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tachibanai love you lubuntu08:29
tachibanai have so many improvement ideas for you but I cant code fluently08:30
jdxtachibana,  you can go to the bug tracker and make feature requests08:35
tachibanait's so annoying that you gotta know a 6 key hashcode to change the time format in lxde08:36
tachibanaarmy time is for betas08:37
tachibanabetas that fantasize about getting bossed around by drill sergeants and possibly even about getting drilled by said 'drill seargents'08:39
tachibanathis is low cpu resources stuck on yoda's planet luke skywalker master race08:40
tachibananot scooterpuff jr. with extra turtle wax master race08:40
Paul-ZUmm... What is the packname of desktop pages setting? thanks16:08
Paul-Zis there a list of all of lxde pack?16:10
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Guest53668i have a really old pc with 128 kb ram18:18
Guest53668what lubuntu or lxle is best for it?18:18
bioterror128 kb?18:23
liberi removed some pkgs including xorg mesa and gpu driver and installed them again a little after that but now x wont start18:27
liberonly error it gives is /usr/bin/openbox error wile loading shared libraries: libEGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: no suck file or directory18:28
liberwhat is this about, i am a bit lost18:28
ianorlinliber: you need graphics drivers to run X18:30
liberthey are installed, all of the removed pkgs18:30
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