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xclaessejjohansen, note that your function aa_query_label_data() doesn't build01:11
xclaessejjohansen, +int aa_query_label_data(const char *label, const char *key, aa_data_info *out) --> I'm guessing it should be aa_label_data_info *out01:11
xclaessealso it calls aa_clear_label_data() which should be aa_clear_label_data()01:12
xclaessesorry, I mean it calls aa_clear_data_info() which should be aa_clear_label_data()01:13
xclaessethat function should probably even be called aa_clear_label_data_info()01:13
jjohansenxclaesse: okay, I will look at it later tonight when I get back03:17
xclaessejjohansen, do you know how to get the label from a dbus name?03:19
xclaesseshould be something like aa_getpeercon() but I don't have the peer pid or fd03:21
jjohansenxclaesse: you do it with a dbus call05:17
jjohansenit used to be org.freedesktop.DBus.GetConnectionAppArmorSecurityContext()05:18
jjohansenbut as part of our upstreaming work it got changed to  org.freedesktop.DBus.GetConnectionCredentials05:19
jjohansenso depending on which distro/version you are using05:19
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pitti_Good morning05:35
hikiko_Good morning05:51
hikiko_Hi pitti05:51
RAOFGood morning hikiko_, pitti_!05:58
RAOF'Tis the time for alternate nicks!05:59
pitti_hey RAOF, hikiko!05:59
pitti_yeah, it seems freenode broke for me05:59
hikiko_Hi raof! :-)05:59
pitti_this morning my proxy was using some guest1234, and bip keeps failing to connect to freenode now, with "read(fd=4): Connection error: Connection reset by peer", "[freenode] read_lines error, closing..."06:00
pitti_not sure if that's just me06:00
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RAOFYeah, I got punted from freenode at some point.06:00
RAOFWorking now :)06:00
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didrocksgood morning06:26
pittibonjour didrocks!06:26
didrockssalut pitti ! comment ça va ?06:26
pittididrocks: ça va bien, merci ! et toi ?06:27
pittias ever, debugging autopkgtest stuff in the mornings :)06:27
didrocksça va :)06:27
didrocksah, bon courage ! ;)06:27
RAOF_pitti: Could you please, at your leisure, do an upload of colord-gtk?06:52
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pittiRAOF_: want me to dch -r/tag myself ?06:56
RAOF_pitti: Yes, please.06:56
RAOF_(To unstable)06:56
seb128good morning desktopers06:58
seb128hey RAOF_ pitti06:58
RAOF_Mornin' seb128!06:58
pittihey seb128!06:59
pittiRAOF_: hm, sbuild is hanging on "building package 'sbuild-build-depends-core-dummy", hang on07:13
seb128happyaron, hey07:13
pitti... repeatedly; wth07:14
pittithis happens for other packages too07:15
pittiand works in my xenial schroot, meh07:16
pittiRAOF_: so, apt-get update is broken in my chroot and just hangs; will take a bit to figure this out07:25
pittiapt is *still* hanging even in a completely freshly created chroot07:46
* pitti blames the new apt that landed yesterday: https://tracker.debian.org/news/72824007:46
pittimvo: ^07:46
pittimvo: apt-get update in sid hangs forever; I also tried with disabling the proxy, doesn't help07:47
pittiRAOF_: I assume you tested this, so I uploaded it as _source07:48
didrockspitti: for -de, the hunspell package is hunspell-de-de, right? Seems there is no single -de one07:49
pittididrocks: yes, there's -de-de, -de-at, and so on07:50
pittididrocks: if you don't care, perhaps use the virtual hunspell-dictionary-de package?07:50
didrockspitti: to consider the locale installed in language-selector, it's depending on -de-de or something else?07:51
pitti(all myspell/hunspell pacakges should Provides: hunspell-dictionary-$LL07:51
didrocks/usr/share/language-selector/data/pkg_depends is mentioning only -$LL07:51
didrocksah, it's a provide07:51
didrockshow does language-selector choose which one to install then?07:51
didrocks(when it's not present)07:51
pittiI think that just doesn't work with this case07:52
pittiit needs special cases like the myspell-* ones, or move to the provides:07:52
didrocksah, so seems there is abug here :)07:52
pittihm, or perhaps it does -- I do have hunspell-de-de installed07:53
pittididrocks: maybe it tries -ll and -ll-cc07:53
didrockswould make sense07:53
pitti$ check-language-support --show-installed -l de07:53
pittifirefox-locale-de gimp-help-de hunspell-de-at hunspell-de-ch hunspell-de-de hyphen-de language-pack-de language-pack-gnome-de libreoffice-help-de libreoffice-l10n-de mythes-de mythes-de-ch poppler-data wngerman wogerman wswiss07:53
pittididrocks: ah, it installs all of them :)07:54
mvopitti: oh?07:54
