cmaloneymorning pt. 215:09
cmaloneyOn 2015-11-30, 19 hours from now, the membership15:15
cmaloneyof Ubuntu-Michigan (ubuntu-us-mi) (which you are the owner of) in the Verified LoCo Teams (locoteams-verified) Launchpad team15:15
cmaloneyis due to expire.15:15
Scary_Guy#openbsd-us-mi then? :P15:17
cmaloneyNah, nothing that horrible15:17
Scary_GuyThat's the only reason why I mentioned it.  my friend wants me to switch but I just can't bring myself to it15:18
Scary_Guyeven if it is the most secure15:18
cmaloneyMeanth the verification expiration isn't that horrible15:18
Scary_GuyStill, two weeks notice would be nice.  then again I'm kinda new15:19
cmaloneyWe had notice. :)15:19
cmaloneyCheck scrollback from a few days back15:19
Scary_GuyI didn't see it, so it's not in the log15:22
Scary_GuyI must have been OL then15:22
Scary_Guyalso, I don't actually keep logs :/15:23
Scary_GuyI really should since my memory is shit though15:25
Scary_Guyanyway, bbl.  building a friend a new system and ruining it with win10 :(15:26
cmaloneywoo woo15:42
cmaloneyhave fun15:42
jrwrenopenbsd is more secure, it is also much slower.17:06
jrwren"more secure" for some definition of secure17:06

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