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popeysnizzo, the xdg app folders don't get created by anything other than qt I believe00:19
popeysnizzo, my sdl games don't make them, I make them00:19
popeysnizzo, if you need someone to test on a device, just ping, I'm often around and happy to help00:25
popeysnizzo, your app fails here, white screen....00:27
popeysnizzo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/13520746/00:27
ahayzenpopey, that's cause your on rc-proposed ;-)00:27
ahayzenits now onItemRemoved as per Qt upstream00:27
popeyoh dear00:27
popeywe're breaking developer apps?00:28
ahayzenpopey, snizzo is using the bgplaylists, before they are fully implemented ;-)00:28
popeyoh :D00:28
ahayzenanything Jim and co are doing has been approved by Qt upstream so its all cool :-)00:28
dholbachgood morning08:40
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mcphailsnizzo: still no directory created under ~/.local/share on the e4.509:59
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popeydholbach, clock app uploaded to store if you wouldn't mind reviewing pls :)13:09
dholbachpopey, looking13:38
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snizzopopey: big question: can I create those folders via qt?16:34
snizzoI (my app) should have write permission on this folder right?16:34
popeysnizzo, I don't know about doing it via qt, sorry16:37
popeysnizzo, in my app, I launch "run.sh" which does all the setup, then launches the app16:38
popeyand I ship busybox which does the mkdir16:38
snizzopopey: wait... hm can you explain better? You ship a busybox executable that does mkdir? Is that permitted?16:43
popeysure is16:43
popeymake a directory called lib/<arch-triplet>/bin and put busybox in it16:44
popeythen ln -s busybox mkdir16:44
popeythen from your run.sh you can call mkdir and it will be found in that directory16:44
popeyor just stick it in the root directory of your project and call it as "./mkdir ~/.cache/appname.devname/"16:45
mcphailDoesn't that trigger a click error?16:47
* mcphail vaguely remembers some click error about absolute paths16:48
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davmor2ahayzen, popey: for the browser tests I buy a single track from an album from 7 digital, my particular album currently is Tubular bells. Does it play in rhythmbox on xenial does it boat plays the first track and then starts playing fatboy slim, does it work on the phone hell yes :)17:54
davmor2one up for the music app me thinks17:55
davmor2popey, ahayzen: I  think it is broken it only shows rain.....oh wait no I'm in England18:40
ahayzenyou had the totally random massive rainstorm for like 5mins as well then?18:41
davmor2ahayzen: nope still going has been for about 30 minutes18:42
davmor2or more18:42
* ahayzen spots the band that just flooded Oxford http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/rainfall-radar even has pink bits in it!18:43
davmor2ahayzen: yeah the thick Yellow and red bit that would Wolverhampton18:44
davmor2still san francisco to the rescue they have sun18:46
* davmor2 is still gobsmacked by the carpark out side from people going into town for black friday from work18:51
davmor2I say carpark it is one of the main roads into town18:51
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NEXUS-6Have anybody problems with the last java upate on ubuntu 15.10? I have problems with netbeans20:41
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