Azi_Hello people! Anyone around that could help me get Ubuntu 15.10 installed on a laptop that boots from a 32-bit uefi exclusively? I am at my wits' end. It's the Asus X205TA, https://www.asus.com/us/Notebooks/ASUS_EeeBook_X205TA/specifications/00:21
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daftykinsthe top google results discuss how to install and boot using 32-bit EFIs.00:22
daftykinsalso, you'll get more active users in #ubuntu - since it's midnight00:22
Azi_I know, I have read through all of them, this is  WIP for about 1.5 months now. I really cannot figure it out unfortunately.00:22
Azi_And you are probably right00:22
Azi_I'll move there then00:22
daftykinswell it's really not that hard, definitely seen the answers all online00:23
penguin4232bit UEFI is hard00:23
penguin42or at least it used to be00:23
Azi_To me it is anyway, I'm a bit of a newbie00:23
Azi_But if you are going to call me a noob please help me, otherwise please refrain from doing so :)00:23
penguin42hmm looks like people have automated bits of it at least00:24
daftykinsnobody said noob and that's not how we are, Azi_00:24
Azi_Yes, Debian boots 32-bit efis natively using a special build. However it came with a kernel that is too old for the drivers that I need and installing a new one on the machine with make was impossible since it was not preinstalled. I tried dpkg -i the .debs but the deps just would not end00:25
daftykinsyeah we're not gonna help with debian (:00:25
Azi_Sure, I did not expect you to00:26
penguin42daftykins: I'm not sure it's that easy; it looks like a case of having to copy an EFI file in and install 32bit grub00:27
daftykinsyeah that's easy in my book00:28
penguin42if it works00:28
daftykinsdon't see why it wouldn't since methods are all over the bug pages + guides + blogs etc00:28
daftykinsuser came back in #ubuntu anywho00:29
penguin42hmm never bought off aliexpress00:31
penguin42http://www.aliexpress.com/item/CHUWI-HI8-Dual-Boot-Android-4-4-Window8-1-IPS-8-0-Inch-1920-1200-Z3736F/32404202301.html  is way too good a spec00:32
daftykinscheap tat! cheap 'cause it's already been abandoned probably00:33
daftykinsmaybe that's fine if you're going to use ubuntu though :)00:33
zmoylan-pior the keyboard comes without the letter e... :-)00:33
penguin42yeh it's an x86 with apparently a highres display00:33
daftykinsafter we were talking about those SSDs i found a 480GB for £70 delivered00:34
zmoylan-pinow that sounds pretty good, what manufacturer?00:34
daftykinsit was mostly TLC based NAND though which is far from ideal00:34
daftykinsSanDisk Ultra II it was00:35
penguin42daftykins: Yeh, but SanDisk normally know how to keep the bits on their flash00:35
daftykinsi wouldn't think that a given since Samsung have been doing it longer and have had more issues with one of their models' firmware00:36
daftykinsugh that guy is not taking the hint about not PMing people00:36
penguin42longer than sandisk?00:37
daftykinsi nearly went for it but decided no, now it's back up to £85 delivered i think00:40
daftykinsspent way too much these past few days :>00:40
zmoylan-pishould be called red credit card bill day :-)00:41
daftykinsor week!00:41
daftykinssaw a very nice 2560x1440 27" Asus LCD on ebuyer.com for £160 though00:41
penguin42I've been kind of tempted by a 4k monitor, but it's kind of silly in the sense I've got a HD 22 and 24 on my desk, and an unopened 24 on the floor (that's been there for 18 months)00:44
daftykinsi'd get annoyed using 2+ that aren't identical, due to the different colours etc00:45
zmoylan-piyou could hang it over the window and stream the outside when you want to look out? :-)00:45
* penguin42 doesn't care, vi is good on both of them00:45
daftykinsbut only stream the summer!00:46
zmoylan-piand have videos of rollercoasters and sea views for when visitors arrive00:46
zmoylan-piwatching the horizon whizzing around or sloping from side to side will trigger motion sickness in a few00:47
daftykinsstill got this funky NAS to play with00:53
* zmoylan-pi listens to wind howl outside...00:53
daftykinsalright, two intel SSDs with no partitions, surely that's enough for a little appliance NAS to take them over00:58
daftykinsah-har so the NAS isn't bright enough to initialise disks by itself01:12
daftykinsthat's brilliant, full set of scripts for preparing the disks... just had to edit it to set 'sdx', serial numbers and its' MAC address... then it downloads the latest firmware from WD automatically and prepares the drive :D01:39
penguin42updating the firmware is an interesting trick01:46
daftykinsnah not an update, it obtains a full copy of the original then extract it onto the disk with dd01:46
daftykinsafter partitioning01:47
penguin42oh is this NAS firmware or drive firmware?01:50
intrbizI'd avoid Dell rebadged Sandisk SSDs, performance of them is pants compared to Crucial MX200 or Samsung 850 EVO01:52
daftykinspenguin42: NAS yep01:56
penguin42ah ok01:58
daftykinsoh my word it's back in action :D01:59
daftykinsi've put 2 x 40GB intel SSDs in it01:59
penguin422x40 - huge :-)02:00
daftykinsthey are the only spare drives i have identical for it to be tested with02:00
daftykinsthe web admin always used to absolutely crawl, now it's instant02:00
