k1ltachys: the ubuntu install media is a live OS. you can put that onto a usb or a dvd.00:00
AlexQOerHeks: But I need another branch of the bundle, with H.264 support for G45 enabled00:00
jasabellaStreusel... do you have xev installed?00:00
jasabellaer, strangeland00:00
daftykinsjackoo: sorry for the delay, try setting an administrator password (write it down!) as this may unlock further options that are currently hidden00:00
k1ltachys: but you could just connect the laptop to a lan cable, and then come here and we can try to fix that issue00:00
Streuseluhh no..00:00
tachysk1l: thanks, I will try that to test if a fresh install would fix the internet problem.00:00
AlexQOerHeks: I already have the newest mirror from git, I am just wondering if the files I install with make install won't be overwritten by apt-get when upgrading packages00:01
tachysk1l: My ubuntu installation is on my desktop (not laptop) and is connected via Ethernet cable to my router.00:01
k1ltachys: i doubt it. better to get the facts whats going wrong and solve that. no need for reinstalls00:01
AlexQOerHeks: Should I just remove these packages after building and installing from source?00:01
jackoodaftykins: ok i'm going to try00:01
tachysLambdaComplex: So I ran "systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp2s0.service now" and got "Failed to parse lined 'ow'"00:02
OerHeksAlexQ, you can pinn them00:02
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto00:02
LambdaComplextachys: -now00:02
LambdaComplexnot now00:02
tachysLambdaComplex: sorry, I meant to say that I did use "-now"00:02
LambdaComplextachys: okay, just try systemctl enable and then do the same thing but with systemctl start00:03
tachysLambdaComplex: "-now" does not seem to be a valid flag for systemctl, based on the man page.00:03
LambdaComplextachys: oh hey, it's --now00:03
AlexQOerHeks: But how can I pin them when there is no alternative package? I mean, there is no package to prefer - I am not building a package, I am just installing with make install00:03
* LambdaComplex is literate, he swears00:03
tachysLambdaComplex: "systemctl: unrecognized option '--now'"00:04
tachysAlso, "systemctl start" results in "Too few arguments"00:04
LambdaComplextachys: systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp2s0.service --now00:04
tachysLambdaComplex: I'm doing this on my arc partition btw.00:04
k1lLambdaComplex: tachys #archlinux for arch support, please00:04
LambdaComplexk1l: wait, i got a thing for this00:05
tachysLambdaComplex: that's the same command I entered, and it doesn't recognize the --now option.00:05
jasabellastangeland... do you have xev installed?00:05
LambdaComplex"we do ask you to stay as helpful as possible"00:05
AlexQOerHeks: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intel-vaapi-driver - lists only 1 normal built packages: i965-va-driver. So what if I just remove that?00:05
stangelandjasabella, i dont know. its ubuntu with xfce00:05
tachysBut really I'd like to debug the ubuntu partition, if there's some way to troubleshoot it from within ubuntu and not require a reinstall, I'd be much obliged for your help :)00:06
k1lLambdaComplex: i am exhausted of you making a drama everytime. please make sure you read the guidelines and stick to them, thanks00:06
LambdaComplextachys: eh, just do enable and start separately. what's wrong with your ubuntu installation?00:06
k1l!guidelines | LambdaComplex00:06
ubottuLambdaComplex: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines00:06
tachysLambdaComplex: it doesn't have an internet connection.00:06
k1ltachys: is that some sort of special network setup?00:07
LambdaComplexk1l: yeah, that's literally what i just quoted00:07
daftykinstachys: nobody's helped you yet huh? mount the partitions and check for /etc/issue to find your ubuntu's / partition :)00:07
tachysIt's also in a strange sort-of zombie state where it was originally installed at Ubuntu Server Edition, but then i added ubuntu-desktop because I needed GUI for something.00:07
daftykins(not sure if you're still on the partition identification step)00:07
jackoodaftykins: i have nothing more (just a password before  entering the bios)00:08
tachysI'd rather just wipe the ubuntu installation and start over.00:08
SkepticalParrotKDE Plasma just crashed and I cannot sign out. How do I restart sddm?00:08
daftykinsjackoo: ok, try making sure windows is shutdown properly by pressing windows key + R (that's super+R) and entering "shutdown -s -t 1" ; then boot from powered off - and be sure to use a USB 2.0 port if possible, or just try each.00:08
tachysdaftykins: The problem is that I was using Window's disk management program to wipe the partition, but windows can't figure out which partitions are which.00:09
daftykinstachys: yeah it won't be able to read them, so use a live session00:09
k1ltachys: make a live ubuntu usb. you will need that to install anyway00:09
tachysdaftykins: how do I use a live session?00:09
daftykinsas k1l says00:09
tachysk1l: haha, ok.00:09
k1ltachys: on that use "gparted" to sort the partitions00:09
AlexQOerHeks: It seems to be only that file (/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/i965_drv_video.so) and some docs. That package breaks only 1 package: libva-intel-vaapi-driver , which is just a meta package installing the appropriate binary package with the vaapi driver, am I correct?00:10
tachysWill do. thanks daftykins k1l LambdaComplex00:10
stangelandhi. i have a lenovo x1 carbon 2nd gen. suddently the mouse buttons on the touchpad stopped working in my ubuntu installation. why?00:11
