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denbeiren_i'm running a file transfer from a livecd to my backuplocation, the pc seems to be frozen up08:29
denbeiren_i can see the capslock led blink08:29
denbeiren_screen is black08:30
denbeiren_any way to revive the pc?08:30
flocculantdenbeiren_: h- this isn't a support channel - try #ubuntu :)08:33
denbeiren_so i should see this one as discussion?08:34
flocculantno this is where the people working on desktop hang out and is like a desert during the weekend :)08:35
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* Laney sprays sand all over flocculant 13:09
flocculantI thought you might :p13:14
flocculanton the plus side I grabbed the libgtk stuff from -proposed and I've not got 'normous grey borders anymore ;)13:18
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