elachecheGood evening LoCo!20:23
Hamzawi-PythoniHelllooooo :D20:30
Hamzawi-Pythonifacing problems in my preparations to LPIC-1 :(20:31
elachecheHow is that?20:34
Hamzawi-PythoniI'm following a bad tutorial, it doesn't explain clearly the commands, that's why we need a system administration workshop :D20:36
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: no you don't :)20:37
elachecheYou need 1 thing :)20:37
elachecheman ;)20:37
elachecheWhat command you can't understand?20:38
elachecheYo crack3r !20:39
=== crack3r_ is now known as crack3r
Hamzawi-Pythoninot a the command, the options of commands, the author doesn't explain them clearly, I'm still in LPIC-101, Topic-103: GNU and UNIX commands20:40
crack3ryo elacheche20:40
elachecheWassup crack3r !20:42
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: give me an example20:42
* elacheche is too lazy to google that LPIC101 section x)20:43
crack3rnot much Anis, I am stuck at the house because of curfew20:44
crack3rand you?20:44
elachecheOups x) Nothing special here too.. Just work & stuff..20:45
Hamzawi-Pythoniok, for exeample: expand -t8 text2|unexpand -a -t2|expand -t3,  he does'n explain "-t8" and "|"20:48
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: | is a pipe! You never used a pipe before?20:50
elachecheExpand convert tabs to spaces20:50
elacheche-t is tabs number20:51
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: man is your friend! Use "man expand" to read the good manual!20:52
Hamzawi-Pythoninever !!! I'm new to bash, and I understand comands but not options, u said that I need one thing, can u tell me what is it??20:52
crack3ryou need to RTFM obviously20:53
Hamzawi-Pythoniwow!!! calm down Mr crack3d, I said I'm new to bash20:54
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: Yeah! The one thing you need is "man" as crack3r you need to RTFM :)20:55
elachecheHamzawi-Pythoni: his not insulting you :) RTFM is a common word in our Wrold :D20:55
elachecheIt's not that offensive :D isn't it crack3r :D20:55
elachecheBTW, crack3r is a SysAdmin too :)20:56
crack3rnah, I tell my boss to RTFM all the time :)20:56
Hamzawi-Pythonihhhhh u made me laugh crack3r,  I will work hard to get certified, it's an opportunity doesn't it???20:57
crack3ryeah Hamzawi-Pythoni, I got a job thanks to my certifications20:58
elachechecrack3r: I do too :D I some times send this link to my boss too http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com/20:59
crack3rhaha elacheche, j'ai un grand RTFM sur le tableau dans mon bureau, à chaque fois qu'on me demande une question conne, je leurs montre ce qui est écrit au tableau21:00
Hamzawi-Pythonihhhhhhhh, I'll send that link too :p so ladies and gentlemen I have to go now, nshallah tomorrow, wish me luck :)21:00
crack3rgood luck Hamzawi-Pythoni :)21:01
Hamzawi-Pythonithanks man :p21:01
elachecheGood luck :) When you need something just ping me.. But after RTFM and Googling :p21:02

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