r_riosk1l_: it seems kwin has crashed00:00
loais it possible to install ubuntu with windows uefi?00:00
batfastadHi everyone. I'm looking to put a bridge on a bonded interface to be used by KVM guests. Does this /etc/network/interfaces look correct? https://gist.github.com/benbradley/3c85af363bc33e24f54500:00
k1l_OneM_Industries: http://askubuntu.com/questions/254826/how-to-force-a-clock-update-using-ntp00:00
Bashing-omCharcoal1ire: Ouch ... yeah ! You are oh so correct .. can not respond with the 'y' ! My bad .00:00
OneM_IndustriesThank you!00:00
k1l_OneM_Industries: i would prefer 2nd answer there00:01
Charcoal1ireBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.org/1352054900:01
newbie|3daftykins: I burned a CD with three songs on it.  I want to send it to a person with the person's name, postal address and the list of songs.  I don't think I can print on the CD itself, but want to print a label that I can put on the CD00:01
newbie|3daftykins: If I can print it on a sticker / label, I'll be happy00:02
daftykinsnewbie|3: yeah ok, lightscribe was a technology that you could flip a disc then use a laser to write a label... anyway;i would highly recommnd against that - it's not safe00:02
newbie|3By the way, HAPPY THANKSGIVING00:03
daftykinsactually you're on the internet right now, so people can be from outside the US ;)00:03
newbie|3daftykins: I'm in Belgium, but I'm also an American00:03
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Guest72802is it practical to load a graphical virtual environment while booted into a non graphical linux environment?00:05
Bashing-omCharcoal1ire: Looks good , now RE-boot and when back up run ' sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty '. Get ya up on the latest HWE .00:05
newbie|3daftykins: Do you have a suggestion for me?00:05
daftykinsGuest72802: you mean can you start X from a text only boot? sure.00:05
Charcoal1ireBashing-om: Okay, be right back after the reboot!00:05
daftykinsnewbie|3: yeah, don't try and stick anything to the CD - but i did find - http://templates.libreoffice.org/template-center?getCategories=CD%20/%20DVD&getCompatibility=any00:06
Bashing-omChristiQs: K .. will be away for about 15 minutes .00:06
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Reboot complete! Can you give me those commands to update the kernel again?00:08
newbie|3daftykins: I've got Philipps progfessional 74 minute CDs00:08
newbie|3daftykins: Don't know if I could print directly on the CD, so sticking it on the CD seems my only option00:09
Guest72802daftykins: no what I mean is I want to have a few virtual environments, and manually run one or possibly two from inside a non graphical environment. The gui must be sandboxed00:09
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: '  sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty00:09
Bashing-om                    libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty '00:09
daftykinsnewbie|3: and i said i advise against that.00:11
CharcoalfireBashing-om: It says it can't find that last one. Working on the others.00:11
daftykinsGuest72802: i don't see the confusion if i'm honest, if you're already using VMs why not just create a few instances?00:11
OneM_Industriesk1l_: Apparently ntp and ntpd are unrecognized services.00:11
newbie|3daftykins: What other option do I have if I don't have a lightscribe engraver or a CD that accepts that?00:11
daftykinsnewbie|3: just put the disc in a labelled jewel packet and leave the disc as is00:12
Guest72802daftykins: I am currently using vms inside a graphical environment. Not what would happen if I took away X and tried to run it.00:13
newbie|3daftykins: I have a sleeve, but would like to print the stuff rather than handwriting the stuff00:13
CharcoalfireBashing-om: It's removing a bunch of things like wine.00:13
daftykinsnewbie|3: so you didn't look at my link then?00:13
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: "  libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty " ??00:14
newbie|3daftykins: Yes, I did. and I downloaded two of them00:14
daftykinsthen we're done00:14
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Yeah, that's the one it can't find.00:15
CharcoalfireBashing-om: It's hanging on removing virtualbox-4.3. Why is it removing everything?00:15
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: well, it is there per : Package libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty >> 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.2~precise2: amd64 i386 .00:17
Bashing-om!info libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty precise-updates00:20
ubottu'precise-updates' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed00:20
Bashing-om!info libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty precise00:21
ubottulibgl1-mesa-glx-lts-trusty (source: mesa-lts-trusty): free implementation of the OpenGL API -- GLX runtime. In component main, is optional. Version 10.1.3-0ubuntu0.2~precise2 (precise), package size 105 kB, installed size 472 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)00:21
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Oh, it's l1, not 11. I can't tell l and 1 apart in this font.00:22
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Okay, all of that is done. Now I don't have any programs??00:22
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Can not know why the package manager considers wind and virtualbox orphaned .. we can always re-install once the system is stable and the package manager is happy .00:23
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Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Do you now have a GUI desktop ? Is the system stable ?00:25
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CharcoalfireBashing-om: Let me reboot and get back to you on that. Be right back.00:25
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UnArmedI have a Dell Latitude E6530 and its suppose to have bluetooth capabilites, Ubuntu tells me that no Bluetooth adapters are found, what am I to do?00:26
tewardUnArmed: I have a similar model and it detects bluetooth.  Pastebin the output of 'lspci'00:27
k1l_UnArmed: see "lspci" and "lsusb" and "rfkill list"00:27
teward^ that00:27
k1l_UnArmed: and make sure to see if there are no hardware switches turned off or the shortcuts are toggled00:28
UnArmedteward, http://pastebin.com/kVrUdwS500:28
UnArmedkil_, http://pastebin.com/Gu8BnF6Q00:31
k1l_are you sure that exact laptop got bluetooth build in?00:31
UnArmedI am not 100% certain, no.00:31
OerHeksthat BCM43228 is a dual chip, wifi and BT..00:31
UnArmedLooking at the specs on the internet, it says it does..its all i know00:32
k1l_UnArmed: well, you can let them ship with different settings from dell. or someone changed the cards inside etc.00:32
UnArmedk1l_, I see. I bought it from dell..no cards were changed, I have never tried to use the bluetooth until now, so not sure.00:33
tewardOerHeks: know how to make it work on both bluetooth and wifi then?00:33
tewardif it's a dual chip, that is00:33
k1l_UnArmed: try the key-combo for enabling BT/wifi00:33
UnArmedI am not familiar with key-combo..00:34
k1l_FN+   whatever is printed on there for wifi and/or bluetooth00:34
OerHeksaccording to this post, kernel 3.16+ supports it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226652700:35
tewardUnArmed: it may look like the bluetooth symbol or a wireless antenna with a wireless signal coming out of it, and then follow what k1l_ said00:35
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k1l_according to this it should have the http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/hardware/201201-10339/components/  Broadcom BCM20702A0 card00:35
k1l_and a intel wifi card :X00:36
k1l_so i guess its not sure if that got bluetooth at all on that exact laptop00:36
UnArmedit may not have..00:38
UnArmedwho knows..00:38
mekhamiwhy am i getting this error: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/da065dc5ed29bbe54fc200:39
tewardmekhami: because something depends on something else that's not available00:39
k1l_UnArmed: what gives" usb-devices"?00:39
daftykinssounds like you're using a messy PPA, mekhami00:39
teward^ that00:39
mekhamidaftykins: isn't that just the normal wine ppa00:40
daftykinsmekhami: i don't know, i can't check your package sources from here...00:41
tewardmekhami: sounds like you have conflicts.  we can't tell what PPAs you have enabled or not00:42
mekhamioh sorry i thought it was in there. yeah i added ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa00:42
tewardmekhami: apt-cache policy wine-1.7 may shed some light into what's on your system or not, or rather where that's available/pulled from00:42
k1l_mekhami: apt-cache policy wine1.700:42
k1l_that will tell where that package is from00:42
Renzadiccan anyone direct me to a good irc channel for html,css,php help?00:43
mekhamihttp://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu/ wily/main amd64 Packages00:43
tewardmekhami: i think you have outdated sources perhaps, though00:43
tewardbecause that PPA was *recently* updated00:43
teward(run apt-get update again to make sure you're updated?)00:43
mekhamijust ran it00:43
UnArmedk1l_, Are you a pastebin of usb-devices?00:43
UnArmedack are you 'wanting'00:43
k1l_UnArmed: yes00:43
Renzadiccan anyone direct me to a good irc channel for html,css,php help?00:43
k1l_!alis | Renzadic00:43
ubottuRenzadic: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http00:43
tewardmekhami: what ubuntu are you on?00:44
mekhamiRenzadic: #php #webdev00:44
mekhamiteward: 15.1000:44
tewardmekhami: okay, so i think i see one problem.00:44
tewardmekhami: sorta.00:44
UnArmedk1l_, http://pastebin.com/nJGssZfa00:45
tewardmekhami: i suggest doing what k1l stated, the apt-cache policy, either my command or theirs, and pastebin it00:45
tewardmekhami: i also wanted the output for the other two specified packages00:46
k1l_UnArmed: hmm, dont see a BT chip there00:46
tewardmekhami: apt-cache policy wine1.7 wine1.7-amd64 wine1.7-i38600:47
UnArmedok it must not have one then00:47
mekhamiteward: updated the gist00:47
k1l_UnArmed: so make sure you dont have a hardware switch turned off or try to check the key-combo if that enables one. because that way it only can be blocked by hardware.00:47
CorrosiveEyeI want to write an out of tree module for this trackpad http://bydit.com/doce/products/Microelectronics/2474.html to enable scrolling. Can someone point me in the right direction?00:48
tewardmekhami: okay, so now we begin the hunt for the specific failures00:48
tewardmekhami: start installing dependencies one by one, see where it fails00:48
teward(this is the headachey way of figuring out what's broken, but meh)00:48
tewardmekhami: so, apt-get install wine1.7-amd64 wine1.7-i38600:48
tewardetc. as more errors show up00:48
mekhamiteward: https://gist.github.com/mekhami/16f71673b2ca8e02cb5d00:49
daftykinsCorrosiveEye: ##linux might be more apt00:49
tewardmekhami: E: Not Updated00:49
UnArmedk1l_, Okay, thanks for your help.00:49
tewardmekhami: okay, well... part of the headache in here is that the dependencies are broken00:50
tewardmekhami: libgnutls26 for instance is not available in 15.1000:51
tewardmekhami: so that's packaging issues there00:52
mekhamiteward: so... is this not going to be possible? i'm gonna be really sad :(00:52
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mekhamiteward: was so looking forward to playing eve online hah00:52
tewardmekhami: my guess is "no" because you're missing software00:52
daftykinscheer up :) all is not lost ;)00:52
tewardmekhami: though I know wine1.7 in that PPA for Trusty (14.04) is updated and works00:52
tewardi'll poke the wine ppa people :)00:52
teward... later :)00:52
mekhamino worries, gotta run for now, i'll be back later to ask some more and get this working00:53
tewardmekhami: it won't be fixed until the PPA gets updated00:54
tewardthere's dependency failures00:54
mekhamidoes that typically take a while?00:54
mekhamiis there somewhere i can report this?00:54
daftykinsmekhami: it's not ubuntu's fault when you're using a PPA, what's the deal here anyway? is it games related?00:56
tewarddaftykins: he wants EVE Online00:56
tewardwhich needs Wine00:56
mekhamidaftykins: yeah i'm trying to run an app through wine00:56
daftykinsyeah that's me out then, more to life than games on Linux00:56
mekhamii wasn't suggesting it was ubuntu's fault, maybe that i could report it to the wine group00:56
mekhamidaftykins: sure, i just don't feel like dual booting00:56
mekhamior buying a copy of windows for that matter00:56
daftykinsi don't need to know :)00:57
mekhami'more to life than games on Linux' man that's a really strange statement to make.00:57
daftykinsyour point escapes me :)00:58
tewardmekhami: I sent an email to the people who are in the Ubuntu Wine team and maintain that PPA, but don't expect expedient fixes.00:59
tewardAlternatively, don't use the latest release of Ubuntu, and use LTS ;)00:59
teward(though you're free to do what you want)00:59
inf3rn4lwow, first time using Ubuntu today, it is bad ass!! just wish there was a karabiner type program for it, my return button doesn't work on my Macbook so i need to use the onboard keyboard00:59
srulii am trying to install ubuntu server on a luks partition, how do i mount the partition from installer?01:00
CharcoalfireBashing-om: So, now my computer has some kind of pop-up about low graphics mode and can't connect to the Internet or anything. I'm borrowing a laptop and downloading a new 12.04 iso. I think my current strategy is going to be to just reinstall and recover my home folder.01:01
CharcoalfireBashing-om: And still no GUI, so low-graphics mode just seems to be no-graphics mode?01:02
daftykinsCharcoalfire: it's 2015, don't use 12.04 anymore01:03
xar-there a whatprovides dpkg equivalent; trying to track down the origin of a package01:03
mekhamiteward: i didn't really know much about ubuntu when i installed 15.10, else i would have installed .0401:04
daftykinsxar-: you mean what installed a given package? look at its' dependencies or reverse deps01:04
tewardmekhami: no problem.  I've sent an email out, but don't expect much in any expedient time frame.01:04
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: IF you are to take that nuclear solution . 3 considerations . 12.04 with or without HWE .. or fresh install the current LTS 14.04 - with or without . ( HWE is to support newly released hardware, does it apply in your case ?) .01:04
deleteIs unity getting axed yet?01:04
xar-I mean a tool that can resolve it for me, similar to yum whatprovides01:04
deleteand mir01:04
Charcoalfiredaftykins: Which one, then? 15.10, 15.04, 14.10?01:05
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: The ;ow graphocs moode is in all likely hood we have yet to get a graphics driver to install .01:05
deleteor at least Unity ported to Mir01:05
daftykinsCharcoalfire: 14.04 is LTS01:05
deleteI mean wayland, not mir01:05
erry /401:06
CharcoalfireBashing-om: I can't install a graphics driver without being able to connect to the Internet.01:06
Charcoalfiredaftykins: Okay.01:06
daftykinsthat's actually not true, connectivity just makes it easier01:07
logglogDoes some1 mind explaining me what is this display server mir and xorg, wayland. I tried with googling, and i didnt understand :P01:07
CharcoalfireWell, yeah.01:07
UserUzerHello. How can I copy files without eating all my hard drive bandwidth?01:07
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: True ... on the internet .. is the WIFI ? and how in the world can that possibly get broken (??) !01:07
k1l_delete: neither MIR nor Unity get axed.01:07
CharcoalfireBashing-om: When it removed every program, it seems to have removed EVERY program. Including stuff to connect to the Internet.01:08
daftykinsUserUzer: system grinds to a halt if you do a lot of IO huh?01:08
Charcoalfiredaftykins, Bashing-om: I probably should've done a new install forever ago, so even if I can still fix my current super-broken one, it's probably not worth it.01:09
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Not a clue why/how that transpired . We took pains to make sure the system was updated ( so far as we could ) I did not see that the sytem was badly broken from the outputs .01:10
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: I must say however, I like 14.04 muchly over 12.04 .01:11
CharcoalfireBashing-om: When I was running the commands to update the kernel to Trusty, it went through a long thing of "removing virtualbox" "removing skype" "removing xchat".01:11
CharcoalfireBashing-om: What do you prefer about 14.04?01:11
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Itis faster and cleaner ..01:11
UserUzerdaftykins, kind of. If I'm copying a lot of data I can't do things like listetning to music without getting an error that my hdd can't keep up with music playing lol01:11
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UserUzerSo I would like to copy the files without using all my drive's speed so that I can do other things at the same time. I don't need to copy those files as soon as possible01:13
daftykinsUserUzer: how old is this system?01:13
UserUzer2010 low end laptop01:13
CharcoalfireSo, when the .iso finishes - I need to do a live boot, back up my home folder, and then install 14.04, and stick the home folder files into it. Right?01:13
daftykinsand HDD for sure, not SSD?01:13
daftykinsCharcoalfire: yep that's about the gist of it01:14
UserUzerdaftykins, yes, hdd. I'm hoping there's a way to copy files at a custom speed, probably via termnal. Right?01:14
CharcoalfireThanks for the confirmation, daftykins.01:14
xar-UserUzer: I/O scheduling is "Hard" (^TM); it's not for the faint of heart; can what you're asking be done? technically yes? is it worth the effort in learning CFQ techniques? probably not.01:14
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UserUzerxar so it's complicated01:15
daftykinsUserUzer: i'd do a quick check on the HDD health first, just in case it's screaming because of that... "sudo apt install pastebinit smartmontools" then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"01:15
xar-UserUzer: depends on who is implementing it. ;)01:15
UserUzerdaftykins, does that command require the hdd to be idle? coz I'm still copying the files, though I think I can cancel and resume later01:17
daftykinsUserUzer: nope01:18
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daftykinsi'd imagine you could speed limit with rsync, btw01:18
xar-UserUzer: you can also try to leverage kernel cgroup(s) and restrict io on a per-process basis, also for "power users"; I have no idea what daftykins is talking about though. lol01:19
daftykinsUserUzer: also, open another terminal and run "top" then state the "wa" value01:19
daftykinsxar-: checking SMART disk status for whether it's faulty slowing things down, or just rate limiting a file copy with rsync...01:19
UserUzerI don't see no wa column on top... xar, is rsynch what you were referring to?01:20
xar-it's an interesting place to start, so you're assuming the drive is bad? :o01:20
xar-UserUzer: I'm talking about applying custom io scheduling in general; you can indeed apply it to rsync in userland01:21
daftykinsno i'm saying check it since it takes one command01:21
daftykinsi think xar- is taking this request a little too far personally ;)01:22
daftykinsUserUzer: it's not a column, 'wa' is along the top01:22
daftykinse.g. %Cpu(s):  0.0 us,  0.3 sy,  0.0 ni, 99.3 id,  0.0 wa,01:23
UserUzeryes, it says "... 0.3 wa, 0.0 hi, ..."01:23
daftykinsok so can you run the commands i mentioned and paste the pastebin link it creates?01:23
xar-you have to use control groups if you're going to confine and/or isolate system resources; my answer isn't too far, rather it's 'correct' lol01:24
daftykinsnot for a beginner chan :)01:25
daftykinsUserUzer: also "dmesg | tail | pastebinit"01:26
TechspectreIf I set up a shared folder in Ubuntu 12.04 on one machine, is there any reason I should have issues accessing it from Ubuntu 15.04 on another machine?01:28
xar-I don't think this is a beginner chan, unless it devolved into that... I certainly hope not.01:28
xar-UserUzer: the cgroup subsystsem in ubuntu is called 'blkio', so you can start your research there ;)01:29
UserUzerxar ok I give up.01:29
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daftykinsUserUzer: ok nothing particularly looks to be a problem, certainly a cheap slow HDD but that's about it :>01:29
topunxerxar- Techspectre and UserUzer are not lying01:29
xar-pardon me?01:30
TechspectreI tend to ask my questions in as broad a fashion as I possibly can on this channel, though, because if I'm too specific people are less likely to respond01:31
TechspectreI could have said "Is there any incompatibility in samba versions between 12.04 and 15.04"01:32
UserUzerdaftykins, when buying a hard drive, how can I check it's not a cheap slow one that would give me this kind of problems?01:32
topunxerUserUzer: spindle speed01:33
daftykinsUserUzer: i've seen media players stop and start when a disk the music is on is under high IO, but the errors you mention are a bit odd to me - be interesting to see a screenshot/paste of one?01:33
daftykinsUserUzer: well i wouldn't buy an HDD at all now, if your laptop had room for it, i'd have an SSD for the OS and keep that disk for pure storage01:33
UserUzeras in a ssd for / and /boot and a hhd for /home?01:34
TechspectreUserUzer, that is an ideal configuration. Also SSD for swap01:34
UserUzerdaftykins, but if I keep this one how will I avoid the problems?01:35
topunxerWho uses swap anymore Techspectre01:35
daftykinseveryone, actually01:35
TechspectreMost people01:35
daftykinsUserUzer: yes, split tasks between. well, can you share this error that comes up? or explain what your file copy is, just a backup to a NAS or something?01:36
xar-Techspectre: my response was in response to daftykins, not you, sorry for the confusion ;)01:36
Techspectrexar-, ah I see. No big deal01:37
daftykinsxar-: the pardon? no idea what you're on about then.01:37
topunxerUserUzer: not needed really. Swap is old fashioned01:37
