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mhall119ovidiu-florin: hey, I got a hangout request yesterday when I wasn't around, was I needed for something?02:33
ausernameokay so on my computer I have two has ddrives one harddrive with wndoze 7 and the other linux, I though I was able to just hit f10 to select bootmenu from bios to select harddrive to boot from but linux overwrote MBR and now i have to go thru grub?  how do I have windows reinstall its own mbr?03:07
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rafaelI need help03:45
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Guest96132I just install kubuntu on toshiba laptop03:46
Guest96132but after install finish03:46
Guest96132restart the machine03:46
Guest96132and when it will initialize03:47
Guest96132it say that dont have os03:47
ahoneybunGuest96132: sounds like you did not install grub right03:49
ahoneybuncan you boot back into the usb/dvd and choose the live option03:50
Guest96132I am installing via USB03:52
Guest96132I do a research and seem like be grub03:52
Guest96132I am following this tuto http://askubuntu.com/questions/420005/cannot-add-ppa-ppayannubuntu-boot-repair03:53
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ovidiu-florinmhall119: monthly Kubuntu hangout06:47
ovidiu-florinmhall119: we discussed current tasks status, and added some tasks, removed some tasks06:48
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noj2009hello, is kubuntu working well with the tochscreen of a lenovo-by300 convertible?11:18
noj2009nobody want to answer?11:20
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dv__the recent documents in the kicker menu dont do anything if I click on them12:31
dv__the klipper's context menu does not allow me to clear the history12:31
dv__and, the calendar view (when I click on the clock display on the task bar) does not highlight any holidays anymore12:32
dv__these seem like serious steps back, dont they12:32
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:21
hazamonzoHi BluesKaj13:30
BluesKajHi hazamonzo13:30
SmurphyMorning folks :)13:31
BluesKaj'Morning Smurphy13:32
hazamonzoI have a question as there is some life here today :)13:33
hazamonzoHow might i go about adding the option... "extract here" when i right click an archive?13:33
hazamonzoAt the moment i have to open files with ark instead of the quick, right click, extract13:34
hazamonzoOr even the select files, add to archive?13:34
hazamonzoSmall things i know but super useful13:34
hazamonzoAny thoughts BluesKaj?13:35
BluesKajhazamonzo, checking13:36
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Ahh thanks!13:36
BluesKajhazamonzo, lots of services missing from dolphin , but even the available downloads are lacking. However I use unp to extract in the terminal by opening the terminal in the folder the compressed file is located and doing: unp  nameofpackage.tar.gz, for example13:42
BluesKajunp is available in the repos13:43
BluesKaj!info unp13:44
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (wily), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB13:44
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Understood. Its a shame that the UI is a little behind (although it looks VERY pretty)13:45
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I notived that the pastebin widget was also missing these days. Was very useful13:46
BluesKajhazamonzo, well i think useability has been somewhat sacrficed for looks, but that's afunction of transference from plasma4 to plasma 5. I think the services will eventually catch up13:48
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Yeah that makes sense. Im happy enough that most of my new laptop worked with 15.1013:48
hazamonzoThe ONLY things i had issues with which i gave up on was the SSD and the... ummm.. Nvidua / Intel card swapping13:49
hazamonzoI was able to set it to the intel one and leave it at that13:49
BluesKajOptimus eh?13:49
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Yeah something like that13:49
hazamonzoBoth cards worked but when i rebooted, with or without power ect it was a coin toss to is the driver loaded for the right card13:50
BluesKajyeah it's a pita on linux. unfortunately13:50
hazamonzoI tried to find a pattern in about... 50 reboots :D13:50
BluesKajI thought most users went with the nvidia-prime setup on Optimus13:51
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Oh i tried all sorts of things. half of which i cannot remember13:51
* BluesKaj nods13:52
hazamonzoIn the end i was able to install at least (using some grub command during installation), then get the Nvidia driver detected and finally, switch it to Intel instead of Nvidia13:52
hazamonzoInstead of letting linux decide what card to use13:52
hazamonzoAt least... thats what i *think* I did :)13:53
BluesKajhazamonzo, think some blacklisting the intel  gpu in favour of the nvidia since it's more capable handling video loads13:54
Odurhazamonzo: regarding servicemenus in dolphin. Try this: "sudo ln -s /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/konqpopupmenuplugin.desktop /usr/share/kservicetypes5/"13:54
hazamonzoBluesKaj: I totally agree although its something i will have to look at later. Im in the "if it isn't broken then don't fix it" stage due to other work commitments :)13:56
BluesKajOdur, thanks! That worked here :-)13:56
hazamonzoOdur: Can i ask what that does before i go ahead and run it? I have to be careful i don't break anything while im working :)13:56
hazamonzoBluesKaj: hehehe, you just jump right on in there eh? :D13:56
Odurjust making a link from a file to another place, making the extract here appear again13:57
hazamonzoOdur: So pretty safe then?13:57
OdurYep. There is a bug report here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dolphin/+bug/149953013:57
BluesKajhazamonzo, I'm a home user, no worries about breaking stuff since I use 14.04 as my backup OS13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1499530 in dolphin (Ubuntu) "Dolphin context menu is missing "Compress"/"Extract" entries" [Medium,Confirmed]13:57
hazamonzoOdur: Thank you!! Worked a treat :)13:58
Odurhazamonzo: Should be fixed when we get KDE Framework