AlexQOerHeks: So is it okay to remove it before building? That way they will just not be re-installed magically when upgrading I guess?00:11
OerHeksAlexQ, yes, standard.but go ahead wit your git if you think that gives better support, you only need to rebuild with any kernel update i guess.00:11
MACscris ubuntu using systemd yet or are their plans to move to it?00:12
k1lMACscr: its standard since 15.0400:12
bazhang!systemd | MACscr00:12
ubottuMACscr: systemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers00:12
SkepticalParrot How do I restart a service if the desktop crashes?00:13
MACscrthanks guys00:13
shome2SkepticalParrot: What service ?00:14
shome2service servicename restart00:14
MACscrwhat do you guys think of systemd timesyncd versus standard ntpd?00:14
AlexQOerHeks: Well, it is only video decoding acceleration, so nothing essential. Actually it did wasn't even installed automatically with Ubuntu (vainfo was reporting a problem when trying to open that file), so I had to look that file up and install it manually, but unfortunately it only provides MPEG-2 for my chipset. Well, I think it actually should have been there automatically with libva itself00:15
k1lSkepticalParrot: systemctl restart ssdm00:16
AlexQOerHeks: va-driver-all was removed as well.00:16
LambdaComplexMACscr: timesyncd seems nice for cron jobs. i haven't really used ntpd aside from the systemd ntpd service for keeping my clock synced00:16
LambdaComplexwait, i might be getting timesyncd confused with timers00:16
LambdaComplexi am. forget i said anything :P00:17
jackoodafykins: I tried it but nothing changed , the liveusb is stil unrecognized.00:18
MACscrwell debian 8.2 uses timesyncd versus ntpd and id rather not have to manage configs for two different types. Seems i can just remove timesyncd and use ntpd instead.00:18
daftykinsor stop using two distros and maintain a consistent environment ;)00:19
MACscrdaftykins: ha. i wish. Unfortunately not everyone else feels the same00:20
daftykinsMACscr: bear in mind if you're talking servers, then 15.xx don't belong on servers in production00:20
MACscri prefer ubuntu, but proxmox uses debian and cpanel uses centos. So i have to use at least those 2 or 300:20
MACscrdaftykins: right, im only at 14.0400:20
daftykins*nod* presumably 16.04 will be the first systemd LTS00:20
MACscryep. not till april for that00:21
daftykinsAzi: i take it you're going to wipe Windows entirely?00:27
jzeollaAny of you guys ever try to preseed a Ubuntu RAID setup that uses Intel RSTe as a pseudo-controller?00:27
daftykinsthis seems pretty simple: https://sturmflut.github.io/linux/ubuntu/2015/01/21/installing-ubuntu-15.04-on-baytrail-tablets/00:27
AziHello people! Is there anyone here who could help me install Ubuntu 15.10 on a laptop that boots 32-bit efi exclusively? It's the Asus X205TA, specifications can be found here: https://www.asus.com/us/Notebooks/ASUS_EeeBook_X205TA/specifications/ I know that there are tutorials online but not for my particular needs and as someone who is relatively new to Linux I am having trouble applying the info I can find online to my situation.00:28
KageNoOniAnyone know how to restart cinnamon w/o the menu or panel?00:29
KageNoOniIt disappeared after my computer locked from being afk.00:29
AziCtrl + Alt + 1 to get tty1, sign in and issue the poweroff/reboot command?00:29
AziShould work00:29
daftykinsthat's not what was asked ;)00:30
KageNoOniThat's rebooting the whole computer.  I can do that if I have to, but honestly, it's easier to sign out and back in (I can hit Super to make the menu appear)00:30
k1lKageNoOni: you can restart the xserver but this will kill all running programs00:30
jackooDafykins: thanks for trying to help, i will try later.00:30
KageNoOniI just need cinnamon itself restarted.00:30
k1lKageNoOni: sudo lightdm restart00:30
KageNoOniAnd I do have access to the command line as well as the menu, if needed.00:30
AziFor Gnome it would be sudo restart gdm, something like that should be available for cinnamon too00:30
daftykinsAzi: so did you prepare a USB flash drive with 15.10 64-bit desktop on? and are you keeping Windows as i asked earlier?00:31
Exagone313Hi, I want to redirect an input port (from internet) to a local port (this is to use a port under 1025 without root). I tried this iptables command ( iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING --src 0/0 --dst -p tcp --dport 25 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 5025 ), but it does not work. What do I do? Thanks for your help.00:32
KageNoOniNormally I can right-click on the panel, select Troubleshoot, then Restart Cinnamon.00:32
Exagone313I tried to scan this port with nmap and it appears filtered00:32
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.00:33
cheetahw26_apparently I'm doing a stupid idiot tonight... I've been trying to port a solution from 12 to 14 and overwrote the group file, then rebooted... the current (overwritten) group file doesn't have the same login user in the sudo group and I never set a root passwd... how can I get to root?00:34
Exagone313cheetahw26_: chroot00:35
daftykinsAzi: as above, keep the chat in here please.00:35
cheetahw26_I've used chroot to jail users and to compile a custom linux distro within another, but I don't know how that could help me right now00:36
ldshHi, I try to run ubuntu-gnome on a M2 NVMe ssd formated in F2FS. I'm folowing this tutorial: http://www.richud.com/wiki/Ubuntu_1504_Vivid_Install_To_F2FS_Filesystem00:36
