zequenceOvenWerk1: Maybe it will take me more than a day to sync with Xubuntu. I started looking at default settings.09:10
zequenceI'm doing other things today as well09:10
zequenceA note to myself, or anyone else. The Xubuntu maintenance script, debian/xubuntu-default-settings.maintscript has some stuff in it that we may or may not want to include09:30
zequenceOne change they did was rename /etc/lighdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-xubuntu.conf to /<path>/50-xubuntu.conf09:32
zequenceI'm adding that, but will check other settings later, if needed09:34
zequenceOvenWerk1: I will not make changes to what is in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/menus. Perhaps you would like to have a look at that once the new ISO is out (today, or Monday the latest), and see if you want to change something there09:52
zequenceOk, -default-settings is done, except for the .maintscript and the menu stuff.10:08
zequenceI'll do the seeds later..10:09
zequenceXubuntu has done more work on their core and desktop seeds, removing core stuff from desktop as it seems. We'll do the same, and this also means we could provide a -core desktop alternative to the full -desktop10:28
zequenceOk, all uploaded. Let's hope it works :).12:09
zequenceDownloading latest ISO now. Been a while since there were any big surprises :P20:10
zequenceWell, the studio icon is missing from the menu, at least20:51
OvenWerk1zequence: That is really very minor.... well, it does mean config of the panel, which means we keep /etc/dxg/xdg_ubuntustudio/20:54
OvenWerk1zequence: which menu?20:55
OvenWerk1zequence: which icon theme?20:55
zequenceFrom the whisker menu button20:57
zequenceOnly did a quick run in VBox so far.20:58
OvenWerk1zequence: That makes sense as whisker has different config from the panel menu.21:10
OvenWerk1it does use the same xdg menu files though.21:11
hannoHi. I have a question about packaging for Ubuntu and jackd.23:08
hannoI know that you guys are using jackd by default.23:09
hannoI'm trying to package Sonic Pi to .deb23:10
hannoThat works, but the jackd stuff is a hurdle for users.23:10
hannoI wonder if Sonic Pi is using jackd the "right" way or not.23:11
hannoSP comes from the Raspberry Pi and there it works out of the box, but not on default Ubuntu.23:11
hannoI want to package that .deb so that it works out of the box on Debian, Ubuntu (all flavours) and Raspbian...23:11
OvenWerk1hanno: linux is ALSA. Jackd or pulse or almost anything in the linux world needs ALSA at some point.23:17
hannoSonic Pi relies on jackd.23:18
OvenWerk1hanno: Really? jack is not trivial on the r-pi23:18
hannoSonic Pi is an IDE to a ruby-based interpreter that makes sound through SuperCollider. And SuperCollider sends its audio to jackd.23:19
OvenWerk1there are two jackd packages in ubuntu (or debian where the ubuntu packages come from): Jackd1 and jackd223:19
OvenWerk1that makes sense.23:20
hannoYou can try it yourself here: https://launchpad.net/~hzulla/+archive/ubuntu/sonic-pi/+packages23:20
hannoThat's what I got so far. What I need now is some sort of review by other people who package audio-related software that needs jackd.23:21
hannoWho'd want to tell me how to get it "right".23:21
OvenWerk1so depends need to be either/or for the two packages though to be honest many jack related packages in debian just look for jack2 and jack1 uninstalls a bunch if not done right. :P23:22
hannoI'm just a casual contributor. The Sonic Pi main developers write their stuff on OS X and test on the RPi. x86 Desktop Linux isn't their main target and thus it doesn't work perfectly.23:22
hannoThe code starts jackd from inside the application https://github.com/samaaron/sonic-pi/blob/master/app/server/sonicpi/lib/sonicpi/scsynthexternal.rb23:25
hannoI'm not quite sure if this is "right", but know next to nothing about developing for jackd and so I'm asking here.23:25
OvenWerk1killall is not very nice. The idea is that jack runs and clients don't turn it off or on, just use it if it is there.23:29
OvenWerk1anyway, a killall jackd will not work.23:29
hannoIs there an Ubuntu .deb that shows how it's done right?23:29
OvenWerk1you would need to killall -9 jackd jackdbus.23:29
OvenWerk1There are some audio interfaces that will not start at all at 44100hz, most are designed for 48000 for best sound.23:30
OvenWerk1 A good reason to let the running jack handle things.23:31
OvenWerk1Ah, I was looking at the rpi code, linux is below.23:33
OvenWerk1you might try -n 2 or -p 1024 (not both) I know at least one of my audio IFs will not work above 2048 at 2 frames.23:37
OvenWerk1buffer isn't big enough.23:37
OvenWerk1hanno: Are you saying this script will not startjack?23:38
* OvenWerk1 installs SC23:39
hannoI'm more concernced if this is the right way to handle jackd.23:39
* hanno got to go now.23:39
hannoIf you have suggestions about how to improve this, please send me an email (it's in the changelog) or write to the team via a github issue.23:40
hannoI'd be very thankful to find out how to make this thing more Linuxy.23:40
OvenWerk1I would let the user run it, but it looks like it would work most of the time... -p 1024 I would go with.23:40
hannoWe want to make this work out of the box and painlessly.23:42
hannoBut that's not the case right now, except on RPi.23:42
hannoThanks OvenWerk1!23:44
OvenWerk1Ya, I can see that. Except on a distro with jack built in just getting it set up and understanding jack's limits is a pain.23:44

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