daftykinsTJ-: nice 240GB value SSD on amazon UK for £39.99 delivered today ;)00:45
OerHeksnot bad :-)00:46
daftykinslow stats but it's not TLC, which is nice :>00:46
OerHeksread 550MB/s - write 350MB/s00:48
daftykinsyeah, weak write as they go00:48
OerHeksbut don't look at the speeds, the 0 sec seektime is the real profit00:49
daftykinsja :>00:51
daftykinsif i got that for the cheap Lenovo i bought last night, that's £233 for a pretty decent machine00:51
lotuspsychjegood morning to all03:10
lotuspsychjehey daftykins03:11
daftykinscheck this one out sir ;) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S9Q9VS403:11
daftykinscheap model, but daym03:11
lotuspsychjelets c :p03:11
daftykins£33 delivered!03:11
daftykinshow was the spa/sauna/etc?03:11
lotuspsychjewow sweet price03:12
lotuspsychjevery nice 3 hours + breakfast +jacuzzi +turkish steam and regular sauna03:12
lotuspsychjei still have an old sandisk 8gig slc upsatirs03:13
lotuspsychjefast as rocket03:13
lotuspsychjehmm delivered to belgium03:15
lotuspsychjedoes amazon sell barebones too?03:15
lotuspsychjelets c03:16
lotuspsychjebarebone laptops are hard to find03:18
lotuspsychjeSeriouslyLaugh: morning03:23
SeriouslyLaughevening lotuspsychje -- happy turkey day03:23
SeriouslyLaughi want to play with the bot -- anyone know the command?03:25
SeriouslyLaughit's something like /msg ubot5 help03:25
SeriouslyLaughdoesn't work03:25
ubot5Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubot5 Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubot5 !search factoid".03:26
SeriouslyLaughty lotuspsychje03:27
lotuspsychjeor query ubottu03:27
lotuspsychjenice, xscreensaver works out of the box now03:49
daftykinsalrighty, time to call it a night i think03:49
lotuspsychjelast time i tryed i had to mess with gnome screensaver deamon03:49
lotuspsychjesweet dreams daftykins03:49
daftykinsthanks ^_^ your shift now ;)03:50
lotuspsychje: )03:50
lotuspsychjeif we only would be payed for this :p03:50
lotuspsychjewell at least we have knowledge from it03:51
daftykinsthey couldn't offer us enough03:51
SeriouslyLaughthere's a reason it's a free OS04:13
SeriouslyLaughJUST SAYING04:13
SeriouslyLaughblasted caps, sorry04:13
lotuspsychjetheir killing themelfs..04:13
SeriouslyLaughtoo big to fail04:14
lotuspsychjei wouldnt dare to say that04:14
lotuspsychjelinux will make a big jump out of this04:15
lotuspsychjeyoul see04:15
lotuspsychje!cookie | Bashing-om before sleep :p04:20
ubot5Bashing-om before sleep :p: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:20
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Depnd on lotuspsychje to provide the best .04:22
Bashing-omRetiring at this time . Will enjoy my cookies at liesure. Will return much later .. Lord willing . Take care til .04:38
lotuspsychjebbl guys05:47
lotuspsychjesee ya all later05:47
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TJ-Grrr, when is 16GB SSD really a 7GB SSD!?11:12
BluesKajHowdy folks13:21
TJ-amazing, 100 PCU cluster running on 16 watts14:02
EriC^^hey TJ- , how's it going?14:02
TJ-Good - now I figured out plugging the SSD in firmly doubles its capacity :D14:03
EriC^^nice :D14:03
TJ-should try that with the Samsung EVOs :D14:04
TJ-did you get your LNB down-converter ... converted into a working model?14:04
EriC^^nope, not yet :D14:04
TJ-I'm trying to design a bulk rack mount for 100 of the new RasPi Zero boards14:05
EriC^^what will they be used for?14:06
TJ-Build farm for ARM packages14:06
EriC^^oh, cool14:06
daftykinsheya o/14:33
daftykinsone of the UK folks was doing something similar, never saw where the project went though14:33
pauljwhi all14:36
TJ-yeah, But the big Pi takes up a lot of space due to clearance for the connectors, and it's also difficult to create slot-in racks for them. These Zeros should be able to slot into a chassis that has fixed USB micro-power plugs for power and connectivity, only need  maybe 10 vias in a mount PCB to pack these Zeros in high-density mode14:38
TJ-better than the Ras Pi module in fact14:41
daftykinsteenager identified :)15:50
TJ-OK, I'm shopping for old-style mobo mounted PC speaker/buzzer units on aliexpress (China's eShopping destination for components, etc.) and see a photo of one with a label on top that reads "REMOVE SEAL AFTER WASHING" !!15:50
