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Sprocksdoes anyone know how i would go about connecting my Ubuntu server to a PPTP server?06:49
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Sprocksdoes anyone know how i would go about connecting my Ubuntu server to a PPTP server?09:27
eahmedshendyHi I have this in my auth.log (Ubuntu 14.04): http://paste.ubuntu.com/13556599/10:55
eahmedshendyIs that something to be afraid of ?10:55
eahmedshendyOr what does is mean, I am new in Linux administration, and I just search for something weired10:55
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Seveaseahmedshendy: the POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT is just a ridiculous message you can ignore12:40
eahmedshendySeveas: OK :)12:41
Seveasth rest of the message means that your ISP (assuming it's your ip address in that message) has misconfigured their DNS.12:41
Seveasopenssh likes to whine about that while in reality many ISPs make mistakes there.12:42
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profallI get a new server and open up /etc/network/interfaces to add my new static IPs just like I have done a thousand times before and.....17:09
profallthe primary network interface goes like...17:09
profallauto p1p217:09
profalliface p1p2 inet static17:09
profallThat is the main IP already configured, and I tried auto eth0 down below with a new IP and all of that and it did not work. How do I add new static IPs17:10
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profallNevermind, fixed.17:46
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lordievaderprofall: You are running 15.10?19:22
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Ricky_Rat5005 I have googled the 'snot' out this. I am trying to install tftp server on Ubuntu 14. I am following this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/201505/how-do-i-install-and-run-a-tftp-server but when I do an apt-get install xinetd tftpd tftp it gets to setting up xinetd and just hangs.19:59
X-RobRicky_Rat5005: setting up xinetd hanging is usually a DNS issue20:05
X-Robmake sure you can 'ping google.com'20:05
X-Robyou may need to wait, too20:05
X-Robso try 'apt-get install xinetd' and wait for a while20:06
Ricky_Rat5005ping google.com works fine.20:07
X-RobOdd. I'm 100% sure that it works-for-me. Which isn't much of an answer, I know.20:08
Ricky_Rat5005Should I ctrl-c and try the apt-get install xinetd then? It's been over 15 minutes installing so far with no change20:08
X-RobYes, just xinetd20:08
X-Robyou should also try rebooting first20:08
X-Robsomething may be half started and be blocking20:08
Ricky_Rat5005X-Rob rebooting now.20:08
X-RobI realise that's not a unix-y thing to do, but you're obviously still in setup 8)20:08
Ricky_Rat5005X-Rob LOL... whatever works!20:09
Ricky_Rat5005says dpkg interrupted, run dpkg --configure -a (which I am doing now)20:11
Ricky_Rat5005now it's setting up xnetd.... I'll wait... how long is 'normal'? (I know varies with server speed, but just a ballpark)20:12
drmessanoThere was probably something hung before you started these installs20:12
drmessanoWhich wouldn't clear until dpkg --configure a20:13
drmessanoSo anything after that would install, but hang20:13
Ricky_Rat5005ok, I'll let it run. About how long would you say (generally)20:13
drmessanoAre you seeing any output on the console?20:14
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano nope20:14
X-RobRicky_Rat5005: On my ubuntu 14 machine, a small package like xinetd shouldn't take more than 30 secs or so to install20:16
X-Robhowever, drmessano there is more knowledgeable about this stuff than I am.20:16
Ricky_Rat5005X-Rob yeah, with most things it's pretty instant, but for some reason it doesn't like this.20:16
X-Robdrmessano: is there a debug on dpkg so you can see what it's hanging on? I'm guessing there's something in the install script that is doing something unexpected20:17
drmessanoWhich package did you last install?  Which Ubuntu release is this?20:18
drmessanoX-Rob: there is a dpkg log.20:19
drmessanoReally need to debug the process that's hanging.. Standard log files would apply20:20
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano not sure which was b4 this one / 14.0420:21
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano what do I need to pastebin to help?20:22
drmessanoTry a Ctrl-C20:23
drmessanoJust curious if the script is just hung20:23
