jophish__daftykins: no dice with 35200:00
LonelyDanbowell thanks for all your help and information. I'll try out Steam and keep an eye out on my temperature readings.00:00
jophish__the only change was that ubuntu hung on the splash screen for several minutes00:00
daftykinsjophish__: ok, boot into Windows and install the updated BIOS the Dell site offers, there's one version newer that's a good 7 months newer00:01
daftykinsjophish__: but proceed carefully as a BIOS flash is not a thing to do on a whim :00:01
daftykinsAustin__Wall: do you recall which method you used to try the nvidia proprietary driver?00:02
jophish__no problem, I've still got 10+ minutes before I need to go get the charging cable00:02
jophish__just kidding!00:02
Austin__WallI went to the thirdparty drivers tab00:02
daftykinsjophish__: lol you had me then :P00:02
daftykinsAustin__Wall: cool, do you remember which you picked?00:02
bumblefuzzhow do I set up natural scrolling for my mouse?00:03
bumblefuzzif it already works for my trackpad00:03
Austin__Walldaftykins: NVIDIA binary driver - version 340.96 from nvidia-34000:03
daftykinsAustin__Wall: are you offered any a little older?00:04
Austin__WallThere the legacy 30400:04
daftykinsAustin__Wall: is this a more workstation class laptop, or?00:05
Austin__WallIt's a thinkpad T51000:05
jophish__ok, rebooting, fingers crossed00:06
zalgo_finally got this to work properly00:06
Austin__WallI use it primarially for programming and netflix/youtube but it'd be nice to run some games on it00:06
daftykinsAustin__Wall: could you run "cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999" ?00:06
bumblefuzzhow do I set up natural scrolling for my mouse if it already works for my trackpad??00:07
jophish__blast! "low graphics mode" again00:07
daftykinsjophish__: is it win10?00:07
jophish__daftykins: yes00:07
daftykinsjophish__: try Super+R -> "shutdown -s -t 1" in 10 prior to booting cold and into ubuntu00:07
daftykinsAustin__Wall: and "cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | nc termbin.com 9999" please00:08
EriC^^bumblefuzz: it's not in settings > touchpad?00:09
daftykinsAustin__Wall: ok; when the last nvidia attempt failed, did you have a method you can easily repeat today (now) if it were to fail again?00:10
daftykinsjust in case my idea does not work00:10
jophish__daftykins: no change after that I'm afraid00:10
bumblefuzzEriC^^, I already selected that00:10
bumblefuzzit works for the trackpad00:10
Austin__WallHmm... I just did purged nvidia-* and reinstalled the xorg thing00:10
bumblefuzzbut it doesn't work for my mouse00:10
EriC^^bumblefuzz: try xinput | nc termbin.com 999900:10
daftykinsAustin__Wall: ok - you only need to purge nvidia* - nothing else; right now the existence of /etc/X11/xorg.conf would have ruined having the nvidia driver on, so if you run "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old" then go back to installing that nvidia 340.96 driver and reboot, you might have a better result00:12
Austin__WallI followed the instructions here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/206283/how-can-i-uninstall-a-nvidia-driver-completely00:12
Austin__WallOk I'll try that00:12
bumblefuzzEriC^^, type that into terminal?00:13
Ender_Wigginhey friends. total noob here. need a little help with networking stuff00:13
Ender_Wiggindo i need to assign a local static IP if im using a dyndns service like no-ip to host a TS3 server on my ubuntu box?00:14
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: yes, so it doesn't move ruining your port forwards00:14
EriC^^bumblefuzz: type xinput list-props 1100:14
Ender_Wigginim having a little trouble setting up the local static IP00:14
Austin__WallOk, rebooting now, I'll let you know how it goes00:14
EriC^^bumblefuzz: type xinput list-props 11 | nc termbin.com 999900:15
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: 1) edit your router's DHCP scope so there's some 'room' at the end (a network typically addresses from -> 254, where .1 is the router - you bring that scope back to say 250 then you can use 251-254 for your server.00:15
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: alright, what've you got installed on there?00:15
Ender_WigginI need to change the settings for eth0? I'm using a hardwired connection to my router00:15
Ender_WigginATM Im just using default settings00:15
daftykinsubuntu desktop or server?00:15
Ender_Wiggindesktop, running LXDE00:16
Ender_Wigginfrom ubuntu distro00:16
daftykinsok, so you've probably seen mention of editing /etc/network/interfaces right?00:16
Ender_Wiggingot in the directory, didnt know how to edit it00:16
daftykinsdouble check your interface is called eth0 for sure by typing "ip a" and looking for the name that isn't "lo"00:16
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: a nice simple text editor is 'nano'; "sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces"00:17
bumblefuzzalso, is there a way to swap my control and command keys?00:17
Ender_Wigginyeah says 2: eth000:17
EriC^^bumblefuzz: what do you mean by control and command keys?00:18
Ender_Wiggink im at the nano editor for that00:18
Austin_WallIt hung at starting light display manager00:18
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: so where you have "iface eth0 inet dhcp" change 'dhcp' to 'static' then after that line you need "address" for example, then next line "netmask" then "gateway" (example if that's your router IP)00:18
Ender_Wiggindaftykins: http://pastebin.com/QSK9aQJL00:19
Ender_Wigginthats what i have ATM00:19
bumblefuzzEriC^^, I mean press command to tell the system ctrl and press ctrl to press command00:20
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: ok enter twice after 'loopback' then  "auto eth0" next line "iface eth0 inet static" then as above00:20
bumblefuzzso if I want to copy, I press command + c00:20
bumblefuzzinstead of ctrl + c00:21
daftykinsbumblefuzz: heh i know the exact opposite pain when forced to use macs ;)00:21
bumblefuzzI'm just beginning on ubuntu00:22
bumblefuzzso, I want to make it as mac like as possible00:22
Ender_Wiggindaftykins so i should input that command in the nano editor?00:22
Ender_Wigginddint have anything about DHCP in it00:22
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: you're in a simple text editor right now, hang on let me just edit your pastebin as an example00:22
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: you know what your network uses for IPs already, i take it?00:22
Ender_Wiggini think so00:23
Ender_Wigginmeaning DHCP or whatever?00:23
Ender_Wigginsorry haha00:23
daftykinsyeah the IP you receive from your router as its' DHCP allocation - and the IP of your router itself00:23
Ender_Wigginyeah i know that00:23
daftykins"ip route" would say "default via <router IP>"00:23
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13535856/ you'll need to change those IPs depending on what yours are00:24
jophish__daftykins: I'm going to try installing the driver from nvidia's site00:25
EriC^^bumblefuzz: sure, open a terminal and type xev00:25
daftykinsjophish__: guaranteed bad idea :)00:26
Ender_Wigginok thanks00:26
jophish__It's looking as though I'm going to be reinstalling anyway :/00:26
skweekarg! I want to uninstall python3 but it prompts me to remove like 300mg of files00:26
Austin_Walldaftykins: It hung at starting light display manager, do you need any logs?00:26
daftykinsAustin_Wall: what's on screen instead?00:26
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: once you've done the above, there'll be more to do... but change the router DHCP range as mentioned, then reboot this system to get the new IP set00:27
Austin_WallIt was a list of stuff with a bunch of [OK]s and at the bottom it said starting light display manager and didn't do anything else00:28
TechmanIs there a way to get in contact with the folks who run the Ubuntu Pastebin?00:28
whallzhi, how can i disable ubuntu key mappings for the alt key? i need to map some for vim and ubuntu is capturing those00:28
freakyyhow can i install ubuntu gnome on an ubuntu installation?00:28
Austin_WallLet it sit a while and then uninstalled nvidia-*00:28
EriC^^whallz: you mean the hud?00:28
bumblefuzzEriC^^, just xev?00:28
EriC^^bumblefuzz: yeah00:28
whallzEriC^^: yup00:29
freakyynm found it already thanks00:29
EriC^^whallz: settings > keyboard > shortcuts00:29
daftykinsAustin_Wall: ah right, mmm ok ; so nvidia purge method then you could try the 304 instead00:29
TechmanEh, I'll contact their webmaster department00:29
TechmanHopefully that works out00:29
whallzEriC^^: i changed those00:30
bumblefuzzok, what is this?00:30
freakyycan i select which session to run in lightdm?00:30
freakyyif i install ubuntu-gnome-desktop package(s)00:30
whallzEriC^^: i need to find a way to see if xterm is actually sending the signal or what00:30
jophish__daftykins: well, nvidia's driver didn't make things any worse!00:30
daftykinsjophish__: if i were you i would try 14.04.300:30
jophish__daftykins: 15.04 worked well for me too00:31
jophish__and until today 15.10 was fine :)00:31
daftykinsoh i thought it was a new install... perhaps that older kernel was fine00:31
Ender_Wiggindaftykins: sooo haha noob question again, how do i get the hostname i setup on no-ip to talk to my server? I setup the port forwarding for TS3 in my router00:32
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: most routers have DynDNS config pages for you to enter your no-ip details, that's the #1 easiest00:32
Ender_Wigginok thanks00:32
Ender_Wiggindaftykins looks like my router just has a dropdown box for just DnyDNS.org00:34
Ender_Wigginassuming thats different from no-ip00:34
daftykinsah, mine had a few providers on such a dropdown... what make + model router is it?00:34
daftykinsyeah it is unfortunately00:34
Ender_WigginNetgear WNDR400000:34
daftykinshmm surprised if they don't support it, lets see00:34
miroesq_I am trying to configure my wifi through the cli. Entering "iwlist wlan0 scan" tells me that this interface does not support scanning.00:35
MWMI was looking for a lightweight desktop and tried lxde.  It seems buggy, is that normal?  Also it wont run a terminal, is that normal behavior as well?00:35
EriC^^bumblefuzz: ok, press the command key and get the key code00:35
=== wook is now known as Guest61291
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: sure it's on its' own? quick hunt shows - http://kb.netgear.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/23930/~/how-to-setup-dynamic-dns-on-a-netgear-router-using-www.no-ip.com00:35
jophish__daftykins: would you recommend a clean reinstall, or some kind of funky downgrading?00:36
EriC^^bumblefuzz: like if i hold my ctrl key, it says keycode 37, and Control_L next to it00:36
Ender_Wigginhmm maybe i need to update the firmware00:36
daftykinsjophish__: clean, downgrade is not possible00:36
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: not usually, is this one perhaps supplied by an ISP?00:36
jophish__ok, I'd like to keep /home and /var/lib/libvirt00:36
Ender_Wigginnaw one i bought on my own00:36
bumblefuzzI don't know how to tell00:37
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: ok, you're definitely on the advanced pages there? i know they like to segment and hide a lot of features these days; maybe different browsers show different things too00:37
bumblefuzzthere's a ton of text in the terminal00:37
EriC^^bumblefuzz: hold the command key, and see what it says00:38
daftykinsmiroesq_: sure that's the interface name? try "ifconfig -a" to identify interfaces00:38
Ender_Wigginyeah went advanced>advanced setup> Dynamic DNS00:38
bumblefuzzI found it00:38
bumblefuzzok, now what00:38
miroesq_daftykins: thx00:38
EriC^^bumblefuzz: what's the keycode and name for command and ctrl?00:39
jophish__daftykins: just to be sure, you don't think purging every package to do with x on the system and reinstalling ubuntu-desktop would work?00:39
bumblefuzz133 and 3700:39
bumblefuzzI didn't catch the name00:39
MWMinstead of purging ubuntu-dektop "build-essentials" might be quicker00:39
EriC^^bumblefuzz: ok, get the name00:39
daftykinsjophish__: i wouldn't take that approach myself, the most work i would go to is to reinstall that last kernel, purge nvidia* again and try nvidia-352 and nvidia-prime back on and booting that old kernel; then i'd call it a day00:39
daftykinsMWM: those two things have absolutely 0 to do with each other.00:40
miroesq_daftykins: yes, it's wlan1 because I am trying a second wifi dongle. the first one, which was wlan0 gave me that error, so that's why I tried a second dongle.00:40
daftykinsmiroesq_: cool, any better luck on wlan1? or are you trying to fix wlan0? :D00:41
miroesq_daftykins: same issue with wlan1 as with wlan0. If I fix one, I can fix the other. trying to even connect to a wifi without the scan does not work00:41
bumblefuzzSuper_L and Control_L00:42
bumblefuzznow what?00:42
EriC^^bumblefuzz: ok, type xmodmap -e "keycode 133=Control_L"00:42
daftykinsmiroesq_: tried nm-cli ? what chipset do they both use? ("lsusb" for USB and "lspci" for PCI cards)00:43
EriC^^that'll make the super as ctrl00:43
MWMI just installed lxde and Ive lost Terminal and it seems to stumble over opening programs , is this normal for lxde ?00:43
miroesq_daftykins: the current one is [Realtek RTL8188CUS]00:43
bumblefuzzEriC^^, I did that and made 37=Super_L00:44
bumblefuzzbut the keys aren't doing what they're supposed to00:45
daftykinsmiroesq_: full desktop ubuntu installed? which version?00:45
EriC^^bumblefuzz: hmm00:45
Austin_Walldaftykins: Still not working, took picture http://imgur.com/JGLUTqV00:45
miroesq_daftykins: ubuntu server 14.04. i am using an armv7 machine. odroid xu400:45
MWMI can confirm trouble with the RTL8111* chipset.  there is dowcumentation if you search.00:45
EriC^^bumblefuzz: type xmodmap -pke | nc termbin.com 999900:46
Austin_WallAlso got a couple error report popups when I rebooted00:46
daftykinsmiroesq_: oh. sorry can't help there then, i have no idea of the status of ARM drivers for these wireless devices.00:46
Austin_WallThey didn't say what was wrong though00:46
miroesq_daftykins: thanks00:46
daftykinsAustin_Wall: mmm, ok that's odd - sounds like that one will require more digging :(00:47
EriC^^bumblefuzz: try xmodmap -e "keycode 206=Control_L"00:48
=== Bray90820_ is now known as Bray90820
bumblefuzzEriC^^, still no00:49
Ender_Wiggindaftykins looks like No-IP has an open source firmware that works for my router, no sure if it'll cause issues though00:49
bumblefuzzis there a way to put all this back?00:49
bumblefuzzsince it isn't changing anything?00:49
Austin_Walldaftykins: are there any logs you need to see?00:51
daftykinsAustin_Wall: i think any important ones would not have been created on the failed boot - then will have been replaced on the successful boot after, unfortunately00:52
EriC^^bumblefuzz: it'll reset when you reboot, you can change it if you want right now though00:52
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: found that page yeah, DD-WRT is an open source thing, not no-ip's work, i wouldn't recommend being that drastic - was there a newer netgear version available?00:52
bumblefuzzI see00:53
Ender_Wigginonly option seems to be to create a free DynDNS and cancel it, i read they allow you to keep 1 domain for free00:53
bumblefuzzso we have to figure out what code to use to get the swap to work before making it permanent00:54
Ender_Wigginthat or just update my server's external IP whenever my ISP changes it00:54
Ender_Wigginnot sure how often that is though00:54
EriC^^bumblefuzz: well, yeah if it works you can add that line so it runs automatically when you login00:54
EriC^^bumblefuzz: dunno why it's not working though, there's also xbindkeys which might work00:54
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: is this ubuntu system the only one you have, or?00:54
Ender_Wigginnaw I have Win10 and OSX00:55
Ender_Wigginive got it set up locally just needed to allow access from outside00:55
cobracommandas soon as you edit a cron in ubuntu, is it automatically enabled?00:55
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: you could just run no-ip's Windows updater then, if those others are on regularly enough to update the IP00:55
daftykinsi wouldn't recommend modifying the router just for this minor use :>00:56
Ender_Wigginno-ips updater what exactly is that?00:56
Ender_Wigginhaha true00:56
Ender_Wigginahh the DUC thingy?00:56
daftykinsa little Windows program you type your user+pass into, which runs on boot and updates the IP whenever you boot.00:56
Ender_Wigginis there any major issues with the ubuntu version? found it on their site00:57
Ender_Wigginid like to run it on my ubuntu because i leave it on 24/700:57
daftykinsthing is, you're likely going to be on one of the other PCs to be using teamspeak aren't you, since you'll be gaming or whatever...00:58
daftykinsyou can follow that if you like, it's just harder :>00:59
Ender_Wigginits just i regularly turn off my Win10 boxx00:59
Ender_Wigginuses a LOT more power00:59
daftykinsyou'll need to run "sudo apt-get install build-essential" prior to following their guide00:59
Ender_Wigginmy ubuntu box is a very small 2core AMD like 300W PSU00:59
Ender_Wigginoh boy haha01:00
SchrodingersScat!info inadyn | Ender_Wiggin01:00
ubottuEnder_Wiggin: inadyn (source: inadyn): Simple and small DynDNS client written in the C language. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.99.4-1 (wily), package size 43 kB, installed size 166 kB01:00
MWMIm running a dual core box with small pus  and not much ram too!  YAY!01:00
Ender_Wiggindaftykins will that be affected by me using LXDE?01:00
daftykinsEnder_Wiggin: their guide? nope01:01
Ender_Wiggini mean the build-essential thingy01:01
Ender_Wigginguessing thats just an update or?01:01
MWMto my understanding "build-essential" updates/installs only the things "essential" to the OS01:02
daftykinsit installs packages for compiling source code into a program, which is what their guide involves01:02
daftykinsMWM: 100% wrong01:02
Ender_Wigginah ok ty01:02
bumblefuzzany ideas on reversing the scrolling for my mouse?01:03
MWMwell if youre going t be wrong then might as well go for 100%01:03
daftykinsMWM: :D01:03
MWMIve been reading about how to get the lightest experience from ubuntu , and most guides will say to install ____-core or _____-build essintial to minimize the packages01:04
daftykins!info build-essential01:05
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 12.1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 20 kB01:05
MWM!info build essential01:05
ubottu'essential' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed01:05
EriC^^bumblefuzz: which ubuntu are you using? 14.04?01:05
daftykinsno you don't need to repeat bot trigger commands :)01:05
MWM!info build-essential01:05
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 12.1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 20 kB01:05
daftykinsMWM: please stop that now, you can see the same result has come up 3 times01:06
dnscryptuserHey, is there anyone here that uses dnscrypt-proxy from ppa:xuzhen666/dnscrypt or any other? I think I found a bug, but I need someone to test something for me01:06
daftykinsdnscryptuser: contact the PPA maintainer then, not an ubuntu problem01:07
MWMIm sorry I thought I only did it twice and the first had a missing hyphen01:07
dnscryptuserdaftykins: I'm not saying it is a ubuntu problem, I just want someone to test before I contact him. Maybe is something on my end01:08
MWMIm missing terminal in LXDE and cant seem to find how to restore it in a search01:08
SchrodingersScat!support | dnscryptuser this is ubuntu support in #ubuntu01:08
ubottudnscryptuser this is ubuntu support in #ubuntu: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com01:08
daftykinsdnscryptuser: i know, but it's what they do... :)01:08
sgenDoes anyone have any suggestions for good ubuntu compatible portable printers?01:09
bumblefuzzEriC^^, 14.04.0301:09
dnscryptuserdaftykins: Well, thanks then, I guess. I will try to contact him01:11
MWMnm.  in lxde its called lxterminal instead of just terminal :)01:11
EriC^^bumblefuzz: i've no idea, sorry01:12
bumblefuzzlol, np01:13
cobracommandhow do I make a cron.allow in /etc/ to enable my crontab?01:18
machoohi guys, how to swap the keys "Mod1" with "Mod5"?01:21
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jophish__daftykins: I got it working!!!01:23
jophish__nomodeset as a kernel arg did the trick01:23
jophish__and reinstalling the drivers a hundred times01:23
daftykinsthat's not going to load the nvidia driver 0o01:24
bumblefuzzso, how do I set up a list of commands to run at boot?01:24
jophish__daftykins: ah, I can't get past the login screen01:24
daftykinsyour /var/log/Xorg.0.log would likely confirm FBSET or VESA in use still01:25
jophish__daftykins: you're quite right. I got overly excited when I heard the little ubuntu jingle01:27
meemHow do i convert binary with decimal point to decimal ? like this  one 101001.11101:31
jophish__although I've removed every nvidia package dpkg -l | grep nvidia is empty Xorg.0.log is still littered with nvidia references01:33
miroesq_i am unable to use mkdir to make a directory within /home. i am logged as root01:34
meem_How do i convert binary with decimal point to decimal ? like this  one 101001.111 ?01:35
egggshi just installed debian  jessie all was good,  but i lost sound  it plays in the app just dont make it to speaker or  headphones01:35
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jophish__thanks for all your help daftykins, I appreciate it01:40
jophish__time for sleep now though I think01:40
Krenairgnome-system-monitor's CPU history graph shows very high CPU usage, but the processes table does not account for all of it01:40
daftykinsjophish__: np, laters o/01:41
daftykinsegggs: not a debian channel :)01:41
daftykinsmeem_: not a homework channel i'm afraid01:41
egggsoh man thats embarrassing  thanks01:42
Bashing-omjophish__: A thought .. remove /etc/X11/xorg.conf , if you no longer have an Nvidia driover active .01:44
KrenairHow can I figure out what is using the CPU?01:46
Bashing-omKrenair: 1st look is from the terminal command 'top' .01:47
meem_daftykins ; oh come on01:55
qubitsHey guys01:55
daftykinsmeem_: i'm serious.01:55
qubitsHow's the support leve in here01:55
meem_daftykins ; me too01:56
daftykins!ot | meem_ :)01:56
ubottumeem_ :): #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:56
jophish__Bashing-om: yeah, tried that, no luck01:58
jophish__daftykins: I tried installing 4.2.0-16 but that's even worse. I always get to the login screen, but can't get past. I can't get a tty either though01:59
daftykinsheh, that's not sleep at all01:59
jophish__My dog wanted to go outside one last time, so I had some time01:59
qubitsI reinstalled ubuntu with encrypted lvm and something strange happened to my raid 0 array, it was supposed to go on a separate drive02:00
qubitsNow one of my drives is removed from the array as failed02:00
qubitsI have dm-0 and dm-1  now and they should've been the same thing, I am trying to see what drive they mapped to but it says 253,1? I don't see that in ls -Al /dev/02:01
Sonderbladecan "apt-get remove" be customized so that it automatically removes packages' /etc configurations?02:01
qubitsdmsetup is reporting that / is on the proper drive so what happened to my raid02:01
daftykinsSonderblade: just use purge instead, that's what it's for.02:02
qubitsI guess in a nutshell what I'm asking is how do I non destructively rebuild the raid 002:03
qubitsThe bios read failed because one of the drives reports non member02:04
daftykinsis this intel chipset RAID or mdadm?02:04
qubitsmdadm i believe02:04
daftykinsif so, anything BIOS level wouldn't know about a disk being a member or not02:04
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto02:05
daftykinsif the OS is installed to them, i'd poke around from a live session of desktop02:05
qubitsno its storage02:06
=== trisquel is now known as Guest80493
daftykinsprobably easier from live anyway02:06
qubitsmd126 : inactive sdc[0]02:10
qubits 976759940 blocks super external:/md127/       //  md127 : inactive sdc[1](S) sdb[0](S    //  5288 blocks super external:imsm02:11
qubitsi dont know if two personalities is normal but 126 seems to reference 127 and md127 has a list of both drives but is inactive02:11
qubits          State : active, FAILED, Not Started02:13
qubitsCan I force start it or do I need to do something in the bios02:13
tinyoptikhows ubuntu going02:16
tinyoptikhow much are 32" monitors cost02:18
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tinyoptiki gotta look that up on google or pricewatch or something02:18
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Mr_CyclopsHello All, do we have an expert Ubuntu user  here? I am struggling with something and need help02:20
SchrodingersScat!ask | Mr_Cyclops02:21
ubottuMr_Cyclops: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:21
Mr_Cyclops:-) thanks02:21
Mr_CyclopsUbuntu 15.10 ... if I delete a file from any file manager (except Dolphin), and that directory is a softlink, the file manager crashes02:22
Mr_CyclopsUpgraded the whole system, up to date, but no change ...02:22
Mr_Cyclopsand I dont get this error at all if that directory is not a soft=linked directory02:22
Mr_Cyclopsany clues?02:22
SchrodingersScat!bugs | Mr_Cyclops, I don't have any clues.02:24
ubottuMr_Cyclops, I don't have any clues.: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.02:24
Mr_CyclopsThank you, will definitely try that02:25
Mr_Cyclopsanother issue .... Citrix (which I suppose a known thing ) ... here are the details02:25
SchrodingersScatthunar just now didn't crash while deleting symlinked directory02:25
Mr_CyclopsRight now I am running Xubuntu 15.04 64 bit, and installed the icaclient from the Citrix's official website02:25
Mr_Cyclopsbut when I click on the link that should fork/open the .ica file, it doesn't work at all02:26
Mr_Cyclopsfollowed many blogs n tried various things, no joy. If you could suggest a blog/URL that would help best to resolve this, thanks02:26
Mr_Cyclopsthunar, you tried in 15.10 ?02:26
Mr_CyclopsLast time I tried all file managers was like 2 weeks ago, if this was fixed ... good for me, I will try again in a VM02:27
Mr_CyclopsSchrodingersScat, try not to delete the symlinked directory, but some file inside the symlinked directory, see if it crashes, tx02:28
SchrodingersScatMr_Cyclops: yep, xubuntu 15.10, I've never had that problem, it also doesn't come up for me that much.02:28
SchrodingersScatMr_Cyclops: did a touch 1 2 3 in the symlinked directory, then deleted it in thunar, nothing unexpected happened.02:29
Mr_Cyclopssounds great! I will try again today, tx for trying it out for me02:30
Mr_CyclopsAny suggestions on an effective URL for Citrix/.02:30
rritochWhere can I find the window manager scripts that are executed when a user logs in? (plasma, gnome, xfce, etc)02:32
Mr_Cyclopsrritoch, I think you can to Control Center, or Settings Manager, look for Startup applications, and add it manually02:32
Mr_CyclopsTypically it gives u a dialoge box with 3 text boxes, to choose a Name, Description and command (Suggest to simply the absolute/full path of the command/binary/script) tat you want to run at login02:33
DemannuQuick question: Thinking about using a local box I have here to bring internet in through wireless and then have a DHCP and DNS server share the wireless connection to a different subnet through ethernet. I believe this is plausible yes?02:36
rritochMr_Cyclops: Thanks, but the specific problem is that if I launch "Plasma" manually it works, but if I login to it from sddm the X server goes black during initialization02:37
rritochMr_Cyclops: XFCE login from sddm works, so I believe the problem is with the plasma "start" script executed by SDDM. I just don't know where to find it.02:38
Mr_Cyclopsrritoch, Ok, I am not a KDE user, can't help much with that, hopefully someone else in this forum might, wait and see if someone replies, tx02:39
rritochFound it, finally. /usr/share/xsessions02:42
Mr_Cyclopstx for sharing02:43
rritochDemannu: Yes that is possible. You just need to configure the DHCP server to serve the lan. Typically you would need a DHCP client setup on the wireless device unless you use a static IP outside the wireless DHCP allocated IP range and know the IP address of the wireless router.02:47
rritochDemannu: Beyond that, you probably need to setup your firewall to NAT traffic from the local network to the wireless.02:48
NYTimeshey how can I know if my OS is i686 or x86_64 and what does that even mean ? kinda confused here ;@)02:49
rritochNYTimes: i686 = 32bit, x86_64 = 64 bit. , if you type 'uname -a' in a shell it should tell you which your setup for.02:50
mastershakehey guys im having a tiny issue over here and was wondering if anyone could help..02:50
Mr_Cyclopsgo ahead mastershake02:51
Demannurritoch: I'm looking for this box to travel with me and act as a project bench/network services provider while in the field, so it's assumed DHCP on the wireless network. Want to make a secure subnet for the workbench/dev environment02:51
mastershakei have an important .rar im trying to open that i created on Win8.1 and locked it with a password, but im having trouble opening it now.02:51
mastershakeits just empty when i open it up02:51
Pinkamena_DI have a secondary windows partition. on /dev/sda1 (ubuntu on /dev/sda2) I wanted more room so I got a second hard drive for windows. I used clonezilla to copy over /dev/sda1 to /dev/sdb1. I want to get it working before deleting the old partition.02:51
Mr_CyclopsNYTimes, the command is uname -i02:51
Mr_Cyclopsor better just type uname -a02:51
reisioPinkamena_D: be simpler to migrate Ubuntu02:51
reisiofar simpler02:52
NYTimesrritoch: thank you what a command so usefull thx02:52
rritochDemannu: In that case you setup your wireless connection with DHCP, setup a DHCP server on the lan, and setup your firewall to NAT between LAN and Wireless (internet).02:52
Pinkamena_DGrubcfg makes an entry tor /dev/sdb1 automatically, but for some reason when you select it it actually boots to /dev/sda102:52
NYTimesMr_Cyclops: it returns "unknown"02:53
reisioPinkamena_D: you cloned it, so Windows thinks it's on the first device02:53
reisioPinkamena_D: try switching the drive order02:53
Pinkamena_DI want the bigger (sda) drive for ubuntu.02:53
reisioPinkamena_D: try switching the drive order02:53
mastershakeany ideas ?02:53
rritochDemannu: I beleive there are some "complexities" to setting up NAT to a dynamic IP since firewall rules are by IP address though. It is likely you'll need to code some of your own scripts, or find one online that's pre-built for that purpose.02:53
Pinkamena_Din grub, or bios, or somewhere else?02:53
reisioPinkamena_D: bios if you can there02:54
reisioPinkamena_D: otherwise simply switch the cables02:54
reisiomastershake: about what02:54
rritochNYTimes: At least that is how things were with ipchains some 15 years ago... My linux/unix knowledge is a bit dusty.02:55
rritocherr ^^ Demannu02:55
mastershakereisio, my password protected .rar i created on win8.1 is empty when i goto open it on xubuntu and doesnt prompt for pw02:55
Pinkamena_Dill try it and come and complain if it fails. If the world ends before I am done trying, thanks for the tip.02:55
reisiomastershake: what does 'file' say it is?02:55
mcheleni keep getting "The following packages cannot be authenticated!" even after running `apt-get update` and `apt-key update` any ideas?02:55
reisioPinkamena_D: :)02:55
mastershakeRAR data archive, v6c02:56
EriC^^mchelen: change the mirror maybe02:56
Demannurritoch: I'm just installing Ubuntu server now on the box, I'll experiment with that and see what I can come up with. I know for a fact that a lot of my worksites use wildly different subnet setups, so I may need to automate it somehow.02:56
DemannuI mean, it's not terribly hard once I think about it. Simply grab the current IP and replace in a template then update NAT rules that way02:57
reisiomastershake: I doubt that02:57
mastershakedoubt what?02:58
mchelenEriC^^: ok let me try02:58
reisiomastershake: your answer02:58
reisiomastershake: do you have unrar? dpkg -L unrar02:58
NYTimesrritoch: but at02:58
mchelenEriC^^: ah yep that did it, thanks!02:59
mastershakewhat does that command do?02:59
EriC^^mchelen: no problem02:59
reisiomastershake: lists files if you have unrar02:59
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NYTimesleast u know what u talk about which is not my case thank you rritoch02:59
rritochDemannu: Probably, also take a look @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reserved_IP_addresses which may provide you with some "options". It's fairly safe to assume that your connection points are following "proper" networking policies. So if you bend a few rules, such as using the range, you can fairly safely assume you won't conflict with your connection points.03:01
mastershakeokay reisio it listed a handfull of files in /usr/share03:01
reisiomastershake: how about a binary? dpkg -L unrar | egrep -i 'bin|opt'03:02
Demannurritoch: That's a fantastic avenue, I'll investigate that too. I'll report back once I test it out03:02
DemannuFound a really neat micro form factor computer, traded a client for it. It's only an atom, but it's gonna be a great gateway/services box03:03
DemannuIt's roughly the size of a shoebox03:03
mastershakereisio, it said /usr/bin and then /usr/bin/unrar-nonfre03:03
DemannuBut perhaps 3/4ths of the width03:03
reisiosounds large03:03
DemannuLet me measure.03:03
mastershakei dont understand03:03
reisiomastershake: what's 'unrar l path/to/your/file' say?03:04
mastershakekindly excuse my ignorance, i havent used linux in a while.03:04
Demannu(inches) 14 length, 8 width, 6.25 high03:04
reisiosounds enormous :)03:05
reisiobut no additional cost03:05
coraxxHello everyone ... question .... upgrading Ubuntu from 12.04 to 14.04, how does one upgrade the postgresql data files, so they work with Ubuntu 14.04 postgresql-version (9.3) ?03:05
DemannuI was thinking about scooping a PiZero, I've already got a wireless+ethernet shield that would work with it. That may do everything I need as well for about $2003:06
reisiocoraxx: you'll have to read postgresql's docs for that03:06
