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daftykinsyay done at last :P00:28
daftykinsdidn't take that long naturally, just #ubuntu support delays me :>00:31
daftykinsmidnight of monday morning is the new time \o/00:31
wizzkiddpenguin42: hi, are you still around? i just managed to boot from my usb at last. lol01:33
penguin42wizzkidd: However back a few hours ago you thought you'd just lost two or three files and that's an easy fix, but then we figured out that everything was segfaulting left and right01:34
wizzkiddpenguin42: indeed, so I guess the path I need to go down, and do with some assistance with is, reinstalling over the top? is that possible?01:34
penguin42wizzkidd: Why over-the-top rather than nuke and start from clean?01:35
wizzkiddpenguin42: tbh I have installed and configured so much, and really didnt want to start from fresh :/01:35
daftykinswizzkidd: long drive out to it, was it? :(01:35
penguin42wizzkidd: That might be tricky unless you've got /home on a separate partition and it's still risky01:36
wizzkiddpenguin42: i have a backup of home :)01:36
penguin42wizzkidd: OK, so nuke it and reinstall home01:36
wizzkidda question a little off track... i've previously installed xrdp and xfce onto ubuntu server 15.10 and can rdp from my windows machine to the serverf fine.  In the past I made sure that I had installed the "ubuntu-desktop" package as a pre-req assuming this is probably vital (or contains vital packages) for the xrdp to work.  Does anyone know if "ubuntu-desktop" is required for xrdp to work (bearing in mind that I use xrdp with t01:44
daftykinsthat's a bit of a shotgun approach01:45
daftykinsubuntu-desktop is a metapackage that contains all the cruft like libre-office and so on01:46
daftykinsbut you have a remotely hosted server and you're installing GUI components? i would not be doing that :)01:46
wizzkidddaftykins: its not remotely hosted, its my own physical machine, although i hardly physically use it, i tend to use web gui's and ssh as much as possible01:52
daftykinsso when you said you couldn't reset it earlier, it was just in another room?01:53
wizzkidddaftykins: I was at work, so yeah.  I was asking in order to see if I could learn something new, as you do :)01:54
wizzkidddaftykins: i found it hard to lessen the amount of urgency in my voice(typing) lol01:54
daftykinsexperiment on non-vital systems XD01:56
wizzkidddaftykins: agreed!!01:56
wizzkidddaftykins: although we all learn from our mistakes.  I'm in the process of rebuilding the physical, but also rebuilding a VM too :)01:57
daftykinssounds like a plan, i nearly said if it were a VM there'd have been a method of control01:58
wizzkidddaftykins: If i screwed up again in the future, I'm hoping that with the VM, I can possibly V2P it which hopefully would speed up the rebuild process (should it ever need to be done AGAIN)01:59
daftykinsthat sounds pretty odd an approach to me02:00
daftykinsrun the services in a VM, snapshot prior to doing risky things02:00
daftykinsor backup often :>02:00
wizzkidddaftykins: yes, of course I will snapshot as and when.  But im talking about a way to do DR on the physical server in the shortest time frame02:01
wizzkiddif the VM dies, thats no big deal cause I can roll back02:02
daftykinswell if you really cared, you'd have a reliable disk setup with some redundancy02:03
wizzkiddi have zfs setup for raid0 and my backups save to that location02:06
daftykinsRAID 0? you've got to be kidding02:06
wizzkiddsorry, RAID102:07
daftykinsi'm going to sleep now, DR has nothing to do with that setup :>02:07
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:17
knightwisehey peeps16:00
zmoylan-pii think everyone is out looting, pillaging and christmas shopping16:08
knightwiseits not even december yet !16:09
knightwiseI did my (company) xmass shopping16:09
knightwisebought a surface pro 416:10
zmoylan-pithe early looter gets no concussion :-P16:10
knightwisetrue. I'm shopping online this year16:12
zmoylan-pitry not to get burned sipping your cocoa :-)16:12
knightwiseBeen to Aachen today16:13
knightwisetoo crowded for my case16:13
knightwisemy taste16:13
knightwisehey sebsebseb16:49
sebsebsebknightwise: seems can get mouse and keyboard working on Ubuntu phone via a device16:52
knightwisevia what device ?16:53
sebsebsebknightwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pur-e0eZR8016:55
* sebsebseb is thinking of buying an otg device now16:55
sebsebsebhub I should say16:55
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SuperEngineerwow! I've always wanted to a device and device working on device via a device ;-)16:58
SuperEngineerto  ^ have16:58
sebsebsebSuperEngineer: yeah it's a way to have the mouse and keyboard working,  before the real convergence comes I guess17:00
sebsebsebhence needing to to use certain things17:00
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wizzkiddhi i recently performed a reinstallation of ubuntu 15.10 over the top of my current 15.10 install which I was having problems with.  I'm just reinstalling some of the programs I had previously, however I think my previous OS had a newer kernel, uname -r shows me "4.2.0-040200-generic" but I think when I compile anything, it is using the currently installed kernel which is "4.2.0-18-generic".  Can anyone assist me out of this sti20:50
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