diddledanfun ranting on "BSD Now" this week00:09
daftykinsis that family friendly? :P00:10
zmoylan-pithe family that bsd's together stays together... oo-err... :-P00:14
* diddledan BSDs zmoylan-pi .. sideways00:14
daftykinscrikey, it's not high end but - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S9Q9VS400:32
daftykins240GB SSD £39.99 for mainlanders00:34
* zmoylan-pi remembers when i could fit my data onto storage that small...00:34
daftykinsfine for an OS disk :>00:35
zmoylan-pitrue, but i've just started bumping my dumbphones up to 32gb for music, video and ebooks as 16gb each on 3-4 devices doesn't cut it anymore...00:36
daftykinsthat reminds me, i pulled a couple of 2GB memorystick 2 cards out of sony ericssons i was playing with yesterday :D00:38
* zmoylan-pi remembers using my nokia n70 with 1gb card. 900mb music, 50mb ebooks with space for photos...00:40
zmoylan-piabsolute lifesaver when i went into hospital for an xray and ended up there for 2 weeks00:42
zmoylan-pikept me nice and distracted...00:44
daftykinsi'm amazed i didn't get told off for using mine in intensive care00:44
daftykinsi was busy in a heated call with a lady friend who was giving me grief for not asking how long i'd be in, whilst some poor anaesthetist was waiting to have a word00:44
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diddledanthe ol' ball n chain :-p00:45
diddledans/lady friend/ol' ball n chain/00:46
zmoylan-pinurses were worried that i never had visitors till i pointed out i was on email, web, twitter, reading, listening to music, comedy and fm radio. ended up showing them how to use the phones they already had00:46
daftykinsi couldn't even SSH/RDP home on the free wifi ;_;00:47
daftykinsguys the new enya album is on sale!00:47
zmoylan-pii was using prepay data at €1 for 50mb a day which using opera mini and google reader lasted all day00:48
* zmoylan-pi looks at ssd advert from before and sees you could save 6 quid and get 120gb storage instead of 240... what a saving!!00:49
zmoylan-piby grabthars hammer!!00:49
daftykinsthat SSD could be pretty good in that cheap Lenovo i ordered, already got a buyer too :>00:50
daftykinsdoubt that thing has space for two at once though, that'd be nice00:51
zmoylan-pisuperglue it to back of screen for cool hacker look :-P00:51
daftykinscould always pop out the optical i guess ;)00:53
zmoylan-pibut then you'd have to download instead of rip everything!!00:57
daftykinsnot me!00:58
daftykinspesky amazon deals tempting me, i should leave it be really00:59
diddledanby grabthar's hammer. by the sun's of warvan. you shall be avenged.01:09
m0nkey_Good evenin01:10
daftykinsi have no idea of either of those :>01:10
zmoylan-1iwatch galaxy quest01:10
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m0nkey_^-- awesome movie01:11
zmoylan-piWHAT'S MY NAME?! :-D01:11
daftykinsmy friends in walmart in Texas picking up cheap games on the Black Friday deals 8D01:12
daftykinsvisiting in Feb so i get cheap things \o/01:12
zmoylan-piwhich you then have to get onto an airplane.  'honestly mr. tsa man it's only 50 rasp pis and a lot of cables..., why are you putting on gloves?'01:20
daftykins"why are you lubing up"01:24
diddledanfun bit about git in this video at 19 minutes: https://www.usenix.org/conference/lisa15/conference-program/presentation/mickens01:49
daftykinsmy drill just went flat starting another pane! https://www.dropbox.com/s/rlx8t1dofrshep8/IMG_20151127_020955.jpg?dl=002:12
zmoylan-pidrilling at 2am?02:14
daftykinsyeah it's only quiet :>02:15
daftykinsi normally don't even vacuum at anti-social hours, so it's all good02:15
diddledanroger, roger, check for clearance, clarence, what's your vector, victor, over.02:21
daftykinsi really would like it if battery tech suddenly had some major jump overnight :>02:21
daftykinsmulti-day laptops and month long smartphones would be ace02:22
daftykinsnah, they weren't smart :P02:22
zmoylan-pii had a psion that lasted a week on 2 aa batteries in 90s02:22
daftykinsstill got my 3c somewhere :>02:23
zmoylan-piwe need to move to using arm processors in laptops for more power savings02:26
zmoylan-pibetter screens. like the olpc screen for power savings02:27
daftykinsnah, then everything'd perform like a glorified calcula... netbook :)02:27
zmoylan-piinstead of laptops that use stupid amounts of power to generate heat using inefficient design02:29
