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dholbachgood morning08:40
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czajkowskithis holiday lark is very good for getting your house in order 2 days of no work :D I can see through all the paper work!09:54
* dholbach relocates to the office, brb10:03
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balloons_ping jose15:09
joseballoons_: pong15:09
balloons_jose, happy friday! So, I've been curious if you've managed to send off requests to the flavors or not.15:10
joseballoons_: yep!15:10
balloons_jose, excellent! I hope we get a good response15:10
joseeven talked to Pasi (Xubuntu) yesterday and said they were interested15:10
balloons_awesome. I hope to see some tasks from xubuntu15:11
balloons_I was chattering with them earlier about something unrelated15:11
balloons_jose, any other flavors express interest?15:14
joseballoons_: I heard something from Kubuntu but haven't heard back more, I'll re-ask Scarlett15:14
joseactually, just sent the pm15:16
balloons_Ok, I think we're up to a total of 8 mentors, minus you me and popey15:16
balloons_at least, those who have registered. I know there are more who have not15:16
josedholbach: should be on the calendar now16:11
dholbachjose, awesome - thanks!16:12
dholbachall right my friends - have a great weekend everyone! see you on Monday! :-)16:50

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