darkxsteliasps, you done any C programming?00:49
eliaspsdarkxst Yes, I have.00:50
darkxsteliasps, ok got a fairly simple bug for to work on then if you want00:50
eliaspsOk, good! I wanted to get involved with this. I'll work on it tomorrow morning first thing because it;s 3 am here. What is it?00:51
darkxstvino part of bug 151881300:51
ubot5bug 1518813 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "sharing panel fails to properly launch required daemons" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151881300:51
eliaspsOk, bookmarked :)!00:52
darkxstvino-server needs to be patch to ignore the gsettings "enabled" key at startup when running under GNOME00:52
darkxstyou can get the current DE with XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP00:53
eliaspsIt's GNOME, on xenial, so it's ok.00:54
darkxsteliasps, I mean you can check it from the C code, and then ignore the gsetting and just run server anyway00:55
darkxstsession = g_getenv ("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP");00:56
darkxstif (session && strstr (session, "GNOME"))00:56
eliaspsOh, got it! Thanks. I'll ping you when I have something, because I might need some guidance on uploading the patch..00:57
darkxstsimple patches can be done with quilt new00:58
darkxstbut generally I just use git, then export to quilt00:58
eliaspsI'll use git as well at first then.00:59
freakyyhi all. is there any way i can change the profile picture at the gdm login screen?01:01
eliaspsfreakyy hi, you can through system settings > user accounts01:02
freakyyeliasps: thank you :)01:05
eliaspsno problem.01:05
LinDolhi all :)01:07
LinDolgood morning freakyy , eliasps  :-)01:07
eliaspsGood morning LinDol01:07
JohnnyComeL8lyWell, good evening, LinDol. :)01:07
LinDolWow ;)01:08
freakyyhi LinDol01:08
JohnnyComeL8lyCentral time, USA01:08
JohnnyComeL8lyNear Houston, TX.01:08
LinDolyou are 8 PM?01:09
darkxsthey LinDol01:16
LinDoldarkxst, hi :)01:17
freakyywhat ubuntu gnome r u all using?01:25
freakyyi think i have .16 installed01:26
LinDolI have put ubuntu gnome 15.10( WW) :)01:26
freakyyyea smae here01:26
freakyyis there anyhting new ppl need to know?01:27
LinDolsorry, what does 'ppl' mean?01:27
darkxstfreakyy, xenial01:27
freakyywhats xenial01:27
darkxst16.04 development series01:28
freakyyah ko01:28
freakyyi dotn want tht01:28
freakyymight be hanging in system and unable to do anything01:28
LinDoloh , on your 15.10?01:28
freakyyno on xenial01:28
darkxstfreakyy, what do you want to know? just ask if you have questions01:29
LinDolah... okay01:29
freakyyi was jsut curious if theres any must have app or something01:29
darkxstwell we include app (what we believe) are must have apps in the default install01:29
darkxstanything else becomes, personal preference really01:29
freakyyare u from the dev team?01:30
darkxstfreakyy, there is also lots of info on the wiki, but mostly aimed towards contributing to the project01:30
darkxsthead dev01:31
freakyyoh ok nice ;D01:31
freakyyi like ubuntu-gnome01:31
freakyybut im really new to it so01:31
freakyyi cant say much01:31
freakyymay i tell u waht i dont like?01:31
freakyyi dont like the title bar of windows beeing so big and wasting space somehow ... first u have the taskbar then the title bar ... and the title bar is even extra big01:32
freakyythats the only thing i dont like so far01:32
darkxstwindow titlebar or headerbar (the ones with buttons etc)01:33
darkxstthere are probably themes that can make the window titlebar smaller01:33
darkxstthe inconsistency of apps using titlebar vs headerbar is annoying, but can't do anything about that01:34
freakyyyes i need to ahve a look01:34
darkxstI have old school 4:3 monitors, so the height issue doesnt really bother me01:35
freakyyis this a theme i could use http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/zonColor+Themes+Pack?content=15618901:40
freakyy? i mean its said to be for unity too01:40
freakyyand its from 2013?01:42
darkxstfreakyy, it would need to specifically support GTK 3.1601:42
freakyyoh ok01:42
freakyyhm, i cant find a good theme01:52
darkxstnumix is quite popular01:52
freakyyok lemme check01:53
darkxstdon't know if it resizes titlebars though01:54
freakyyno it doesnt resize title bars02:04
freakyyalso firefox has a titlebar i dont think it should have one ... everywhere else the title bar was removed from firefox so itlooks like google chrome02:07
freakyybut yea i can live with it02:07
freakyymaybe one day it will get fixed ;D02:07
freakyybtw, is there any other popular theme?02:07
LinDolhaha This is supported to you for modifying themes :)02:10
darkxstfirefox still uses gtk2 on linux, so it will always have a titlebar02:10
