nipspinstudio-ushi all03:39
whitelionhi there do you knwo where can I find linux drivers for a Radeon R7 240? i need to use gpu but it doesn't work06:29
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whitelionhi there... hey do you know how can I downgrade XServer to  1.10?07:04
whitelionhi there...what's the best video card I can buy for blender that has no compatibility problems with ubuntu?07:53
Seven_Six_TwoI'm so confused. I have a mpg2 file, with a subtitle and audio stream that I don't want. I am trying to extract the video (without reencoding it) but when I do, the subtitles end up hardcoded???19:58
Seven_Six_Twoffmpeg -i src.mpg -map 0:2 -vcodec copy dest.mpg19:58
Seven_Six_TwoI get the video without issue, and the audio is gone, which is good. But the subs are still there, and can no longer be disabled like they can on the source19:59
OvenWerk1Seven_Six_Two: Can you choose an empty subtitle?20:01
Seven_Six_TwoOvenWerk1, in the media player? I'm not sure what you mean.20:04
OvenWerk1no in the ffmpeg command line using -sn20:04
OvenWerk1https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg.html#Subtitle-options might be better20:08
Seven_Six_TwoOvenWerk1, oh I see. I didn't see that option on the man page. thanks! I'll give that a shot20:09
Seven_Six_TwoI accidentally converted a video in the same folder as an srt file, and my stupid program hardcoded them. Sorry to waste your time.20:24
Seven_Six_Twoit was an earlier step that the mistake happened.20:24
OvenWerk1I wouldn't know... video is not one of my strong areas.  :) Glad you have it figured.20:28
hispeed67quick question. plugged in a 32" tv via HDMI on my laptop. how do i initialize the display?22:59

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