UserUzerdaftykins, ok, I'll be a bit more specific: I was moving files from one hdd partition to another01:37
daftykinsaaaah so an internal transfer01:38
daftykinsyeah that's no surprise01:38
TechspectreSo... I did install samba, etc. via Nautilus's utility to set up shared folders, but when I connect with smb://IP address it just shows me 'Print$'01:38
topunxerIf you need swap then you have old machine01:38
daftykinsideanlly then, either get an SSD+HDD setup if your laptop has internal space, or get a NAS maybe so you can keep some storage off this laptop.01:38
UserUzer"no surprise"? so it's normal on any hdd?01:38
xar-daftykins: 'topunxer' came out of left field with an incoherent comment that didn't make sense, hence the excusal, at no time did I feel like UserUzer was lying about his observation(s)01:39
daftykinstopunxer: you do know swap is used for sleep and hibernate also?01:39
Techspectretopunxer, I'm not sure if that's really the case... I'm certain that I don't need swap, because my machine has 24 GB of memory, but I have swap anyway because not having swap leads to problems01:39
daftykinsxar-: i never said anything about anyone lying or not, i think you might want to read back and double check who you think is saying certain things.01:39
xar-daftykins: 10 minutes ago, "Techspectre and UserUzer are not lying" O_o01:40
topunxerIf you hibernated. It's faster and better to power off. Sleep to ram don't need swap01:40
daftykinsxar-: yeah i don't know why you're telling ME this though, can we get back on topic please?01:41
xar-daftykins: because you asked 4 minutes ago "the pardon?" lol01:42
daftykinsyeah ok i meant something else but i'm already bored of this circular conversation, so let's just move on? :)01:42
xar-daftykins: I'm already moved on, did UserUzer give up? lol01:43
daftykinseither that or hit reset01:43
xar-short of just an old drive with piss-poor I/O ratings, he'll have to get creative with the scheduler, or just buy a new bloody drive01:45
xar-I prefer the latter, SSDs are *cheap*01:45
daftykinsthe devil was in the details as usual, copying internally between partitions is an insta-ugh01:46
xar-I mean yea, if your hardware is bad ^_^01:48
OerHekslots of small files, probably01:49
fabioestou no canal do ubuntu?01:50
fabiominha primeira vez no xchat01:50
OerHekshi fabio, this channel is english only01:50
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.01:50
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AnimalFarmPigI'm looking to change operating systems on one of my boxes, and I'm leaning towards ubuntu. It will be a file server (nfs & cifs) using bcache to accelerate a mdraid mirror. I may also run some lxc containers. It looks like bcache tools are available in 14.04. Any reason I would want to go with 15.10 instead of 14.04?02:04
k1l_AnimalFarmPig: usually you dont want non-LTS on servers. you will nee to upgrade that box in 8 months at least. on LTS you got 5 years support. which means 14.04 still got more than 3 years left02:06
AnimalFarmPigYeah, I prefer to stay on a LTS02:07
k1l_AnimalFarmPig: or you install 15.10 now and upgrade to 16.04 next year. 16.04 will be LTS02:07
AnimalFarmPigis it a pretty smooth upgrade typically? Also, 15.10 is systemd, yeah?02:07
k1l_yes, since 15.04 ubuntu got systemd02:07
k1l_upgrades are automated tested. so should work in most times.02:07
AnimalFarmPigcool, good to know. I think I'll stick with 14.04. I remember reading about problems with systemd and containers02:09
TechspectreWait so you can do a system upgrade without having issues now?02:09
TechspectreYou don't need to do a fresh install?02:09
k1l_Techspectre: i do upgrades since 11.xx on a machine.02:09
TechspectreInteresting... I remember I tried to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.04 and it gave me problems, so I had to do a fresh install. Kinda shied away from it since02:10
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
UserUzerWhen you copy a oflder that is too big Ubuntu tells you it can't copy it before starting the process and not at the end, right?02:10
k1l_Techspectre: well, 12.04 to 13.04 would have needed a step to 12.10 anyways02:11
daftykinsUserUzer: starting the process o0 i have no idea of that one02:12
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
Techspectrek1l, what about upgrading from like... Okay so let's say you have a machine with 12.04 now. Can you upgrade it all the way to 15.10 using the upgrade tool?02:12
UserUzerdaftykins, I mean, before starting to copy anything02:12
daftykinsUserUzer: i think you might want to provide an example of these messages you say ubuntu is giving :>02:13
k1l_Techspectre: you would need the LTS upgrade to 14.04, then the EOL-upgrade to 14.10, then another EOL-Upgrade to 15.04 then regular upgrade to 15.1002:13
k1l_Techspectre: tl;dr: a reinstall would be much more faster.02:14
UserUzerdaftykins, "an additional Xgb will be needed" something like that is shown before copying right?02:14
TechspectreOkay. I've actually got my mom on Ubuntu 12.04, which I installed for her years ago. I'll jump her up to 15.10 one of these days.02:14
daftykinsUserUzer: err nope that sounds more like an upgrade you're talking about there.02:15
k1l_Techspectre: honestly: jump here to 14.04 with the LTS upgrade.02:15
UserUzerhave you never tried to copy a folder where it won't fit?02:15
k1l_then wait untill 16.04.1 is released and jump her to 16.04 with the next LTS upgrade02:15
Techspectrek1l_, okay I'll do that. I can do that from teamviewer lol02:16
daftykinsUserUzer: i tend not to make that mistake :>02:16
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
UserUzerhehe, I tend not to remember to check space before moving stuff02:16
logglogHello everyone, when i was using manjaro before i used a program for taking screenshits and it offers me to automatical upload it to the internet, is there an alternative for ubuntu?02:17
k1l_logglog: what desktop and what screenshot tool was that?02:17
daftykinsUserUzer: i'm not quite sure why you're juggling between partitions so much either?02:17
logglogI cant remmeber, thats why i ask :P02:17
logglogit comes with manjaro02:18
k1l_logglog: doesnt sound like the standard gnome one02:18
logglogmanjaro is xfe02:18
UserUzerThe thing is, after copying the first lot of files I talked about earlier I got a prompt telling me there's only 2gb left on /home, and I wonder if that's after copying all those files or if it just stopped and left 2gb free02:18
daftykinsxfce has something built in, but someone mentioned greenshot the other day which has a lot of features02:19
k1l_!info xfce4-screenshoter02:19
ubottuPackage xfce4-screenshoter does not exist in wily02:19
daftykinsUserUzer: partitions tend to have a default 5% space reservation for the root user, so they don't fill right up02:19
UserUzerI will free space but I need to know if Ubuntu could copy the files or not. My thinking is it there was not enough space I would have been told from the beginning02:20
UserUzer*if there02:20
k1l_!info xfce4-screenshooter  | logglog02:20
ubottulogglog: xfce4-screenshooter (source: xfce4-screenshooter): screenshots utility for Xfce. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8.2-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 136 kB, installed size 1287 kB02:20
logglogk1l_ so... what can i do xD i am newer at linux02:21
k1l_logglog: on xubuntu it should be default anyway02:21
UserUzerI would have been told from the beginning COZ Ubuntu doesn't copy folders if there's not enough space (unlike windows which starts to copy and then at the end "realizes" there's not enough space and asks you what to do)02:22
daftykinsUserUzer: i have no idea why you're still on this topic; just check first in future? :)02:23
m000gleIs there any way to adjust the size of the mouse cursor in Ubuntu 15.1002:23
daftykinstime to buy a large external drive too.02:24
UserUzerreally? I think I've explained my situation well enough but nvm02:24
OerHekserr, windows does check the available space before copying, afaik02:24
UserUzerOerHeks, well I seem to remember the opposite but that was long ago, maybe it's changed02:25
daftykinsit has :>02:25
=== Guest52045 is now known as Chex
UserUzerdaftykins, yes I'm thinking of getting a new hdd but I wonder how limited I am by just being on a laptop02:28
daftykinsUserUzer: you never explained why you're shuffling between partitions02:28
hfpHi all, I have installed Chrome 43 on Ubuntu 12.04 using the .deb package that Google offered. Now Chrome is outdated and I want to use PPA via apt-get rather than downloading the new .deb. I added Chrome's PPA to my apt-get, ran apt-get update then upgrade, Chrome 46 was installed. But when I launch Chrome, it's still v43. If I uninstall Chrome 46 using apt-get purge, I don't seem to have Chrome anymore (sear02:28
hfpching for it using the launcher widget doesn't return any result). If I install Chrome using apt-get and check for the version, it's v43 again. How do I fix this so Chrome 43 installed from Google's .deb is fully uninstalled and apt-get handles Chrome?02:29
UserUzerdaftykins, basically I'm making a backup of partition a on partition b, hence I'm copying almost everything02:29
daftykinsUserUzer: i see, this is a huge waste of time, a backup is not a backup when it's on the same physical disk.02:29
daftykinsbuy an external02:30
UserUzer...because I will install another os on partition a02:30
=== pataters is now known as shingbling
Bashing-omhfp: google-chrome is proprietary to google .. it is not in the repo or availabale via a PPA .02:30
daftykinsUserUzer: crazy plan right there02:30
OerHekshfp, strange, the deb from google just adds the repo + key, so you had the original chrome anyway, and would get the latest trough updates02:31
UserUzerIf I had more free space I would have left those partitions alone but unfortunatelly it's filling up. YES, I will buy a new hard drive soon but how would I benefit from an external one instead of upgrading the internal one?02:31
hfpOerHeks: That's weird. With Google's deb, when I ran apt-get update, there was no mention of Chrome. After I added a repo for chrome, then it showed in the upgradeable packages via apt-get02:32
UserUzerDoes external hdds use external power as well?02:32
hfpBashing-om: My bad, maybe it wasn't PPA, let me check02:32
daftykinshfp: the .deb is meant to add a PPA, so you'd then have to update package lists to see it perhaps - but 12.04 is getting on a bit so maybe they're giving up o002:33
OerHekschrome or chromium-browser?02:33
Bashing-omhfp: chromium ? the opensource release of google-chrome ?02:34
hfpdaftykins, Bashing-om: Ah it seems Chrome 46 needs ubuntu 14 or higher. I'm SOL with my Ubuntu 12. Would love to upgrade but afraid it'll mess things up...02:42
Bashing-omhfp: :( .. Yeah .. I can see an upgrade in your future :)02:43
Qaskerubuntu gnome 15.10. I am trying to have my sudo password be required before mounting external drives. The accepted answer here worked well on 12.04 but does not work on 14.x 15.x http://askubuntu.com/questions/389974/how-can-i-make-ubuntu-ask-for-my-password-before-mounting-usb-drives02:44
daftykinshfp: that figures, i wasn't 100%. clean install time i would say02:44
hfpHeh, what do you know. I tried to install it again and now it's running 46.02:44
Bashing-omhfp: I do stand impressed .02:49
jyotihi all03:00
artemmikheevhey m8s03:00
jyotii am new03:00
artemmikheevill rek u03:00
diewlowensteinthis si so aa;sodfhasdf03:00
jyotihelp me bros03:01
jyotii want to install cute launcher on my ubunt03:01
jyotihey there03:02
UserUzerOK I've finished copying the files and I Think everything got through but I noticed something interesting: The partition I was copying from was 100GB and mounted on /media/user. After I unmounted the partition I suddenly got 100gb free space back, which makes me wonder, do mounted partitions count as space on the partition they're mounted until they're unmounted? e.g. can I not mount a 200gb partition on a 100gb partition? if so, how do people mount ext03:03
UserUzerernal drives that exceed their internal storage by many gb?03:03
daftykinsexperiment with "df -h" when mounted and not, to see03:04
jyotihlp me plz03:04
UserUzerI mounted them by clicking. Do I have to mount them from terminal to be able to use those arguments daftykins ?03:05
deltsuddenly i'm getting this problem ---> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/129021703:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1290217 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "The overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'" [High,Confirmed]03:05
delton my laptop03:05
deltthe network menu shows "NetworkManager is not running" ...when i try to run it directly, it shows that error03:06
daftykinsUserUzer: run it and see03:06
deltabout glib errors overwriting each other03:07
UserUzerit shows the same used % before and after mounting03:08
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skweekdoes the network manager suck with gnome installed, or is it just me or this install?03:19
deltsuddenly i'm getting this problem ---> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/129021703:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1290217 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "The overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'" [High,Confirmed]03:27
deltthe network menu shows "NetworkManager is not running" ...when i try to run it directly, it shows that error03:27
=== Sachiru_ is now known as Sachiru
delti just plugged a network cable directly to the laptop to get online, manually uninstalled and reinstalled NetworkManager package, still same shit03:28
lotuspsychje!language | delt03:28
ubottudelt: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:28
=== Brennan_ is now known as guy
SeriouslyLaughhave you tried sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start03:29
daftykinsyou can't do that anymore03:29
* SeriouslyLaugh shrugs03:29
daftykinsfull reboot is best03:29
SeriouslyLaughi just googled it03:29
deltreboot does not help03:29
deltls: cannot access /etc/init.d/Net*: No such file or directory03:30
lotuspsychjedelt: ubuntu version?03:30
deltubuntu studio 14.0403:31
=== guy is now known as AmNotGoodWithNic
daftykinswell it wouldn't be capital N :>03:31
deltin /etc/init.d i have: netatalk    networking03:31
delti tested the wlan hardware, it works ok with a live-cd, so i know it's not a hardware problem.03:32
=== AmNotGoodWithNic is now known as slashnickquestio
lotuspsychjedelt: when did this start hapenning?03:34
deltlotuspsychje: a few days ago03:34
lotuspsychjedelt: after update?03:34
deltdidn't update anything03:34
lotuspsychjedelt: fully updated to 14.04.3?03:34
deltit just randomly started to not work03:34
deltnope..haven't updated to .03 yet03:35
lotuspsychjedelt: please do and reboot please03:35
deltwhat's the best way to do that in ubuntu already?03:35
=== ossurayynot is now known as tonyyarusso
lotuspsychje!usn | delt try to keep update more often03:35
ubottudelt try to keep update more often: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.03:35
lotuspsychjedelt: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade03:36
deltok, running that...03:36
delt"need to get 686 MB of archives" ..... :/03:37
daftykinsyou must ignore the update manager every time it runs, or something03:38
deltno, it just didn't appear in like months... for some reason03:38
delti don't recall disabling anything03:38
lotuspsychjedelt: you can check the update manager in your software startup applications03:39
=== mkv is now known as m4v
lotuspsychjedelt: lets us know if its enabled or not in studio03:41
delti can't see it (xfce settings -> session and startup -> application autostart)03:42
deltanyway, the update is at 16%....03:42
lotuspsychjedelt: maybe you should let that know to #ubuntu-studio03:43
deltyeah :/03:43
lotuspsychjeupdates gui as startup is nice to have a regular user03:43
deltok gonna play piano while this update thing completes....bbl03:44
deltwhat's so funny about piano practice?03:45
lotuspsychjedelt: nevermind, enjoy03:45
delt... ok03:46
CrazyzuferHello, i'm installing elementary os and the installation freezes all the time03:48
CrazyzuferI've tried several usb devices, none of them work03:48
Bashing-om!elementary | Crazyzufer03:48
ubottuCrazyzufer: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.03:48
daftykinsCrazyzufer: install a proper distro like ubuntu03:49
=== gerald is now known as Guest37482
CrazyzuferDaftykins: i guessed somebody would say something like that. Just tried ubuntu gnome and same thing happens03:51
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: wich version did you try then?03:52
CrazyzuferI tried both03:52
daftykinssadly that sounds a little too much like "ok if it's banned i'm going to pretend i'm using it" :)03:52
CrazyzuferNone of them work03:52
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: lts non-lts?03:52
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: start from the beginning and chosoe LTS for stable03:53
CrazyzuferI dont want that version03:53
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: then you might be ready for bughunting too03:53
CrazyzuferLets do that03:54
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: try your syslog and dmesg to see whats going on03:54
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: but not now, first reinstall ubuntu03:54
CrazyzuferIs there a way I can send you a video?03:55
lotuspsychjeCrazyzufer: reinstall ubuntu desktop first, lets go from there for support03:56
CrazyzuferNow seems to work03:57
CrazyzuferDidnt set up wifi this time03:57
CrazyzuferAnd everything works03:57
lotuspsychjedelt: keep in mind that if your system acts weird, you might consider a fresh install as you waited to update dangerous security updates too long03:59
CrazyzuferSo many hours wasted to find out it was the wifi03:59
deltlotuspsychje: i "waited"...?04:00
delta bug in ubuntu "waited".04:00
lotuspsychjedelt: the user is responsible for own system04:00
lotuspsychjedelt: you cant blame ubuntu for 'not checking updates daily'04:01
delt"dangerous security updates" are so common?04:01
lotuspsychjedelt: check the usn link i triggered mate04:01
lotuspsychjedelt: 600mb is alot, your system might be exploited like this04:02
deltlotuspsychje: ok, what if i don't want to reconfigue everything from scratch on this laptop?04:03
lotuspsychjedelt: then youl have to risk an exploited system04:03
lotuspsychjedelt: check 14.04 at the usn page, and scroll back to the time you updated04:03
deltlotuspsychje: i told you, updates simply ceased to happen. I assumed it was because 14.04 was no longer the current version.04:05
deltwith 15.xx or whatever04:05
lotuspsychjedelt: im not here to blame you mate, but the user is responsible for updating system04:05
deltok, and how does this fix the networking on my laptop?04:06
lotuspsychjedelt: i never said it was related, but lets try to see from a fully updated system ok?04:07
anukulhi, is there any strict requirement on which version of ubuntu i've to be using if i want to be working on bug fixes? i have 15.1004:07
CharcoalflameI'm backing up my home folder to do a new install. Is there ANYTHING that I could possibly need to back up besides my home folder?04:07
deltok, 79%04:07
lotuspsychje!bug | anukul04:07
ubottuanukul: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.04:07
lotuspsychjeanukul: you can fill bugs on any supported ubuntu version04:07
anukuli don't want to file bugs, i want to fix bugs.04:08
lotuspsychje!backup | Charcoalfire04:08
ubottuCharcoalfire: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:08
lotuspsychjeanukul: fixing bugs isnt limited to an Os, everyone can help!04:08
anukulthanks! :)04:08
lotuspsychje!contribute | anukul read this also, we always need good help04:09
ubottuanukul read this also, we always need good help: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu04:09
anukulyes, i'm just starting with this.04:09
lotuspsychjeanukul: you can idle here also and support here too04:09
Bashing-omCharcoalflame: Nornally, just your personal files in your home directory . unless you have also made extensive system configuration changes .04:10
=== mj is now known as Guest21515
deltok, done downloading, now it's installing the new packages..04:15
Bashing-omCharcoalflame: How goes it ?04:17
deltstill installing....04:18
CharcoalflameBashing-om: I have the 14.04 Live CD flash drive set up (which I am using right now), and I have five hours left for my home folder to copy over to my external hard drive.04:18
lotuspsychjedelt: please, dont use this channel for every step happening to your system04:19
Bashing-omCharcoalflame: Oww .. I guess I will sleep on that one for ya ... and see the status my tomorrow night .04:20
CharcoalflameBashing-om: Thanks for trying to help me earlier!04:20
Bashing-omCharcoalflame: Totally not right for an update to go belly up . But will all work out to the btter in the long term :)04:21
CharcoalflameBashing-om: Yeah, I think it will. I had quite a few problems on 12.04.04:22
suaveolentiamhi does anyone here use the mu email client? I am having some trouble building from source04:27
suaveolentiamWhat should I do ?04:30
malimbarI'm googling now, but... what is the mu email client?04:33
suaveolentiammu4e email client04:34
lotuspsychje!compile | suaveolentiam04:36
ubottusuaveolentiam: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall04:36
suaveolentiamThe prebuilt ones are outdated04:36
malimbarsurprised they don't have an independent repo04:37
suaveolentiamunfortunately no04:37
bumblefuzzis there a way to copy the ubuntu iso to a partition and boot from that?04:38
bumblefuzz...instead of using an external USB or DVD?04:38
k1l_bumblefuzz: grub can boot from iso. but that needs a grub installed04:39
medlizerdhiii there04:39
bumblefuzzI have refind...04:39
lotuspsychjebumblefuzz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot04:39
k1l_bumblefuzz: but its most easy to just flash a usb drive quick04:39
bumblefuzz...unless you don't have a USB drive04:40
bumblefuzzhow would I have to set up the partition04:40
