amazoniantoadAnywhere I can buy an ubuntu phone? :c00:43
amazoniantoadI was going to get one for christmas but they are all sold out...tried to look into putting it on my phone. but no branch has been made for my device00:44
dobeymuka: no, hotspot on mako doesn't work. it's explicitly disabled on that device for now02:08
mukadobey, thank you. do you know if proposed channel have that?02:13
dobeymuka: it does not have it enabled02:33
dobeyor if it does, it doesn't work02:33
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netstarI have flashed the recovery image and now I have a xenial*boot*.img and xenial-pre*touch*armhf*tar.gz I should copy these to nexus 7 and flash them both from the boot loader and that should work ok?13:25
netstarAm installing from Debian, it seems Ubuntu has easier tools13:27
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netstaris there a guide to install without the ubuntu tools?13:47
mptThat’s weird … On my phone the Dash isn’t running and won’t launch13:48
netstarHas anyone here got SDL2 running with Ubuntu Touch (unstable?+)17:05
ogra_netstar, plenty of people ... (neverball, tuxracer, neverputt and a bunch of other apps in the store use it)17:09
netstaris there anyway to install a working unstable install with minimal software?18:04
Sleep_Walkeris GPS working on Aquaris E4.5? Is there a way how to verify it?20:45
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