daftykins11/28 17:54:28 [HDD Status] Hard drive 3 and 4 not manufactured by WD. My Book World Edition II can only operate using WD hard drives. Replace the drive.02:01
daftykinsrubbish :P02:01
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directhexmy NAS is too slow to let me watch HD video over UPnP. its crummy processor can't send the data fast enough09:25
directhexit's not a transcoding issue - the files are already in the right format09:25
directhexit just can't do plain file serving over upnp fast enough to not skip09:25
MyrttiNabee compression socks have a sale https://m.facebook.com/home.php#!/story.php?story_fbid=718677388269934&id=16153253731775809:28
xplora1adirecthex, are you sure it is the CPU, have you eliminated network, just asking09:31
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:26
directhexxplora1a: the network is entirely capable of handling the bandwidth, so if it's a bandwidth issue, that's still on the NAS10:35
directhexeven 100mbit ethernet is more than enough for blu-ray dumps10:36
zmoylan-piunless some device is acting up and flooding the network10:36
pwaringAnd assuming every point on the path has 100mb/s10:51
* pwaring tried to transfer several GB over wireless once10:51
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AzelphurHey folks, got an app that is in a ppa but Ubuntu wants to use the one from its own mirrors, how do I fix that?18:09
AzelphurSpecifically for deluged, the Ubuntu package is a bit naff (lacks an upstart script) while the official deluge ppa does not18:10
pwaringIf you add the ppa using the instructions on the ppa page, Ubuntu shuld use the PPA version in preference to its own package18:16
pwaringI do that to get up to date versions of software like Ansible and Atom18:16
pwaringspecifically: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name18:17
pwaringe,g,: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ansible/ansible18:17
Azelphurpwaring: nah, it's using the one from its repo because it's "newer" http://pastebin.com/LtE8wd3218:18
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Azelphurmight just pull the init script in and then use Ubuntus package18:19
pwaringIn that case I think you can pin a particular version18:19
pwaringNever had to do that in Ubuntu18:19
Azelphuryea, then I don't get updates though :P18:20
pwaringI'm not sure if you can have it both ways18:20
pwaringUnless you create your own PPA :)18:21
Azelphuryea, I'll probably just pull the init script in18:21
Azelphurseems the best way :)18:21
pwaringYou could ask on the mailing list, someone who does more on this than me might help :))18:23
Azelphuryea it's no big deal, the packages aren't that different an upgrade should go smoothly18:24
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directhexAzelphur: "apt-cache policy pkgname" will tell you which versions apt knows about, and the priorities it's given to different versions. may help diagnose20:11
daftykinsas mentioned it was version # based so wasn't gonna happen20:39
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AzelphurI'm really confused about umasks, I have a umask of 0002 on my system, which according to everything I know would have me great files that are only writable by other (everything is off) what's the deal?21:47
Azelphurdaftykins: 0002 is what a normal user has, a normal user by default does not create files that are only writable by other21:51
Azelphureg with a umask of 0002 I touch test and I get -rw-rw-r--21:51
daftykinsi wondered if you meant s/great/create/ was all21:52
penguin42it's the opposite isn't it21:53
penguin42so the '2' is masking out the w ?21:53
* Azelphur shrugs21:53
Azelphurah I see21:54
Azelphurand 0 I guess does nothing then21:54
Azelphurpenguin42: I'm still trying to figure out how to get rwxrwxr-x as a umask21:59
Azelphurand failing :<21:59
penguin42Azelphur: How do you mean ?22:00
Azelphurpenguin42: I want files created by the user to be rwxrwx-x22:00
AzelphurI tried setting 0072 but no luck22:01
penguin42Azelphur: The application asks for a mode (say r/w) and that gets combined with the umask; so what you want only works if the application asks to create something rwx in the first place22:02
Azelphurby default the init script sets 0027, which gets rwxr-x---, maybe I should change that 2 to a 022:02
Azelphurthe application uses the default umask, I've been changing it22:03
Azelphuryay, 0007 got me what I wanted :)22:04
penguin42Azelphur: Each of the last 3 digits is the same, for user/group/other,  and each digit is then read/write/execute (4,2,1 I think)22:05
Azelphuryea, I was a little confused as to why there are 4 digits and not 322:06
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diddledanAzelphur: a unix mode is four octal numbers 0000 thru 7777. you can ignore the first octet in chmod commands and such though. a umask is a different octal number which is subtracted from a specified mode which is usually 0777 during file creation calls to derive the value to actually assign the file. so a umask of 0002 subtracted from 0777 will derive the permission of 0775. the permissions octal number, being four22:19
diddledan values, assigns the "special flags e.g. sticky", owner, group, other.22:19
Azelphurthanks :)22:19
diddledanthe reason the umask is called a "mask" is because the numbers are actually combined using a binary OR mechanism which is very efficient22:21
