recon_lapnot sure if anyone is interested but manages to get xubuntu installed, seems I had two issues, motherboard shorting onto the case and conflicts between SATA hdd and ATA DVD drive00:00
function9xyikes, hope the mobo is not damaged after that short00:01
recon_lapwell, short was stopping it from turning on00:02
recon_lapthe hdd conflict was evil though, it just caused random lockups.00:03
rritochHi, I just upgraded to wily werewolf and I'm having a problem starting KDE (Plasma). Half way through the initialization the X server stops functioning.  To make a long story short I can't debug the problem because I can't get the X server to stop. How do I shutdown the X server so I can launch everything manually? Before the update I could just 'service sddm stop' to launch manually and debug02:08
rritochNow SDDM autorestarts, as does X02:08
rritochFor whatever reason, XFCE works, I just can't get the X server to stop so I can launch startkde & X manually.02:10
rritochOk, I think I found it, there's a "new" file, /etc/X11/Xsession.options which I needed to comment out the "allow-failsafe"02:13
rritochWell, that was a complete waste of time. Manually it starts fine, it's just the sddm startup that's broken02:16
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rritochI'm going to try to re-install the intel graphics drivers, since the screen is blacking out it must be a driver issue, I just don't know how the bug only exists when logging in from sddm, and not when starting startkde manually.03:45
rritochWell, I'm at a complete loss03:49
rritochRe-installing the video drivers had no effect. As far as I know sddm launches kde by running X and then startkde (per the configurations) yet it doesn't work and blacks out durring the initialization. When I stop sddm and launch X and startkde manually it works.03:51
rritochSince this "forum" is so responsive I'm just going to report it as a bug.03:53
rritochYeah, it must be a bug, dmesg is reporting segfaults03:55
rritochWell, I narrowed down the problem slightly, kde will only run as root :(04:10
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melodiedoes Xubuntu have several icon themes by default, brought by depends in a mandatory way? such as gnome-icon-theme, adwaita, ubuntu-mono?09:49
melodiethis is why I am asking the question:09:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1510709 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "In Wily libgtk-3-common pulls in adwaita-icon-theme which in return pulls in ubuntu-mono" [Low,Confirmed]09:50
function9xmelodie: yes adwaita looks broken09:57
melodiehi function9x09:57
melodieno it's not broken, it's mandatory instead of being compulsory09:58
melodieand it's not about adwaita, it's about libgtk-3-common which all of a sudden in Debian Jessie has adwaita-icon-theme as a mandatory dependency09:58
melodiecan you read in the bug report? not just part of it?09:59
function9xmelodie: you don't think it's broken? http://imgur.com/ydvLUzG10:07
melodieI look at your link10:07
melodiefunction9x I think it should not be a mandatory depend to that libgtk 3 common, for a start10:08
melodiefunction9x I just saw10:28
melodiecould you add a comment on my bug report, and include the direct link to your image? http://i.imgur.com/ydvLUzG.png10:29
melodiethis is very interesting10:29
melodienot only bloating the Ubuntu editions (brings in ubuntu-mono which everyone does not need either)10:29
melodiebut also useless? that's fun10:29
melodie(not so fun actually)10:29
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xubuntu75wI've just installed VLC on my Xubuntu 14.04 PC, but when I try to run the application it just doesn't start.13:04
cfhowlettxubuntu75w, open it from terminal13:05
cfhowlettdid it start?13:06
xubuntu75wnot run13:06
xubuntu75wits not open13:07
cfhowletterror messages??13:08
xubuntu75wits not any display13:08
cfhowlettah!  try this: drag and drop a media file to follow vlc:13:09
cfhowlettvlc '/home/acerimmer/Music/Calloway, Cab/Best Of The Big Bands/01 Minnie The Moocher (Theme Song.mp3'13:10
cfhowlettvlc is invisible if started from clvc13:11
xubuntu75wvlc not open13:12
cfhowlettdid it play your file?13:12
xubuntu75wcan i run it??13:12
xubuntu75wits not run13:12
xubuntu75wits not open13:13
xubuntu75wi just install it from software centre13:13
xubuntu75wand when i double click vlc logo its not open,its not any message to me.13:14
flocculantxubuntu75w: cfhowlett is trying to get you to open vlc AND one of your files from a terminal13:15
cfhowlettnot enough information to guess.  ask in #uubntu13:15
flocculantyou'll need to put your own media file info in13:15
xubuntu75wwindows is better for me.13:19
xubuntu75wBYe Bye Xubuntu13:19
AshikPlease help me13:25
AshikVlc not Run13:26
cfhowlettAshik, you said no more xubuntu13:27
melodiesalut Nairwolf14:05
Nairwolfsalut melodie ;)14:07
melodieNairwolf did you see my pm?14:08
WaynesKaffeHello folks! my cpu-indicator (unity indicator) has stop scaling the cpu. It's on powersave mode all time since 2 days ago.17:32
WaynesKaffeAny with similar issues?17:32
WaynesKaffeI can't play games more, its lagging as hell17:32
flocculantWaynesKaffe: hi17:56
flocculantso - when it stopped working - was that after some updates for something else?17:56
flocculantand do you mean xfce4-cpufreq-plugin ?17:57
flocculantor do you have some unity one installed for some reason?17:57
flocculantWaynesKaffe: I've not been able to find any report of that issue, nor any change recently17:58
WaynesKaffeflocculant: I've used indicator-cpufreq in xubuntu untils now.18:01
WaynesKaffeIts a unity plugin.18:01
flocculantthat's got just as little in the way of recent changes18:03
flocculantso - what else happened at about the time it stopped working?18:03
WaynesKaffeI did notice it when I played League of Legends..the game was laggins as hell.18:05
WaynesKaffeI did an update && upgrade before it.18:05
flocculanttried it with an older kernel?18:05
flocculantand if it is the ubuntu thing - might be people in #ubuntu who've heard about issues18:06
WaynesKaffeIs it possible to pick older kernel at start with grub? I have that alternative in my Ubuntu install.18:06
flocculantshould be unless you've just got one install, in which case press shift after bios and you should see the menu18:09
WaynesKaffeThnx m8 =) I will give it a try.18:09
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