didrocksahah :)07:54
didrocksmaybe something we should fix?07:54
pittimvo: both my existing sid schroot and my freshly created one hang eternally with apt-get07:54
* didrocks is trying to readd locales to the CD, unsure we can readd all cc07:54
mvopitti: what environemnt is that ? i.e. how can I reproduce?07:55
mvopitti: (the apt hang)07:55
pittididrocks: well, we don't choose country in the installer, nor in language-selector; the "region" you select just determines date format etc.07:55
pittididrocks: not sure whether there's something to "fix"?07:55
didrocksyeah, hence the "swiss"07:55
pittimvo: my normal xenial box, and "mk-sbuild --name=sid sid"07:55
mvopitti: *ick* let me try whats going on, I did not see that in my schroot when testing yesterday07:55
didrockslet's do a simple case first, count how much space this takes on the live and recheck07:55
pittimvo: I am running apt-cacher-ng, but it is hanging with -o acquire::http::proxy=no-cache too07:55
pittimvo: let me try with disabling acng completely07:56
mvopitti: thanks, I'm on it thats pretty scary07:56
mvopitti: anything else unusual ? proxy or something?07:56
pittimvo: apart from acng, can't think of anything; company VPN maybe, but that shouldn't cover ftp.debian.org07:57
mvopitti: any change if you disable the proxy? aha, apparently not07:57
mvopitti: can you run -o Debug::acquire::http=1 -o Debug::pkgAcquire::worker=1 ?07:57
pittimvo: I'm re-mk-sbuilding with disabling proxy in my host apt config07:57
pittimvo: will do as soon as I get a chroot back (I deleted the old one, as it's not really precious)07:57
pittimvo: hm, doesn't happen in a dist-upgraded squeeze08:04
pitti(with proxy and withou)08:04
pittialthough that's a tarball schroot, sid is  a directory one; that might also be a factor (overlayfs strangeness)08:05
pittimvo: yep, debootstrap hanging without proxy08:05
pittimvo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13524595/08:06
pitti"wget -O- -q http://httpredir.debian.org/debian/dists/sid/InRelease" works fine, so it's not on the httpredir end08:07
pittimvo: should I have libapt-inst1.5 installed? because I don't, only libapt-pkg5.0:amd64 and of course apt08:10
pittihm, no, I dpkg -i'd libapt-inst2.0_1.1_amd64.deb and it doesn't help08:11
mvopitti: 0% [Working] <- http:400%20URI%20Failure%0aURI:%20<UNKNOWN>%0aMessage:%20No%20user%20_apt,%20can%20not%20drop%20rights08:12
mvopitti: that looks suspicious, do you have the "_apt" user in the chroot?08:12
pittimvo: no, I don't08:12
mvopitti: this is a apt bug on multiple levels, i.e. the user should be there and if its not there it should not fail like this08:13
pittimvo: schroot copies passwd from the host by default, so I suppose it might overwrite the _apt user from teh chroot08:14
pittimvo: mk-sbuild likely does the same08:14
pittimvo: does "mk-sbuild sid" work for you on a system without the _apt user (i. e. ubunt)?08:15
pittimvo: also, I don't think it's a good idea to rely on non-static system users for debootstrap?08:15
pittimvo: perhaps apt could run the http processes as user "daemon", "sys", or "nobody"?08:16
mvopitti: I'm looking into it now, it should definitely not fail in the first place if the user is not there08:17
pittimvo: so that explains why it works in a dist-upgraded env, but not with mk-sbuild or schroot08:18
* pitti files an RC bug08:19
mvopitti: please do, thank you08:21
pittimvo: debian bug 806406 -- thanks for looking into it!08:31
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ubot5Debian bug 806406 in apt "1.1 regression: apt-get hangs forever, due to missing "_apt" user" [Grave,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/80640608:32
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* mvo hugs pitti08:35
* pitti hugs mvo back :/08:42
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Laneyhappy black friday!09:07
seb128Laney, thanks ;-)09:08
seb128hey Laney btw ;-)09:09
davmor2Laney: You have just blackened my mood and it's friday but not I'm not happy ;)09:09
davmor2s/not I'm/now I'm09:09
Laneyhey seb128!09:09
Laneyhow's it going?09:09
* Laney snuggles davmor2 09:09
Laneyit's going to be okay09:09
Laneygo grab yourself a cheap sandwich toaster09:09
davmor2Laney: woohoo cheap sandwich toaster to gather dust with the other crap we don't use in the kitchen woohoo!09:10
Laneydavmor2: maybe I can interest you in this jewel encrusted iphone case?09:12
LaneyBUY THINGS!09:13
willcookethanks laney, that server worked09:13
willcookeslow though09:13
davmor2Laney: no I don't have an iphone :P09:13
didrockspitti: interestingly, it doesn't add -ll-cc for every sections09:13