diddledanso the binary bits in the mask cancel out the binary bits in the requested permissions value22:21
diddledanI think it's OR, anway. my boolean logic is weak22:22
daftykinsi was gonna try and say they might get ANDd or NANDd but i'm no mathemagician22:22
diddledanello daftykins22:22
daftykinso hai der22:22
daftykinsno reply from mr.shauno :(22:23
diddledanyou spelt "dear" wrong :-p22:23
diddledanand hello darling22:23
daftykinsone might wager i did a lot wrong there ^_^22:23
daftykinsthat reminded me of Blackadder22:23
diddledanI might start making weird laughing noises22:23
diddledanlike stephen fry's character22:23
daftykinsdo you have a questionable 'tache?22:24
diddledanthere's a lot questionable about me :-p22:24
daftykinsyay for the week ahead of deliveries22:25
diddledanooh. toys22:25
daftykinsyep :D22:26
daftykinslaptop, SSD, blurry set, surface 4, phone screen :D22:26
diddledanwhy do PC monitors come in 16:9 instead of 16:10 these days?22:26
daftykinsidiot pressure i would expect22:26
diddledanI've paired up two from different generations but because one is older than the other they're different heights22:27
diddledandue to 16:9 vs 16:1022:27
diddledanthe taller one has 1920x1200 and the shorter one 1920x108022:28
daftykinsarr my pair of 2408s are of the former, 'tis a nice res22:29
diddledanI just don't get why PC monitors need to be the same ratio as TVs at all22:29
diddledanI like wide-style layout, but don't see the need to be exactly TV-shaped22:30
daftykinsshared panel production could factor in22:31
diddledanI guess22:31
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daftykinswhat i laugh at is the industry 'caught up' by going wide, then cinema went to 21:922:32
diddledanwe're stuck with TVs being 16:9 now22:33
diddledanall television video is produced in 16x9 and it just means we add a bit of blackbar for cinema22:34
diddledanit's still way better than playing a cinema 21:9 on a 4x3 tv22:35
daftykinsi'm sure i read Kodi was meant to be introducing some feature in the next version that allows you to watch 4:3 somehow converted to make use of your wide TV without distortion o022:35
daftykinsdoes not compute22:35
daftykinsshift about material culture? yeah right when they all covet tablets and smartphones22:37
* diddledan fondles22:38
daftykinstrust you to link to a site with that name :P22:38
daftykinsthat power drill possessing lass image is... novel22:38
diddledanyeah I was just looking at that gif22:39
daftykinsi think it's matching my music22:39
diddledanI'm unsure what she's supposed to represent22:39
daftykinshey if you delete the '2' she's slower!22:39
diddledandon't you find it odd how advertising companies don't have any adverts on their own pages?22:43
diddledane.g. http://rubiconproject.com22:43
diddledanthey speak a foreign language on that site: "Seller Cloud enables you to use your 1st party data to sell reserved audiences to the buyers who are in demand."22:46
daftykinsthat hurt my brain22:46
diddledan"connects sellers across a global landscape of trusted, high-quality buyers. Maximize yield for your inventory and audiences across all screens and formats"22:48
diddledanseriously they're just putting random buzzwords together and hoping it sounds good22:49
daftykinsthey don't think it be like it is, but it do - sir22:49
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diddledanthat was a film that was so outrageous that it was fun: the a team23:03
diddledan"they're shooting at the plane".. "no, they're trying to fly that tank"23:04
diddledanor similar lines - I forget the actual quote but the essence was "they're trying to fly that tank"23:05
daftykinsja :D23:06
daftykinshey i still have that! *plays*23:06
diddledangrrr @ english mis-use: "they utilise their unique talents and try to clear their names and find the true culprit" <-- the first "and" should be "to"23:09
daftykinsi find 'and' is used to chain together anything folk want these days :<23:09
diddledanlike people saying "I'll try and find foo" <-- try TO find foo!23:10
daftykinsthis are shenanigans up of which we shall not put!23:11
daftykins*these :/23:11
diddledan"I went and I looked for sweeties and I found some and I bought them and I ate them and then we went to the cinema and watched a cool movie and went home and played scrabble and my sister was funny and she put a naughty word and I laughed23:11
diddledan^ a kid having just discovered "and" :-p23:13
diddledan-_- http://www.amazon.com/b?node=8037720011&ref=tsm_1_tw_s_amzn_290791026&linkId=1914763123:26
penguin42phew, it's not something else diddledan is going to make me buy23:28
penguin42the video is nice; (on mute) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXo_d6tNWuY&feature=youtu.be23:30
daftykins"please check your garden" - oh no the bulldog is sunbathing out there! *AROOOOOO!*23:37
daftykinswhere's diddledan? he'd enjoy that line23:39
daftykinsdiddledan: ah the chopper flight at the start of The A Team is great23:44
diddledan20% of children (12-15) think that if a search engine lists it then it's fact/true23:51
penguin42presumably that is heavily biased towards the 12 year olds and still most of them have got a clue23:54

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