BluesKajHowdy folks12:00
clivejovalorie: ping15:36
sgclarkclivejo: I suspect valorie will still be asleep for some time yet.16:51
clivejowhere is she?16:51
sgclarkclivejo: we are both west coast US. But she stays up insanely late.16:59
clivejonow unstable17:21
clivejowhat does that mean?!?17:21
clivejosgclark: oh so its only morning for you now?17:22
clivejoI thought you guys were east coast, so only about 5 hours behind17:22
sgclarkit is 920 am17:23
clivejoah 8 hours behind17:24
clivejosgclark: do you know why the i386 build of kdeconnect-plasma is failing in xenial?20:53
clivejoBuildlog - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/227923544/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-i386.kdeconnect-plasma_0.9%2Bgit20151129.1550%2B16.04-0_BUILDING.txt.gz20:53
sgclarkclivejo: at first glance you have a dependency problem. It looks like frameworks is your problem. I dunno where you are pulling them from. With that said, that is all I can say today. Sundays are my only day that I try to claim work free.20:59
clivejoI cant figure out why it builds in amd64, but not in i38621:01
sgclarki386 is much slower. sometime stuff fails because deps are not built yet. Make sure the ppa does not have i386 failed builds is where I would start21:02
clivejoits the KCI PPA's21:02
sgclarkuhh yeah, then that is your problem.21:02
sgclarkthere is broken stuff in there atm.21:03
sgclarkfixing it would likely fix your issue.21:03
sgclarkI will work on that tomorrow, but not today. >.<21:03
clivejothe KCI has so many errors, I cant see where the problem is21:04
sgclarkwell I am staarting debian merges tomorrow, should clear it all up. But not till tomorrow... sorry21:05
valorieclivejo: I think I tested it all....21:55
valorielast night 21:56
clivejoany issues?21:56
valorieI told my issues in the PM21:56
clivejoI logged off21:57
valoriesome of the components still have that weird "I can't save this" error21:57
valorie01:25] <valorie> so, same crap with saving in Words 2.9.9, but somehow I got it to save21:57
valorie[01:25] <valorie> what an icky bug that is21:57
valorie[01:32] <valorie> and open, and not automatically in lo either21:57
valorie[01:33] <valorie> perhaps I don't have LO installed?21:57
valorie[01:33] <valorie> yup, that's it21:57
valorie[01:42] <valorie> stage works, no problem saving, and oddly, I do have LO even though apt-cache policy says no....21:57
valorie[01:45] <valorie> sheets still doesn't save the text I added, but maybe I'm doing it wrong21:57
valorie[01:45] <valorie> even in sheets it doesn't show21:58
valorie[01:48] <valorie> author works, opens fine in lo21:58
valorie[01:51] <valorie> flow, lovely21:58
valorie[01:51] <valorie> imo 2.9.9 winz21:58
valorie[01:51] <valorie> niters21:58
valorieoh, forget about the silliness about not have LO installed21:58
valorieI'll talk to the Calligra devels and find out what that "no formatting" bug is about21:58
clivejoI dont have that21:58
valorieusers should be prompted for what they need to do, IMO21:58
valorieI think I'm a bad tester in one way, since I never use office-type products21:59
valoriebeyond text editing21:59
valorieotoh, I face what a new user would face21:59
valoriehow do you test?21:59
clivejoby using it :P22:00
valorieI open each component, and try to make some file, usually by typing something22:00
clivejoI reply on Kontact22:00
valorieand then saving it22:00
valorieand then open that file22:00
clivejothe vivid build failed22:01
valoriewell, kmail was my beloved22:01
valorieuntil sometime years ago when it would report that the mail was sent22:01
valoriebut it wasn't22:01
clivejovalorie: in vivid, do you know why LibWps is missing?  <http://libwps.sourceforge.net/>  Microsoft Works Document Library required by the Words WPS import filter22:05
valorieno idea -- why is code on sourceforge?!22:07
valoriethis ain't the 90s22:07
clivejoits a lib that calligra uses to open Microsoft rubbish22:08
valoriebizarre that one of their *libs* wouldn't be on kde infra22:10
valorieone must open MS stuff if one is to play in the Office space22:10
clivejoshould I just build it without the import tool?22:11
valorieI would discuss with the callig folks22:11
valorieprobably in #calligra22:12
clivejonot really their fault, just for some reason the tool isnt in vivid22:12
clivejoworks fine in wily and xenial22:12
valoriewell, they might be able to tell you why it has to be pulled from *sourceforge*22:13
clivejo!info libwps-doc22:17
ubottulibwps-doc (source: libwps): Works text file format import filter library (documentation). In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.0-2ubuntu5 (wily), package size 474 kB, installed size 9706 kB22:17
valorie!info libwps-doc vivid22:32
ubottulibwps-doc (source: libwps): Works text file format import filter library (documentation). In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.0-2 (vivid), package size 354 kB, installed size 6683 kB22:32
valorieclivejo: ^^^22:32
clivejo!info libwps-dev vivid22:34
ubottulibwps-dev (source: libwps): Works text file format import filter library (development). In component main, is optional. Version 0.3.0-2 (vivid), package size 336 kB, installed size 1724 kB22:34
clivejoah, needs package 'libwps-0.4'22:39
clivejovivid is only 0.322:39
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