Azidaftykins: I am sorry I do not know how to pm someone, /msg <name> does not work00:37
daftykins_don't_ PM.00:37
daftykinsi said don't!00:37
Exagone313cheetahw26_: if you have an access to the drive, you can mount it, then edit a file or chroot00:37
AziOh, don't. I am sorry it's late.00:38
Exagone313with chroot you will be root00:38
ldshI made some adaptations (like the first "update-initramfs -u" was not successful but after installing f2fs-tools before copying from the ext4 to the F2FS, it worked.00:38
k1lldsh: thats not an ssd but a nand flash orientated filesystem00:38
cheetahw26_eh... it's like an Intel ComputeStick... not sure if I can just boot to another distro and then mount/edit... (that would be easy/awesome)00:38
cheetahw26_in such case, I don't think I'd have to chroot, right?  I could just mount the drive and modify the group file...00:39
ldshMy problem now is that it stop at startup with "A job is running for Wait for...en to Quit (time/ no limit)00:39
daftykinscheetahw26_: boot recovery mode00:39
ldshk1l: yes, friendly to flash file system00:40
cheetahw26_that might work, if there's an option... how, I can't remember off the top of my head?00:40
k1lldsh: ext4 works fine on ssds00:40
ubottuIf your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode00:40
ldshk1l, in deed, this is why the tutorial first install on EXT4.00:41
Azidaftykins: So what I did when I was actually getting Ubuntu to boot and all was I installed a seperate boot loader which I downloaded from the internet (bootia32.efi) on the ESP (/efi/boot/). When I did that the installation failed when the installer was executing grub-install00:42
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daftykinsAzi: yeah because you're supposed to ignore the supplied and use another instead as per all the guides available; sounds like you might want to read them a lot closer00:43
=== NegativeFlare_ is now known as NegativeFlare
cheetahw26_trying now... been holding shift, but did see ubuntu text... now stuck at black screen with cursor... eh00:44
cheetahw26_I don't know if this stick has a recover mode built-in...00:44
daftykinscheetahw26_: did you say this is not ubuntu but some custom hacked up thing of your own creation?00:44
Azidaftykins: I did download the one the guide(s) was suggesting, that is the one that I installed on the ESP00:44
cheetahw26_it's intel, but not a regular computer...00:44
daftykinsi know what the compute sticks are00:44
daftykinsAzi: yes but that's only to boot the flash drive, you have to install 32-bit GRUB on the actual installation...00:44
ldshI have this message <<F2FS-fs (nvme0n1p4): Unrecognized mount option "errors=remount-ro" or missing value >> that leads to a [FAILED]00:45
cheetahw26_nope... I did not say that... this is definitely ubuntu 14, just porting over some custom software... I'm just an idiot and manually modified the /etc/group file incorrectly, then rebooted... now I don't have any valid users in the sudo group00:45
daftykinsldsh: remove that from /etc/fstab00:45
ldshDoes it meens that F2FS does not suport this mounting option and I should simply remove it from my fstab, or that there is an other failure before and that it is not even able to remount00:46
daftykinsldsh: 'unrecognised' says 'remove me' to me.00:47
ldshdaftykins, Ok, at worst I can still format the F2FS partition and copy again from the EXT4 (in case it would damage the file system)00:47
cheetahw26_and I never set a root password, so I can't use su -00:47
ldshdaftykins, Ok ;)00:47
cheetahw26_eh...  woe is me00:47
daftykinsldsh: i genuinely think it's a big waste of time trying to use this file system.00:47
daftykinscheetahw26_: do those things not support booting a live session?00:47
ldshdaftykins, Oh, and I just saw he removed it in the tutorial, sorry00:47
cheetahw26_they might... and I hope so, I've already done a bunch of work, hate to lose it all...00:48
ldshdaftykins, Yes, as I understood there is no huge advantage on ssd to use it, this is more for the experiment ;)00:48
cheetahw26_try to find a bootable usb live stick and try that I suppose00:48
clorisuDoes anybody have any clue why my skype proxxy isnt working? I'm using one from ttp://www.gatherproxy.com/proxylist/country/?c=Australia but when I skype resolve I can still see my original IP address?00:51
ldshdaftykins, now it seems to boot correctly (I replaced the error=remount" by default00:52
ldshTime to lookat the graphic card now00:53
daftykinsldsh: i'm not surprised00:53
=== zero is now known as Guest37799
ldshBut strangely the windows on the other ssd does not seem to be detected.00:55
daftykins'windows' ?00:57
ldshdaftykins, yes, sometimes It is still useful to have one for some applications. (it's W10 edu)00:58
freakyyis there any way i can change my ubuntu-gnome profile picture or anyhting displayed at the gdm login screen?01:00
ldshfreakyy, There should be01:04
daftykinsldsh: yeah your sentence just didn't make much sense is all :)01:04
daftykinsare you talking about for dual boot?01:04
ldshfreakyy, does this help? http://askubuntu.com/questions/310151/how-to-change-account-profile-picture01:05
ldshdaftykins, yes, dual boot (sorry having been unclear)01:05
freakyyldsh: thanks i know now ;D01:05
daftykins"sudo update-grub" perhaps, although if one installation is EFI and the other is not, then you'll be in trouble01:05
ldshdaftykins, already made the update (needed to find the f2fs partition), I would have expect both OS (W10 and Ubuntu gnome) to use EFI.01:07