reisiocoraxx: or the docs for whatever software you're using the DB/s with03:06
coraxxreisio: The Docs refers to a tool called pg_upgrade that Ubuntu 14.04 will not install :-(03:07
reisiocoraxx: ask apt-file where it is03:07
mastershake"reisio, unknown option l"03:08
coraxxreisio: its in a package that conflicts with the postgresql package.  The package is called postgres-xc ...and requires that "postgresql" is removed upon installation.03:08
reisiomastershake: okay, try this instead: 'unrar-nonfree l path/to/your/file' say?03:09
mastershakegot it thanks reisio !!!!03:10
reisiomastershake: you probably have unrar-free installed; it's useless, run this: sudo apt-get remove unrar-free03:12
freakyywhat is this taskbar icon bar in the lower left in ubuntu-gnome? is there a way i can merge it to the top taskbar or how its called?03:12
reisioand hopefully that, or that plus sudo apt-get install --reinstall unrar will fix your default 'unrar'03:12
Dougie187Anyone ever seen this issue before? http://pastebin.com/aFPX4b2b03:18
Dougie187my laptop won't recognize usb devices.03:18
Dougie187Using 15.1003:19
reisioDougie187: how many ports?03:21
Dougie187Three total03:21
reisionone work?03:21
Dougie187Nope, I'm trying to plug in a usb HDD03:22
Dougie187I can try with a different device though03:22
OneM_IndustriesHey, I am having an issue with drivers.03:22
OneM_IndustriesVideo card drivers*03:22
reisioOneM_Industries: neat03:23
Dougie187Here's maybe some more useful information: http://pastebin.com/CHTt098A03:23
reisioDougie187: so you tried them all03:23
Dougie187That's the full `dmesg | grep usb`03:23
rritochDemannu: Well, I've never tried it, but in theory for a configuration like yours a VPS could greatly help, if the hardware can support a VPS. With the aid of a VPS it should be possible to setup your network as Wireless (Lan) > Virtual Network (Carrier-Grade-NAT IP range) > Eithernet (valid lan), with a configuration like that you  have a valid lan comming in, a valid lan comming out03:23
Dougie187Yes, I tried all of them.03:23
OneM_IndustriesI set it to the x.org drivers, and now the machine stalls after asking if I want to boot into ubuntu or memtest.03:23
OneM_IndustriesIt has a blinking underline on the top left corner of the screen, and is not responding.03:25
Demannurritoch: I believe I could make a lightweight one using a docker container.03:25
Sonderbladelightdm fails to start and i have this message in the log: DEBUG: Seat: Can't find session 'gnome-xmonad' any idea how to solve that?03:25
OneM_IndustriesAnyone know how to set the drivers back to a different set?03:26
rritochDemannu: The only time the system wouldn't work would be if you connected to a carrier grade NAT network which also uses the same IP range as you, as long as you stick with class C lan, the chances of a conflict would be infintisimal. Heck if you coded it as a mobile app such a configuration could theoretically create a global peer-to-peer internet.03:26
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: A  /etc/X11/xorg.conf used to be used and now with open source not required ??03:27
OneM_IndustriesI was using the Nvidia drivers. Then I switched to X.ORG. Now the machine won't boot.03:28
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Was there  that file in a former proprietary driver install ? open source does not use it amd really messes with X when it is parsed .03:29
OneM_IndustriesI do not know.03:29
rritochDemannu: The only real complexity with a global peer to peer network would be creating the routing policies... It is something I'd love to do, but while I can figure out the connectivity, I don't know any algorithm that could handle the routing.03:29
OneM_IndustriesI can find out though.03:29
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Boot the recovery console and ' ls -al /etc/X11/xorg.conf ' .03:30
OneM_IndustriesThere is no such file.03:31
JimuW: Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]03:32
Dougie187reisio: I tried all with another device and they still fail03:32
AprelCan ffproxy be used to throttle/rate limit?03:33
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: ls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:33
reisioAprel: I doubt something with 'proxy' in its name has that particular innate purpose03:33
reisioAprel: try trickle03:33
OneM_IndustriesThat is what it returned when I ran that command.03:33
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Any driver al all loaded ' sudo lshw -C display ' . No xorg file in this instance is a good thing .03:34
JimuWait, why am I getting errors fetching binary-i386 stuff on a 64 bit install?03:34
Viking667'llo all. Is there an image viewer that can take a file containing a list of images as an argument?03:35
reisioJimu: you tell us03:35
Viking667i.e. somemagicimageviewer -f myfileof-imagenames.txt03:35
Aprelhmmm... My mistake. I figured thottling was a common feature of proxies. Looking into trickle. Thanks reisio03:35
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: About to get you the result of that, hold on.03:35
Viking667it seems eog (my everyday image viewer) is a bit lightweight in that respect.03:36
reisioAprel: in the Unix world (and anyplace sane), an app that does more than a single job is a silly app03:36
Jimureisio: i wish i could. the "About This Computer" says it's 64 bit, I installed it from a 64-bit ISO... do I  need to edit my sources.list?03:36
Viking667reisio: so, that means that most of the "apps" we have today (if you stretch the definition some) would then be "silly"?03:37
reisioJimu: what's the problem?03:37
JimuViking667: don't get into this argument03:37
reisioViking667: yup03:37
Viking667Can't say I'd disagree much there, though most people would03:37
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: Here you go! http://imgur.com/UyqGVjo03:38
Viking667I guess we've all got too used to fully-GUI applications that sing and dance too.03:38
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Look'n .03:38
Viking667... instead of stringing together 19 separate commands for one file.03:38
JimuLinux is just so sprawling... it's hard to get a grip on03:38
Viking667mmm. I found that with Windows.03:38
Jimuwhich DE? which DE launcher? Why is this 64 bit version giving me apt-get errors about i386 files? 404 errors, nonetheless?03:39
Bashing-omone ya have a FGLRX driver loaded .. and no config file . What release is this , and again what do you want to do ?03:40
reisioJimu: what's the error?03:40
OneM_Industries14.04, load a driver that actually works.03:40
JimuAlso, I think the Ubuntu Application Updater is not very well integrated with apt-get, so you have sync issues about what needs updating03:40
JimuW: Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found [IP: 80]03:41
Viking667... now that's weird...03:41
reisioJimu: 404 just means it isn't there03:41
Viking667wily's not on that list03:42
JimuIndeed, and this is a fresh image I downloaded, so...what happened there? Server down?03:42
Viking667All I have here is Precise to Utopic.03:42
Viking667(and that's from that site linked above)03:42
reisioJimu: it says 'Packages' and not 'Packages.gz'?03:43
reisiookay, so someone thought they'd be all smart and gzip a file that apps loo for without it being gzipped03:43
reisiolook* for03:43
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Try: ' sudo amdconfig --initial ' If yoy are at the recomvery console will have to remount the OS for R/W .03:43
Viking667reisio: actualy, that's not the only issue. wily isn't even AT the site.03:43
reisioViking667: irrelevant, it's at plenty of sites03:44
Viking667true, but he's looking for wily "extras"03:44
Jimuwhat counts as "extras" anyway?03:44
Viking667... not multiverse/universe.03:44
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: How would I remount the OS to do so?03:45
Viking667It almost looks like they removed "extras", I don't have it here in my sources.03:49
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: Nevermind, figured it out.03:49
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: mount -o remount,rw / (Note there is no space after the comma.03:49
OneM_Industriesamdconfig: command not found.03:50
Viking667weird. so it's saying that the fglrx package never installed?03:51
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: ' dpkg -l | grep fglrx ' let;s see what is installed .03:51
OneM_IndustriesI don't know.03:51
Viking667OneM: try this at a Terminal:  dpkg -l fglrx03:52
reisioOneM_Industries: can always ask apt-file what provides it03:52
Viking667fglrx provides that binary.03:52
Viking667... I just looked it up about 40 seconds ago03:52
OneM_IndustriesI have the output, hold on.03:53
reisioViking667: now he just needs you installed locally03:53
OneM_IndustriesHeh, yep.03:53
Viking667sorry dude.03:54
Viking667I've already been criticised enough times.03:54
reisiohaven't we all :p03:54
OneM_Industries^ The output.03:54
Viking667OneM_Industries: check out your /etc/apt/sources.list and /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*  (i.e. all the files in there) for any referring to "extras"03:55
Bashing-omOneM_Industries: Suits my thought process better to pastebin the terminal putput of ' dpkg -l | grep fglrx ' .03:57
OneM_IndustriesBashing-om: I just posted a photo of that output.03:58
Viking667Seems like fglrx-core installed, but fglrx didn't.03:58
Viking667nm: no input files, exiting03:59
anon2442lol drone is holding down the fort?04:00
Viking667that must be one absolutely HUGE drone...04:00
Viking667OneM_Industries: hm?04:00
OneM_IndustriesInstalled fglrx, ran amdconfig --initial, and it works!04:01
Viking667Right, I'll head on back to my first question.04:01
mardhelloworld(from diy-irc-client, sorry for bother)04:03
Viking667I've got a list of files (png, in this case) in a text file, how do I get eog to show me all those files as one large list? (all the files are scattered throughout multiple directories)04:04
mardyep! only command line without GUI04:06
Bashing-omViking667: Something like ' sudo find / -name "*.png" > myfile ' ?04:06
reisioViking667: could try cat file | xargs eog04:06
Viking667bashingthat's what I did04:06
anon2442i always try ' echo penis ' first04:06
Viking667Bashing-om: that's what I did to get "myoutput"04:06
Viking667I'll try the xargs thing, I'd forgotten about that command.04:07
reisioor eog /dev/stdin < file04:07
reisiokinda depends on what eog does with stdin04:07
Viking667reisio: ha. I didn't think of that either... mind you, eog is having a little trouble, myoutput.txt happens to be 10Mb in size.04:07
reisioif it's a sane app, it'll work like so: cat file | eog04:07
reisioif it's only slightly less sane: cat file | eog -04:08
reisioif it's only slightly less sane: cat file | eog /dev/stdin04:08
Viking667xargs seems to work.04:08
reisioViking667: what're you looking at them for?04:08
Viking667Trying to find a particular picture.04:08
Viking667the images are from mapcrafter, so they're a whole LOT of png tiles for a minecraft mapping program.04:09
reisioViking667: and why're you viewing them04:09
Viking667because I want to?04:09
reisioViking667: oh, then use /usr/bin/justcuz04:10
reisioseriously, do you want to scrutinize them individually?04:10
Viking667nope, no such file04:10
Viking667reisio: seriously, yes. I don't have much choice.04:10
reisioViking667: why not?04:10
reisiooh trying to find a particular picture04:10
Viking667I'm trying to find specifically WHICH tile shows the area I'm interested in.04:11
Viking667I mapped a large minecraft world (10k by 10k blocks)04:11
reisioso it's a screenshot of the world?04:12
anon2442if you get pissed off and need a laugh, program your computer to say "justin bieber is sexy, im a belieber." cracks me up every fucking time04:12
Viking667not ... screenshot, more a map from glued-together png pieces.04:12
OneM_Industries!offtopic anon244204:12
OneM_Industries!offtopic | anon244204:12
ubottuanon2442: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:12
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anon2442!offtopic OneM_Industries04:13
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:13
ubottuOneM_Industries: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:13
Viking667no way I could put all the PNGs into one folder, as they're all named stuff like 1.png, 2.png etc...04:15
reisioViking667: so?04:15
Viking667If I could have done that (i.e. they all differed by name) then I would simply have used nautilus or something similar04:16
reisioyou can do that, but a list of each file is just as good04:17
Viking667A file browser doesn't do too well being fed that04:17
reisioit could, but that's not the point04:17
reisiowould you rather use nautilus than eog?04:17
Viking667I was sort of looking for a gallery view, but I can't do that, at least with nautilus.04:17
Viking667nautilus only shows you one folder at a time, because that's what it was built for.04:18
reisiofolder can be anything you want, however04:18
Viking667It doesn't show you ONE window with x images (at a time) when those images are all scattered around.04:18
reisioViking667: so that's a "yes"?04:19
Viking667I want a gallery, so I can scan multiple images in one sweep, but I'm not going to end up with that.04:20
reisioViking667: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/montage/04:21
Viking667reisio: figures. Thanks.04:22
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:25
ubottuOneM_Industries: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:25
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:25
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:25
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:25
anon2442!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:25
OneM_IndustriesGuess who is about to be on my ignore list.04:25
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* Viking667 gives up... 430,000 images to peruse.04:26
reisiopersue for what :p04:27
bitchlol Drone xD04:28
bitch!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:28
ubottuOneM_Industries: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:28
bitch!offtopic | OneM_Industries04:28
rewAnyone knows how to get this system info? http://askubuntu.com/questions/703415/command-line-to-get-this-system-information04:37
reisiorew: don't cross post04:38
rewreisio: sorry. I will exit the other channel.04:38
reisiorew: look at /etc/issue04:38
rewreisio: i have just exited04:38
OerHeksrew, that is the motd04:38
rewOerHeks: what is motd?04:39
Viking667message of the day04:39
rewmotd from digitalocean image?04:40
reisiorew: where else04:41
Viking667Log in, check out what's inside /etc/issue. The man pages are remarkably sparse on motd(5) or issue(5)04:42
rewinside /etc/issue, i get "Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l"04:43
Viking667If this was a far earlier release of linux, I would have suggested /etc/rc but I know that won't work in this case.04:45
reisiogrep -ir 'graph this data' /etc/04:45
OerHekswild guess: /etc/update-motd.d/*04:46
rewreisio: Tried  grep -ir 'graph this data' /etc/, nothing returned04:47
reisiorew: probably in your rc file, then04:47
reisiorew: or try grep -R04:48
=== Tsunami is now known as Guest99215
rewlocate motd is useful04:51
rritochI know this is somewhat a KDE issue, but if I remove (rename) ~/.kde and ~/.config will the desktop manager(s) rebuild them when I login? I'm quite sure my user account configurations are corrupt.04:51
rritochAnother dead-end. It rebuilt ~/.kde and ~/.config but still doesn't work04:55
samsrutiHey guys05:04
samsrutii have silly doubt :P05:05
Viking667Ah well, I'm off.05:05
samsrutiI m very new to this community05:05
samsrutiwhich release of Ubuntu is good for developers05:05
k1l_samsruti: try 15.1005:06
Bashing-omsamsruti: Depends on the focus of your development .05:06
samsrutisuppose i want to fix a bug and i saw that it was tested on 15.0405:06
samsrutiwhat should i do at that time05:07
Bashing-omsamsruti: Install 15.10 , see if the bug has been resolved .05:08
OerHeks2 months support left on 15.04 ..05:09
samsruticool then05:09
samsrutithanks :)05:10
samsrutiso can i dual boot 15.10 with Win8 ?05:10
Bashing-om!dual boot | samsruti05:12
ubottusamsruti: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:12
samsrutithanks :)05:12
CyborgCygnusTrying to upgrade from Ubuntu 14.04lts to 15.04 & this is the error that I'm getting http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/13538886/05:12
artisanIndiais there any tool by which I can scan for proxy servers on a given range of IP addresses05:14
samsrutii can try this in VM and can dual boot 15.10 :)05:14
Bashing-om!eol | CyborgCygnus Got to go through the EOL 14.10 ::05:14
ubottuCyborgCygnus Got to go through the EOL 14.10 ::: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:14
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CyborgCygnus<Bashing-om> Yeah but how would I skip straight to 15:10 then?05:16
Bashing-omCyborgCygnus: Only means then is a fresh install . OR await the release of 16.04. then is a direct upgrade 14.04 to 16.04. LTS to LTS releases .05:18
CyborgCygnus<Bashing-om> Oh so you meant I needed to go from 14.04 > 14.10 > 15.04 > 15.10? Cause I'm on 14.04 & that updater is trying to put me straight on 15.04.05:19
Bashing-omCyborgCygnus: Correct .. and the updater is trying to go to 14.10 whuch is ROL and the repository is not there . ya got to do the EOL upgrade @ 14.10 .05:21
Bashing-omROL/EOL **05:22
CyborgCygnus<Bashing-om> So do I just have to do a clean install of the latest? So is it impossible to do the upgrade that I'm attempting, what would you recommend I do?05:23
badbodhupdate manager should show 15.10 , dunno why yours is stuck on 15.0405:23
badbodhmaybe check for updates again05:24
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testingforreasonOdd idea: I've written a "shell script", (not really, just a list of a handful of commands that take forever), and started running it. While it's running Command 1, I've realized that I have listed command 2 and 3 are backwards. Can I allow it to finish command 1, and stop before running command 2 (really3)?05:24
rritochCyborgCygnus: I can't recommend it, but you CAN technically update your /etc/apt/sources.list file to the latest release, and do apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-get dist-upgrade. It is a dirty business that can make your system unstable. I'm sure that's why my system is unstable because I went from debian to ubuntu trusty up to vivid this way, wily was my first real upgrade and it crashed ...05:24
rritoch@ 66% so I ended up needing to finish the upgrade manually.05:24
badbodhtestingforreason, are you testing our programming skills ? some of us have none. yet better with linux than you are :P05:25
Bashing-omCyborgCygnus: The tutorial gives instruction . you must go the EOL route. Personally ... As 16.04 is but a few months away, I would wait .05:25
testingforreasonNot a programming thing. I've just set a few large files to download, and then unzip them, and so on. I already started this, and then realized I mixed up the order on the later commands about an hour into the download. It's still got another hour to go, which I don't want to waste.05:27
testingforreasonI was hoping for something along the lines of ctrl-z (allow current command to finish running, halt before second command)05:28
testingforreasonthat is, not that ctrl-z does that, but what I'm looking for.05:28
testingforreasonJust looking for a finer control on a running script than I know of.05:30
badbodhtricky, your script is open in bash so can;t edit it without killing bash. and killing bash means your first command dies too.05:31
LonelyDanbouh... how do I find drivers for my motherboard? The official website only has drivers for Windows. I was hoping drivers would allow me to see CPU and possibly northbridge chip temperatures.05:34
gsoLonelyDanbo, Usually "lm-sensors" allows you to do that... I find it often has generic support for most sensors05:35
LonelyDanbogso, the generic support is only showing 1 result for a k10temp-pci PCI adapter, with very low temperatures.05:36
LonelyDanbowell, it has a 2nd result, fam15h_power-pci but it only reports wattage rather than temperature.05:37
badbodhLonelyDanbo, did you run "sudo sensors-detect" first ?05:37
=== znf_ is now known as znf
LonelyDanbobadbodh, I did. It only detected the two things I already had.05:37
LonelyDanboAlthough I skipped the last step. I figured it wouldn't be relevant to anything onboard.05:37
badbodhthen that's all you can possibly have. are you sure your mobo has more sensors embedded on it ?05:38
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LonelyDanbowell I'm sure my video card does, because nvidia-settings reports the tempature and fan speed.05:38
badbodhadding stuff on modules blah blah? that's the most important part. that saves whatever you detect :D05:38
badbodhyou don;t skip you say yes to everything05:39
LonelyDanboit always finishes with "no modules to load, skipping modules configuration"05:40
LonelyDanbodespite answering yes to everything.05:41
badbodhhmm. that means it didn;t detect any sensor.05:41
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LonelyDanbobadbodh, it did show a "yes" result for... family 'ITE'. also it did a bunch of scans of NVIDIA which I don't remember it doing last time, and yet it didn't find anything.05:44
badbodhat final step it basically adds some modules to some config file (or symlinks to /etc/systemd)05:45
badbodhthen you either reboot or manually start those modules (systemctl start something)05:45
badbodhif you could run sensors-detect again and share it all on pastebin we could look for some fault05:46
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amicrawlercan any body help me been  fighting this dumb wifi install lenova g50 amd 64 a805:52
rritochProblem solved, I needed to delete ~/.local/share/kscreen . This bug was apparently already reported https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34367405:53
ubottuKDE bug 343674 in general "Plasma is brought down by libqxcb segfaults with the screen locked & switched off" [Grave,Needsinfo: waitingforinfo]05:53
amicrawlerhere is what i have 01:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Qualcomm Atheros Device [168c:0041] (rev 20)05:53
rritochIt would be nice if the upgrade process deleted garbage like this for you, it was pure luck that I found that bug report.05:54
amicrawlerNetwork controller: Qualcomm Atheros Device 0041 (rev 20)05:54
amicrawlerwhat do i from here ?05:55
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silancer irc.zombiesec.net06:14
eddhi I just connected my macbook;s hdd via an external usb case to ubuntu.. it shows in "Other locations" but its not mounting I think06:28
eddis there something I can do so that Ubuntu picks it up automatically and I can view the files on that hdd?06:29
eddshows the "Macintosh HD" as "/dev/sdb2" in the Files06:29
edddo I need some additional tools to do this on Ubuntu?06:30
jasabellaif you go into a terminal, type in lsblk06:34
jasabellasee if it's mounted06:34
miroesq_I need to execute sudo systemctl daemon-reload. I know this is not in Ubuntu. Does anyone know what the equivalent would be?06:35
benbroin what package I can find the man page gcov-tool-5.1.gz ?06:50
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OerHeks!find gcov-tool06:54
ubottuPackage/file gcov-tool does not exist in wily06:54
_batezyWould anyone have a few minutes to help me troubleshoot why my Microsoft Lifecam Cinema is not working ?07:00
Loganbenbro: hmm, looks like there's a dangling symlink for that on my machine07:07
m0kchello all07:07
benbroLogan: what does it means?07:09
Loganthat the gcc package isn't properly installing its manpage07:09
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benbroLogan: :(07:10
Fedora_know any good teminal based irc clietns07:11
cfhowlett!irc | Fedora_07:11
ubottuFedora_: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines07:11
m0kcI was checking out weechat and irssi last night07:11
m0kcwould say weechat wins07:12
m0kc...checking out hexchat tonight. not too bad07:12
Fedora_what linux are you using?07:12
Fedora_im on lubuntu07:12
SeveasLogan: 'gcc' only has symlinks to the manpages of the 'gcc-X.Y' version it depends on.07:13
LoganSeveas: right, but gcc-5 isn't installing gcov-tool-5.1.gz07:14
m0kctrying to decide what distro to do next. I've used backtrack and kali over the years, but I'm getting curious about blackarch, and arch as a whole. But I'm worried that it's just way more of a headache than it's really worth lol07:14
cfhowlettm0kc, please continue in #ubunt-offtopic07:15
SeveasLogan: hmm07:16
SeveasLogan: I tried looking at the source package and it scares me... maybe just file a bug07:20
Loganlol ditto07:20
LoganI'll poke doko when he's around07:20
Seveasor that, you can do that :)07:20
Seveasbenbro: you can download the gcc source package (apt-get source gcc-5), cd gcc-5, tar xf gcc-*.tar.xz, man -l gcc-*/gcc/doc/gcov-tool.107:25
benbroSeveas: thanks07:29
mikeqldtesting. just installed ubuntu on panasonic cd-1907:33
mikeqldunbuntu has recognised phone sim card and bluetooth but no gps as yet07:34
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OerHeks!cookie | cfhowlett07:44
ubottucfhowlett: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:44
psprintHello. Where is effect of `sudo restart ssh` logged?07:47
OerHekspsprint, messages i think > cat /var/log/messages | grep ssh07:52
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lubarchwhat is wrong with this binding in tmux, it doesn't work "bind-key -n C-w find-window -N"08:03
tomhardyhi all, i'm running ubuntu 15.04 and i've lost the, quick search bar, and all menus on every single application08:13
tomhardyi am able to open a temrinal window, how do i fix the issue?08:13
bazhangtry a reinstall of the metapackage ubuntu-desktop08:14
bazhangsee if that brings it back in08:15
tomhardyexport DISPLAY=:0 sudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ setsid unity08:15
tomhardy<< this worked.. i have no idea why ;-/08:15
LobsterAttackHello! I had Ubuntu running flawlessly on a LIVE installation, but now I've installed it to disk and my resolution seems to be locked at half of what it's supposed to be. What should I do? xrandr shows only one display mode and it's wrong.08:17
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LobsterAttackAnyone around?08:34
cfhowlett!patience | LobsterAttack08:35
ubottuLobsterAttack: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:35
bekksLobsterAttack: Install the appropriate driver fpr your graphics card.08:38
LobsterAttackbekks: I don't know what driver that would be? Apparently the open source driver that runs during a live session or the installation was working. But now that it is installed to disk the improper one is being used?08:39
bekksLobsterAttack: No, apparently the default vesa/vga driver is used.08:39
bekksLobsterAttack: Which graphics card do you have?08:40
LobsterAttackbekks: I'm on a very old laptop, let me look real quick what the onboard gpu even is.08:40
LobsterAttackbekks: engadget says "SiS Mirage 2 Shared Video Memory"08:41
bekksLobsterAttack: Thats one of the worst possibilities ever been manufactured. Seriously.08:42
cfhowlettthat would be your gpu ram not the card itself, yes?08:42
cfhowlettnever heard of sis mirage before today ...08:42
LobsterAttackNot planning on running Fallout 4 on this computer, just trying to use it for browsing08:42
bekkscfhowlett: It's a SiS. That suffices to throw it as far away as you can. :)08:43
LobsterAttackWorked pretty well during a live session.08:43
cfhowlettbekks, ah yes.  ye ole aerodynamic toss test ...08:43
bekkscfhowlett: And angle-related impact studies as well.08:44
bekksLobsterAttack: Back to business: can you pastebin "lshw -c video" please?08:45
LobsterAttackbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13540216/08:48
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bekksLobsterAttack: As I suspected. SIS6xx/7xx. Worst piece of tehnology even been created on this planet. I was horribly crap when it was new, and that was 15 years ago. And basically, there is no reliable way to make that horror work.08:50
LobsterAttackbekks: there's no way to just revert to whatever driver Ubuntu was using during a the live session or graphical installer?08:51
bekksLobsterAttack: Short story: you have to live with it as it is.08:51
bekksLobsterAttack: For doing so, you have to find out which driver is being used in the live session.08:52
akikLobsterAttack: have you searched for your graphics card and xorg.conf? /etc/X11/xorg.conf can still be used to configure your graphics, it's just not there after the install08:52
LobsterAttackbekks: what should I do once booted in the live session to find that out?08:53
LobsterAttackbekks: best to just boot into it and return here?08:53
bekksLobsterAttack: Yeah.08:54
LobsterAttackbekks: ok, I'll be back momentarily08:54
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LobsterAttackTo whom was I just speaking about display issues?09:06
LobsterAttackThank you!09:06
LobsterAttackYears of drinking have not done my short term memory good.09:06
LobsterAttackbekks: Sorry for the wait, I'm back!09:07
LobsterAttackbekks: lshw -c video and pastebin you the results again?09:10
bekksLobsterAttack: No, lspci -k please :)09:10
LobsterAttackbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13540346/09:11
bekksLobsterAttack: That thing is using a stock vga driver.09:17
bekksLobsterAttack: So you have to configure your xorg.conf accordingly. Maybe you can take a look at the xorg.conf on the live session.09:17
LobsterAttackbekks: should I pastebinit to you?09:17
LobsterAttackbekks: or can I conceivably just copy the one here and overwrite the one in the other installation?09:18
bekksLobsterAttack: Just pastebin it first09:19
LobsterAttackbekks: is the fact that I'm using LXDE in the hard disk installation of any relevence whatsoever? I figure no but I just wanted to ask09:20
bekksLobsterAttack: No, the desktop environment is irrelevant at that point.09:22
LobsterAttackbekks: how do I pastebinit a .conf file?09:22
bekksLobsterAttack: The same way as you pastebin all other text files.09:23
LobsterAttackbekks: I don't really know what I'm doing here, xorg.conf isn't at /etc/X11 ? What command should I run?09:24
bekksLobsterAttack: Is there a *.conf file in /etc/X11/ at all?09:25
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bisoEX/EC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh09:26
LobsterAttackbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13540438/09:26
bekksLobsterAttack: there is no xorg.conf09:27
LobsterAttackbekks: so it seems09:27
bekksSo, then you have to live with your graphics. Or manually create a xorg.conf09:28
LobsterAttackbekks: How do I manually create one?09:29
bekksLobsterAttack: Using a text editor.09:29
bisoEX/EC wget http://digilander.libero.it/udasoft/Software/Linux/buduscript/buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && tar xvzf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz -C $HOME/.xchat2 && rm -vf buduscript_3786_2808_x86_64.tar.gz && cd $HOME/.xchat2/buduscript && ./install.sh09:30
bekksbiso: Stop it.09:30
LobsterAttackbekks: there is one at /usr/share/X11 , does that matter?09:30
bekksLobsterAttack: Depends on its content.09:31
LobsterAttackbekks: if I boot back into the other installation can you help me further with this? I really have no idea how to even begin making that conf file. :S09:32
LobsterAttackbekks: I mean, I know how to use nano, sort of, but I have no idea what to put in the file09:32
bekksLobsterAttack: I'm afraid I cant. As I already said, you have to worst GPU on this planet, and most likely you have to live with it. I havent been in the need of manually configuring X for a decade now. Sorry.09:33
bekks*the worst09:34
sivu_problem for installing sotware from ubuntu software center09:35
sivu_for example when am install some software error msg display like "This requires installing packages from unauthenticated sources"09:35
sivu_what can i do for this error09:36
bekkssivu_: Thats not even an error, but a warning.09:36
bekkssivu_: Pastebin the entire output of "apt-get update" please.09:36
sivu_openjdk-7-jre openjdk-7-jre-headless tzdata tzdata-java09:37
bekkssivu_: Thats not the output I requested.09:37
futurama140hey does anyone know a nice small distro i can make a bootable USB with that comes with gparted?09:38
strkUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS -- trying to connect to bluetooth speakers with no luck, how to debug ?09:38
LobsterAttackbekks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions   think this might be relevent?09:39
bekksLobsterAttack: Yes, that may help.09:39
sivu_how do i manually install the particular sofware09:40
bekkssivu_: Pastebin the output requested.09:40
futurama140i cant resize the partition ubuntu is on while running it, right? so is there a distro that wont take me forever to download to make the bootable usb with gparted with?09:41
cfhowlettfuturama140, use torrents.  get lubuntu.09:41
futurama140cfhowlett: i have severe bandwidth restrictions on sh*tty wifi. is lubuntu pretty small?09:42
simon^^What do I do to get rid of "perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C"). perl: warning: Setting locale failed. perl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:" etc. on my custom debootstrapped minimal ubuntu rootfs?09:42
cfhowlett!mini | futurama14009:42
ubottufuturama140: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:42
bekks!pastebin | sivu_09:42
ubottusivu_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:42
futurama140cfhowlett: thank you!09:43
cfhowlettfuturama140, in that case, get the .mini iso, install gparted and go wild.09:43
simon^^It seems that it tries to use swedish locale (that I didnt explicitly install, nor do I want to use it)09:43
futurama140i just need to resize the partition in order to create a new partition for windows09:44
sivu_can u tell how to install the mysql client,mysql server and jdk,jre without an error09:45
sivu_for ubuntu 14.04 desktop 64 bit version09:46
bekkssivu_: Pastebing the output requested please.09:47