Ricky_Rat5005ok, I am back at cli20:23
drmessanoso run that dpkg command again20:24
Ricky_Rat5005going back to setting up xinetd20:27
Ricky_Rat5005still stuck20:33
drmessanoDid you run that command again?20:33
drmessanoand it ran fine?20:33
Ricky_Rat5005just ran again and I think it worked this time.20:34
drmessanoOk.. so that tells me your system state is fine.. Something with this install20:35
Ricky_Rat5005xinetd start/running, process 344120:35
drmessanoThats promising20:36
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano yes. now to test tftp...20:37
Ricky_Rat5005something still isn't right. /etc/init.d/xinetd staus returns * is not running20:44
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Ricky_Rat5005one sec...20:45
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Try starting it manually, in a terminal.20:45
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Without using /etc/init.d/xinetd20:45
Ricky_Rat5005service xinetd start says start/running process xxxxx  so looks like that part is working, however when i try tftp and then get test (a file I placed in /tftpboot) it times out.20:49
bekksUse the xinetd binary, not the service facility.20:50
Ricky_Rat5005bekks not sure what you mean by that.20:51
bekksDo not use /etc/init.d/xinetd or service xinetd, but use the xinetd binary itself for starting/stopping.20:51
bekksSo you can check wether you have syntax errors in your config files, etc.20:51
Ricky_Rat5005bekks what is the command for that please?20:52
Ricky_Rat5005xinetd returns nothing20:52
bekksThen look at the startup script in /etc/init.d/xinetd to see which parameters are needed.20:53
Ricky_Rat5005bekks not sure what I am looking for in that file.20:55
bekksThe parameters passed to the xinetd binary.20:55
Ricky_Rat5005bekks I am a linux newbie... Still not following. I need the 'for dummies' version of that please.20:56
bekksThat was the "for dummies" version...20:57
bekksIn the /etc/init.d/xinetd file, the xinetd binary is called with some parameters.20:57
Ricky_Rat5005bekks well that's an ego boost... Is this what you are asking: "Usage: /etc/init.d/xinetd {start|stop|reload|force-reload|restart|status}"20:58
bekksRicky_Rat5005: No.20:58
Ricky_Rat5005would a pastebin of the file help?20:59
bekksNo. It is your job to find the parameters passed to the xinetd binary.20:59
Ricky_Rat5005bekks ok, I am trying to provide the correct info...21:01
RoyKRicky_Rat5005: http://bfy.tw/31xv21:02
Ricky_Rat5005RoyK Not helpful sir. I am trying. I have googled this.21:03
Ricky_Rat5005I am not lazy, just new21:03
RoyKRicky_Rat5005: atftpd is far better than the old one, and runs as a daemon21:04
RoyK(x)inetd is decades old - better use something better21:05
X-RobRicky_Rat5005: 'ps auxw | grep inetd'21:06
X-Robis there an xinetd running?21:06
X-Robif not, ps auxw | grep xxxxx , but replace xxxx with whatever process number you had earlier21:07
RoyKX-Rob: pidof inetd, perhaps21:07
RoyKstill, I'd recommend using atftpd21:07
X-RobProbably, if that's available on 14.04?21:08
RoyKit is21:08
RoyKit's old, but still far more updated than the old inetd-based inetd21:09
* RoyK only uses (x)inetd at gunpoint21:10
X-RobRoyK: the background you don't know is that this is a PBX In A Flash install. This is a pile of shellscripts that installs huge amounts of crap for no real reason (eg: iscsi terminator. On a PBX. WTF). It's quite possible that something NEEDS xinetd and has broken it as part of the install.21:10
RoyKX-Rob: termiantor? or was that target? or initiator?21:11
X-RobThe guy who writes it doesn't accept bug reports, and bans you if you try to submit them. I'm not joking.21:12
* RoyK has never heard of an iscsi terminaltor and wonders if it's made of liquid metal or not21:12
bekksX-Rob: So is that stuff running on some Ubuntu?21:12
Ricky_Rat5005ok, atftpd installed now. X-Rob will it work with freepbx?21:14
drmessanobekks: unfortunately21:14
drmessanobekks: we've repeatedly sent him nasty tweets asking him to not allow his crap code to install on Ubuntu or even Debian, and he refuses21:15
drmessanoI told him "Slackware works for everyone"21:15
drmessanoBut nooooo21:15
drmessanoRicky_Rat5005: FreePBX doesn't care what tftd is running.. Nor does anything else21:16
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano ok.21:16
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano is configure same?21:17