Seeker`zmoylan-pi: lies02:48
Seeker`zmoylan-pi: MIPS not ARM02:48
zmoylan-pias long aas it's not x8602:56
m0nkey_Happy Thanksgiving! http://i.imgur.com/IbJ1zMq.jpg03:25
* zmoylan-pi remembers a pancake tuesday that had a pancake stuck to a 20ft high ceiling...03:26
zmoylan-pibut we never took risks with pressure cooker...03:26
BambooBearHelloo :)03:34
m0nkey_before anyone asks, not my place. just some random picture i found :)03:40
ali1234wow, what happened?03:43
ali1234that's some pretty impressive damage03:43
zmoylan-pilloks like a faulty or badly used pressure cooker03:43
daftykinsmmm remember that one03:44
m0nkey_I'm out03:44
m0nkey_G'night all03:44
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knightwisemorning everyone07:27
moodoohello al08:16
zmoylan-pithat's very specific :-)08:18
moodooalas a typo lol08:25
zmoylan-pial will be devestated to read that :-)08:27
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davmor2Morning all09:03
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moodoomorning davmor209:13
davmor2moodoo: why all the lower case dude?09:14
=== moodoo is now known as MooDoo
MooDoodavmor2: no idea! ;)09:21
davmor2MooDoo: Oh you're back09:22
davmor2will the real MooDoo please stand up, please stand up, please stand up09:22
andylock1anhey fella09:30
andylock1anhow's things?09:30
czajkowskiGood morning09:54
directhexis it? :|09:56
czajkowskiit is10:02
czajkowskiit's Friday10:02
popeyIt is freaking excellent.10:02
czajkowskiit is really!10:03
foobarry_anyone manage to snag a magpi mag?10:03
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy Systems Engineer Day! 😃10:05
SuperEngineermorninks SuperMatt10:11
Seeker`popey: rollercoaster?10:31
* Seeker` was talking about net connection speeds, and remembered when popey got superfast broadband for the first time, but couldn't work out why he wasn't getting full speed10:32
Seeker`and then you found the 10Mbit switch :P10:32
popeythat was fun10:32
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MooDooah ddod against freenode servers, no wonder i'm getting lots of lag11:36
foobarryjust cried with laughter11:42
directhexwhy is unity-control-centre not listing chrome as a browser option?12:07
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SuperEngineerlittle sqirrels only?14:38
diddledan_surely it's london symphony orchestra14:38
wizzkiddim in a little predicament, my headless ubuntu server seems to have hung but is partially accessible.  Can anyone help me remotely reboot the server?  I can ping the box still,  I can no longer ssh to the box, I can start a xrdp session, but it freezes at authentication.  I have webmin installed which is accessible, but I cannot get to the "restart" section.  Has anyone got any ideas?14:38
daftykinsnot webmin on ubuntu i hope.14:40
daftykinsplug a keyboard in -> ctrl+alt+del :>14:41
daftykinsoh i see you crossposted that.14:41
daftykinsnot even supported :P14:42
diddledan_it's not even in the repo IIRC14:42
diplothey have their own14:42
daftykinspesky amazon taking all my money, BSG full set was £60 down from £160 just earlier :(14:43
zmoylan-pivhs or betamax? :-)14:43
awilkinsCAll me when Babylon 5 is cheap14:43
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: laserdisc14:43
wizzkiddignoring the fact i have webmin, is there any advice out there, i'll discuss webmin and its recommended alternative afterwards! lol14:44
daftykinsi already suggested something14:44
diddledan_wizzkidd: I believe we were talking about the merits of webmin because 1) we don't know a solution, or 2) we thought daftykins's suggestion was most appropriate14:44
wizzkidddaftykins: thanks, but a sensible solution, because if I had physical access to the box at the moment, I would have bounced it myself already.14:45
awilkinsDoes the box have a lights-out card?14:46
wizzkidddiddledan_: re: webmin, i threw that in the description of my problem because its one of the few remaining ways I have left to communicate with the box14:46
wizzkiddawilkins: unfortunately not14:46
daftykinswizzkidd: it is sensible, we just can't read your mind to know your setup...14:46
daftykinsi think you're up a creek without a paddle14:47
* diddledan_ rows14:47
wizzkidddaftykins: it seems so.  I thought i'd put it out there anyway as there is always a slim chance that someone may suggest something I havent thought of14:47
