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inetprogood mornings08:09
magespawngood morning08:59
MaNI"So met 'n eerste opslag lyk dit spiekeries!" < Any native afrikaans speakers that can translate that properly for me? I think my attempts at translating it are incorrect10:09
andrewlsdat first glance it looks ....10:15
andrewlsd.. I have no idea what "Spiekeries" means10:16
TinuvaMaci never knew how you spell that10:20
TinuvaMacyeah i think that is the direct translated word10:21
TinuvaMacseems about just right10:21
TinuvaMac"So at first glance, it looks spickerish/brilliant/perfect/oustanding!" ect10:22
MaNLokay thanks10:28
inetproyikes! 11:13
inetpronetsplits Friday on Black Friday?11:13
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andrewlsdMaaz: seen kilos12:03
Maazandrewlsd: kilos was last seen 17 hours, 17 minutes and 39 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-26 10:46:11 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-11-26 23:12:05 PST12:03
inetproMaaz: seen Kilos-12:58
Maazinetpro: Kilos- was last seen 17 hours, 30 minutes and 26 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-26 11:27:58 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-11-27 02:22:35 PST12:58
LangjanHi guys, anybody wanting to help with ubuntu login prob, please? 13:28
superflyLangjan: what's the problem?14:12
LangjanHi superfly  the root password is not being accepted to login14:23
superflyLangjan: why are you logging in as root?14:23
LangjanOK sorry, the username and password are the same 14:24
LangjanI'm currently at the password reset in recovery mode14:25
LangjanGetting Authentication token manipulation error14:26
superflyYou've lost me.14:27
superflyLangjan: again, why are you logging in as root?14:29
LangjanThe system was set to not require a login password, then suddenly it asked for password and I used the password that we registered on install14:30
LangjanWe are using the same password that the system always accepts for login and admin privileges14:32
superflythere's a difference between root (which you shouldn't be using) and a user who can sudo (which is what you should be doing)14:33
superflyalso, you should always require a password for logging in, it's just basic good security.14:34
superflyI gotta go, heading home14:34
LangjanOk sorry, learning - its the password that I use for sudo14:34
LangjanHi Kilos 15:23
Kiloshi Langjan well ty and you sir15:24
LangjanAllso fine thks, hows the Oz plans going>?15:24
Kiloswaiting for visa to be approved. hopefully before 10 dec15:25
LangjanGreat! Excited?15:25
Kiloswas hoping to make it before nov end but nothing yet so now monday last day of nov15:25
Kilosflights are expensive in dec15:26
LangjanFlight booked yet?15:26
Kilosexcited? what that15:26
LangjanYea very!15:26
Kilosis the what stops one from sleeping at night15:26
Kilosi cant book a flight till i know if its appproved15:27
LangjanNo its computers. lmga15:27
Langjancatch ten15:27
Kiloshaha no man computers have ee good to me15:27
LangjanOk can you help? plse15:27
Kiloscan one not fly on a cargo plane?15:28
Kilosyes of course15:28
Kiloswhats up?15:28
LangjanThks, Linda's lappie  -  she logs out instead of shutting down,  dont know if thats the reason but it now refuses to login15:29
Kiloswa does it do15:29
Langjanwont even login as guest15:29
Langjanim curently in recovery mode, but whatever I try it wants login first15:30
Kilosdoes it keep returning to the page where you enter password15:30
Kilospres ctrl+alt+F315:31
Kilosthen login there15:31
Langjanwhile in recovery?15:31
Kilostry or reboot to login page15:31
Kilosbeter to reboot i think15:32
Langjanok but I battle to access recovery, theres nothing here thatr will help, like dpkg or fsck?15:32
Kilosctrl+alt+f3 or f2 should take take you to a terminal thing15:33
Langjanok lets try15:33
Kiloshow long you been waiting for me to come online15:34
Langjanabout 5 hours...15:35
Kilossorry i been battling with a sim card or modem that keeps going to emergency only mode15:35
Kilossorry oom15:35
Langjannot your prob or fault!!15:35
LangjanI got a blak screen, trying again15:36
Kilosdid you ask anyone else to help you?15:37
Kilossjoe 5 hours is terrible15:37
LangjanSuperfly was here for a while, had to knock oof15:37
Langjanhad other things todo, not serious15:38
Langjanok now have login prompt on terminal15:38
Langjanand login fails every time15:38
Kilosyou need to enter her username first'15:39
Kilosthen password15:39
LangjanLogin incorrect15:40
Kiloswhat did you forget15:40
Langjanok logged in! Great15:40
Langjanlogin name and username is the same15:40
Kilosyou have aptitude installed hey15:41
Langjandont know...15:41
Langjando what?15:41
Kilossudo aptitude install gdm15:41
Langjanaptitude command not found15:42
Kilossudo apt-get install aptitude15:43
Kilosyou could have done sudo apt-get install gdm as well15:44
Langjanhad to run dpkg --configure -a15:44
Kilosyes something broke15:44
Langjanits showing unknown media types15:45
Kilosdont worry bout that15:45
Langjanfinished running15:45
Kilosis gdm installed?15:46
Kilossudo apt-get install gdm15:46
Kilosgdm is to replace lightdm15:47
Kiloswhen that breaks you cant get past login page because the desktop manager isnt working15:47