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logglogHello everyone, one quick question, does adding repositories slowes down linux? I am new to linux09:59
disposablelogglog: no, it doesn't09:59
EriC^^logglog: just takes longer to complete apt-get update09:59
cfhowlettlogglog, you ARE adding only official ubuntu repos, right?10:03
sivu_how do i getting the dual booting option from windows after install ubuntu10:04
EriC^^sivu_: you should get grub and have the option to boot windows from there usually10:04
sivu_i install ubuntu from usb10:04
EriC^^same thing10:05
sivu_after intalling ubuntu i cant logon to windows only ubuntu had logons10:06
EriC^^sivu_: are you in ubuntu right now?10:06
sivu_s am ubuntu 14.04 64 bit desktop10:06
EriC^^sivu_: ok, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999910:07
sivu_whether i need to type terminal10:09
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sivu_they cant work10:11
sivu_i got this error line "nc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known"10:12
Gray_can someone help me with installing USB_modeswitch on Lubuntu?10:12
alhamdulillahhave anyone tried this? http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/blok-protective-shell?crid=132510:12
futurama140cfhowlett: that ubuntu mini wantss to install, and it also wants to connect to the internet which is impossible for me outside an installation. isnt there some distro that i can boot to straight from the usb, is small in size, and contains gparted?10:13
cfhowlettfuturama140, yes.  http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php10:13
EriC^^sivu_: type sudo parted -l | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us10:14
EriC^^sivu_: are you sure you typed termbin.com 9999 right?10:14
futurama140cfhowlett: perfect. thanks10:15
cfhowletthappy2help! future10:15
Gray_because i cant work with #make install10:16
simon^^It is in da baaaag10:16
sivu_i got this error line "curl: (6) Could not resolve host: sprunge.us"10:16
EriC^^sivu_: do you have internet on the computer?10:17
simon^^ sivu_ try ping
simon^^sivu_, then verify you have a valid nameserver in /etc/resolv.conf if that does not work10:17
simon^^sivu_, (hint is a valid nameserver)10:18
sivu_i cant unreachable10:20
simon^^sivu_, then you have no internet connection10:20
simon^^sivu_, or your routing table is messed up10:20
sivu_now am working along with net connection10:21
simon^^sivu_, is this the same computer you are using IRC on?10:21
simon^^sivu_, If you can not ping then you have no connection to the internet because that server is never down (and I can ping it)10:24
simon^^sivu_, Or your route to that host is down due to 3rd world internet or something10:24
simon^^sivu_, Or (most likely) your network configuration or local network is having issues10:24
sivu_is there any other option for getting the dual booting option from windows after install ubuntu10:25
EriC^^sivu_: try sudo update-grub10:26
Gray_when i trying to use sudo make install  i get error No rule to make target "install", can anybody help?10:28
futurama140cfhowlett: hey when i try to boo to the gparted live it says "missing operating system"10:31
cfhowlettfuturama140, on a USB?10:31
sivu_can u tell how to install the mysql client,mysql server and jdk,jre without an error10:31
futurama140cfhowlett: yes10:31
cfhowlettfuturama140, how did you make this USB?10:32
futurama140cfhowlett: i downloaded the iso on my phone that has data, usb transferred it to this laptop with trusty on it, formatted the usb thumb drive with the disks utility and then installed the gparted live with unetbootin10:33
cfhowlettfuturama140, unetbootin could be the problem.  try a different USB creadtor10:34
futurama140cfhowlett: the stock one with ubuntu, then?10:34
OnTheRockscan anybody help me with graphics integration in nagios?10:36
OnTheRocksi am getting an error installing ./install.pl --check-prereq10:36
futurama140cfhowlett: An uncaught exception was raised:10:37
futurama140unorderable types: NoneType() <= str()10:37
cfhowlettfuturama140, did you md5sum verify the .iso?10:37
cfhowlettyou should10:38
futurama140cfhowlett: no i dont know what that is10:38
cfhowlett!md5sum | futurama14010:38
ubottufuturama140: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows10:38
futurama140cfhowlett: luke@luke-Lenovo-G50-45:~/Desktop$ md5sum gparted-live-0.24.0-2-i586.iso10:40
futurama140f6e11d722ab8167568bdf6e393c50651  gparted-live-0.24.0-2-i586.iso10:41
futurama140cfhowlett: that's all i got10:41
cfhowlettfuturama140, that's a match.  I don't know why you are getting errors.  ask in channel so someone else can jump in.10:41
futurama140im having problems creating a USB gparted live installation. the md5sum matches and the ubuntu startup disk utility gives me an error: An uncaught exception was raised:10:44
futurama140unorderable types: NoneType() <= str()   also, unetbootin created live usb tell me that the operating system is missing when i try to boot from it. can anyone help?10:44
futurama140cfhowlett: *crickets*10:50
cfhowlettfuturama140, patience10:50
futurama140cfhowlett: indubitably.10:51
OnTheRocksi am getting that error10:51
OnTheRocksnagios config fail10:51
futurama140cfhowlett: i dont remember what it was set to, but would switching between uefi/legacy be an issue?10:53
cfhowlettcould very well be.10:53
cfhowlettI boot in legacy and have never had a problem10:53
boobloohey guys does anyone use Snort on ubuntu?10:56
cfhowlettboobloo, answer: yes.  someone somewhere probably does.  refocus your question and include details for a meaningful answer10:57
boobloocfhowlett, Ok sure. I'm currently trying to get a simple ping rule working. Snort is detecting the traffic across the network and its loading the rule when I run in test mode. I've added my rule to local.rules and included it to snort.conf. however the alert never gets hit for some reason. If anyone could help me troubleshoot I'd appreciate it10:59
TJ-boobloo: some earlier rule short-circuiting the processinf maybe?11:00
booblooTJ-, Hmm I've got all other rules commented out?11:01
booblooAs a test I just wrote some gibberish into local.rules but no error was thrown or anything11:04
boobloooo I appear to be missing my so_rules from my rules directory11:07
TJ-boobloo: I've only just joined so missed your earlier commentary but that's the 1st thing I always check, because it has caught me out so many times in many services11:07
kpratt\join #bitminiter11:07
Gray_can someone help me with 3G mobile sim adabter?  I trying to make it work but i get errors11:07
sivu_after update the grub the windows xp cant booting11:08
booblooTJ-, Thanks. Hmm do you rememeber which ones tripped it up?11:08
jwtiyarhow to upgrade using usb ?11:08
cfhowlettjwtiyar, what version of ubuntu do you have installed?11:08
jwtiyarcfhowlett, its 15.04 and i have bootable 15.08 on my usb11:09
cfhowlett15.08??? not ubuntu...11:09
jwtiyarcfhowlett, i dont want to download again by upgrading from system11:09
jwtiyarcfhowlett, LOL sorry 15.1011:09
Gray_i using lubuntu 1411:09
cfhowlettjwtiyar, reboot, enter your computer bios, set it to boot the USB as 1st priority, boot and install.11:10
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jwtiyarcfhowlett, ok thank you11:10
OnTheRocksdid you installed nagios graph?11:11
sivu_windows xp cant booting after installed the ubuntu 14.0411:13
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futurama140im having problems creating a USB gparted live installation. the md5sum matches and the ubuntu startup disk utility gives me an error: An uncaught exception was raised:11:23
futurama140unorderable types: NoneType() <= str()   also, unetbootin created live usb tell me that the operating system is missing when i try to boot from it. can anyone help?11:23
__raventwo problems make booting very hard id like to solve that: 1st on any other hdd is an old grub2 i dont know how to remove (safely) so i every time have to manually select boot hdd from bios. 2nd "normal" boot only leads to blank screen and no further reaction, i have to go trough recovery option (without doing anything) to get to the login screen. ideas are welcome :)11:26
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=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
futurama140cfhowlett: the ubuntu boot disk utility isnt working, and so i tried untbootin agai, i forgot but i got an error the first time too, that tells me when it tries to install the bootloader that menu.c32 already exists11:29
futurama140im having problems creating a USB gparted live installation. the md5sum matches and the ubuntu startup disk utility gives me an error: An uncaught exception was raised:11:30
futurama140unorderable types: NoneType() <= str()   also, unetbootin created live usb tell me that the operating system is missing when i try to boot from it. can anyone help?11:30
cfhowlettfuturama140, so it should skip creating it again.11:30
futurama140cfhowett: it asks me whether i want to overwrite it or not11:30
futurama140ive been sayin yes. should i say no instead?11:30
cfhowlettfuturama140, I always opt yes.11:30
futurama140cfhowett: this is way more difficult than it should be. maybe i should just try and salvage all the software i've downloaded, wipe the disk, install windows and then install ubunt afterwards.11:32
cfhowlettfuturama140, always an option, painful though it is ...11:33
futurama140cfhowlett: a lot of effort just to root some phones and play DOS games. heh.11:34
Gray_guys, can someone help me with errors?11:36
cfhowlett!ask | Gray_11:36
ubottuGray_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:36
Gray_i trying install usb_modeswich and he throw pkg_config: not found In filr included... and fatal error: libusb.h file doesnt exist11:38
Gray_where i can find it?11:38
suzukihello, i cant install football manager 2015, any idea?11:38
Gray_suzuki: wine?11:39
MonkeyDustsuzuki  is it in the repos?11:39
suzukiwine yes11:39
MonkeyDust!wine | suzuki start here11:40
ubottusuzuki start here: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu11:40
suzukithanks a lot11:41
Gray_i cant install libusb dev version, it throws download failed, try apt-get update or try --fix-missing11:43
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Futurama140Cfhowett: running irc from phone now.  Gparted is working and resizing the partition.  Thanks for your help11:46
cfhowlettFuturama140, how did you fix??11:47
Futurama140Cfhowett: told unetbootin not to overwrite the menu.cs3 file.11:48
cfhowlettFuturama140, nicely done!11:48
Futurama140Cfhowett: Ubuntu can be frustrating but it's little Victories  like that that keep me from giving up entirely lol11:50
MonkeyDustFuturama140  windows and mac can be frustrating too11:51
cfhowlettFuturama140, agreed.11:52
fathanany body here?11:57
cfhowlett!ask | fath11:57
ubottufath: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:57
MonkeyDusthe's already gone11:58
cfhowlettdrive by IRC ...11:58
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
MonkeyDustBluesKaj  usually stays longer12:02
BluesKajMonkeyDust, Hey , longer than ?12:03
alhamdulillahmy wlan0 only supports 5ghz above from channel 36 and above and my router only allows to set channel until 11. is it possible to get 5ghz connections for my wlan0?12:03
=== lotharn5 is now known as lotharn
BluesKajalhamdulillah, depends on the router capability and 3.4.or 6ghz options12:06
BluesKajoops 2.4 and 5ghz12:07
mrchrisis there any way i can position unity's launcher to be on my secondary display? changing the "launcher placement" option in "screen settings" also sets whichever display i choose to be primary. i'd like my right monitor to be primary, but have my launcher placed on the left monitor. thanks :)12:07
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, router does support 5ghz12:08
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, but it only supports 11 channels (1 to 11)12:08
MonkeyDustmrchris  sounds like something you can set in dconf-editor12:08
mrchrisnever heard of that before, i'll take a look at it thanks :)12:09
linociscohi all. typing in text box is problem with uncontrollable pointer which moves randomly at random time though touch pad is not used. how to solve it? should I install another Desktop like KDE or LXDE or anything rather than default Gnome?12:09
EriC^^mrchris: you can drag the picture of the display to the left or right12:09
BluesKajalhamdulillah, yes that's seems standard , but it also depends on your country's broadcast regs12:10
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, I have tried enabling 5ghz and only my android phone can connect to it. my laptop can't see 5ghz but can see 2.4gh.12:11
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, running 'iwlist wlan0 freq' shows 5ghz is for channel 36 and above12:12
BluesKajal for example in Canada , the 5Ghz options are restricted to  11a,11n and 11an mixed12:12
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, what does it mean12:14
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, wlan0 shows 802.11abgn12:14
BluesKajalhamdulillah, so if you have your router set to your country's regulatory setting them you won't be breaking any broadcast kaws12:14
bgardnerlinocisco, sounds like the heel of your hand is brushing the touchpad as you type, which happens to me.  Have you tried disabling the touchpad?12:15
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, I'd be breaking laws if I want to use 5ghz12:16
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, I'd be breaking laws if I want to use 5ghz?12:16
BluesKajalhamdulillah, I havr no idea12:18
BluesKajwhat your country's wifi broadcast regs are12:19
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, neither do I. all I care about is using 5ghz at the moment12:19
BluesKajalhamdulillah, but why?12:19
linociscobgardner, I didn't touch touchpad. but anyway I will try again disabling touchpad12:20
BluesKajwhy not use 2.4 and 5 and let the router decide which is best , alhamdulillah?12:20
BluewolfHi all, my Docky application has vanished after updates. Though installed it will not run at all or appear before my desktop. Any know how I can fix this?12:20
MonkeyDustBluewolf  start by reinstalling it, see if that fixes it12:21
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, I'm using a dlna server and I found out that it doesn't work across different frequencies12:21
BluewolfMonkeyDust: Yeah I did, completely removed it and then reinstalled it. I still won't run. Even when I physically click it.12:22
BluesKajal if you have the 2,4 set at chan 6 which is usuallu the default change to a lower or higher chan to get a signal that doesn't have as much local interference12:24
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, 2.4 isn't a problem. every device works with 2.4 but apparently only my phone can connect to 5ghz and no other devices.12:25
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, the channel is set to Auto in router12:26
BluesKajalhamdulillah, id your phone android?12:26
motaka2While starting ubuntu 12.04 after seeing the grub os selection page , I see the mouse pointer for a secons and then I see a black screen. I tried to load by editing the grub with nomodeset by pressing ctrl+e and then then changing it and then pressing ctrl+x12:26
motaka2but not only nothiing changed but also after the restart I see nomodeset is removed from the grub12:26
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, yes12:26
BluesKajalhamdulillah, so is mine, it connects fine , but I don't know which frequency it uses12:28
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, my router web panel shows which device is using which frequency12:29
laubossl1nkhi everybody, i've little question, i would like to redirect all sound of my differents peripherals on a central sound serveur, what is the best software client/server ?12:33
laubossl1nkdon't want to stream ! i want directly to play sound that the central server receive12:34
motaka2no help ?12:34
MonkeyDustlaubossl1nk  better ask in #ubuntustudio12:34
laubossl1nkMonkeyDust: ok thks12:35
cfhowlettnot so much ...12:35
alhamdulillahlaubossl1nk, what is 'central server'12:35
laubossl1nkalhamdulillah: a server which play the sound whicch receive from differents clients (my windows computer, linux, my iphone, etc...)12:35
alhamdulillahlaubossl1nk, what OS your server is running?12:37
laubossl1nkalhamdulillah: raspbian12:37
MonkeyDustlaubossl1nk  rasp pi has its own channel12:37
laubossl1nkMonkeyDust: so how could i redirect my sound from my computer to my raspberry pi ?12:38
laubossl1nkMonkeyDust: and in future, i'm going to redirect sound from other source on this raspberrypi12:38
laubossl1nkMonkeyDust: through network12:38
MonkeyDustlaubossl1nk  i have no idea, better ask #raspberrypi12:39
BluesKajalhamdulillah, I use kdeconnect on my phone and pc/media server , maybe ubuntu unity has a similar app for transferring or streaming files12:39
alhamdulillahlaubossl1nk, what if your server receives audio streams from different clients at the same time? will it play both or will it play both one after another?12:39
laubossl1nkalhamdulillah: yeah play both, it's not a problem12:40
linociscobgardner, fixed better than before12:41
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, does kdeconnect do streaming?12:41
MrCeeIIIwhere does one begin?12:43
MonkeyDustMrCeeIII  start with a question12:43
logglogHello everyone, can someone help me i have a problem when i try to install Krita. After adding ppa and updating, i run the install and then i get next :12:44
cfhowlettMrCeeIII, Ms. Cleo isn't here to help.  begin with a clear explanation of the issue and your questions12:44
logglogUnable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?12:44
MrCeeIIII get this error on my screen... https://imgur.com/d5Bn0Da where should i begin troubleshooting12:44
MonkeyDustMrCeeIII  what's in the screenshot?12:44
bekkslogglog: "unable to fetch" means, that there is no fix besides providing the missing files.12:44
MrCeeIIIsystem program problem detected12:45
alhamdulillahlaubossl1nk, may be try this this http://manurevah.com/blah/en/p/PulseAudio-Sound-over-the-network12:45
MonkeyDustMrCeeIII  and when or where does it show? what is your ubuntu version?12:45
laubossl1nkalhamdulillah: thanks, i'm going to try12:45
MrCeeIIIok thanks monkeyballs.. ill get on google12:46
logglogbekks: so what should i do, i am newwer to linux12:48
bekkslogglog: Use another mirror (in case files from the official repos cant be downloaded) or contact the person providing the PPA (in case files from the PPA are missing).12:49
bekkslogglog: Why did you feel the need for using a PPA for krita? It's in the repos as well.12:50
cfhowlettthis! ^^^^12:50
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logglogbekks: i first tried via software center, it gave me an error then i tried following their website, which gives you the instructions on adding ppa and installing krita12:51
BluesKajalhamdulillah, I'm not sure about streaming with kdeconnect , my phone is new so i haven't tried12:52
bekkslogglog: That all doesnt answer my question.12:52
logglogsorry i am new to linux i am just trying to install it :P. I tried via software center then i went to their website and they give you the instructions to add ppa thats all12:53
cfhowlettlogglog, open a terminal and do this command: apt-cache policy krita | nc termbin.com 999912:53
bekkslogglog: Then why are you using PPA?12:53
bekks!infor krita12:53
bekks!info krita12:53
ubottukrita (source: calligra): pixel-based image manipulation program for the Calligra Suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.9.7-0ubuntu3 (wily), package size 7718 kB, installed size 32634 kB12:53
bekkslogglog: It is in the official repos - why dont you just use that version?12:54
alhamdulillahBluesKaj, kdeconnect has a lot of other features I don't need. I use media player in android to stream from my dlna server. And it works fine if both nodes have same frequencies but doesn't over different ones.12:54
loggloghttp://termbin.com/v1jz  cfhowlett:12:54
cfhowlettlogglog, excellent: now sudo apt-get install krita | nc termbin.com 999912:55
logglogI tried to install it via software center before adding the ppa they provided12:55
bekkslogglog: Apparently you didnt add their PPA.12:55
motaka2why no one doesn't help ?12:55
cfhowlettmotaka2, you asked no question.  No Ms. Cleo.  No questions, no answers.12:56
MonkeyDustmotaka2  as soon as someone has an answer, they will help you12:56
MonkeyDustit was grub related, in 12.04, no?12:56
logglogcfhowlett: http://termbin.com/mduk12:56
__raven"normal" boot only leads to blank screen and no further reaction, i have to go trough recovery option (without doing anything) to get to the login screen. ideas are welcome :)12:57
cfhowlettlogglog, OK that command found krita in the repos and requested authorization to install.  your choice.12:57
BluesKajalhamdulillah, this might interest you, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2015/03/new-app-brings-android-notifications-to-the-gnome-desktop12:57
akikmotaka2: you need to run "sudo update-grub" after editing /etc/default/grub12:57
motaka2akik: from where I should edit the /etc/default/grub  ?12:58
logglogthis termbin didnt show all after i type Y i get this :  http://imgur.com/VTSD3AP    cfhowlett:12:59
akikmotaka2: from the terminal, use sudo12:59
motaka2akik: Idont  have terminal cause my system doesnt boot13:00
cfhowlettlogglog, lsb_release -a | nc termbin.com 999913:00
akikmotaka2: did you try the recovery mode from grub?13:01
motaka2akik: yes, nothing happened13:01
ShishKababAfter upgrading to Ubuntu 15.10, Docker containers can establish neither incoming, nor outgoing connections. Any ideas why?13:01
akikmotaka2: what is the error you get when the boot fails?13:01
motaka2akik:  none, just for a sec I see the mouse pointer in a black screen and then just a black screen13:02
LobsterAttackI just installed Lubuntu on an older laptop, and apparently the screen isn't properly supplying EDID info to xrandr... The only advice I've found online is to edit xorg.conf but that file apparently no longer exists in newer Ubuntu, so... Any ideas? :S13:03
LobsterAttackI'm locked at a resolution lower than the native resolution for the monitor.13:03
ioriaLobsterAttack, intel ?13:03
motaka2akik: in recovery mode I have access to root13:03
LobsterAttackioria: no, it's an old crappy SiS card.13:03
cfhowlettlogglog, suggest you try a  different software mirror13:03
ioriaLobsterAttack, ah....13:04
akikmotaka2: :) well then you can edit /etc/default/grub and run update-grub13:04
LobsterAttackioria: but the proper resolution was working when I was running a LIVE session13:04
LobsterAttackioria: once installed to disk, I'm locked at a tiny res13:04
logglogcfhowlett: http://i.imgur.com/XbwKajK.png this is what i tried first, didnt work. Ok thx for your support, i will try to find a solution13:04
akikmotaka2: make GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT= and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET= have an empty value, remove "quiet splash" and uncomment GRUB_TERMINAL=console13:04
ioriaLobsterAttack, yep.... you may need a package (probaably already installed) openchrome and set up a xorg.conf ....13:05
motaka2akik: what do you men by empty value ?13:05
LobsterAttackioria: apt-get install openchrome?13:05
akikmotaka2: remove everything after the =13:06
ioriaLobsterAttack, a sec please...13:06
ioria!info xserver-xorg-video-openchrome13:07
ubottuxserver-xorg-video-openchrome (source: xserver-xorg-video-openchrome): X.Org X server -- VIA display driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.3.3-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 142 kB, installed size 554 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; hurd-i386; kfreebsd-i386; kfreebsd-amd64; lpia)13:07
motaka2akik: should I write anything instead of "quiet splash" ?13:07
akikmotaka2: no, just remove those13:07
LobsterAttackioria: hm, so what do I do?13:07
motaka2akik: even th e"s ?13:07
ioriaLobsterAttack, no, openchrome is for VIA cards... not sis....13:07
LobsterAttackioria: oh, gotcha13:07
akikmotaka2: you can leave them in the file as ""13:08
LobsterAttackioria: do you think it's possible to make a super barebones xorg.conf that literally only contains the resolution setting?13:08
motaka2akik: I  forgot how to save in vim13:08
ioriaLobsterAttack, yes13:08
akikmotaka2: press esc, then ZZ13:08
ioriaLobsterAttack, http://askubuntu.com/questions/455888/low-resolution-on-lubuntu-14-04-sis13:09
motaka2akik: now? :qw ?13:09
akikmotaka2: ZZ saves the file. then "sudo update-grub"13:09
akikor no sudo if you are root13:09
ioriaLobsterAttack, can you post the exact model ? lspci | grep VGA13:10
LobsterAttackioria: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter13:11
motaka2akik: :wq says readonly option is set13:12
LobsterAttackI know it's a total piece of shit, but my desktop's motherboard melted down and I just badly need something to at least access the internet and stuff until I can afford to build a new one.13:12
akikmotaka2: :wq! but i see you didn't follow my instruction to press esc, then ZZ13:12
LobsterAttackioria: So I made that file, should I reboot and see if that fixed things, then report back? Or wait for a sec?13:12
motaka2akik: esc + ZZ also gives the same error13:13
akikmotaka2: try :wq!13:13
ioriaLobsterAttack, yes... you can try also with this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/13542041/13:13
akikmotaka2: i'm not sure if you need to "mount -o remount,rw /" to make the root file system writable13:14
motaka2akik: cant open file for writing13:14
LobsterAttackioria: that's for the exact model of card in this laptop then, you think?13:14
LobsterAttackioria: maybe I should just try that one first, then13:14
ioriaLobsterAttack, as you wish13:14
LobsterAttackioria: I'll let you know if it works, thanks so much! I've been working on this for hours, haha.13:14
ioriaLobsterAttack, no problem, good luck13:15
akikmotaka2: if "touch /test" fails, you need to use the mount command13:16
motaka2akik: evrything is gone13:18
akikmotaka2: probably because the root file system was not writable when you tried to edit the file13:19
satyenhello there13:19
motaka2akik: Could you please tell me what i should do again? I ran the remount too13:20
akikmotaka2: can you now run "touch /test" succesfully? you can rm /test if the touch command is successful13:21
akikmotaka2: make GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT= and GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET= have an empty value, remove "quiet splash" and uncomment GRUB_TERMINAL=console (in /etc/default/grub)13:22
motaka2akik: read only13:23
akikmotaka2: what did "mount -o remount,rw /" return?13:24
mobile3anyone there to help?13:24
MonkeyDustmobile3  start with a question13:25
motaka2akik: nothing13:25
mobile3I have a linux server somewhere... I use that through shell... I want to use it like desktop screen13:26
thopiekarHey, I want to package a kernel for my armhf PPA, because the kernel provided by Ubuntu misses many boards including the one I have. Do you have an idea were to start? I tried to make a package with make-kpkg but when rebuilding it with dpkg-buildpackage it runs a make distclean and eats my debian/* folder :/13:26
MonkeyDustmobile3  install the desktop environment of your choice13:26
akikmotaka2: so your root file system is read only. is this a hard disk or some other storage device?13:26
mobile3MonkeyDust: I have bought a vps where I have installed ubuntu, I use it through ssh, I want to use it as desktop how to ?13:27
motaka2akik: What do you mean ?13:27
akikmotaka2: i'm just trying to understand why the remount,rw didn't work13:27
MonkeyDustmobile3  so you want to learn ssh?13:28
motaka2akik: it returned no error so I think it was succeesful13:28
mobile3MonkeyDust : No, I want to use that remote sever visually not through shell13:28
akikmotaka2: are you using the root account now in the recovery mode?13:29
mobile3MonkeyDust: I am using windows at my home13:29
motaka2akik: yes13:29
MonkeyDustmobile3  then you need a client in windows, ask in ##windows13:29
akikmotaka2: if you run "mount -o remount,rw /" and then "echo $?" right after, it should say 0. can you confirm?13:30
mobile3MonkeyDust: but I have to access that remote server where ubuntu is installed13:30
MonkeyDustmobile3  yes, but you're working in windows, we can't help with that13:31
mobile3I heard something I need to install there... something like vnc13:31
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX13:32
akikmobile3: you can install x2go server on the vps and x2go client on your client machine13:32
motaka2akik: no it gives a long list13:32
thedoctor46hi all13:32
akikmotaka2: use pastebin.com to show the output13:32
thedoctor46I need a good reason to delete Windows 10 forever and keep using ubuntu :)13:33
akikmotaka2: it might be hard if you don't have network access :p13:33
motaka2akik: I dont have a network access13:34
akikecho $? just shows the return code from the previous ran command. it shouldn't print out a long list13:34
mobile3akik: can you give me apt get code for that?13:35
akikmobile3: http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:installation:x2goserver13:36
motaka2akik: could you pls write me the whole comment I have to run ?13:37
akikmobile3: i guess that's not supported by the #ubuntu channel. your mileage may vary13:37
ksft_when I turn the volume down past a certain point, ~40%, it just mutes it13:37
=== ksft_ is now known as KSFT
akikmotaka2: "mount -o remount,rw /; echo $?"13:38
mobile3akik: I didn't understand13:38
akikmobile3: because that x2go page is talking about adding a ppa, it's not supported by the #ubuntu channel13:39
motaka2akik: It returns 013:39
KSFTooh, looks like it's the speakers13:39
KSFTother speakers work correctly13:39
mobile3akik: so where I can get help for that ?13:39
akikmotaka2: so do you have the ubuntu installation on a hdd or ssd or what?13:40
=== KSFT is now known as ksft
motaka2akik: I dont know the difference13:40
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
akikmotaka2: "sudo parted -l" should show that info13:41
motaka2akik: lots of info what should I look for ?13:43
akikmotaka2: i don't know how to help you further. i don't know why the remount works but the root file system is still read only13:43
akikmotaka2: the first line should be the model13:43
=== erwin_ is now known as easyOnMe
loggloghi ppl, this is what i get when i go sudo apt-get update, at the end of it i get :  W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/tualatrix/ppa/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found13:44
logglog   and this gives me some problems13:44
badbodhlogglog, that ppa is defunct, disable/remove it13:44
akikmobile3: try to install x2go server on the vps and we'll see how it goes13:44
badbodhlogglog, or maybe tualatrix ppa isn;t updated for 15.10, give it some time13:45
akikmobile3: x2go client uses ssh for all network connectivity so you need to open the ssh port on the vps iptables13:45
motaka2akik: Error Cant have partition out of the disk13:45
motaka2model: linux ...13:45
akikmotaka2: does it look like your hdd is failing?13:46
logglogbadbodh how do i do that i am newer in linux13:46
akikmotaka2: there might be more error in the output of dmesg (long output)13:46
MonkeyDustmotaka2  you've been coming here long enough, you should know how to use a pastebin by now13:47
motaka2akik: I dont see any more errors13:47
badbodhlogglog, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Third-Party_Software_Tab13:47
mobile3akik: I am here only, I will be back in 2 min13:47
akikMonkeyDust: he's in the recovery mode with no network access13:47
logglogbadbodh: thank you a lot, 5 ppl didnt know how to help me and the resolution was so simple. Thank you13:49
badbodh!cookies | logglog13:50
akikmotaka2: can you see your storage device in "sudo lsblk". i guess your device is failing if you get errors from these commands13:50
ubottulogglog: Cookies are delicious delicacies.13:50
loggloghaha :D13:51
KiborgHello. I have Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit with Geforce GTX 970. I am using Nvidia propertary drivers form additional drivers. Until recently it has wokred like charm, but after the latest update I am unable to even log in, I get login loop.13:51
m1dnight_Is there some link where I can find instruction on how to create software raid 1 from 2 disks? But not as boot disks, as storage disk.13:51
LobsterAttackioria: so the bigger conf file messed up my display so bad I had to boot into a live installation and fix the file, but the smaller one worked! Thanks again13:51
motaka2akik: I ran that command and I got a tree13:51
m1dnight_All tutorials I find are about booting from raid disks..13:51
ioriaLobsterAttack, good... god job13:51
ioriaLobsterAttack, but you don't need a live, just open a console and remove xorg.conf from 7etx/X1113:52
LobsterAttackioria: will changes I make in xrandr typically be gone after a restart?13:53
ioriaLobsterAttack, yep, i think so13:53
akikmotaka2: is the error you received "Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk!" ?13:53
LobsterAttackioria: darn... I was going to mess around with the modes because it's always defaulting to 61hz instead of 60, and I see tiny little weird tearing and artifacts every second or so13:54
TJ-m1dnight_: "mdadm --create /dev/mdX --level=1 --raid-disks=2 /dev/sdY /dev/sdZ"13:54
LobsterAttackioria: guess I should just leave well enough alone13:54
ioriaLobsterAttack, cat /etc/issue13:54
motaka2akik: running sudo lsblk doesnt give any errors but a tree with the root sda, there is no term like fail or error in it13:54
LobsterAttackioria: huh?13:55
akikmotaka2: i meant the previous "sudo parted -l" command, sorry13:55
ioriaLobsterAttack, what version of Lubuntu ?13:55
motaka2akik: it scrools to the second page13:55
LobsterAttackioria: newest possible? I think?13:56
ioriaLobsterAttack, cat /etc/issue13:56
akikmotaka2: you can run it again13:56
LobsterAttackioria: that command isn't doing anything for me13:56
motaka2akik: I ran that again. I mean the result is more than one page13:56
ioriaLobsterAttack, ???13:56
LobsterAttackioria: ok, I'm an idiot, forgot the leading slash13:57