didrockspitti: check-language-support -l pt -> doesn't list myspell-pt-*09:13
didrocksonly myspell-pt09:13
Laneyhey willcooke09:13
Laneysome kind of DOS going on I think09:14
didrockswb Laney, willcooke!09:14
willcookewhy DOS freenode of all things09:14
didrockspitti: so, it does it for hunspell, but not myspell :)09:14
davmor2willcooke: cause they think they are clever09:14
didrockspitti: oh, but the UI shows the -cc contrary to the command line :/09:15
didrockshum, no, I'm just stupid and missing --show-installed09:16
seb128willcooke, because it's better to DOS it that to win3.1 it?09:16
didrockspitti: forget my remarks :)09:16
seb128willcooke, ok, -> [ ]09:16
Laneythanks didrocks!09:18
pittiRAOF_: colord-gtk_0.1.26-1_source.changes REJECTED -Z "Source-only uploads to NEW are not allowed."09:21
pittiRAOF_: sorry, I'm afraid this has to wait until I get a working sid chroot back; or someone else can sponsor this for you, or you toss me a binary .changes?09:21
Laneyhey pitti09:22
pittihey Laney, good morning!09:22
Laneyis this "note: don't upgrade apt in your chroots?"09:22
pittididrocks: so all good?09:22
didrockspitti: yep!09:22
pittiLaney: in your sid schroot, yes09:22
larsu__good morning!09:29
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seb128hey larsu! wie gehts?09:33
Laneyhey ho larsu09:34
larsumorning seb128 and Laney!09:36
larsudoing good, other than > 30s lag on freenode right now09:36
seb128well it's better than not being able to connect09:37
larsuhow are you?09:37
seb128which was the status half an hour ago :p09:37
seb128good, it's friday!09:37
seb128and I'm almost done refreshing/rewriting the nautilus patch, 3.18 update looks like it's getting there09:37
seb128what about you?09:38
seb128had a good train trip yesterday?09:38
larsuwhich patch?09:38
seb128the patches09:38
seb128the stack we have09:38
larsuya, train was great (but a bit full)09:39
larsuah right09:39
seb128like integration with the unity launcher to display a progress bar on copy09:39
seb128they replaced the copy dialog by popover09:39
seb128so the code totally changed09:39
seb128so it was to be rewritten09:39
larsuthe menubar thing is ridiculous09:39
larsuall the "view" actions are in a separate action group which isn't on the bus09:39
larsuoh wow09:39
seb128sorry about the menubar :-/09:40
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larsuwe need some way to do this in gtk09:43
larsuat least mid term09:43
seb128but for this cycle it's only going to be nautilus09:43
happyaronseb128: hey, I've read your msg09:45
happyaronseb128: I'll upload that during the weekend, already prepared09:45
seb128happyaron, hey, ok ... what do you think about wily?09:45
larsuyeah I can forward the actions manually to the window09:45
larsuwhich is what I'm doing now09:45
seb128unsure why IntelliJ refuses to work with the previous version09:45
seb128larsu, k09:46
larsubut that's (a) a big patch and (b) a lot of work09:46
seb128sorry man09:46
happyaronseb128: I think SRU is a good option09:55
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larsuquiet here. Friday?10:56
willcookefriday, Thanksgiving, broken Freenode11:01
larsuit's thanksgiving?11:04
larsuoh indeed11:04
mvopitti: your bug is fixed, upload will happy later today12:01
mvopitti: thanks again for the really good report12:02
pittimvo: I saw, cheers! *hug*12:02
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peter-bittnerseb128: I've got a question on application indicator menus. Via [1] I found a design document of the Sync Menu [2]. Is this being worked on?12:51
peter-bittner[1] https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues/118112:51
peter-bittner[2] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncMenu12:52
seb128peter-bittner, unsure, there was some work started on that some cycles ago but it stopped because we don't really have things integrating with it since u1 file was shuted down12:53
seb128charles_ (or maybe tedg) probably know the status better12:54
seb128they are U.S based and it's thanksgiving today though12:54
seb128so maybe try again next week12:54
willcooke*yesterday - but they're probably off for a long weekend12:54
seb128willcooke, thanks12:54
peter-bittnerI understand, thanks. I'll go and ask them. It would be nice to at least have the OS/desktop infrastructure in place to modivate technology providers to implement their integration with Ubuntu instead of doing their own standalone software.12:56
peter-bittnermodivate -> motivate12:56