Langjanits not connected, let me cable-connect15:48
Langjanmaybe it did? When I logged in it may have picked up my wireless15:49
Kilosit will tell you if unable to connect15:50
Langjanthe system was warning Linda but she ignored it15:51
Langjanon 70%15:52
Kiloswhat did the warning say15:52
Langjandont know, some error15:52
Langjannow I have to select gdm or lightdm 15:53
Kilosthat lappy does automatic updates hey15:53
Langjanunpacking as if has just landed from Oz...15:54
Langjanok klaar15:54
Kilosyou still in the terminal15:55
Kilostry sudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop15:55
Langjanaptitude command not found15:56
Kilossudo apt-get install aptitude15:56
Kilossudo aptitude reinstall ubuntu-desktop15:58
Langjanklaar, nou?15:58
Kilosthen sudo reboot15:59
Kilosthe login screen will be a bit different15:59
Kilostick on linda first the enter password15:59
Langjanok still srating up16:00
Langjantaking its time...16:01
Kilosya its sorting things16:01
Kilosgdm is a bit slower but more stable16:01
Langjanaha, whatever will I do without my friend, lucky theres lines to Oz16:01
Kilosthere are lotsa guys here16:02
LangjanHope your plans pan out well, yea but only one kilos16:02
Kilosalso ill be online from oz as well just 9 hours ahead16:02
Kilosjust pray for me to succeed16:02
Langjanyes, used to that with my kids in Canberra, and Perth 6 hours16:03
Kilosoh ya16:03
LangjanWill do my friend, I pray for you every day!16:03
Kilosi got some catching up to do as well so might be slow to answer16:03
Kilosty sir16:03
Kilos30 years of catching up16:04
LangjanAnd for Debs16:04
Kilosshe is stressing with this slow visa stuff16:05
LangjanMany thks for sorting this prob out so quick, you're a wiz!16:05
Kilosdid it work16:05
LangjanHope you did not go via an agent?16:05
Kilosi was just guessing16:05
Kilosno i did onlie visa app direct to aus peeps16:06
Kilosagents are too expensive16:06
Kilosthats why we stressing aout dec flights16:06
Kilosprice goes up 4k16:06
LangjanYes Dec is not good...check flights via Dubai and Quatar 16:07
Kilosi have16:07
Langjanok strongs16:07
Kilosall go up lots over dec jan16:08
Kilosthats why i asked about a cargo plane16:08
LangjanOk Kilos  gotta go will chat agai n16:09
Kilosgo well sir16:09
Kilosglad i could help16:09
Kiloslook after yourself16:09
LangjanYou too thks Kilos 16:12
Kilosheavy thunderbees expected tonight17:28
magespawngood evening18:20
Kiloshi magespawn 18:38
magespawnhey Kilos whats up?18:43
Kilossame old18:43
Kiloshows things youre side?18:43
magespawnbit chilly, working on some tedious data, pricelist comparison18:45
magespawnconverting pdf to spreadsheet18:45
magespawnmanually, nog al18:48
captineevening all18:52
magespawni do not know a way of reliably getting data from a pdf into a spreadsheet18:53
Kiloshi captine 19:08
Kilosyou using linux magespawn 19:10
Kilosor the exel way19:10
magespawnlinux of course19:18
Kilosis there no converter19:19
captineKilos.  Hi19:21
Kilosmagespawn ^^19:22
LangjanHi Kilos  I'm looking for the link to your daughter's song show - plse send it again 20:14
Kilossec Langjan 20:15
Kilosi think thats it20:17
Kilosone day ill learn to use bookmarks20:17
Kilosshe has recorded lots20:19
KilosLangjan dont you see private messages20:20
Kilosjy moet wakker skrik oom20:21
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:28
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos thanks21:03
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode21:03
inetpromagespawn: you really don't want to convert PDF to spreadsheet21:33
inetprogood evening BTW21:33
inetproPDF is a publishing format and I don't know why people fail to understand that21:34
inetproif you want the data then you must get it from the source before the PDF was generated21:35
inetprotime to hit the sack, good night21:37
magespawnno can do inetpro, i do not have access to the source21:37
inetpromagespawn: get it21:38
magespawnthe company will not give it to me, it is their main price list21:38
inetprodo yourself a favour and open the PDF file with an editor21:38
inetproit's all XML kinda stuff21:39
magespawnokay, is there a foss editor?21:39
magespawnor do you mean any xml editor?21:40
inetprosudo apt-get install okteta21:40
inetprothat ^^ is a hex editor amongst many thousands of editors21:41
magespawnthought you might mean a pdf editor21:41
magespawnalrighty, i will take a look in the morning when i am at work21:42
inetprohaha, I really mean it, open it in a normal editor and look21:42
magespawnwill do21:42
magespawnyou made the right call earlier, bedtime now21:43
inetproif you can't read it at all, it could even be just an image inside a pdf21:43
magespawnsort of like a fake pdf21:45
inetprobut there are other options if you want to be brave21:45
inetprolook at poppler-utils for example21:45
inetproaptitude show poppler-utils21:45
magespawnthat looks very useful21:47
inetproor look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/162037/how-to-edit-pdfs21:48
* magespawn makes a note to follow those up in the morning21:51
magespawncool beans, thanks inetpro \21:52
inetproyou're welcome21:52
* inetpro turns the lights off21:52
magespawngood night21:52
inetprogood night21:53

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