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tsimonq2ogra_: is there a more up-to-date release of Snappy that I can download? Maybe 15.10 or Xenial? The tutorial just says 15.0416:32
ogra_you can use rolling (xenial based)  when you build your own image with ubuntu-device-flash16:32
tsimonq2ogra_: how?16:33
tsimonq2ogra_: and isn't there just an equivelent to do-release-upgrade in snappy?16:34
ogra_updates are installed automatically when new images are released by default16:34
ogra_(you can turn that off with "snappy config ubuntu-core" if you do not want that)16:35
tsimonq2oh, so could I just do snappy update and it will automatically be rolling then?16:35
ogra_but they will only remain within the channel you originally instaleld16:35
ogra_if you use a 15.04 image it will auto-update if there i a new 15..0416:35
ogra_you wont be able to switch over to the rolling channel16:35
ogra_(thins might change once we dropped all of system-image)16:36
tsimonq2ogra_: so there is NO way whatsoever to switch the channel? No sources.list change?16:37
ogra_not currently, no16:37
tsimonq2oh, ok16:37
ogra_as i said, that will likely change once we dropped system-image16:37
tsimonq2ogra_: is there a download link for a rolling amd64 image?16:37
ogra_no, there is no such thing, you have to create one yourself16:37
ogra_ sudo ubuntu-device-flash core --channel=edge --oem=generic-amd64 -o test.img rolling16:37
ogra_that should get you one16:38
ogra_(probably add --install=webdm)16:38
ogra_(and --enable-ssh)16:38
Guest74213tsimonq2, tsimonq2 it doesn't work on xenial, try on 14.04 Determining oem configuration16:40
Guest74213generic-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found16:40
tsimonq2Guest74213: I just did sudo apt -y install snappy16:40
tsimonq2oh...but one removes the other16:41
tsimonq2ogra_! what packages do I need installed for this? I am running xenial16:41
ogra_just ubuntu-device-flash should be enough ... it should pull the needed dependencies16:41
Guest74213ogra_, it doesn't work on xenial16:41
tsimonq2ogra_: this is what I am getting: generic-amd64 failed to install: snappy package not found16:42
Guest74213yes, me 216:42
ogra_try adding https://launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/+archive/ubuntu/image16:42
tsimonq2ok, trying now16:42
ogra_seems the last snappy upload FTBFS16:43
ogra_so it might be uninstallable atm16:43
ogra_(xenial is a devel release after all :P )16:43
tsimonq2ogra_: what do I have to do after the ppa? the package is already installed16:44
Guest74213The following packages will be upgraded:16:45
Guest74213  golang-snappy-dev ubuntu-snappy-cli16:45
Guest74213Warning: The home dir /nonexistent you specified can't be accessed: No such file or directory16:46
Guest74213The system user `snappypkg' already exists.  Exiting.16:46
Guest74213and the same error16:46
tsimonq2it went fine for me...16:46
Guest74213so can you make the image now?16:46
tsimonq2still the same error16:47
Guest74213yeah :'(16:47
tsimonq2I'm wondering if I should just pull up a 14.04 VM and build it there, then transfer it over16:47
tsimonq2(to the host system)16:47
* tsimonq2 trys that16:47
Guest74213tsimonq2, after that try to install this snap https://uappexplorer.com/app/classic.mvo16:49
Guest74213tsimonq2, https://uappexplorer.com/app/classic.mvo16:50
Guest74213tsimonq2, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/snappy-devel/2015-November/001290.html16:50
tsimonq2well stahp, let me get it installed first jeez us16:50
Guest74213by all16:58
tsimonq2I have the Lubuntu 14.04.3 VM ready16:58
tsimonq2so what do I install?16:58
ogra_you enable the above PPA and install ubuntu-device-flash17:05
* tsimonq2 met dependency errors and got frustrated, so he is going to give in to just using 15.04 for now17:08
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tsimonq2ogra_: looking to build a snap for irssi, is it easy enough to just port it, or do I have to tweak it a lot?17:33
tsimonq2ogra_: and what do I do abou dependencies?17:33
ogra_create a snapcraft file, it will care for the deps any everything17:34
ogra_(for that you want to install snapcraft indeed ... there is some PPA for it too)17:35
tsimonq2already installed17:40
tsimonq2ogra_: following https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/packaging-format-apps/, running "snapcraft" in my irssi directory that I created with my snapcraft.yaml file just outputs that I am missing the parts property, but it isn't listed on that link. What's the reason?17:46
ogra_dunno, someone didnt update the docs yet  ?17:46
ogra_take a look at that snapcraft.yaml17:47
ogra_at the bottom you see the packages it is supposed to install17:48
ogra_so create your own parts block :)17:48
* tsimonq2 already found it here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps/your-first-snap/17:48
tsimonq2but thanks :)17:48
tsimonq2so I just need to list ALL of the dependencies?17:49
tsimonq2ogra_: ok, so irssi is on Github and requires some dependencies, is there any way that I could just clone it from Github, then add/edit some config files, and it will work?17:59
tsimonq2ogra_: or will it require a complete rewrite?18:00
ogra_tsimonq2, i think thats easy, but i have never done it ... my packages usually just use debs from the archive18:18
ogra_you dont need to llist any dependencies18:18
tsimonq2ogra_: well irssi IS in the repos, so I COULD do THAT too18:18
ogra_see my file above ... it onnly defines bip and openssl18:19
ogra_deps are pulled automatically into the snap18:19
tsimonq2oh cool18:20
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