anpokpeter-bittner: wrt to restoring window positions.. that you asked in ubuntu-mir .. there was a nitsplit and connection problems. Afaik nobody started that yet.. Some basic features needed for that are there.. but the actual position tracking.. serialization..12:58
peter-bittnercharles_: Are you reading this by accident?12:58
anpokhasnt been started yet. So this task can best be helped by some one implementing it..12:59
seb128xnox, thanks for that gconf upload, but there was a patch to fix that issue in launchpad which already had a round of review13:00
peter-bittneranpok: Can you provide some links (bug reports, documentation, ...) so that an outsider can look into the issue?13:00
seb128xnox, and I guess you didn't upstream you patch? there is no header suggesting you did13:00
xnoxseb128, i did only a quick look at bugs and didn't spot anything.13:01
seb128xnox, it's on the sponsoring queue even13:01
xnoxseb128, i would have thought this would have been fixed in wily, since e.g. ibus fails to build from source because of it.13:01
xnoxseb128, *sigh* sorry =/13:01
seb128bug #unity apport hook13:01
peter-bittnertedg: Are you reading this by accident?13:01
xnoxi simply quickly ported it whilst bootstrapping and uploaded =(13:01
seb128bug #151951813:01
ubot5bug 1519518 in gconf (Ubuntu) "gsettings-schema-convert has syntax errors" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151951813:02
seb128xnox, ^13:02
seb128xnox, do you plan to send the fix to upstream/Debian?13:02
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seb128and why is ibus still using gconf? ;-)13:02
seb128happyaron, ^ can we stop that?13:02
xnoxseb128, i'ts not using gconf.13:03
xnoxseb128, it's using gsettings-schema-convert to create gsettings sceme from gconf. maybe they should stop doing it at runtime, and simply commit the generated gsettings schema and be done with it....13:04
seb128xnox, it's having a gconf schemas and transforming it to gsettings13:04
seb128the convert script is meant to be used once for porting13:04
seb128not to keep including the old format and generating the new one on build13:04
xnoxseb128, don't close bugs until they migrate to -release ;-)13:05
xnoxseb128, and i can comment myself when I screw up =)13:05
seb128xnox, ok, I though you did it doko's style and just decided to not bother with upstream/Debian/pending work... :-)13:07
seb128xnox, still let me know if you plan to upstream it, if not I can do it (though I would prefer if you do)13:07
xnoxseb128, can we kill gconf instead ?! =)13:08
seb128xnox, we are trying to, not likely to be done for the LTS though13:09
xnox$ reverse-depends -b src:gconf --list | wc13:09
xnox    124  -> how?! why?!13:09
xnox22 in main13:09
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seb128Trevinho, hey13:18
desrtgood morning desktop folks13:28
willcookehey desrt13:28
didrocksmorning desrt13:28
desrtgood morning willcooke, didrocks13:31
seb128hey desrt13:33
seb128Laney, do you remember why we split the gvfs goa backend out?13:33
desrtmoin, seb13:34
pittibecause we have (or had?) an UOA fork?13:34
seb128pitti, we have, but libgoa is on the iso anyway13:34
seb128would install the gvfs backend create any user visible change?13:34
seb128or is that iso space?13:35
seb128I imagine we might have hold libgoa off the iso at some point13:35
seb128but that's not true anymore13:35
seb128we don't have a way to configure goa but having the gvfs backend on disk might just be a no-op in that case13:37
seb128in which case I'm unsure the split still makes sense13:37
LaneyI kind of remember something to do with touch13:37
Laneylike not adding more depends to make removing it harder13:37
Laneyis there a problem?13:37
seb128I'm also asking because the new gdrive backend which got included in gvfs-backends depends on libgoa13:37
seb128so if the goal was to make -backends not have that depends we need to move it13:37
seb128Laney, I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/120082713:38
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1200827 in gvfs (Ubuntu) "Enable GOA backend" [Wishlist,Fix released]13:38
seb128but that states that gvfs-backends is not on touch anyway13:38
seb128unsure if we had plan to maybe get it there back then13:38
seb128but I think that's not likely13:39
Laneywhat's going to provide a gvfs like feature in unity8?13:39
Laneyhas that?13:39
seb128I guess13:40
seb128I would be surprised if they didn't13:40
Laneywhy would we have ever cared then?13:40
seb128I don't know13:41
seb128which is why I'm asking if somebody remembers :p13:41
Laneyanyway I don't care about undoing it with the next release or whatever13:41
Laneycan try harder if it becomes a problem13:41
