madd0g37hi all04:20
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rritochProblem solved, I needed to delete ~/.local/share/kscreen . This bug was apparently already reported https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34367405:52
ubottuKDE bug 343674 in general "Plasma is brought down by libqxcb segfaults with the screen locked & switched off" [Grave,Needsinfo: waitingforinfo]05:52
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MichaelPJust upgraded plasma 5.4.2 to 5.4.3 now where can i find Qt 5.5.1 ?06:34
MichaelPNever mind found it ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/backup-qt55106:38
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nolsenIs it normal for the kubuntu installation to take a long time on doing the next time?08:45
nolsennext step*08:45
lordievaderGood morning.09:38
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BluesKajHiyas all12:01
BluesKajHi sick_rimmit`, hazamonzo12:02
OdurHi BluesKaj12:06
BluesKajHi Odur12:07
hazamonzoBluesKaj: Hey there!12:14
k819kHi , i was trying to install minimal version of KDE (kde-plasma-desktop as described here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE) but i get Unable to locate package kde-plasma-desktop.How do I install this?13:28
h9xnotebookcan any one help me13:33
BluesKajno instant gratifiaction here13:36
reaper_xhello everyone :)14:34
BluesKajhi reaper_x14:41
rlyI don't have any window decoration for some reason. How can I enable those? It's as if plasma just doesn't work.14:55
Grandsonhello world, maybe you could lend a hand.  Im looking for a distro for grandma, she's coming from XP.  She's the furthest from computer savvy.  After a few environments I abandoned the idea of pre-builds and settled on wmii with Arch Linux, and this time around likely dwb.  I have zero experience with a KDE environment, but understand the difficulty for ludites switching and the many differences between OSs.  Would you recommend Ku15:01
rlyGrandson: Debian Stable with XFCE4 preconfigured or Mac OS X.15:02
rlyGrandson: or just stay with Windows, as she is old and all.15:02
rlyGrandson: "KDE" is way too unstable for my taste to be left alone with non-technical people.15:03
rly(Gnome is just an abonimation)15:03
GrandsonMy general thought is something that auto updates and is not a massive security risk...  I think I actually upgraded it to XP from ME she was using for years.  I wasnt sure, but I did think KDE may be too technical, I know that Gnome is a switchers nightmare and she didnt like my description of it off the top.  I also find gnome now to be a bit resource heavy15:05
GrandsonDoesnt help that her computer is worse off than the shitty Vaio netbook I turned into a little powerhouse.  I love grandma, but not enough to build a custom environment > v <15:06
rlyGrandson: one other piece of advice: do not change the desktop every few years.15:07
rlyGrandson: they generally hate that.15:07
rlyGrandson: or just buy an ipad.15:07
GrandsonLmao yea, she didnt notice with XP other than it was faster and crashed less :D15:07
rlyGrandson: it's not like they want to use more features than that.15:07
GrandsonYea shes got a lenovo, but damned if I can convince her to do anything more than solitaire on it15:08
rlyGrandson: old people love those Apple devices.15:08
rlyGrandson: see? More arguments to not give her a real computer.15:08
rlyGrandson: she is just a consumer and perhaps writes an e-mail.15:08
rlyGrandson: or Skypes, etc.15:08
rlyGrandson: old people don't care about the standard shell or whether you can install Cygwin ;)15:09
rlyThey just want to *use* the device.15:09
rlyThey don't generally know that a machine comes out of the store in a pretty useless state without any configuration.15:10
Grandsonlol Yea thats about it, email, and copious online purchases, of which when I walk by I still have to tell her to use firefox equiped with HTTPS everywhere.  Ive been thinking about grabbing one of those monocle styled restrictive OSs the forces everything on her, a premise of computer nowadays I very much opposed but for her pushed updates would be a good thing.  Id grab windows 10 if her computer would support it, but Im not usre 15:12
GrandsonI don't know irc too well, so apologies for bad format rly.  Thanks for the info15:18
MichaelPHow do i stop 15.10 from annoying me with popping up fglrx driver ready to install ?16:25
rlyMichaelP: install an operating system with better configuration options, like NixOS.16:26
rlyMichaelP: or if that's not what you wanted to hear, find the pid of the window.16:26
rlyMichaelP: then find the package name via apt-file.16:26
MichaelPrly: i am on NixoS Kubuntu 15.1016:27
rlyMichaelP: that makes no sense.16:27