TJ-I'm so at a loss I can't move on :D15:51
TJ-What DO those people think !?15:51
daftykinsi still haven't 100% nailed down this little CCTV 4 camera PoE system i put in for some friends, as the software is so badly translated15:52
daftykinsi know it's capable of being set to motion detected capture, whereas right now it's just recording constantly15:52
TJ-Get a translator to help15:52
TJ-Probably hire 10 on mechanical turk :)15:53
daftykinswell i'm not sure it can be switched to the original chinese/whatever to even do that :(15:53
daftykinseven the UI design is so bad it's illogical to even try fumbling your way through15:53
daftykinsi'd have to go and spend some time down at my friends art gallery i think to fiddle and test15:54
TJ-:) the joys of world trade :)15:54
daftykinsvery impressive kit though15:54
TJ-I've been investigating some PTZ 30x optical HD PoE for here, to keep an eye on far-flung areas15:55
daftykinsah har15:55
daftykinsoh was your weather station blown over the other morning by the by?15:55
TJ-it fell off its pole and was hanging in its wires15:56
TJ-alarm was going off around 0330 saying it was -27C outside15:57
daftykinssurely not o015:59
TJ-hanging upside-down the rain was getting into the electronics of the transmitter15:59
pauljwthat's funny except for that whole 0330 thing... :)16:00
TJ-pauljw: yeah, it was the night of the storm, so I was resisting going outside but eventually it annoyed me enough16:00
pauljwthat sucks16:00
TJ-my own fault; I should have secured it better16:01
pauljwother than that, do you like it?  i've been considering picking one up.16:02
TJ-it's lasted about 9 years so far, just have to change the 2 AAA batteries every few months, it's about 250 meters out into the fields16:03
TJ-the house station is useful and allows USB data collection so good for collecting and analysing weather vs crop yields and so forth16:04
pauljwnice, what make and model?16:04
TJ-hmmm! you have to ask the hardest question!16:05
pauljwlol, sorry16:05
TJ-after all this time.. I honestly don't remember!16:05
TJ-it's not got any model indicator on the unit16:05
pauljwi have google16:05
TJ-I think it's a rebadged Fine Offset WH108016:06
pauljwthanks, i'll have a look...  :)16:06
TJ-there are much better devices, more accurate, nowadays16:07
TJ-many are wifi enabled with embedded linux, which makes data collection so much easier16:07
pauljwwell, it's black friday, now you all know what i'll be doing this afternoon...16:08
daftykinsi've been shopping for days :( i swear i need someone to block me from amazon16:08
daftykinsstill, a £200 haswell i3 laptop, £33 240GB SSD and a bluray TV set for £60 down from £160 is pretty good :>16:09
pauljwthat is good!16:09
TJ-hmmm... search for "speaker", site does 'related search' "Power Bank" ... it's that Chinglese again, I bet!16:10
daftykinshttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S9Q9VS4 <-- still there even, bit of a budget model but worth a glance TJ- :)16:11
OerHeks10 of those in raid, njummie16:13
TJ-they're SATA interface so no good for me16:14
daftykinshaha that could be quite fun actually, 6 ports free on my controller... £180 for 6 ;)16:15
daftykinsbut no! :)16:16
TJ-haha! I've flushed out yet another bug in core system tooling where it assumes 'root' = UID, this time in cryptdisks_start16:22
TJ-" * LUKS_HDD_BOOT: INSECURE OWNER FOR xxxxxxx.keyfile" => ll -n = "-r-------- 1 0 0 4096 Sep  1 23:57 xxxxxx.keyfile"16:24
daftykinsam i totally wrong, claiming that this guy wanting to install 32-bit graphics drivers on a 64-bit host is not going to work? o017:19
TJ-which user?17:33
daftykinsunless said user just wants to work with the libs or something, not actually use the driver *shrug*17:34
TJ-Well, if the entire userspace is 32-bit that'll work on a 64-bit kernel, but he won't be mixing 64 and 32 bi userspace X server drivers17:35
daftykinsah ok :) ta!17:37
BluesKajmy 32 bit vlc version runs smoother on some difficult (read slightly corrupted) mkv wrapped videos than the 64 bit version17:47
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