deleteI randomly get an error in the noficiation daemon when coming back from sleep01:01
delete"Power manager: Not authorized"01:01
deletewhat do I do to fix it?01:01
deletealso I get sh: IO: error all the time from laptop-mode-tools01:02
deletebut I have yet to have data loss01:02
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deletemepleaseanyone have an answer to my problems?01:26
ianorlinI could not i3 to wokr as window manager for lxde well02:32
deletemepleaseianorlin, what02:41
ianorlinnevermind that was to something way scrolled up02:43
deletemepleaseianorlin, ok03:08
deletemepleaseI'm working on a few utilities03:09
deletemepleaseone of them is a password storage program that allows you to authenticate against it.03:09
deletemepleaseI'm working on the idea that the passwords are AES encrypted and you can pass a secret with the password.03:09
deletemepleaseIf the result of hashing the decrypted passsword with the string and it's salt returns what the application gave it it will authenticate03:10
deletemepleaseotherwise it will fail;.03:10
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cimbakahnI am having trouble opening anything that takes a password to get into.  Is lxdm necessary or is it just for the main login screen?13:52
cimbakahnsynaptic, gdebi, software & updates not opening <---- May be a common thread between the three.17:08
cimbakahnIf you plan to downgrade packages.  Do you do it before you take out its current source or after?18:45
SlidingHorncimbakahn, sorry for the delay:  Technically, lxdm isn't "required," but if you remove it, you will have to log in using the CLI, and will have to start X & your window manager manually19:35
SlidingHorncimbakahn, is sudo the part requiring your password and giving you trouble?  If so, what error(s), if any, are given?19:35
SlidingHorn(in other words, removing LXDM isn't going to help you, most likely - only make your life more difficult)19:36
Unit193LXDM hasn't been used as the DM for many releases.20:02
SlidingHornoh, yeah, they're using lightdm now aren't they.  My bad20:04

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