darkxstone did when its ported to gtk3, it can be made to look like windows/chrome etc02:11
darkxst^one day02:11
darkxstno idea if that still works though02:12
freakyynah i dont wnna customize too much02:13
freakyyi will keep it like it is now02:13
LinDoldarkxst, This extension will be hide THE titlebar that filefox has?02:15
darkxstLinDol, only when maximised and its old, don't know if it has been maintained for recent versions02:15
darkxstfreakyy, try epiphany browser then ;)02:16
LinDoldarkxst, thank you for your suggestion :) I will try to put this extextion ;-)02:17
freakyydarkxst: no id like to stay with firefox02:19
freakyyit has all my stuff synced through windows and linux02:19
freakyyand pcs02:19
lindoloh hohoho02:25
lindolWhen Firefox is maximized,02:25
lindoltitle bar has been hided :)02:25
lindolThank you darkxst :)02:25
lindoloh yes yes good :)02:27
darkxstlindol, :)02:43
freakyyim off, good night all ;D03:21
lindolfreakyy, have a great dream :)03:22
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lindolI am translating WW release note to Korean.08:29
lindolAfter finishing to translate, Could i add link in original page?08:30
lindolbecause I didn't find any other languages on original page08:30
darkxst_lindol, I guess so, but don't really know08:33
darkxst_email the wiki/docs list perhaps?08:33
darkxst_there may even have been a translation team at one point?08:34
lindolum.. Okay, I am trying to translate release note to Korean first and then,08:35
lindolI will send email to mailing list to add link :)08:35
lindolfor https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuGNOME/ page :)08:35
darkxst_lindol, yea I got that, normally I would say just contact Ali, but think he is taking time off atm08:36
darkxst_lindol, we want better release notes for 16.04 if you interested ;) (english of course)08:37
darkxst_something more like a blog post, with screenshots capturing the new features ;)08:38
lindol16.04 release note has been in our blog(ubuntu-gnome.org) already? :)08:38
darkxst_lindol, no, not yet08:39
darkxst_you could create it though08:39
lindoloh sorry for my misunderstanding08:39
lindoli understood now08:39
lindolbut I am not ready haha for creating original page :)08:40
darkxst_lindol plenty of time to learn08:47
lindolThank you darkxst_  :)08:48
lindolyou are my teacher haha08:48
lindoloh i have a good news.08:48
lindolwhen i was try to test for english specking,08:48
lindolI have gotten new grade08:48
darkxst_lindol, great!08:48
lindolOpic IM1 level08:49
lindolThank you for your teaching and all of member in ubuntu gnome community :)08:49
darkxst_lol, you realise I am trying to recruit you for english tasks ;)08:50
freakyyhm i just installed http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Faenza?content=12814308:50
freakyythis icon theme08:50
freakyyit looks really good :)08:50
lindoldarkxst_, haha thank you :)08:50
lindolfreakyy, i think it was good08:51
lindolI think that icon theme looks like android or i os icon style08:53
freakyylindol: i don tknow i like it. it are small handy icons and even the battery icon i didnt like was replaced ;D08:56
lindolthat is ok.08:59
lindol:) but I tend to like defaut theme haha,09:00
freakyyi have a question09:00
freakyycan i use this gtk3 theme, even though it is .18 and not .16? http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/White?content=17384009:00
lindolAfter Ubuntu Gnome having a dark-themes.09:00
lindolI think it is possible09:01
darkxst_lindol, that is up to the artwork team09:02
lindolWhite   3.18.novo09:02
lindolGTK 3.x Theme/Style09:02
lindolohh :) time to have some dinner :) have a good time.  :)09:04
freakyyok i used another theme09:11
freakyyit looks really good09:11
freakyyu lov eit09:11
freakyyits called cetic-2 ... i use the ubuntu repo http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ceti-2+-+Theme?content=16752809:12
darkxst_freakyy, the only them I use, is the solarized terminal theme09:14
freakyyhow does it look can u give me a screenshot?09:14
freakyyi use normal terminal with background09:14
darkxst_freakyy, just try it! its shipped with gnome-terminal09:14
freakyyoh how to?09:16
freakyyah found it09:16
freakyyno ill stay with black on gray09:16
freakyya bit transparent background09:16
freakyyand everything looks nice09:16
freakyyim here connected over ssh with my server, set up screen and in ther ei run weechat09:17
freakyyand thatshow i got o irc ;D09:17
darkxst_just saying solarized and powerline, make for a pretty nice terminal ;)09:23
freakyyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9PxjOw3B_A heres my terminal ... the gtk theme etc. arent recent anymore09:28
