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CanonHello all... I am trying to scan an external drive with rkhunter... and ideas02:53
wfreemanI have just installed kubuntu 15.10 and the system boots to a black desktop with a mouse cursor; no KDE panels, desktop, etc. are visible. How can I fix this?03:18
wfreemanI can run commands with alt-f2 but that's it,.03:18
finetundrawfreeman: What have you tried so far?03:34
nolsenWhat the hell.03:43
nolsen welp, got to hardshutdown kubuntu again03:44
nolsenBecause I can't even escape hexchat.03:44
nolsenoh, nvm. but my taskbar is gone xD03:44
nolsenMy taskbar is ded: http://i.imgur.com/wJ4bpkI.png03:47
finetundranolsen: ctrl+alt+f1, login, sudo poweroff, insert password04:13
Canonhello all05:36
Canonwhats the package that minicom is in05:37
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lordievader!info minicom11:16
ubottuminicom (source: minicom): friendly menu driven serial communication program. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-1 (wily), package size 220 kB, installed size 1020 kB11:16
lordievaderHmm, guess I'm a bit late.11:16
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:00
Guest53458Hi, do anyone knows a openpgp help channel?12:49
lordievaderI'm sure alis does.13:12
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jubo2I have a Lenovo X201 1st generation i513:53
jubo2it overheats, a lot whenever I boot into Kubuntu13:54
jubo2'sudo sensors-detect' show an Intel-made sensor unit that has been assigned to 'coretemp' driver13:54
jubo2With no load on CPU it goes to 80'ish and with load it goes to 90's till shutdown from temperature alarm trigger level reached13:55
jubo2Waits for someone to say "Just boot it to Windows if it works so fine there."13:56
lordievaderHow dusty is your machine?14:00
jubo2lordievader: I'm not very interested in that14:12
jubo2One of my key concerns is that the Intel-buit thermal sensor apprears to be lying14:12
jubo2that or something or someone is injecting voltage peaks or summ shit like that to the CPU14:13
jubo2Windows runs ~ 57C plus minus 214:13
jubo2Kubuntu runs 85-90 plus minus 11C14:14
jubo2enough to force shutdown14:14
jubo2the peaks and valleys can be like 15-20C14:15
jubo2the shit doesn't make any sense or Intel Corporation hates me14:15
lordievaderjubo2: It could explain why it reports 90 on idle...14:15
jubo2There are newer governors available for Sandy and Ivy Bridge and later14:16
jubo2Here instructions to install and activate Intel P-State governor for Sandy Bridge and later systems14:17
jubo2I'm going to get 23nm litography system next14:19
jubo2one that supports 3 displays and 32GB RAM14:19
jubo2not that I'll ever need to put more than 16GB14:21
lordievaderBit offtopic.. don't you think?14:21
jubo2That runs 2 OS and bunch off apliance servers14:21
jubo2lordievader: Yea14:21
jubo2I boot the system to windows because Kubuntu cannot handle something14:21
lordievaderDoes a live-cd have the same problem? Also which version of Kubuntu?14:22
jubo2I have never installed Psensor in Live-CD but it has never shutdown from overheating14:23
jubo2Maybe I should14:23
lordievaderWhat temperatures does the live cd report?14:24
jubo2I reboot the X201 to Live CD now14:24
jubo2now apt installing it14:28
jubo2ok. now Psensor started14:28
lordievaderYou don't need to give updates at every action ;)14:28
jubo2What? No action commentary by jubo-jubo required for channel comfort14:30
lordievaderNo, saves the both of us time.14:30
jubo2temperature is stable at 66C plusminus 2 degrees14:33
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jubo2now 70C when I put some youtube playing14:35
lordievaderRight, so your install does something that either really gets the temp up or, like you said, the reporting is wrong. How is the cpu utilization in your install?14:36
jubo2It appears to vary only 1C up or down now ~ 70C14:37
jubo2should I 'sudo apt install stress' ?14:37
lordievaderFor the live env? Sure would tell you more.14:39
jubo22 CPU hogs14:39
lordievader2 cores no hyper threading?14:39
jubo22 cores 2 threads per core14:39
jubo2The fan controller is not doing it's job14:39
jubo2and shutdown14:40
lordievaderSo why not --cpu 4? Anyhow that is besides the point. I'll ask my first question again, how dusty is the machine?14:40
jubo2not externally14:41
lordievaderHow old is the laptop?14:42
jubo24 yrs14:42
lordievaderHmm, there is a chance the cooling paste hardened.14:42
