lordievaderGood morning.09:38
soee_:O http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-Still-PRIME-Sync11:38
yofelgreat, so that'll be a christmas present11:57
yofelnext year -.-11:57
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
BluesKajit's taking 2 mins from grub to the login page on Kubuntu 16.04 ...is this a common problem ?13:14
BluesKajsick_rimmit, check your freenode connection !14:40
=== kfunk_ is now known as kfunk
BluesKajthe jam is a go...later folks19:08
valorieyay, I can connect without bnc20:04
valorieKDE's bouncer20:11
valorieI can connect to it, but it hasn't been connecting to freenode for over 24 hours20:13
clivejoI should look into that20:13
valorieso I just gave up and went to my cabin20:13
valoriefile a ticket with the kde sysadmins20:13
clivejofreenode have has a few problems20:13
valoriethe link is in #kde-sysadmin /topic20:13
valorieso I heard20:14
valorieanyway, this chan has a public log, but i'm lacking all of the rest of my chans20:14
valorieI'm going to assume I'll never get them, because the bnc isn't connecting20:15
valorieyet sgclark is connecting via the bnc with no problem20:16
clivejodid anyone test calligra?20:27
valoriecould you re-state what you want tested?20:28
valorieI can do so on wily and/or xenial20:29
clivejocalligra 2.9.8 in my PPA for wily and xenial20:29
valoriewhat is the name of your PPA?20:33
clivejoppa:clivejo/wily or xenial20:33
valoriedo I need the recommends?20:35
clivejowhat you mean?20:36
valoriethe recommends are: 20:37
valorietexlive wordnet kexi-calligrasheets-driver kexi-mysql-driver kexi-sybase-driver kexi-xbase-driver libfftw3-bin libfftw3-dev gsl-ref-psdoc gsl-doc-pdf gsl-doc-info gsl-ref-html20:37
valorie  libmagickcore-6.q16-2-extra spacenavd xfig ivtools-bin tgif transfig20:37
clivejoprobably best20:37
valoriein other words, those will not be automatically installed20:37
valoriestuff like that is under the control of the packager20:37
valorieok, installing on xenial now21:07
valoriewhat in particular do you want tested, clivejo?21:08
clivejothat it works :P21:08
valoriewell, this is funny: I created a test file in Author, saved it, found it, clicked to open it, and it opens in LibreOffice21:14
valoriein any case, IMO that is a success21:14
clivejoI think thats a Kubuntu default21:15
clivejoand really if we are a KDE "flavour" calligra should be out default :P21:16
* clivejo nudges valorie21:16
valorieit really bugs me when KDE people spend time on LO rather than Calligra21:16
valoriewell, in Kubuntu we have to ensure that we provide the best to our users21:17
clivejoto be honest Id never heard of calligra until Riddell showed me how to package it21:17
clivejobut Ive actually started to used it21:17
valorieCalligra has to be at least...... 75% of LO21:17
valorieKoffice I used, but when the fork happened, it was very difficult21:18
valoriefor the entire KDE community, actually21:18
valoriesome thought it would end KDE as a project21:18
valoriethe Calligra devels are lovely people -- they just need a few more folks contributing21:21
valoriePlan seems to work, but I don't wanna save docs for everything21:22
valorieFlow works -- made a doc, saved it, etc.21:25
valorieLO opens it, looks the saem21:25
valoriesheets -- LO opens, but some of the data is missing, and it's mixed around21:27
valorieI'm pretty sure that's not your fault21:28
valoriesame with Stage -- my info was not saved, but the doc does open in LO21:30
valorieso, that's it for Wily21:31
valorieclivejo: words in x, good21:38
valorieauthor -- wouldn't save file21:39
valoriehmmm, saved the second time, successfully opened in LO21:40
valorieflow just won't save the file21:42
valoriein xenial21:42
clivejoany error messages?21:43
valoriesomething about no formatting21:44
valorieso I opened the format menu and chose one21:44
valorienow it saves21:44
valorieweird bug21:44
valorieand the file opens in Karbon!21:45
valorielove it21:45
clivejoflow saves for me ok21:45
clivejoIve drawn a few basic circuits on it21:46
clivejovalorie: just make sure you remove my PPA again21:47
valoriea lot of can't save without formatting21:47
valoriein Sheets too21:48
clivejoI sometime upload some very broken stuff you dont want on your system!21:48
clivejook, lets try 2.9.921:48
valoriesame, but if I run the format thing, then it saves OK21:50
valorieso somehow a default format is missing21:50
clivejoI might need a new PPA for this, Im running out of space21:50
valoriehow does one remove a PPA?21:52
valoriealso, sheets still does not save the calligra data when it opens in LO21:53
valorieoh, ppa-purge, now I remember21:55
valorieok, gone in xenial21:59
valoriemy x. is pristine22:01
* clivejo whistles and twiddles fingers waiting for 2.9.9 to download22:01
valorieneato, it seems they have proven that a hidden room exists in the tomb of Tutenkhamen22:03
clivejocan anyone help xixor in the kubuntu channel?22:03
valoriewow, that is mangled spelling22:03
clivejoany devs here?22:59
valoriejust you23:01
valorieworking on a Saturday!23:01
clivejoIm not a dev23:01
valorieyou have a PPA23:02
valoriewhich I just tested23:02
clivejoits such a miserable evening here, cold, rain23:02
valorieclear, cold, sunny here23:06
valorieI should give the birds some water -- everything is frozen23:06
sgclarkI am here, but not here. KDE hat on today.23:14
clivejohow many hats have you?23:18
sgclarklol lost count23:20
valoriefrozen down there too, sgclark?23:31
valorieand how was the jetlag this trip?23:31
sgclarkfrozen yes.23:32
sgclarkjetlag was rather rough first day back. Ok now though.23:32
valorieone day is doable, I guess23:37

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