daftykinswell that's only going to happen if you booted and installed as EFI01:09
ldshdaftykins, seems my ubuntu is Legacy boot and not EFI01:11
daftykins!efi | ldsh here you can find a method to convert it01:12
ubottuldsh here you can find a method to convert it: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI01:12
ldshdaftykins, no /sys/firmware/efi01:12
daftykinshave a read of the above01:13
ldshdaftykins, thanks, you helped me troubleshot that really quick ;)01:13
daftykinsthat's how we roll01:15
tachysdaftykins: So I tried the liveCD and the internet does work on that.01:20
KageNoOniWho was it that messaged me earlier to try to help me fix my desktop background issue in Cinnamon?01:20
CaptainPants_leave .01:20
KageNoOniThis was a couple hours ago.01:20
CaptainPants_leave Ubuntu01:20
FreakwentMy Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS has a weird mysql problem with apt, if anyone knows a way around this, I'd be happy! "The following packages have unmet dependencies: mysql-server-5.5 : Breaks: mysql-server (< 5.5.46-0ubuntu0.12.04.2) but 5.5.40-0ubuntu0.12.04.1 is to be installed"01:21
Freakwentalready purged and done apt-get -f install, hasn't helped.01:22
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
FreakwentSystem is essentially useless now.01:23
daftykinstachys: sorry i don't remember what your issue was01:24
tachysdaftykins: Internet was not working on the ubuntu installation.01:24
tachysStill isn't working.01:24
daftykinsah, can't help right now, having fun with my own experiments :)01:24
FreakwentAm I in the right place?01:24
tachysdaftykins: bah! OK01:24
KageNoOniYou're in the right place, but I've no idea how to help with that.01:24
daftykinsFreakwent: bear in mind 12.04.4 is out of date, i think it's up to 12.04.5 - likely you need a dist-upgrade first, then maybe your packages are being ruined by PPAs.01:24
=== CaptainPants_ is now known as asibo2
Freakwentno ppas01:25
Freakwentsame error blocks dist-upgrade01:26
Bashing-omFreakwent: Maybe already have a version of mysql-server installed ( apt-cache policy mysql-serve ) ? Remove the one you do not want .01:26
KageNoOniI was having an issue where, opening Nautilus, would cause my desktop background to change, and I couldn't change it back.  I'm using Cinnamon on Ubuntu 15.10.  In case anyone else comes in with the same issue, the solution was a single line in the terminal: gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background show-desktop-icons false01:27
=== kruxXx is now known as krux
ldshdaftykins, Ok, so the fault seems to be from my bios that boots the usb in legacy mode instead of EFI01:27
KageNoOniApparently Nautilus and Nemo were both, simultaneously, trying to control my desktop, and flipping that switch gets Nautilus to stop, and lets Nemo continue handling it.01:28
jpmhwhat package do I need to get ifconfig?  Generally how do I discover what package a command is in?01:28
FreakwentHey, simple.... Thanks!01:28
KageNoOniI'm not the only person to have had this issue, as I found at least one askubuntu question regarding the exact same issue.01:28
SchrodingersScat!info apt-file | jpmh01:29
ubottujpmh: apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.4ubuntu1 (wily), package size 21 kB, installed size 132 kB01:29
SchrodingersScat!info net-tools | jpmh01:30
ubottujpmh: net-tools (source: net-tools): NET-3 networking toolkit. In component main, is important. Version 1.60-26ubuntu1 (wily), package size 166 kB, installed size 656 kB01:30
daftykinsldsh: well, more that you didn't make it boot EFI before installing01:30
jpmhubottu, ideally I do not want the source, I want to install ifconfig, so I tried apt-get source ifconfig and it said no source available.  Really I do not need source01:31
ubottujpmh: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:31
bazhangjpmh, thats a bot01:32
=== jeremy is now known as Guest2696
jpmhbazhang, I know, I just thought that someone might see my response and respond to me01:33
hipitihopI have an existign 14.04.3 LTS (originally a mythbuntu install) so this runs XFCE, is it possible to update this to unity ?01:33
=== Guest2696 is now known as jdrobertso
Bashing-omhipitihop: Not an update, just install the ubuntu DE ' sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ' . Drags in all the bells and whistles . Not to easy to back out of once done .01:35
hipitihopBashing-om, ok thanks01:36
Bashing-omhipitihop: In the login dialog box, click the icon in upper right to choose which DE to start .01:38
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
hipitihopBashing-om, is that sticky ? iow, normally when the box boots, it should not ask for login and fire streight into mythtv fornt-end or kodi (which is where I'm heading)01:39
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
Bashing-omhipitihop:  once selected, that option will be default until re-selected .01:41
hipitihopcool thanks01:41
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ldshhipitihop, And if you have automatic login, you can still unlog just to change and it will also become the new default upon reboot.01:52
clorisuDoes anybody have any clue why my skype proxxy isnt working? I'm using one from ttp://www.gatherproxy.com/proxylist/country/?c=Australia but when I skype resolve I can still see my original IP address?02:00
hipitihopldsh, thanks02:01
hipitihopclorisu, not sure about your proxy but why do you need to use one for Skype ?02:03
clorisuhipitihop: to prevent my skype ip from being resolved02:03
