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vitimitiI have a doubt. If I use Ubuntu's SDK projects for a QML project with a C++ library, and only use generic QML imports instead, will that build properly on other systems that aren't Ubuntu, like Android?11:16
DanChapmanvitimiti: as long as your not using any ubuntu specific c++ api's then there shouldn't be any real issue building it elsewhere.11:38
vitimitiDanChapman, nice. And if I used the Ubuntu QML imports would it still be possible as long as my C++ API is standard Qt?11:39
mcphailvitimiti: If the QML components don't exist on your target device it will not work11:43
vitimitimcphail, thank you :)11:44
DanChapmanwell it would "build" as the qml imports aren't checked at build time. But yeah as mcphail said you would need the ubunt ucomponents on the target for it to run.11:46
vitimitiThank you both11:48
ok2cqrHi, I'm trying to create deb package for ubuntu since 12.04. The package needs libmysql as dependency. There have been several versions of the libmysql since 12.04. How I could add it to dependecies in control file, please?16:23
ok2cqrUbuntu 14.04 has limysql18 package, Ubuntu 12.04 has older - libmysql1616:24
ok2cqrcan I add just "libmysql" as dependency (without version)?16:25
ok2cqrI'm sorry, it's libmysqlclient, not libmysql...16:29

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