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MWMjust installed lxde in desktop ubuntu and Ive lost my terminal.  It also seems to be kinda jumpy.00:54
MWMprograms dont seem to open correctly = jumpy00:54
cimbakahnIf i installed a PPA that had several packages in it and i had one of the programs already installed, what would happen?05:42
cimbakahnLike for example i already have pcmanfm 1.2.0 on the computer, then i install the PPA, and the PPA has a pcmanfm 1.2.3 on it, what would happen?05:44
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jdxhi, melodie10:00
melodiehi jdx10:01
jdxhow arfe you enjoying lubuntu?10:01
melodieI need help to make this bug report progress, so I need testimonials10:01
jdx*how arfe you10:01
melodie"In Wily libgtk-3-common pulls in adwaita-icon-theme which in return pulls in ubuntu-mono" [Low,Confirmed]10:01
melodie https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gtk+3.0/+bug/151070910:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1510709 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "In Wily libgtk-3-common pulls in adwaita-icon-theme which in return pulls in ubuntu-mono" [Low,Confirmed]10:01
melodiejdx I am arfe fine, thanks. :)10:02
melodiecan you help me?10:02
jdxno. I am not a packager10:02
melodiefor example, add a comment after the bug report?10:02
melodieyou don't need to be a packager, simple user is ok for this matter10:02
jdxI would not know what to put.10:02
jdxnot very tech savvy10:02
jdxI just lurk herre10:03
melodiefor example, you can try to remove the ubuntu-mono icon theme and copy paste the result (but not remove it really, just see what would happen)10:03
jdxit will get fixed eventually10:03
melodieknowing that lubuntu has it's own set of icons means that other default installed sets are not needed.10:04
jdxis that a bug?10:04
melodiecan you read the last message on that page? Yes it's a bug10:04
jdxI think it is a feature to have other icon sets available10:04
melodiesome would call it a feature, but having it in the recommands would allow the users to decide if they want it or not in the system.10:04
melodiejdx feature is having it in the recommands10:05
melodiebecause recommands are "on" by default10:05
melodiebut it still leaves the choice to keep it or not.10:05
jdxok, why you don't you leave that in comments?10:05
melodiebecause I am the author of the bug report my dear10:05
jdxyou can not add to it??10:05
melodiethen what is important to know, is that if the libgtk-3-common (or any package) does not break when the dependancy is not installed, then it means it should not be mandatory10:06
melodieI just did add to it my dear, the final findings. Now I need a few testimonials to make it progress10:07
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