Kilosmorning Squirm inetpro Kerbero Webtrici- and all other lurkers07:39
Kilosand MaNI 07:39
melodieI need help to get this bug report find it's way up to the deciders, Debian packagers, Ubuntu packagers and so on: 09:57
melodie"In Wily libgtk-3-common pulls in adwaita-icon-theme which in return pulls in ubuntu-mono" [Low,Confirmed]"09:57
melodiebecause it's the ennemy of our bandwidth and the enemy of economics and ecology as well09:57
Kilos-you are going to have to wait till the guys get back from saterday shopping and school sports melodie 09:58
melodieKilos- I have things to do in town too, just I am hoping you can relay the message, because if we don't do something about it, the next LTS will be the bloatest one since the beginning of the gnu/linux distributions10:00
Kilos-oh my10:00
Kilos-ill tell the guys to check yes10:00
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
melodieKilos thank you10:07
melodieKilos during the whole coming week-end, if you can. :)10:12
melodieon your mailing list too, if possible10:12
melodiewe need to struggle against un needed depends, it costs bandwidth, money, electricity is anti economics and anti ecologic10:12
Kiloswhy dont you go complain by the dev guys they the ones doing the developement 10:17
Kilosmaybe they have a reason for it10:17
melodieKilos this is a bug report, this is where it's supposed to be, and there is only one possible reason : many apps complain "adwaita-icon-theme is not installed", but for one, that's harmless messages (I use my bento openbox each day and it works perfect without it!) and second, it should be in the recommands, not in the mandatory ring.10:19
melodieKilos what you need to understand, is that icons are just images and a pack of icons, it's just an archive which is installed into /usr/share/icons. We users should be able to choose any icon theme as we like and not being forced into one or other set.10:22
melodiewe can even get them from gnome-look.org or xfce-look.org or kde-look.org or box-look.org10:22
melodieand install them either in the system in /usr/share/icons for all users or in your .icons directory just for the current user10:23
Kiloswhat do all the lubuntu peeps say about this10:23
melodiethat they don't care because they are moving to Qt :D10:24
melodiebut I have sent a mail to gilir in case he will consider helping there, especially since the next Lubuntu will still be using the GTK environment10:24
melodiegilir : Julien Lavergne, the leader of the project10:25
melodietech leader10:25
melodieI still think that all users for all African countries should add to this bug report, especially when it comes to saving bandwidth10:25
melodiethe very last vesions of Bento Openbox are way under the 700MB10:26
melodieand soon I'll build a very small edition, one on which people will just install what they need, and choose their programs.10:26
melodiethey will have a learning curve, but yet light enough10:26
melodieon #xubuntu, someone just told me the adwaita-icon-theme is also broken, and showed me this: http://i.imgur.com/ydvLUzG.png10:28
Kilostry get elacheche involved and lunapersa10:30
melodiethey are not here at the moment right?10:34
melodieI discussed with elacheche yesterday and I think I don't know lunapersa yet10:35
melodiecan you point to our discussion on your mailing list?10:35
melodieusing the link to http://irclogs.ubuntu.com ?10:35
Kiloslets hear what superfly and inetpro say about it all10:38
Kilosbut theyll only e here this evening most likely10:38
melodieI found the links, :D10:47
melodieKilos thanks for your help. We all are stronger together :D10:47
Madmax247Hello all, I'm new to Ubuntu and I hope to not bother you guys too often15:11
KilosMaaz seen superfly17:08
MaazKilos: superfly was last seen 1 day, 2 hours, 33 minutes and 46 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-27 06:34:31 PST], and has been offline on freenode since 2015-11-28 06:59:52 PST17:08
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 17:08
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 19 hours, 15 minutes and 22 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2015-11-27 13:53:16 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2015-11-27 00:08:12 PST17:08
squish101what is the best way to dl tv series? is it still sabnzb and sickbeard?17:54
Kilosnight all.sleep tight18:17
magespawngood evening18:17
inetpro. 19:10
inetprowb superfly19:30
superflythanks -_-19:30
superflymy VPS's networking seems to die periodically, still not sure why19:31
superflybut it's in sore need of an update19:31
inetprostill using linode?19:33
inetproor what was it again?19:33
inetprosuperfly: what are your monthly rates these days?19:37
superflyyes, linode19:37
superflystill $20/month, but there's a cheaper $10/m option19:38
inetproso that would be like almost R300 per month for 2GB?19:38
inetproour rand really taking a dive these days19:39
* inetpro should make plans to get monthly salary in USD or GBP now19:43
magespawnhi hi20:18
magespawninetpro almost any of the major currencies would be good20:20
inetpromagespawn: eh, true20:20
magespawnthere are ways, but most take time20:21
inetproyep, I wish it was just a simple process to open a foreign account and pay foreign services from that account20:21
magespawnthat will happen when the government looses interest in exchange control20:22
inetproon the other hand, maybe we should look at local hosting now20:22
magespawnlocal hosting for?20:24
inetpromagespawn: need to make a plan for when the AWS thing runs out20:24
magespawnsign up for another one20:25
inetprowant to keep the QA bot running for oom kilos20:25
inetproI see at www.vps.co.za you can get a 1GB RAM setup for R150pm and 2GB for R30020:29
inetprothe 1GB option is more than enough for the QA bot 20:31
inetprogood night21:10
squish101i have a couple vps servers that arn't doing anything. real small ones21:36
MaNIgovernment will never lose interest in exchange control, pay foreign services using bitcoin :p21:37
squish101i thought of moving money into SA with bitcoin, but the bitcoin -> bank rapes you21:41
MaNIbitcoin -> takealot -> gumtree -> bank21:43
squish101each one taking 2-3% of the value?21:43
MaNImoving money into the country is backward anyway21:45
MaNIeveryone else is trying to get it out :p21:45
MaNIcuriously bitcoin->zar on bitx usually fetches more than you would get if you converted bitcoin->usd->zar - so its possibly more feasible than you think21:46
squish101i got stuck with bitx with validating something21:47
MaNIlike now bitcoin->usd->zar suggests that 1 BTC should be R5123 - but its actually R526521:48
MaNIso you gain there and avoid the large cuts the banks usually take on usd->zar conversion21:48
MaNIwould be interesting to see how competitive it is in practice21:49
squish101so $1000 -> zar would be? 21:49
squish101I'll check with my normal way21:49
squish101R14,190.71 21:50
squish101what would 2.811832189854909 bitcoins get me in the bank?21:53
squish101R14804.29 (plus any hidden charges... hmm may be worth it21:56
squish101HOLLY CRAP the exchange rate sucks21:56
squish101i wonder what standard bank will charge to receive bitcoin transfer from bitx? probably a zillion rand in bank charges22:03
magespawngood night all22:06

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