k1l_bumblefuzz: well, you need something. could use a pxe boot with a pxe server running in the network04:40
malimbaris it possible to install on a separate computer over a network via iso?04:41
malimbarI have a powerpc that I want to install ubuntu-mate on, but I keep having troubles with the media to install it from04:41
bumblefuzzwhat's the difference between copying to a USB drive and copying to a partition?04:41
k1l_bumblefuzz: the booting04:42
bumblefuzzbut won't it see both?04:42
k1l_the copying as such is different to, since you "burn" it onto the usb04:42
bumblefuzzI didn't realize burn was a technical term04:42
suaveolentiamIs make affected by spaces in directory names?04:43
k1l_bumblefuzz: just coping the iso is not enough to make it boot.04:43
bumblefuzzI have refind as my bootloader04:43
k1l_suaveolentiam: you need to escape them with a \ in front04:43
bumblefuzzit recognizes everything04:43
k1l_bumblefuzz: dont know if that works with iso booting04:43
bumblefuzzI just don't know how to point to toward the iso04:43
bumblefuzzok, well, if I were going to make a partition, how would I set it up?04:44
k1l_see the link04:44
bumblefuzzdd if=X of=Y04:44
k1l_<lotuspsychje> bumblefuzz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot04:44
k1l_that is for grub. dont know about refind.04:45
deltlotuspsychje: software update has completed.04:45
lotuspsychjedelt: please reboot and test network04:46
deltlotuspsychje: ok04:46
deltlotuspsychje: nope. all this fixed absolutely nothing.04:52
delt[pts/0][root@laptop]:~# NetworkManager04:52
delt(NetworkManager:4449): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.04:52
deltThis indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.04:52
deltThe overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'04:52
lotuspsychjedelt: checkout your syslog and dmesg logs to see whats happening04:53
deltNov 26 23:52:37 laptop kernel: [  271.761865] NetworkManager[4450]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f45e3df7f84 sp 00007fff7e24efd0 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.4600.2[7f45e3dc8000+111000]04:54
deltsame error in dmesg [  365.370400] NetworkManager[4965]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f87ae3e5f84 sp 00007fffd5e56370 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.4600.2[7f87ae3b6000+111000]04:56
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RedblueHello. I'm trying to restore some packages as per these instructions https://help.ubuntu.com/community/APTonCD and I get the error "Error scanning the CD. Could not find a suitable CD."05:17
fontdpiHi. How much font DPI i should set for a 22" Full HD Screen?05:21
SeriouslyLaughdunno, maybe ask over in #hardware05:21
AfterDarknessafter upgrading to 15.10, can't seem to be able to install skype and wine, anyone know a solution for this?05:22
fontdpiSeriouslyLaugh: im using Ubuntu, question is relevant me guess05:23
anukuldummy message05:31
anukuldummy message05:40
lotuspsychjeanukul: please dont do that05:40
anukulsorry. i was setting up an IRC client.05:40
lotuspsychjeAfterDarkness: better detail to the channel whats going wrong exactly,errors on install?05:42
RedblueI created an iso with aptoncd to restore my programs without having to download anything again. I can't use aptoncd to restore the packages due to bugs. Is there any other way?05:43
lotuspsychjeRedblue: wich ubuntu version is this?05:44
lotuspsychjeRedblue: can you update to latest first please05:44
Redblueno I cannot05:45
lotuspsychjeRedblue: why05:45
Redbluethe mate branch haven't released 14.04.3 yet (checked today)05:45
lotuspsychjeRedblue: not updating is a danger mate, security holes can be exploited like this05:46
RedblueI can't, see my previous comment lotuspsychje05:46
lotuspsychjeRedblue: is this official mate? maybe talk to the #ubuntu-mate guys05:46
Redblueallright then, I'll be back05:47
Redblueok I'm now on 14.04.3 (not Mate) and aptoncd doesn't work here either. What can I do?05:53
anukulRedblue: doesn't work?05:55
Redblueno, when I click on "load" nothing happens (but I see errors on terminal)05:55
finetundraIs there a specific support channel for banshee audio player?05:57
anukulRedBlue: did you try this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/286996/aptoncd-load-button-does-not-work-even-after-installing-hal05:58
SeriouslyLaughRedblue I spotted this link as well: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146498/software-center-gives-me-an-error-scanning-the-cd-could-not-find-a-suitable-cd05:58
Redblueanukul I read it but didn't try it. They suggest to remove hal and install an old version through a rather convoluted process05:59
SeriouslyLaughRedblue are you trying to back up packages or restore packages?06:00
RedblueSeriouslyLaugh, that was someone who wanted to add a ppa not a cd06:00
anukulRedBlue I found that this issue has been logged on launchpad bugs thread. install the version given here: https://code.launchpad.net/~aptoncd-team06:00
RedblueI'm trying to restore the pkgs from an iso I created with aptoncd SeriouslyLaugh06:00
anukulRedBlue: Then install udisks. sudo apt-get install udisks.06:01
Redblueanukul, I'll install that version thanks. udisks is already installed06:01
anukulRedBlue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptoncd/+bug/1175458 This guy seems to have a similar problem, and it was solved using that version..06:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1175458 in aptoncd (Ubuntu) "AptonCD won't perform load" [Undecided,Confirmed]06:01
RedblueSorry how do I exactly install the program from that link?06:02
anukulRedBlue: bzr branch lp:~aptoncd-team/aptoncd/main06:04
anukulthen run using ./aptoncd from the "main" directory, as instructed by laudeci on the launchpad thread06:05
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SlidingHornSo I'm trying to reproduce & diagnose a crashing situation I'm having, and I just wanted to know:  If I'm logged in from another machine using openssh and I do "cat /proc/kmsg" should it remain blank until there's a problem?06:18
arallenSlidingHorn, sounds right to me.06:19
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whitelionhi there do you knwo where can I find linux drivers for a Radeon R7 240? i need to use gpu but it doesn't work06:29
anukulwhitelion: did you try AMD's website?06:31
whitelionyes but the drivers i found didn't work06:31
whitelioni tried there http://support.amd.com/en-us/download06:32
anukulwhitelion: could you please tell me the name of the driver that you installed?06:32
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whitelionthe first one here http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Ubuntu%20x86%206406:33
anukulVsyachePuz: ?06:34
whitelionit made my xorg file a mess06:35
anukulwhitelion: crimson? try catalyst06:35
whitelioncan you link it?06:36
VsyachePuzanukul: that is my question06:36
SeriouslyLaughVsyachePuz I would ask over in #linux -- this channel is for Ubuntu specific support06:37
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anukulwhitelion: http://linux.softpedia.com/get/System/Hardware/ATI-Radeon-Linux-Display-Drivers-6719.shtml06:38
whitelionyou mean this one?06:38
anukulwhitelion: although I suggest that you follow this - http://askubuntu.com/questions/124292/what-is-the-correct-way-to-install-proprietary-ati-catalyst-video-drivers-fglrx06:38
whitelionI tried that too, it seems to not be compatible with my kernel06:38
whitelionI have ubuntu studio06:38
anukulthen why are you installing drivers that aren't meant for your OS? ...06:39
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)06:39
anukulwhitelion: okay, i looked up on google, and i guess you should stick to this.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/124292/what-is-the-correct-way-to-install-proprietary-ati-catalyst-video-drivers-fglrx06:40
anukuleven for ubuntu studio06:40
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu06:40
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org06:41
whitelionok ..thanks ;)06:42
whitelionhey I tried.. it says that "error: Detected X Server version 'XServer 1.17.1_64a' is not supported. Supported versions are X.Org 6.9 or later, up to XServer 1.10 (default:v2:x86_64:lib:XServer 1.17.1_64a:none:3.19.0-25-lowlatency:)06:47
whitelionInstallation will not proceed.06:47
anukulwhitelion: downgrade your XServer?06:48
RedblueI don't know what happened to my irc client but it took me Ages to reconnect. I'm now installing software Offline B)   Thanks anukul06:48
noahI can't get Spotify for Linux to launch any suggestions06:48
anukulnoah: what's the problem?06:49
hateballnoah: if try running it from a terminal, do you get any type of feedback?06:50
hateball!paste | noah06:50
ubottunoah: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:50
amrox253how can i move my ext4 partition at beginning of the disk? There is no such option in gparted http://i.imgur.com/eA5nquq.png06:50
SlidingHornWhere might I find crash-related information if I'm logged into the failing machine via ssh other than /proc/kmsg & /var/log/syslog?  I'm following instructions from the following page to diagnose and got no indicators from either log: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash06:50
whitelionhow can I do it? if I downgrade it then can I still  use sudo apt-get upgrade? or it will cause compatibility problems with the drivers?06:51
hateballamrox253: Resize the partition containing /. You cant do it while it is mounted so you need to boot from a live media06:51
anukulwhitelion: i'd say stay on the latest build that is supported by your drivers.06:52
whitelionso I better stop upgrading?06:52
anukulstop upgrading xserver06:53
whitelionthanks a lot :)06:53
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whitelionhey do you know how can I downgrade XServer to  1.10?07:03
whitelionI found a toutorial but it's for arch and it use pacman, I have apt-get07:03
anukulwhitelion: http://askubuntu.com/questions/23987/how-can-i-roll-back-xserver-xorg-core-and-xserver-common07:05
anukulwhitelion: also, take a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212398307:07
anukulwhitelion: before downgrading :P07:07
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Guest27384I'm planning build a new pc, just wonder does SupremeFX sound card on Asus mobo work out out box on ubuntu?07:29
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ubuntu384hey! what package is good for text to speech synth on ubuntu07:46
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whitelionhi there...what's the best video card I can buy for blender that has no compatibility problems with ubuntu?07:53
SlidingHornLooking to diagnose a crashing issue - any logs other than kmsg, syslog & dmesg I should be watching?07:56
anukulwhitelion: see this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCards07:57
m0kchello all07:58
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m0kcanyone awake?07:59
nils_m0kc, zZzZzZzZ08:00
m0kcright? O.o08:00
nils_just 5 more minutes!08:01
memoryleakHi. I've installed 15.10 and I can see that there is no xorg.conf anymore. Where are now screen settings configured?08:05
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jiggerypokery15.04 to 15.10 dist upgrade failed, now sudo dpkg --configure -a08:27
jiggerypokery throws the following errors http://pastebin.com/6ZsJeMGe08:27
jiggerypokerysudo apt-get -f install = same thing08:28
jiggerypokerywhat to do?08:28
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SlidingHornThis is frustrating - Having a random X crash (pretty sure it's X) and not getting any information about it when I'm watching logs via ssh (kmsg, syslog & dmesg) - Any tips for other logs in which to look?08:36
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* SlidingHorn sighs @ all the netsplits08:41
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viktorI think it's because I installed linux-image-4.2.0-generic from the repos yesterday, but my computer freezes and doesn't respond to anything at boot. I will boot to LiveUSB now, then what?09:14
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nbusronehi , anyone know what's the different formating and partition a new drive on Ubuntu using Gparted vs Windows 7 partition ? I tried with windows 7 full format and partition but it shows I have parted extra partition 3mb on the end of the hard drive.09:16
OerHeksnbusrone, that is always on every hdd, as the cache memory on the controller needs an adress too. it is not a partial sector or something like that, don't worry.09:18
nbusroneOerHeks : but formating on ubuntu NTFS is clean without any extra 3mb partition . I wonder what's the different ? tested with 2TB hard disk09:22
viktorback from the computer09:23
viktorI installed linux-image-4.2.0-generic yesterday and I feel I missed installing something because my computer was not responding. I booted to LiveUSB. now what do I install?09:25
viktorwhen I chroot, uname -a shows 3.19.0-25-generic though09:26
viktoris it because I didn't mount /proc and friends?09:26
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SlidingHornok...really going to bed this time.  One last try for those new in here or who've had the netsplits filling the room:09:55
SlidingHornInstalled xubuntu 15.10 (stay tuned...) - removed all GUI-related items (xfce, x, lightdm, etc.), then installed X, xdm & openbox. Having random crashes when running high resource stuff (chromium w/ video, regnum, etc.). kmsg, syslog & dmesg don't give any hints, and I can't log into it remotely via SSH after this crash (which makes me think it's not X). Machine is a new HP 15 - Pentium N3540, 2 GB RAM 2GB swap09:55
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kostas_does anyone have experience with thin clients? I have an Intel I3 with 8GB Ram, 128 GB sdd and two Gbit ethernet cards! Can this setup support four thin clients at home? Thin clients will run office softwtare, web browers, video playback 720p and no games, just snes/mame/sega mega drive emulation... no video editing, no resource hungry software! is this a viable solution? any experience on performance?10:37
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lcmattOn Ubuntu 15.10 is there any easier way to install 5.5 rather than having to compile from source?11:17
Kartagisis it possible to find out from what source (repository or ppa) this particular package came from?11:20
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anukulfor joining freenode server, which port should i connect to? i'm trying 6667 and it is failing.11:29
BarxilinsayHow much more privacy do I have when I am using ubuntu vs Chrome OS or Windows?11:33
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mcphailKartagis: use "apt-cache policy packagename"11:38
Kartagismcphail: isn't it weird that I, as a 14.04 user, have a 16.04 package on my system?11:39
mcphailKartagis: you must have altered your sources or added a PPA11:40
Kartagismcphail: the PPA I added these days was cinnamon's11:41
mcphailKartagis: as soon as you add a PPA you lose control of your system11:41
Kartagismcphail: I wouldn't have added it if ubuntu had cinnamon in the repos :)11:42
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TamHello can someone help me with my wireless connection?11:57
delti'm having problems with NetworkManager12:05
delt(NetworkManager:22047): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.12:06
deltThis indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.12:06
deltThe overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'12:06
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ed_1hi, i need help creating a virtual disc that links to a volume. i dont really understand it but i am trying to boot my old xp partition in ubuntu and it doesnt matter if it gets damaged, its already in the mess you may suspect12:15
Extreminadored_1 check this mate https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive12:16
ikoniaed_1: you should be able to point your virtual manager software at the physical partition12:17
ikoniathat should be enough to boot it, assuming it's not damaged beyond boot12:17
ed_1ikonia: i cant see option for that in virtualbox12:17
ikoniait should be there12:18
ikoniajust point it at /dev/sda2 or whatever your partition is12:18
ed_1i demands a virtual disk file, i read on web that you can add a link to a real disk inside that file12:19
deltthe software updater begins downloading updates and just crashes. funb.12:20
ikoniaed_1: you could just dd if=/dev/sda2 of=/home/xp.img bs=4m12:20
ikoniabut virtual box can boot a parttion12:20
TJ-ed_1: do you actually need to *boot* the XP OS, or just access its file-system?12:21
ikoniaa better question12:21
TJ-ed_1: the reason I ask is Windows core driver profile is tied to the hardware it was originally installed on; if you try to boot it in a VM it could be problematic, or cause more problems in the actualy image (due to registry changes made to reflect the VM hardware profile)12:22
momomohow do you change gedit hotkeys ?12:22
ed_1i want to actually boot the partition in virtualbox (in safe mode as graphics and network prob wont work)12:23
TJ-momomo: by not asking in several channels at the same time!12:23
TJ-ed_1: you could use Qemu, e.g: "qemu-system-x86_64 -m 1G -boot menu=on -drive format=raw,media=disk,file=/dev/sda2"12:24
ed_1tj-: that i have read, can i set up vm as close to actual machine as possible? im on toughbook, and the xp part it original12:24
TJ-ed_1: actually, you'd need "...file=/dev/sda" there so it picks up the partition table12:25
TJ-ed_1: hypervisors generally only emulate a very limited older sub-set of hardware, usually the most commonly found, so it would be unusual to be able to match a particular motherboard profile exactly12:26
ed_1going a bit fast for me!12:26
ikoniait should be enough to boot safe mode though12:26
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ikoniawhere you can recover the data you want12:27
ikoniaeg: generic vga12:27
obonto2 monitors with 2 parallel sessions going on at the same time on the same pc, go12:27
TJ-obonto: it is called 'multi-seat'12:27
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ed_1so going back to read documentation12:33
ntzI don't have ubuntu here to test it but I need to inspect something on ubu kernel cfg ... can anybody from here with latest/lts ubuntu show me an output from this command (will be a link):12:36
ntz_paste() { _infile=/dev/stdin; test -z "$1" || _infile="$1"; curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us < "$_infile"; }; _paste /boot/config-`uname -r`12:36
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Extreminadorwhen uploading the files using vsftpd how can i made for when i upload the files are readable to evreone ?12:41
Extreminadoron other's access it's placing always with none previlege12:41
ntzdepends how you upload the files12:41
Extreminadori am uploading using ftp with my account12:42
ntzif you use a sftp/ftp command you can use chmod/chown from interactive shell12:42
Extreminadoryehh but i want ti to be automatic lool12:42
Extreminadorwhen i upload using the ftp other's can read12:42
TJ-ntz: you can get any of the Ubuntu kernel configs directly from the source repo; for Trusty see http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ubuntu/ubuntu-trusty.git/tree/debian.master/config12:42
Extreminadorthink it must be something on the vsftpd.conf12:43
ntzTJ-: thanks !!!12:43
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ntzExtreminador: change umask on server12:46
Extreminadorok will check that ty ntz12:46
KlausedSourceHello, any of you running Seafile (client)? I want to move my folder but can't without breaking links and / or other stuff related to it. In Dropbox and Owncloud you can do this with a wizard in the menu not in seafile. Any ideas?12:48
delti'm having problems with NetworkManager12:49
delt(NetworkManager:22047): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.12:49
deltThis indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.12:49
deltThe overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'12:49
foo357Hello, how do I change the soft limit of max number of open files? "ulimit -S n" gives '1024' while "ulimit -H n" gives '4096'12:50
ntzfoo357: first read somewhere an essentials to understand, what is hard and what is soft limit ...12:52
ntzfoo357: after that type `man bash' and type following characters without quotes: "/^\s+ulimit" and hit enter12:53
ma77spagFor forum support is this the right channel?12:57
ma77spag#ubuntuforums said they are not for support but this one is.12:58
delti'm having problems with NetworkManager12:58
delt(NetworkManager:22047): GLib-WARNING **: GError set over the top of a previous GError or uninitialized memory.12:58
deltThis indicates a bug in someone's code. You must ensure an error is NULL before it's set.12:58
deltThe overwriting error message was: Key file does not have group 'connectivity'12:58
ma77spagWell back to reading the forum rules, someone pm me if they think they can help. thanks12:59
delt[29422.959544] NetworkManager[7586]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fb6a9954f84 sp 00007fffb2b44f40 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.4600.2[7fb6a9925000+111000]13:00
Extreminadorntz in this particular case the vsftpd has an option for that to unmask13:02
Extreminadorntz ty for the tip13:03
TJ-!ask | ma77spag13:09
ubottuma77spag: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:09
bmx_hello friends13:10
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BluesKajHowdy folks13:21
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ma77spagThank you for the advice. Kinda new around here.13:24
ma77spagI sent a message through the contact us form on the forum. I'll wait until I get a response before I post any more about the issue.13:25
* Kartagis shakes fist at those DDoS'ers13:25
mfaroukgI have some confusion in the network in the routing/firewall/msqrade .i want to configure port forward for IP port 81 to port 8090 in IP
mfaroukgI am trying the iptables it works for the forwarding the laptop but when i use the same with IP cam it doesn't work....sorry i have none advanced knowledge for the networks and linux :( 13:32