drmessanoRicky_Rat5005: it's tftpd.  You install, put files there, it serves them21:18
drmessanoWhat is there really to configure?21:19
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano in OSS Endpoint I now get "local tftp server is not correctly configured"21:19
drmessanoDo you have the permissions correct?21:19
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano probably not!21:20
drmessanoSo go look21:20
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano A little help on that step please (or a lot of help)21:22
Ricky_Rat5005I have apt-get install atftpd but there isn't much I can find to go to the next step...permissons, config, test... doesn't seem like it's the same as tftpd.21:29
bekksRicky_Rat5005: its totally the same - do you know what TFTP is used for?21:30
Ricky_Rat5005bekks yes21:30
drmessanoa TFTPd is a TFTPd21:30
drmessanoThey all do the same thing21:30
bekksRicky_Rat5005: So you know that aftftpd does the same thing as tftpd.21:31
drmessanoCheck the permissions on the folder21:31
Ricky_Rat5005the tftpboot folder?21:31
* drmessano hates windows terms21:31
drmessanoCheck the config in EPM.. make sure it's looking for the same location21:32
drmessano./tftpboot != /var/lib/tftpboot21:32
drmessanoSo make sure that's not your issue21:33
Ricky_Rat5005Yes it's looking for /tftpboot/ in EPM21:33
X-RobRicky_Rat5005: there's a command line tftp client. You want to test with that first. Make sur eyou get a file not found error21:33
drmessanoYou need to fix that.. that's some Wart crap21:34
drmessanoPoint EPM to /var/lib/tftpboot21:34
RoyKRicky_Rat5005: the tftp dir is configurable21:34
RoyKRicky_Rat5005: don't use something on the root21:34
Ricky_Rat5005ok, /var/lib/tftpboot doesn't even exist, creating it now21:35
Ricky_Rat5005I did chmod -R 777 /var/lib/tftpboot/ and chown -R nobody /var/lib/tftpboot/ OSS still says local tftp server not configured correctly21:40
Ricky_Rat5005and it is set to that dir in EPM21:40
Ricky_Rat5005tftp though says /usr/bin/tftp No such file or dir.21:42
bekksSo is there a binary named like that?21:43
drmessanotftpd is not ftp21:43
drmessanoTry to grab a file21:43
X-RobRicky_Rat5005: apt-get install tftp21:44
X-Robor tftp-client or whatever it's called21:44
X-Robyou can use apt-cache search tftp21:45
Ricky_Rat5005So I need that in additon to atftpd or instead of?21:45
drmessanoYou need a CLIENT to test21:46
drmessanoYou dont have a CLIENT21:46
drmessanoYou have a SERVER21:46
Ricky_Rat5005ok, so I have tftp installed now. I tftp (my server ip). I have a file called test in the /var/lib/tftp boot dir, but when I get test it says file not found21:48
Ricky_Rat5005correction /var/lib/tftpboot dir21:49
drmessanoVerify atftpd is looking there21:51
drmessanoCheck the config21:51
Ricky_Rat5005ok, where does atftpd config file live?21:51
drmessanoWhere would you think it resided?21:52
drmessanoTry /etc.. Look for it21:52
Ricky_Rat5005I am asking as I did look there.21:53
Ricky_Rat5005looks like it want's to use /tftpboot, but I am being told here to use /var/lib/tftpboot21:58
drmessanoWhat does?  the config?21:58
drmessanothe config file on your system?21:59
drmessanoBe specific.. "it" doesn't tell me anything21:59
Ricky_Rat5005sorry the link you sent says to create /tftpboot (from root) so I am assuming that is the default. The link says nothing (that I can see) about changing that.22:00
drmessanoRicky_Rat5005: ???22:00
drmessanoI didnt send you the guide so you can change everything around22:01
drmessanoIt shows you the key locations and permissions22:01
drmessanoGo check YOUR Config file22:02
Ricky_Rat5005previously in this chat I was told not to use /tftpboot22:02
drmessanoYOU WERE22:02
drmessanoGo check YOUR Config file22:02
Ricky_Rat5005is that /etc/default/atftpd ?22:03
drmessanoRight there in the guide22:04
drmessano10 mins to check your config for a path.. come on22:04
Ricky_Rat5005this is the config file. I assume I need to change /srv/tftp to /var/lib/tftpboot is that right? http://pastebin.com/ZVTnLAru22:08
bekksOr you keep using /srv/tftp and configure the content in ther.22:09
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Ricky_Rat5005ok, for simplicity I set it up exactly as the link suggests. /tftpboot I have the test file in /tftpboot Here is the config file http://pastebin.com/1eYbAzSP I am doing tftp and then get test I still get file not found.22:18