rlyMichaelP: then uninstall that package.16:27
rlyMichaelP: NixOS is the name of an operating system, like Ubuntu also is.16:27
rlyMichaelP: in my experience all the addon Ubuntu crap is well... crap.16:28
MichaelPUbuntu is the worst... Everything built off it is better16:28
rlyMichaelP: Debian is also better.16:29
rlyMichaelP: but even Debian packagers make mistakes.16:29
MichaelPof course debian is16:29
rlyMichaelP: I prefer to run a system with as little human involvement as possible.16:29
rlyMichaelP: unless I know who those people actually are.16:29
MichaelPwhat package do i remove to stop thise notifications16:29
rlyMichaelP: I gave you the instructions to do that.16:30
rlyMichaelP: just Google until you understand what my instructions are.16:30
rlyMichaelP: a machine would be able to understand these instructions in two decades.16:30
rlyMichaelP:so, good luck.16:30
MichaelPIm use to arch for the last year... Just giving something else a shot16:30
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gh0st1nghey guys, any way to get the front audio jack working togheter with the back audio jack?19:10
AlgotApologies. Long time absent. Recent Kubuntu 15.10 install. What is Meta Key? Win does not seem to work.19:18
AlgotWant to be able to do accents easily and it used to work for me in older Kubuntu versions.19:19
lordievaderMeta is the Windows key, indeed.19:19
lordievaderThe compose key is disabled by default, iirc.19:20
Algot:lordievader thank you. I tracked it down in system settings. I'm back in business.19:26
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nolsenI keep having a problem with KDE, it keeps crashing with a segfault error, for plasma and some other thing that I forgot.20:37
nolsenand the slow login.20:41
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zleapanyone here,21:30
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clivejohi zleap21:52
clivejohow are you?21:52
zleapi am just seeting if someoe can help jubo2 with the temp / fan control issues21:52
zleapclivejo:  i am good thanks21:52
xixorawwww yeah, wassup nerds21:53
zleapjubo2: says there is a problem with how kubuntu handles temperature sensing and fan control, as in the cpu overheats21:53
xixoris there a default way to launch dolphin with a keyboard shortcut?  Similar to windows+E in windows?21:54
clivejojubo2 seems to be having a lot of issues with Kubuntu21:55
clivejoxixor: you could probably configure a shortcut for it21:57
xixorclivejo: yes, I do this every time I install kubuntu.  Just seems like one of the useability things that should be default.  The whole 'everything under the sun' is configuration gets tiresome the 40th time you do things21:57
clivejoSystem Settings > Shortcuts21:58
xixoralright, next question, how to reset kde/plasma settings?  the old mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.old no longer seems to work?22:00
valoriexixor: I wasn't here, can you say again what is the problem?22:03
xixorvalorie: sup22:04
xixorvalorie: no problem really22:04
valorieI couldn't connect to freenode for a couple of days on my bnc22:04
valorieso i"m here without it22:04
valorieand no backlog22:04
valorieit's a type of bouncer -- I connect to it; it connects to freenode22:05
clivejovalorie: is there a way to pipe the install with a config file to setup Kubuntu with a certain config?22:05
valorieonly it wasn't22:05
clivejoI know Ive heard of sys admins in uni's doing something like that22:05
valoriewe set the defaults22:05
valoriebut I think that is in kubuntu-settings or so22:05
clivejoxixor would like a default shortkey to launch dolphin22:06
lordievaderclivejo: Suppose you could do that if you have a puppet infrastucture.22:06
valoriewell, there is a way to roll your own ISO22:06
valorie!custom iso22:06
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.22:06
valoriethat's it, thanks lordievader22:07
lordievader;) Got it among my favorites. Came in handy when I messed with netboot images.22:07
clivejohe also asked "how to reset kde/plasma settings?  the old mv ~/.kde ~/.kde.old no longer seems to work?"22:07
clivejoI just tend to create a new account :/22:07
valorieah, they are now in ~/.config or ~/.local22:07
xixor.config seems to have a ton of settings22:08
valoriebest to try to find the actual file and mv only that one22:08
valorieyes, it's default and we now follow it22:08
xixorso does one then pick and choose the particular file(s) that correspond to plasma/kde?22:08
clivejoxixor: is there something broken?22:08
valoriesame with .local22:08
xixorclivejo: I'm interested in experiencing virgin kubuntu 15.10, which I just upgraded to, see what the raw, unaltered user experience is like22:09
xixorI guess I could just make a new user and login22:09