clorisuhighdivr: for example see http://cstress.net/skype-resolver/#first02:03
clorisuhipitihop: *02:04
DemannuTrying to install Ubuntu Server 14.04 onto a local box, just have a wireless keyboard right now but the installer isn't accepting input from it. Works fine in the menu selection, just once it asks for a language, no response. Anything I can do?02:05
mo78hit n run question: when I use the live ubuntu wirless keyboard & mouse works and internet works, After instal no mouse, keyboard or interent any ideas? im on live now.02:05
SchrodingersScat!info proxychains | clorisu02:07
ubottuclorisu: proxychains (source: proxychains): proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.1-6 (wily), package size 5 kB, installed size 50 kB02:07
clorisuSchrodingersScat: I already tried proxychains, they wouldn't work02:07
Bashing-ommo78: Once installed, update/upgrade .. see if the drivers are picked up and installed .02:08
mo78allowed it to update as installed, issue is no way to input post install, only have wireless keyboard/mouse.02:09
N1sMgreetings friends :)02:10
N1sMwow ip logging is turned on :(02:10
Bashing-ommo78: Better support for wireless after install .. need to do that from a wired connection . Then maybe " Additional Drivers " to be effective .02:11
mo78kk, so need to hunt a wired kb and try update?02:12
N1sMwhy not sit the box side by side and install synergy on it?02:12
Bashing-ommo78: Yes, IMO the better course of action .02:12
N1sMshare kb/mouse with another machine02:12
N1sMif you have access to another machine that is02:13
mo78cheers, see if i can hunt an old wired one some where lol. N1sM, no other machine for me. if you were directing to me. :)02:14
N1sMmo78, understood... no synergy for you then...02:14
flyn4x4webHello room,  I was wondering if anyone has any experience updating 15.04 on arm-hf? the reason i ask is that apt-get update and upgrade have problems connecing to the servers. Does anyone know what file contains the serverlist?02:14
N1sMit sounds as if the drivers for the mouse aren't being loaded02:14
daftykinsflyn4x4web: #ubuntu-arm02:15
daftykinsflyn4x4web: yes, /etc/apt/sources.list02:15
N1sMGreetings Room, wondering if anyone has a method of installing GMA 4500 series drivers for Ubuntu-Gnome 15.10?02:15
mo78i know its so strange, while im on this live ubuntu all works perfectly, same one is used to install and no mouse or kb.02:15
flyn4x4webThanks daffykins, Im in north america and its trying to dl from uk02:15
daftykinsN1sM: they're already part of the kernel, there's nothing to be done02:16
mo78im runniing ubuntu from usb and installed from same usb02:16
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Home backup and installation of 14.04 went successfully.02:16
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Outstanding ... much improved, no ?02:17
daftykinsmo78: did you install with updates?02:17
N1sMdaftykins: It seem's that I have very poor performance. maybe i shouldn't have been so optimistic about installing on older core 2 processor02:17
daftykinsN1sM: what're the rest of the specs? something like lubuntu or xubuntu would be better on there, not full ubuntu - Unity is too demanding02:18
mo78yes I allowed updates to instal during installation02:18
daftykinsmo78: then that's something to try without :)02:18
N1sMdaftykins: It's mostly the graphics bit, however i believe its partly due to the amount of system ram.02:18
daftykinswhat are we talking, 2GB?02:18
CharcoalfireBashing-om: Yes! Everything seems really fast now.02:18
[Relic]any idea where I can see the path settings for things like PYTHON_LIBRARY ?  Trying to figure out why this program can't seem them02:18
N1sM2.2ghz core duo 1M cache and 3gb ddr2 66702:18
mo78kk, try basic instal/ then try updates post instal. ty will give it a shot now.02:18
mo78but one more Q before I try02:19
cfhowlettN1sM, you can run ubuntu on that, but you'll almost certainly get better performance from lubuntu as it's optimized for low spec and legacy hardware02:19
mo78if the basic instal dont do it can I select drivers during instal?02:19
daftykinsN1sM: that's plenty, i'd just try xubuntu instead02:19
daftykinsmo78: what drivers02:20
Bashing-omCharcoalfire: Pleased it has all worked out . Worth all the effort .02:20
N1sMdaftykins: I am currently running Ubuntu Gnome02:20
mo78for the kb / mouse02:20
daftykinsmo78: i don't think that's how it works.02:20
CharcoalfireBashing-om: :)02:20
mo78dam lol. kk im out gonna try basic none update install, if it works illl report back. peace all02:21
sorin-mihaianyone knows how "safe" would it be to install linux-image-virtual-lts-wily in a 14.04 server?02:21
daftykinssorin-mihai: i don't see any point at all to run the wily kernel in trusty.02:22
N1sMwow Lbuntu looks horrid :( guess its finally time to dump my laptop for a new one...02:22
cfhowlettsorin-mihai, I can think of lots of reasons NOT to run the wily kernel in trusty02:22
sorin-mihaiis just that virtualmin isn't supporting wily, so I have to stick with trusty for a while...02:22
N1sMdaftykins: lbuntu looks like windows 3.1, is that normal?02:23
daftykinsN1sM: xubuntu is much nicer.02:23
N1sMdaftykins: does xbuntu support cairo-dock and various other things?02:23
daftykinssorin-mihai: i'm not familiar with that, but newer kernels are more relevant for up to date bleeding edge desktop or laptop hardware, not servers.02:23
daftykinsN1sM: i don't know02:24
amazoniantoadWill we ever be able to install ubuntu touch on laptops?02:24