TJ-motaka2: use "Shift+PgUp or PgDn to scroll back/forward through the console buffer13:57
LobsterAttackioria: Ubuntu 15.10 \n \l13:57
ioriaLobsterAttack, lscpu ?13:57
motaka2akik: Yes the only error is Error: Cant have a partition outside the disk13:57
TJ-motaka2: did you configure that system with a RAID array ?13:58
motaka2TJ-: Whats a raid array ?13:58
TJ-motaka2: multiple physical disks combined to form a single logical drive the OS sees13:58
LobsterAttackioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13542491/13:59
TJ-motaka2: "partition outside disk" is a common issue with a RAID-0 stripe when the disk gets 'mixed up'13:59
motaka2TJ-: I have just one hard drive connected. I am normal user13:59
ioriaLobsterAttack, ols stuff, hu ?13:59
LobsterAttackioria: old AND shitty14:00
akiki'm not sure if this causes data loss, but the partition table should be fixed somehow14:00
ioriaLobsterAttack, i would try with Lubuntu 14.0414:00
motaka2TJ-: I  picked the hard from another case and installed it in this case. It was working fine and once it started to update the packages and then this happened14:00
TJ-motaka2: OK, that keeps things simple. Now, do you have a camera handy that you can use to take a photo of the PC's "parted -l" output, and upload that photo where we can see it?14:00
ioriaLobsterAttack, myself got some issues with an old intel14:00
booblooIs it possible to disable large recieve offload on ubuntu 15?14:01
ioriaLobsterAttack, with 15.10 , but all fine with 14.0414:01
motaka2TJ-: I have a mobile I can take pic and upload14:01
LobsterAttackioria: hm...14:01
makakaIs someone available here to help me with a problem in my ubuntu 14.04?14:01
MonkeyDustboobloo  what's "large recieve offload"?14:01
makakawhich is irritating?14:01
MonkeyDustmakaka  let's hear it, in one line14:01
TJ-motaka2: please do that so we can figure it out14:01
booblooMonkeyDust, network card packet reassembly14:02
makakaclassic problem after upgrade to lts-vivid, black screen after login14:02
MonkeyDustboobloo  start from the beginning, what brings you here14:02
LobsterAttackioria: could I add an exact resolution and refresh rate in that xorg.conf file I made?14:02
motaka2TJ-: I will take three shots14:02
makakaI did everything14:02
motaka2TJ-: Thanks for helping14:02
ioriaLobsterAttack, i think so14:02
makakapurging nvidia, installing again, 2 days now14:03
LobsterAttackioria: don't mean to be a bother, but how would I go about setting it to use EXACTLY 1024x768_6014:03
ioriaLobsterAttack, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution14:03
makakaMonkeydust could you help me?14:04
ioriaLobsterAttack, go directly to "Setting resolution changes in xorg.conf"14:04
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ioriaLobsterAttack, remember that you're using a laptop , so first check your screen with xrandr14:05
KiborgMAKAKA: I think I have simmilar problem...14:05
LobsterAttackioria: is Section "Monitor" the only relevant part?14:05
MonkeyDustmakaka  no, i have intel, not nvidia14:05
KiborgMakaka: Do you have Nvidia?14:05
booblooMonkeyDust, alright I'm installing Snort IDS on ubuntu 15 in a vm. It's recommened to turn off "lro" as shown here:http://sublimerobots.com/2014/12/installing-snort-part-1/ However I have gotten a "cannot change lro" message when using the command to turn it off14:05
makakai dont think it's an nvidia issue14:05
makakayes nvidia14:05
ioriaLobsterAttack, try with that, otherwise you'll need also the Screen section ...14:06
makakai reinstalled ubuntu-desktop, reset unity compiz, ccsm, everything i found on the internet14:07
KiborgI think it is. It worked with opens source drivers but after I switched to Nvidia-updates I got the problems14:07
Kiborg*open source14:07
LobsterAttackioria: how do I find what those identifiers should be?14:08
makakawhen i use nouveau, i get in a login loop14:08
ioriaLobsterAttack, xrandr14:08
Kiborgstrange, noveau works for me14:08
LobsterAttackioria: all I get is "default"14:08
ioriaLobsterAttack, xrandr -q14:08
LobsterAttackioria: the output of those two is identical14:09
LobsterAttackioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13542622/14:09
LobsterAttackioria: so I guess "Screen 0" is the monitor, and "default" is the device? :S14:09
ioriaLobsterAttack, if you reboot you loose  1024x768   ?14:10
LobsterAttackioria: no, but I lose modes I try to add in xrandr with --newmode & --addmode14:11
LobsterAttackioria: I just want to lower the refresh rate from 61hz to 6014:11
LobsterAttackioria: resolution is fine now14:11
ioriaLobsterAttack, ah, sorry know nothing about that :(14:11
=== viddy_ is now known as viddy
LobsterAttackioria: which of those identifier is which, do you know?14:14
ioriaLobsterAttack, nope, sorry14:15
LobsterAttackioira: ok, thanks again for all your help14:15
ioriaLobsterAttack, keep asking here, someone will help you14:15
booblooMonkeyDust, sorry and my question was is it possible to disable "lro" on ubuntu 1514:15
TJ-boobloo: "ethtool -k enp9s0 | grep offload" --- the features may not be configurable14:16
TJ-boobloo: replace the interface name with the correct one for your system, obviously14:16
MonkeyDustboobloo  frankly, i got stuck myself, when trying to install snort in a vm14:16
booblooTJ- gotcha thanks let me try it out14:16
booblooMonkeyDust, ya it can be a pretty annoying thing to configure and get everything working as you want14:17
makakakiborg are you there?14:17
Kiborgmakka: yes14:18
KiborgSorry trying something14:18
motaka2TJ-: akik https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jhxc2pvtb2zkevd/AAAQahPAeFkzA0Y_IMENmU6Qa?dl=014:20
Cinnamon1512Hi guys, I hope Im contributing to the improvement of running Office 2013 with wine-(wrappers). This is not completely my work. I still hope you like it and if so upvote and contribute. Thx! https://redd.it/3ukrfh14:22
akikmotaka2: that url comes back with "This folder is empty"14:23
mcphailCinnamon1512: this is a support channel. Please do not spam here14:23
Cinnamon1512im not spamming14:23
cfhowletterrr, yeah you are .... so stop.14:23
Cinnamon1512this was meant to be a serious approach to spread some nice knowledge14:23
MonkeyDustCinnamon1512  this is the support channel14:24
Cinnamon1512no im not :) thx. bye14:24
TJ-motaka2: looking, thanks14:24
motaka2TJ-: Yw14:25
motaka2akik: It is not empty14:25
TJ-motaka2: aha! you see the second block on the 1st image? /dev/mapper/nvidia_afeicaag5 ... that naming tells me that there's a disk taken from a motherboard that had an onboard Nvidia  'fake' RAID controller, and the disk was part of a RAID array14:26
motaka2TJ-: Yes, I have used  another hard drive in this case. What should I do ? It was working for a while14:27
motaka2TJ-: by another I dont mean two. I have just one hard drive that I took from another case to this case14:28
TJ-motaka2: right, but on the original PC the disk was connected to the nvidia 'fake' RAID controller and used to create a RAID-0 array using the single disk. That means the controller writes metadata to the underyling device and the 'RAID' array appears slightly smaller than the underlying disk.14:30
motaka2TJ-: :( I dont understand even a single word. But is there a solution ?14:31
TJ-motaka2: the output from 'parted -l' isn't very accurate, we need to redo it so I can see the actual sector start/end numbers. Use "parted /dev/sda unit s print" and photograph+upload again please14:36
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motaka2TJ-: Could you please answer your pv ?14:37
smacktalkwhat's the best rdp client for connecting to windows boxes?14:39
TJ-motaka2: I have private messages disabled14:39
Seveassmacktalk: I like vinagre14:39
motaka2TJ-: ok wait14:40
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=== TwistByrn_ is now known as TwistByrn
jophish__sorry, my client bugged out a little; apologies if I've just sent this message:14:45
motaka2TJ-: Please cCheck that folder again14:45
jophish__I need to reinstall ubuntu but I have an encrypted home directory on the root partition which I'd like to keep14:45
Sonderbladeany way to check if your ubuntu requires lvm or lvm?14:45
jophish__how easy is this to do?14:45
KiborgI just did it14:45
KiborgJust make shure to use same user and password as now14:46
mobile3akik: are you there?14:46
akikmobile3: here14:46
jophish__Kiborg: that's it? cool!14:47
Kiborgjophish: make copyes of everything you neeed14:47
TJ-motaka2: looking14:47
Kiborgjophish: it can still go wrong14:47
jophish__Kiborg: yeah, it'a backed up anyway, but restoring things is always a pain14:48
tomtomdrumCan anyone help! I've already tried in the help channel but no one will respond. Ive an encrypted home drive, enabled autologin, started getting the error 'unable to update .iceauthority' I also have trouble mounting the home folder. when I try ecryptfs-mount-private it says error 'encrypted directory is not setup properly' I cannot login, i have to use ctrl+alt+f1 to get to the terminal and14:48
tomtomdrumtry fix from there. any advice??14:48
TJ-motaka2: I only see the same original 3 photos there right now14:48
mobile3akik: I installed ubuntu desktop on server then tried to start it, startx , it gave me error, please see here http://pastebin.com/KzPZvNPc14:48
Kiborgjophish: But for me it worked, are you changing the partitioning?14:48
akikmobile3: x2go session is started through the x2go client. you don't need xorg to be running on the vps14:49
TJ-mobile3: start the desktop using "service lightdm start" or "systemctl start lightdm.service"14:49
chinesesausagehello TJ14:49
mobile3akik: so what to do?14:49
akikmobile3: install x2go server on the vps, install x2go client on your client machine, use x2go client to access the x2go server14:50
motaka2TJ-: Would you please refresh ?14:50
mobile3akik: I have not installed x2go, I only installed ubuntu desktop14:50
chinesesausageTJ do you know about Compton compositor?14:50
mobile3akik: so ubuntu desktop is not required?14:51
TJ-motaka2: It's magic! It's there now14:51
motaka2TJ-: :)14:51
akikmobile3: some desktop environment is needed, be it gnome/kde/mate etc.14:51
=== bm is now known as Guest69482
mobile3akik: but I installed ubuntu desktop14:52
akikmobile3: it might not support the desktops that need hw acceleration nowadays14:52
mobile3akik: so I need to remove ubuntu desktop?14:52
KiborgHello. I have Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit with Geforce GTX 970. I am using Nvidia propertary drivers form additional drivers. Until recently it has wokred like charm, but after the latest update I am unable to even log in, I get login loop.14:53
akikmobile3: hold on, i'll check if unity is supported14:53
akikmobile3: x2go client has an entry for both gnome and unity14:54
TJ-motaka2: OK, that is starting to confirm my hypothesis. The raw drive has 160,086,528 sectors (~80GiB) but the last partition ends at 150,055,594 - suggesting the RAID meta-data is using the final 30,934 sectors. Let's check that with another photo! "parted /dev/mapper/nvidia_afeicaag unit s print"14:54
akikdoes ubuntu desktop equal to unity, i don't know14:54
mobile3akik: so I should install x2go server now without removing ubuntu server?14:56
akikmobile3: yes14:57
akikmobile3: there's an option in the windows x2go client that could help running the newer desktops but i'll tell you later if the usage is too slow14:57
motaka2TJ-: uploading ...14:58
motaka2TJ-: Pls check14:58
akikmobile3: of course you should install the desktop environment you're used to14:58
blueberr_join #java15:00
motaka2TJ-: Can you see it ?15:01
TJ-motaka2: that's good, you can see that this 'fake' RAID device is 2 sectors smaller than the raw device /dev/sda , this has 160,086,526 sectors15:01
TJ-motaka2: so, at least now we know precisely what is going on. Now to figure out the best way to work around it15:02
TJ-motaka2: OK, as for the 'parted' message "Can't have a partition outside the disk!" we can ignore that. That is a false error, due to parted trying to treat a file-system partition (partition 5 of the fakeRAID device) as a raw disk.15:05
TJ-motaka2: So, as I missed your description of the original fault, can you explain what happens at boot-time?15:06
TJ-oh drat! he lost the connection15:06
motaka3TJ-: I am here15:07
akikTJ-: his computer didn't boot but to the recovery mode, the file system was read only even with remount,rw15:07
TJ-motaka3: haha great15:07
motaka3TJ-: While starting ubuntu 12.04 after seeing the grub os selection page , I see the mouse pointer for a secons and then I see a black screen. I tried to load by editing the grub with nomodeset by pressing ctrl+e and then then changing it and then pressing ctrl+x15:07
motaka3but not only nothiing changed but also after the restart I see nomodeset is removed from the grub15:07
TJ-motaka3: firstly, edits to the GRUB menu done at boot-time only affect that boot - they aren't saved15:08
TJ-motaka3: so don't concern yourself on that point15:08
motaka3TJ-: So what should I do step by step to get my desktop back ?15:09
TJ-motaka3: akik so you have the root file-system which I am guessing right now is /dev/sda5 or /dev/mapper/nvidia_efeicaag5 , and you cannot make it read-write?15:10
=== cbarreda is now known as _cb
TJ-motaka3: let's find out which 'device' is providing the root file-system: "mount | grep '/ ' "15:10
newkeif i do apt-get autoremove are previously downloaded installation files still stored somewhere?15:10
=== zer0 is now known as Guest62605
TJ-newke: .deb files may still be in /var/cache/apt/archives/15:11
newkeTJ-: thank you15:11
newkecan i delete those .deb files?15:11
TJ-newke: it is possible to delete all archived .deb files with "apt-get clean"15:12
newkeTJ-: thank you15:12
motaka3TJ-: uploading15:12
_cbIf I am writing a program where there will be a large number of users but only fileA and FileB per user is it better to have a user folder and inside it File A and File B (many folders, few files per folder) or a FILE A folder, and a FILE B folder and inside a user file (Few Folders but many files per Folder) or it does not matter?15:13
TJ-motaka3: there should have only been one line from that command which you can just type here... you only need use photo upload/pastebin for lots of lines. Whilst you're stuck in Recovery with no network, we'll be lenient on that rule though :)15:13
motaka3TJ-: Please check15:13
motaka3TJ-: :)15:15
TJ-motaka3: ahhh, you got lots of lines because you didn't notice I had a space in the grep: '/ ' so it would only match that first line you see there. So, the root file-system is coming from the fake-RAID device15:16
TJ-motaka3: make sure you have the space this time and show us the result of "grep '/ ' /proc/mounts "15:17
motaka3TJ-: Sorry /dev/mapper/nvidia_afeicaag5 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)15:17
mobile3akik: are you there ?15:18
akikmobile3: here15:18
TJ-motaka3: OK, and now show us what that last command gives you. it should be similar but not entirely the same15:18
mobile3akik: I installed it on server and also in windows. Now what to do ? How to connect ?15:19
akikmobile3: did you open the ssh port on the vps iptables?15:19
mobile3akik: how ?15:19
akikmobile3: do you use ufw to handle iptables?15:20
mobile3akik: I don't know what is ufw15:20
mobile3akik: I do not manage iptable, by default whatever is there is there15:21
akikmobile3: ok you can run "sudo ufw enable" and then "sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp" to open the ssh port15:21
motaka2TJ-: uploaded15:21
mobile3akik: -bash: ufw: command not found15:21
akikmobile3: i'm not sure what you mean by whatever is there. are you in control of the vps?15:21
sulinWhat's this?15:21
mobile3akik: I installed Webuzo control panel which do it15:22
sulinXchat 是用来干什么的?15:23
akikmobile3: "dpkg -l | grep ufw" does that return a line about ufw ?15:23
mobile3akik: no result15:23
akikmobile3: the other choice is that there are no ip filtering rules. you can check with "sudo iptables -L -n -v"15:24
sulinIs there someone tell me what's this for15:24
akikmobile3: which ubuntu version is installed there?15:24
jackcomhow can i update ubuntu?15:24
motaka2TJ-: Are you there ?15:24
TJ-motaka2: OK, looking now. Just went off to get a coffee15:25
jackcomapt-get update?15:25
sulinapt-get update15:25
mobile3akik: Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT 1813K packets, 2031M bytes)  pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination  Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT 0 packets, 0 bytes)  pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination  Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT 1437K packets, 1042M bytes)  pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               destination15:25
motaka2TJ-: Thank you15:25
akikmobile3: ok so you can access the server from anywhere?15:25
TJ-motaka2: OK, and that confirms the kernel is treating the root file-system as read-only (ro)15:26
mobile3akik: yes15:26
mobile3akik: DISTRIB_ID=Ubuntu DISTRIB_RELEASE=14.04 DISTRIB_CODENAME=trusty DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS"15:26
jackcomhow can i update ubuntu?15:26
akikmobile3: so just start up x2go client, there are a couple of pages to set it up15:27
=== vim is now known as Guest75621
mobile3akik: I have started it15:27
zykotick9jackcom: do you mean, get security updates or do you mean update to a new release of ubuntu?15:27
TJ-motaka2: first, let's try making it read-write with "mount --no-mtab -o remount,rw /"  then do "grep '/  ' /proc/mounts again and just tell me if it now shows it as 'rw' not 'ro'15:27
jct500thzXfce has this stupid glitch that's happened  before... but I forgot how to fix it.15:28
akikmobile3: on the first page it asks for about the connection, hostname, username, desktop15:28
akikmobile3: those are for the vps server details15:28
jct500thzWhen I log out, and log back in later, it launches all the apps that I had up last time, but I don't want that.15:28
jackcomzykotick9: both15:29
zykotick9jackcom: pick one ;)15:29
jct500thzI want it to NOT use the last session that I had.15:29
jct500thzBut it doesn't give me the option.15:29
jct500thzIs there like a Terminal command I can use instead?15:29
mobile3akik: there is session type, what should I give, unity ??15:30
akikmobile3: i guess "ubuntu-desktop" means unity. can someone confirm?15:30
mobile3akik: or gnome, kde15:30
jackcomfirst zykotick915:30
jct500thzI want to disable the session-restore on Xubuntu15:30
motaka2TJ-: I hate linux15:30
ikoniaakik: ubuntu-desktop is unity15:30
TJ-motaka2: I love it :) - can't do diagnosis like this on Windows :)15:31
jct500thzWhereas it doesn't give me an option anymore, I want to disable it anyway, because I don't want it.15:31
ioriajct500thz, take a look here maybe : http://askubuntu.com/questions/382331/xubuntu-reopens-last-session-applications-even-though-it-shouldnt15:31
zykotick9jackcom: to get security updates for your current install, one method - from terminal, is "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".  for the release-to-release updates... someone else should answer.15:31
akikmobile3: but it could be that this setup is not made with the 3d/hw acceleration in mind. so if your connection is too slow, you should install another desktop environment15:32
motaka2TJ-: :) I have uploaded the new result15:33
mobile3akik: I have good connection, do I need to start something on server like startx ?15:33
akikmobile3: no15:33
TJ-motaka2: OK, you see its now 'rw' ? So that worked15:34
motaka2TJ-: cool, what is the next step ?15:34
jackcomthanks zykotick9 :)15:34
TJ-motaka2: all of this tells us the root file-system is not damaged, so the main issue left to diagnose would seem to be the black screen when trying to log in as a user in the GUI, is that correct?15:35
motaka2TJ-: I dont even see the login page15:35
mobile3akik: I gave all the details, then password, now it is connected and again disconneced15:36
akikmobile3: on the tab connection, select wan and on the compression method: select 2m-png15:36
TJ-motaka2: At this point we need to get that PC on the network so you can pastebin some logs. Is that PC wired to a network, or does it rely on a wireless connection?15:36
motaka2TJ-: the graphic cards differ from the old case to the new. But as I told you untill not upgrading the packages it was working fine15:36
akikmobile3: are you able to login via ssh with these same credentials?15:36
motaka2TJ-: It is wired to a network15:37
Guest75621did ubuntu has a small one? i mean no desktop.15:37
mobile3akik: no my speed is not so fast, it is 128 Kilo Byte Per Second15:37
mobile3akik: should I select 256 jpeg?15:38
akikmobile3: i didn't ask about the speed but are you able to login from your client machine via ssh with these credentials?15:38
akikmobile3: the 2m means 2 million15:38
_DBhey guys I just installed ubuntu15:38
akikmobile3: it's about number of colours15:38
MonkeyDust_DB  great15:38
_DBmy HDD recently died (windows 10 locked me out of it cant even access it on linux)15:39
TJ-motaka2: so in theory we might be able to bring up the network manually. First we need to know which interface is the wired interface, then we need to determine the correct method for making it active. Start off with "ifconfig -a" (don't photo the results, just analyse them yourself) and identify the wired network device - probably 'eth0'15:39
_DBim using a usb to run ubuntu, was wondering I have another usb thats empty, can I install programs into that?15:39
_DBor somehow use it so I have more space for software15:39
TJ-motaka2: then "cat /etc/network/interfaces" and check whether there are any entries in that file for the network device you identified. If there are not, that tells us that Network Manager is responsible for managing the devices15:40
_DBtil i buy a new HDD or fix my other one15:40
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MonkeyDust_DB  so you can't boot into ubuntu?15:41
=== Agent_Christmas is now known as Agent_Isai
mobile3akik: I am able to connect via same ssh details but it is not showing desktop, also it is getting disconnected after about 10 seconds15:41
motaka2TJ-: it is eth115:41
TJ-motaka2: Good. Is there an entry for 'eth1' in the file  /etc/network/interfaces ?15:42
akikmobile3: what's is the error message at the disconnect stage ?15:42
mrbrdohey guys. I have a /64 block of IPv6s and want to bind all of them to my ubuntu server. I only found instructions on how to add specific IPs but not how to add the whole range. Since these are billions of IPs, is there a way to add the whole range instead of individual IPs? Could someone point me in the right direction?15:42
MonkeyDustmrbrdo  try #ubuntu-server15:42
zykotick9_DB: note, you could (with two usbs) do a real install from a liveusb to the other usb...  that would give you a little more control15:42
Swishmrbrdo, what do you mean "bind them" ?  You can't route all those IPs without them being in the routing table15:42
motaka2TJ-: the result is auto lo and on the second line iface lo inet loopback15:43
Swisherm.  If your machine is an endpoint for them, they all have to be listed explicitly, don't they?15:43
mrbrdoSwish: I mean so I can use them to make connections15:43
mrbrdoI don't need to open incoming ports though15:43
TJ-motaka2: OK, that means Network Manager handles the network devices. Do "initctl start network-manager" - hopefully you'll see messages indicating it has started15:43
_DBoh no i have a real install of ubuntu15:43
_DBits persistent15:43
mobile3akik: no message the desktop window is just going to start then closes and session is getting disconnected15:44
Swishmrbrdo, yeah.  As far as I know, you'd have to list each of them explicitly15:44
jct500thzI'm working on all the Ask Ubuntu answers that I15:44
jct500thzI'm reading over15:44
akikmobile3: you will find the logs in /tmp/.x2go-username/C-username* on the vps15:44
zykotick9_DB: ahhh, persistent Live != full install15:44
_DBi just need more storage space, my usb are both 8gns and unity editor is 3 gbs plus 1 gb for install package15:44
_DBwhich is why i need the other usb15:44
_DBI used the starup disk creator15:44
_DBahh ok! lol15:44
MonkeyDust_DB  you didnt install ubuntu on your pc, but on a usb stick?15:45
motaka2TJ-: So many entries starting with modem manager [] could not get the system bus15:45
_DBwasnt aware persistent didnt mean full install XD15:45
TJ-mrbrdo: you'd configure a netfilters rule using ip6tables to redirect all connections to the IPv6 sub-net to a single IPv6 address on the network interface15:45
mrbrdoSwish: hm okay. so no way to route the whole range to the same if? I also saw something about an "AnyIP" feature but I don't understand it15:45
_DByeah my HDD wasnt comaptible i have no idea what windows 10 did to it15:45
akikmobile3: not sure if it's easier to install for example lxde and try opening a lxde session in the x2go client15:45
etronikHi all, I'm trying to run LongoMatch under Ubuntu 14.04 but it keeps complaining some codec is missing, just doesn't tell me which one. Anybody familiar with this and how to solve it ?15:45
_DBbut i font want to format it since i hvae important files15:45
mrbrdoTJ-: that sounds like something that could work. so when I make a connection I can specify any IP from the range and the remote endpoint will see that IP?15:46
TJ-motaka2: ahhh, maybe we need to start DBus first! we're having to pretend to be the init system ourselves here. I think maybe we'd be better off actually restarting the PC in normal multi-user mode but telling it not to start the GUI.15:46
SwishHey everyone, question about an out-of-memory kill that keeps happining on my ubuntu 14.04.3LTS desktop.  In /var/log/syslog I see the line "Unable to purge GPU memory due lock contention." right before it starts OOM-killing my vmware-vmx process.  This URL shows where that line is printed, but I am trying to figure out the cause (and if the i915 graphics driver is a red herring or related):15:46
_DBso i installed it onto my usbstick XD15:46
Swishmrbrdo, lemme google this AnyIP thing...15:46
TJ-mrbrdo: you'd have to have some connection tracking going on, effectively reverse-NAT15:46
motaka2TJ-: :)15:46
TJ-motaka2: so, hang on one moment whilst I describe what you need to do...15:46
mrbrdoTJ-: thanks I'll write this down and do some more reading15:47
motaka2TJ-: Is it dangerous to do this?  sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*15:47
__ravenhow to disable usb autosuspend in 15.1015:47
TJ-motaka2: ... when the PC reboots get to the GRUB boot menu as you've done before (pressing Esc or holding down Ctrl - so long since I used 12.04 on bare-metal I can't remember which!) and then edit the default entry press navigating to it, pressing 'E' and then navigate to the line starting "linux ..." and add " text" then press Ctrl+X15:48
mrbrdoTJ-: btw AnyIP does sound like something that could be applicable here http://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/commit/?id=ab79ad14a2d51e95f0ac3cef7cd116a57089ba8215:48
TJ-motaka2: right now, you might make more trouble than you solve doing that15:48
sudo3hi guys, i have webpage on my vps but when i connect to it, firewall is blocking me I guess, in ssh i can see error "connection refused" and when i wget localhost:80 it gives me same error, can anyone help?15:48
Swishmrbrdo, that's going to require you to recompile some things.  It's not a normal way to use the TCP/IP stack15:49
trisquelmotaka2, "sudo apt-get purge" is shorter15:49
_DBsudo3 you wouldnt happen to be running lamp? or perhaps port is in use?15:49
motaka2TJ-: I am in the grub menu15:49
trisqueland does the same15:49
mobile3akik: I got this error unable to execute startlxde15:49
mrbrdoSwish: recompile system stuff or my user program? cause the latter I can do15:49
TJ-motaka2: OK, add that " text" to the kernel command-line, and boot15:49
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_DBi had similiar problems was because port was in use by my pc15:50
TJ-mrbrdo: Yes, Any-IP will work best15:50
Swishroute.c sounds like system stuff ;)15:50
akikmobile3: startlxde is from the package lxde-common15:50
zykotick9trisquel: and "sudo apt purge foo" is even shorter still ;)15:50
motaka2TJ-: What is kernel command line ?15:50
trisquelyeah, might work too15:50
sudo3hm lamp thx i will try that way15:51
trisqueli never used "apt" yet15:51
mobile3akik: so what to do? the error is shown in x2go client15:51
k1l_mobile3: why not just use the lightdm?15:51
motaka2TJ-: WHere should I add text15:51
TJ-Swish: no recompilation required; it's in the kernel15:51
mobile3k1l_: how?15:51
mrbrdoSwish: it seems after kernel v3.3 it should be possible just by specifying IP_FREEBIND on the socket when connecting15:51
Swishahh okay :)15:51
mrbrdoI'll try it out but I think I have to upgrade the kernel first :)15:51
akikmobile3: did you install lxde by "sudo apt-get install lxde" ? it should've brought the right dependencies15:51
TJ-motaka2: you remember where you added the " nomodeset" parameter? you're doing the same thing now but with " text" instead15:52
trisquelzykotick9, leeched mint already?15:52
motaka2TJ-: so instead of nomodeset I should write text?15:52
TJ-motaka2: correct :)15:52
motaka2TJ-: Excuse my retardness!15:52
=== Guest57854 is now known as Chex
TJ-motaka2: hehehe ... I need another coffee too, trying to out-think your PC! brb15:53
__ravenhow to disable usb autosuspend in 15.1015:53
k1l_mobile3: on ubuntu its best to start the *dm (like lightdm) and then just login there.15:53
akikk1l_: this is x2go server. there's no need for lightdm on the server15:53
MonkeyDust__raven  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/185274/how-can-i-disable-usb-autosuspend-for-a-specific-device15:54
motaka2TJ-: I dont see nomodeset or quitet splash in there any more15:54
__ravenMonkeyDust: no thats related to laptop-mode tools15:55
TJ-motaka2: that's fine, they're not needed15:56
MonkeyDust__raven  then you should be more specific and start from the beginning ... keep it in one line, tho15:56
motaka2TJ-: so where should I write text? in the end ?15:57
__raven15.10 disables this every time after 2 seconds without reactivating: "Bus 006 Device 005: ID 03eb:2104 Atmel Corp. AVR ISP mkII" how to stop that15:58
mobile3akik:k1l_: I am just performing "apt-get install lxde"15:58
MonkeyDust__raven  and define 'this'16:00
motaka2TJ-: I have uploaded an image too , in case needed16:00
__ravenMonkeyDust: are you able to read and think about what you read?16:00
__ravenbut special for you...16:00
__raven15.10 disables this every time after 2 seconds without reactivating: "Bus 006 Device 005: ID 03eb:2104 Atmel Corp. AVR ISP mkII" how to stop that autosuspend and how to make it work again16:01
TJ-motaka2: yes, at the end of the line is good, after the "ro"16:02
Hund"sudo restart deluge-webui" gives med "restart: Unknown instance"?16:07
motaka2TJ-: I dont see ro16:08
manornkHow can i check via bash if sound is muted, and if it is to unmute it?16:08
SlidingHornNeed help diagnosing a crash: installed xubuntu, on an HP 15 (Pentium 3540, 2GB RAM, 2GB swap, Atom Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series graphics) removed all GUI components, reinstalled X, then xdm & openbox. Now having an intermittent crash using "higher-resource" applications (chrome with video, regunum, etc), but /proc/kmsg, /var/log/syslog, and /var/log/dmesg aren't giving any helpful info when watching via SSH.  Cannot SSH into victim mach16:09
SlidingHornine after crash.  Any suggestions?16:09
TJ-motaka2: at the end of the line that starts "linux ..."16:09
zykotick9manornk: alsamixer16:09
motaka2TJ-: I saw ro and added that and then ctrl+x16:09
TJ-motaka2: great, so now you should have a console log-in16:09
manornkzykotick9: I want to do it automaticlly, not to check it manually16:09
motaka2TJ-: Yes16:09
motaka2TJ-: I should login as root ?16:09
trisquel+pavucontrol, manornk16:10
zykotick9manornk: ok, good luck then.  /me has nothin'16:10
manornktrisquel: Will check it16:10
TJ-motaka2: no, log-in as your regular user16:10
akikmanornk: you might be able to use amixer to do that16:10
trisquelpavucontrol is pulseaudio16:11
trisquelone level higher than alsa16:11
motaka2TJ-: Ok I am in16:12
manornkakik: and how can i use it?16:12
TJ-motaka2: now check there's network connectivity: "ping -c 5 www.ubuntu.com"16:12
motaka2TJ-: 5 packages transmitted 4 lost16:14
motaka2TJ-: sorry 4 recived16:14
TJ-motaka2: OK, that lost 1 might be due to the delay in forwarding. Try the command again, it ought to manage to get replies for all 5 pings16:15
mobile3akik: are you there ?16:15
motaka2TJ-: I believe some thing is wrong with graphic card. Maybe not the right packages installed16:15
akikmobile3: still here :)16:15
TJ-motaka2: if that is correct we can paste some log files16:15
motaka2TJ-: now 5 recieved16:16
TJ-motaka2: first add a package to make pasting simple: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"16:16
akikmanornk: "amixer set Master mute"16:16
mobile3akik: I installed lxde and it get connected, Now I am able to view desktop16:16
akikmobile3: great!16:16
mobile3akik: Now tell me how to open firefox, I am not able see icons, or any tab16:16
motaka2TJ-: installing16:17
akikmobile3: if you need a desktop environment with more features, i'd suggest kde16:17
TJ-motaka2: hopefully not long now :) with network and pastebinit we can fly16:17
cyber37Hey guy's, did someone use the tftp tool provided by ubuntu ?16:17
akikmobile3: there should be a menu in the bottom left corner, maximize the session16:17
mobile3akik: I right clicked, then from icon , I got trash and documents16:17
motaka2TJ-: there is an error16:17
TJ-motaka2: uhoh!16:18
cyber37according to the man http://linux.die.net/man/1/tftp normaly we are able to send or get a file directly in command line without having to go in the tftp prompt16:18
cyber37But maybe in my version the -c option isn't implemented16:18
cyber37I have the version from apt-get16:18
motaka2TJ-: you have to configure "localepurge" with command ...16:18
mobile3akik: I maximaze it, now showing, tell me how to install chrome or firefox?16:18
cyber37i can do : tftp -c put myfile16:18
cyber37tftp -c "put myfile"16:19
cyber37doesn't work16:19
TJ-motaka2: try "sudo apt-get -f install"16:19
cyber37i also tryed with tftp -c ...