hazamonzoOdur: Its only a small thing but its useful.14:00
hazamonzoNow if i can get my pastebin / imagebin widget back i'll be set! :D14:00
OdurVery useful :)14:00
hazamonzoI loved the fact you can print-screen and drag directly to the widget to paste the image14:01
hazamonzowithout having to save to disk, open a website, upload the image ect ect14:01
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Odur: Thanks again guys. I better get back to work14:03
OdurYou're welcome :)14:03
BluesKajhazamonzo, have fun :-)14:06
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finetundraHey folks, howo do I add skins to amarok that I get from KDE look?17:02
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finetundraisolater: well what?17:53
isolaterwell this is pretty nice, new to kubuntu17:57
isolaterwhat do you like about kubuntu? what is better than say, Unbuntu?17:58
finetundraAh well, honestly kubuntu has felt easier to customize17:59
finetundraThough I've only used it with KDE 4, so I don't know how it feels with KDE 517:59
finetundraisolater: why did you choose kubuntu, if I may ask?18:01
isolaterWell I am testing it really, running in a VM right now.  It looks like it has some really interesting things.18:02
isolaterSeems easy to get started with so far18:03
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master_I would appreciate some help with my quassel irc client20:49
master_Next to my identity I have (+iwxcr).  I don't know what this means20:51
rarogдоброго всем20:56
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.20:56
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mokhello, what is the password for live user kubuntu 15.10?21:56
mokhitting enter on live session just resets to login (doesn't say login failed though21:57
bpromptmok:    there isn't any that I know of, I think .... it "might" be just "kubuntu" or "ubuntu", from older iso's22:00
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mokbprompt: thanks for reply. kubuntu or ubuntu don't work. It's a pity, I would like to try before I install! :)22:03
bpromptmok:  it shouldn't ask you for a password for a live session though22:04
bpromptif it's asking for one, it seems that the iso burning didn't go well22:04
mokbprompt: I would have thought same. starts with login screen with live session user as username22:06
mokclicking on login just cycles back to login screen22:06
mokI didn't burn, dd'd onto usbstick22:07
bpromptmok:    I've seen that on broken files live sessions, like the user didn't shutdown the session properly and did a force-shutdown by pressing the power button22:07
bpromptbut otherwise, it wouldn't ask you for a password for a live session22:07
mokok, thanks for the advice22:08
mokI said I'd be mad and just install of that usb disk anyway. I think that was a mistake, now a prompt with my username, input password, press enter, recycles to login screen. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!22:27
bpromptsame liveusb session login screen?22:28
mokno, my hdd login session22:31
bpromptand you entered the right login and password?22:34
bpromptmok:    did you do a full hdd install from the usb stick that was asking you for a login at the live session?22:35
mokrebooted from the usb disk and went into install rather than live session, went through the install onto hdd, removed usb disk, rebooted22:37
bpromptwell then22:38
bpromptmok:   so you have a broken live usb session, and reasonable enough, it gave you a broken hdd installation,  :/22:39
bpromptmok:     your hmmm reburn the .iso to usb22:39
mokshouldda known betta! ;)22:39
bpromptor redownload the iso, assuming it might be corrupted, possibly is not, but who knows, likely the issue is the burning, something happened while burning to to the usb stick22:40
mokmd5sum matches, so it was a good download. Dunno what could have happened during dd. Anyway, back to drawing board. Thanks for your time bprompt22:43
bpromptmok:    how did you burn it?  I mean... what did you issue for "dd"?22:43
mokjust sudo dd if=kub...etc of=/dev/sdc22:44
bpromptlooks good22:47
teknovatrying to find out what is the most stable os for running the most recent stable builds of digikam......22:51
bpromptI've heard of some saying 15.10 is decently stable enough, not sure if it has digikam though22:51
teknova15.10 kubuntu is troublesome in the least22:52
bpromptteknova:     well, there's always the 14.04 lts22:52
teknovaits crash seg faulted twice on me and thats after having login loop problems with the live cd22:52
teknovawell has anyone tried 4.14 digikam in 14.04 kubuntu?22:53
teknovaim running mint 17.2 cinnimon as my main system but i was havinh seg fault problems with digikam there too22:54
teknovai really like digikam at a tagging and sorting tool and im even happy to install a whole os just for it22:55
bpromptI don't run it myself, for one22:57
bpromptteknova:    what kde version is cinnamon 17.2 running anyway?   maybe your kde version is the same as kubuntu's 15.10 for all we know, thus the seg faulting22:57
teknovawell  i am running them both from the phillip5 ppa22:59
teknovakde i think is 4.1422:59
teknovakde i think is 4.1?22:59
bpromptwell... not exactly, 4.1 !== 4.1423:00
teknova4.1 was a typo23:00
teknova4.14 is the last one they are suppose to do for mint23:00
teknovabecause of the lack of newest kde23:01
teknovai think23:01
bpromptwell.. for the time being I gather23:02
teknova15.10 comes with digikam 14.12 and id be happy to use that but it kept closing unexpecteply plus this does not seem to be the most for my hardware23:04
teknovamost stable*23:04
teknovathe seg faults im getting in 15.10 are when close system windows aand such23:04
teknovasomthing about qt523:05
teknovaverizon really?23:06
teknovai hopes its cause you have no other choice23:06
teknovasorry thet my corpopate touretts..23:07
bpromptteknova:     hmmm give a whirl I gather to 14.0423:07
teknovaok will do23:07
teknovamy ssd hate me right now anyway23:07
teknovakde mint followed by kubuntu 15.10 followed by 14.04 lol23:08
mokteknova: http://scribblesandsnaps.com/2014/12/12/making-digikam-stable-on-ubuntu-14-04/23:15
mokdoh! he's gone. I better go too, too tired! :)23:16
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