daftykinsso is it co-lo or what?14:48
awilkinsYeah, if there was a simple way to reboot Linux boxes without having SSH access or another service designed to let you do that... people would use it to ruin your day14:48
wizzkiddawilkins: fair point14:48
diddledan_awilkins, wizzkidd, you could try DDoSing it to see if you can force it to reboot by magic :-p14:48
daftykinsalthough if webmin has a URL to hit to enact a reboot, perhaps rather than needing to reach the restart section of its' UI, you can just paste in the link direct?14:48
daftykinsi don't have a clue about webmin though so that's a total guess14:49
diddledan_if it was windows 95 I believe there was a packet of death for that?14:49
wizzkidddiddledan_: that was the sort of thing i was thinking. lol. i already searched through all the cached urls typed into my browser, lol14:49
wizzkidddiddledan_: wasn't it something like con>con or something like that in win 95? wow, thats going back a bit14:50
daftykinswouldn't an example be available online?14:52
wizzkiddok, so... i've gathered that there is a bad smell with regards to installing webmin on ubuntu.  Care to fill me in?  My guess is its vulnerable or something?14:52
diddledan_it's had a bad history of breaking stuff afaik14:52
lubotu3webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.14:53
diddledan_^ that14:53
wizzkiddi did notice that systemd management wasn't included14:53
* diddledan_ petpet the bot14:53
zmoylan-piout of the mouth of bots...14:54
wizzkiddok, so with that said, is there an alternative gui web service that can be used to manage the server remotely?14:54
diddledan_despite all the derision levied at systemd for shoehorning everything into it counter to the "do one thing well" philosophy, I actually quite like it14:54
diddledan_zmoylan-pi: *fart*14:54
* zmoylan-pi schedules diddledan_ for re-education camp come the revolution...14:56
diddledan_is that fun?14:57
diddledan_like bandcamp?14:57
awilkinsYour best avenue is probably to find a human in the vicinity who can poke the reset switch.14:57
zmoylan-piyou'll love pascal :-)14:57
diddledan_remote-hands ftw14:57
daftykinsremote jazz hands!14:58
awilkinsQuadcopter drone with a poking stick14:58
zmoylan-pia server power switch seeking drone...14:58
diddledan_what about an RPG?14:58
diddledan_that'll knock it offline.. the reboot part may be a bit too much to expect tho, I guess14:59
daftykinsmy wealthy client is apparently getting a top end DJI Phantom drone with Sony 4K camera attached for Christmas14:59
diddledan_daftykins: :-o14:59
daftykinsi actually find the things stupid, but eh14:59
diddledan_daftykins: get him to pay you monies!14:59
davmor2diddledan_: oh you mean nethack15:00
daftykinsno doubt i'll end up doing something with the video15:00
zmoylan-pisee how good it stands up to a supersoaker :-)15:00
daftykinsi told him he'd need a new screen to watch the video 1:1 ;)15:00
diddledan_davmor2: I was thinking more the explosive kind rather than the dungeon kind15:00
diddledan_nethack is badly named.. not only is it offline, but you're not cracking things either15:01
daftykinsw... what on earth do you do in it then o015:02
diddledan_daftykins: well certainly you don't hack the net15:02
zmoylan-piyou run around wishing it was rogue :-)15:03
zmoylan-piand then pray you never see a D15:04
diddledan_hmm, it should be payday today15:04
wizzkiddany suggestions as an alternative to webmin guys?15:06
daftykinsnope i always suggested doing it the proper way so you never forget, depends how senior you are though15:06
daftykinsthe other day we had some kid come in trying to set up an ecommerce site with nginx that couldn't even get the site working... can only imagine how safe those transactions are gonna be15:07
davmor2popey: the lego pic is that a site thing, if so I'd be more impressed if you could tell it a size and it gave you a parts list and plan, lego jigsaws ftw15:12
popeyheh, no it's a python script which takes any image and makes one of those15:16
davmor2popey: I reckon there has to be a way to make that into a real image and then build it up with a hook at the back to hang it or a stand a frame :D15:20
Seeker`but you're not cracking things either15:23
Seeker`^ skulls maybe15:23
daftykinsdiddledan_: that win10 install size compression, does it do it automatically on that Surface of yours yet, or still a manual task?16:12