bluenemoI experienced a system crash this morning and noted these strange loglines in the syslog at the time of the crash: http://paste.debian.net/337470/  What could cause a log line to be printed with such a far away time stamp in the middle of the logs?13:34
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henkzHi all, does anyone have an idea why my swap is disabled after each rebot? I have to run gparted an select "swap on" to get it back13:39
bartholomewWhat are some dconf-editor settings I can change to increase security/privacy13:39
cfhowlett!swap | henkz13:40
ubottuhenkz: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info13:41
henkzthe thing is, I have the correct uuid in fstab, and I haven't changed anything since it stoped working13:43
AsuraLiehi,could any one tell me that why to truncate a file?13:43
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EriC^^henkz: pastebin /etc/fstab and sudo blkid13:49
bartholomewWhat are some dconf-editor settings I can change to increase security/privacy13:51
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henkzEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/NfVtfW2J  I have a few old disk connected as well which I dont use right now..13:53
EriC^^henkz: it looks good, when you boot free -m doesn't show the swap?13:56
TheAmorphousAny Linux network gurus available by chance?13:58
cfhowlettTheAmorphous, ##networking13:58
henkzEriC^^, no I don't think it does, gnome system monitor does not show it, and the system runs to a crawl thats how i noticd it13:59
EriC^^henkz: ok, restart, then try free -m, if it doesn't show swap, try sudo swapon -a14:00
EriC^^and see if it mentions anything14:00
EriC^^try sudo swapon -av so it's verbose14:00
henkzEriC^^, alright I'll do that later, thanks!14:00
EriC^^henkz: np14:02
mustardno people14:02
lmjHi, I want to upgrade from 12.04. As I understand things, it is best to follow the upgrade path provided by update-manager, that is, upgrade to 12.10 first, and after that upgrade again, and so forth. Is that about right?14:04
badbodhEriC^^, don;t you have to mention which /dev/sd* to swapon ? assuming no fstab entry14:04
lmjThe instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_12.04_LTS_or_Ubuntu_13.10 don't match what actually happens -- update-manager is only offering 12.10, not anything higher14:04
EriC^^badbodh: he has a fstab entry14:05
lmjSo I'm crossing my fingers that after upgrading to 12.10, a new version will be offered by update-manager14:05
ikonialmj: it won't14:07
ikonialmj: 12.10 is EOL so won't be offered as the repos have been moved14:08
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lmjikonia: ok thanks, so it would seem update-manager cannot upgrade from 12.04. Thus https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_12.04_LTS_or_Ubuntu_13.10 is wrong -- what should it say instead?14:10
ikonialmj: what are you trying to upgrade to14:10
TJ-lmj: ensure 12.04 is fully up-to-date and that "update-manager-core" package is installed14:11
lmjikonia: anything past 12.04 that is not EOL really. The main reason I'm upgrading is because the wireless rt3090 driver is screwed in 12.04.14:13
badbodhcame across an instance once where blkid for swap partition was wrong in fstab, and swap didn't turn on14:13
badbodhcheck fstab entry with "blkid" output for mismatch?14:13
badbodhlmj, your upgrade manager will determine and let you know which ubuntu version to upgrade. if you checked "lts only" , you get 14.04, else whatever current version14:13
badbodhwhat does it show now ?14:13
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TJ-lmj: check what this reports: "grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades"14:13
TJ-lmj: it ought to be 'lts' but if it says 'normal' that explains why it's trying 12.1014:14
ikonialmj: so 14.04 should be your upgrade path14:15
lmjTJ-: the grep returns nothing. I don't see where to check "lts only". Is it in update-manager?14:15
TJ-lmj: that explains part of the problem than. do "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades | termbin.com 9999"14:16
TJ-lmj: sorry, typo there! do "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades | nc termbin.com 9999"14:16
lmjTJ-: that gives me the link http://termbin.com/artp14:17
EriC^^maybe he doesn't have it installed?14:17
=== Guest93813 is now known as jero
TJ-lmj: which contains "prompt=normal" - not sure why it is a lowercase 'p' either14:18
EriC^^maybe he edited it manually14:18
ikoniais this even an ubuntu install ?14:18
TJ-lmj: "sudo sed -i 's/prompt=normal/Prompt=lts/' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades "14:18
lmjTJ-: lowercase "prompt" gives me "prompt=normal" for the grep14:18
ikoniaI've seen elementary and mint both screw up these sort of things14:18
lmj(I realize I could have passed -i, just following instructions exactly.)14:19
ikonialmj: is this actually an ubuntu install, ? or is it some derivative, like mint or elemtentary14:19
TJ-lmj: right, I have a 12.04 example I'm looking at and it uses "Prompt=..."14:19
lmjikonia: it's generic ubuntu, not even kubuntu or whatever14:20
ikoniaso a standard default 12.04 ubuntu install14:20
lmjit sounds like I just need to find where to check "lts only". Where is it supposed to be?14:21
TJ-lmj: after the 'sed' operation try "/usr/lib/update-manager/check-new-release"14:21
TJ-lmj: that 'sed' operation just wrote in the correct entry to the file14:21
TJ-lmj: you should see "New release '14.04.3 LTS' available."14:22
lmjthis returns nothing: sudo sed -i 's/prompt=normal/Prompt=lts/i' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades14:23
lmjso does this: sudo sed -i 's/prompt=normal/Prompt=lts/i' /usr/lib/update-manager/check-new-release14:23
lmj(added the /i just in case)14:24
TJ-lmj: it is re-writing the file, no output expected14:24
TJ-lmj: "cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades" you'll see "Prompt=lts"14:25
TJ-lmj: and with that alternate command you just did you've potentially corrupted the check-new-release exectuable!14:25
lmjTJ-: ok re-launching update-manger now offeres 14.04.3! I think you did it!14:25
lmjthanks a bunch14:25
TJ-lmj:  I know I did it - but what did you do!?!14:25
lmjTJ-: I don't think I've ever launched update-manager before. I've only stuck with 12.04 and upgraded everything via 'apt-get update' / 'apt-get upgrade'14:27
TJ-lmj:   I meant by your adapting the command I gave you without understanding what it does! This "sudo sed -i 's/prompt=normal/Prompt=lts/i' /usr/lib/update-manager/check-new-release" will try to make changes to 'check-new-release' ! Consider yourself lucky the search phrase doesn't exist in that file, else you'd have broken it14:28
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lmjTJ-: er, well we grepped it before, and I copied the file earlier anyway. The thing I don't understand is the "lts only" checkbox not existing -- is that supposed to be in upgrade-manager?14:32
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wizzkiddim in a little predicament, my headless ubuntu server seems to have hung but is partially accessible.  Can anyone help me remotely reboot the server?  I can ping the box still,  I can no longer ssh to the box, I can start a xrdp session, but it freezes at authentication.  I have webmin installed which is accessible, but I cannot get to the "restart" section.  Has anyone got any ideas?14:37
Zuly\join #tls-sec14:37
pike-c-codesomeone able to tell my why this one creates a memory access violation? http://pastebin.com/RPATKzuS14:38
pike-c-codeits in c14:38
TJ-pike-c-code: depends on the code-path, but you're not testing for new_elem == NULL before using it14:40
TJ-pike-c-code: when in doubt run it via a debugger so you can see the stack trace and interactively examine it14:40
c0m0you need to allocate memory for new element if the list is empty14:40
pike-c-codenow i did this in another function14:42
pike-c-codethis one just gets the new element and the first element14:42
TJ-pike-c-code: the ##programming channel is more apprpriate for that; this is for Ubuntu support14:42
pike-c-codeyeah i asked there14:42
pike-c-codethey're talking about midlife crisis or sth like this14:43
pike-c-codeidk, but you might be much more helpful :D14:43
pike-c-codesince i need to upload my correct tool within the next 17min14:43
TJ-you asked here before you asked there... and ##programming, or a C/C++ channel is the appropriate place14:44
pike-c-codeyeah im in programming, c and ubuntu14:44
TJ-Good lesson in doing your homework before the deadlone14:45
pike-c-codeits not that important and only the last part of a big homework14:46
pike-c-codesoooo it is no big trouble14:46
daftykinspike-c-code: take it to relevant channels then please14:46
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uxeshello guys, i need some advice, i have a following issue with any *buntu (even mint), when i create usb bootable stick it works on my notebook with uefi, but when i want to boot from that on my pc that has no uefi, it just writes "Boot error"15:11
TJ-uxes: sounds like a known bug in syslinx bug 150700215:12
ubottubug 1507002 in syslinux (Ubuntu) ""boot error" due to gcc v5 transition" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150700215:12
uxesam,anybody out there?15:12
uxesaha, " You must enter a valid bug number! " on webpage15:12
uxesaha so, its impossible form e to boot latest ubuntu?15:14
=== sebastien is now known as Guest37907
uxes*is it impossible for me to boot latest ubuntu?15:14
TJ-uxes: I've got the fixed package for testing in a PPA at https://launchpad.net/~tj/+archive/ubuntu/bugfixes15:15
TJ-uxes: that has the syslinux package for 15.1015:15
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uxeswell thanks ill try something15:17
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bumblefuzzso, if I use an external hard drive to dd the ubuntu iso to, how would that be different from using a USB?15:25
Porfahello, can anyone enlighten me on a issue i never had before.. ? so, i changed computer, made a new fresh ubuntu 14.04 server install, everything is fine. NOW, i removed the physical HDD from the old box, putted it in the NEW one as a secundary drive, still not attemped to mount it or anything, but now i need to mount it, copy it’s data to the new drive and get it over with.. how can i mount another /root of another drive, in /OLDROOT for15:26
Porfashould i just put it on the old box and copy over LAN? :/15:27
Porfai see it in blkid15:27
Porfabut i can’t mount it.15:27
daftykinsPorfa: are you typing from it now?15:28
daftykinsPorfa: run "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999"15:28
Porfadaftykins: http://termbin.com/na3615:30
daftykinsugh LVM15:30
AnakinSkyhi, when I'm trying to connect to freenode IRC, i have to run irssi as sudo. otherwise it's not connecting. what am I doing wrong?15:31
Porfait’s a brand new box, i can format it and do it all over again if LVM is such issue (sorry, i have no good knowledge of linux, i just like to have my own local physical server for development)15:31
mekhamiteward: you around?15:31
daftykinsPorfa: nah it's fine, i just don't have any first hand experience with LVM setups15:31
daftykinsPorfa: all you need to do is "sudo mount -t ext4 <something> /mnt" but as it's LVM i don't know what that <something> is :D15:32
daftykinsPorfa: i suspect it's what you saw from blkid though perhaps15:32
Porfamaybe blkid will tell me?15:32
Porfayeah ok15:32
Porfai’ll try that :)15:32
daftykinsmaybe i'll make LVM a personal lesson this holiday15:33
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jpdsdaftykins: wut, what have you been using for the last few years?15:35
tewardmekhami: for a short while, but pinging individual persons is usually bad form if you have a question (Just ask the channel instead)15:35
LiI'm having long wasted time on trying to mount ntfs (rw) file on ubuntu claiming it was not safely bla bla .. I found some answers about using ntfsfix but didn't really work out for me .. are there any other suggestion?15:35
Porfadaftykins: worked perfectly, thank you for that “-t ext4 “ i had it before, but without that, didn’t wotk i thought it would detect the FS automaticly! im browsing the file system as we speak thanks again! :)15:35
daftykinsPorfa: np :)15:35
tewardLi: boot to a Windows install disk, run chkdisk or chkdsk15:35
zykotick9AnakinSky: are your irssi saving in your user's account, or roots?  if you run "less ~/.irssi/config" do you see freenode under the servers heading with your password etc?15:35
daftykinsLi: can you tell us whether it's a storage only volume, or from a working or broken Windows installation?15:36
Lisuggestions that not including booting up windows8 and shut it down properly.15:36
daftykinswhy not boot? is it broken?15:36
Lidaftykins: I like the feeling that I can do anything from linux without having to reboot15:36
Limaybe I"m wrong but I believe so15:36
Libesides it's on the different hdd15:37
daftykinsso it's just stubbornness?15:37
daftykinsthere's a very good reason why it's refusing to mount it as-is15:37
Liso i will have to replace hdds which is annoying process15:37
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
daftykinsreplace? for what reason?15:38
Lidaftykins: aside from the fact that I'm really stubborn, but that is not the reason ... I just don't wanna close all open stuff on my pc15:38
Lidaftykins: the partition on a different hdd15:38
=== Zzyzx is now known as THX1138
daftykinssorry i don't follow you there at all15:39
Lidaftykins: the partition belongs to a brand new installed window 8.115:39
daftykinswhen you want to mount the OS partition of a Windows install as rw from Linux, and that Windows is v8 or v10 with hybrid shutdown, you should issue "shutdown -s -t 1" before booting into the Linux :)15:39
daftykinsthat doesn't help you now, but it will for future reference15:39
Lidaftykins: I knew that after the fact :(15:40
Libut let's face it now .. why linux isn't able to mout it? I don't mind losing the hiberfil.sys15:40
LiI didn't have anything on that partition15:41
daftykinswell, show us the mount commands you've been trying so far and their error output15:41
TJ-Li: Windows didn't finalise the file-system so it's in an indeterminate state, until Windows has flushed cache stored in the hibernation file and played out the journal log15:41
daftykinswhy do you even need to do it if it's a clean install o015:41
Lidaftykins: i wanted to use that hdd as temp storage15:42
OerHekswin8.1 .. sounds like exfat to me, that would not mount automaticly, use fuse for that > sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse exfat-utils15:42
daftykinsLi: then the answer is to close those programs and do it properly :)15:42
daftykinsOerHeks: not if it's the win8 install partition15:43
Lidaftykins: sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o rw /dev/sdc1 /media/xxx/15:44
LiFailed to mount '/dev/sdc1': Operation not permitted15:44
daftykinsyeah, sorry i don't really like to enable stubborn approaches15:45
LiI really don't like the fact that linux can't fix this !!!!15:46
Limany people suggested sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdxx and I tried but it didn't really work15:46
daftykinsit can, it just isn't wise to do it15:46
daftykinsTJ-: told you why it can't :)15:46
Lidaftykins: WTF is stubborn approaches?15:47
daftykinsyou refusing to just reboot and sort it out properly15:47
TJ-Li: fine... so go hack some code together to add the functionality - that's the freedom of open source. In the process you'll learn its so difficult an issue its best left to Windows15:47
LiI don't need to explain myself to you, so if you don't want to help just relax and back off15:47
daftykinsthe time you wasted on this you could've reopened those programs already :)15:47
daftykinsi think you might want to calm down there.15:48
LiTJ-: nice suggest ... I will give it a try propably15:48
Lidaftykins: whatever15:49
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AlexPortablerosanna: exit?15:59
daftykinsa failed "/quit"15:59
AlexPortablehow do I install openbox on a bare install?15:59
AlexPortablelike to get a DE15:59
daftykinsfind the package if it's in the repos.15:59
AlexPortablei installed openbox15:59
AlexPortablebut at boot i still get the cli15:59
daftykinswell you need a greeter and to set it auto start, if you installed mini/server16:00
zykotick9AlexPortable: does "startx" start openbox right now?  PS technically openbox is a WM, not a DE.16:01
daftykinsyou can't use startx i don't think.16:01
daftykinsoften it errors, then folks use sudo and trash the permissions on their /home16:01
AlexPortablestartx worked16:01
daftykinscheck what greeter it is16:02
AlexPortablebut how do I install stuf now?16:02
AlexPortablei dont have a terminal in openbox16:03
daftykinslook it up16:03
zykotick9AlexPortable: see if xterm can be manually run (i'd be surprised if you have Xorg installed without it, but it's possible)16:04
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=== Guest97222 is now known as Grouch
AlexPortablewell i have a gui16:05
AlexPortable"Right-click and you will get a small menu. Select terminal emulator, and from that you can start any other program."16:06
daftykinsso menu.xml needs to be checked for which terminal the context menu is trying to run, if you've tried that16:06
AlexPortableunable to start child process x-terminal-emulator16:06
daftykinsright so you need to install that...16:06
=== frenda is now known as milford
AlexPortableE: Package x-terminal-emulator has no installation candidate16:10
zykotick9AlexPortable: x-terminal-emulator is the alternatives system, just install any xorg terminal emulator (from the repo) and it _should_ start working.  xterm, rxvt, etc...16:11
trisquel<3 rxvt16:11
trisquelnicest term i know16:12
zykotick9trisquel: well rxvt-unicode-256color <3 ;)16:12
zykotick9AlexPortable: fyi, while like trisquel i use rxvt, you _might_ not want to try it... other terms are a lot easier to setup... YMMV16:13
sudo3hello, i have dnsmasq where i addedd zone mypage.com, it works well but when i go to secure.mypage.com then dnsmasq is resolving via google dns, i even addedd zone secure.mypage.com but it still resolves via google dns, do anyone know how to fix it?16:16
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
=== ilbelkyr_ is now known as ilbelkyr
daftykinssudo3: either hardcode all subdomains you're likely to use, or work out how to use a wildcard i guess16:19
teward^ that16:20
=== elopio_ is now known as elopio
newkei have xubuntu 15.10 installed and every time i turn on computer, i hear a noise from pulse audio. its like i would power on old lamp amplifier. its so annyoing. where can i find information how to fix it?16:22
newkei believe its pulseaudio...16:22
zykotick9trisquel: may i PM you?16:25
trisquelzykotick9, sure16:26
jake__hey all16:26
jophishFor some reason ubuntu is not booting to the display manager any more and I've run out of things to try16:32
ikoniawhat does the X server logs say16:33
ikoniais it trying to even start it ?16:33
jophishI've reinstalled lightdm and gdm, reinstalled nouveau and the nvidia drivers too16:33
jophishikonia: sorry, one second just starting tmux so I can paste the log16:34
jophishikonia: ^16:35
ikoniaI didn't ask for the log16:35
ikoniaI asked was it even trying to start it ? what did the log say was wron g?16:35
AbuDharI am so exciting about the Ubuntu phone16:36
AbuDharwhat is their channel?16:36
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:36
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!16:37
taza79Hello, how can I install Ubuntu without touching the Windows boatloader and MBR?16:42
taza79I want that when I desinstall Ubuntu I will get Winows like it Ubuntu was never installed and I don't want to restore by myself the Windows boatloader.16:44
taza79join #xubuntu16:45
ikoniataza79: your best bet is to do a standard ubuntu install16:45
ikonialet it install grub onto the MBR - use that to manage windows/ubuntu, if you want to remove ubuntu, delete the ubuntu partition and use the windows recovery shell to put the windows boot loader back on the disk16:46
ikoniait's clean and easy16:46
=== znf_ is now known as znf
taza79ikonia: thanks but it's not what is asked... is there any other solution? like maybe to install grub in another partition or something16:47
=== neunon_ is now known as neunon
ikoniayou can put grub onto another partition sure16:48
ikoniabut then how do you tell your motherboard to boot that partition, not the mbr16:48
ikoniahence why I'm advising you the easiest option for you16:48
macsurfis there any program instead of tcpdump for regular user ? because tcpdump required super user privilagers ?16:52
daftykinsmacsurf: a user cannot perform that action.16:53
macsurfdaftykins: yes but user can open all ports above 102416:54
macsurfonly ports below 1024 are reserved for super user16:54
SchrodingersScatmacsurf: I don't think that's the same as being able to monitor traffic.  Best solution I've found is to give access via sudoers, but that's like my opinion.16:55
daftykinsyes but packet packet interception has nothing to do with port ranges16:55
macsurfI thought that any software can open all ports above 1024 if is open by regular user16:56
macsurfI am sorry for my english16:56
macsurfso if I will write program for regular user and this software will reserve port above 1024 then should be everythink ok with privilages16:57
daftykinspacket capture is not binding to ports16:57
AlexPortableWhich tweaks are there for ssds?16:57
daftykinsAlexPortable: you really ought to at least *try* to look things up before you come here.16:58
dbuggerHey guys16:58
dbuggerI was wondering. Is there any "hard" benefit of upgrading from 14.04 to 15.1016:59
daftykinsdesktop system? nope just wasted time imo16:59
daftykinsdepends how new your system is16:59
zykotick9dbugger: warning, the upgrade would actually be 14.04 -> 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.10... might be a lot faster/easier to wait for 16.04 so you can just do 14.04 -> 16.0417:00