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bekksAnd you are sure you started atftpd?22:20
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bekksps -ef | grep atftpd22:20
Ricky_Rat5005root      9130  2226  0 15:21 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto atftpd22:21
bekksIts not running...22:22
Ricky_Rat5005bekks hmm, well that sucks... I have tried the start commands in the link.22:29
bekksIn which link?22:29
bekksHow about just starting ther service?22:29
Ricky_Rat5005root@pbx:/etc/default# service atftpd start22:32
Ricky_Rat5005Starting Advanced TFTP server: atftpd.22:32
bekksSo check wether it is started.22:33
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Ricky_Rat5005same thing:22:34
Ricky_Rat5005root@pbx:/etc/default# ps -ef | grep atftpd22:34
Ricky_Rat5005root      9455  2226  0 15:33 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto atftpd22:34
bekksSo look at the init script and see how atftpd is started, then start it manually.22:35
bekksAgain, you need to get the parameters from the init script.22:35
drmessanops -ef | grep tftp22:36
drmessanoProbably has 3 or 4 tftpds running now lol22:37
drmessanoWell not running, installed22:37
Ricky_Rat5005 ps -ef | grep tftp22:37
Ricky_Rat5005root      9504  2226  0 15:37 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto tftp22:37
bekksI'm wondering about what the big picture is - a PBX with tftp?22:38
bekksWhat for? :)22:38
Ricky_Rat5005bekks yes, exactly22:38
Ricky_Rat5005phone provisionoing22:38
bekksah, I see.22:39
drmessanoNeed it to configure the phones22:39
drmessanoIs the path correct?22:39
Ricky_Rat5005this is the path http://pastebin.com/1eYbAzSP22:41
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bekksThats a config file, not a path.22:42
drmessanoThats not /var/lib/tftpboot in the config22:42
drmessanoNot sure if you noticed22:43
drmessanoBut /tftpboot != /var/lib/tftpboot22:43
bekksdrmessano: Well, basically he can use /tftpboot as well, but he has to use a consistent configuration :)22:43
drmessanoI get that22:44
drmessanoTrying to set this up once, and in a way that can be easily supported22:44
drmessanoBecause who knows what else is hosed on this box already22:44
Ricky_Rat5005dr nothing, fresh install22:44
Ricky_Rat5005I am just following this: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-setup-advanced-tftp-server-in-ubuntu.html22:44
Ricky_Rat5005so I'm just trying to use the /tftpboot path22:45
bekksRicky_Rat5005: So did you start atfftpd manually, as I told you?22:45
drmessanoWell sounds like you go it handled22:45
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano is that sarcastic? I'm trying.22:45
Ricky_Rat5005bekks how do I find the parameters from the init script so i can be sure?22:47
bekksRicky_Rat5005: I told you multiple times.22:47
bekksRicky_Rat5005: you need to read and understand the start script, and you need to look at the config file.22:48
Ricky_Rat5005bekks I posted the config file... I don't see what I am missing in there.22:48
bekksRicky_Rat5005: No one said you are missing things in there.22:48
Ricky_Rat5005missing seeing22:49
drmessanoUnless you buy a phone that pulls config from Pastebin.com, you need to start doing what you're being asked22:49
bekksRicky_Rat5005: but in the config file, there are a few parameters already. now look at the start script, get all additional parameters if there are any, and start the service manually.22:49
Ricky_Rat5005drmessano dude, I am trying22:50
bekksdrmessano: Or hire someone who does.22:50
drmessanoThat too22:50
drmessanobekks: there is nothing he needs here more than a simple working tftpd install.  When tftpd is working, if ever, there's a web based manager that generates the config files for the phones.  It simply needs to point to the valid tftpd directory and it spits the files there22:52
drmessanoif you want the "Whole picture"22:52
drmessanoSo nothing fancy or custom or anything other than a 2 minute tftpd install22:52
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bekksah ok.22:52
drmessanoWhich I guess is more like 2 hours now22:53
drmessanoI've never had actual problems doing this on Ubuntu.  It's documented ad nauseum and generally just works out of the box22:54
Ricky_Rat5005Look guys, i appreciate your help, I am trying, and I am trying to follow what you are saying.22:55