seb128I'm not strong opinion13:41
Laneythe old history will exist13:41
Laneyto bring it back13:42
seb128I just noticed that 1.26 picked the depends on goa13:42
seb128which makes the split pointless13:42
seb128so either we move the gdrive backend13:42
seb128or drop the split13:42
seb128I'm going to open a bug about that13:42
Laneyyou shouldn't ask me, I always want to drop deltas13:42
seb128still unsure what option is best13:42
seb128well, I wouldn't ask if I knew of a good reason to keep it13:43
seb128I'm not pushing to keep deltas when they are of no use13:43
seb128speaking of delta13:46
seb128Laney, you said previous cycle you would get https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=783172 in Debian, is that still on your list?13:46
ubot5Debian bug 783172 in evolution-data-server "evolution-data-server: Split out the GTK depends in their own binary" [Wishlist,Open]13:46
Laneynot actively13:46
seb128k, I might just upload to Ubuntu meanwhile then13:47
Laneyis there a care factor?13:47
Laneyif so then sure13:47
seb128we want gtk out of the touch image13:47
seb128and there are talks about rebasing on xenial after release13:47
seb128so I would that fixed before the LTS if we can13:47
Laneyok sounds good13:47
Laneyif it was just theoretical then I wouldn't bother13:47
LaneyI wrote it down13:48
Laneyman these iterations are painful13:49
Laneyhurry up and just work please13:49
attenteseb128: we're dropping gtk from the touch image?13:59
seb128attente, we never had it here on purpose, we just have it because because things depends on it14:00
seb128attente, we might decide to keep gtk once the mir backend is good enough if we have apps using it14:00
seb128attente, also we are going to have it on pocket pc I guess14:00
seb128attente, in any case goa depends on webkitgtk and we don't want that one on the touch image for sure14:01
Laneyapps will depend on it if they need it though14:01
attenteoh ok14:01
attentecan i still get a package review for https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/maliit-inputcontext-gtk/trunk?14:02
seb128attente, did is piloting, maybe he can do that as part of his shift ;-)14:02
attenteoh ok14:03
attentei guess it's going to be hard to test on the phone because of the current state of gtk though...14:03
seb128well, you want packaging review?14:03
seb128or code testing?14:03
attentei guess just packaging review14:04
attentei've already tested it on the phone, but i'm not sure what the process is to add it as a new package in universe14:04
seb128found a sponsor to review/upload it for you14:07
attenteseb128: thanks14:07
seb128usually open a bug with the packaging and subscribe sponsors14:07
didrocksseb128: are you going to review nautilus' Trevinho's patch? (https://code.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/nautilus/add-timestamp-operations/+merge/278748)14:07
seb128didrocks, oh, I can, I'm working on nautilus changes14:08
seb128didrocks, thanks for pointing it you14:08
didrocksseb128: no worry! thanks for reviewing :)14:08
seb128Trevinho, is that still an issue with the new nautilus which doesn't have a file copy dialog?14:09
xclaessejjohansen, thanks, I'm on ubuntu wily, seems I have both14:12
didrocksseb128: Laney: I guess you are reviewing https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/gtk/black-flicker-part2/+merge/278432, right?14:19
didrocksdon't know if we should trusty this larsu guy :p14:19
Laneydidrocks: I haven't, feel free to upload it please14:20
* Laney is in the deep well of charms14:20
didrocksLaney: ok, testing it first if seb128 doesn't handle it14:22
* Laney is pleased that he made this stuff appear on the queue ;-)14:27
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* Laney tries a pit<tab> and fails14:27
* Laney cries14:27
didrocksattente: see my comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/unity-control-center/fix-ftbfs-inline-zoom-options/+merge/27865514:28
seb128attente, do you build with another compiler?14:29
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attentei was just using gcc 514:29
attentebut it behaves non-deterministically14:30
didrocksI guess that doesn't worth an upload on itself and should be bundle with an u-c-c change, wdyt?14:30
attentedidrocks: i'm ok with that14:30
Laneynon deterministic compilation14:32
attentei am using a ccache though, but that shouldn't have an effect, should it?14:33
seb128upstream did a similar change and their bug states is was failing to build with clang14:35
seb128the change seems right in any case14:35