freakyyi now use the vertex theme09:28
freakyyits more recent than the celtic one and look very smilar09:29
freakyyi mvery happy with gnome now ;D09:29
freakyynow id only need the very latest gnome but yea ...09:30
freakyyin 5 months there will be a new lts version anyway so09:30
freakyyi think im gonna wait for that09:30
darkxst_you can get 3.18 from gnome3-staging ppa09:30
darkxst_that is pretty stable now09:32
freakyydarkxst_: do u work on gnome-3 staging?09:32
darkxst_freakyy, its maintained by the ubuntu GNOME team, so yea09:33
freakyymy problem is, i have ppa-purge installed but ... when i upgrade im scared ill forget purging the ppas09:33
freakyyand even if i dont forget i need to collect th einformation how to remove the ppas09:33
freakyyok ill add gnome staging repos now09:34
freakyyi also ahve to add gnome3 other repos aswell right?09:34
freakyylemme do it now09:34
darkxst_thats probably less of a problem these days since we just backprort most packages after release09:34
darkxst_during development though its a minefield09:36
darkxst_that will start soon for xenial/staging09:36
freakyylk i added both repos and created an unisntall-upgrade.txt file where i collect the repos i need to purge09:40
freakyybtw, if i press alt-tab and have 2 terminals open, how do i switch between the two terminals, pressing alt tab just continues to the next program open09:40
freakyyi have a german keyboard09:41
darkxst_freakyy, the key left of 109:41
freakyythanks :D09:41
freakyyok now the apt-get update09:42
darkxst_that will switch between the instances of current focused app09:42
freakyyok so let's see if this works with my laptop ;D09:43
* darkxst_ goes, night09:43
freakyygood night darkxst_  and thank you fro your help :)09:43
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freakyymy windows 10 when i upgraded to win10 ... trashed my sound driver everything cam eout scratched etc. like if the sound was too loud now in ubuntu everything works fine ;D09:54
freakyydarkxst: r u there? i have a problem. http://postimg.org/image/o2ojj7fl5/ <-- as u can see, in ubuntu software center the entries are white on white :(17:25
freakyyim using a theme17:25
freakyydo i have to report that to the theme author?17:25
freakyyi posted a bug report at their github17:46
freakyyhm i cant find a good cursor theme ill stick to the default18:26
freakyyah it installed itself again21:30
freakyyi hope i have everything recent installed now ;D21:31
freakyyok guys, im gonna take a shower now21:31
freakyyl8r all21:31
freakyydarkxst: ive installed the latest gnome from the ppas but still i cant set dim screen on battery mode?21:48
darkxstfreakyy, brightness?21:57
freakyydarkxst: yea21:59
freakyyin settings --> Battery21:59
freakyyor Power21:59
freakyyin Power22:00
freakyygnome .18 has a new feature to automatically reduce the brightness when u are on battery22:00
freakyybut i dont have that listed?22:01
darkxsti don't know about that either, file a bug22:01
freakyyor wait maybe i need to restart22:04
freakyyill do that ina minute22:05
freakyyfirst ill isntall qweechat22:05
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darkxstfreakyy, does you laptop have a light sensor?22:50
freakyydarkxst: no22:52
freakyybut its said to dim the light when on battery mode22:52
darkxstthen you won't see that new option22:52
freakyyoh ok22:52
freakyyi have spaghetties ;D22:52
freakyywith sauce22:52
freakyy:) *eats*22:52
freakyyi love my new desktop22:53
freakyyi only have to boot into windows if i wanna play guildwars 222:53
darkxstI don't even have a windows partition here ;)22:54
freakyydarkxst: yes u probably dont play games. even with fglrx driver the game runs slow as it can only be run in wine22:57
freakyyi use weechat on server and go to irc ssh --> screen --> weechat22:59
freakyyi think its the best way so i never have to set up irc anywhere22:59
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freakyynow im connected to my weechat using glowing-bear ... but its no standalone client sadly23:09
freakyyok maybe the wrong channel to talk about that23:09
freakyydarkxst: what langauge do u code in for gnome?23:11
darkxstfreakyy, mostly its C, but some apps use vala and gnome-shell uses javascript for the UI23:41
freakyyhm ok ;)23:41
freakyyi know a bit java23:41
freakyybut i dont know what i could code23:41
darkxstno I don't really play games23:42
freakyydarkxst: ;)23:42
freakyyi only play gw223:42
freakyybut i own a minecraft server - but i only administrate it23:42
darkxstbest place to start is too find and fix bugs ;)23:43
freakyywrong channel23:55

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