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michyprimahello guys12:48
michyprimaI'm still experiencing bug #1456985 on 15.10 with 4.2.0-18. ext4 fs goes readonly sometimes when server backups. Before filing a new bug, I would love to know if it's me doing something wrong or not :)12:51
ubot5bug 1445195 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "duplicate for #1456985 [Hyper-V] Kernel patches for storvsc" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144519512:51
apwmichyprima, if it sounds like the same thing and you have the same (or similar symptoms) it is worth filing a new bug and referencing the old in the description as being the same13:31
michyprimaapw: thing is on #1445195 they claim it was fixed for all supported ubuntu distributions, but you are right, simptoms are exactly the same. What I can read from the bug page is that the fix was merged into the linux 3.x tree, so maybe it isn't available yet in 4.x?13:48
michyprimalooks like I was wrong, the correct issue is bug #1470250 which is in progress. my bad for misreading :)13:55
ubot5bug 1470250 in linux (Ubuntu Wily) "[Hyper-V] Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS Generation 2 SCSI Errors on VSS Based Backups" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/147025013:55
apwmichyprima, there appear to be at least precise test kernels in that bug, if you have an environment you can test14:21
michyprimaI will, thanks. I need to get a test vm first for obvious reasons :P14:26
michyprimajust double checking, I just need to install debs which will install udebs by themselves?14:35
apwmichyprima, udebs are only used by the d-i installer during install time, you only need the .debs to update14:55
michyprimaboth virtual and generic hangs on loading ramdisk15:11
michyprimathat doesn't look good15:11
michyprimaI will try installing 3.2.0-23  instead15:13
michyprimastill hangs. mhh, something is definitely wrong15:16
goddardanyone know why a USB device config descriptor would have 38 hex items in an array ... all the documentation I read lists only 823:41

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