jubo2I got cooling paste14:42
jubo2It is just very very complicated to get to the cooling fan14:43
jubo2you have to strip even the mainboard and the display before you can access it14:43
lordievaderI know. So first make sure your machine is dust free. Get a can of compressed air and blow out the heatsink.14:44
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jubo2lordievader: I got compressed air14:50
jubo2into the heatsink without removing it?14:50
jubo2machine on or off?14:50
lordievaderOff, ofcourse.14:51
jubo2food time14:59
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jubo2Finally figured how to operate the pressure air can15:18
jubo2It seems to be running cooler no15:25
jubo2has peaked at 78C moderate load15:26
lordievaderLots of dust came out?15:35
clivejodust would cause over heating :/15:36
jubo2some dust came out15:37
yotuxis there a way to get icons in kmymoney2?17:25
yotuxanyone else having icon problems in 15.1017:39
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mparilloI had icon problems on my favorites when I upgraded (I believe they moved or something), but not on a fresh install.17:53
yotuxI have missing icons on the fav menu and in kmymoney,  when I change icon themes some icons come back17:55
yotuxwondering if reseting the .kde folder would be useful17:56
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DragginGood evening! I've put this off for a long time, since I have this laptop and could go on with work, but I've severely messed up my desktop machine during an Ubuntu upgrade, and I'm not even sure where to start. I was running Kubuntu Utopic for a very long time and ifnally decided to upgrade to Vivid, but my machine is a little the worse for wear after doing so. It still boots, all services etc. work. I can log in from command line, but there seems to be18:56
Dragginan absolute tonne of broken dependencies and X doesn't start, no matter what. It's an old machine - Pentium IV, 2.4GHz with 2GB RAM and an old nVidia 6200 AGP card (which I suspect is where the issues started).18:56
DragginWhich logs do I start looking at?18:57
lordievaderWow, didn't think I'd ever see the 6200 again. What driver are you using for it?19:22
DragginHaha! lordievader - I was using the nVidia 304 drivers, but I've been mucking around now trying to get the machine back up and running, so at the moment, I've purged nvidia19:25
lordievaderI'm pretty sure that the closed source drivers dropped support for it a long time ago.19:25
lordievaderDoes a live cd work with it?19:25
DragginDoes a live CD work with the graphics card?19:27
DragginHaven't actually tested recently... Let me see if I have one lying around nearby19:28
clivejomight have to use the nomodeset option19:28
DragginBut lordievader - it *was* quite a mission to get the graphics card up and running. I had to end up using a different driver to the one recommended by Ubuntu itself19:29
lordievaderOh, I bet. And even if you do get it working, you don't want to work with it...19:30
Dragginclivejo, I was using that19:30
clivejosometimes upgrades lose it19:30
clivejohave you double checked its still being passed to the kernel?19:31
Dragginlordievader, at this point, I'm less concerned with getting the nVidia drivers up and running than just being able to boot into my machine normally again :) I'll worry about the drivers later.19:31
DragginI figured I'd like to be able to get into Kubuntu properly again, then upgrade to the latest release19:32
lordievaderThat wasn't what I meant. It will be slow as heck :P19:32
lordievaderAnyhow, with the nouveau driver you might have a chance.19:32
Dragginclivejo, not sure how to do that, but like I said, I've actually purged all nVidia stuff at the moment, but Nouveau isn't booting the system either.19:32
DragginWell, believe it or not, I was actually using this machine for limited gaming o_O and it worked beautifully (on some games). But now the machine is close to being a brick. And I don't have enough external storage space to do a full backup and rerun a clean install, so I'd like to try and fix it19:34
lordievaderAre the drive(s) Sata?19:35
lordievaderIf so, you can then just transfer them to a newer machine ;)19:35
DragginOh… The hard drive situation, yes... Need to fill you in on that, I think19:36
yotuxI think he has old IDE drives19:38