akikmobile3: the way to install more programs is the same way as on your local machine "sudo apt-get install firefox"16:19
akikmobile3: for chrome you need to go to http://chrome.google.com/ i think it's not in the repositories16:19
ioriacyber37, i use tftp  for pxe diskless boot , not for common file transfert.....16:20
akikmobile3: i think there is some compatibility problem with x2go and unity. we can try adding that one flag in the x2go client settings16:20
mobile3akik: but for that I need some browser, I clicked on chromium web browser but it is not opening16:21
ioriacyber37, you can use vsftpd or sftp16:21
motaka2TJ-: By a mistake I ran sudo apt-get autoremove, have destroyed everything ?16:21
akikmobile3: you can open a terminal and install firefox from there16:21
cyber37hum i need to use tftp protocol16:21
TJ-motaka2: hopefully not; that removes packages no longer listed as being required by any other package16:21
cyber37I don't understand why the software "tftp" is not correct with "tftp" man page ..16:22
AruzsiHe there,16:22
AruzsiPlease help me solve this apt-get dependencies:16:22
motaka2TJ-: I think pastebinit is intalled16:22
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( uname -a; cat /etc/issue; lspci -nnk )"16:23
akikmobile3: one special thing about x2go is that you can close the x2go client window and the session is left running on the server16:23
mobile3akik: so whenever I will connect , it will open from there only ?16:23
akikmobile3: yes the disconnected session will be re-opened as you left it16:24
=== ossurayynot is now known as tonyyarusso
ioriacyber37, did you edit  /etc/default/tftpd-hpa  ?16:24
mobile3akik: I got this error, when tried to install firefox from command line http://pastebin.com/TniqxkVe16:25
mystupidnicki have a problem booting ubuntu, when i get to the login screen the usb keyboard and mouse doesnt work16:25
mystupidnickany idea on if there are some kernel params i can add to make it work?16:25
TJ-cyber37: "tftp -h" will tell you what options are available to the client16:25
motaka2TJ-: lspci-nnk command not found16:25
TJ-motaka2:  there's a space before the -16:25
cyber37mathieu@mathieu-fixe-ubuntu:~/workspace/stm32f4_board_2$ tftp -h16:26
cyber37-h: unknown host16:26
TJ-cyber37: what ubuntu release os that?16:26
cyber37You understand the problem ? my tftp installed on ubuntu go directly in the PROMPT of TFTP16:26
cyber37it doesn't accept "commands" *16:26
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1354431016:26
cyber37And i don't undestand WHY16:26
cyber37i am in 14.XX16:26
TJ-cyber37: "which tftp" and "dpkg -D $(which tftp)" will tell you16:27
akikmobile3: how did you change to the root account?16:27
TJ-motaka2: great, thanks, reading now16:27
motaka2TJ-: Thank you :)16:27
mobile3akik: I uses root account always16:28
TJ-motaka2: ok, the 'lspci' shows us the GPU is an Nvidia GeForce 6200, using the 'nviida' driver16:28
akikmobile3: the path in that session is not set correctly16:28
TJ-motaka2: now do "pastebinit <( ls  -latr /var/log/ )"16:28
akikmobile3: btw. don't use root account always16:28
jackcomapt-get cach ?16:28
jackcomapt-get cache16:29
akikmobile3: "echo $PATH" should return something like "/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin"16:29
jasabellahi :)16:29
jackcom Invalid operation cache16:29
cyber37TJ- the -D option isn't working (need octal number to debug ? wtf ? )16:29
TJ-jackcom: what? do you mean "apt-cache <some commands>" ?16:29
jackcomyes TJ-16:29
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1354435016:29
cyber37But i  don't find where i can download source of the REAL tftp software (not the one provided by ubuntu ..)16:30
jackcomapt-get cache program16:30
mobile3akik: any problem using root account? Okay will talk on this later... How to change to correct directory?16:30
TJ-cyber37: which package supplied /usr/bin/tftp according to "dpkg -S " ?16:30
mobile3akik: /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/b16:30
zykotick9jackcom: what are you trying to do?16:30
TJ-jackcom: why are you typing "apt-get cache" rather than "apt-cache" ?16:30
MonkeyDustcyber37  i installed tftp in a vm ... when you see the prompt, type ? to see the possible commands16:30
jackcomapt-get cache16:31
cyber37mathieu@mathieu-fixe-ubuntu:~/workspace/stm32f4_board_2$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/tftp16:31
cyber37tftp: /usr/bin/tftp16:31
zykotick9jackcom: there is no "apt-get cache" command!16:31
cyber37MonkeyDust i understand that16:31
SchrodingersScatjackcom: you want apt-cache search name.*orPHrase  ; apt-cache is its own command16:31
cyber37MonkeyDust, i want to use TFTP commands without going in the prompt16:31
cyber37Like as they said in the MAN16:31
akikmobile3: you should normally use your non-privileged account. then if you need to run commands which require root access, use sudo. if you need to change to the root account for many successive commands, you can use sudo -i16:31
TJ-cyber37: that explains it! You should have used "apt-get install tftp-hpa"16:31
cyber37MonkeyDust can you try it : "tftp -c get foobar" ? please ?16:32
mobile3akik: from next onwards I will do so... how to change to correct path ?16:32
SchrodingersScatjackcom: then you can also use apt-cache show packageName to show more details about individual packages16:32
cyber37TJ- I don't understand how you see that, but yes i have it installed16:33
akikmobile3: if you use sudo -i from your non-privileged account, you can probably see the correct path with "echo $PATH"16:33
TJ-cyber37: there are 2 packages that provide /usr/bin/tftp (client), one is 'tftp' the other, better, is 'tfpt-hpa' (hpa = H. Peter Anvin, the legendary Intel core tools developer (responsible for syslinux etc., too)16:33
cyber37But sudo apt-get install tftp too .16:33
jackcomapt-cache search python-numpy16:33
SchrodingersScatjackcom: yep, that brings up some python packages16:34
ioria!info tftpd-hpa16:34
ubottutftpd-hpa (source: tftp-hpa): HPA's tftp server. In component main, is extra. Version 5.2+20140608-3ubuntu1 (wily), package size 39 kB, installed size 141 kB (Only available for linux-any; kfreebsd-any)16:34
jackcomthanks SchrodingersScat16:34
cyber37TJ- Maybe thegood one is the HPA because it's the name of the guy in the MAN PAGE16:34
SchrodingersScatjackcom: welcome16:34
TJ-cyber37: if you have tftp-hpa also installed that suggests the update-alternatives for /usr/bin/tftp is set to the one from the 'tftp' package. Do "ls -l /usr/bin/tftp*" and you should see all the executables, and be able to directly use the 'hpa' version16:34
TJ-cyber37: correct :)16:34
TJ-cyber37: I'd bet /usr/bin/tftp is a sum-link to /etc/alternatives/16:35
motaka2TJ-: Did you noticed I sent the new link? in case not here it is:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13544350/16:35
akikmobile3: the path is set in /etc/environment16:35
=== GSilva is now known as gsilvapt
TJ-motaka2: no, i didn't; thanks for reminding me :)16:35
motaka2TJ-: Thank you16:36
cyber37TJ- I need to reboot i come back.16:37
TJ-motaka2: hehehe is the time on that system jumped forward to 2016? check with "date" to be sure - those last 4 files in /var/log/ have unusual timestamps16:37
motaka2TJ-: I really dont know what happened16:38
TJ-motaka2: "date" and check it says 201516:38
TJ-motaka2: it won't hurt too much but it affects how we read the log files, and which ones we pick16:38
motaka2TJ-: It is 201516:38
mobile3akik: I got this using account other than root -- /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/16:39
TJ-motaka2: OK, at some point the time jumped forward a day to 29th November then16:39
TJ-motaka2: your local time now is around 19:40 or so?16:40
akikmobile3: what's in /etc/environment ?16:40
motaka2TJ-: it is 20:10, I am in Iran16:40
TJ-motaka2: ok, you have a 1/2 hour in your timezone difference. Thanks, that helps me figure out what I'm seeing16:41
mobile3akik: cd /etc/environment or vi /etc/environment ?16:41
akikmobile3: i think you have changed something somewhere as you have the root directory / in your path16:41
motaka2TJ-: Yeah that's right +3:3016:41
akikmobile3: /etc/environment is a text file, one line. you can cat /etc/environment16:41
TJ-motaka2: so according to what I see, the last time you tried to start the GUI was around 19:23 ?16:42
motaka2TJ-: :) I really dont know, maybe16:42
mobile3akik: PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/game16:42
TJ-motaka2: OK, well let's assume that, because it points to the file I need to see. "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"16:42
akikmobile3: that line is not complete16:43
mobile3akik: what to do ?16:43
akikmobile3: edit it so that it ends with :/usr/local/games"16:44
LobsterAttackDespite having all the listed dependencies installed I can't seem to get Darf Fortress Lazy Newb Pack running... Anyone know about it?16:44
jasabelladoes mini install the lts version or whatever's latest? i.e. 15.10?16:44
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13544533/16:44
TJ-motaka2: that looks good. now "pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" please16:44
mobile3akik: do I have to add this at the end of line :/usr/local/games ?16:45
Delta706Can anyone suggest a free VM provider? I have tried virtualbox but it requires a setting for 64-bit which I cannot enable16:45
ikoniaDelta706: what do you mean requires a 64bit setting ?16:45
akikmobile3: so that the line ends with a "16:45
ioriajasabella, yes, if downloaded the wily iso https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD16:45
Delta706vt-x a bios setting16:45
ikoniaDelta706: thats nothing to do with virtual box16:45
ikoniaDelta706: thats the hypervisor in general wanting to use virtualization options on your chip16:46
mobile3akik: didn't understand16:46
akikmobile3: you're missing a " at the end of the line16:46
Delta706it is a requirement for vbox16:46
motaka2TJ-:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1354456316:46
ioriajasabella, but 15.10 it's not lts16:47
mobile3akik: sorry I missed copying it , but it is actually there PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games"16:47
ikoniaDelta706: you're going to be running in software mode without it,16:47
TJ-motaka2: right, so far so good! now "pastebinit $HOME/.xsession-errors"16:47
ikoniawhich will be very slow16:47
akikmobile3: when you login to your vps with ssh with your non-privileged account, run "echo $PATH", then "sudo -i", then run a "echo $PATH" again. something has messed your path up16:48
Delta706as long as it is not too slow, this is fine with me16:48
motaka2TJ-:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/13544605/16:48
mascot66991hey Guys I migrated from 15..04 to 15.10 and I used to be allowed to increase volume above 100 from top menubar control now I can reach till 100 after which i need to right click and go to setting and increase further.. is this known.. can i change somethin to be able to chane above 100 directly without opening settings each time ?16:48
ikoniaDelta706: it will be too slow16:49
ikoniaDelta706: thats why the virtual machine hypervisors depend on it16:49
zykotick9ikonia: i believe Delta706 is trying to install a 64bit guest VM, and i do think VBox requires vt-x to do that... 32bit should be fine.16:49
motaka2I am hungry16:49
Delta706How many times slower would it be? 10 times, 100?16:49
ikoniazykotick9: the docs suggest it's 64bit only, but reading the general hypervisor documentation, he's going to struggle without it full stop16:49
jasabellaooohh ok, there's different one16:49
TJ-motaka2: finally we have some clues, at the end of that last log file16:49
motaka2TJ-: greate16:50
ikoniacertainly try it with a 32bit VM, see how it goes16:50
Delta706zykotick9: 32-bit is limited to 4 gigs16:50
ikoniaDelta706: this is silly16:50
ikoniayou're VM needs more than 4GB of ram - so it obviously has some performance requirements16:50
zykotick9Delta706: true, but are you really giving your VM more then 4GB?16:50
ikoniaso then not using hwardware hypervisor support on the chip, does matter16:51
ikoniaDelta706: what are you trying to run on this VM16:52
ikonialets get some context16:52
TJ-motaka2: is there a mix of Gnome and KDE on that PC?16:52
mobile3akik: I got this when run sudo -i  softfile is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported16:52
mascot66991hey Guys I migrated from 15..04 to 15.10 and I used to be allowed to increase volume above 100 from top menubar control now I can reach till 100 after which i need to right click and go to setting and increase further.. is this known.. can i change somethin to be able to chane above 100 directly without opening settings each time ?.16:54
KiborgHello. I have Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit with Geforce GTX 970. I am using Nvidia propertary drivers form additional drivers. Until recently it has wokred like charm, but after the latest update I am unable to even log in, I get login loop.16:54
akikmobile3: add your non-privileged account to the sudo group, then try again16:54
jasabellaselect and install software fails for some reason hmmm16:55
MonkeyDustjasabella  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue16:55
akikmobile3: this channel expects you to run ubuntu as it's designed16:56
JuanDaughertyi wonder why they removed the apache imagemap module?16:56
TJ-motaka2: the log-file has a suggestion to run "sudo sh -c 'pango-querymodules > /etc/pango/pango.modules' "  to fix a configuration error16:57
mystupidnickcan anyone tell me what kernel driver is required for nic Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411?16:57
motaka2TJ-: :D I dont think so, but because it was slow , I installed something like unity 2d if I rember well16:57
jasabellanothing there, i went into /var/log/syslog16:57
jasabellapkgsel failed with code 10016:57
ikoniajasabella: please show us the output of "cat /etc/issue" in a patebin16:57
JuanDaughertymystupidnick, you can see it in the kernel config menus16:58
motaka2TJ-: Should I run that ?16:58
ikoniaas motaka2 asked16:58
TJ-motaka2: Yes16:58
ikoniaor MonkeyDust even16:58
mystupidnickJuanDaugherty: i cant run that16:58
jasabellano such file, i'm installing into vmware :)16:58
ikoniajasabella: that means nothing16:58
ikoniajasabella: a vmware install would have the same as a physical install16:58
jasabellait's a fresh install, i've dropped down to shell in the install program16:59
mobile3akik: I got this with non-root   /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games16:59
ikoniajasabella: please show the output of the command "cat /etc/issue"16:59
ikonia(use a pastebin)16:59
mobile3akik : I got this with root   /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin16:59
akikmobile3: ok, now apt-get should work16:59
TJ-motaka2: then you can try starting the GUI and logging in. If that fails, we'll again look at the new log files to look for more certain failure indications. To start the GUI do "sudo service lightdm start"16:59
jasabellano such flie or directory16:59
jophish__How can I reinstall ubuntu without it trying to "reinstall previously installed applicationa"17:00
ikoniajasabella: re-install, your ubuntu install is missing basic files17:00
ioriajasabella, how did you do the iso ?17:00
mobile3akik : which account should I use ? root or non-root ?17:00
akiknon-root with sudo and root without sudo17:00
jasabellai just used the mini.iso file straight off ubuntu's servers17:01
jasabellamd5sum checks out17:01
jophish__I have something very wrong with my ubuntu installation, and the reinstaller just puts me right back into that state I think17:01
ikoniawhy are you using the mini iso and not a standard install ?17:01
jasabella'expert mode' in standard install does autonetwork configuration which i dont want17:02
ikoniajasabella: what configuration does it not do ?17:02
motaka2TJ-: It gives two errors, do you need them ?17:02
jasabellai want to set a static ip address17:02
ikoniajasabella: you can do that in the standard install17:02
ikoniayou do not need the mini iso for that17:02
ioriajasabella, and what's the problem ?17:02
TJ-motaka2: is "it" the "pango-querymodules" command?17:03
ikoniajasabella: please do a standard install17:03
jasabellai've instatlled an (older) version of ubuntu before and things are weird17:03
motaka2TJ-: the secon one yes , says not found17:03
ikonianot interested in an older version17:03
ikoniajasabella: please install a standard current ubuntu install17:03
ioriajasabella, which one ?17:03
mobile3akik: I got, Thank Thank Very Much!!17:03
TJ-motaka2: hmm, ok, lets leave that for now then. Move on to starting the GUI17:03
jasabella12.04 lts, expert mode, i know what i'm doing (of sorts)17:04
TJ-motaka2: do "sudo service lightdm start"17:04
jasabellai just want a minimal server17:04
akikmobile3: i hope you haven't enabled root logins through ssh...17:04
ioriajasabella, so ubuntu-server17:04
ikoniajasabella: so install the standard server install17:04
mobile3akik: I am using non-root account now17:04
ioriajasabella, you can select software in there too17:04
jasabellai dont want any software apart from the base system17:05
ioriajasabella, anyway, the mini should work....17:05
ikoniajasabella: use a standard ubuntu install17:05
ikoniajasabella: it's clear you're not really sure what you're doing17:05
jasabellai just want to hit no so hopefully it cleans things up17:05
akikmobile3: let's change that one setting in the x2go client17:05
ikoniaa standard ubuntu server install is good enough for %90 of the community17:05
jasabellait's downloaded things17:05
ikoniait should meet your needs just fine17:05
motaka2TJ-: just a black page17:06
jasabellacan ubuntu server (minimum) run on 256mb of ram?17:06
TJ-motaka2: OK ... now press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to get back to the text console and we'll investigate the logs17:06
ikoniajasabella: yes17:06
mobile3akik: yes tell me17:06
ikoniajasabella: and to be honest - if it can't, the mini wouldn't either17:06
ioriajasabella, i installed on a hp nc6000 ....17:07
akikmobile3: go to options/settings/x.org server settings, click on use custom x-server, then click the button on the executable: line at the right17:07
motaka2TJ-: it seems  it doesnt go anywhere17:07
jasabellai'm gonna skip that and go straight to putting on a bootloader17:07
ikoniajasabella: please stop ignoring advice17:07
ikoniajasabella: please do a STANDARD ubuntu server install17:07
TJ-motaka2: did the original system that hard disk came from have 2 monitors?17:07
akikmobile3: then browse to "C:/Program Files (x86)/x2goclient/VcXsrv/vcxsrv.exe"17:07
motaka2TJ-: no17:07
jasabellawhat's the difference between them?17:08
ikoniajasabella: one will work and be stable, the other will be a mess you create17:08
jasabellai'll be responsible for my own mess then :D or go back to debian heh17:09
ikoniajasabella: clearly not as your in this channel with total lack of understanding and asking for help17:09
akikmobile3: then add -wgl to the command line options on the next line17:09
TJ-motaka2: OK, you've got a Samsung Syncmaster connected to the VGA output, is that correct?17:09
jasabellai dont know how your install program works, for some reason it jumps around17:09
akikmobile3: you need to close the x2go client and start it again for this setting to come active17:10
ikoniajasabella: use the STANDARD ubuntu server install17:10
ikoniajasabella: and people can guide you if there is anything unclear17:10
jasabellai do, i select expert mode and it auto configures everything17:10
ikoniajasabella: no it doesn't17:10
motaka2TJ-: Sumsung syncmaster 920N , with a cable like other monitors connecting to graphic card17:10
jasabellaincl. netowrk17:10
MonkeyDustjasabella  you could have avoided all this, if you installed standard ubuntu server17:10
ikonialost interest now17:11
jasabellai wish i could screencast something17:11
jasabellaand show you want happensw hen i start expert install17:11
TJ-motaka2: I'm making sure there's no config inherited from the last PC the hard disk was in, to cause this. So far I've seen no evidence of that which is good17:11
mobile3akik: done, what is the benefit of doing this ?17:12
akikmobile3: this was needed if you run the x2go client from a linux client and a windows client and want to connect to the same disconnected session17:12
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest22976
akikmobile3: it could also help if the unity session did not start before17:13
akikmobile3: can you try starting up the unity session again?17:13
motaka2TJ-: As I told you this system with the new hard was working fine till It started to do some updates and then asked me to restart and then it ended to that bloody black page17:13
mobile3akik: Ya sure!17:14
TJ-motaka2: I did notice mention in the Xorg.0.log that the current output resolution is 1280x1024, but another suggestion that it was expecting 1280x720 - does that sound like the current monitor (128x1024) and the monitor of the previous PC (1280x720) ?17:14
FreakErnis it possible to create a bridge in interfaces using for example eth0 and the host can still use eth0 for network and internet? when i create br0 the server has no network and internet. maybe someone can help me with this?17:14
FastZI have been studying for the Linux+ exam and plan to take it by the end of the year. Does anyone here know of a good practice exam online that I can take before actually sitting for the exam?17:14
motaka2TJ-: Both systems were using the same monitor, I disconnect one to connect it to other, I just have one monitor17:15
TJ-motaka2: Strange. OK, anyhow. right now it is still showing a black screen? Is the monitor still actively receiving a signal (should be showing a green LED) or has it gone into standby mode (often the LED will flash, or show orange) ?17:16
MonkeyDustFastZ  #ubuntu-offtopic17:16
TJ-motaka2: I think what we need to do now is to configure that PC to have openssh-server installed and running, so you can connect to it over the network from the PC you're using for IRC. That way it doesn't matter if the screen goes black, we can actually look at the logs and figure out what state it is in17:17
TJ-motaka2: is your IRC PC also using Linux?17:17
jasabellaso i select my keyboard in the server iso file and it configures my entire network for me17:18
jasabelladoesnt ask me for a domain name, just a hostname17:18
mobile3akik: I tried unity, it get connected, the desktop window opened and closed as like before and it get disconnected17:18
jasabellaasks me for a user name now17:18
akikmobile3: look into the /tmp/.x2go-username/C-* session file17:19
mobile3akik: where? from terminal?17:20
motaka2TJ-: Sorry, It is not a pc, it is laptop running windows vista17:20
akikmobile3: yes. there's also a .xsession-x2go-errors file in your $HOME17:21
MonkeyDustmotaka2  so it's a laptop pc17:21
akikmobile3: if you can pastebin those, we might be able to find the reason why it doesn't work17:21
TJ-motaka2: OK, you'd need to install and use the Windows SSH client Putty17:21
BluesKajas opposed to a desktop pc I reckon :-)17:22
motaka2TJ-: I think I have putty, lemme check17:22
akikmobile3: my guess is that unity expects those 3d acceleration properties that are not there in x2go17:22
TJ-motaka2: can you remember if the Ubuntu PC already has openssh-server installed? If it does, it should be listening for connections right now and we can avoid having to put it through a reboot17:22
mobile3akik: well in the x2go clients, some logs are showing can I paste that ?17:22
akikmobile3: sure, put them into pastebin17:22
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
motaka2TJ-: I dont remeber installing such a thing on it17:23
motaka2TJ-: Cant I do something with LIVE DVD ?17:23
TJ-motaka2: OK, to save us messing about then, reboot the Ubuntu PC, goto the GRUB boot menu as before, add the " text" again and boot it to the text console. Then we can find out the PC's IP address (which you'll need to connect to it from Putty) and install the openssh-server package17:24
motaka2TJ-: ok17:24
akikmobile3: i think gnome shell with some kind of fallback still exists when you don't have 3d acceleration17:25
motaka2TJ-: I dont have putty on windows let me installl it17:25
zykotick9akik: ahhh, i'm not sure fallback exists in gnome anymore...17:26
akikzykotick9: so no way to run either gnome or unity without 3d acceleration anymore?17:26
motaka2TJ-: :D I wonder why life  is so difficult17:27
zykotick9akik: i'm not sure.  so don't take my word for it!17:27
TJ-motaka2: it's a learning experience :)17:27
TJ-motaka2: I think the cause is something very simple, but without remote access, diagnosing these things using IRC and pastebins takes about 100x longer than it would17:27
motaka2TJ-: :) ok17:28
akikmobile3: kde still works with x2go. you can install it with "sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"17:29
motaka2TJ-: I have putty from 2012 can I install that ?17:29
motaka2TJ-: or I need a fresh version ?17:29
TJ-motaka2: yes, SSH is SSH it doesn't change that much... as long as Windows doesn't complain :)17:29
motaka2TJ-: ok it is running, how can I find the IP ?17:30
linociscohi all,17:31
linociscoI need to access one forum which has banned our country IP, which is the most secure and fastest way to access it? some suggested VPN, I dont know which is better for faster access17:32
TJ-motaka2: the Ubuntu PC you mean? you've logged in to the text console?17:32
mobile3akik: http://pastebin.com/BHZFVRaM17:33
TJ-motaka2: "ifconfig eth1" will tell you the IP address (I seem to recall the network was on eth1)17:33
motaka2TJ-: Yes I have logged17:33
WaynesKaffeHello folks! my cpu-indicator (unity indicator) has stop scaling the cpu. It's on powersave mode all time since 2 days ago.17:33
TJ-motaka2: make a note of the Ubuntu IP address ready for Putty,  and then do "sudo apt-get install openssh-server"17:34
heb12did anyone know ,how to access the su password17:34
motaka2TJ-: inet addr: ? is that it ?17:34
akikmobile3: that doesn't tell me anything. you might change the settings in the client connection tab from adsl to wan and 2m-png as the colour mode17:34
akikmobile3: the error from unity might be in $HOME/.xsession-x2go-errors17:34
TJ-motaka2: Yes. On Putty you can be creating a connection with that as the hostname/IP address, and put your Ubuntu PC username as the connection username. I've not use Putty in 10 years so you'll have to figure out the connection settings yourself :)17:35
TJ-motaka2: after 'openssh-server' is installed it will auto-start. Then you can try connecting from Putty, and make sure that is working nicely17:36
TJ-motaka2: It will also mean you can copy/paste commands to, and links from, pastebinit rather than having to type them17:36
motaka2TJ-: :( I have putty and I gave it the IP but I dont know where to put the username?17:36
TJ-motaka2: I can't help you there; as i recall there's a connection edit tab/dialog with fields for each17:37
mobile3akik: I run using non-root -bash: /root/.xsession-x2go-errors: Permission denied also using root account -bash: /root/.xsession-x2go-errors: Permission denied17:37
akikmobile3: oh ok. i checked the page at http://wiki.x2go.org/doku.php/doc:de-compat unity is not any more compatible with x2go since ubuntu 12.1017:37
akikmobile3: please don't login to x2go session with the root account17:37
TJ-motaka2: this page seems to show how to do it: http://www.windowstipspage.com/configure-putty-connection-manager/17:38
akikmobile3: and disable root logins in your sshd17:38
mobile3akik: when it didn't work in non root so I changed to root17:38
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mobile3akik: so should I remove ubuntu desktop ?17:38
jasabellathat's not putty per se :/17:39
akikmobile3: sorry i have to leave but it's good that you got the desktop working from the server17:39
jasabellathat's putty cm17:39
jasabellaonce you are connected, unless your server is configured to take key auth only, it wll prompt you for user name and password17:39
motaka2TJ-: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mz8nyov80foy9ec/Untitled.jpg?dl=017:39
mobile3akik: should I remove ubuntu desktop ?17:39
mystupidnicknow i know how i borked my system. i removed the dkms package17:39
akikmobile3: no, you can have many desktop environments installed at a time17:40
mystupidnickthere is no warning anywhere that that package is absolutely essential...17:40
akikmobile3: i would be more worried about those root logins17:40
jasabellaaptitude why dkms is your friend :)17:40
linuzoAnyone here have an idea how to change the audio driver in ubuntu 15.04 ??  I want to use another driver because currently my subwoofer doesn't work with this one but on  Linux Mint 17.2 it uses the Lynx Point HD Audio driver and works. So I'm assuming if I update the driver it should work on my current machine Lenovo Y50 - 201517:40
mobile3akik: ha ha, I will take care of that from now on... Thank You Very Much!!17:40
MonkeyDustlinuzo  ask in the Mint channel, it's not supported here17:41
linuzoI'm using Ubuntu17:41
TJ-motaka2: Put the IP address in the "HostName (or IP address) text-box, then in the left-side tab, select the "SSH" tab, and you ought to be able to add a username.17:41
MonkeyDustlinuzo  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue17:42
jasabelladoes ubuntu use /etc/issue as some obscure logging file?17:42
linuzoyour server is configured to take key auth only, it wll prompt you for user name and password17:42
linuzo<motaka2> TJ-: https://www.dropbox.com/s/17:42
linuzoUbuntu 15.04 \n \l17:42
linuzoI just want to know where there is some documentation where I can force another driver to be used by alsa or pulseaudio17:44
linociscoI need to access one forum which has banned our country IP, which is the most secure and fastest way to access it? some suggested VPN, I dont know which is better for faster access17:44
zykotick9linuzo: note, at the "driver" level, it's just an alsa issue...17:44
FreakErncan someone help me, i have some trouble creating a network bridge?17:46