seb128but the non deterministic is clearly bothering Laney :p14:35
attenteok *phew* i was starting to think i was insane...14:36
Laneydoesn't it bother you?14:36
attenteit does now... thanks :P14:36
didrocksI would say it bother more Laney than seb12814:36
didrocksbut that's my take of it14:37
* didrocks proposes a strawpoll14:37
Laneywell I'm not proposing to do anything about it myself to be honest14:37
Laneyso you shouldn't care that much about my level of botheration14:37
didrocksI bother that you don't want your botheration to be taken into account though14:37
xclaessejjohansen, can I pass a dbus unique name (e.g. ":1") to GetConnectionCredentials ?14:39
larsuxclaesse: yep14:44
happyaronseb128: I remember it has stopped using gconf in favor of gsettings for a long time14:46
happyaronbut will double check next week14:46
seb128happyaron, it should ship the gsettings schemas and stop doing gsettings-schemas-convert at build time14:47
didrockssponsoring: first error, fixing, ok, second, fixing ok, third one -> ok, let's the guy build his package before proposing a "fix" that could never work14:47
happyaronI see14:47
* didrocks tried to stay politically correct on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/electrum/+bug/149909414:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1499094 in electrum (Ubuntu Vivid) "Please replace electrum with 'dummy' package in the repositories for Trusty, Vivid" [Medium,Incomplete]14:52
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pittididrocks: well done15:07
pittididrocks: also, there's really little point in fixing vivid now IMHO, it's going to be EOL in less than a month or so15:08
pittiwell, a little more actually, so ok15:08
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didrockspitti: agreed15:10
didrocksseb128: want to comment on bug #1519187 ? ;)15:20
ubot5bug 1519187 in policykit-1 (Ubuntu) "Sync policykit-1 0.105-14 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151918715:20
xclaessejjohansen, could you explain what format am I supposed to get from aa_query_dconf_data() ?15:24
xclaessejjohansen, what contains the array of entries?15:24
pittididrocks: yes to sync, that was just a misunderstanding in sponsoring; I uploaded the same fix to Debian and wanted to sync, but dholbach beat me to it15:24
pittididrocks: sso please go ahead15:25
seb128didrocks, +1? ;-)15:25
didrockspitti: ah, making sense now, thanks !15:26
didrockslarsu: your gtk change looks good, sponsoring, thanks!15:30
pittimvo: \o/ thanks for the apt upload15:50
mvopitti: yw, I prepared the apt ubuntu merge in git too, but maybe friday night is not the best time to do it15:51
* mvo will do it anyway15:51
pittimvo: if you are unsure, upload it and tag some open apt bug with block-proposed, so that it can run through CI but not land until Monday15:52
pittibut *shrug*, I'm landing large britney changes as we speak, so yay for touching critical infrastructure right  before running off for the weekend :)15:53
didrockspitti: it's the *perfect* time for running off then!15:53
mvopitti: :)15:55
mvopitti: I need to land some snappy work now but once that is done I will see how much of the day I have left, I definitely want the new apt in, its really good. broke all schroots in debian but beside that its really good15:56
pittimvo: looking forward to it!15:57
xnoxmvo, is it an ABI transition for libapt?15:58
mvoxnox: yes, abi and (very small) api16:12
Laneymvo: this has the configurable acquire stuff we want for appstream right?16:13
* Laney screams at glib2.0/autopkgtest16:16
mvoLaney: exactly16:16
mvoLaney: its also amazing in other ways, its fantastic16:16
LaneyI love the enthusiasm <316:17
mvoLaney: no, I'm serious, its really cool. "apt-get install foo.deb" will work16:17
Laneyyeah, I remember David's talk16:17
Laneyand apt-get build-dep on unpacked packages right?16:17
mvoby-hash, lots of smarts in the acquire, i.e. if InRelease gives you a not-modified it will not bother with any child url etc16:18
mvoLaney: yes, that too16:18
pittimvo: by-hash!16:18
* mvo is really happy about it16:18
pittigimme gimme gimme16:18
mvopitti: yes!16:18
mvopitti: LP needs to catch up :P16:18
Laneyoh man16:18
pittiah, so this is not the end of "hash sum mismatch"16:18
pittiLaney: I just mass-retried these armhf failures16:19
pittiLaney: but erk, I dist-upgraded the armhf boxes this morning, and apparently the new lxc/lxcfs etc. are rather unhappy :(16:19
Laneypitti: I just looked at one and saw a systemd postinst(?) failure16:20
pittiyes, apparently some dbus problem or similar16:20
pittithey all fail the same way16:20
