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sakrecoer_OvenWerk1: hehe.... old and classy! Look up "vapor wave" and you will start to wonder, weather your old xfig isn't going to become modern again soon :D10:39
sakrecoer_anyways i fully agree that matching desktop is the way to go...10:42
OvenWerk1zequence: Can we try clearing out our desktop seed and just putting in xubuntu-desktop? (just to see what happens) We may need to add replaces lines in some of our setting packages and blacklist some of their other packages... but maybe not too.15:05
OvenWerk1zequence: maybe if we load some of our settings packages before the desktop with the right "replaces" in place it will "just work"15:07
zequenceOvenWerk1: I think we should try by just creating some custom packates on a PPA. Should be possible to do custom installations with ubiquity making changes to the sources before installing18:41
zequenceHaven't tried that yet18:41

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