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finetundraHey folks, how would I add skins to amarok that I download from something liek KDE look?17:03
daftykinsdon't they provide a guide?17:04
finetundradaftykins: who?17:04
daftykinsamarok, or the site you got it from... or the file you downloaded...17:04
finetundradaftykins: no instructions on the download page, I'll go look at the amarok site17:05
stevendoes anyone know an app that allows me to kill another application if it used to much resources?17:08
jophishhmm, now it just hangs on the splash screen17:08
tilpnerHow can I lie to dpkg about the presence of a package? Alternatively: Why do 32-bit nouveau drivers take precedence over nvidia-current?17:09
=== jophish is now known as Guest16081
Guest16081ah, raise network interfaces17:09
=== Guest16081 is now known as jophish__
jophish__failed to start wait for all auto17:09
jophish__today has been a nightmare, why is everything broken :(17:10
daftykinstilpner: nvidia-current hasn't been relevant for ages, just nvidia-### is best, for the specific version. Why do you say 32-bit? is the host 32-bit?17:10
daftykinsjophish__: do you have a support question that can be phrase as such? :)17:10
jophish__daftykins: I rebooted my computer, and x won't start17:10
daftykinswhat changed, did you just update? or upgrade?17:11
jophish__every so often when I reboot it trying to debug a fix, I have to wait 5 minutes because of some network thing17:11
jophish__daftykins: probably, the computer had been turned on for weeks17:11
jophish__but it crashed, so I did REISUB and now I have this mess17:11
tilpnerdaftykins - You're right, it's actually nvidia-352. It's a 64 bit host, but I need to run 32 bit software (LPL suite with custom 32 bit java).17:11
jophish__oh gosh, now the cli isn't even working17:12
daftykinsjophish__: try booting with "quiet splash" removed from the boot parameters17:12
jophish__text flashing everywhere17:12
finexbeerwhat is the diffrent from ubuntu and ubuntu studio17:12
daftykinstilpner: you can't install 32-bit drivers then o017:12
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org17:12
tilpnerdaftykins - I can actually, and it works until I reboot. That's not a good solution though.17:13
troulouliou_div2hi can i still install / upgrade a 8.04 ubuntu if i install this old version17:13
AlexPortabledaftykins: I did, but most information seems outdated17:13
daftykinstilpner: maybe you put them on but it's using the 64-bit module anyway; what are you using to verify the driver in use? what graphics hardware is this for?17:14
daftykinstroulouliou_div2: we very, very strongly advise not using EOL releases, but if you need it for some kind of ancient work/dev purposes, then the repos can be renamed to old-releases.ubuntu.com to function still17:14
troulouliou_div2daftykins, ok thanks17:14
daftykins!eol | troulouliou_div2 i think these links will be of use too17:15
ubottutroulouliou_div2 i think these links will be of use too: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:15
troulouliou_div2daftykins, jsut nned to compil a program for an applicance ruinning on that version17:15
jophish__daftykins: xorg.0.log shows that it's not loading the nvidia driver correctly, in syslog it's showing the nvidia driver tainting the kernel17:15
daftykinstroulouliou_div2: ok :) someone that can't upgrade?17:15
daftykinsjophish__: which nvidia hardware is in there? is it one that won't work with nouveau?17:16
tilpnerdaftykins - I don't know how to verify that, but if they're installed it doesn't reach the login screen, while I can login after uninstalling them.17:16
jophish__daftykins: I don't know, 435m I think it works with nouveau17:16
daftykinstilpner: can you share an "lspci" ? sounds like hybrid graphics17:16
tilpnerdaftykins - Yes, it is hybrid graphics, and everythings working fine for 64 bit software.17:16
daftykinsjophish__: ok so you're in the same boat, hybrid graphics yeah? i would boot to the recovery option, root console, remount the disk as read+write, purge nvidia* then reinstall nvidia-352 and nvidia-prime17:17
tilpnerdaftykins - The package I need to install requires libglu1-mesa:i386, which indirectly depends on 32 bit nouveau drivers.17:17
jophish__daftykins: I'm fairly sure I've tried that (not from recovery mode though)17:17
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
jophish__I'll try again17:17
daftykinsi'm no dev but i don't see that working on a 64-bit host17:17
daftykinsjophish__: well, try booting with nvidia* fully purged to start with :)17:18
daftykins"sudo apt-get purge nvidia* "17:18
jophish__yup, booting now17:18
jophish__ah, "the system is running in low graphics mode"17:18
tilpnerdaftykins - Therefore, my options are either modifying the package definition, or faking their presence. At least... it's the first thing that comes to my mind, I'll have to see how it works out.17:18
jophish__hmm, Xorg.0.log still tries to load the nvidia driver17:19
daftykinsjophish__: check the timestamp on the log to be sure that's actually a current one17:19
davidshaQuick Question, does the current version of pciutils support libkmod?17:20
zykotick9jophish__: verify if you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file... if so, you might want to try moving it to xorg.conf.backup17:20
daftykinsdavidsha: define 'current', multiple versions of ubuntu are still in support right now :)17:21
jophish__good thinking daftykins, it was from 8 minutes ago17:21
jophish__zykotick9: blimey, I don't have one17:21
zykotick9jophish__: good!17:21
jophish__I have a stack of backups17:21
jophish__zykotick9: is it ok not to have one?17:22
daftykinsyou don't need one17:22
jophish__oh, good17:22
daftykinsjophish__: can you get a working terminal or TTY right now?17:22
davidsha_daftykins: the one for Ubuntu 14.04, pciutils 3.1.9 I believe.17:22
jophish__daftykins: yeah, that's fine now17:22
zykotick9jophish__: for none propritary drivers it's almost never needed these days.17:22
daftykinsjophish__: run "sudo apt-get -f install" to be sure nothing's waiting, "dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 9999" and share the link17:23
jophish__on tty7 I have the message: "nouveau E[PBUS][...] MMIO write of 0x.. FAULT17:23
davidsha_daftykins: I've read the fedora version supports it but I haven't seen anything about Ubuntu supporting it.17:23
daftykinsjophish__: mmm sounds like nouveau is in use but doesn't support the hardware too well; as well as the above can you share "cat /etc/issue" ?17:24
=== Cron is now known as Guest95390
daftykinsdavidsha_: that one's beyond me i'm afraid, just thought i'd clarify version :)17:24
daftykins!info pciutils trusty17:24
ubottupciutils (source: pciutils): Linux PCI Utilities. In component main, is standard. Version 1:3.2.1-1ubuntu5 (trusty), package size 257 kB, installed size 1075 kB17:24
=== ksx4system_ is now known as ksx4system
tilpnerzykotick9 - Without any tweaking, the performance difference between nouveau and nvidia was 7:20 for me, and then there's CUDA...17:24
disposablei've just installed 14.04 in virtualbox with EFI enabled. now i'm stuck at grub prompt with no menu. i created sda1 EFIboot partition (256MB, bootable) and sda2 for root filesystem. when i boot off rescue disk, i can see uuid of /dev/sda1 in fstab as /boot/efi and grub-efi-amd64 is installed (i've even done grub-install /dev/sda). have i missed something important?17:25
tilpner(Though my benchmarking method probably was severely flawed)17:25
jophish__daftykins: http://termbin.com/9s5g for /etc/issue17:25
davidsha_daftykins: Last question! Have I tagged this bug right? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pciutils/+bug/151609517:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1516095 in pciutils (Ubuntu) "[needs-packaging] pciutils built without libkmod support" [Wishlist,New]17:25
finexbeer_what is better ubunt or the oders ubuntu (studio, mate....)?17:25
jophish__there was no output for dpkg -l | grep nvidia, davidsha_17:26
jophish__daftykins: *17:26
daftykinsdavidsha_: no experience with bug reporting i'm afraid, i think there might be a launchpad channel though17:27
disposablefinexbeer_: teh difference is only in the packages that get installed by default. e.g. studio will come with lots of content creation software installed by default.17:27
daftykinsjophish__: ah ok, 15.10 - i've not seen anyone i've tried to help get 15.10 working with hybrid nvidia yet :(17:27
jophish__oh :/17:27
jophish__I've been running 15.10 for a while17:27
suprkainnew to ubuntu, what irc client should I use?17:27
zykotick9jophish__: could you check nouveau is NOT listed when you run "grep ^blacklist /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf"17:27
davidsha_daftykins: Ok, thanks I'll have a look for it!17:28
daftykinssuprkain: whatever one you like, hexchat for GUI... irssi for terminal perhaps17:28
suprkaindaftykins: thanks17:28
jophish__zykotick9: nouveau isn't listed17:28
zykotick9jophish__: ok, that's good.17:28
daftykinsjophish__: and the other command?17:28
jophish__daftykins: /etc/issue?17:29
jophish__oh, dpkg -l | grep nvidia. there was no output17:29
daftykinsjophish__: check you're all current with a "sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade"17:30
jophish__daftykins: will do17:30
=== trisquel is now known as Guest41581
daftykinsjophish__: oh and a share of an "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" wouldn't hurt17:30
tilpnerAre you trying to use nouveau or the proprietary driver?17:30
jophish__tilpner: either!17:31
jophish__ideally nvidia though17:31
jophish__daftykins: lspci: http://termbin.com/lrjq17:31
tilpnerjophish__ - I reinstalled Ubuntu twice today, and it's working with NVidia/Intel proprietary drivers now, mostly.17:31
jophish__daftykins: nothing new to install with dist-upgrade17:31
daftykinshmm ok GT 750M17:32
tilpnerjophish__ - That means, this stupid 32 bit software won't work, but I've got CUDA working.17:32
jophish__apt whines about linux 4.2.0-16 no longer being required17:32
daftykinsjophish__: and your "uname -r" ? single line so you can paste it here direct17:32
daftykinsjophish__: "sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt install nvidia-352 nvidia-prime"17:33
daftykinsunless you know you've done that before, that's what *should* work17:33
jophish__tilpner: worst case scenario I'll look into 15.04 again. there's some unity behavior in 15.10 which I don't like and can't configure :/17:33
jophish__daftykins: I'm fairly sure this won't work :)17:34
jophish__I'll try again just to be totally sure17:34
tilpnerjophish__ - I don't see why it wouldn't work with 15.10, if it can work with 15.04. :/17:34
zykotick9daftykins: <sidenote> with the "apt" command dist-upgrade isn't even in my man page?  full-upgrade certainly is!  also, i'm not 100% sure, but i believe "apt upgrade" _will_ install new packages, like the old "apt-get dist-upgrade" (it just won't remove!).17:34
daftykinswell 15.10 has brought about a lot of surprises for sure17:34
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tilpnerI wouldn't know, didn't use Ubuntu in a long time. :c17:35
daftykinszykotick9: i keep using it because i'm a terrible person, but it's apt full-upgrade now i believe17:35
zykotick9daftykins: hehe17:35
daftykinsstill getting used to stopping myself from typing apt-get from muscle memory; )17:35
jophish__rebooting now17:36
daftykinsjophish__: did you watch the output to see if the module was built correctly for the running kernel? :>17:36
jophish__daftykins: yeah, I didn't see any errors17:37
zykotick9daftykins: i like the colours... other than that "pretty much the same" ;)17:37
daftykinszykotick9: but the progress bar!17:37
nasanzero_hi all .whay is a good app to monitor network usage ?17:37
daftykinsjophish__: ok, if it fails i'd check the X.org log again but its' timestamp first17:37
jophish__is the file creation time reliable for that?17:38
jophish__daftykins: back to "low graphics mode"17:38
daftykinswhat make and model is this thing?17:38
tilpnerjophish__ - Did you install nvidia-modprobe?17:38
jophish__but this time the mouse works :)17:38
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daftykinsplease don't say mac... please don't say mac...17:38
=== Gestapo is now known as Gestapos
=== Gestapos is now known as Apachez
jophish__daftykins: dell xps something17:39
jophish__tilpner: no17:39
jophish__unless it was a dependency of nvidia-prime or nvidia-35217:39
tilpnerjophish__ - Well, it didn't work for me without that.17:39
daftykinstilpner: deps handle all that is required17:39
daftykinsunless there's a packaging bug in Wily17:39
tilpnerAll I know is, that I had to manually install that.17:39
EriC^^daftykins: :D17:40
EriC^^mac...aroni and cheese17:40
jophish__tilpner: modprobe made no difference17:41
TJ-tilpner: that's a CUDA BOINC speicific dependency; nothing to do with regular desktop nvidia driver requirements17:41
jophish__daftykins: no new xorg log was created17:41
jophish__I'll startx manually17:41
daftykinsjust don't use sudo or you'll trash your home permissions17:41
tilpnerTJ- - Okay, then I must've confused that. I was trying to get both to work... Sorry, jophish__.17:43
jophish__tilpner: no worries17:43
jophish__I've got to go now :(17:43
jophish__thanks for the help daftykins, tilpner, zykotick917:43
TJ-jophish__: if you're using 15.10, use the systemd logging tool "journalctl -u lightdm.service"17:44
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gagaliciousi did select boot recovery option from my ubuntu but it still hangs at "Creating Disk Array..." (repeating this line multiple times... not sure when it will end) how do i jump into interactive mode and disable its creating disk array part? i did CTRL+C, doesnt work at the "creating disk array" part18:11
gagaliciousany remedies?18:11
daftykinsdo you run some form of RAID?18:11
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gagaliciousyes but i removed the drives for the raaid18:14
gagaliciousactually coz my previous computer doesnt work and when i put the drives to my new computer, it doesnt work ... "creating disk array"...18:15
daftykinsgagalicious: are fstab entries still present perhaps? or mdadm config still expecting them?18:15
daftykinshang on - so it's not just a broken boot, you've moved some RAID disks into another system?18:15
daftykinsmight be worth telling this story from the beginning in a http://paste.ubuntu.com :)18:16
Extreminadoris it possible to make an iso of the system has it is atm (with all the software), ti install it later and be ann configured and with the siftware (if needed) or that is not very usual to do ?18:17
TashtariExtreminador:  I can't claim a great deal of experience with it, but there's a program called mondoarchive that I believe does what you're looking for.18:19
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Extreminadorhumm Tashtari thanks18:20
daftykinsExtreminador: one of the guys is always talking about !aptoncd too, not sure if it applies or helps18:21
Extreminadorworth checking always thanks daftykins18:22
TJ-gagalicious: sounds like the initial ramdisk config still has mdadm.conf in there18:23
asd__Hi guys anybody from US? I would like to know if this is a working day for you guys or not? Since yesterday was thanksgiving and all that...18:24
trisquelmdadm? sounds like a drug18:24
Tashtariasd__:  It depends on your employer.  Anyone in retail you can expect will be working today, but I suspect most others have it off.18:25
asd__Tashtari, Thanks.18:26
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TashtariIf you didn't already know, the day after Thanksgiving (which always falls on a Thursday) is called Black Friday, which marks the start of the christmas shopping season and is marked by sales all over the place - which is why retail employees will certainly be working today.18:27
daftykinsasd__: use a chat channel in future please18:28
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TheAmorphousCan anyone tell me why all of a sudden I'm seeing transfer rates to/from my Ubuntu box at 1/10th what they normally are?  Inter-LAN transfers, internet downloads, even RAID to SSD on the same Ubuntu box, it's all super slow suddenly.18:44
littlebearasd__: nope, but since all emergency IT still work18:44
littlebearTheAmorphous: do you see any packet loss?18:44
littlebearTheAmorphous: I recall that SSD can't sustain RW at 500MBPS18:45
TheAmorphousNormally I get around 100MBps from the array on this box.  Now I'm getting exactly 11.1MBps.18:46
TheAmorphousInternet downloads on 100Mb connection are usually 9-10MBps.  They're exactly 1.1MBps now.18:46
TheAmorphousHardware seems to be fine.  No SMART errors on anything.  Put an old SSD with a new installation of Ubuntu in (without the array) and everything transfers fine.  So it's not the NIC or the switch.18:46
daftykinsTheAmorphous: watch 'wa' in 'top' and try older kernels18:52
TheAmorphousWhat's 'wa'?  top looks completely normal...18:52
AnimalFarmPigAnyone using Zentyl/eBox with a 14.04 server install? How do you like it?18:54
daftykinsIO wait18:54
TheAmorphousShowing 0.0%18:54
daftykinsduring a transfer?18:54
TheAmorphousYes, I just started a LAN transfer18:54
AnimalFarmPigI tried a Turnkey Zentyal appliance a while back, and it looked a bit more "full featured" than I needed, but looks like the default Ubuntu install is fairly conservative18:54
TheAmorphousStill 0.0%18:54
daftykinsok so then try older kernels18:55
TheAmorphousWill do, thanks18:55
daftykinsTheAmorphous: is it 15.10 btw?18:55
Safa_[A_boy]Hello. I'm trying to mount a multisession CD using "sudo mount /dev/sr1 diskTest/ -o session=0", but it gives me "mount: /dev/sr1: can't read superblock" after saying it's write-protected18:56
TheAmorphousI'm running 13.something LTS18:58
ubuntu505Hello all19:00
ubuntu505anyone here is or is this channel dead like #ubuntu-gnome?19:00
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* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:01
guest10121Does anyone know if there is an app that will change the splash screens?19:01
ubuntu505guest10121: I think these channels are worthless, no body answers or you must have to say some secret phrase to get anyone to give a $hit.19:02
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:03
daftykinsubuntu505: you waited 2 minutes before giving attitude and repeating, now i will not reply at all.19:03
TheAmorphousdaftykins: Loading 3.2.0-91-generic didn't make any difference.  Was running -95.19:04
ubuntu505Nobody even said hello or anything, not a friendly place, your response is lacking surprise.19:04
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UnwantedAngelgod said be good19:04
daftykinsTheAmorphous: no more to choose from? so 12.04, pretty ancient19:04
=== puckz__ is now known as puckz
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ubuntu505whatever I have to do to get an answer I will do, if it means keep asking the question until someone arrives with an answer or help so be it.19:05
TheAmorphousAhh yeah, 12.04 apparently.  I can go back as far as -88 it looks like.19:05
daftykins!repeat | ubuntu505 no, follow the rules19:05
ubottuubuntu505 no, follow the rules: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:05
ubuntu505I did search those places and was unable to find a clear answer19:06
TheAmorphousI've been scared of upgrading because I have a RAID5 array built using mdadm that took me forever to get working properly.  I'm terrified of losing it.19:06
daftykinsTheAmorphous: it's a shame you may not be sure of how it was when it worked, as you could've maybe made some comparisons19:06
daftykinsTheAmorphous: right but you wisely use a dedicated disk for the OS, so the RAID is pure storage yeah?19:06
ubuntu505I said Hello at first, do the rules also specify that nbody should response so I don't even know if my network works too?19:06
TheAmorphousYes, OS is running on an SSD.  Array is 4 HDDs.19:07
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:07
daftykinsTheAmorphous: cool, so you could boot 14.04 desktop live media, install mdadm - see your array mounts fine, then consider installing the server version of that19:07
OerHeksoh dear, i am glad i do not run ubuntu-gnome but unity19:07
TheAmorphousNo chance of mdadm overwriting superblocks or messing up the array in any other way?19:08
daftykinsOerHeks: :D agreed19:08
ubuntu505unity is insecure with all its lense crapola I hear19:08
daftykinsTheAmorphous: i don't see why it would write anything without being instructed to do so19:08
TheAmorphousSo I'd just tell mdadm to rebuild the array under a new installation and it gets all the data it needs from those 4 HDDs?19:08
daftykinsTheAmorphous: fwiw i also manage RAID setups under server and use the above approach for version migration happily19:08
daftykinsyou don't need to rebuild at all, the RAID volume is perfectly happy as it is - you just install mdadm tools within the new install, the volume becomes visible, you add it to /etc/fstab and job done19:09
daftykinsbut then all of this is assuming 14.04 even performs any different for you from a live session :)19:09
TheAmorphousOkay, I'll definitely keep that in mind if I can't figure out what's going on with this installation.  Thanks.19:10
TheAmorphousWell, I installed whatever the newest version is (15.10?) on an old SSD19:10
TheAmorphousAnd I was getting good transfers to and from it19:10
daftykinsyeah, don't run non-LTS though19:10
TheAmorphousYeah I just grabbed the first thing I found to test on another SSD19:10
daftykins*nod* :)19:11
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TheAmorphousThis is by far the strangest problem I've run into since I started dabbling in Linux a few years ago19:11
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:12
MoPacHello. I've been wondering for a while what is going on with the unity dash search when I pull it up and start typing. There doesn't seem to be any consistent behavior, especially from the "home" tab. Sometimes it is near-instant and sometimes crawls. Sometimes it's finding both apps and files (desired), sometimes only one.19:12
