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valorieovidiu-florin: sorry for the mis-understanding; the way you have done it should be fine05:21
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clivejo!testers | Can you please test Calligra 2.9.8 for wily and xenial, in my PPA?  Especially interested to see if the fonts-lyx bug is fixed10:14
clivejowell thats useful10:17
clivejoubottu: wake up!10:18
clivejoanyone: ping10:20
ubottuCan you please test Calligra 2.9.8 for wily and xenial, in my PPA?  Especially interested to see if the fonts-lyx bug is fixed: testers is Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information10:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wake up!10:20
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:21
mparilloclivejo: I have both wily and xenial. If you can walk me through the test case, I am happy to help. Which first?14:10
sgclarkgood morning, I can't believe I won...15:04
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mparilloYou deserved to win. I am sure the entire Kubuntu community is pleased. I know I am.15:07
sgclarkyofel: so one thing I wanted to discuss and couldn't because my headset did not survive the flight is GCI. I saw valorie sent notice to devel? How is that going, we have till 7th and I am sure we need help.15:19
sgclarkyofel: also I am lost on sync thought? was I vetoed again? Should I just start merges then? 15:20
yofelsgclark: ovidiu is trying to create a task for the website at least. I don't think we have more than that yet15:20
sgclarkDid you get ahold of clemens?15:20
sgclarkhe does not seem to be in here15:21
sgclarkbrb coffee15:21
yofelfor the syncs, I forgot to mention in munich that I'm worried about what packages might require to carry a diff, but that's something we actually have to see when we review them before filing sync requests15:22
yofeland no, I didn't get ahold of clemens. Was too busy at work the last 2 days and forgot -.-15:23
yofelregarding the merges, we could start with those and do the sync evaluation during that15:24
sgclarkok. sounds like a plan then.15:24
yofeldo you intend to finish the applications backports in staging-kdeapplications? I set up the status page, and at least kstars had some issue I think.15:26
yofelOtherwise I'll try to do that over the weekend15:26
sgclarkktp is busted upstream, other thn that all was good15:27
yofellet me check again15:27
sgclarkwell ktp works with everything but google15:27
yofel-- checking for module 'libindi>=1.0.0'15:28
yofel--   found libindi, version 1.1.015:28
yofel-- Could NOT find INDI (missing:  INDI_MAIN_LIBRARIES) (found suitable version "1.1.0", minimum required is "1.0.0")15:28
yofelwtf thing, but should be looked at15:28
yofelI think most of the other stuff were known things15:29
sgclarkthat makes no sense. but anyway, indi is a monster15:29
sgclarkI use a ppa, if that is not an option than removing kstars.15:30
sgclarkI am not packaging indi15:30
yofelwell, even wily release should have an indi that works. Or maybe it's actually the newer indi that breaks it15:35
yofelI'll try to build with that when I'm home15:35
sgclarkok thanks15:40
clivejoYou put your IRC Channel in, Your IRC Channel out: In, out, in, out. You shake it all about. You do the hokey cokey, And you turn around. That's what it's all about! yipppeee16:46
Riddellclivejo: :)17:17
Riddellclivejo: how's calligra?17:29
clivejostill the same as before, being a pain in the butt!17:35
clivejoIm going to log off for a while, this constant disconnection is driving me crazy17:36
* mck182 has been trying to install 15.10 for the past 2 hours on an efi macbook...man that installer is crashy ( ._.)19:36
tsimonq2mck182: you try to ust use the 14.04 installer for now?19:39
tsimonq2mck182: and then just do sudo do-release-upgrade until you get to 15.10?19:39
mck182doing 3 times upgrade...that's just a bit too much xD19:40
tsimonq2suit yourself19:40
mck182yeah...I'll just download opensuse xD19:43
tsimonq2mck182: aww, don't give up!19:44
mck182I can't format existing ext4 partition, installer hangs...I can't not-format an ext4 partition and install to it cause the installer hangs...I can't install bootloader to efi cause the installer crashes19:44
mck182I can't even report the crash cause there are no wifi drivers19:44
tsimonq2mck182: maybe you should ask around in #ubuntu19:45
tsimonq2mck182: they are helpful19:45
mck182doesn't ubuntu have different installer?19:45
tsimonq2you can also get support in #kubutnu19:46
mck182is there a one single package that I can download and install the broadcom wl driver?20:58
mck182it's kinda frustrating that to actually install the broadcom package I have to download about 20 packages...just to install it -.-21:04
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clivejoIRC servers still under attack?23:54

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