diddledan_it was already done when I tried to force it16:13
daftykinsooh neat16:13
daftykinscould be auto then16:13
diddledan_that was way back near the original release, too, so I guess the RTM 10240 build did it automatically16:13
daftykinsvery nice :>16:14
daftykinsgot my 10586 build on a flash drive so i'm set for that Surface 4 showing up16:14
daftykinsright, i need to go enquire at the post office how to send a phone to England without being clobbered for tax at the other end16:14
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mappswell reset router still cant login16:33
mappsemailed umee and no reply;(16:33
daftykinswhat are you wanting to do, change the wifi name + pass?16:39
* diddledan_ upgrading gentoos again16:54
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daftykinsdoes that mean blasting it out of a cannon? i hope so :>16:56
davmor2diddledan_: cheaper than a heater16:56
daftykinsthe folk in #kodi get really offended and take it so personally when i laugh that they're having issues getting simple things going because they're using gentoo or arch16:56
daftykinsbut i mean honestly, gentoo on an HTPC? talk about wrong tools for the job :P16:57
daftykins"sorry guys we can't watch the film i have to recompile Kodi"16:57
diddledan_you could put the compilation output on the TV and say to your kids "here, kids, watch the matrix"16:58
diddledan_it's too cute: https://twitter.com/cutesyapp/status/65953641976188928117:34
DJonesMy dog says "ooh, breakfast" :)17:34
DJonesYeah, that was the 2nd noise the dog made17:35
davmor2DJones: is that after you said no my breakfast17:38
DJonesThere's only one breakfast that is real, full english17:39
daftykinsgah still getting Deborah's sky subscription emails17:43
daftykinsi phoned them up and they told me they can't tell their customer they've got the wrong email signed up on their account due to 'data protection'17:43
DJonesdaftykins: Maybe email them and tell them you'll charge them £50 per unsolicited emaail17:45
daftykinsworth a go!17:46
penguin42daftykins: If they've got your email signed up to it, can't you do a password reset on the account and they'll send the email to your account?17:46
DJonesI did it with with some spam I was getting from a well known reputable business that had a similar situation and the emails stopped pretty quickly17:46
penguin42a respectable business?17:47
DJonesDidn't get any money out of it, but at least the spam stopped17:47
daftykinspenguin42: hmm, not familiar with the sky site but that might work yeah; unless it requires a member ID or some such for login17:47
diddledan_I'd hack the account as penguin42 suggests and then close it down :-p17:47
DJonespenguin42: As in a well known supermarket17:47
daftykinsDJones: ah nice!17:47
daftykinsi've done it with a few folks in the US that didn't honour my contact discussion17:47
daftykinsone lady was using me as a personal spam filter the first once or twice, then i reset her accounts and cancelled her orders.17:48
daftykinsone day i got an email explaining why her orders had been cancelled :)17:48
daftykinsthat was very entertaining17:48
DJonesMust admit, mine was with somebody from the US17:59
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davmor2I got a set of head hunters where you reply remove and nothing else and it removes you my butt does it, so I might go for the £50 idea with them :)19:12
daftykinsone guy i know is so energetic about his spam blocking that i've been asked to find out why he's not receiving legitimate things before, only to find he's put them on his block list19:14
pwaringdavmor2: I've found that the 'remove me or pay £50/email' line gets the attention of most recruiters19:38
pwaringWhereas 'please take me off your list' doesn't19:38
mappsso why cant i get in this routers config gah;/ wanted to port forward so can access my vpn :/19:58
penguin42mapps: Have you considered it might just be spite on the part of the router?20:27
wizzkiddi have messed up some files on my ubuntu server 15.10.  I incorrectly symlinked some "libz*" files, then unlinked them, and now my system is throwing up "segmentation fault" errors.  I am not able to boot the server any longer, and I have managed to get to a root prompt using the recovery option in the grub menu.  It seems Python is broken i think, and "libz.so.1" cannot be found either.  I am unable to run any apt-get command b20:32