MoPacAnd often, I can start (or even finish) typing the name of something (especially an app), and it won't be found -- indefinitely. But if I backspace a character or two, suddenly it may show up -- even though all the characters were a perfect match. Is this kind of behavior common?19:12
TheAmorphousdaftykins: Would it matter if the new install is Debian and not Ubuntu?  mdadm shouldn't care, right?19:14
daftykinsno, but don't feel you'll have any easier of a life over there.19:14
TheAmorphousNot easier, but I want to be exposed to more flavors19:15
daftykinswhat do you mean?19:15
TheAmorphousAnd not quite ready to delve into some of the more difficult ones19:15
daftykinsyou know ubuntu is debian based so you'd essentially be changing the label and nothing else right? :)19:15
daftykinsif you enjoy debugging that system then go for it, but i'd keep my distro experimentation and exploration to VMs personally19:16
TheAmorphousMaybe you have a point19:16
TheAmorphous15.10 already looked completely different anyway.  Some new desktop environment I'd never seen before.19:16
daftykinsprobably unity if you grabbed the standard ubuntu variant19:16
daftykinswhat do you run on your desktop? or is this RAID system both a server + desktop?19:17
TheAmorphousMust've been.  I think I'm using Xorg currently on 12.04.19:17
TheAmorphousIt's headless, but I VNC into it occasionally19:17
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:17
rypervencheTheAmorphous: Headless means it doesn't have a GUI.19:18
TheAmorphousAhh, I thought that meant no monitor attached19:18
daftykinsit can be either.19:18
R7677Hi! The latest update for Nvidia drivers broke my gui. I get only black screen19:18
daftykinsR7677: so roll back :)19:18
R7677How do I do that?19:19
daftykinswhat ubuntu is this? i.e. version number? what's your graphics hardware? how did you just 'update' to a newer?19:19
rypervencheTheAmorphous: And check my PM for a little more information.19:21
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:21
R7677Sorry, it is 15,10 64 bit I am using the standard propertary drivers, the -update version. The graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 970 GTX. There was a update that came in last two weeks via the update manager, the description was saying it is fixing some security holes I think.19:23
SlidingHornInstalled xubuntu 15.10 (stay tuned...) - removed all GUI-related items (xfce, x, lightdm, etc.), then installed X, xdm & openbox. Having random crashes when running high resource stuff (chromium w/ video, regnum, etc.). kmsg, syslog & dmesg don't give any hints, and I can't log into it remotely via SSH after this crash (which makes me think it's not X). Machine is a new HP 15 - Pentium N3540, 2 GB RAM 2GB swap19:24
R7677*it should be around two weeks ago19:24
SlidingHornare there other logs that might help me diagnose this?19:24
daftykinsR7677: ok, are you typing from another device right now?19:24
R7677no, dual booting  sorry19:25
R7677I'll get another computer and come back.19:26
daftykinsR7677: that's fine, just wondered for multi tasking of instructions :) ok what i'd do is boot into recovery mode, purge all nvidia packages, then reinstall19:26
daftykinsdoes said PC use wifi or wired LAN to get online?19:26
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:26
R7677I can get to console np via ctrl F119:26
daftykinsR7677: ah good stuff, from there check if you're online with something like "ping google.com"19:27
R7677I am19:27
R7677I know19:27
R7677I tested it19:27
daftykinsR7677: ok run "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get install nvidia-352"19:27
daftykinsnote the * which is very important19:27
daftykinsR7677: i've got to head out but i think you should be set with the above, plenty of other volunteers about if not :)19:29
R7677Thank you a lot!19:29
daftykinsnp :)19:29
littlebearTheAmorphous: in the worse case you can do dd=if and see if writing directly to your array have ok persistent speed, then use a network flood test to see network issue, then if it's neither check the software then check hardware19:30
littlebearTheAmorphous: the amount of debugging is kinda large xD19:30
R7677Another question for anyone that would know, what about the ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa?19:31
R7677Is it worth installing?19:31
fearnothinghi folks, anyone in here use audacity?19:31
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:31
fearnothingI'm having a bit of trouble, just trying to set up a computer for my parents and need something that can do pitch shifts on audio. Audacity looked like the best result, but it won't launch without sudo19:32
fearnothinganyone encountered this?19:32
littlebearfearnothing: can't you edit visudo and put NOPASSWD19:33
littlebearthen write a audicity.sh that calls sudo /usr/bin/audicity or something similar19:33
akikfearnothing: what error do you get starting audacity without sudo?19:34
akikfearnothing: there are lots of things you could check about your setup at http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Linux_Issues19:36
TheAmorphouslittlebear: It definitely doesn't seem to be a network issue as transfers to/from the local SSD and RAID are also really slow.  Also, when I put an old SSD in with a new installation of Ubuntu transfers to/from it were fine over the LAN.19:37
* ubuntu505 I am curious, I have Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10 installed and recently I noticed I get this annoying tray icon at the bottom left, even when "hidden" it is still there and thus makes using the Terminal window VERY hard if I am at the bottom of the screen. How do I extirpate this menue or relocate it (extirpation is preferential frankly)? Why is it the Ubuntu-Gnome live doesn't seem to have this rotten "feature" and my installed Ub19:37
SlidingHorn!patience | ubuntu50519:37
ubottuubuntu505: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:37
SlidingHornubuntu505, what icon are you talking about?  Could you please describe it?19:38
ubuntu505sure! Its a small left to right pop-out tray of some sort19:38
ubuntu505it has blueproximity in it19:38
MonkeyDustubuntu505  or show a screenshot, on imgur.com19:38
OerHeksthere is a whole reddit post about that, https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/32byhw/gnome_316_remove_message_tray_on_bottom_left_of/ without solution19:38
ubuntu505yeah I read that but was not sure they were talking about the same problem I was having19:39
littlebearTheAmorphous: the only thing I can think of is maybe mdadm reports that you are rebuilding the array hence the slow transfer or it wasn't configurered correctly? Not sure19:39
ubuntu505TheAmorphous: have you played around with ZFS for linux? Might be worth looking at it19:40
TheAmorphousmdadm is reporting everything is "clean"19:40
TheAmorphousHah, I was actually just reading up on ZFS19:40
TheAmorphousThe hardware requirements seem crazy for negligible benefits on a home media server19:40
ubuntu505It allows you to move the entire FS to an external HD then remove the internal one, then you could upgrade and "add it and move it back" after19:40
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ubuntu505Is there a solution for the remove_message_tray issue?19:41
ubuntu505Where did it come from? I never had a tray like that before19:41
TheAmorphousAfter discussing with daftykins and rypervenche I think I've narrowed my options down to 1.) installing new Ubuntu on a different SSD and re-mounting the existing RAID array, or 2.) building a whole new box with new drives and transferring everything over.19:41
ubuntu505and ubuntu-gnome "live" does not have it19:41
ubuntu505TheAmorphous: might I suggest something?19:42
littlebearTheAmorphous: before I give up, what RAID are you running, 5,6 or 10?19:42
TheAmorphous2. seems to be the safest and most surefire way of not having further issues.  Kinda pricy though.19:42
ubuntu505TheAmorphous: How big is your raid (in GBs)19:42
TheAmorphousRAID5 via mdadm19:42
TheAmorphous12TB total, 9 usuable under RAID519:42
littlebearTheAmorphous: hm. RAID5 let me google to see if there's anything on a failed parity19:42
littlebearafaik RAID5 only have 1 parity whereas raid 6 have 2 parity19:43
ubuntu505Do you have a full backup of it on tape or alternate DASD devices?19:43
TheAmorphousA RAID issue wouldn't cause the SSD to have transfer rate issues too right?19:43
TheAmorphousNo backups, no19:43
ubuntu505This is the first problem you must resolve! :)19:43
TheAmorphousThe strangest part about this is I'm on a 100mb internet connection but can only download at 1.1MBps on that box now.  I usually get 9-10MBps.19:43
MonkeyDustTheAmorphous  always have a backup, even if you don't need it immediately19:44
TheAmorphousLAN transfers are usually 100MBps, but cap at exactly 11.1MBps now19:44
fearnothingakik: #audacity people recommend not using audacity on linux :P19:44
rypervencheTheAmorphous: RAID is not a backup solution. You shourd invest in backups if the data is valuable to you.19:44
littlebearTheAmorphous: that box? so even in ramdisk /tmp it's still stuck at 1.1Mbps?19:44
fearnothingthat said, does anyone have a suggestion for a decent alternative that allows you to pitch shift audio files?19:44
ubuntu505100MBps is theoretical and all network hardware has its own specs/implementations19:44
TheAmorphousNo, I mean I literally used to get 100MBps real world transfers from that box to the SSD on my desktop over a gigabit LAN19:45
ubuntu505anyone know how to solve my message tray problem??19:45
TheAmorphousNow I get 11.1MBps19:45
ubuntu505or why it doesn't exist in the ubuntu-gnome live environment??19:45
littlebearTheAmorphous: how are you transferring it? try aria2c and do parallel dl19:45
akikfearnothing: you didn't provide any error message. it starts fine without sudo19:45
fearnothingit doesn't give an error19:45
TheAmorphousJust copying to a Windows box from a Samba share19:45
TheAmorphoussame way I always have19:45
littlebearTheAmorphous: hm. Windows ...19:45
MonkeyDustubuntu505  ask every 10-15 minutes or so, not every minute, until someone enters who can help19:46
fearnothingif I try starting from command line it just has an empty line with no prompt, no cursor19:46
TheAmorphousI've also tried copying from this Ubuntu box to an HTPC running Openelec (Linux)19:46
fearnothingno messages or errors19:46
ubuntu505I learned a nice rule from my maid recently...always tell customers: "I don't do Windows"...19:46
littlebearTheAmorphous: on windows, do you have a filezilla or winscp and can use ssh to download it without samba19:46
littlebearI just wanted to isolate windows from the equation xD19:46
TheAmorphousWell right now my primary concern is download speeds19:46
UnwantedAngelkiss kiss bang bang19:47
TheAmorphousDownloading large files for work (or from anywhere) to that Ubuntu box directly used to get 9-10MBps on a 100Mb internet connection.  Now they download at exactly 1.1MBps.19:47
ubuntu505The first thing I am curious about is what difference there is between the ubuntu-gnome "live" environment that this try never shows up19:47
ubuntu505very odd19:47
ubuntu505then I could remove the package causing it?19:47
akikfearnothing: if you run "aplay /usr/share/sounds/pop.wav" do you hear it?19:48
TheAmorphousWhen I ran the newer version of Ubuntu on an old SSD I was able to download at 10MBps again.19:48
ubuntu505try hdparm -I /dev/sdd_device19:48
ubuntu505look at the results from both the old and new variants of Ubuntu19:48
fearnothingakik, gimme a minute, will test19:48
ubuntu505are they both putting the device in the same mode?19:48
akikfearnothing: i guess it's a permission change at some point as it needs root access in your case19:48
ubuntu505sudo hdparm -I etc...19:48
SonikkuAmericaHey! Running Ubuntu 15.10 here, NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE. I can't get X to work for beans... I feel like the problem is the NVIDIA driver I installed. How can I revert it back to Nouveau without the GUI?19:49
bekksSonikkuAmerica: How did you install the driver?19:50
SonikkuAmericabekks: I used the jockey plugin from software-properties-gtk (the "Additional Drivers" tab in Software and Updates)19:50
bekksSonikkuAmerica: Then you can use apt-get and uninstall the driver, using a console.19:51
SonikkuAmericabekks: Got it. (How that never occurred to me, I don't think I'll ever now.)19:51
littlebearTheAmorphous: the other thing I can think of is if you are using any sort of firewall that ratelimit it19:53
TheAmorphousNo firewall, now.  All of this started last weekend, and I hadn't made any changes.19:53
ubuntu505use a crontab entry and "wget" to run speedtest every hour19:53
ubuntu505start to use statistics on your provider to figure out what they are doing19:54
littlebearTheAmorphous: press history and scroll up, then in /var/log take a look at any errors19:54
ubuntu505anyone have any further help on my tray icon issue?19:54
littlebearubuntu505: reinstall not an option?19:54
LobsterAttackUbuntu via live CD was working great, but once I installed the OS it won't run at full resolution for my display... Can anyone help?19:55
Seven_Six_TwoI'm so confused. I have a mpg2 file, with a subtitle and audio stream that I don't want. I am trying to extract the video (without reencoding it) but when I do, the subtitles end up hardcoded???19:55
MonkeyDustSeven_Six_Two  sounds more for #ubuntustudio, it's multimedia dedicated19:56
Seven_Six_Twoalright, I'll give that a shot.19:57
SlidingHorn!resolution | LobsterAttack - have you been here yet?19:57
ubottuLobsterAttack - have you been here yet?: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution19:57
LobsterAttackubottu: I get an error with that19:59
ubottuLobsterAttack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:59
LobsterAttackOh. :(20:00
=== Ragnar__ is now known as reclaim
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, which command gives you an error, and what is the exact error?  Can you pastebin them?20:01
LobsterAttackA bot just messaged me in response to my question20:01
=== reclaim is now known as ragnar
=== ragnar is now known as Ragnar
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, I prompted it to respond20:01
LobsterAttackit told me to use sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart20:02
LobsterAttackcommand not found20:02
bekks ?dm doesnt match lightdm20:02
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, did you replace the "?dm" with your actual display manager?  (lightdm is the default for Ubuntu)20:03
LobsterAttackI did not20:03
SlidingHornTry that20:03
ubottupax78: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:05
Smnguys, I need a little of help. Is there a way in which to remove apps from the open with list20:07
LobsterAttackWho was I just talking to? :S20:07
LobsterAttackI tried to restart lightdm and it closed my chat app.20:07
Smnspecially wine applications. wine explorer is even listed several times...20:07
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, me - I'm about to step afk for about 15 min or so though...brb20:07
LobsterAttackCan I PM you?20:07
tilpnerI'm never going to learn this. I had everything working, then tried to get rid of screen tearing and now everything's broken. -.-20:09
tilpnerJust to clarify, is it okay to have both 64-, and 32 bit drivers for nvidia, nouveau and radeon installed simultaneously?20:10
=== Guest96510 is now known as Fleet
newkei have xubuntu 15.10 installed. every time i start my machine i hear crackling sound. i think it might be pulse audio issue, anyone else experience the same?20:12
LobsterAttacknewke: possibly a buffer set too low?20:12
tilpnerWhen I login, there's only my wallpaper and desktop icons, but nothing of the rest of Unity. It appears Compiz died on me, but... That Shouldn't Happen (tm).20:12
MoPacHello. I've been wondering for a while what is going on with the unity dash search when I pull it up and start typing. There doesn't seem to be any consistent behavior, especially from the "home" tab. Sometimes it is near-instant and sometimes crawls. Sometimes it's finding both apps and files (desired), sometimes only one.20:12
MoPacAnd often, I can start (or even finish) typing the name of something (especially an app), and it won't be found -- indefinitely. But if I backspace a character or two, suddenly it may show up -- even though all the characters were a perfect match. Is this kind of behavior common?20:12
newkeLobsterAttack: how do i check it?20:14
LobsterAttackWhile running Ubuntu from a live cd everything was working correctly, but once installing I can't change my resolution to the proper setting. Can anyone help?20:17
=== logan_ is now known as Guest57587
Guest57587it's my first time on irc20:22
Guest57587italian guys?20:22
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:22
tilpner"CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...."20:24
tilpnerYou're not helping, Ubuntu. :(20:24
LMKYI just installed linux, what should I know? :)20:25
MonkeyDust!manual | LMKY start here20:25
ubottuLMKY start here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:25
LMKYsounds good thanks20:26
LobsterAttackubottu is very smart20:26
ubottuLobsterAttack: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:26
wizzkiddi have messed up some files on my ubuntu server 15.10.  I incorrectly symlinked some "libz*" files, then unlinked them, and now my system is throwing up "segmentation fault" errors.  I am not able to boot the server any longer, and I have managed to get to a root prompt using the recovery option in the grub menu.  It seems Python is broken i think, and "libz.so.1" cannot be found either.  I am unable to run any apt-get command beca20:26
_nemesysyour creator is intelligent ubottu20:26
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LobsterAttackAnyone know anything about display driver issues in Ubuntu?20:29
tilpnerLobsterAttack - "They're rarely fun."20:29
LobsterAttacktilpner - no kidding20:30
LobsterAttackBut the mystery is...20:30
LobsterAttackWorked perfectly on a live CD version of Ubuntu.20:30
LobsterAttackAnd during install.20:30
LobsterAttackBut post-install, I'm limited to a ludicrously small resolution.20:31
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SlidingHornLobsterAttack, did you visit the second link in !resolution?20:36
=== jwtiyar is now known as jwtiyar_
jwtiyar_ /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER jwtiyar_20:37
=== jwtiyar_ is now known as jwtiyar
jwtiyarhow i can 20 pics from 40 pics ? with one select ?20:39
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  sophisticated password!20:39
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  how can you what, whith one select?20:40
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i have 40 files i want to delete 20 in one time not selecting one by one20:41
NEXUS-6Have anybody problems with the last java upate on ubuntu 15.10? I have problems with netbeans20:42
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, in windows i can but in ubuntu i cant select these just with pressing and hold the right click because there no space to start the selection20:43
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  and how do you make the pc know which files have to be deleted?20:43
OerHeksjwtiyar, select the 1st, hold shift and arrow down to select more20:43
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i want to make a select just by holding right click till finish slecting20:44
hexhaxtronI play the electric guitar. How can I play it together with a remote friend?20:44
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, this will do seecting one by one20:44
OerHeksto get a better view, press in the right top corner view icons as grit20:45
LobsterAttackSlidingHorn: can you post it again?20:45
SlidingHornjwtiyar, can't you just hold ctrl+click each one?20:45
jwtiyarOerHeks, this will do seecting one by one20:45
SlidingHorn!resolution | LobsterAttack20:45
ubottuLobsterAttack: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution20:45
jwtiyarSlidingHorn, i think u dont understand what i mean i will post an atachment pic of my case20:46
OerHeksjwtiyar, no, hold ctrl to select manually with the mouse, i just found it20:46
MonkeyDustthat's how do it always20:47
LobsterAttackSlidingHorn: still not showing my the right resolution at all20:48
Exagone313Hi, I want to lie to the hostname command. I tried to use an alias to echo xxxx, but when I run for example hostname aaa it prints "xxxx aaa" and not just "xxxx". What do I do? Thanks for helping.20:49
Exagone313without changing path if possible20:49
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, OerHeks sorry i got another problem when i make a screenshoot the screen will white and i cant do anything20:50
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, are you sure you went all the way through all that information so quickly & tried what was applicable?20:50
jwtiyarOerHeks, with mouse click i have to do it one by one not whole20:51
LobsterAttackxrandr shows a "maximum" resolution of my monitor than I know what it is, so...20:51
LobsterAttackDunno what else to do at this point SlidingHorn20:51
akikExagone313: you could try "sysctl -w kernel.hostname=test". no guarantees20:51
OerHeksjwtiyar, hold ctrl to select manually with the mouse, i just found it20:52
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  set the view to 'icons', then you can select them with the mouse (just tried and works)20:52
Exagone313ok I just replace /bin/hostname, just easier...20:52
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, the page linked in that message tells you how to fix that, specifically: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions20:52
Exagone313maybe unsafe way20:53
Cinnamongood day everyone, I had the following strange case with usb drive: it was decrypted and mounted, and a file on it was opened. then I couldnt save the file because the folders were suddenly shown with a lock symbol. and then the same folders became shown as empty (more correctly, the subfolders were disappearing each time I went to a parent folder). at the same time the drive was shown as locked (encrypted) back, without me having done anything,20:53