motaka2TJ-: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pbierdox2g3u3jl/Puuty.jpg?dl=017:46
jasabellamotaka... it's under Auth iirc17:47
TJ-motaka2: explore; I suspect the "Auth" entry under "SSH" in the sidebar might be the place17:47
FreakErni created a network bridge like in the german wiki but after that my host is not reacheable from network and the host has no internet17:48
jasabellaconnection > data if you want to put user name17:48
jasabella(auth is for keys)17:48
linuzoyeah ok thanks anyways..   this channel sucks these days..  bunch of newbies in here not even helpful anymore..17:49
linuzo10 years ago this place was more helpful..17:49
motaka2TJ-: Should I stop ani virus?17:50
MonkeyDusthighlight virus17:50
* jasabella *sighs*17:52
motaka2TJ-: I replaced the old putty with new one and it doesnt work, is there an alternative?17:53
MonkeyDustmoody  start with a question17:53
moodytor not work17:53
TUB4LC41Ndo anyone speak portuguese?17:54
ikonia!br | TUB4LC41N17:55
ubottuTUB4LC41N: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:55
TJ-motaka2: putty shouldn't need A/V disabling. What "doesn't work"? Do you mean you've added the connection details correctly but connection is refused/fails, or that it connects but authentication fails?17:56
jasabellamaybe firewall *cough*17:56
MonkeyDustmoody  "The  #tor channel is at irc.oftc.net."17:56
motaka2TJ-: no the putty program. when I double click on it windows says puTTY should be closed because of a problem17:57
TJ-motaka2: I'm not sure about that, seems like a Windows specific issue. The original PuTTY you started was running OK?17:58
motaka2TJ-: Yes17:58
TJ-motaka2: I found another PuTTY connection tutorial, it says the username is added under the Connection>Data sidebar, in the "Auto-login username" field17:59
jasabellaTJ-... that's what i was telling you :)18:00
motaka2TJ-: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n0y4zn9uxjq3zqu/Crash.jpg?dl=018:00
TUB4LC41Nobottu, muito obrigado.  ;)18:01
TJ-jasabella: you didn't prefix your message with my nickname so I never saw it18:03
TUB4LC41Nestou com problemas pra instalar o popcorn time no elementary[18:03
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:04
ikonia!elementary | TUB4LC41N18:04
ubottuTUB4LC41N: Elementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.18:04
TJ-motaka2: I can't help you with that I'm afraid; maybe read what the "View problem details" says for clues.18:04
TUB4LC41Nsorry, I tiped in the wrong channel18:05
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TJ-motaka2: the important thing here is to get a remote connection the Ubuntu PC so when the screen goes black we can actively investigate, rather than try to reconstruct events from log files that may not capture the issue - especially if as far as the system is concerned it is running fine and its not aware you can't see its output18:05
motaka2TJ-: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ousukv874wxiru/Screenshot%202015-11-28%2021.36.41.png?dl=018:07
motaka2TJ-: Is there a way to do that without PuTTy ?18:08
TJ-motaka2: another Linux PC with ssh18:10
jasabellawhat's motaka trying to do?18:11
TJ-jasabella: we need an ssh connection to a 12.04 desktop that goes black-screen when logged in, the GUI session is running but the output is blank. No clues in the logs of a failing X server, so we need to check it whilst it is 'live'18:12
motaka2TJ-: I am trying to install kitty18:12
TJ-motaka2: OK, anything that can do SSH sessions from Windows18:12
jasabelladid you try going to to another terminal?18:12
jasabellaCtrl+Alt+F1 on the machine18:13
shaycan anyone tell me the proper procedures for reaver...??18:13
TJ-jasabella: yes, 1st thing we did. Nothing18:13
TJ-motaka2: my responses may be delayed because I'l repairing a motherboard here18:13
jasabellamotaka is your ssh server set to use certificates only or can you login with passwords?18:14
lettuce45who can invite me to openvpn?18:15
zykotick9!register | lettuce4518:16
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jzeollaUgh.  Anyone here proficient with preseed and disk mgmt?18:20
jzeollaMy partman stuff doesn't error out but I'm not sure if it's doing what I expect.  After the install and reboot I get "error: no such partition" in grub and it throws me to grub rescue.18:20
jwtiyarwhy my files become read-only ?18:21
Rafibd01717I want to delete Vim completely from my machine. How can I do so?18:21
MonkeyDustRafibd01717  try sudo apt purge vim18:22
Rafibd01717MonkeyDust I did it18:22
shayMonkeyDust: plz tell me the proper procedures for reaver...18:22
Rafibd01717but I still can open vim from terminal using vim command18:23
MonkeyDustshay  what's reaver?18:23
jasabellaRafibd01717... which fim18:23
jasabellawhich vim18:23
zykotick9MonkeyDust: wireless cracking software18:23
jasabellais it a symbolic link?18:23
jasabellafile $(which vim)18:24
Rafibd01717but I cant remove the file from their as when I right click on the icon I don't see any remove option18:24
MonkeyDustshay  not sure why you're addressing me, ask the channel18:24
shayMonkeyDust: brute force attack on wifi protected systems18:24
zykotick9Rafibd01717: i'd suggest against manually deleting files!  that'll lead to tears.  also, removing vi(m) seems strange - why?18:25
jasabellai'm wondering if it's to do with alternates system18:25
MonkeyDustshay  nice to know18:25
jzeollashay what are you looking to do?18:25
jasabellaif it is a link, readlink -f $(which vim)18:25
jzeollaJust break WPS?18:25
jasabellamaybe it's the alias provided by the alternatives system18:25
zykotick9jzeolla: cracking/"hacking" software is offtopic in #ubuntu18:25
Rafibd01717I tried to install vundle and some other plugins18:26
Rafibd01717but it seems I messed everything18:26
Rafibd01717so I want to completely remove vim and then reinstall a fresh copy of it18:26
Rafibd01717after it I want to try the plugins again18:26
zykotick9Rafibd01717: instead of the windows uninstall/reinstall... i'd suggest you check the setting in your home directory.  best of luck regardless.18:27
shayok my mistake,i shouldn't have asked it here...18:27
jzeollazykotick9 Well, I don't know enough about what he's doing to know if it's Ubuntu-specific or not.18:27
jzeollazykotick9 Regardless, I would love to chat about some preseed per my previous comment18:28
zykotick9jzeolla: all i'm saying, is don't provide support for reaver here, regardless of cause.18:28
jwtiyarsystem suddenly goes to read-only system , any help?18:28
jasabellaRafibd01717... so is it a symbolic link or an actual binary?18:28
Rafibd01717so nobody actually know how to completely uninstall vim from ubuntu?18:28
ikoniaRafibd01717: why do you want to do this ?18:28
jzeollashay Try #Kali-linux18:28
Rafibd01717symbolic link18:28
jasabellasymblic link18:28
jasabellaso readlink -f and see where i'ts going18:29
jasabellaor ls -al18:29
Rafibd01717jasabella you recommend me to remove the dir/file manually?18:29
ikoniaRafibd01717: why do you want to remove vim /18:29
jasabellait's probably a link provided by the alternatives system18:29
Rafibd01717ikonia: I explained it buddy18:29
jasabellait's nto the actual program18:30
ikoniaRafibd01717: I've not seen any explination18:30
zykotick9Rafibd01717: be careful!  you're probably messing with the "alternatives" system!  vi is a posix requirement, so some form of vi(m) _is_ required on your system.  "sudo apt-get purge vim" is the most complete uninstall of vim you can do.  vim-tiny is still going to be installed though.18:30
jasabellait's debian/ubuntu's way of makig it easier to configure your system to have multiple packages do the same thing18:30
jasabella(in this case, provide a text editor)18:30
zykotick9Rafibd01717: again, it's the setting in your home directory you should be worried about.18:30
jasabellaso where is the link  going?18:30
Rafibd01717well I actually did sudo apt... thing.18:30
Rafibd01717still I see vim is installed18:31
ikoniawhy do you want to remove vim18:31
jasabellaRafibd01717... do you know what a symbolic link is?18:31
jasabellait's like a shortcut on windows or an alias on the mac18:31
Rafibd01717jasebella: no18:31
jasabellait isnt the actual program18:31
zykotick9Rafibd01717: ubuntu-desktop metapacke is going to keep vim-tiny (which is vi really) installed on your system!18:31
jasabellait just sits there to "assist" programs which want to start vim when vim isnt installed18:31
jasabellachances are it points to nano or something simple like that18:32
johnmarcogb1998hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys BBEBDCB318AD50EC6865090613B00F1FD2C1988618:32
jasabellayou need a text editor on your system18:32
jasabellapaste this  : readlink -f $(which vim)18:32
zykotick9^ actually is there a lower level metapackage with ubuntu?  ubuntu-base or something?  cause then vim-tiny would be there instead.18:32
ikoniawhat is the purpose of removing vim ?18:32
jasabellathey don tsupport ubuntu minimal in here apparently, i tried earlier :P18:32
ikoniaubuntu minimal is supported18:33
zykotick9ikonia: Rafibd01717 is trying to uninstall/reinstall to fix something...  i don't think it's a good idea18:33
ikoniaremoving vim won't fix a problem18:33
badbodhno the metapckage, contains vim-tiny18:33
jasabellaRafibd01717... did you do that command?18:33
ikoniaRafibd01717: why do you want to remove vim18:33
ikonialets find out what's going on here18:33
badbodh<Rafibd01717> I want to delete Vim completely from my machine. How can I do so? ikonia18:34
ikoniabut WHY18:34
jasabelladpkg -l | grep vim18:34
jasabellasee if it's stil installed or something18:34
badbodhonly two packages contain vim : vim and vim-tiny18:35
mystupidnickit seems like the driver r8169 is missing from my kernel, what do i need to do to rebuild the kernel/initrd so it is included?18:36
MrSpockmystupidnick: you might want to try the out of tree 8168 instead, depending on just what card you have18:38
MrSpockI doubt that your kernel is missing that module though18:38
mystupidnickit is because lsmod doesn't list it18:39
ikonialsmod shows what's loaded18:39
ikonianot what's in the kernel18:39
mystupidnickfind doesnt find it either18:39
mystupidnickthe module *is* missing18:40
ikoniais it supposed to be included18:40
ikoniaor does it come from an external vendor18:40
badbodhmystupidnick, check in /etc/modprobe.d for any blacklist files, if one of them contains r8169 module won;t be loaded18:41
ikoniathen it will be included in your system18:41
ikoniaubuntu does not remove modules18:41
badbodhonce you make sure it;s not blacklisted you may "sudo modprobe r8169" to force start18:42
motaka2TJ-: Now I can run putty and after running it by giving it address and username it says network error connection refused18:42
badbodhalso add r8169 in /etc/modules to auto-load it every boot18:42
mystupidnickbadbodh: it's not blacklisted and modprobe r8169 says the module isn't found18:43
the_countBashing-om: Ok... I'm going to install 15.10 today, How would be the bast way to make a complete restorable backup of 14.04 that I have now?18:43
mystupidnickwhen im booting from a live cd, the r8169 module is loaded fine so in this case ubuntu has stripped it from the kernel18:44
badbodhmystupidnick, run "lspci -k" and share output on pastebin.18:44
TJ-motaka2: That's good. You've got a text console in use on the Ubuntu PC?18:44
motaka2TJ-: As you said before? Yes18:45
mystupidnickbadbodh: the nic is listed: lscpi -k -> 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor ...18:45
badbodhi don;t want ... reply, gimme whole pastebin :/18:45
the_countHow is the best way to create a restorable backup of Ubuntu ~80gb in size total to a portable Hard drive.18:46
mystupidnickbadbodh: i can't since i have no network on that computer18:46
Bashing-omthe_count: My means .. is I only backup/restore my personal files .. After all, all system files are on the install .18:46
badbodhmystupidnick, you got a pen drive ? copy/paste on a text file18:46
TJ-motaka2: check the sshd service is running: "service ssh status"18:46
motaka2is this the next step in ubuntu?  sudo apt-get install openssh-server openssh-client18:47
badbodhmystupidnick, are you chatting on a phone or a pc right now ?18:47
motaka2TJ-: unrecognized service18:47
mystupidnickbadbodh: computer.18:48
the_countBashing-om: Yes.. Ok.. How do I make a full backup of my home directory? as well as my PATH variables. Everything including rsa keys in there, etc...18:48
badbodhmystupidnick, never mind. just tell me what does it say for "Kernel driver in use" and "Kernel module"18:49
TJ-motaka2: you did install it earlier, didn't you?18:49
TJ-motaka2: "sudo apt-get install openssh-server" ?18:49
motaka2TJ-: no i dont think so18:49
mystupidnickbadbodh: it doesnt say that line at all.18:50
Bashing-omthe_count: Investiage ' man rsync ' If your home dirtectory is "large" .18:50
TJ-motaka2: that'd explain it not working then :) install it, then check it runs with "service ssh status", assuming that says "ssh start/running, process XXXX" then try a PuTTY connection18:52
badbodhmystupidnick, run "modprobe --list *8169* " does it list anything ?18:52
akikmystupidnick: you could try reinstalling the linux-image-extra package. r8169.ko comes from that package18:52
motaka2TJ-: ssh start/running in progress 484818:53
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akikmystupidnick: you can verify the installed package with dpkg -V linux-image-extra (needs your version number)18:53
mystupidnickakik: yes that package is missing18:54
motaka2TJ-: logged in ssh :)18:54
jgcampbell300hello, is  this a help channel18:55
jubo2jgcampbell300: yeah18:55
Bashing-omjgcampbell300: A help channel for 'buntu, yes .18:55
jgcampbell300Got an issue here, Cant for the life of me figure out how to enable usb headset. it shows up but is disabled18:56
jgcampbell300    sudo apt-get install pavucontrol && sudo apt-get install paprefs still nothing ... seems like i had this problem before but for the life of me cant remember what the solution was18:58
motaka2TJ-: :) You are there?18:59
TJ-motaka2: Yay! party-time :D ... OK, in the SSH session do "sudo service lightdm start", then on the Ubuntu PC at the GUI greeter do the log-in. tell me when the screen has gone black18:59
MonkeyDustjgcampbell300  "for the life of me" ... not too dramatic, it's only a headset18:59
badbodhakik, he doesn;t have network. needs to download the debs using second computer18:59
mystupidnickakik: that solved it thanks19:00
ioriajgcampbell300, cat /proc/asound/cards19:00
akikbadbodh: ok19:00
jgcampbell300MonkeyDust: lol19:00
SCHAAP137anyone else have the mouse cursor forcibly moving towards the top left @ Postal 2 in Steam for Linux?19:00
badbodh!cookies | akik19:01
ubottuakik: Cookies are delicious delicacies.19:01
motaka2TJ-: I did sudo service lightdm start  and now the ubuntu is in that black page, but I dont understand  "then on the Ubuntu PC at the GUI greeter do the log-in. tell me when the screen has gone black"19:01
akikthanks :)19:01
mystupidnicki had previously removed the linux-image-extra package, i think apt-get should give you some kind of warning19:01
badbodhyou can run a system without it, not a dependency or something19:02
badbodhso apt won;t bother19:02
TJ-motaka2: OK, don't worry, i just wanted you to get the GUI to start so it goes black.19:02
TJ-motaka2: On the Putty terminal, do "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"19:02
motaka2TJ-: :) ok19:02
mystupidnickbadbodh: but without the drivers in that package your hw won't work19:03
motaka2TJ-: is there a way to copy from putty terminal19:04
TJ-motaka2: I have no idea! try it :)19:04
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546655/19:04
akikmotaka2: you just paint the text and it puts the text in the clipboard19:04
badbodhmystupidnick, to that aptitude would say "not my bloody job" , apt resolves deps. that's it. everything else is your call :)19:04
motaka2akik: thx19:04
TJ-motaka2: right, that confirms the X server is still running. Now do "pastebinit <( xrandr -q )"19:05
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:/$ pastebinit <( xrandr -q )19:05
motaka2Can't open display19:05
motaka2You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.19:05
Rafibd01717I see this message when trying to install vim19:06
Rafibd01717no terminal library found19:06
Rafibd01717checking for tgetent()... configure: error: NOT FOUND!19:06
Rafibd01717      You need to install a terminal library; for example ncurses.19:06
Rafibd01717      Or specify the name of the library with --with-tlib.19:06
Rafibd01717make: *** [auto/config.mk] Error 119:06
mystupidnickbadbodh: im saying it should be a dependency on ubuntu-minimal or ubuntu-desktop.19:06
mystupidnickbadbodh: otherwise you can't know that removing linux-headers-* is fine but linux-image-extra-* is not19:06
jgcampbell300wow that was easy .. just restarted and headphones enabled19:07
Rafibd01717sorry guys.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546722/19:07
TJ-motaka2: sorry, I wasn't paying full attention!  "pastebinit <( xrandr --display :0.0 -q )"19:07
Rafibd01717please see this link19:07
badbodhmystupidnick, headers for compiling stuff, image/image extra for kernel/modules. next time don't randomly remove things, google first19:07
MonkeyDustjgcampbell300  see... no need to be dramatic19:08
Rafibd01717actually it says me to install a terminal library. I think installing a terminal library will fix the problem19:08
jgcampbell300MonkeyDust: Sorry19:08
badbodhif a package is installed, there is a good reason behind it. if you need elaborate warnings, switch to arch linux. pacman does that quite often19:08
Rafibd01717but how can I instally a terminal library?19:08
ioriaRafibd01717, you're installing vim or compiling it ?19:09
akikRafibd01717: you should make it clear that you're compiling from source vs. installing pre-built packages19:09
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546763/19:09
mystupidnickbadbodh: i did, the links indicates the package is non-essential which is wrong19:09
Rafibd01717well I did add vim from git using git clone URL19:10
Rafibd01717is it enough? or I need to cd into src and then make too?19:10
badbodhmystupidnick, problem solved. learn from it. move on.19:11
Rafibd01717and what is the latest version of vim?19:11
ioria!info vim | Rafibd0171719:11
ubottuRafibd01717: vim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.4.712-2ubuntu4 (wily), package size 1047 kB, installed size 2563 kB19:11
TJ-motaka2: drat, the commands were different back on 12.04! Do "pastebinit <( xrandr -display :0.0 -q )"19:11
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:/$ pastebinit <( xrandr -display :0.0 -q )19:12
motaka2No protocol specified19:12
motaka2Can't open display :0.019:12
motaka2You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.19:12
badbodhyou sure it's 0.0 and not just :0 ?19:13
jgcampbell300can anyone tell me where the default settings for clock are stored19:13
TJ-badbodh: shouldn't make a difference, but yes, that was what I was about to suggest19:13
TJ-motaka2: try this: "xrandr -display :0 -q" ... do you get output other than the usage help?19:14
badbodhjust run "xrandr" and check if it's 0,1,2.... you need19:14
TJ-badbodh: this is on a remote ssh connection19:14
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motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:/$ xrandr -display :0 -q19:14
motaka2No protocol specified19:14
motaka2Can't open display :019:14
the_countBashing-om: Think I am getting it19:14
TJ-xorg log shoes it's :019:14
TJ-motaka2: hmmm, ok let's check the X server is running: "ps -efly | grep X"19:15
akikmaybe you need the xauth cookies19:15
TJ-akik: logged in as the same user as GUI, but possible. Best make sure the X server is still alive first19:15
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:/$ ps -efly | grep X19:16
motaka2R root     20945  5426  0  80   0 31240 13986 ?      22:45 tty7     00:00:00 /usr/bin/X :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch19:16
motaka2S donkarlo 20947  5284  0  80   0   776  1101 pipe_w 22:45 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto X19:16
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: whats up19:16
MonkeyDustmotaka2  next, use a pastebin19:17
Rafibd01717I uninstalled mongodb according to the given instruction in mongodb doc19:17
Rafibd01717but I see this when I try to do sudo apt-get update19:17
motaka2MonkeyDust: ok sorry19:17
Rafibd01717what is the problem and how can I solve it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546921/19:18
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: did you add ppa's to install mongodb?19:18
Rafibd01717direct installation from git repo19:19
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: why didnt you install it from official repos?19:19
lotuspsychje!info mongodb | Rafibd0171719:19
ubottuRafibd01717: mongodb (source: mongodb): object/document-oriented database (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.6.10-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for hurd-any; amd64; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386; armhf; ppc64el; arm64)19:19
Rafibd01717I don't know19:19
MonkeyDustRafibd01717  sudo apt install mongodb19:19
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: try to see your sources, to see if any ppa slipped in19:20
motaka2TJ-: did you see the result19:20
lotuspsychje!sources | Rafibd0171719:21
ubottuRafibd01717: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.19:21
ispirtoso what distro is systemd free, comes with gnome, debian based, comes with kernel 4.x19:21
lotuspsychjeispirto: you joined an ubuntu support channel here mate19:21
Rafibd01717lotuspsychje: I am not sure what are you talking about19:21
Rafibd01717ubottu: sorry?19:22
ubottuRafibd01717: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:22
Rafibd01717ubottu: hehehe19:22
ispirtoi know lotuspsychje19:22
ispirtowanted to see if someone knows about a distro like that19:22
Rafibd01717ubottu: actually I was talking to you and you pm me19:23
ubottuRafibd01717: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:23
lotuspsychjeispirto: and its offtopic here,as you joined an ubuntu support channel19:23
the_countRafibd01717: It really is a bot19:23
Rafibd01717lotuspsychje: I need to use !source to see what?19:23
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: check your sources.list, to see if a non-official ppa slipped in your system19:24
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: if it does, you will have to remove the ppa first19:24
Rafibd01717!sources is the command for seeing only mongodb ppas?19:24
TJ-motaka2: yes... can you do "pastebinit <( ps -efly )" so we can see all the running processes19:25
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: read the webpage above; scroll up19:25
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu19:26
linociscohi all19:26
Rafibd01717lotuspsychje: well I see a very big info in terminal19:26
linociscoI want to create learners dairy for example , learning ubuntu daily or something like that on web19:26
linociscowhat to use?19:26
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:/$ pastebinit <( ps -efly )19:27
motaka2Failed to contact the server: [Errno socket error] [Errno -2] Name or service not known19:27
MonkeyDustlinocisco  better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic19:27
akiklinocisco: i started using wordpress.com for my blog19:28
trisquelmotaka2: that shell doesn't see your internet19:28
linociscoakik, another better platform?19:29
lotuspsychjeakik: please dont feed offtopic here19:29
motaka2trisquel: What sould I do ?19:29
sburtmsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sburt jrnhgprudduymsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sburt jrnhgprudduymsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sburt jrnhgprudduymsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sburt jrnhgprudduymsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER sburt jrnhgprudduyhello19:29
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547168/19:30
trisquelmotaka2, no clue sorry19:30
SchrodingersScat!password sburt19:31
trisquelopen a new shell?19:31
trisquelSchrodingersScat, nice nick :P19:31
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madmanwithaboxHi, can anyone help me?19:33
SchrodingersScat!ask | madmanwithabox19:33
ubottumadmanwithabox: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:33
madmanwithaboxI am looking for an alternative to glasswire, it's a bandwidth monitor for Windows only19:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:34
MonkeyDustmadmanwithabox  is this useful http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bandwidth-monitoring-tools-for-ubuntu-users.html19:35
TJ-motaka2: OK, that explains it. The X server is running but not logged in as the user, it should be showing the greeter login19:36
sruliwhat's the best tool to recover partition (i would prefer no liveCD, its not bootable partition)19:36
Rafibd01717how can I see which PPA I am using for a specific software?19:36
Rafibd01717any terminal command?19:36
motaka2TJ-: on ubuntu I just see a black page19:36
EriC^^Rafibd01717: apt-cache policy <package>19:36
TJ-motaka2: so, we need to focus on the Display Manager log-files got lightdm. "pastebinit <( ls -latr /var/log/lightdm/ )"19:36
lotuspsychjesruli: get data back?19:36
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547304/19:37
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^ :p19:37
TJ-motaka2: right, but it is *supposed* to be showing the greeter - because no user session processes are running. So now we know where to focus our investigation19:37
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje19:37
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( sudo tail -n 1000 /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log )"19:38
srulilotuspsychje: i want to recover a luks partition, i mistakenly wrote to the wrong drive with dd, but cancelled after a second19:38
madmanwithaboxMonkeyDust: Thanks for the reply. I found an app called iptraf, it looks great, but I have a eth0 connection. I can't see a eth0 interface19:39
Rafibd01717EriC^^, I just see this mongodb:19:39
Rafibd01717  Installed: (none)19:39
Rafibd01717  Candidate: 1:2.4.9-1ubuntu219:39
Rafibd01717  Version table:19:39
Rafibd01717     1:2.4.9-1ubuntu2 019:39
Rafibd01717        500 http://bd.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe i386 Packages19:39
MonkeyDustRafibd01717  next time, use pastebin19:39
EriC^^Rafibd01717: maybe you have the package name wrong?19:39
motaka2TJ-: putty crashed, I had to restart it, should I do anything else?19:39
srulilotuspsychje: as its a luks drive data recovery wont bew poss, i need to recover full drive first19:40
EriC^^it says you dont have it installed19:40
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( sudo tail -n 1000 /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log )"19:40
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: he installed it via git19:40
ioriamadmanwithabox, did you start it with sudo ?19:40
Rafibd01717EriC^^, but surely something is there19:41
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547385/19:41
madmanwithaboxioria yes I did19:41
ioriamadmanwithabox, all interfaces ?19:41
EriC^^Rafibd01717: how did you install it?19:41
Rafibd01717I see update command try to fetch some data for mongodb19:41
madmanwithaboxioria yes19:41
Rafibd01717as far as I can remember via git19:41
ioriamadmanwithabox, at the end of the line , don't you see  ethX ?19:42
madmanwithaboxioria nope19:42
ioriamadmanwithabox, under iface19:42
Rafibd01717EriC^^, you can see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546921/19:42
TJ-motaka2: you don't know the password for the user?19:43
motaka2TJ-: I know, but those are created automatically19:43
EriC^^Rafibd01717: what are you trying to achieve?19:43
TJ-sruli: if you've over-written the luks header, the data is gone19:43
madmanwithaboxioria what? I have a menu which says: IP traffic monitor, general interface statistics, detailed interface statistics, statistical breakdown, LAN station monitor19:44
TJ-motaka2: the first user account created should be a member of the 'sudo' group19:44
sruliTJ-: are you sure its not possible to recover full partiton?19:44
Rafibd01717EriC^^, I want to completely remove MongoDB ppa19:44
motaka2TJ-: I think donkarlo is19:44
madmanwithaboxioria here's what it looks like if I choose IP traffic monitor http://postimg.org/image/k6xnv8rsz/19:44
Rafibd01717and then fresh install it from official repo19:44
ioriamadmanwithabox, IP traffic monitor19:44
EriC^^!ppapurge Rafibd0171719:44
TJ-sruli: i don't know what you mean by "full partition" - a partition is just an entry in the Partition Table19:44
EriC^^!ppa-purge Rafibd0171719:44
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: |19:44
EriC^^!ppapurge | Rafibd0171719:44
ubottuRafibd01717: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html19:44
motaka2TJ-: but thos logins are done without asking me19:44
TJ-motaka2: the sudo password being requested is that user's own password19:44
Rafibd01717but which ppa?19:45
Rafibd01717I cant remember the ppa name19:45
TJ-motaka2: you mean donkarlo has auto-login set?19:45
Rafibd01717here is the problem EriC^^19:45
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( groups )" please19:45
=== root is now known as Guest3640
motaka2TJ-: no when I run what you gave me , it automaytically trys to login three times and then putty hangs19:45
madmanwithaboxioria yes, I just sent an image of what it looks like http://postimg.org/image/k6xnv8rsz/19:46
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547455/19:46
TJ-motaka2: oh! OK, do "sudo ls /" just to get the sudo credentials working first19:46
ioriamadmanwithabox, ifconfig ?19:46
=== arseny is now known as _nemesys
TJ-motaka2: then redo  "pastebinit <( sudo tail -n 1000 /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log )"19:46
