daftykinsEriC^^: 'tis a long shift! how's you? :)01:19
Bashing-omI be look'n how I can take up the slack .. Just about cinched in .01:23
EriC^^daftykins: hey, i'm ok, you?02:52
lordievaderGood morning.09:39
TJ-Would anyone happen to have, or have used, an Asus K8V SE Deluxe mobo. It allegedly has a talking POST (Power On Self Test) ability even if the CPU is missing, and I'm trying to play about with one not able to get it to talk to me :)10:59
cfhowletttalking as in ... TALKING?11:00
TJ-Yeah! It has a Winbond chip onboard that apparently stores sampled audio and plays it out based on the system's POST code numbers when there's a failure. There's even Windows software to replace the default messages with your own11:01
TJ-I want to pull a stunt on someone ... give them the board and have ot say things to them even without the CPU onboard :p11:01
cfhowlettyou, sir, are a sick and twisted individual ... :)11:02
* TJ- sniggers evilly11:02
TJ-But rather like our Huskies, this mobo is refusing to howl - Oooo! now there's an idea, a howling mobo :D11:03
BluesKajHiyas all12:02
TJ-well that was fun - just being playing cops and robbers chasing some people hare-coursing on the fields, cops are persuing them by road now12:29
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw13:24
pauljwhi BluesKaj13:25
BluesKajit seems a shame that Kubuntu 16.04 takes 2 mins from grub to the login screen on my new Samsung EVO 256Gb SSD . it was really fast booying until a week ago after some upgrade mucked up the systemd start13:27
pauljwouch, that is a shame13:28
BluesKajI see the benefits of the speed after booting when switch apps etc , but booting is a mess13:28
pauljwupgrades scare me, i had one this week that messed up my virtualbox13:30
BluesKajthere are 2 /30 sec delays in the syslog with no data in between either of them, so there's no way of knowing what th eporblem is there13:30
BluesKajthe problem13:31
BluesKaj14.04 is still nice and fast , but it's on an older spinner HDD13:32
BluesKajIMO 14.04 is the last decent Kubuntu OS ...plasma 5 has been nothing but a problem for me13:34
pauljwthat's a bummer, i always liked KDE.  does seem to be getting quite bloated lately.13:35
pauljwmy wife and daughter are on PCLinuxOS using KDE and so far it's going well for them.13:36
BluesKajgood, nice to hear the ladies are using linux too. Wife is a W7 user and doesn't plan to change, besides her fav games aren't in the steam stable13:38
BluesKajmy daughter used Kubuntu for a while on a laptop I gave her, but now she's on a new W10 laptop and seems to like it.13:40
pauljwmy daughter took to linux like water but it took me years to convince my wife to let me switch her to linux.  none of us are big gamers.  daughter is into art and does freehand, then scans in to gimp for coloring and manipulation.  taught herself gimp and is getting real good at  it.13:41
BluesKajpauljw, what's PCLinux OS forked from?13:41
pauljwcan't remember13:41
pauljwmandrake is all i can think of but not sure if that's a distro or a software name13:42
BluesKajMandrake Linux (now Mandriva Linux).13:43
pauljw:) that's the one...13:44
BluesKajrpm package management.... not my cuppa tea, but if it works ....13:44
BluesKajwho's to argue :-)13:45
pauljwyeah, seems to work ok, and they have it set up to utilize apt-get so it's easy for me to remotely keep them updated and not confuse myself13:46
TJ-BluesKaj: systemd provides specfic tooling to identify delays13:49
TJ-BluesKaj: "systemd-analyze blame"13:49
BluesKajTJ-, sytemd-analyse: Startup finished in 11.609s (kernel) + 3min 635ms (userspace) = 3min 12.245s13:58
BluesKajlooks about right, from grub to desktop, over 3mins13:59
TJ-BluesKaj: did you use "blame" to see what was using the time?14:01
BluesKajnothing shows,  all actions are in ms14:02
BluesKajexcept for the first few, they add up to 10secs total14:04
TJ-BluesKaj: can you "pastebinit <( systemd-analyze blame )"14:09
BluesKajTJ-, http://pastebin.com/aAxkPfMe14:11
TJ-BluesKaj: are there any remote network file-system mounts declared in fstab?14:13
BluesKajnot remote , just my outboard drive14:14
TJ-but that PC is operating a samba AD ?14:16
BluesKajTJ-, i can pastebin the syslog if you wish14:18
BluesKajbut it's huge14:18
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all14:18
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje14:18
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj14:19
TJ-BluesKaj: sure, if it has timestamps... how about find where the last boot started and paste from there?14:19
lotuspsychjehi TJ-14:19
BluesKajTJ-, ok14:19
pauljwhi lotuspsychje14:20
lotuspsychjehey pauljw14:20
lotuspsychjeanyone of you guys knows a free logo designer online?14:22
pauljwsorry, no14:24
TJ-lotuspsychje: logo design is pretty easy with thinks like Inkscape (SVG)14:30
lotuspsychjeTJ-: but its nice to have it show business style right :p14:31
BluesKajTJ-, http://pastebin.com/dvjG5upY , looks like a couple of uuids are troublesome but not until the end14:31
TJ-lotuspsychje: not disagreeing - just saying you an generate some very good logos using SVG and Inkscape, I've used it many times for such things. SVG scales to whatever resolutions you need14:36
lotuspsychjeTJ-: ok ill look it tru14:38
TJ-BluesKaj: nothing wrong there. Starts at 08:11.20 and finishes at 08:11.33 - after that it's the KDE stuff14:39
TJ-BluesKaj: probably you've got that plasma delay bug14:39