Cinnamon yet was also shown as a second additional partition mounted at '/dev/mapper/luks..' (where the folders disappeared) I was not able to decrypt the drive again at this moment, even though the password was correct. then I restarted the machine, and this time decryption was possible, and all files and folders were there, yet as 'read-only'...can someone please help me know what happened or what this all might be about?20:53
MonkeyDustCinnamon  an encrypted drive?20:54
CinnamonMonkeyDust, yes, it is a luks drive20:54
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i selected sizes so all big are in last so i want select from smallest big to biggest size this will not work just by holding mouse and going down to last one its one by one i have to click each picture because there is no in the place to start the selection by mouse20:55
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  and the view is set to 'icons'?20:56
SlidingHornjwtiyar, right click somewhere in the space between folders & go to Arrange items > sort by size?20:56
CinnamonMonkeyDust, in short, the folders first became 'unpermitted', then disappeared, while the mounted partition was shown, on one side, as locked back, and, on the other, as mounted at /mapper, with said state of folders20:56
Exagone313it's ok i found a way20:57
Cinnamonand at restart all folders were read-only20:57
AlexPortableDoes /etc/hosts supports wildcards?20:57
AlexPortableso for example complete /24 range20:57
LobsterAttackSlidingHorn I have no idea what the output is even called and that article doesn't explain how to find out.20:57
MonkeyDustCinnamon  i'm unfamiliar with luks or encryption, that's why i asked20:58
jwtiyarSlidingHorn, MonkeyDust , u have any windows os now ?20:58
CinnamonMonkeyDust, ah, ok, no problem, thank you all the same!..maybe someone here can help20:59
akikExagone313: usually it's nice to tell the solution to others too20:59
Exagone313I use docker, and I found the solution with it21:00
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  no need, i can select files with one mouse move, so it should work for you too21:00
Exagone313because it blocks to edit the hostname apparently21:00
HL521How can I figure out if there is driver support for the xDuoo TA-01 USB DAC/Amp?21:00
HL521Uses Wolfson WM8470 chips21:01
ph8Hi all21:02
ph8I have a samba mount in my /etc/fstab - but it never mounts on boot. Running a mount -a after i'm booted up sorts it - does anyone have any idea what option or setting i might need to remedy this?21:02
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, please provide the output (will be a link) of:       xrandr -q | pastebinit21:03
akikph8: i use this line "//server/share /home/username/share cifs user,_netdev,cache=none,credentials=/home/username/.cifs-credentials 0 0"21:03
akikph8: mounts automatically21:03
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, how u do it ? there is no space any where u start with mouse have file , i wanted you to test it and understand what iam saying , its been been two years i have this problem21:03
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, this my files are aranged http://postimg.org/image/qwn37irnr/21:04
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  i guess we're not talking about the same thing... which file manager are you using?21:04
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i want to delete from .cr2 file to end with one time holding right click till finish and then delete not selecting one by one21:05
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, stock one21:05
ph8akik, the _netdev is new, any idea what that does?21:05
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  is that the name of the file manager, 'stock one'?21:05
LobsterAttackSlidingHorn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13533157/21:05
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, no i mean the ubuntu it self file manager Unity21:06
akikph8: "The filesystem resides on a device that requires network access (used to prevent the system from attempting to mount these filesystems until the network has been enabled on the system)."21:06
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, you saw the pic ?21:06
ph8ah amazing, thanks!21:07
akikph8: i managed to make the mount under systemd too but it's way too much work21:07
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  i saw it... that's not nautilus, what is it?21:07
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, its nautilus21:08
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  ok, set the view to 'icons'21:09
LobsterAttackSlidingHorn: any ideas?21:10
OerHekstold that too: to get a better view, press in the right top corner view icons as grit21:10
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, just a moment...21:10
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, this is what iam talking about :)21:10
TJ-Cinnamon: reading up on your experience I'd suspect the USB device had an I/O error which caused the underlying raw device to become unavailable, and the GUI tools saw a cached version of the file system, which is why directories/files 'disappeared' once the tools needed to re-read the device21:10
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  yes, you can delete the files in icon view21:11
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, but i select icons the order will become corrupted21:11
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i made them by size so i want to delete from.cr2 files and till finish but seting to icons will misalign them again i cant delete woth one time21:12
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  in icon view it's ordered horizontally, but the order stays the same21:12
OerHeksGuest93333, all torrents are here :-P http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/21:12
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, i got it thank you bro21:12
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, this is too much noisy ubuntu should make view to icons and then sizes in default21:13
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  not for one person's preferences21:13
CinnamonTJ- but everything is back now, after I restarted the machine. yet read-only21:13
akikis there a setting which would tell ubuntu not to shutdown the network interface until all network mounts have been unmounted?21:13
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, this is default in every where21:13
jwtiyarMonkeyDust, thank you again21:14
MonkeyDustjwtiyar  happy to help21:14
CinnamonTJ- and the drive had shown no errors when I ran badblocks on it (though just for 2 passes, yet I heard that it'd likely be reliable)21:15
jwtiyarhow i can upgrade by USB ?21:17
AlexPortableHow do I get the /etc/hosts file to actually work?21:19
TJ-Cinnamon: I'd check /var/log/kern.log around the time the issue happened, and work backwards in the log, for any indication of events related to the USB mass storage device21:19
TJ-Cinnamon: read-only mount would likely be due to file-system errors causing a remount,ro option to take effect21:20
SlidingHornLobsterAttack, ok, so just to summarize: you used a liveUSB/CD and the resolution was fine.  Now, you have a fresh install with only a very low resolution?  If so, have you come across this in your search? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2267514&p=13238154#post1323815421:20
kubast2Hey which driver would you use on trinity apu ?21:23
kubast2xserver-xorg-video-ati or fgrlx-updates ?21:23
CinnamonTJ- I checked kern.log, and found errors like these: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13533559/21:30
Cinnamonthe time stamps correspond to the interval when the problem occured21:31
GazorpazorpHey, I have a 4gb sdcard, but fdisk says that it has only 10mb.21:31
GazorpazorpI have seen that particular card having 4gb in the past21:31
Gazorpazorpkernel conf and fdisk printout21:32
daftykinsGazorpazorp: probably the reader21:33
daftykinstry another if you can21:33
Gazorpazorpother sdcards are shown with the right size in this reader, I dont have another reader right now21:35
daftykinswhat's the card used for?21:35
Gazorpazorpdd'ed an image of a windows dvd to it inbefore21:37
daftykinsbut it's not from a camera or similar?21:38
Gazorpazorpthen wipefs -a 'ed the thing21:38
Gazorpazorpit maybe was in a camera some time21:38
Gazorpazorpbut I have used it as 4gb card after it was in the cam21:38
Gazorpazorpcam was a canon powershot a71021:38
daftykinsi'd throw it back in and see if the camera can make head nor tail of it?21:40
=== cyril is now known as Guest16343
Gazorpazorpthe cam is dead, gone look for another one21:44
Exagone313Hi, I have Ubuntu 14.04, I try to install the package sqlite3 that depends on libsqlite3-0 (= 3.8.2-1ubuntu2) but 3.8.2-1ubuntu2.1 is installed and it fails. What do I do? Thanks for your help.21:53
TumulteHello !21:54
Tumultehow do I force pulse audio to be stereo... instead of 5.1 (I only got this profile)21:54
TJ-Cinnamon: "usb 1-1: reset high-speed USB device number 2 using ehci-pci" would be the device disconnecting. Everything else would stem from that.21:55
dfreyHow do I upgrade to a version other than 15.04.  I am on 14.04 and I want to get to 15.04, but I have read that you have to upgrade to 14.10 first.21:56
daftykinsdfrey: that's correct21:56
daftykins!eolupgrade | dfrey follow the last link in this factoid21:56
ubottudfrey follow the last link in this factoid: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:56
=== javier_ is now known as jaujau
OerHeksbetter do a fresh 15.10 then21:57
Gazorpazorpdfrey: On Ubuntu installs I document and archive my customizations in system and have /home on a separate partition, that saves a lot of updates woes. I can clean install and keep everything21:58
dfreyBack in the day, debian was known for being reliable through upgrades.  Perhaps that is not true of Ubuntu anymore.21:59
OerHeksdfrey, not fair, you have chosen 14.04 lts ( 14.04.3 by now)22:00
Exagone313here is an output of apt-get install sqlite3: http://ewd.xyz/FftZxZIdpvFYLOo22:00
GazorpazorpHow is the general smoothness of release upgrades on ubuntu nowadays? Havent upgraded anything since 11.04 and 12.0422:02
daftykinsExagone313: can you state "cat /etc/issue" and also "apt-cache policy sqlite3" ?22:02
daftykinsGazorpazorp: i tend to stick to LTS to avoid upgrades :) never believed in them22:02
cotixIs there a way to report bugs when you dont run ubuntu?22:04
Gazorpazorpdaftykins: they mostly broke a lot of things, system was very unstable afterwards back then. Only release upgrade that really was perfect is debian wheezy to jessie22:04
daftykinscotix: how would you know of any? :)22:04
Gazorpazorpcotix: either to the developer of the package or your distros people22:05
cotixI had to install Ubuntu server, and the installation process was horrible22:05
cotixIts the ubuntu installer22:05
cotixrescue mode is broken if you boot from usb22:05
cotixthere is no way to controll where grub is installed22:05
cotixit defaults to installing it on the usb22:05
Gazorpazorpcotix, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/22:05
cotixeven though i made a partition mounted to /boot22:05
daftykinsseparate /boot is very antiquated and has nothing to do with GRUB placement22:06
daftykinsanywho you can always drop to a shell and do it by hand :) which if you're installing server, you're more than likely to be competent with22:06
cotixI couldn't because the rescue mode was broken22:06
cotixso i couldnt get a shell22:06
daftykinscotix: may i ask which version though? i can spin that up and test it22:06
cotixtry installing from an usb22:07
daftykinsso 15.10 64-bit server?22:07
cotixgrub will be installed on the usb22:07
Gazorpazorpis the image corrupt? did you check hashes?22:07
cotixI mean the LTS22:07
daftykinsok so 14.04.3 64-bit server?22:07
Exagone313it's ok I used another source lists from my interver provider22:07
daftykinsrightyo, and how did you prepare the USB drive?22:07
Exagone313thanks anyway22:07
daftykinsExagone313: ok must've been an out of date repository22:07
cotixwhen you select rescue mode using live usb it says it cant find ubuntu cd22:08
daftykinscotix: right but how did you prepare this USB flash drive with the ISO?22:08
daftykinsExagone313: ok but if that was a VPS sometimes those can be intercepted22:09
cotixwith the recommended methode that ubuntu.com told me to22:09
cotixlive usb thingy22:10
daftykinsalrighty, i'm grabbing that ISO so i'll give it a test22:10
daftykinsubuntu-14.04.3-server-amd64.iso is the one22:10
finexbeercuno italiano??22:11
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:12
d31anoncan i give one question?22:13
daftykinsask away :)22:13
Gazorpazorpfinexbeer, can read it a bit but not form sentences at all. try in the ubuntu-it chan or write it anyway22:13
d31anonis it backbox is ubuntu too22:14
finexbeerwhats in the ather software (software and aploud) the 2° point??22:14
daftykinsd31anon: we do not support backbox here, sorry22:15
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.22:15
daftykinscotix: i get some error console output from booting recovery mode from the menu ("repair a broken system") but after a loading delay, it comes up with the language select text menu just fine22:17
skweekdoes anyone have a good backup solution for me to use to backup some directories from disk to SD card?22:17
daftykinscotix: are you familiar with hashing your download to ensure it wasn't corrupt?22:17
daftykinsskweek: i would not consider an SD card to be any form of viable backup, worse than a cheap USB flash drive in fact22:18
skweekdoesn't cp have an option to copy files based on time settings?22:18
skweekits all i've got daftykins and its a temporary solution22:18
skweekbut I agree with you22:18
daftykinswhilst unfriendly, the man page might say so - otherwise i'm sure rsync would have such a feature22:18
daftykinshow temporary? :)22:19
EriC^^skweek: rsync -av /path/to/source /path/to/backup22:19
m0tzis there a way to install ubuntu on a dell inspiron 3421? can't find any useful site on google...22:19
skweekthanks EriC^^22:20
skweeklike a month22:20
bpromptm0tz:   shouldn't be any different than installing on any other x86 box22:20
m0tzbprompt: it seems there's no way to setup bios to boot it...22:22
Gazorpazorpskweek, are the files confidential? if not extremely then encrypt your backup and upload it to some free hoster like gdrive, dropbox, mega, wahtever22:22
bpromptm0tz:    hmmmm is the usb bootable?   have you ever booted to usb anything before?22:23
skweeknot really they aren't really... so will rsync -av /source/foo /dest/foo check the last modified date of files and only preform updates?22:24
m0tzyes, it is. Yes, do this kind of thing very often...22:24
bpromptm0tz:    then I don't see why the ubuntu usb wouldn't boot :), chances are the burning didn't go well I'd think22:25
mschurenkohey. can anyone see this?22:28
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
mschurenkonot sure if my irc client is working properly22:29
MonkeyDustmschurenko  use a different font color to be more visible22:29
MonkeyDustmschurenko  that was a joke, yes, we see you22:30
londoncallingyeah we can't see it if you write in invisible ink sorry22:30
mschurenkoThanks MonkeyDust :)22:30
zzo38How do I check if newer Ubuntu packages are compatible with my computer without damaging anything?22:31
zzo38I want to install the newer SQLite and Swiss Ephemeris packages22:31
zzo38(My computer does not even have a Swiss Ephemeris package)22:32
badbodhstick to official repos, compatibility ensured22:32
zzo38I think it is the official Ubuntu packages, but it is a newer version of Ubuntu.22:33
badbodhwhich version ?22:34
bpromptzzo38:    make a backup, try the newer package :), if it's a no-go, then put the backup back :)22:34
badbodhbtw regular softwares don;t need to be compatible to your hardware in general. drivers and kernels need to be compatible22:34
zzo38I want the newest versions of SQLite and Swiss Ephemeris. However I have SQLite version 3.8.11 and Ubuntu version 12.04.5.LTS22:35
daftykinsno wonder they're old :)22:35
zzo38This software I don't to worry about the hardware compatibility but I want to ensure it is compatible with the software I have on my computer!22:36
sylwekwhat abaut ISIS22:37
bpromptzzo38:    as badbodh suggested, stick to the repositories.... latest for 12.04 is 2.8.17   as far as I can tell, so, 3.8.11 may need newer libraries that may be shared by other packages that may not be compatible with it, either that, or 3.8.11 simply won't install22:37
badbodhif you want latest and greatest all the time switch to a rolling release distro. ubuntu freezes its packages before release to ensure nothing breaks and keeps receiving security updates.22:38
zzo38Yes that's what I wanted to know about. Is it better if I just compile those program by myself?22:38
badbodhthen you may break dependencies. compile at your own risk.22:38
badbodhyou can easily upgrade to newer versions by update-manager22:39
Gazorpazorpsylwek, the ancient goddess or the crazy dogs in middle east22:39
badbodhGazorpazorp, feeding trolls strictly prohibited in this zoo22:40
Gazorpazorpbadbodh, kk22:40
regumhello everyone22:40
regumI'm running ubuntu and instlled a debian package22:41
zzo38The new version of SQLite is compatible with the old one though22:41
regumit's broken everyting22:41
regumHow can I revert to the good old days?22:41
daftykinsregum: you'd find it far easier to clean install i should think, what package?22:41
badbodhregum, remove the debian package22:41
regumbadbodh, userland22:42
regumdaftykins, that is an option, but I'd rather try to fix it, it's extremely tedious to fresh install22:42
bpromptzzo38:     it depends on what the packages uses, if 3.8.11 is simplly going to update the libraries for 2.8.17, and not touch any other shared libraries by other packages, then, sure, compiling it and installing from there would work, but often times that's not true for newer packages, they may require newer versions of some shared library, that may break other package(s)22:42
zzo38They always ensure to make it compatible. Also this package manager does not even have Swiss Ephemeris so I think no program depend on that package. I would prefer to install the package but if I cannot I could install by myself, but then I might get a extra copy22:42
=== JanC_ is now known as JanC
zzo38I am pretty sure that SQLite does not require newer versions of some shared library and break others, but that might not necessarily be true of the Ubuntu package for SQLite; I don't really understand all of these Ubuntu package22:44
badbodhregum, once you remove the 'debian package' you speak of, you can do "sudo apt-get install -f" to fix22:44
regumbadbodh, I'll try that now22:44
daftykinsi don't think that's going to help but ok22:44
badbodhdaftykins, let's first figure out how much destruction, with popcorn and beer22:46
daftykinsoh you can :)22:47
daftykinsby all means!22:47
zzo38Also I wrote some programs that might be useful to someone so can you add such packages into later version of Ubuntu possibly? All such program is free software and open source and public domain software.22:47
Gazorpazorpdaftykins still here?22:47
daftykinsthat i am22:47
badbodhregum, if any error, copy/paste output in pastebin.com , share url here22:47
zzo38But, maybe it does not meet your policy I don't know22:47
regumok, I'm still on it22:48
Gazorpazorpdaftykins, is there any other method to restore an sdcard to normal state? I have 2 camers in reach, one is bricked, the other was in the car for months and the proprietary batterie is dead22:48
daftykinsno charger?22:48
daftykinsGazorpazorp: given how cheap they are i wouldn't put much effort toward it personally.22:48
daftykinsGazorpazorp: you could try sharing the output of "sudo parted -l" which is slightly different to fdisk, or just try sending some data to it to kill the partition table22:49
regumbadbodh, it didn't fix it22:49
Gazorpazorpdaftykins, the battery is dead dead. Lithium battery that was empty at -5°C. Yes, just bought a bunch of them, but they propably arrive on monday22:49
regumI really don't want to do a fresh install, configuring the thing is hell22:50
daftykinsGazorpazorp: why the hurry then? :)22:50
daftykinsregum: only if you start trying to throw debian packages on the wrong distro ;)22:50
=== Ricardus_ is now known as Ricardus
badbodhregum, share output on pastebin22:51
Gazorpazorpdaftykins, I need one for a phone that doesnt work without one22:52
LonelyDanboHow do I narrow down whether my motherboard chipset overheating is a motherboard issue or some kind of issue with Ubuntu? I bought a replacement motherboard of the same brand but with high ratings. It overheats when I play videos or games.22:52
regumbadbodh, it's a camera that doesn't work, it did before, but I wanted to use a package with it and it now won't work as it did before22:52
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: why do you think it's the motherboard and not the graphics card (if there is one) or the CPU itself? or why overheating at all?22:53
LonelyDanboI thought maybe the games were due to it being through Wine and somehow it's not going directly to the video card, because I'm... not sure Wine does ... is it nVidia that's the alternative of ... I got the one that's better with AMD.22:53
regumdaftykins, http://pastebin.com/KARDi4Lu22:54
daftykinsregum: i'm not the one currently assisting you22:54
zzo38Can you please tell me if my program are against your policy to add into your package manager?22:54
regumoh sorry22:54
LonelyDanbodaftykins, because I put my finger on all of them and only the motherboard chipset is burning hot22:54
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: could you describe what happens when you're playing games?22:54
regumI got mixed up with names22:54
badbodhregum, we really don;t know about your camera or why you tried to use the mentioned package. let's focus on fixing your broken system.22:54