EriC^^Rafibd01717: i think ppa-purge can take the link as the argument, it might work19:47
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547464/19:47
TJ-motaka2: 'sudo' credentials are usually cached for about 10 minutes incase you want to use it again, without needing to re-enter the password constantly19:47
motaka2TJ-:  ah ok19:47
Rafibd01717so what would be the full command? EriC^^19:47
madmanwithaboxioria here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547475/19:47
TJ-motaka2: ahhh, that's better, a decent log file. I may be lost in it reading for a minute or two :)19:47
the_countBashing-om: Seems as if rsync is taking longer than i should19:48
Rafibd01717sudo ppa-purge some_link?19:48
madmanwithaboxioria Oh ya, I have MAC filtering as well19:48
motaka2TJ-: thank you19:48
EriC^^other than that i dont know how you could find out, without a lot of work19:48
Rafibd01717but what link is it?19:48
EriC^^Rafibd01717: i dont know i dont have ppa-purge installed, type man ppa-purge in a terminal19:48
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: read the sources link i gave you19:49
lotuspsychjeRafibd01717: its all explained step by step19:49
Rafibd01717No manual entry for ppa-purge EriC^^19:49
Rafibd01717so I need to install ppa-purge?19:49
EriC^^Rafibd01717: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge19:49
TJ-motaka2: line 32 (and others) "[+2804.25s] DEBUG: Failed to start greeter" looks to be the problem,19:49
motaka2TJ-: And?19:50
TJ-motaka2: let's try restarting the X server and DM: "sudo service restart lightdm"  - if this works you should be able to see the GUI greeter once more19:50
ioriamadmanwithabox, ufw active ?19:51
madmanwithaboxioria nope19:51
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ sudo service restart lightdm19:52
motaka2restart: unrecognized service19:52
TJ-motaka2: my typo again!  "sudo service lightdm restart"19:52
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ sudo service lightdm restart19:53
motaka2lightdm stop/waiting19:53
motaka2lightdm start/running, process 366519:53
TJ-motaka2: any sign of the display?19:53
motaka2TJ-: no19:53
TJ-motaka2: that is weird. "sudo service lightdm stop" then "pastebinit <( ps -efly )"19:54
ioriamadmanwithabox, maybe the culprit if the mac filter, but can't help you on that, because i have never used it19:54
Bashing-omthe_count: Lots of factors in the 'speed' . Where are you copying from and to and what means ? USB speeds are much slower USB2 as opposed to USB3 .. or maybe the bottleneck is the network if you are backing up off-premise .19:54
motaka2TJ-: ttp://paste.ubuntu.com/13547571/19:54
TJ-motaka2: I'm going to have to hadn you over to someone else now; I have to leave. The place to focus is on the /var/log/lightdm/ log-files, especially x-0.log and x-0-greeter.log19:55
madmanwithaboxioria, hmm, okay. thanks for the help anyway :)19:55
motaka2TJ-: dont go19:55
ioriamadmanwithabox, good luck19:55
TJ-motaka2: there is no X server running which is good. Now do "sudo service lightdm start" and it should show the GU, if it doesn't, those logs *should* reveal a clue19:55
madmanwithaboxioria thanks19:56
motaka2 TJ-:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1354757119:56
ioriamadmanwithabox, no problem19:56
lotuspsychjemadmanwithabox: ##networking might be able to help19:56
the_countBashing-om: Well, I made a backup of My firefox directory ~300mb and finished in less than 5 seconds. It has been going from rsync for the last 10 minutes at least... Copying from my laptop to USB3 Portable Hard drive.. Makes my head spin19:56
motaka2TJ-: the black page again19:56
madmanwithaboxlotuspsychje Okay, I'll join that right now and ask19:57
lotuspsychjemotaka2: wich ubuntu version is this?19:57
TJ-motaka2: make sure another helper knows you're working over a remote SSH session, else they may make some incorrect assumptions19:57
madmanwithaboxlotuspsychje Thanks everyone :)19:57
motaka2lotuspsychje: it is 12.0419:57
TJ-motaka2: right, so something is wrong with the drivers. I wonder if /var/log/kern.log might have some clue19:57
lotuspsychjemotaka2: fully updated system?19:58
motaka2TJ-: so what do you suggest ?19:58
motaka2lotuspsychje: I updated it and restarted and I couldnt see the greeting page anymore19:58
motaka2lotuspsychje: no I have ssh access to it using putty on windows19:59
lotuspsychjemotaka2: what graphics card does the system have19:59
motaka2lotuspsychje: I dont know, how can I check ?19:59
TJ-lotuspsychje: the hard drive in this PC came from another PC, it did boot OK until a recent set of package upgrades. Now, after the initial GUI greeter display, after trying log-in the monitor goes black and remains that way, the /var/log/lightdm/ lightdm.log suggests the greeter fails after initially being shown. The user is NOT logged in, no user session is active, the X server remains running but lightdm20:00
TJ-itself has failed. Stopping the X server and restarting lightdm doesn't show the greeter GUI from then onwards20:00
zykotick9motaka2: "lspci | grep -i vga" might be more manageable.20:00
lotuspsychjeTJ-: yeah saw the greeter huge delay20:00
motaka2zykotick9: lotuspsychje 07:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV44 [GeForce 6200 TurboCache] (rev a1)20:01
TJ-motaka2: lotuspsychje lspci: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13544310/20:01
zykotick9motaka2: just curious, did you install the nvidia driver from nvidia.com?20:02
TJ-motaka2: lotuspsychje Xorg.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546655/20:02
TJ-motaka2: lotuspsychje "ls -l /var/log/lightdm/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547304/20:02
motaka2zykotick9: no I didnt20:02
lotuspsychjeTJ-: sounds like recent driver fail on his system?20:03
zykotick9motaka2: ok, that's good.  i was just checking.  best of luck.20:03
TJ-motaka2: lotuspsychje /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547464/20:03
TJ-lotuspsychje: yes... it's got nvidia-30420:03
TJ-motaka2: I have to go, I'm already an hour overdue! Good luck20:03
the_countBashing-om: I think I have backups enough... I'm going to go ahead and install.20:03
Bashing-omthe_count: :)20:04
motaka2TJ-: Thank you. you are very kind20:04
motaka2Can anyone help me?20:04
the_countBashing-om: So... Thinking about last minute considerations now20:04
jonasliljestrandIm debugging tcpdump output and having trouble with only seeing "starting connection" flags. How should I debug why receiving server doesn't respond?20:04
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try the recoverymode/fix broken packages20:05
jonasliljestrandthis pastie shows the dump I'm having.. http://pastie.org/private/ckndrvjyxiern5wpi0qw1w20:05
motaka2lotuspsychje: how?20:05
the_countBashing-om: How about swap space, shall I Delete the Ubuntu and swap partitions and have it sort it out...?20:05
lotuspsychje!recovery | motaka220:05
ubottumotaka2: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode20:05
jonasliljestrandand pls dont yell at me for the pf shitty firewall things.. :)20:05
lotuspsychje!language | jonasliljestrand20:05
ubottujonasliljestrand: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:05
ioriamotaka2, does it work with nouveau  ?20:06
HeisenbergsDog!lol | lotuspsychje20:06
lotuspsychjeHeisenbergsDog: ?20:07
HeisenbergsDognever mind :P20:07
zykotick9lotuspsychje: i certainly don't see a problem with jonasliljestrand's !language...  its a tcpdump...20:07
motaka2ioria: what is nouvou?20:07
lotuspsychjezykotick9: scroll to the right line mate, sh1tty firewall?20:08
jonasliljestrandTy zykotick9, I was mainly making a joke about pasting openBSD code in a ubuntu channel :)20:08
ioriamotaka2, nvidia cards can use their proprietary divers or the opensource delivered by ubuntu, nouveau in this case20:09
zykotick9lotuspsychje: ahh, sorry.  i didn't actually go to the paste20:09
motaka2ioria: I dont know20:09
the_countBashing-om: Ok, see ya20:09
Bashing-omthe_count: Are you making this more difficult than it is ? What options are you using to install release 15.10 ?20:09
ioriamotaka2, sudo lshw -c video20:10
Gallomimiamotaka2: i also thought you were having an issue because of new drivers. i have had similar issues. i'll let you know if there's something i think of, but for now i'm going to just watch what others suggest to you20:10
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13547891/20:14
motaka2Gallomimia: thx20:15
ioriamotaka2, and your original issue was ? you cannot login ?20:15
motaka2ioria: I cant see the greeter page wher I can login20:15
lotuspsychjeioria: his greeter fails, after updating 12.0420:15
ioriamotaka2, you set autologin ?20:16
Gallomimiawhat about if you press ctrl-alt-F120:16
lotuspsychjemotaka2: have you tryed loading a previous kernel?20:16
motaka2lotuspsychje: how?20:16
lotuspsychjemotaka2: from grub20:16
HeisenbergsDogtried. sorry.20:16
ioriamotaka2, well, i would start purging nvidia20:17
motaka2ioria: how?20:17
ioriamotaka2, can you open a console on the running system ?20:17
ioriamotaka2, ctrl +alt +f1 (or f2)20:17
motaka2ioria: yes using text mode in the grub20:17
ioriamotaka2, sudo apt-get purge nvidia*20:18
motaka2ioria: I can run  commands I think on ubuntu system20:18
motaka2ioria: I think that is wrong20:18
ioriamotaka2, what you mean ?20:19
motaka2ioria: sorry, wasnt for you20:19
motaka2I ran that it seems it is removing20:19
ioriamotaka2, reboot then20:19
motaka2ioria: how by pressing the reset button20:20
ioriamotaka2, sudo reboot20:20
Gallomimiaor sudo shutdown -r now20:20
Gallomimia(sometimes the reboot program don't work for me)20:20
motaka2ioria: again it is the same20:21
motaka2ioria: I ended to a black page20:22
ioriamotaka2, you are in text mode ?20:22
motaka2ioria: no if I was I would see the texts asking me to login20:22
ubottupinuccio: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:23
lotuspsychjeioria: his lightdm shows a 2500sec delay in conf20:23
iorialotuspsychje, i see20:23
iorialotuspsychje, boot in text mode then20:23
motaka2ioria: the difference this time is each 10 seconds it show some text quickly and then it goes dark20:23
ioriamotaka2, boot in text mode20:24
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try booting a previous kernel  ==>grub20:24
Kevin-_-Hi, I recently got the MSI GS Series GS60 Ghost Pro 4K-053 laptop.  I was wondering if anyone has had any problems installing ubuntu before I try to install it.  There isn't any linux drivers on msi's page.20:25
motaka2ioria: I am in text mode20:25
motaka2lotuspsychje: how?20:25
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: did you check additional drivers section?20:25
ioriamotaka2, sudo lightdm restart ?20:26
ioriamotaka2, sudo service lightdm restart ?20:26
lotuspsychjeioria: TJ already tested that, back to black screen20:26
LogicalDashI got a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series on the understanding it was officially supported by Ubuntu. I installed it all right, but when I log in the mouse goes invisible. I can still click things, kind of, but I can't tell where I'm about to click.20:26
iorialotuspsychje, ok20:26
Kevin-_-lotuspsychje: I did a month ago, looking to find that again.20:27
lotuspsychjeLogicalDash: might be an acpi issue, wich ubuntu version?20:27
LogicalDashlotuspsychje: 15.1020:27
lotuspsychjeLogicalDash: try 14.04.3 lts20:27
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/issue20:27
motaka2ioria: but I restarted the lightweightdm you mean do that from putty ?20:28
LogicalDashok, now I can *see* the mouse but not *move* it20:28
ioriamotaka2, putty ? are you ssh 'ing ?20:28
lotuspsychjeLogicalDash: usb keyboard and mouse support enabled in bios?20:28
LogicalDashlotuspsychje: checking20:29
motaka2ioria: not with commands you gave me20:29
LogicalDashlotuspsychje: should they be?20:29
motaka2ioria: but I have ssh access too20:29
ioriamotaka2, can't you access directly your box ?20:29
lotuspsychjeLogicalDash: in bios you can mostly choose bios/Os20:29
LogicalDashlotuspsychje: you didn't answer my question20:29
motaka2ioria: Yes in text mode yes20:30
motaka2what is box?20:30
motaka2ioria: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ cat /etc/issue20:30
motaka2Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l20:30
motaka2the above is done in ssh20:30
ioriamotaka2, try again sudo service lightdm restart20:31
lotuspsychjeLogicalDash: try bios20:31
motaka2ioria: from putty ?20:31
ioriamotaka2, no, directly20:31
motaka2ioria: then I have to restart and then text mode wait20:32
ioriamotaka2, ok20:32
motaka2ioria: TJ- told me not to purge nvidia20:33
ioriamotaka2, why ?20:33
motaka2ioria: Are you sure it was a right thing to do ?20:33
askmemy gosh i feel like an idiot listening to this. im 40 and have 2 computer degrees and havent messed with linux seriously since they got a gui20:33
motaka2ioria: he said things might got worse20:33
askmedamn it... is there hope?20:33
Kevin-_-lotuspsychje: so I'm not seeing the additional drivers for this laptop.  I'm looking on here: http://us.msi.com/product/notebook/support/GS60-Ghost-Pro-4K-6th-Gen-GTX-970M.html#down-help-desk20:34
ioriamotaka2, i did a lot of tiems on my pc : -)20:34
motaka2ioria: lightdm restarted20:35
motaka2again the same issue20:35
ioriamotaka2, again sudo lshw -c video20:35
motaka2ioria: from putty ?20:36
TJ-ioria: motaka2 I said that at the start before we knew what might be wrong, didn't want to do random things20:36
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: wich ubuntu version is this?20:36
cannon2 HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 3.16.0-38-generic x86_64 ** Distro: LinuxMintD=LinuxMint ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 3.00GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.7GiB, 82.5% free ** Disk: Total: 183.2GiB, 84.8% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. CIe Gigabit20:36
cannon2Ethernet ** Uptime: 12h 54m 36s **20:36
ioriamotaka2, why are you sing putty ?20:36
lotuspsychje!mint | cannon220:36
ubottucannon2: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org20:36
TJ-ioria: the Ubuntu PC goes to a black screen after greeter fails20:36
motaka2ioria: What should I use?20:36
ioriaTJ- ah, ok20:37
lotuspsychjeTJ-: did you try previous kernel with him?20:37
Kevin-_-lotuspsychje: I was thinking 15.1020:37
TJ-ioria: the SSH session allows us to see what is going on when the GPU output has failed. 'black-screen' is permanent after greeter fails20:37
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: normally 970 gtx should give you additional drivers20:37
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TJ-lotuspsychje: No, it took a long time to get the remote SSH configured. Earlier we were checking the file-system was okay via recovery with no network.20:38
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: did you install with internet enabled?20:38
motaka2TJ-: after purging the nvidia sometimes it blinks with some text in it20:38
ioriamotaka2, ok, you did an upgrade to 12.04 ?20:38
motaka2ioria: I tried20:38
ioriamotaka2, and failed ?20:38
motaka2ioria: I think so20:39
ioriamotaka2, from what version ?20:39
motaka2ioria: I have a live 14.04 DVD, would that help ?20:39
ioriamotaka2, absolutly20:39
motaka2ioria: from 12.04 to 14.0420:39
TJ-ioria: the hard disk came from a different PC with slightly different hardware, but I couldn't find any log signs of difficulties due to that. The original PC had nvidia fake-raid, and although this PC doesn't the system sees and uses the fake-RAID metadata to boot from correctly.20:39
TJ-OK, I have to leave now. Good luck.20:40
Kevin-_-lotuspsychje: I haven't installed yet, was just curious if there are any potential problems that I'll run into.  i.e. Killer lan problems.20:40
ioriaTJ- sounds very complicated then ....20:40
Kevin-_-don't want to get all the way through and then roll back to windows20:40
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: ubuntu runs on most machines mate, some might need bit solving20:41
ioriamotaka2, again sudo lshw -c video , please20:41
lotuspsychjeKevin-_-: if you run into issues, come back to us ok20:41
ruidanyone know how to prevent ubuntu server from sleeping....20:42
ikoniait won't sleep by default20:42
ruidrunning it on a laptop, so maybe theres something with that...20:42
k1lruid: so you installed a desktop?20:42
Kevin-_-_lotuspsychje: will do.  Thanks again20:42
Kevin-_-_ugh, this hotel wifi keeps booting me off20:43
motaka2ioria: using putty?20:43
ioriamotaka2, as you wish20:43
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ioriamotaka2, and uname -r20:44
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=== agent_bob is now known as agent_white
ruidk1l, no20:46
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13548364/20:46
ruidi installed ubuntu server on a laptop20:46
motaka2donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ uname -r20:46
ioriamotaka2, oh20:46
k1lruid: and you installed gnome or unity or kde or such?20:46
ioriamotaka2, wrong kernel i think...20:46
k1lmotaka2: thats a really old kernel20:47
ioria!info linux-generic | motaka220:47
motaka2ioria: k1l What should I do ?20:47
ubottumotaka2: linux-generic (source: linux-meta): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 10 kB20:47
k1lmotaka2: is this a 12.04?20:47
motaka2k1l: yes20:47
motaka2ioria: What should I do ?20:47
ruidk1l no20:48
ioriamotaka2, wait... you said you did an upgrade to 14.04 ? or not ?20:48
lotuspsychjeioria: no he updated to latest 12.0420:48
k1lmotaka2: you can get the 14.04 kernel when using the enablement stack20:48
lotuspsychjeafter update greeter fails20:48
iorialotuspsychje, ok20:48
motaka2ioria: I tried but it failed. but still I could see and use my compuer. then to use xmind seven it suggested me to upgrade some packages and then after restart it ended to a black screen20:49
k1lruid: so cli only?20:49
motaka2k1l: what do you suggest ?20:49
ruidk1l, yes20:50
k1lruid: because if you would have installed a desktop that would have added some standby and suspend things20:50
ioriamotaka2, from 12.04 to 14.04     . that is correct ?20:50
bumblefuzzhow do I change my middle click button?20:50
motaka2ioria: Yes but it wasnt done20:51
MonkeyDustmotaka2  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue20:51
wizzkiddhi i recently performed a reinstallation of ubuntu 15.10 over the top of my current 15.10 install which I was having problems with.  I'm just reinstalling some of the programs I had previously, however I think my previous OS had a newer kernel, uname -r shows me "4.2.0-040200-generic" but I think when I compile anything, it is using the currently installed kernel which is "4.2.0-18-generic".  Can anyone assist me out of this sticky20:51
ioriamotaka2, ok, did you use the GUI or do.-release-upgrade ?20:51
motaka2ioria: I tried do release upgrade in those days, but not today20:52
ioriamotaka2, ok, and cat /etc/issue is 12.04  ? right ?20:52
motaka2ioria: I dont know20:53
Ducky^does anyone know if it's possible to tell abcde to use cd text to name the files/tag them instead of cddb?20:53
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/issue  , please20:53
motaka2ioria: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ cat /etc/issue20:53
motaka2Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l20:53
ioriamotaka2, right.... maybe you need to install the new kernel20:54
srulii installed ubuntu and debian on separate luks partitions, when i run update-grub in ubuntu it does not see the debian partition, why not?20:54
motaka2ioria: how?20:54
ioriamotaka2, try sudo apt-get install linux-generic20:54
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motaka2ioria: on putty ?20:54
motaka2ioria: running very slow20:55
ioriamotaka2, try on your installed system20:55
motaka2ioria: then restart and text mode20:56
ioriamotaka2, yes, but i'm afraid it will reinstall the 3.220:56
motaka2ioria: so what should I do ?20:58
ioriamotaka2, try it20:58
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=== agent_fake is now known as agent_white
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt/sources.list20:59
Bashing-om!info linux-image | wizzkidd20:59
ubottuwizzkidd: Package linux-image does not exist in wily20:59
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic | wizzkidd20:59
ubottuwizzkidd: linux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 10 kB20:59
motaka2ioria: let me start putty lots of data20:59
VFDPrimafternoon all21:00
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: welcome21:00
Bashing-omwizzkidd: Have you updated the system since the new (re-)install ? ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' .21:00
VFDPrimi have a HP printer that takes comands prints a test page perfect but when i tell it to print a word doc it spits out a blank page ... any ideas21:01
zetherooI am back on the trail of troubleshooting why my Wifi speeds are so low - about 1 - 2 MB/s21:01
kornyon1Anyone available to help me trouble shoot?  I'm getting an error while booting, ubuntu is trying to mount the extended partition on 2 drives that contain a swap partition, I've never had this before21:01
wizzkiddBashing-om: just a dist-upgrade21:01
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: did you install hplip tools?21:01
lotuspsychjezetheroo: wifi chipset and ubuntu version?21:01
zetherooI followed this (http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/322-ubuntu-trusty-intel-centrino-6235-slow-freeze) and my wifi speed went from 1MB/s to 2MB/s21:01
wizzkiddBashing-om: just tried apt full-upgrade and i have 0 to upgrade, 0 to install, 0 to remove21:02
VFDPrimi did before and it actually was worse then when i dont have it (have two of same printers on two ubuntu comps one had hplip and does not the one that does not works perfect21:02
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13548633/21:02
zetheroolotuspsychje: Centrino 6205 - Ubuntu 14.0421:02
ioriamotaka2, ok, then21:02
lotuspsychjezetheroo: updated to latest 14.04.3?21:03
zetheroolotuspsychje: sorry, 15.0421:03
ioriamotaka2,  sudo apt-get install linux-generic21:03
zetheroofully updated21:03
lotuspsychjezetheroo: try lts for more stable mate21:03
lotuspsychjezetheroo: try a 14.04.3 liveusb, and test the wifi speeds there21:04
motaka2ioria: that takes long time21:04
ioriamotaka2,  i'm sorry about that ...21:04
kornyon1Any takers?21:04
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: try the hplip tools anyway and try a testpage from the control center21:04
motaka2ioria: ok running21:04
zetheroolotuspsychje:  I upgraded thinking it would solve the issue :)21:04
lotuspsychjekornyon1: how did you create partitions?21:05
ioriamotaka2, what i see is a failed trusty installation, with still the old kernel of pangoline21:05
VFDPrimi did the test page from the controle center withought hplip and worked PERFECT21:05
Bashing-omwizzkidd: K; well ! What is installed for kernels ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' ? in a pastebin .21:05
kornyon1I didn't that the thing21:05
VFDPrimI did everything i could with hplip and it just kept messing up and would not print at all when told to21:05
kornyon1This *was* a running box, I just added a hard drive, had not done anything to it21:06
ioriamotaka2, so, if you do a release-upgrade to trusty you should have at least a 3.16.0-xx-generic21:06
motaka2ioria: i dont think that would fix the issue, but I let that continue21:06
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: any documents blocked in your printer list?21:06
VFDPrimnope it was cleared21:06
kornyon1Even the swap is loaded, whats erroring is its like its trying ot mount /dev/sda221:06
ioriamotaka2, the upgrade failed to update the kernel, that's for sure ....21:06
zetheroowhats the relevance of the number 8 in "11n_disable=8"?21:06
kornyon1but the swap on sda5 is mount and functioning21:07
motaka2ioria: ok it is 14 percent so I go out for dinner21:07
ioriamotaka2, me tto, sorry :þ21:07
ioriamotaka2, good luck, mate21:07
Bashing-omkornyon1: Show the channel what dstab is telling the system to mount ' cat /etc/fstab ' into a pastebin . Let's see what tale is told .21:07
VFDPrimwith hplip it just kept holding them and would not release them EVER so i removed it from the comp and deleated the printer reloaded the printer it found proper hard ware, did a test page worked perfect then tried to print a sentince from libra office and it acted like it was gunna print then tossed out an empty page oddest thing ever with this printer21:08
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: can this printer copy without pc?21:08
VFDPrimyes coppies perfect also21:08
wizzkiddBashing-om: http://pastebin.com/uMvL76Qy21:08
VFDPrimtested the coppie with the printed test page lol21:08
Bashing-omwizzkidd: Look'n at your http://pastebin.com/uMvL76Qy .21:09
motaka2ioria: Will you be here in 15 mins?21:09
OerHeksVFDPrim, see the settings if 300 dpi or 600 dpi makes a difference, 1200 sometimes does not work.21:09
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: unplug usb and tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin printer back to see errors21:09
OerHekstestpage is in 300 dpi i think.21:09
kornyon1Bashing-om:  I have a large fstab, is that ok?21:09
ioriamotaka2, no mate... we'll see tomorrow,  :þ21:09
lotuspsychje!paste | kornyon121:09
ubottukornyon1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:09
VFDPrimwhere do i chainge the dpi21:09
kornyon1ok pastebin duh21:09
motaka2ioria: ok thanks for your help21:09
VFDPrimsadly not on that computer at the moment21:10
ioriamotaka2, you're welcome21:10
motaka2iooner-: it is 63 percent21:11
kornyon1The error I'm getting is related to sda2 which I'm not even trying to mount21:12
VFDPrimin printer properties where is the dpi settings found at21:12
Bashing-omwizzkidd: Appears to me that you have the latest version of the kernel imstalled .21:12
Bashing-omkornyon1: Look'n at your http://paste.ubuntu.com/13548764/ .21:13
kornyon1I'm sure there are some suboptimal settings, but I've never had this error before21:14
kornyon1I should clarifiy, the machine DOES boot, just the gui is not booting due to an error21:15
wizzkiddBashing-om: I believe you are correct, however when I type uname -r it shows up as: 4.2.0-040200-generic (which is different from the dpkg - l output)21:15
Bashing-omkornyon1: Let us compare UUIDs ' sudo blkid ; mount ' to what is in the fstab file.. see what is and what is to be mounted .21:17
Bashing-omwizzkidd: Ouch .. Now that is beyond my skill level to know what is being parsed to get that " 4.2.0-040200-generic " output .21:18
kornyon1Bashing-om:  the uuids are correct hold on http://paste.ubuntu.com/13548865/21:18
kornyon1I didn't touch the fstab file when this error happened, what I am wondering is if this is a silent error that I didn't see before, I also just install a nvidia card, let me poke around a bit21:19
TJ-Bashing-om: wizzkidd that looks like a kernel PPA mainline build with the 040200 in the version21:19
TJ-Bashing-om: wizzkidd http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.2-wily/21:19
VFDPrimhmm cant find where the dpi settings for the printer are21:20
kornyon1I did install the nvidia current drivers but I wonder21:20
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: try printer settings, hplip tools21:21
Bashing-omTJ-: wizzkidd :: No beating that voice of experience .21:21
VFDPrimoh ok so i will have to go back to hplip21:21
Bashing-omkornyon1: : Comparing, gimme a bit .21:21
VFDPrimnot sure why this would work fine on my computer with out the hplip but not on the other one21:22
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: both same ubuntu version?21:23
wizzkiddBashing-om: thanks for your assistance21:23
=== ilbelkyr_ is now known as ilbelkyr
wizzkiddTJ-: what do you suggest I do?  I've just downloaded the http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v4.2-wily/ image and headers deb files for my arch21:24
motaka2cant anyone help me?21:24
wizzkiddTJ-: should i rebuild my kernel, and then recompile my program against it then?21:24
lotuspsychjemotaka2: install 14.04.3 on your system and make it easy for yourself21:25
TJ-wizzkidd: what is the problem exactly; I've read back but its not clear to me.21:25
kornyon1the error I'm getting is sda2 and sde2 unable to read superblock21:25
VFDPrimlotuspsychje: yup the same version of ubuntu21:25
lotuspsychjeTJ-: he had 15.10 and have issues, then installed another 15.10 over his previous21:26
TJ-motaka2: what is happening now? before I went for dinner I noticed ioria discovered the system was in a partial upgrade state from 12.04 to 14.0421:26
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: smells like one printer connected and the other not?21:26
VFDPrimif it was not connected then i would not get a test print21:26
motaka2I ran the last command he told me but still the same21:27
motaka2lotuspsychje: If I upgrade would I lose my data?21:27
TJ-motaka2: If I'd have know that I'd have suggested completing the upgrade, since it will have caused the system to have a mix of incompatible packages which likely would lead to the strange symptoms on that system.21:27
TJ-motaka2: what was the last command you executed?21:27
TJ-wizzkidd: Do you want to continue with the kernel PPA kernel, or just use the standard archive version?21:28
lotuspsychjemotaka2: on upgrades you can save your /home21:29
motaka2TJ-: sudo apt-get install linux-generic21:29
TJ-motaka2: OK, and if I read the previous messages correctly the system's /etc/apt/sources.list is pointing to the trusty (14.04) archives, not precise (12.04)21:29
wizzkiddTJ-: I had the "4.2.0-040200-generic" kernel previously installed. I performed an over-the-top reinstallation of Ubuntu 15.10 and it seems to have installed/overwritten the existing with the "4.2.0-18" kernel.  Some of my previous programs were compiled against "4.2.0-040200-generic".  I've tried to recompile the program, but it is now compiling against "4.2.0-18" and fails to work.21:30
Grimm_please how can the home folder be saved during an upgrade?21:30