kingplusplusI am using Ubuntu in virtualbox... after doing resize from host (Mac) i still get "This computer has only 190.6 MB disk space remaining" error02:24
amazoniantoadSome of us use touch screens02:24
amazoniantoadkingplusplus: only practical solution is to make it your main install02:25
cfhowlettkingplusplus, might be time for spring cleaning:  http://howtoubuntu.org/things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-14-04-trusty-tahr#clean02:25
amazoniantoadSpring cleaning is always fun02:25
daftykinsamazoniantoad: not the point, imo.02:26
daftykinskingplusplus: yeah you need to increase the partition size...02:26
amazoniantoaddaftykins: I know...I'm just bein salty...I just found out I wont be getting the ubuntu touch for christmas...02:26
amazoniantoadSo so salty...02:26
amazoniantoadSo salty02:26
daftykinsamazoniantoad: ok well please take it to #ubuntu-touch so we don't have to suffer thanks02:26
kingplusplusdaftykins how do i do that please02:27
amazoniantoaddaftykins: I will spread my salt as far as the horizon02:27
daftykinskingplusplus: did you use LVM?02:27
daftykinsamazoniantoad: no, silence now thanks.02:27
kingplusplusdaftykins please whats LVM? Live Virtual Machine?02:27
daftykinskingplusplus: is the VM booted?02:28
kingplusplusdaftykins yes it is02:28
daftykinskingplusplus: open a terminal and run "sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999"02:29
kingplusplusdatfykins, i have ran it... its still thinking i guess02:31
kingplusplusto show output02:31
daftykinstry "sudo parted -l" on its' own, or open the gparted program02:31
kingplusplusdaftykins  am installing gparted... where do i find result of previous command?02:33
daftykinsit would print it in the terminal02:34
kingplusplusdaftykins well, gparted opened02:34
daftykinsso do you see some unused space on the disk?02:34
kingplusplusdaftykins i see unallocated 17GB02:36
daftykinscan you share a screenshot on imgur.com02:36
TracedSo uhm.. is anyone willing to possibly help a fellow out Dual Booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu under UEFI? I've run around to multiple places today searching for an answer and have wound up reinstalling windows etc at least three times.02:38
cfhowlettTraced, see ##windows for windows installation support.02:38
kingplusplusdaftykins http://imgur.com/a6UaLhb02:38
TracedSome places say start from scratch with Ubuntu, others say start from windows02:38
cfhowlettTraced, windows first.  always.02:39
TracedRight. Disregarding the other information now.02:39
TracedI've Dual Booted Windows 7 and older Ubuntu before but I had a friend helping then as well.02:40
cfhowlettTraced, win7 and win10 are worlds apart due to uefi ... but you already know that.02:40
TracedI have a generic Win 10 pro USB and the Ubuntu 15 USB ready to try again as soon as Windows finishes "Getting Ready" -.-02:40
Tracedcfhowlett: Oh, definitely.. XD02:41
daftykinskingplusplus: bit messy, you're going to have to boot a live session in the VM ideally, (as in the ubuntu desktop ISO) then delete the swap and extended partitions (sda5 and sda2) then resize sda1, recreate a swap partition, edit the /etc/fstab file on sda1 and then boot back into it.02:42
=== musca` is now known as musca
TracedWould you be willig to walk me through setting the dual boot up cfhowlett? I guess that's a lot to ask.. but I'm about to pull my hair out. :x02:43
Bashing-om!dualboot | Traced02:43
ubottuTraced: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:43
TracedI've read someplace that EasyBCD and windows with EUFI are bad and "outdated"..?02:44
cfhowlettTraced, gl/sad to say, I decided not to dualboot as I use ubuntu 98% of the time.  I installed virtualbox to ubuntu and put win7 in a virtualbox.  see !wfm02:44
daftykinsTraced: yes don't touch easyBCD02:45
TracedI'm not a total Linux newbie but as far as setting up a proper Dual Boot (especially with Windows' weird UEFI load.. I'm simply lost02:46
Traceddaftykins: Righto02:46
daftykinsit's pretty simple, install 10 with some space left over, or resize the disk... then boot ubuntu as EFI and install beside02:46
kingplusplusdaftykins thanks, is this the only option? My pain is that i deleted the iso and i have limited bandwidth 10gig monthly which is almost out :)02:46
cfhowlettTraced, best practice: get windows sorted out first.  fully installed, updated all that.  THEN set up buntu.02:46
daftykinskingplusplus: pretty much02:47
TracedI saw also that I should disable Fast Startup for Windows until after GRUB2 is set up proper02:47
kingplusplusdaftykins i wouldn't loose all the installed updates, and files right? it took me sometime to get this os setup02:48
daftykinskingplusplus: no02:48
kingplusplusok thanks02:48
daftykinshave some faith in the advice given :P02:48
cfhowlettkingplusplus, but you DO have your stuff backed up anyway ... right?02:48
daftykinscertainly wouldn't be hard with a VM :>02:49
kingpluspluscfhowlett note really anything that matters just the cost of re-installing things in terms of paid bandwidth :)02:49
Bashing-omTraced: "fast boot" is a Windows Hibernation. such that the hard drive is "in use" . Then ubuntu can not access it .02:50
kingplusplusdaftykins, how about taking a snapshop?02:50
cfhowlettkingplusplus, understood.  Humbly suggest that as you are a buntu user, you should always have an install USB with you as a best practice.  I keep my silver Kingston USB quite stylishly mounted on a lanyard around my neck.  Cuz you never know ...02:51