penguin42wizzkidd: messy, you need a way to copy a file from another machine - or a live boot20:34
penguin42wizzkidd: Have you got a 15.10 live boot drive?20:34
wizzkiddpenguin42: i have the 15.10 boot usb that i used to install the OS, im guessing that should have a live boot option20:35
penguin42wizzkidd: I think there's a recovery option in it, but I doubt it will fix that20:35
penguin42wizzkidd: But, boot, mount your servers hard drive and copy it's libz.so.1 into the right place20:36
penguin42wizzkidd: If you're lucky that'll be enough for you to clean up properly20:36
wizzkiddpenguin42: im struggling to boot from the damn usb at the moment arghhh20:37
penguin42wizzkidd: Ah, well it's either that, or if you've got another 15.10 system use a usb stick or something to copy the file20:38
wizzkiddpenguin42: ive only got just the one ubuntu box, i'll keep trying to get this thing to boot from usb.20:39
wizzkiddpenguin42: would a recovery repair the sym links?20:39
penguin42wizzkidd: I doubt it - do you know what you screwed up?20:40
penguin42wizzkidd: Do you still have /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/linuz.so.?.?.?20:40
wizzkiddi believe i was following various guides on installing PILL for Ubuntu 15.1020:40
wizzkiddit was explaining that debian uses a different location, hence creating the sym links20:42
penguin42do you still have that file on the system?20:42
wizzkiddi though i created the link incorrectly and so i unlinked some of the .so files, and thats when it went wrong20:42
penguin42sorry, that should end in libz.so.?.?.?  where ?.?.?  the numbers depend on your install20:43
wizzkiddi have lots of files still in /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/20:43
penguin42for me it's /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so.1.2.820:43
wizzkiddbut i dont see "linuz.so"20:44
penguin42wizzkidd: Sorry I typo'd that20:44
penguin42wizzkidd: Do you have the libz.so. with the numbers after it20:44
wizzkiddyes, i have a file called libz.so.1.2.820:44
wizzkiddit has no link20:45
penguin42excellent - what does ls -lz of that file  show ?20:45
penguin42actually, drop the z20:45
penguin42just ls -l20:45
wizzkiddit doesnt have a "->"20:46
penguin42wizzkidd: Now, which file do you think you messed up?20:47
wizzkiddi think it was in /usr/....???20:47
penguin42ok, try a different question - what error do you get?20:47
wizzkiddi'll search my url history to see if i can find the guide i was following20:47
wizzkiddlibz.so.1: cannot open shared object file20:48
wizzkiddi used to have a file called "libz.so.1", that seems to be missing from /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/20:48
penguin42wizzkidd: OK what does ls -l /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so.1  show ?20:49
wizzkiddNo such file of directory20:49
penguin42great, ok do the following command20:50
penguin42wizzkidd: ln -s libz.so.1.2.8 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so.120:50
wizzkiddaghh, it threw me the error "Segmentation fault"20:54
penguin42the ln  did ?20:54
penguin42then you've got something else broken other than the libz20:54
wizzkidddamn it20:55
wizzkidd"apt-get" gives me the same error20:55
wizzkiddthese were the symlinks i created when I broke it all, i think...20:56
wizzkiddsudo ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so.1 /lib/20:56
wizzkiddsudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libfreetype.so.6 /usr/lib/20:56
wizzkiddsudo ln -s /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libjpeg.so.62 /usr/lib/20:56
wizzkiddi think it actually broke when i performed "unlink" on all 320:57
penguin42it seems unlikely the freetype or jpeg broke stuff to the point of giving them segs20:57
wizzkiddi remember it dying in the middle of doing an apt-get straight after: sudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging20:58
wizzkiddcould it be that those 2 packages were somehow only partially installed when it died, causing python to break too?20:59
penguin42difficult to tell, ln -s   should have very few dependencies21:01
wizzkiddthis is painful21:11
wizzkiddpenguin42: i will persevere trying to boot from the live usb and see if there is a repair option.  In the mean time, i will rebuild my server in a VM, and take a snapshot as I go along, then once I am happy I will P2V it.  It may sound a little long winded, but hopefully this way I'm more resilient.21:13