TJ-wizzkidd: compiled against the kernel? you mean out-of-tree kernel modules?21:30
ruidk1l, turns out this is the solution: http://askubuntu.com/questions/141866/keep-ubuntu-server-running-on-a-laptop-with-the-lid-closed21:30
k1lruid: ah, you didnt say you were closing the lid21:31
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motaka2TJ-: What do you suggest ?21:31
wizzkiddTJ-: excuse my terminology, im trying to make sense of what I'm saying myself.  I'm not sure how to correctly articulate what I am saying.21:31
ruidk1l, what was interesting is that the suspend or hibernate (not sure which it was doing) would happen a while after I close the lid21:31
TJ-wizzkidd: the reason the system is booting with that PPA kernel is simply its alphabetical version naming causes update-grub to sort it first. You can remove that kernel's files from /boot/ and redo the GRUB config and reboot and you'll be on the regular 15.10 kernel21:31
lotuspsychjeGrimm_: setup asks you to spare the /home21:32
TJ-wizzkidd: I get what you're saying, and your terminology is fine, I'm just trying to understand precisely what it is you're building21:32
Grimm_would I need a flash drive to copy the docs in the /home dir?21:33
wizzkiddTJ-: which is the newer kernel "4.2.0-18" or "4.2.0-040200-generic" ?21:33
Bashing-omkornyon1: So far " 6207faf9-dc89-4e5c-9d1a-86b05befa6d4 ' in fstab // not mounted .21:33
DarwinSurvivorGrimm_: No, if you select the option during the install to save /home, it the installer simply doesn't remove it (leaving the files right where they are)21:33
TJ-wizzkidd: the one in the archives21:34
wizzkiddTJ-: erm, the archives being?21:34
DarwinSurvivorGrimm_: think of "save" as "preserve" not "back-up", though a back-up is never a bad idea21:34
TJ-wizzkidd: "ls -latr /boot/*040200*" should show you the vmlinuz, initrd.img, config and other related files for that version21:34
lotuspsychjeDarwinSurvivor: +121:35
TJ-wizzkidd: The Ubuntu repository archive for 15.1021:35
TJ-wizzkidd: the one used by 'apt'21:35
wizzkiddTJ-: oh ok21:35
lotuspsychjeruid: we also have an #ubuntu-server channel for your needs21:35
ruidlotuspsychje, ah... good to know21:35
kornyon1Bashing-om: I belive thats the new drive, seagate921:36
VFDPrimthanks guys for the help with the printer i will try unplug and repluging it in along with a few other things then probably have to try the HPlip yet again even though i HATE that program i might not have a choice with this other computer not sure why it wouldent work when everything is the same on both comps but oh well grandma needs her printer lol21:36
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: good luck21:37
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: come back to tell us what the issue was21:37
TJ-motaka2: It seems the do-release-upgrade process aborted at some point, leaving the system with some 12.04 files and some 14.04 files. To stand a chance of recovering that process needs to complete. It *might* continue if you do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" since that should fetch all newer packages21:37
wizzkiddTJ-: judging by the date/time stamp, the 4.2.0-040200-generic is October and 4.2.0-18-generic is November21:37
VFDPrimLotuspsychje: will do21:38
TJ-motaka2: but before you do that, back-up any personal files and data you need before you start, because the state of the PC might not be recoverable21:38
wizzkiddTJ-: is it safe to rm the older kernel from /boot/ ?21:38
VFDPrimalso looking at doing a full computere upgrade soon so that should be interesting lol21:38
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: clean install lts for less problems :p21:38
TJ-wizzkidd: right. Personally I'd delete those PPA files with "rm /boot/*040200*" (I leave you to prefix that with 'sudo') and then do "sudo update-grub" and reboot21:38
VFDPrimyes however moving everything over is going to be the issue lol21:39
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: data or programs?21:39
wizzkiddTJ-: thanks :D21:40
VFDPrimwell on new instull i will have to figure out all programs i use then tranfer all the datta such as vids pictures and what not over21:40
lotuspsychje!info aptoncd | VFDPrim to backup programs21:41
ubottuVFDPrim to backup programs: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98+bzr117-1.4 (wily), package size 213 kB, installed size 1561 kB21:41
VFDPrimyup did not understand any of that Ubuttu: lol21:41
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: you can use this program to back your favorite packages to a new system21:42
VFDPrimoh ok hmmm will have to check that out21:43
VFDPrimhow do i find that program21:43
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: open terminal: sudo apt-get install aptoncd21:43
mystupidnicksince ubuntu now uses systemd, is it safe to remove upstart?21:43
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: better try another ubuntu version21:44
VFDPrimthanks Lotus21:44
mystupidnicklotuspsychje: hu?21:44
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: wich ubuntu version are you on21:44
mystupidnicklotuspsychje: 15.1021:45
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: 15.10 uses systemd..21:45
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: where do you want remove upstart then?21:46
mystupidnickfrom my computer21:46
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: wich one21:46
mystupidnicksorry, your questions make no sense21:47
lotuspsychjemystupidnick: 15.10 doenst use upstart..what are you trying to do?21:47
mystupidnicklotuspsychje: i told you already21:48
VFDPrimif i use startup disc creator on this machine will it coppie all programs on this machine and put it onto the new one?21:50
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: no21:50
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: start disc creator only makes an ubuntu seup for you21:50
VFDPrimoh ok21:51
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: adding packages afterwards is for the user21:51
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: and aptoncd can help you there21:51
VFDPrimso what is that prgram exactly for that i just added21:51
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: to backup your existing programs, to install on the new system21:52
VFDPrimand how do i open the damn thing lol it wont come up in my computer search21:52
VFDPrimoh ok so it will do what i wanted startupdisc creator to do21:52
lotuspsychjeVFDPrim: ah you thought startup disc creator was for creating backups21:53
lotuspsychje!backup | VFDPrim21:53
ubottuVFDPrim: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning21:53
VFDPrimoh no just was wondering if it did all those other extra programs been a long long time since i used the startup disk creator lol21:54
wizzkiddTJ-: looking good, now my machine boots up with the only and current kernel.  I've deleted the kernel headers belonging to *040200* also.  I've just started a configure/make/make install on a program, and it's looking much better now as I can see it address the current kernel.  Fingers crossed.21:55
Bashing-omkornyon1: 16 entries on the fstab file, 16 devices noted .. but " 6207faf9-dc89-4e5c-9d1a-86b05befa6d4 " from the fstab file IS NOT one of them . Ya got a cross reference in error here somewhere .21:55
TJ-wizzkidd: good, that should be all you need21:58
motaka2TJ-: Sorry I was out for dinner22:00
motaka2TJ-: What do you suggestme to do ?22:00
OxJGfirst time here22:00
lotuspsychjeOxJG: you joined an ubuntu support channel22:01
OxJGwell, learning22:02
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motaka2TJ-: are you there?22:03
Bashing-omkornyon1: OK " 5d8826dc-a1e1-4990-a2be-00676e48c7ab -> ../../sde1 " not in the fstab file :) .22:04
kornyon1Bashing-om:  yeah I'm lookign right now22:05
kornyon1something's gone goofy22:05
kornyon1Bashing-om:  yep I concur, looks like I was trying to mount the swap file lol22:08
Bashing-omkornyon1: Uh huh .. K ; I had not got to that point of thin'n .. glad ya got it sorted .22:09
kornyon1but I don't think thats the root of my problems22:09
kornyon1I think this has been a silent error, I'm just seeing it because i install a nvidia card and it won't load the desktop lol22:09
Bashing-omkornyon1: OK, I keep digg'n see what I can find .22:10
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Guest20052i need to fix bluetooth issue22:11
Guest20052change nickname22:11
m1dnight_I think I have succeeded in creating a new raid1 array from /dev/sdc1 and /dev/sdd1 but every tutorial I read says I need to "assemble the disks" but this shows me an error: mdadm: /dev/sdc1 is busy - skipping \n mdadm: cannot open device /dec/sdd1: No such file or directory \n mdadm: /dec/sdd1 has no superblock - assembly aborted22:12
motaka2TJ-: ?22:12
eden_im lookin blutooth linux guru22:15
kage_That wouldn't be me.22:15
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eden_i cant connect my device22:16
eden_bluetoothd[571]: send: Bad file descriptor (9)22:16
eden_Nov 28 23:06:22 eden-linux bluetoothd[571]: Refusing unexpected connect from22:16
Bashing-omkornyon1: All I have found thus far .. does ' mount ' and ' cat /proc/mounts ' agree and these agree with what you want mounted in fstab ?22:19
zetherooI am getting about 3MB/s data transfer speed over wifi - should be a bit better than that no?22:31
daftykinsnot if it's 'g', no22:32
ubuntu899Hi.My USB is not recognizied at all, nothing in gparted ,dmesg | grep  USB,lsblk,lsusb.Please help.Thanks.:(22:33
zetheroodaftykins: intel 6205 - I believe it's an N22:34
daftykinszetheroo: just because the device is doesn't mean the network is22:34
daftykinscheck what it's actually connected at - and also what are you taking this 3MB/sec value from? internet based or local wired LAN to wireless transfer? it all matters22:35
zetheroodaftykins: from the same source PC to the same destination PC over Ethernet I get about 10 MB/s22:35
zetheroono, nothing to do with Internet22:35
daftykinssounds like a cheap router with 100Mb ports.22:35
daftykinsgood stuff22:35
zetheroodaftykins: the 10MB/s might be because it's going through a POE device22:36
zetheroowith a Windows PC to the same destination I get about 5MB/s on the wifi22:36
daftykinsnone of these statements actually make much sense beyond yourself, who knows your own setup22:37
daftykinsi don't know what's connected to what, or how22:37
m1dnight_Hmm it seems like my array has disappeared22:38
m1dnight_Can anyone point me to a proper tutorial on mdadm? All the ones I follow have invalid commands22:38
m1dnight_Its kind of frustrating22:38
zetheroodaftykins: not sure what to say ... I know the speed issue is not on the destination end as over Ethernet it's up to 10MB/s22:39
Bashing-om!raid | m1dnight_ Have you seen22:39
ubottum1dnight_ Have you seen: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto22:39
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m1dnight_Yes I have seen those22:40
daftykinszetheroo: you're saying that when both source and destination are connected via wired it's got a 100Mb link, yet over wireless it's slow... so why aren't you stating what speed your router's access point runs at?22:40
m1dnight_But I just have two secondary disks as raid.22:40
daftykinszetheroo: or identifying the line speed from the laptop whilst on wireless?22:41
zetheroodaftykins: The wireless AP is N and the router is a gigabit router22:42
daftykinsthen you must have an intermediary device because 10MB/sec is not gigabit :>22:42
zetherooyes, the POE I mentioned22:42
zetherooit's inbetween22:42
zetherooit's not gigabite22:42
daftykinsthat makes 0 sense, power over ethernet doesn't incite a speed reduction, what's the device?22:43
daftykinsi've seen a lot of intel cards get used at slower than N speeds as it'd be the only way some of them work under Linux, so i'd check what mode it's associating and connecting at22:43
zetherooNetgear something ... max speed 500 Mbps iirc22:44
daftykinsdo you mean a powerline adapter, that networks over mains wiring... not power over ethernet? because that's not the same :D22:44
zetherooI already did this (http://bernaerts.dyndns.org/linux/74-ubuntu/322-ubuntu-trusty-intel-centrino-6235-slow-freeze) and then speeds were at 3MB/s instead of 1MB/s22:45
zetheroo daftykins: sorry, yes22:45
daftykinszetheroo: wow you mention this NOW? look at the '11n_disable' bit, that might have some bearing22:46
daftykinsi'd be willing to bet you've applied edits that trash 'n' entirely and so you're connected at 'g' speed, wherein 3MB/sec is the best you're likely to see22:47
zetheroodaftykins: I asked about it before on this channel and nobody seemed to pick up on it ...22:47
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daftykinsi just reconnected 'cause my server was DDoS'd overnight, so i wasn't here.22:47
zetherooI tried looking specifically for info on this setting, but apparently 8 doesn't disable N22:47
daftykinswell like i said twice already, how about you confirm the speed you are connected at? :)22:48
shome2I have a BDR device running Ubuntu 14.04. I'm trying to install a new VM on the machine, but VirtualBox keeps trying to install the new vm on the OS drive. I have another Raid 5 array with NAS shares on it that I am trying to point the vm to. What's the best way I can point virtualbox to this ?22:48
zetheroodoes this help? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13550136/22:49
daftykinsshome2: talking in the #vbox channel about how to edit the path your VMs get created would make sense to me. no idea what BDR is though22:49
shome2daftykins: Thanks. I didn't really review the channels much yet.22:50
daftykinsah, well a topic is indeed best suited to the channel for it :>22:50
daftykinszetheroo: claims to be single stream 'n', 135Mb... so assuming you have good signal to this AP, it could do better - but it's Linux so you're lucky to get what you get22:50
zetherooI am a room away from the AP22:51
KageNoOniThe problem is that list of channels is huge.  It's hard to know ahead of time, if you don't know the channels, which one is going to be appropriate.22:51
KageNoOniI can see why he didn't notice #vbox immediately (I tried going through that list and didn't notice that one myself either)22:51
KageNoOniBut then again, my problem has nothing to do with running VM's.22:52
shome2BDR(backup disaster recover) device22:52
shome2It's running zfs, which I joined the #zfs channel for. I love that channel.22:52
KageNoOniMy issue is apparently some interaction between Nautilus and Cinnamon.  I'm not the only one who has had this issue, but apparently that person wasn't able to find a fix for this either.22:53
daftykinswell for both of your future references, "alis" is the channels bot which you PM to discover channels :)22:53
KageNoOniGood to know, how's the syntax work?22:53
bpromptKageNoOni:  http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode   :)22:53
daftykinsKageNoOni: ask the bot.22:54
k1l!alis | KageNoOni22:54
ubottuKageNoOni: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http22:54
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n7892TJ- r u there?22:59
KageNoOniSo, anyone know why Nautilus will automatically switch my desktop background, once opened, then will not allow me to switch it back, even after Nautilus is closed?  Ubuntu 15.04, Cinnamon desktop.22:59
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup22:59
KageNoOniAlso, any way to stop it from doing that?23:00
KageNoOniI had to replace the desktop background it was using, with sudo cp, backing the original file up first, in order to get switch my background.23:01
samthewildoneis this really necessary https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-usb-bluetooth-40-micro-adapter ?23:01
Jan\this error:     Download failed : Failed to write to /var/www/html/drupal-8.0.0.tar.gz : Bad file descriptor23:01
Gallomimiai tried putting something called ubuntu kylin on my macbook pro. its strange because the menus and wifi settings dialog are all in chinese. also, the wifi card won't work. broadcom driver issue? some suggestions please. i downloaded the installer image from ubuntu.com and thought it was the newest LTS. 14.04.323:01
daftykinssamthewildone: for what23:01
KageNoOniUbuntu Kylin is developed with China in mind.23:02
GallomimiaKageNoOni: doublecheck the permissions and owner of the file you made with cp23:02
daftykinsJan\: what produced the error? a web app?23:02
Jan\daftykins: yes23:02
Gallomimiawell, starting up with default language of chinese is cool. but saying i want english would change all menus to english, not just the front window23:02
eden_i find a solution http://firstdoit.com/quick-tip-bluetooth-a2dp-on-linux-mint-17-qiana-mate/?utm_source=blog.gadr.me23:02
daftykinsJan\: then it's not really ubuntu support, but likely the username your web server executes as does not have write permissions to the document root where it's trying to download (i assume) a drupal update23:03
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daftykinsGallomimia: get a normal desktop image and install that, we have plenty of resources on getting broadcom working.23:04
daftykins!mac | Gallomimia you can also contribute to this page and update it with your model's success installing, like i did for an ancient model listed.23:04
ubottuGallomimia you can also contribute to this page and update it with your model's success installing, like i did for an ancient model listed.: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages23:04
Gallomimiadaftykins: thanks. knowing thats not normal will help me23:04
daftykinswell, using kylin is not normal really23:04
jackooHi ! I have a problem booting with my liveusb, my PC can't reconize it .23:05
daftykinshow did you prepare the flash drive?23:06
jackooI made it with gparted then unetbootin , and after that i tried with the software included in ubuntu23:07
daftykinsis this a laptop? does it currently have Windows 8 or 10?23:07
jackooforgot to say it only doesn't work on one computer, my laptop23:07
jackooYes it's Windows 1023:08
daftykinsok so you've tested it fine on another host? good stuff23:08
daftykins!efi | jackoo23:08
ubottujackoo: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:08
samthewildonedaftykins, hey, I'm attempting to connect my headphones and having trouble.23:08
daftykinsjackoo: have a read there, often you must change BIOS parameters such as 'secure boot' to get media to function23:08
jackooI tried to boot it with the uefi but my computer returned me an error23:09
jackooSecure boot is also off23:09
daftykinswhat error?23:09
blackflowHello. The mouse cursor disappears over terminal window. It reappears if I click or if I move it outside the term. How do I disable that?23:10
jackooSomething like error loading this file. I tried to load a file with the efi extension in my liveusb23:10
daftykinssamthewildone: so you were asking whether you'd really have to resort to buying that extra bluetooth dongle? no idea, i have never done anything with bluetooth23:11
daftykinsjackoo: make + model laptop?23:11
jackooOh and a liveusb with Windows works normally23:11
KageNoOniOk, I've stumped one person who tried offering help.  Anyone else care to take a stab at my problem?23:12
jackooIt's the HP pavillon x2 10-n003nf. Sorry but what do you mean by ''make''?23:12
KageNoOniMake means manufacturer, Model is the specific version of what ever they are creating.  HP is your make in this case.23:13
daftykinsKageNoOni: people reply when they can help, there's no need to keep going at it :)23:14
Gallomimialol. takes longer to flash the usb stick with an image than to download said image. internet these days :D23:14
daftykinsthen you end up downloading half that again in updates :(23:15
daftykinsthat's the part i find funny23:15
jackoook thanks , so it's the pavillon x2 10-n003nf , a new hybrid laptop23:15
daftykinsjackoo: can you take pictures of each BIOS screen and share them on something like imgur.com ?23:15
atlantisi installed ubuntu 14.1023:16
atlantisbut i prefer xfce23:16
atlantisso i installed xubuntu-desktop23:16
atlantissadly all root based commands are not working over the menu drawer23:17
daftykinsatlantis: can you do this without pressing enter as punctuation please?23:17
ubottuUbuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic23:18
atlantisdoes anyone know how to find the reason for this? are the menu entries wrong?23:18
daftykinsyeah don't use 14.10 :)23:19
atlantisgreat help :P 14.10 is long term supported23:19
atlantisso dont advertise something else ;)23:19
daftykinsno it's not, 14.04 is LTS23:19
daftykins14.10 was dead back in July as the above factoid states :)23:20
atlantissry 14.0423:20
atlantisnot 14 1023:20
daftykinsconfirm with "cat /etc/issue"23:21
KageNoOniI need to remember that one.23:21
jasabellawhy not lsb_release -a?23:21
atlantisUbuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l23:21
KageNoOniEven better.  I need to remember those commands.23:22
jasabella/etc/issue is just the pre-login message23:22
daftykinslsb_release -d is also another method23:23
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daftykinsjasabella: there are always multiple ways to achieve the same thing in computing, there's no point you jumping all over one when it works perfectly well as another.23:23
atlantisnice u know so many commands for the same result, how about one for fixing broken menu entries..?23:24
jasabellawhat if the user has customised their login message?23:24
daftykinsKageNoOni: please don't use notices in future :)23:24
daftykinsjasabella: your suggestion is moot since it's an ubuntu default23:24
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J-GHello. I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good disk recovery tool i can run in ubuntu.23:26
hoemichhi, I'd like to install a fresh ubuntu using debootstrap. My command is: sudo debootstrap --variant=wily /mnt https://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu. It fails "Can't cd to de.archive.ubuntu.com". Why is this?23:26
zykotick9J-G: testdisk/photorec is one option.  good luck.23:27
mystupidnickany way to apt-get purge and reinstall a package?23:27
Bashing-omJ-G: ^ +1 see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery .23:27
jackoodaftykins: here are the picture from my bios, thanks23:28
daftykinsah one of those newer atom Z things23:28
daftykinsjust doing some housework so brb in 5 mins23:28
Bashing-ommystupidnick: If installed via the repo, yes . Else, depends on how it was installed .23:29
cheetahw26_is syslog-ng no longer supported/available/updated from 14.04 ?  I can't find it in the default repositories...23:29
mystupidnickBashing-om: then what is the command? apt-get purge and *then* installing doesnt do what i want23:30
bazhang!info syslog-ng | cheetahw26_23:31
ubottucheetahw26_: syslog-ng (source: syslog-ng): Enhanced system logging daemon (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Version 3.5.6-2build1 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 41 kB23:31
Bashing-ommystupidnick: How was it installed ? If not via the package manager, then the system will know nothing about said package .23:32
cheetahw26_that's wily...23:32
cheetahw26_I'm using 14.0423:32
mystupidnickBashing-om: it was installed with apt-get23:33
bazhang!info syslog-ng trusty | cheetahw26_23:33
ubottucheetahw26_: syslog-ng (source: syslog-ng): Enhanced system logging daemon (metapackage). In component universe, is extra. Version 3.5.3-1 (trusty), package size 4 kB, installed size 55 kB23:33
bazhangits there cheetahw26_23:33
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hoemichok, never mind my question. I am dumbt ;-)23:33
cheetahw26_strange... I'm not finding it from apt...23:33
Bashing-omcheetahw26_: ' apt-cache show syslog-ng ' says that the package is avail in trusty .23:34
bazhangcheetahw26_, try apt-get update and upgrade then apt-cache search it23:34
Bashing-ommystupidnick: What is the package name ?23:34
cheetahw26_I believe you... I'm probably doing something wrong...23:34
sudo3how  i run dnsmasq on ubuntu 12.04? sudo service dnsmasq start and sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq start doesnt work because in /etc i have only dnsmasq.d folder that dont contain any ifno...23:35
cheetahw26_yeah... sorry, I must not have done an update, I have many results for this now...23:35
bazhangthats helpful :)23:35
mystupidnickBashing-om: fontconfig23:35
sudo3anyone can help?23:36
cheetahw26_thank you... I read an article once where a developer literally hired someone to sit by them and lightly smack/hit them once in a while23:36
Bashing-ommystupidnick: Maybe already removed ? What returns ' dpkg -l fontconfig ' ?23:37
tubamansudo3: you there?23:39
mystupidnickBashing-om: older versions of fontconfig used to throw a lot of files in the /etc/fonts hierarchy23:41
mystupidnickBashing-om: many of those files arent used anymore so i'm trying to purge fontconfig to make them go away23:41
oleg_Hello. My NVidia refuses to acknowledge that my CRT has bigger resolutions than 640x480. Any solutions to that?23:45
stangelandhi. i have a lenovo x1 carbon 2nd gen. suddently the mouse buttons on the touchpad stopped working in my ubuntu installation. why?23:46
KageNoOnioleg_ Did you install your driver from NVidia directly, or use the one Ubuntu gives you when it detects you're using an NVidia card?23:46
Bashing-omoleg_: Is there a generated /etc/X11/xorg.conf file ?23:47
KageNoOniI had the same problem once, because I used the driver I got from NVidia, instead of using the one Ubuntu installs.23:47
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AlexQHi. I need a alternative branch of vaapi intel-driver, namely g45-h264 to check how that would work23:50
stangelandhi. i have a lenovo x1 carbon 2nd gen. suddently the mouse buttons on the touchpad stopped working in my ubuntu installation. why?23:50
daftykinsAlexQ: no, you use the latest kernel available and that's all that's necessary.23:50
AlexQI will get H264 accel support for my laptop?23:51
tachysHi #ubuntu! I have a windows 8 partition, an ubuntu 14.04 partition, and an arch-linux partition. I want to uninstall and then reinstall ubuntu because I'm having problems with it. But I can't tell from within window's disk management utility which partition is my ubuntu partition.23:51
KageNoOniTry a live disk for this, that comes with gparted.  Even the Ubuntu install live disc should be able to give you more information.23:52
maggyhi guys, can I swap the keys Ctrl and Mod5 with each other? I'm almost four a couple hours searching the web for a sollution. I hope someone can help me here23:52
LambdaComplextachys: Why not just do it from Arch?23:52
KageNoOniWindows doesn't do well detecting linux partitions.23:52
LambdaComplextachys: One partition will be NTFS and the other will be ext4. Easy.23:52
tachysLambdaComplex: the disk management utility doesn't list the file systems of the non-windows partitions. They are just blank.23:53
LambdaComplextachys: Uh....are we still talking about from Arch?23:54
tachysLambdaComplex: No, I was talking about from windows.23:54
KageNoOniDon't try to determine which is which from Windows, it can't detect linux partitions.23:54
k1ltachys: to install ubuntu you need an live ubuntu anyway.23:54
LambdaComplextachys: Well, what are you trying to do anyways?23:54
tachysI could do it from arch, but I'm worried it will be more complex and thus more prone to erasing incorrect partitions.23:54
LambdaComplexUh, how?23:55
LambdaComplexGparted is pretty easy to use23:55
k1ltachys: easiest way: see to which partition the grub entry links to23:55
LambdaComplexAnd it's not gonna be "prone to erasing incorrect partitions"23:55
LambdaComplexWhatever you're using is gonna do what you tell it to do23:55
AlexQdaftykins: What are you actually talking about? I think H.264 is still just disabled in mainstream intel vaapi-driver for G45, if the branch is still there directly on freedesktop.org's git23:55
KageNoOniFrom arch, use Gparted, select the ext4 partition that ISN'T mounted, and that's the correct one you want to install Ubuntu onto.23:55
tachysLambdaComplex: for some reason I have no internet connection from either ubuntu or arch. I cannot use pacman or aptitude to install the necessary partitioning software.23:55
AlexQOerHeks: And how do I select branch? I actually wanted to finish my question by asking how do I build and install in a way that will prevent apt-get from overwriting these files on upgrade23:56
LambdaComplextachys: Well, wired or wireless?23:56
tachysI'm reinstalling to try to fix the problem with no internet connection.23:56
tachysLambdaComplex: Wired.23:56
stangelandhi. i have a lenovo x1 carbon 2nd gen. suddently the mouse buttons on the touchpad stopped working in my ubuntu installation. why?23:56
k1ltachys: its not windows. reinstall doesnt solve issues magically :)23:56
KageNoOniTachys, do you have the same issue with a live disk?23:57
KageNoOniA live disk will use default settings, so if there's still an issue, the issue isn't with your installation.23:57
tachysKageNoOni: I have no tried a live disk. Is that a burnable medium that I can run the OS from?23:57
k1ltachys: the thing you used to install ubuntu23:57
LambdaComplextachys: ip link + systemctl start dhcpcd@[interface].service -now23:58
LambdaComplextachys: That'll (hopefully) do the trick for Arch23:58
tachysLambdaComplex: Cool, I will try that on arch23:58
LambdaComplextachys: wait, enable23:58
LambdaComplexnot start23:58
finetundraHey folks, what should I do if banshee media player is crashing?23:58
finetundrait crashes while trying to change tracks23:59
daftykinsfinetundra: reset your home folder config of it23:59
OerHeksAlexQ, i think that package is installed already23:59
LambdaComplextachys: use ip link to get the interface name. e.g. mine is enp4s0. so i'd do "systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp4s0.service -now"23:59
finetundraI have, oh and it also won't play mp3 files after a crash23:59

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