:58
bluesabrekrytarik: my isp must be caching pretty hard today01:59
Unit193ISP and not browser...?02:18
Unit193Oh dear, bluesabre's drinking and working again.02:30
bluesabres/drinking and//02:30
bluesabrewhats up krytarik/Unit193?02:35
bluesabreI'm about, making noise again :)02:35
Unit193Yep, saw in -release.  Oh, likely the usual.  Working on a package that takes forever to compile, only to find out I need to patch it so it doesn't FTBFS. :D02:36
Unit193Not much Xubuntu stuff recently, it's mostly been docs.02:37
Unit193Thanks, bluesabre.02:37
bluesabretrying to follow up on things, let me know if there's anything I need to poke about02:38
bluesabretomorrow is a holiday in the US only, so its a chance for me to nudge people that I usually do not see02:38
Unit193(And was sick a nice deal of last week too...)  Think it's only those 3 merge proposals still pending from my side, don't think I have anything else on the agenda.02:39
bluesabreUnit193: can you increment the changelog on https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/livecd-rootfs/xubuntu-core/+merge/267880, looks like that's all thats changed since it was last updated02:44
bluesabreI'll help get some eyes on these, or maybe we can nudge micahg to add an approve comment02:46
Unit193Not precisely sure the best way to do that, nor if there's a point if it's a moving target and may get more before we're done.  On the other hand I could just drop the changelog.  But sure.02:46
bluesabregood point there02:47
bluesabremaybe I'll just comment on it02:47
bluesabredebian-cd no longer merges, never seen this before...02:50
bluesabrebzr: ERROR: There was an error parsing the changelog: Could not parse changelog: Invalid key-value pair after ';': UNRELEASED02:50
krytarikbluesabre: If you look at it: "debian-cd (2.2.23) unstable; UNRELEASED". :D02:55
bluesabrekrytarik: wowza, I'm having a case of the stupids tonight02:58
bluesabreeven after fixing it, its still being silly... maybe its time for me to go to bed03:05
bluesabreback in the morning, night all03:05
flocculantknome: ta07:20
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bluesabreflocculant: poke12:37
bluesabreflocculant: er, nvm12:40
flocculanttoo late12:42
flocculantread it now12:42
bluesabreflocculant: hi12:48
flocculanthi bluesabre - just popped home - lunchtime :)12:48
flocculantI saw gmb say bye bye 12:49
bluesabreand then it crashed12:49
bluesabreand I ignored it12:49
flocculantha ha ha 12:49
flocculantyou'll notice I've not had time to find any new really off the wall bugs since last one :)12:51
flocculantI AM trying :p12:51
bluesabreflocculant: np, I haven't had time to fix bugs in a while ;)12:58
flocculantthat's a good bit of collaborative work right there then :p12:58
* bluesabre nods13:26
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flocculantevening 20:23
flocculanthi matt_symes - sneaking in :p20:24
matt_symeshey flocculant :D good to see you. i'm also mcs_. Just testing something under matt_symes 20:25
matt_symesflocculant: i fancy doing some testing this cycle. I have the time and the setup. automatically zsyncing the daily iso to my server each night at 4am and my servers configured as a PXE server so i can just switch the test PC on and boot to the daily to install it. need some direction with what to test though :)20:30
flocculantmatt_symes: awesome 20:31
matt_symes...maybe a bit earlier in the cycle though ?20:31
flocculantflocculant: if you've got zsync cron'd you might want to do so at ~10:30 am - rebuild happens at ~10:1520:32
matt_symesahh. ty. did not know that.20:32
flocculantmatt_symes: this cycle we're concentrating on packages for the most part20:32
flocculantI check the image boots daily - but nothing more than that20:32
flocculantwe'll be doing more image tests at milestones (ish)20:33
matt_symescool. i install the daily each night then, before i sleep. The setup is pretty automated20:33
flocculantmatt_symes: do you use xubuntu? 20:34
matt_symes14.04 on this lappy20:34
matt_symesthis is my most used machine20:34
matt_symes...apart from the server20:34
flocculantkind of depends if you want to use the dev ppa's - they are pretty much safe 20:35
flocculantthen you could use those packages20:35
flocculantwe're trying to get people to *use* things and report bugs 20:35
flocculantmatt_symes: let me dig up the m/l thread 20:36
matt_symesalright. I could do that. I'd just have to image this drive every night in case of problems20:37
flocculantand for a bit of detail http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/20:37
flocculanthttp://tracker.xubuntu.org/#tab-calendar also has on it what we're *currently* testing20:37
* matt_symes puts kettle on for coffee then starts to read when coffee's made20:38
flocculantmatt_symes: if you're about Sunday next 18;00 ish we're running a *how to test* session - which will inevitably also discuss what it is we're wanting this cycle 20:39
matt_symesi'll put it in the diary. which channel ?20:40
flocculantthis one :)20:40
matt_symesis that sunday 29th nov or the first one in december ?20:40
flocculantmatt_symes: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-testers/ if you join that, I mail that lot directly about things 20:41
flocculantyep 29th November20:41
matt_symesone moment flocculant. just creating a new browser profile for testing20:42
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Unit193Xubuntu docs no longer validate.21:26
knomei see.21:41
flocculantevening knome :)21:44
ochosibluesabre: thanks for taking care of gmb22:28
ochosihas anyone heard any news on the package manager topic?22:29
ochosi(has gnome-software even been packaged yet for ubuntu?)22:29
knomehello ochosi 22:58
Unit193!info gnome-software xenial;say Last I knew, packagekit wasn't new enough.23:21
ubottu'xenial;say' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed23:21
Unit193!info gnome-software xenial23:21
ubottuPackage gnome-software does not exist in xenial23:21

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