wizzkiddI meant V2P :)21:17
foobarrywhat's that app a bit like youtube-dl but acts like a poor mans spotify?21:19
foobarryah mps-youtube i think21:19
daftykinscrikey :P21:26
daftykinstough times when you've gotta bypass an ad supported service foobarry ;)21:26
diddledan_what's going in in colorado?21:29
foobarryheh, wanted to download audio to listen to on mp3 player21:29
penguin42diddledan_: Some things are saying it's an abortion clinic21:30
diddledan_penguin42: "planned parenthood"**21:30
diddledan_"so you can plan more effectively, we offer free terminations" o_O21:31
daftykinsshouldn't it be "unplanned parenthood planned" ?21:32
diddledan_daftykins: you'dathunk21:32
diddledan_I'm not opposed to abortions, but calling it "planned parenthood" kinda seems like false advertising21:32
diddledan_"hello Doris, in for your monthly?"21:33
daftykinsthat's quite the early 20th century name choice :>21:33
diddledan_it was the first I could come up wiht21:35
diddledan_obviously my offspring will have terrible names21:35
diddledan_maybe I should have one of each and call them Boris and Doris21:36
daftykinsoh i am reminded of a question to ask of you mainlander folk21:37
daftykinsis it actually a thing, to encounter undesirables speaking such street language as "fam" to address one another within the cities?21:37
diddledan_I wouldn't know, I'm posh :-p21:38
daftykinstoo posh to even meet up with our dear shauno :(21:38
daftykinswho we still haven't asked back21:38
diddledan_I figure he'll slink back in eventually21:41
daftykinsi've extended an olive branch nonetheless21:41
daftykinsbut i kinda want the olives back21:41
penguin42hmm, have I missed any useful retailers searching for bargains?21:45
daftykinsyou can't go wrong with http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S9Q9VS4 sir21:48
penguin42that is tempting, not that I really need one21:49
daftykinsneither did i, but that doesn't seem to be what these pesky deal days are about :(21:50
daftykinshmm some friends that bought a place recently could probably do with a powerline kit since they don't have any proper infrastructure21:51
penguin42yeh in principal I can think of a couple of places I could put an SSD21:51
daftykinsi mean it's obviously low end, but it's still MLC NAND which is nice21:52
diddledan_wow, a friend just posted that up norf they've got an ASDA store with petrol under a pound per litre21:52
daftykinsthems Guernsey prices :P21:53
penguin42diddledan_: Apparently they're doing it as a black friday thing21:53
diddledan_that's sucky21:53
daftykinsquick drive up north to get some ;)21:54
penguin42but I think it's not much more than that at the moment anyway is it? Only about 104? (I'm not a driver)21:54
daftykinspenguin42: ^5 me neither!21:55
diddledan_it's about 109.9 here (varies but that's the average)21:55
penguin42daftykins: Dabs have the 120GB Sandisk for 26.97 (one/customer - 34.97-#8 voucher code)23:42
daftykinssame "plus" model SSD? crikey23:42
daftykinsty sir23:43
penguin42daftykins: https://www.dabs.com/products/120gb-ssd-plus-sata-6gb-s-2-5--solid-state-drive-B23F.html23:43
daftykinswow! i had the amazon 240GB model for £33 delivered :D23:44
penguin42daftykins: yeh so I've spent 37 on one of the 120GB's, a couple of #1.80 4GB uSDs and 2x2.98 16GB thumb drives23:45
daftykinsdid you miss the amazon one?23:46
penguin42no, but since 120 is enough, it's #6 cheaper!23:46
* penguin42 was going to buy 2 but the discount code only worked for one23:46
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daftykinsi really need to change those RAID notifications, i keep thinking i have a friend at midnight on Fridays :P23:53
penguin42it tells you when it's going in to check?23:53
daftykinsstarting a verify, then the result when complete if all is well23:55
daftykinsif not, a nice spam of bad sectors / sector remaps / port resets / etc :)23:56
penguin42it would be better not to know until about 9am on Monday morning23:56
daftykinsthat's what i've said to myself and yet done nothing about it for ages23:59
daftykinsin fact lets sort it :)23:59
daftykinsi did once agonise over it all weekend when someones had a bad disk23:59

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