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tsimonq2wxl: hey! did a lot of LoCo stuff for our upcoming meeting. I had our head graphics guy working like crazy, as he had free time too. so look at our wiki page and the subpages. All except the Team Reports have valid info in them and all of them are cleaned up. Here is a link: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WisconsinTeam19:15
tsimonq2wxl: we have details for our next meeting too, so it would be awesome if you could watch the livestream either during or afterwards.19:16
tsimonq2wxl: all details are easy enough to find on the wiki page'19:16
wxlyou're going to use hangouts then tsimonq2 ?19:16
tsimonq2wxl: yep!19:17
tsimonq2wxl: I already have two of my friends watching. I plan on starting at 6:50 by myself to kinda give a brief intro to who we are and what we are doing, as well as links to items, for people who don't know and are watching afterwards19:18
tsimonq2wxl: and then the meeting will wrap up around 8:00, but I will stay until 8:10 to say sorta the same things, as well as give extra links and resources19:19
wxli wish there was a good foss alternative to hangouts…19:19
tsimonq2but it does what we need it for, so good enough19:20
tsimonq2at least IMO19:20
tsimonq2wxl: so here is our agenda: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-us-wisconsin/1022/detail/19:21
tsimonq2wxl: take a look19:21
tsimonq2wxl: so a lot more details about what I have done and where we are going in the future are going to be in that livestream, so I would highly reccomend watching19:22
tsimonq2wxl: so that wraps up my little mini-report! :D19:24
wxlkeep up the good work19:24
tsimonq2wxl: so do you plan on watching just for documentational/informational purposes?19:25
wxlif i can watch19:27
tsimonq2ok, cool :D19:27
tsimonq2(all times are in CST, so 4:50 your time)19:27
tsimonq2wxl: ^19:43

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