pittiLaney: so leave these to me (Monday..), but e. g. https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/i386/g/gobject-introspection/20151127_113513@/log.gz is interesteing16:21
pitti/usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gtypes.h:423: syntax error, unexpected identifier in '  G_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof (unsigned long long) == sizeof (guint64));' at 'G_STATIC_ASSERT'16:21
pitti/usr/include/glib-2.0/glib/gtypes.h:423: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting identifier or '(' or '*' or ';' in '  G_STATIC_ASSERT(sizeof (unsigned long long) == sizeof (guint64));' at ')'16:21
Laneythat sounds real...16:22
pittiLaney: so it's that (g-i), deja-dup, and these armhf failures16:22
Laneydesrt: ^^^^ does that sound like some recent change to you?16:23
desrtwhat compiler is that?16:24
desrtalso, i think that was already fixed16:24
pittigcc (Ubuntu 5.2.1-23ubuntu1) 5.2.1 2015102816:25
desrtnope.  i wrote a patch but it wasn't reviewed :)16:25
Laneypitti: sounds like don't sweat retrying stuff for glib then :)16:27
pittiLaney: I already did, and msot stuff failed again16:27
desrtpitti: i'd like to know the exact combination of stuff that made this fail16:27
desrtsince normally this works fine with gcc16:27
pittiLaney: lxcfs got upgraded in wily today; I'll downgrade, see if that works, and if so mass-retry16:27
Laneythis g-i one is going to be real16:27
pittiLaney: if it doesn't work, I give up and we fix this on MOnday16:27
pittiLaney: yes, but the failurs will affect pretty much all uploads to xenial16:28
LaneyFix general problems sure, but don't worry about retries for glib alone16:28
pittidesrt: are the package versions in http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/data/packages/xenial/amd64/g/gobject-introspection/20151127_114446@.log (this also includes a diff) helpful?16:28
desrti just pushed a fix to master16:29
desrti guess this is probably another case of weird -std=c__ flags16:29
Laneyapt-get source gobject-introspection -- look at debian/tests/tools16:29
Laneyecho "g-ir-scanner..."16:29
Laneyg-ir-scanner --include=cairo-1.0 --include=Gio-2.0 --namespace=Regress --nsversion=1.0   --header-only /usr/share/gobject-introspection-1.0/tests/*.h --output Regress.gir16:29
desrtstarting to get annoyed by the fact that every compiler we use supports features that we want to make use of, but some people intentionally disable those with -std= flags16:29
Laneyfile Regress.gir  | grep -q 'XML document' || { file Regress.gir; exit 1; }16:29
pittiLaney: so https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxcfs/0.10-0ubuntu2.1 breaks this; downgrading to ubuntu2 works16:32
* pitti does that on all workers16:32
Laneycool, thanks16:32
larsudesrt: there's also --std=gnu* ;)16:33
desrtthe gnu ones are mostly sane16:33
* desrt ponders early lunch16:35
* desrt didn't have her usual morning chocolatine today16:35
didrockstime for week-end, see you guys!16:37
desrtdidrocks: enjoy :)16:38
didrocksthanks, enjoy your lunch desrt ;)16:38
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seb128willcooke, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-themes/14.04+16.04.20151127-0ubuntu1 ... well done! :-)17:07
willcookethx seb12817:09
davmor2willcooke: can you play an album in rhythmbox on xenial?17:56
* Laney wonders if he is allowed to answer that one17:57
* willcooke hasnt tried17:58
* Laney is playing Jagged Little Pill right now17:58
davmor2willcooke: I just purchased the next track to tubular bells from 7 digital as part of the browser tests, and the track wasn't added initially, I had to remove the location in gsettings to fix that, but now it plays the first track and then plays fatboy slim for the second track17:59
willcookeI gotta shoot, xmas lights switch on with the kids18:02
willcookelet's pick it up again on Monday18:03
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seb128Laney, seems you are not :p18:04
seb128davmor2, wfm, are you sure you don't have the random button selected?18:09
seb128(the pressed/unpressed is not easy to see with our theme, known issue)18:09
larsuhm doesn't look pressed in at all...18:12
* larsu is happy we have a new theme maintainer18:12
seb128larsu, sorry for you, but notify-osd has a regression for your icon refactoring18:13
larsuwait. un-yay18:13
seb128it tries to load cover arts as icons18:13
larsuwhat's up?18:13
seb128like it states can't find .cache/.... in the icon theme18:13
seb128try to play a song in rb from an album/song having a covert18:14
larsuI don't have any music on my computer18:14
