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bazhang [blb31750] (~blb31750@ /home/alex/bin/irclogbot.sh18:03
ikoniathis guy again18:04
bazhangwonder if thats a logbot18:04
bazhang<ilyass> what do you do her in #ubuntu technical support channel ???18:34
bazhangmostly play with the bot18:34
ikoniaso he knows what the channel is then ?18:34
bazhangsure, thats a longtime visitor18:35
ikoniawhy do they behave like this and play dumb ?18:36
bazhangfrom #ubuntu-dz or whatever the kazeri channel is18:36
bazhanghe's always been that way18:36
bazhanghad to track him to his loco ubuntu channel and ask the ops there to ban him unless he quit the trolling18:37
bazhangerr azerbaijan18:37
ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu (kodis4piracy)21:01
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