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pmatulisstokachu: ping?02:27
pmatulisstokachu: hey. with the openstack-installer, where does the juju bootstrap server end up? i can't find it anywhere :)02:28
stokachupmatulis: single is in a container02:56
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pmatulisstokachu: i looked at the containers that got built on the node that the installer grabbed. i don't see a ~/.juju anywhere03:03
pmatulisi want to be able to do 'juju ssh landscape-server/0'03:07
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eatingthenightany way that i can mount a new drive to something like /. say / is currently a 8GB volume and I want to mount a 500GB volume on / without losing any data or having to reboot09:37
bekksYou cant.09:37
lordievaderGood morning.09:39
lordievadereatingthenight: Do you use LVM?09:39
eatingthenightlordievader: let me check... just started at a new job and am really not liking how the ops guys have these servers setup09:40
bekks11"not really liking" :D09:40
lordievaderThat is inevitable :P09:41
bekksThats not a valuable argument for changing things in a production environment :)09:41
bekksOn a server, 8GB / is most likely more than enough :)09:41
eatingthenighti'm not going to argue with them it's just not how i have set them up in the past09:43
bekksYes. And maybe your way of setting up servers doesnt match the requirements of your new job.09:43
lordievaderAnyhow, to more or less answer your question. If you do not use lvm your idea is (likely) not going to work.09:44
bekksThat is what I meant with "not really liking" is not a justification for anything else but a personal opinion.09:44
eatingthenightok so instead of trying to do the above i'll give an example. I am using docker and when pulling down containers i'll eat up the 8GB provided for / fast. Would you instead partition another drive and make a storage volume and configure docker in the instance to use that storage volume?09:46
lordievaderI'll just compare it to our lxc setup. Each lxc container has its own logical volume.09:47
bekkseatingthenight: I'm not using partitions for a decade now, I am using LVM.09:48
bekksAnd I am using setups not requiring insanely large / volumes.09:49
eatingthenightis it common to setup the root mount as 'none on / type tmpfs'09:53
bekksDepends on the setup.09:54
eatingthenighthmm guess i'm really not sure how mounting with a virtual filesystem all works09:56
eatingthenighti'll have to read up09:56
disposableeatingthenight: look up overlayfs and have a look here - http://askubuntu.com/questions/109413/how-do-i-use-overlayfs09:56
bekkseatingthenight: Maybe you should investigate the entire setup of your production servers before changing it.09:56
eatingthenightbekks: i mean i am i haven't changed everything yet. but we have virtual 0 docs on the setup09:57
lordievaderInvestigate why things are set up the way they are.09:57
disposablebekks: also, what bekks said. (i've personally never had more than 4GB for /)09:57
eatingthenighti read all the provided ones already09:57
bekkseatingthenight: Well, then you have to investigate how things are setup.12:34
bekkseatingthenight: Forget the docs of your admin, grab a ssh shell and start investigating things.12:35
sexywoodenspoonAfternoon all! Postfix question here- Looking for a way to log all email addresses that have received an email. At the moment I've got a small postfix server with forwarding set up (no mailboxes). Got a wildcard set up to forward all mail to one address for a domain and it'd be really cool if I could log those email addresses that receive an email to a file... if that's possible. Anyone got any id15:31
mrbrdohey guys. I have a /64 block of IPv6s and want to bind all of them to my ubuntu server. I only found instructions on how to add specific IPs but not how to add the whole range. Since these are billions of IPs, is there a way to add the whole range instead of individual IPs? Could someone point me in the right direction?15:43
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JuanDaughertyhttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+question/259165 anybody know how to deal with that?17:14
JuanDaugherty(aside from the obvious: build the module myself and adjust the config manually)17:14
JuanDaughertywow it looks like there's nothing ubuntu for building apache modules17:22
JuanDaughertyjust a branded apache-dev with nuthin to go with it17:22
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maxbJuanDaugherty: I was curious, so I looked around. Looks like imagemap was demoted from the 'most' set to the 'never build unless explicitly requested' set during 2.3 development17:32
JuanDaughertydoes ubuntu have anything specific to it for building apache modules?17:32
JuanDaugherty(ie. specific to ubuntu)17:33
maxbSeems unlikely, the Ubuntu packages aren't modified much compared to Debian17:34
JuanDaughertywhat one expects is that apache2-dev would be coordinated with the apache usage in the distro17:34
maxbI don't understand what you mean about 'coordinated'. There is an apache2-dev package and it contains apxs, so..... what?17:35
JuanDaughertyok, it's been a few years since I build apache modules17:40
JuanDaughertycoordinated basically means documentation and fitting the thing within ubuntus offerings17:41
quanticJuanDaugherty: the apache2-dev package contains the dev headers and apxs2 binary. Also has the debhelper stuff. What else are you expecting to be there?17:44
JuanDaughertywell I'm familiar with the apache build env17:45
JuanDaughertyif the concept of ubuntu coordination with the pkgs it redistributes is too much, peccavi17:46
JuanDaughertyand nvm17:46
quanticJuanDaugherty: The problem isn't necessarily the concept, it's how you're communicating it.17:47
JuanDaughertyah, good17:47
quanticJuanDaugherty: But hey, if you want to be snarky instead of explain, that's your right, of course.17:47
JuanDaughertywell conceptual clarity is paramount17:48
maxbI really have no idea what you are wanting right now, you seem to have veered off into a deeply abstract discussion17:49
JuanDaughertyno worries17:50
JuanDaughertybut here's another way of putting it17:52
JuanDaughertyshould I on the base of my knowledge of apache internals and by virtue of having installed the appropriate pkgs in synaptic17:53
JuanDaughertybe able to get the source for the module, move it into a file structure of the pkg(s) or find that it was included with one17:53
JuanDaughertyand then build and move the move the module to the working config on the same machine in a straightforward way?17:54
JuanDaughertys/move the//17:55
maxbIf you happened to be an expert in the use of apxs, you could probably manage it17:55
maxbOtherwise, probably not17:55
JuanDaughertyis there any documentation for the use of the apache2-dev module or for building apache modules which ubuntu isn't distributing?17:56
JuanDaughertyso as I say clarity and cogency of concepts is paramount17:57
JuanDaughertythe other is that emotional intelligence bullshit17:57
maxbYou've gone back to abstract-meaningless land17:58
JuanDaughertyas part of my survey may I ask if you are a native speaker of English?17:58
maxbAs for documentation, you're working with an area of complexity where you'd want to look at Apache httpd upstream documentation rather than Ubuntu/Debian stuff, I think17:58
maxbI am a native speaker of English17:59
JuanDaughertyor if you are in the right end of the political spectrum in whatever country you're from?17:59
maxbI am the kind who mostly ignores politics entirely18:00
JuanDaughertyyou vote tory?18:00
JuanDaughertyor not at all?18:01
* JuanDaugherty checks UK turnout rates.18:01
JuanDaughertyabout same as here (US)18:01
JuanDaughertyso that's the crisis of democracy18:02
JuanDaugherty65% turnout with the winner seldom getting more than 50% of that18:03
JuanDaughertywhich would be OK if people were satisified and that's why they didn't bother to vote18:03
MACscris it just me or do none of the current NFS server/client tutorials for Ubuntu have detailed iptables info? Most of the tutorials that i have found that include that info are for rhel/centos and obviously some of the settings paths are different where some of those ports are set19:26
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JuanDaughertyha looks like the same thing can be done with cgi20:38
JuanDaughertyand forgot about client side22:10
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