drmessanotftpd is every other file transfer protocols little broken that was dropped on its head when it was a baby and just sits around all day eating apples.  There's really nothing to it22:55
drmessanolittle brother*22:55
Ricky_Rat5005ok, so how come it's not working?22:55
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Did you do what I told you to do?22:56
bekksIf no, do it.22:56
bekksIf yes, whats the outcome?22:56
quanticwtf, we're still fighting with a tftp server?22:57
Ricky_Rat5005bekks I don't know what the parameters are. I have looked at the config file. I am not understanding what you are telling me to do.22:57
bekksRicky_Rat5005: So what do you think "OPTIONS" are from line 3: http://pastebin.com/1eYbAzSP ?22:57
bekksquantic: yes.22:57
Ricky_Rat5005I see those, but not sure how to apply them into a cli to get it to start like you are asking. I have tried service atftpd (inserted those options) start23:00
bekksservice atftpd is what I told you to NOT use.23:01
bekkslook at the init script on how atftpd is actually started.23:01
bekksThen, insert all options, and start it, using the full path to the atftpd binary. NOT using servic whatever.23:02
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Ricky_Rat5005ok, like this then? /etc/init.d/atftpd start --tftpd-timeout 300 --retry-timeout 5 --mcast-port 1758 --mcast-addr --mcast-ttl 1 --maxthread 100 --verbose=5 /tftpboot23:04
bekks/etc/init.d/atftpd is the INITSCRIPT. It is NOT the BINARY.23:05
* quantic facepalm.23:05
Ricky_Rat5005I guess I don't understand why there are help channels if people are upset when others ask for help.23:09
bekksWell, we are telling you the same things for hourse now - and you arent even doing what you are told to do.23:09
bekksWouldnt you get upset when that happens to you?23:09
Ricky_Rat5005show me where you told me how to run the binary...and I will do it.23:09
quanticRicky_Rat5005: for one, we absolutely HATE writing walkthroughs. there are tons online already, and configuring a tftp server is seriously basic.23:10
bekksI told you a gazillion of times.23:10
bekksRicky_Rat5005: that proves that you dont even try to understand what people tell you.23:10
bekksI am out of that issue now. Good luck.23:10
Ricky_Rat5005bekks no sir I am trying, but if you don't want to help, I appreicate your time in trying.23:11
bekksRicky_Rat5005: I dont want to repeat myself a million times.23:11
bekksRicky_Rat5005: I told you everything you need to know on how to start that thing manually.23:11
bekksFor two different tftpd servers, already.23:11
bekksDont blame me for your laziness of doing what you are told to.23:12
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Ricky_Rat5005bekks Name calling isn't helpful. I am not lazy. I am trying.23:12
bekksThen why didnt you try tp look at the init script, as I told you often enough?23:12
quanticRicky_Rat5005: I think the frustration comes in that you're trying to have people help you set something up when you're not even competent with the OS on an administrative level.23:13
bekksInstead you are trying to discuss why people dont spoonfeed you.23:13
Ricky_Rat5005quantic I am learning.23:13
Ricky_Rat5005bekks I am trying dude. Sorry you are feeling frustrated.23:14
quanticRicky_Rat5005: Never said you weren't, but you need to learn the platform before trying to deploy something on it.23:14
Ricky_Rat5005Lookup the init script means nothing to me w/o knowing how to look up the script.23:15
drmessanoI'm a jerk about insisting on core OS competency when I help someone.  I make no apologies for it. If you can't find and grep and cat and some of the other basics, there's no hope.  Also, being able to take a suggestion and run with it shows troubleshooting competency.  Asking over and over "how do I do that?" always means "paste what I need to type".23:15
drmessanoNobody has time to do something FOR someone else. That's not helping.23:15
bekksRicky_Rat5005: Then why on earth dont you just ASK whats the initscript?23:16
drmessanoRicky_Rat5005: "find" "locate"23:16
bekksHours ago I told you to look at the initscript - and NOW you come up with "I dont know what that is"?23:16
Ricky_Rat5005bekks what is the initscript please?23:16
bekksI told you.23:16
bekks /etc/init.d/atftpd23:16
quanticRicky_Rat5005: Honestly, I think you've hit the limit of what you're going to get here. You need to become competent with Linux basics and Ubuntu server admin before you go further.23:18
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