DragginOh - something I should probably also mention (and an error that I've seen pop up here and there) is that I'm running this machine on a WD Blue Advanced Format 1TB drive using GPT (that's what it's called, right...? As in not MBR) Took me two days to read up about properly initialising, formatting and installing it, but it's worked beautifully ever since. Now, I seem to be getting error messages possibly relating to that19:39
DragginI see messages about sda1 VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem, qnx4 no qnx4 filesystem (no root dir), ufs: you didn't specify the type of your ufs filesystem.19:40
lordievaderWhere do you see those messages?19:43
lordievaderSure, but where? Reading logs, at boot, etc?19:46
DragginNo - it's being output to the screen during the process19:48
lordievaderDuring what process?19:48
DragginThat's why I asked what logs and things I should be looking at - I have no idea where to start troubleshooting this mess19:48
Dragginlordievader, during an apt-get19:48
lordievaderWut? That is really strange...19:48
lordievaderGood logs for this kind of things is the syslog, kern and dmesg logs.19:49
DragginOh - the other thing that happens (after getting rid of nVidia), when I boot, I see the kubuntu loader screen, but immediately afterwards, it gets stuck on a screen that just says "starting version 219" in the top left corner. Nothing else happening. I have to ctrl+alt+f1 to get to another tty to be able to log in to do anything19:49
DragginOkay. lordievader - they're all in /var/log?19:50
lordievaderYes, that is where the logs go.19:51
DragginI do see a sda3 re-mounted opts: errors=remount-ro message in the kern.log...19:52
lordievaderTime to check your disks.19:53
DragginThat's fsck, right...?19:54
lordievaderYes. But you likely need a live-cd for it. Or at least I guess the root-fs is on sda3.19:57
DragginCan confirm that - the root filesystem is on sda3 according to fstab19:58
DragginWhere can I see *what* errors caused it to be remounted as RO19:58
lordievaderA read/write error...20:00
Dragginlordievader, I also just got these same messages in the terminal when I ran sudo update-grub20:00
lordievaderI bet.20:00
lordievaderIt is time to fsck and check the smart data.20:00
lordievaderI suspect a failing disk.20:00
kaddi_Smurphy, just wanted to let you know that the bluetooth is working now.. Not sure what happened, I tried to fix it for an entire day.. the next day I booted and the bluetooth was automatically detected20:00
DragginWhy the need for a live CD? Can't I run fsck here?20:00
lordievaderNo, fsck requires the filesystem to be unmounted/unused.20:01
kaddistill don't know what happened, but it wasn't a defective device in the end20:01
DragginOhhh, I see... Darn20:02
lordievaderYou can check the smart data in your install though.20:02
DragginI have a Knoppix disc here somewhere, let me dig20:03
lordievaderInstall smartmontools if smartctl ain't available, else: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda20:03
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Dragginlordievader, https://paste.kde.org/ppmbaeeln20:17
lordievaderApart from the command_timeout it looks to be in good-health.20:20
DragginI have no idea how to read that output :)20:21
DragginThis drive is less than a year old though, so it shouldn't have problems, really...20:21
lordievaderWell, the important part are the reallocated sectors and pending sectors (these should be zero). Also anything with error in the tile (these should be as low as possible).20:24
DragginWhat are all those "pre-fail" and "old-age" headings?20:26
Dragginlordievader, so what now…? fsck?20:28
lordievaderDraggin: Those pre-fail/old-age you can ignore. Even new drives have those labels...20:30
DragginPhew... Was just worrying there...20:31
DragginKay. I'll have to go read up on fsck then and find a bloody live CD in my mess somewhere20:33
Dragginlordievader, thanks for your assistance thus far.20:46
lordievaderNo problem.20:46
DragginI'm going to have to get to bed though. Hopefully I can locate one of my live CDs tomorrow and see if fsck turns up something20:46
Dragginthanks again :)20:46
DragginGood night!20:46
hudsonkemkde plasma 5.4.2 and 5.4.3, cannt change desktop layout to folder view.21:16
hudsonkemsorry my mistake, forgot to unlock widgets -_-21:19
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Carolhow can I download Kubuntu 15.04?23:48
CarolI want to put it in my pendrive23:49
Carolanyone can tell me? I see no links to download it anywhere23:49
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