=== sauvin is now known as TemptedFate
kingplusplusdaftykins i mean snapshot.... then moving it to a new guest instance and deleting the one with low disk something02:51
stuartyeatesI'm on 14.04 and looking for a solution to ripping DVDs to mp4s. successfully creating isos from the DVDs but can't convert them. on previous versions I crafted a ffmpeg commandline that did what I wanted, but that's not working for me now.   suggestions?02:52
TracedAbout to reboot into Linux..02:52
TracedHandbrake for ripping works well02:53
cfhowlettstuartyeates, ffmpeg in 14.04?  avconv is the default conversion tool02:53
Tracedffmpeg is fuu ._.02:53
stuartyeatescfhowlett: thanks. it may be that the commandname is all I need02:54
cfhowlettstuartyeates, happy2help!  fwiw: ffmpeg and libav-tools have kissed and made up.  ffmpeg will return to ubuntu in 16.04.  yay!02:54
daftykinskingplusplus: i'd copy the full thing before attempting the resize personally02:56
TracedWhat will Ubuntu's naming convention after Z is reached become?02:56
zykotick9cfhowlett: could ffmpeg/libav change be because ffmpeg is in both debian's unstable & testing branches?  ;)02:56
cfhowlettTraced, zesty zulu and then we don't know what's next02:56
TracedEnd of everything ;-;02:57
stuartyeatesnah, after z we shift to CJK characters...02:57
TracedI'm waiting for these updates to finish.. -.-02:57
cfhowlettzykotick9, as I recall, the problems was personality and leadership incompatibilities on the ffmpeg side.  seemingly resolved now ...02:57
zykotick9cfhowlett: to me personally, libav vs ffmpeg never made much difference... to others it did ;)  i was just making light of the downstream nature of ubuntu there... sorry.02:58
cfhowlettno harm no foul!02:59
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=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
wfreemanI have just installed kubuntu 15.10 and the system boots to a black desktop with a mouse cursor; no KDE panels, desktop, etc. are visible. How can I fix this? I can run commands with alt-f2 but that's it.03:23
zykotick9wfreeman: <one comment> alt+f2 to run commands is NOT built into Xorg itself...  that sounds like gnome or kde (i'm NOT familiar with kde so don't know if alt+f2 is also run there).  it wouldn't do anything on in straight Xorg or my wm...  good luck!03:27
zykotick9s/on in/on a/03:28
finetundraAnyone around?03:32
cfhowlett!ask | finetundra03:33
finetundraCould someone help me with x11 forwarding?03:33
finetundracfhowlett: yeah, I know03:33
finetundraSilly mistake03:33
TheReaperVirus So I am having this issue with the font Inconsolata-Dz. Its been03:34
TheReaperVirus                        patched for powerline but no matter the size of the font, none of the03:34
TheReaperVirus                        symbols are showing up in vim-airline's bar. Anyone know how to fix03:34
TheReaperVirus                        this.?03:34
daftykinsfinetundra: help how? "ssh -x username@host"03:36
=== bob is now known as Guest2152
finetundradaftykins: say I connected over putty, then what?03:36
LonelyDanboI'm using dual monitors for the first time. I repositioned the 2nd monitor in the settings to be on the left side of the 1st monitor, but it's still making me get to it by moving the mouse off the right side of the 1st monitor to get to it. can I fix that?03:36
daftykinsfinetundra: you can't, because PuTTY doesn't have any X libs to draw anything on the Windows host... you have to use something like xming03:37
LuteroI'm gonna get denicked in a momentbut whatevs. I was here a short while ago about  dualbooting W10/Ubuntu15. Continuing..03:37
finetundradaftykins: my bad, I do have xming03:37
LuteroI've installed it alongside Windows and I'm looking at efibootmgr, and I do not see Ubuntu on the list :x03:38
LonelyDanbo"drag it to rearrange it's placement" doesn't seem to be doing anything at all.03:38
daftykinsLutero: just enter your EFI and try changing the boot device to Ubuntu / the name of the disk instead of 'Windows Boot Manager'03:38
LonelyDanboAHAH! I had to select which one was primary before it would let me rearrange them!03:39
LonelyDanboaw crap. i hit apply but it put everything in the secondary display because that was the left-most display. lame.03:39
LuteroHere's what it looks like http://pastebin.com/PWxKLBv103:40
LonelyDanbo.... WTF? I guess "primary display" isn't where it puts my taskbar and such. Can I fix THAT?03:40
LonelyDanboI mean... I guess it's kinda nice to have less clutter on my main display... the clock's on the right side of my left display...03:41
Luterodaftykins: Right. I'll try that then03:41
LonelyDanboaw crap. my applications are all launching on the secondary display because it's on the left. I hope this won't be a problem. I noticed when I changed my game settings from OpenGL to D3D, it would totally crap the bed when I'd try to resize the window. I'd have to close the window because I couldn't see to exit the program.03:52
LonelyDanbooh this is super annoying. resizing windows moves it from primary display to secondary as well. WTF???03:53
LonelyDanbohm. nope. just that once.03:53
daftykinseven initialism form swearing is frowned upon here.03:53
cfhowlett!wtf | LonelyDanbo03:53
ubottuLonelyDanbo: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList03:53
SeriouslyLaughQuick tip: alt+f7 will switch your cursor into a hand and place it on top of the first window. Click and hold (even if you cannot see) to drag it onto your primary display.03:54
daftykinsseries of letters that stand for something.03:54