regumbadbodh, http://pastebin.com/KARDi4Lu22:54
regumwell, yeah, but that's the error I get22:55
daftykinszzo38: volunteers only here, not officials22:55
badbodhfirst tell us what symptoms made you think you got broken system ?22:55
regumwell it worked before, I installed that package that had to do with the camera and now it doesn't work22:55
LonelyDanbodaftykins, the chipset gets hot really quick, and if I play full screen for a few hours performance decreases, framerate drops, and eventually it locks up if I'm playing all day.22:55
badbodhany freeze, crash, install/uninstall problem22:55
miroesqI am running ubuntu server bc a software compatability issue. i am trying to install a program, but it is telling me to install libpq devel or equivalent. my seraches have only turned up libpq5, but installing that still gave me the same issue. does anyone know what this libpq devel is?22:56
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: ok, can you open the terminal and run "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" so we can identify your graphics hardware? it'll create a link for you to paste here22:56
zzo38daftykins: O, sorry, who am I supposed to ask then?22:56
zzo38O, I didn't know termbin.com22:57
daftykinszzo38: i think there's a packaging channel, however <your timezone> on a Friday night / Saturday morning may not get much of a response :)22:57
badbodhregum, looks like you are missing camera firmware.22:57
badbodhwe can;t really help you with that.22:58
auronandace!packaging | zzo3822:58
ubottuzzo38: The packaging guide is at http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring22:58
regumI think that the package I installed has added dependecies to it or something22:58
LonelyDanbodaftykins, http://termbin.com/eg1b22:58
regumbut I can't run that firmware22:58
badbodhregum, what made you think your system is broken ?22:58
sudo3hi guys, i have dnsmasq where i addedd my zones and it work well for site without ssl but for site with ssl it resolves via google dns any ideas?22:59
regumbadbodh, it worked before, I installed that package that had to do with the camera and now it doesn't work22:59
regumbadbodh, it didn't ask me for anything like that before22:59
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: ok so nvidia GTX 660 graphics, does your new motherboard have an actively cooled northbridge chip (is there a fan on it?) or is it a passive heatsink? (no fan)22:59
badbodhregum, look into /var/log/apt , there will be some log files which tell you what got installed with your 'thing'23:00
badbodhremove them one by one23:00
LonelyDanbodaftykins, there's no fan on it.23:00
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: ok and do you happen to have the make and model of board beside you right now?23:00
=== midnightmagic_ is now known as mmidnightmagic
LonelyDanbodaftykins,  yup. Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB323:01
=== mmidnightmagic is now known as midnightmagic
regumbadbodh, only apt-get shows up there23:01
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: excellent, have you at any point installed "lm-sensors" and had a glance at what the temperatures are like? if not do so now and then run "sensors | nc termbin.com 9999"23:02
regumI coned the userland repo and used their buildme23:02
LonelyDanbodaftykins, I HAD been using a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P . It had a larger heatsync for the northbridge chip, but still no fan.23:02
hispeed67just connected tv to laptop via HDMI, how do i tell ubuntu studio to use it?23:02
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: i would say that it is a very big stretch that it has anything to do with your problems, they *always* run hot23:03
LonelyDanbodaftykins, http://termbin.com/bflu I just got done playing a game. It's still uncomfortably hot but not too bad.23:03
badbodhregum, them i'm afraid re-install is the only way. you don;t know what changes you made, no way to track them down. we can;t fix it.23:03
elisa87hey I get this error even though my JAVA_HOME is set by another script, any idea how this could be fixed? http://pastebin.com/ff3eJ5Pr23:03
badbodhthat's why use caution before using a third-party repo23:03
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: hmm there's not actually any useful information from that, can you try running "nvidia-settings" and look for a temperature value in that?23:03
regumthanks for the help23:03
LonelyDanbodaftykins, what always runs hot? motherboard chipsets? then why aren't there coolers for them?23:04
regumI do feel like this shouldn't be able to happen though23:04
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: there is - and you're looking at it, they just don't need any active cooling :)23:04
daftykinsi can pretty much guarantee you the fault lies elsewhere23:04
badbodhregum, next time you play with unofficial repos, make sure you keep a track of things you do. in case you need to revert your changes23:04
utu8ois there a user friendly app on Ubuntu like Filezilla Server on Windows?23:05
regumbadbodh, I used their buildme, that's all23:05
akikutu8o: openssh-server23:05
utu8odoes that have a user friendly GUI?23:06
akikutu8o: no23:06
Twinkletoesserver 14.04, I'm trying top prevent ssh from running at startup, but after running udpate-rc.d -f ssh remove, and rebooting, ssh is sitll listening on port 2223:06
LonelyDanbodaftykins, nvidia settings says my temp is 31C23:06
TwinkletoesHow do I prevent ssh from starting auto at boot?23:06
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: ok so the graphics card is alright. install "mesa-utils" then run "glxgears" and watch that temperature, see how high it goes23:06
daftykinsTwinkletoes: http://askubuntu.com/questions/56753/how-do-i-disable-sshd-from-starting-automatically23:07
LonelyDanbodaftykins, looks like it's already installed. not sure how to run it.23:07
=== _Kai__ is now known as _Kai_
utu8oakik, so i guess the easiest way would just be to use Windows as the host over ubuntu23:08
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: either from a spare terminal window, or type it into dash top left (if this is a unity desktop)23:08
Twinkletoesdaftykins: Thank you for that!23:08
LonelyDanbomesa-utils command not found.23:08
daftykinsnp :)23:08
akikutu8o: if your need is to install a file server, openssh-server fits the bill perfectly23:08
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: no 'glxgears' is the program provided by the package 'mesa-utils'23:08
jophish__right, I'm back23:09
LonelyDanbodaftykins, shot up to 36C but now quickly going down to 33C23:09
jophish__I"ve reinstalled the nvidia driver and am still getting "the system is running in low graphics mode"23:10
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: i would say it'd be handy if you could try another OS on this same system if possible (such as a temporary Windows install on a spare hard disk) which would help point the trouble away from software, but i would be more inclined to think it's PSU related (power supply)23:11
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: you could give ##hardware a go, as it's more on topic for them - but obviously only assuming my guess is even close.23:11
LonelyDanbodaftykins, I'm paranoid about using Windows. I was really hoping to avoid it. I feel like it's a security risk to have it.23:12
daftykinsjust don't go online and watch porn, you can keep it just as long as to test whilst remaining totally offline if you have game discs.23:12
badbodhregum, moot point is you installed package that's not in the repos, don;t do that if you can;t fix things yourself. sorry we couldn;t help.23:12
utu8oLonelyDanbo, true, but Windows is so user friendly it makes life easier23:12
jophish__On this topic, I tried a windows install and didn't have any graphics problems23:13
jasabellahi :) im trying to use expert install mode in ubuntu server lts cd and it keeps going through things automaticall?23:13
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: if you were playing around in the case before the problem first occurred, static damage could be a factor too... but that's a huge stretch.23:13
regumbadbodh, I appreciate your help, I'm frustrated at ubuntu really, it's a pain in the ass to set it all up again23:13
daftykinsjophish__: i doubt that's what you did between now and earlier ;)23:13
jophish__daftykins: ah, I meant earlier, before we started chatting23:14
badbodhregum, then don;t do rash things :) carelessness leads to pain. ubuntu or not.23:14
LonelyDanboAlso like... the new Windows versions ... are a mess. I heard they fixed it in 10 but... then I've also heard people just had them break on their own and have to go back to previous versions.23:14
daftykinsjophish__: :) have you booted in to purge nvidia* again yet?23:14
regumbadbodh, it wasn't rash, it was the only way to use the camera23:14
jophish__daftykins: I've done that a few times now already23:14
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: discussion on Windows isn't apt for this channel, it is a suggestion which will let you isolate the problem quickly (assuming you know how to set up Windows) so it's up to you.23:14
utu8oi'm surprised that Android has way more user friendly apps than Ubuntu even though Ubuntu started long before Android and apps are also free... i guess Android is more friendly towards app developers23:15
badbodhregum, then you should contact the developer of that package or camera manufacturer for ubuntu compatibility23:15
jophish__ah, Xord.failsaf.log has some interesting errors23:15
jasabellahow do i get into expert install on the dvd?23:15
jasabellaer cd23:15
daftykinsutu8o: no, you can just make a lot of money on android...23:15
LonelyDanbodaftykins, well the previous board I snapped the heatsync off while holding the board by it... I ended up replacing the thermal paste with stuff from like 10 years ago... maybe it was too thin because I heard that's what you do, but it was originally attached by a BLOCK of this stuff.23:15
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: i'm honestly telling you that thinking that is the cause is 100% false, it is something else most definitely23:16
daftykinsjophish__: remind me, this was the hybrid graphics laptop yeah?23:16
jophish__daftykins: as far as I know, yes23:17
LonelyDanbowell... maybe I'll keep trying this new board and see if it screws up the same way. :(23:17
badbodhwhat kind of camera needs third party software to work? most can be just plugged in and work like a flash drive23:17
jophish__I've booted with 15.10 at least once before23:17
daftykinsjophish__: ok can you pastebin "ls -al /boot" ?23:17
jophish__sure thing23:17
daftykinsbadbodh: ones that don't support the UVC standard23:17
jophish__http://termbin.com/lms3 daftykins23:17
badbodhdaftykins, that means "not my bloody job - yours faithfully, ubuntu"23:18
daftykinsbadbodh: no, it means "Linux works well with cameras that support the UVC standard"23:19
LonelyDanboI had been reading about how to use nVidia graphics cards in Wine with my games and I got the impression that ... it doesn't work properly. changing settings to Direct3D allows it to fully utilize features. So I figured all graphics were running through the system instead of directly to the video card.23:19
dotpixisdepends on the system23:19
badbodhwell, we need standards23:19
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: try a Linux native game, to rule out wine, or try Windows as i mentioned.23:19
daftykinsbadbodh: we have them - and the one you bought does not adhere to them.23:19
dotpixisas linus torvald said "Fuck you Nvida"23:19
LonelyDanbohm. native Linux game.23:20
daftykinsjophish__: you can run "sudo apt-get autoremove" to get rid of that -16 kernel23:20
LonelyDanbohah. well it's a bit late for me to replace all my hardware.23:20
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: yeah, do you have a steam account?23:20
badbodhdotpixis, at least use **** when quoting the big guy23:20
LonelyDanbono Steam.23:20
badbodhyou'd be kicked otherwise23:20
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: nobody suggested replacing hardware just yet :)23:20
dotpixisbadbodh: okay, i'm not gonna curse, but i'm not one to change a quote...23:21
badbodhfeel free to censor a quote23:21
badbodhwe got kids here. leaves bad impression23:22
jophish__daftykins: interestingly now I'm not getting a cursor, which I only seemed to get while running the nvidia driver23:22
dotpixisi won't be quoteing Samuel L. Jackson here...23:22
jasabellais ubuntu expert install supposed to autodetect network settings?!23:22
daftykinsjasabella: can you be more specific, which ISO are you using?23:23
daftykinsdotpixis: please take the chat to #ubuntu-offtopic :) this channel is for support only23:23
badbodhshould detect ethernet, not sure about wi-fi23:23
daftykinsjophish__: did you run that command and reboot already? there wasn't any need to.23:24
jophish__daftykins: there's not too much else I can do at the moment :)23:25
daftykinsjophish__: can you remind me of the laptop make + model?23:25
daftykinsyes but when you take too long to get back to me after a simple command, you take too long23:25
daftykinser, heh repeated myself.23:25
dotpixisjasabella: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo | advanced setup23:25
jophish__sure, it's a dell xps 15 9530, daftykins http://termbin.com/abfk23:26
jophish__that's dmidecode23:27
=== shaky is now known as shaky705
daftykinsjophish__: do you have a service tag you could share at all? feel free to PM it since it's a tad more sensitive, or i'll try and fudge my way through the Dell site if you'd rather not.23:27
jophish__daftykins: I'm happy to navigate sites, although I'm not sure what to look for23:30
daftykinsyeah it's kinda quicker for me to do direct :)23:31
LonelyDanboI've been having trouble with my old DVD drive. It uses IDE instead of SATA. I was hoping this new motherboard that actually supports old IDE would fix the issue because I had to use an external card on the last motherboard. A DVD disc I put in is not showing up on the left sidebar thing.23:31
daftykinsjophish__: so just the one kernel is in /boot now, so we've got that covered...23:31
jophish__daftykins: yup23:32
LonelyDanboHm... I have something called "sr0". Any chance that's my DVD drive?23:33
daftykinsjophish__: can you run "dpkg -l | grep bumble" and tell me if it gives any result / nothing?23:33
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: it is, sr0 = optical drive23:33
jophish__daftykins: nothing23:33
LonelyDanbook. good. So ... maybe the drive is just dead.23:33
jophish__optimus, prime, bumblebee, I'm detecting a pattern here23:34
daftykinsjophish__: good stuff, can you try the second section in the reply for: http://askubuntu.com/questions/691946/how-to-solve-black-screen-problem-after-installing-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-15-123:34
daftykinsyeah hybrid graphics on Linux is not easy.23:34
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: possibly, if the BIOS could boot an ubuntu DVD in there, that'd prove it or not potentially23:34
jophish__daftykins: install the packages from the graphics-drivers ppa?23:35
LonelyDanbohm... sudo lshw -C disk reported a -cdrom status=nodisc. :(23:35
daftykinsjophish__: yeah the three commands then reboot suggested, adding the PPA... installing nvidia-355 and nvidia-prime blah blah23:35
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: it's possible the jumper setting on your drive is not in the correct position for the point the ribbon cable plugged into it is at.23:37
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: since PATA ribbons have 3 points, a jumper setting of 'master' must be at the end of the cable, 'slave' is the middle - and 'CSEL' or cable select can be either.23:37
LonelyDanbodaftykins, would a slave/master difference stop it from reporting a disc is present? I used this before. I thought even in a *nix OS.23:37
daftykinswouldn't hurt to check, but if it were wrong your BIOS would not detect the drive23:38
LonelyDanboI think under CrunchBang. on a really ancient motherboard.23:38
LonelyDanbobut Ubuntu reports I have the drive.23:38
daftykinsyeah, it's a weak try but worth a mention.23:38
daftykinsanyway as i said boot media would rule out it being ubuntu23:38
LonelyDanbohuh. So a small possibility that Ubuntu could detect it despite the BIOS not detecting it, and this might cause it to be unable to read discs23:39
LonelyDanboare you sure northbridge chipsets heatsyncs are supposed to be so hot you can't hold your finger on it for more than a few seconds?23:40
daftykinsno you just need to fault find from the lower levels first :>23:40
jophish__daftykins: I'm sorry to report no change :(23:40
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: 100% sure... 20 years of hardware experience behind that comment.23:40
daftykinsjophish__: did you say you've got Windows on a dual boot setup on here?23:40
jophish__daftykins: yeah there's a windows installation23:41
daftykinsjophish__: nice, ok did you see the comments beneath that post on the askubuntu page?23:41
LonelyDanboI wish I could hook up a jumper cable from the chipset to my CPU heatsync. It's actually warming the CPU heatsync on the corner closest to it.23:41
daftykinsone user says "i had to use nvidia-352 instead" and also "i had to run sudo prime-select intel before reboot"23:41
jophish__daftykins: so you're thinking it is some hardware switch23:41
jophish__that got set to some odd value when I did the REISUB23:42
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: i think you need to stop running your hands over everything :P you do know about static right?23:42
daftykinsjophish__: no not even close :)23:42
jophish__hah, ok!23:42
LonelyDanbostatic's bad even on heatsyncs?23:42
daftykinswell you're poking your hands around in there ;)23:43
LonelyDanboI heard PC parts weren't that sensitive to static, and that people paranoid about touching components and connectors with their hands was all for nothing most of the time.23:44
GazorpazorpLonelyDanbo, daftykins: On new and important computers or those I handle for other people I am more paranoid about static23:44
LonelyDanboRick & Morty reference name.23:45
GazorpazorpLonelyDanbo, daftykins: For my old parts and tinkerstuff I dont give a damn about static and it never resulted in any problems23:45
jophish__daftykins: this is my xorg.failsafe.log http://termbin.com/3kki From my googling this seems to be symptomatic of an issue with the intel driver23:45
daftykinsjophish__: have you been in the EFI and checked whether there are any graphics options for picking device / anything at all?23:46
daftykinsLonelyDanbo: yes and no, carelessness can definitely cost23:46
daftykinsand some people are more staticy than others (seriously)23:47
jophish__daftykins: checking now23:47
GazorpazorpLonelyDanbo, daftykins: a lot of intel laptop boards have their cpu safety shutoff temp at 100°C, with an EC that doesnt really bother to turn up the fan before 90°C23:47
daftykinsGazorpazorp: LonelyDanbo's is an AMD system.23:47
bpromptLonelyDanbo:     had a flatbed scanner once, the twain drivers were saying that there was some error, I checked the cabling, scanner was fine, cable was fine, reloaded the drivers, OS was fine, and the twain drivers were still throwing the connection error, in the end the fix was, "unplug the usb cable from the pc for 30secs, plug it back in", then it worked, issue was built-up static in the cable plug23:47
=== nefarious is now known as Guest15824
jophish__daftykins: nothing in the bios23:47
GazorpazorpLonelyDanbo, daftykins: and the worst ones have cpu and gpu on the same heatpipe while the gpu cant handle 90-100 that good23:47
daftykinsjophish__: ok, did you try purging the 355, trying again with the 352 and issuing the earlier prime-select command before reboot?23:48
daftykinsGazorpazorp: that'd be a laptop, this is a desktop - totally irrelevant i'm afraid.23:49
jophish__daftykins: I tried that without installing the older driver, trying the purge/reinstall now23:50
=== trisquel is now known as Guest22033
GazorpazorpLonelyDanbo, daftykins: my amd 890fx board with fan and extra southbridge heatpipe. it is roomtemp on the board itself, the cpu goes from 40-70°C depending on fan setting and the heatsinks get hot but not burning hot23:50
bumblefuzzso, I'm using an apple magic mouse23:52
daftykinsi understand your input, but you might be in the antarctic whilst LonelyDanbo could be in $somewhere_hot :)23:52
bumblefuzzand I'm trying to set up natural scrolling23:52
LonelyDanboNah. I'm in Canada.23:52
daftykinsthe specifics miss the point ;)23:52
bumblefuzzit works fine with the trackpad but I can't get ther mouse to do natural scrolling23:52
LonelyDanboMaybe I need to get my case fan blowing in the side, half of it hitting the northbridge heatsync.23:53
daftykinscase cooling is always important, yes23:53
LonelyDanbothen maybe move the CPU fan on the other side closer to the exhaust port so I don't have to put a 2nd case fan blowing out.23:53
LonelyDanboI hear exhaust is more important than input23:54
daftykinshowever spending time on this hypothesis of yours when i've provided steps to take to fault find, is really just wasting all of our time23:54
daftykinsdon't mess with the fan on the heatsink, also take this topic to ##hardware if you wouldn't mind23:55
LonelyDanboI installed Steam but I need to make an account.23:55
jophish__hmm, booting is taking a lot longer this time23:55
Austin__WallHaving a weird issue where text is partially missing on some menus23:55
LonelyDanboNative Linux game {Steam} or Windows was your suggestion.23:56
Austin__WallRunning ubuntu 15.0423:56
daftykinsAustin__Wall: graphics hardware + driver?23:57
Austin__WallI'm using the default ubuntu graphics driver. I had the nvidia one but after a reboot the system was unable to find any screens23:58
daftykinsah har, can you share a "lspci | nc termbin.com 9999" ? it'll create a URL to paste here.23:58

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