inetprogood evening12:40
grembleHey inetpro 12:41
inetprohi gremble12:41
grembleHow are you?12:42
inetprogood, good and yourself12:43
inetprojust hot again today12:43
grembleStruggling to get music to listen to12:43
grembleTried soundcloud, but the music is mostly shit there. Tried last.fm now, but they don't have music anymore12:44
grembleYou have to listen through spotify or youtube12:44
grembleI miss grooveshark12:45
inetprowb MaNI13:22
inetprogremble: maybe MaNI knows?13:23
inetproMaNI: <gremble> Struggling to get music to listen to13:23
inetpro<gremble> Tried soundcloud, but the music is mostly shit there. Tried last.fm now, but they don't have music anymore13:23
* inetpro just tunes to Jacaranda on radio for music 13:24
grembleOn an unrelated matter. I made a smiley using only nasm13:24
gremblenetwide assembly13:25
inetprohow many lines?13:26
grembleIt is just a small alteration of "Your very first program" from a tutorial that I am doing13:27
inetprosounds like fun13:27
grembleI am trying to see how impressively I can break it before I move on13:27
grembleI've had it print arbitrary memory locations XD13:28
kulelu88yo gremble 18:34
grembleHey kulelu88 18:36
grembleHow are you?18:36
kulelu88all good and you mate?18:36
grembleI am well thank you18:37
gremblepassed 2 of my 3 exams so far18:37
grembleso all is well18:38
magespawngood evening18:58
grembleHey magespawn 18:59
grembleHow are you doing today?18:59
magespawngood and you gremble18:59
grembleI am well thank you19:00
magespawnstruggling with the fact that in the 21st, i still have to manually enter computer generated information into a computer19:06
grembleThat is pretty funny. Write a script to do it?19:06
magespawnunfortunately most of it is on paper19:07
grembleOh, that is quite awkward19:08
magespawncomputer generated invoices, why we still need them is beyond me, the paper version that is19:09
MaNIbecause accountants are terrified (rightfully so) that they will be replaced by computers entirely19:10
MaNIthe sooner this happens the better of course :p19:11
kulelu88congrats gremble 19:19
kulelu88magespawn: if you're keen, you can use a tech that scans documents in paper form and then captures text from it19:19
gremblekulelu88: Thanks :P19:20
magespawnthanks kulelu88 no scanner at home though. and a lot of the invoices are not on standard paper19:22
kulelu88as long as you're getting paid for it magespawn :)19:23
magespawngood typing practice at least19:23
* Cryterion hates paperwork, it's gets lost all the time19:34
Cryterionoh and hi everyone19:35
kulelu88yo Cryterion 19:44
grembleHey Cryterion 19:44
magespawnhi Cryterion 20:04
=== gremble_ is now known as gremble
=== gremble is now known as grenobyl
kueleluyo grenobyl my IRC is not working locally :/23:40
grenobylSo it only works internationally?23:41
kueleluaah no I mean on my machine. xchat fails23:42
kueleluthe previous connection stalled 23:42
grenobylxchat is orphaned iirc23:42
grenobyltry hexchat23:42
grenobylor irssi/weechat23:42
kueleluyou sure its orphaned? why does ubuntu install it as default :/23:43
grenobylLatest news: 28-Aug-201023:43
grenobylThat shit is orphaned23:44
kueleluholy smokes23:44
grenobylEven wikipedia mentiones it in the past tense23:44
grenobylThe official XChat software had been discontinued since 2012, with development moving largely to forks such as HexChat.[2][3]23:45
grenobylfrom wikipedia23:45
kueleludarn darn darn23:47
kueleluI need to get a new IRC client23:47
grenobylhexchat. It is practically the same. There is just 'he' in front of the name23:48
kueleluinstalling hexchat is the issue (IIRC)23:48
kuelelulooks like it must be another issue, cause hexchat doesn't work either23:53
kueleluwe'll speak tomorrow :P 23:53

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