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flocculantochosi: grabbed libgtk-3-0 upgrades from proposed, we're now back where we were without enormous grey borders everywhere09:43
wolf1hi, is the "irc session for people who would like to start testing pakages/iso" still on tomorrow? if so at what time?10:22
knome18 UTC10:40
knomewolf1, ^10:41
wolf1ok thx knome , this count me out, a bit too late for me. take care.10:43
knomesorry to hear that10:44
knomeyou can read the session log later if you want10:44
knomeand you can obviously always ask questions - we'll happily help10:44
wolf1cool , shall try to read the session log later then. thx knome10:45
dkessel_knome: regarding google code-in - i generelly think it's a good idea11:49
knomedkessel_, me too12:06
knomebut it needs mentors and somebody thinking what the project is12:06
knomeor projects are12:06
flocculantevening slickymaster :)17:57
flocculantevening akxwi-dave 18:26
akxwi-daveevening flocculant 18:26
flocculantyou got a plan of any sort for tomorrow?18:27
akxwi-daveyep.. go thru the basics of app testing and the iso's... 18:28
flocculantmentioning running with ppa's? 18:28
akxwi-davejust had to build a pc ready for tommorrow.. my main rig died this morning18:28
flocculantoh my :|18:29
akxwi-daveyes the 3 main ones.18:29
akxwi-davetell me :-( just gost me £350 for a new mobo cpu and memory18:29
akxwi-davearrives on monday18:29
akxwi-daveluckily i had a spare dual core lenovo think centre I could build18:30
flocculantit'll be interesting to see who turns up for it 18:31
akxwi-davebeen away on holiday all week and came back to dead pc and the house alarm screwed.. :-)18:31
flocculantoh lovely ... 18:31
akxwi-davetrue .. even if just 1 or 2 start to test more I'll be happy18:32
flocculantI'll be happy if 1 or 2 more report bugs/tests :D18:32
akxwi-davelol.. very true 18:33
flocculantwe seem to have new people turning up at the testers lp page - so that's positive18:33
akxwi-dave:-)  thats good18:34
flocculant11 since the cycle start18:35
flocculantevening drc 18:36
drcafternoon (barely :)18:37
akxwi-davehowdo drc18:38
* drc wonders what's going on? Folks are being nice to him...checks what's going on behind him.18:39
drcand howdo akxwi-dave :018:39
flocculantdrc: lol - have I ever not been :)18:40
drcno, but when everybody is, I get suspicious.18:41
drcflocculant: got you lesson(s) plan set for tomorrow?18:41
flocculantakxwi-dave has :)18:42
flocculantwe were just talking about that 18:42
flocculantakxwi-dave: something else - we need to try and get people to understand that we're not just looking for obvious bugs eg gmusicbrowser crashes on close, but things a bit less obvious like bug 1508918 which might end up being wishlist 18:44
ubottubug 1508918 in Catfish "Deleting from search results" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150891818:44
flocculantif it goes well might be worth doing so again when we get to Beta stage 18:46
akxwi-daveflocculant, read my mind...  i'm using the gmb one as an example off obivous one18:46
flocculantyea - we can use it as an example, but as it's now not seeded we'll be ignoring it 18:47
akxwi-davesorry flicking between chat and a rather nice little game i bought off steam..18:47
flocculantthat's ok - I'm flicking between chat and Mr Robot18:47
drcand I'm flicking between the LC and MU ends of the field.18:49
knomefor 16.04, i think it would be a great idea to highlight some of the small details of the system that help users use it18:55
knomethings like default button highlight18:56
flocculantknome: not sure I understand what you mean in regard to what we were talking about, unless it's not meant to and is a statement :)18:58
knomeit's a disconnected statement18:59
flocculantok :)18:59
flocculantknome: you mean like a blog post type thing? 19:02
knomethat was my first thought19:03
flocculantaah yes you do - just seen the mail from b/p @D19:03
knomeand it could be extended to something that's mentioned on the release announcement19:03
knometo try to make that a bit more exciting than just "download is here"19:03
flocculantnow that the more tech stuff is elsewhere, gives more chance to fill the webpage announcement to be more *bling*19:04
knomeyes, totally19:04
knomeand now that the website technically allows $XYZ better19:05
knomecurrently, i have no new features or other big fixes planned19:05
knomemeaning that i'm happy with most of the things there19:07
knomeso i can focus more on the content side19:07
knomei'm sure there will be updates needed once i start doing that though, but what can you do :P19:07
knomealso working on the content is easier even when you only have time intermittedly19:09
flocculantfor sure - nothing to stop starting final release announcement now 19:09
flocculantrather than on the 24th April :p19:09
knomeyes ;)19:10
knomethe latter is more likely though19:10
flocculantha ha ha 19:10
knomemaybe we could do some images on the release announcement19:10
knomein addition to the xenial artwork19:10
knome...which would be nice to draw before the UI freeze :P19:11
flocculantif 'team' are going to 'I use foo instead of gmb' maybe some images of one or two of those perhaps19:11
flocculantI don't know - just thinking aloud19:12
knomei don't know19:12
knomethey are kind of disconnected19:12
flocculantjust not a pic of a qt one :D19:12
knomebut that would be another article series to highlight for sure19:12
knome^ also thought that when thinking the "small highlights" series19:12
flocculantknome: re that - might be useful to have some sort of default layout for that media thing19:13
knomethough i think we'll just do some kind of intro paragraph like for the xubuntu at... series19:13
knomeand damn you19:13
knomeyou just reminded me of one feature i want to have for the website...19:14
flocculantmedia player? 19:14
knomehow do i explain this19:15
knomein WP, a user can write a biographical information for themselves19:16
knomei would like to allow turning a knob "on" for a specific blog article to show that19:16
knomein a standard way19:16
knomeone of the questions is if that bio info should be copied as some meta field for the post when it's published for the first time19:17
knomebecause if the user changes their bio, it can get awkward19:17
flocculantso if QA wrote something - it'd have a qa bio? 19:17
flocculantfor example19:17
knomeif you wrote something, it'd have your bio19:18
knomebut that would be optional in my vision19:18
knomeso we could make sure the release announcement doesn't have a bio :P19:18
knomeor a xubuntu at... article19:18
flocculantnot sure how that adds much tbh 19:18
knomecurrently, we haven't written many articles that would benefit from it19:19
flocculantwhich is probably why I don't see the benefit of it :)19:19
knomethat's one of them19:20
knomeit's not *essential*, but there are times when i'd like it19:20
knomeanother idea is to just forget the user bio, and just add a new field that we can fill in19:22
knomebut then it would kind of defeat the purpose of having it automated19:22
flocculantyea 19:22
flocculantand unlikely  to be used as much19:22
knomeok, enough babble19:23
knomehf meanwhile :)19:23
flocculantcya 19:23
flocculantlikely tomorrow now - time to wander off 19:23
flocculantakxwi-dave: in and out now, if I don't see you before I'll see you tomorrow PM19:25
akxwi-davecya bud.. 19:26

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