valoriethat's the easiest, yeah22:10
clivejoId create a new user22:10
xixorso, for my own user, my 2 year old son has had his way with this machine quite severely, and icons are all over the place, the taskbar is all messed up for example22:11
xixorso if I want to just reset kwin/plasma/kde settings only, I have to selectively identify the dozen or so files and directories in .config?22:11
valoriein general, yes22:12
valoriesometimes you can even just edit them22:12
valorieusually just text files22:12
valorieand surprisingly interesting and boring simultaneously22:13
xixorso, if for an existing user, if you wanted to start with a clean/wiped kde/plasma, there is no real way?22:13
clivejothat would be a question for the plasma channel I reckon22:14
xixormy comment about dolphin is just that, some level of standardization is useful.  Gaming on PCs got generally a lot better once every game settled on wasd+mouse, cntrl+jump,space activate, mouse look/shoot rather than inventing their own custom keyboard mappings22:17
valoriesure, although it would be good to do that at the KDE level22:18
xixorA prime example of this is alt+tab22:18
valorierather than just Kub.22:18
xixoror meta+tab22:19
xixorsure, alt+tab, meta+tab, cntrl+tab and shift+tab behaviour are all completely customizable.  But rational defaults have been established to follow what almost everyone uses22:20
xixorimagine if every kde user had to go settings->shortcuts to configur alt+tab keyboard shortcuts on every kde/kubuntu installation22:20
nolsenI keep having a problem with KDE, it keeps crashing with a segfault error, for plasma and some other thing that I forgot.22:21
nolsenand the slow login.22:21
clivejomy main "short code is ALT+SPACE#22:23
clivejothat gives me access to everything I want22:23
xixorcmd+space triggers spotlight in osx, so there is cross-platform standardization there as well22:24
clivejoAlt + Space then Do gets me doplhin22:24
xixorcmd/alt+space is becoming the universal standard for "search for shit"22:25
clivejovery handy :)22:25
xixoronly problem is it requires two hands to do quickly22:25
clivejomy keyboard it just takes two fingers22:26
clivejoare you a one finger typer?22:26
xixorif you have one hand on the mouse for instance, on a qwerty keyboard, alt+space d,o requires quite a bit of movement22:26
xixorbut anyhoo, you have reaffirmed my experiences of discussing useability issues of linux with linux users22:28
nolsenI don't see it as good as just pulling up start menu and start typing22:30
nolsenMaybe because I'm used to searching shit through a start menu (windows)22:30
nolsenwtf, plasmashell was using a chunk of my RAM, killing it frees about a GB of RAM.22:32
valoriebest is krunner: alt+space, start typing22:33
valorieno mousing needed22:33
nolsenBut is anyone having sigterm problems related with plasmashell?22:33
clivejoI wonder will Mycroft actually deliver22:33
nolsenBecause randomly it crashes with a sigterm error.22:34
clivejonolsen: not I22:36
valorieme either -- no crashes of plasma for .... 18 months or so22:37
nolsenWhat version you using?22:37
valorieused to crash frequently22:37
nolsenHow did you fix it?22:37
valorie15.10 on this box, Xenial on my travel laptop22:37
nolsenNow I have another problem, it's using a lot of RAM.22:37
valorievery early 16.0422:38
valorienolsen: update, update, update22:38
nolsenI have 5.4.322:38
nolsenplasmashell 5.4.322:38
nolsenvalorie: It's the latest according to APT22:38
valorie 22:40
valorie$ plasmashell --version22:40
valorieplasmashell 5.4.322:40
valorieoften it isn't plasma causing the crash, but drivers22:40
bpromptnolsen:    methinks your issue, as valorie pointed out, is a matter of the drivers shipped, and your hardware compatibility22:42
nolsenWell, I thought I installed flgrx or whatever it's called for my AMD APU22:42
nolsenDoes it not have good support with AMD?22:45
bpromptdunno... on the amd drivers myself, for one I run an intel chipset and 12.04, and runs smooth :)22:46
valorieI also have intel22:48
Algot /part23:18
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BanHammo_Hello. My NVidia doesn't recognize the CRT i connected to it via a DVI/D-Sub connector23:40
BanHammo_and only suggests 640x480 mode for it23:41
BanHammo_Can I solve this somehow?23:41
valoriehmmm, doesn't sound like a KDE or Kubuntu problem...23:43
valorienp, you left before an answer23:43
bpromptyet another drive-by23:46
clivejoprobably expected an answer yesterday23:46
bpromptwell, he/she's over at #ubuntu now =)23:47
finetundraI don't think CRT's get above that do they?23:47
bpromptCRT monitors?   I think they have even bigger resolutions than flatscreens23:48

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