larsuproblem solved. NOTABUG18:14
larsuhm not a problem in spotify18:15
seb128reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/notify-osd/+bug/152066718:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1520667 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Try to load images from the icon theme" [Undecided,New]18:16
seb128larsu, try  $ notify-send -i /usr/share/pixmaps/language-selector.png "hey"18:17
larsuseb128: the spec doesn't allow this18:18
larsuthrows a warning, but works for me18:18
seb128it was working before your changes18:18
seb128what notify-osd version do you use?18:18
seb128it works if I downgrade18:18
seb128and breaks if I use the current xenial version18:18
seb128is your warning about notification-*18:19
larsulet me try xenial18:19
seb128loading icon 'notification-/usr/share/pixmaps/language-selector.png'18:19
larsuah indeed18:19
seb128looks like you don't have https://code.launchpad.net/~larsu/notify-osd/spam-a-bit-less/+merge/27438218:19
seb128in your build18:19
seb128larsu, notify-send --help says18:20
seb128"  -i, --icon=ICON[,ICON...]         Specifies an icon filename or stock icon to display."18:20
seb128the filename can't be fully qualified one?18:20
larsuThe "app_icon" parameter and "image-path" hint should be either an URI (file:// is the only URI schema supported right now) or a name in a freedesktop.org-compliant icon theme (not a GTK+ stock ID).18:21
larsuthat's what the spec says18:21
larsubut apparently apps don't care (and neither does notify-send's help text), so let's fix that18:22
larsuthanks for bringing this up seb12818:22
seb128larsu, yw!18:22
davmor2seb128: yeap double checked it18:34
davmor2seb128: I double checked via the menu, how ever I think it might be the way the browse is set up, I'm digging into it some more18:35
larsuseb128: pushed a branch (attached at the bug)18:37
larsuand with that, I head off into the weekend. See you!18:40
seb128larsu, thanks!18:40
seb128larsu, have a good w.e!18:40
larsuthanks you too!18:40
* seb128 should do that as well18:40
seb128have a good w.e everybody, see you on monday18:41
* Laney tries ./deploy.sh for the 999th time18:48
Laneyeverybody's gone!18:49
seb128Laney, I'm not!18:53
* seb128 spent the afternoon watching tennis while working so finishing some things, about to get them wrapped now18:53
seb128good work team u.k btw, 2 - 018:53
seb128go Andy!18:53
Laneythe news mentioned something about the UK doing badly or something18:58
seb128Laney, shrug, sorry it's 1-1, Andy won though ;-)19:04
seb128Laney, the first game u.k was up to 2 sets to 0 and I got carried away :p19:05
seb128(and lost 3 sets to 2)19:05
davmor2seb128: Yay discovered why, when the music got re-imported it set up you've come a long way baby in the play queue, so after playing the first track flipped over to the play queue19:06
seb128davmor2, k, good, at least it confirms album playing still works19:07
davmor2Now I've cleared that off lets see what happens now.......next track \o/19:08
attenteseb128: does u-c-c deja-dup panel work for you?19:15
seb128but e.u.c suggests it segfaults for quite some users19:16
seb128I can't reproduce though :/19:16
seb128mterry_ might know about it?19:16
attentei reproduce it every time19:16
seb128the reports are all amd64 and I'm on i38619:17
seb128so maybe it's arch specific19:17
seb128the package didn't change since wily19:18
seb128so likely a glib or gtk update fallout?19:18
attentecould be, i tried it with wily's glib and the crash still exists19:18
seb128hum, k19:19
seb128if you feel like debugging it that would be useful ;-)19:19
Laneybroken for me!19:19
seb128you amd64 users...19:19
Laneyit's aliiiiiiiiiiive19:19
Laneyfrom juju19:19
Laneythat is a good </week> moment19:20
Laneyhappy weekend!19:20
Laneyprobably sneak on to make sure the html output works19:20
Laneybut that will be some hours19:20
seb128Laney, happy w.e as well!19:27
mterry_attente, seb128: sorry, was afk19:33
mterry_attente, seb128: I think I know what might cause it, will have a fix this weekend if so (it was fixed along with dropping python2)19:33
mterry_Was an int to pointer bug if so19:34
attentemterry_: ah, thanks! i guess it would explain why seb128 can't reproduce on i38619:36
mterry_seb128, you're still on i386!?19:40
Sweet5harkalpha1 pushed to prereleases, waiting for debian to tag a beta1 (as I'd prefer from a tag rather than a random commit on the branch). and with that, ...19:41
Sweet5hark... closing the week. Have a nice weekend guys!19:41
seb128mterry_, yes, somebody needs to keep testing it ;-)19:43
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