TJ-that timeout for the swap device might delay things, but everything else in the log doesn't indicate it is doing so14:41
pauljwTJ-: does 14.04 not have a complete systemd config?  the analyze blame doesn't work for me14:41
BluesKajTJ-, damn plasma 5, it's nothing but a mess IMO14:42
TJ-BluesKaj: "QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave."14:42
TJ-pauljw: introduced in 15.04; 14.04 only uses systemd-login14:42
pauljwah, thanks14:42
BluesKajyeah , 14.104 is till on plasma 414:43
BluesKajerr 14.04 even14:43
TJ-BluesKaj: yeah, this is 1 of the main reasons I didn't volunteer to work on Kubuntu - I was told by sitter they only do packaging and don't carry bug fixes in the distro - so the entire thing is beholden to upstream14:43
TJ-And from what I've seen the actual, useful, code is often half-baked and buggy14:44
TJ-Even stupid amateur things like not remembering the directory a File>Save-As dialog was opened at, which makes the user experience terrible14:45
TJ-Got frustrated by that one with GwenView earlier, trying to copy individual CCTV capture files from the camera's NFS share14:47
BluesKajlike I said earlier , seems 14.04 Kubuntu is tha last best14:50
TJ-I'm not sure the KDE4 apps took care of things like Save-As either. It seems to be the devs are more interesting in glitzy effects than regular good efficient user workflow and experience.14:55
MonkeyDustbut no17:15
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: yes18:06
lotuspsychjesomeone wants a w10 theme :p http://linux.softpedia.com/blog/windows-10-accurate-theme-released-for-almost-all-major-linux-desktops-496831.shtml18:07
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  gonna try that in my 16.04 vm18:09
lotuspsychjebrb laundry18:10
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: do you have a working eid card reader on ubuntu?19:30
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  no, but a lady in my evening class has one, i'll ask her19:33
MonkeyDustalso for ubuntu19:33
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: tnx, if you can let me know wich type/brand19:33
MonkeyDustshe also has working drivers, she said20:03
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: nice, JanC explained me the other day some chip works on ubuntu20:04
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: as we have same country, thought to ask you too :p20:04
MonkeyDustBelgium, 'the world's most boring country', is on the frontpages again ;-)20:06
lotuspsychjebig wafle sales!!!20:06
lotuspsychjeor do you mean another headline ? :p20:06
MonkeyDustlast time was in 1995 or -96, with that child abusing criminal20:08
ubot5Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.21:17
lotuspsychjethere was a recent dpkg exploit, everyone update to latest21:17
TJ-If there any of those 'old style' packages in the archives I'd be surprised, and there's no privilege escalation, only software dev's will generally be using 'dpkg-deb'21:23
lotuspsychjeyeah well i rather keep updated :p21:27
TJ-agreed, but it's not an OMG! stop everything type of vulnerability. I'm rather suprised more such bugs aren't found in the dpk tooling, the code is a bit ropey from what I've seen21:29
lotuspsychjemy god that motaka enervates me21:29
lotuspsychjeall this repeated questions21:29
TJ-He's Iranian, and a novice, and dealing with something way beyond his experience with blind trust in us21:33
lotuspsychjeseems like it21:33
TJ-that's why I focused on getting the remote SSH working via PuTTY, and checking things careful, because the symptoms were so weird. Glad you guys figured out it was an aborted d-r-u21:34
lotuspsychjeyeah ioria got that1 i think21:34
TJ-it really does explain why the system got into such a strange state. I don't think I've seen a system that didn't regain the greeter GUI when lightdm is restarted.21:36
lotuspsychjeyeah thats real weird21:36
lotuspsychjethat 2500sec lag in conf21:36
TJ-times like these I reall mis hands-on21:39
lotuspsychjeremote take-over?21:40
TJ-being in front of the system for that kind of issue. I've had those described as 'black screen' only to find the monitor has gone DPMS off, or the GPU is driving an imaginary monitor, or the monitor is blinking its out-of-range LED21:41
lotuspsychjeyeah i also like the real system in front of me21:42
lotuspsychjeand find a way in21:42
lotuspsychjemostly clean install fix alot :p21:42
TJ-classic one is where there are dual outputs and the user has connected the monitor to the secondary output, but the GPU is driving the first only once the X server starts. Up to them both outputs are getting the console output so its not obvious21:42
lotuspsychjebig thumbs up to the guys that always work over ssh to straighten things out :p21:43
lotuspsychjei wouldnt like that :p21:43
TJ-On reason I love linux and the logging; you can almost guarantee finding clues in the logs21:43
TJ-so remote works even when there's no GUI. Impossible on Windows when the GUI goes funny, or log-ins crash21:44
TJ-anyhow... I've got a talking motherboard here with a fault power driver circuit I need to trace21:45
lotuspsychjeok :p21:45
lotuspsychjenite nite guys22:04
lotuspsychjeboxspring awaiting us22:05
daftykinsah har freenode has calmed down22:30
daftykinshey folks \o23:19
daftykinslooks like Kornbluth in Germany took a hit last night, taking me offline!23:19

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