freakyyyay just got it installed ;D02:36
freakyy15.10 ^^02:36
freakyynot many people here ;)02:37
freakyyis there any way i can minimize windows oO02:39
freakyythere is no minimize button02:39
freakyyonly rightclick brings minimize menu ;(02:40
lindolfreakyy, are you asian?02:41
freakyyno im german02:41
freakyyand how do i add accounts to epiphany02:42
lindoloh sorry. :)02:42
lindoldid you install epiphany?02:42
freakyyits installed by default02:43
freakyyok i need to restart my pc02:43
freakyyu can type something ill see it when i return02:43
freakyyback :)02:46
freakyyis there a way i can remove the title bar from firefox in ubuntu-gnome?02:49
freakyyi was talking about empathy sorry02:49
lindolfreakyy, I have same question from that happening.02:49
freakyylindol: ask02:49
lindolbecause When i was using 15.0402:49
lindolFirefox didn't have it.02:50
lindolsorry, I am still find it :) but i can not remove it T_T02:50
freakyywhat do u mean? it was there and u couldnt remove it? so the same problem that i have?02:51
freakyybecause in windows and unity the firefox doesnt have a title bar02:51
freakyybut in ubuntu-gnome it has02:52
darkxstfreakyy, you can use online accounts in gnome-control-panel03:21
darkxstgnome-control-center even03:21
darkxstI think there is a firefox extension to remove the titlebar, but otherwise you can't03:22
freakyyok and how can i switch the icon of a menu entry on the left (favourites)? i installed thunderbird but it uses a wrong icon ... i downloaded the right onenow how do i assign it?03:38
freakyyah i found out03:46
freakyyi installed gnome-support for thunderbird03:46
freakyythen rebooted and then the icon was there ;D03:46
freakyyokk and what is this taskbar-icon holder on the lower left03:47
freakyycant i put the icons on the upper right like with unity?03:47
freakyyis there anything someone new to ubuntu-gnome needs to know?04:09
LinStatSDRRHello all.05:01
lindolㅗㅑ 미ㅣ05:31
lindolhi all05:31
freakyyhi all. is there any better theme than the default?12:51
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LinDolI am watching UFC seoul14:15
LinDolsorry. :-)14:16
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