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ubikitehi, i'm trying to prevent monitor from sleeping. i've tried inserting a bash script with set of xset commands inside ~/.config/autostart/filename.desktop file; no changes when execute xset q command. i'm declaring my DISPLAY variable properly. i've tried removing xfce4-power-manager package and still the monitor goes to sleep. any suggestions? ideas?11:11
ubikiteok, seems i've solved it. you have execute parameters in just one command like /usr/bin/xset -display ":0.0" -dpms s noblank11:20
rauldipeasHey guys, anyone can help me with Compton on Xubuntu 15.04?16:02
GeekDude15.10 has been interesting. I put it on a spare desktop that had graphical issues with previous versions requiring me to use nomodeset to get to the desktop. In 15.10 it just works :)16:03
GeekDudeHowever, WINE 1.7 does not appear to be "just work"ing. I installed a missing package using a deb from wily and it installed, but it refuses to draw the program to the screen. Other programs such as winecfg seem to work, however16:04
GeekDudeI'm tempted to blame the graphics card16:05
GeekDudeHuh, who would've guessed. Works in the officially supported wine1.6 build from the repos16:29
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GeekDudeNot perfectly, but it does work16:33
taza79Hello, how can i install xubuntu without touching the mbr and windows boatloader?16:48
ikoniasame way I told you in #ubuntu16:49
taza79i'm asking everywhere maybe some guy will give me the perfect solution :D16:50
ikoniathere isnt one16:50
ikoniaas I've just told you in #ubuntu16:50
ikoniabut the overhead makes it easier to just manage the MBR cleanly16:50
ikoniait's possible, sure16:50
taza79i asked because i once saw a youtube video and the guy was showing how to do it16:50
ikoniathen why are you asking how to do it ?16:51
ikoniajust use his guide16:51
ikoniabut it will hit the same problems I explained in #ubuntu16:51
taza79because i can't find the video it was a long time ago16:51
ikoniasomething has to live on the MBR16:52
ikoniait can be whatever you want, but whatever you use must be able to point at the play you put grub to be able to boot ubuntu16:52
taza79the noboot option in grub install is it a solution for me?16:52
taza79noinstallboot or something like that16:53
ikoniabecause then there will be nothing to boot ubuntu16:53
taza79two mbr is impossible?16:54
ikoniaa disk can only have 1 mbr16:54
ikoniahence "master" boot record16:54
taza79easybcd works with windows 10 and new ubuntu?16:55
ikoniawhy would you use that ?16:56
ikoniathat is just going to put easyboot on the MBR16:56
ikoniawhich if you're going to do that, just put grub on the MBR and make it simpler16:56
ikoniayou still lose it16:56
ikoniaas whatever you use to control the boot - will live on the MBR16:56
taza79i understand i'm just trying to do an impossible thing16:59
ikoniathen stop16:59
ikoniaand confirm to the real world16:59
taza79the thing is i'm tring to avoid dvd repair things17:00
taza79easybcd is it better for me since i want to avoid dvd repair?17:00
taza79like restoring the mbr with easycd and then remove ubuntu17:00
ikoniayou could simpley take a backup of the windows boot sector before you install ubuntu and restore it if you ever want to delete ubuntu17:00
taza79do you have a good tutorial on how to backup windows boot sector?17:02
ikoniadd if=/dev/sda of=/where/you/want/to/put/it.bin bs=512k count=117:03
taza79thanks for your replies17:05
geniiI might use .mbr extension instead17:09
ikoniacall it whatever you're happy with17:14
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xubuntu46iI am new to Xubuntu20:06
GeekDudehis enthusiasm is overwhelming20:12
xubuntu59whello is there any body ??21:19
flocculantI've got one21:20
xubuntu59wif i upgrade from 12.04 to 14.. i m not going to lose my sys? bc im a non pae21:22
SlidingHorn!upgrade | xubuntu59w21:23
ubottuxubuntu59w: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:23
xubuntu59wmy machine is a ibm t42 ..21:23
xubuntu59wso you say no fear to upgrade to 14..21:24
flocculantxubuntu59w: hang on21:24
flocculantthose pages don't make any reference to pae that I can see21:24
xubuntu59wi love my xubuntu and dont want to use another one ..21:25
flocculantxubuntu59w: do you know what processor it has?21:26
xubuntu59wintel 1.821:27
xubuntu59wram 1 gb21:27
function9xif it's working well, I'd leave it as it is21:28
function9xuntil you upgrade your pc21:28
xubuntu59wfunction9x you mean buy a new one... this ibm is very expensive i bought it 6 years ago.21:30
xubuntu59wi will follow on what you say but what can i do with message upgrade from my sys21:31
flocculantand you're sure it's not got pae?21:31
knomefunction9x, except that 12.04 is EOL and there is no support for it.21:31
xubuntu59wthnaks flocculant.21:33
function9xknome: what's the minimum specs requirement for 14?21:33
flocculantxubuntu59w: just a quick check of the processor for a t42 appears to show it's pae21:34
xubuntu59wflocculant where did you get that info or how can i know is that ok?21:35
flocculantxubuntu59w: try running this in a terminal grep pae /proc/cpuinfo21:36
flocculantdoes it show up?21:36
xubuntu59wi got Permission denied21:37
flocculantgrep pae /proc/cpuinfo21:38
flocculantfor that?21:38
xubuntu59wdo not show anything21:40
flocculantxubuntu59w: ok - just making sure21:40
xubuntu59wdont worry and thanks21:41
flocculantgiven that I would not try and upgrade, it might be possible, but I don't know for usre21:41
flocculantbut you are now unsupported so you need to deal with that somehow21:41
xubuntu59w################### PC INFORMATION  -  cpu ##################### ################### Press CTRL + C to exit #####################  CPU:       Single core Intel Pentium M (-UP-) cache: 2048 KB            speed/max: 1000/1800 MHz grep pae /proc/cpuinfo21:43
flocculantwhat's that?21:44
xubuntu59wthats what i got from my sys ans21:44
flocculantgrep pae /proc/cpuinfo |pastebinit21:44
xubuntu59wand no info from grep21:44
SlidingHornxubuntu59w, run this and give us the link:  grep pae /proc/info | pastebinit21:45
flocculantmight not have pastebinit installed though21:45
flocculantuhmm what?21:47
xubuntu59wi going to chk it. thanks for your help,21:49
xubuntu59wgood luck..21:51

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