SeriouslyLaughComing in at the tail end of your issue so I'm not sure if this helps, but it's a nice tip regardless.03:54
cfhowlettLonelyDanbo, imagine you are speaking with your dear ole granny - in church - and moderate your language.03:54
=== __raven_ is now known as __raven
LonelyDanboI'm agnostic. I'd probably just do what I did and use crap instead of what I originally intended.03:55
LonelyDanbobut... right... rules. very important rules.03:55
cfhowlettLonelyDanbo, don't.  the language guidelines apply to all - even you.03:55
=== UKn0Meh is now known as UKn0Me
alazyworkaholicHello, I can no longer login to my account through the GUI. The screen flashes to a console for a moment, then returns to the login screen.03:56
daftykinscheck your /home for files not owned by you, by logging in at the TTY and checking with "ls -al ~/"03:57
LonelyDanboso is there a way to make my primary display primary even though it's on the right side of my secondary display?03:57
daftykinsremind me, you use some non-standard DE/WM right, LonelyDanbo ?03:57
LonelyDanboI don't know what that is.03:57
daftykinsnevermind then.03:58
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: tks, console login works. Some files in my home directory are owned by root, e.g. .bash_aliases; .bash_aliases; .bashrc-anaconda3.bak; .dbus; .gvfs; .rpmdb         All normal?04:00
almasteranyone using ubuntu kylin?04:01
cfhowlett!kylin | almaster04:01
ubottualmaster: Ubuntu Kylin is a variant of Ubuntu that focuses on Chinese users. It is a formal part of Ubuntu. For more information, see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/ubuntukylin04:01
alazyworkaholicI looked through the forums already and saw suggestions to remove ~/.Xauthority, did that, no good. Created a new user, changes nothing.04:01
cfhowlettalmaster, typically find those users using the weixin/wechat channel04:02
almasterok thanks, I'd find out it04:02
Sonderbladealazyworkaholic: you can look in /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log if anything looks fishy04:02
cfhowlettalmaster, http://www.ubuntukylin.com/en_comunity/show.php?lang=en&id=18704:03
almasterthanks a lot, <cfhowlett>04:03
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: sounds like you tried to 'sudo startx' at some point - very bad! run this: "sudo chown -R username:username /home/username/" then restart and try GUI login again04:04
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: ok, I tried startx from the console as it was a suggestion in a forum post (without sudo), and it failed. In /var/log/Xorg.1.log I saw ¨NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the system´s kernel log for additional error messages and consult the NVIDIA README for details¨04:06
alazyworkaholicwhere is the kernel log?04:06
daftykinsno point doing that, did you run the above already? what card do you have?04:06
alazyworkaholicnever problematic until now04:07
sa_JOIN  channel #qtcodes04:09
alazyworkaholicRan sudo chown -R alan:alan /home/alan. Rebooted. No effect04:09
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: yeah which card specifically though? "lspci"04:11
alazyworkaholicIf it matters, this message appears while booting (before login screen): ¨[FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules. See systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service´for details¨ but typing that line doesn´t seem to identify which module is causing the problem.      Card is NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti according to lspci04:14
daftykinsah ok04:16
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: which ubuntu version? 15.10?04:16
alazyworkaholicSonderblade: looking at /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log... seems to go normally up until I see ¨User alan authorized¨, then is see Sending SIGTERM, and it kind of looks like it´s restarting04:17
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* && sudo apt-get clean" then "sudo apt install nvidia-352" if your system is online from CLI04:17
Opcode90_I can't really find a room to ask this question in, but I'm on a Digital Ocean Ubunto 12.04 server and i managed to install psyBnc, but I'm trying to hide the ip address with one of those sentences, I see where vhost,vanity host can be entered but my question is can just anything be put in there or does it have to be some registered source or something, do i need to pay for a vhost name any04:19
Opcode90_help would be greatly appreciated.04:19
daftykins"sentences" = a domain, such as opcode90s.amazing.bnc.com ?04:20
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: 15.1004:20
daftykinsOpcode90_: no idea, find a bnc channel :P04:20
daftykins!alis | Opcode90_04:21
ubottuOpcode90_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http04:21
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: ok yeah follow the above commands04:21
Sonderbladealazyworkaholic: what DE are you tring to login to?04:21
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: just checking - correct that it´s sudo apt install rather than sudo apt-get install? (never used it that way)04:21
Opcode90_i've looked for bnc channels only like 3 people in each of them04:21
Opcode90_but thanks anyway04:21
alazyworkaholicSonderblade: standard ubuntu unity, didn´t do anything special to it.04:21
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: yep it's new and improved04:22
Sonderbladealazyworkaholic: if you havent tested already, create a brand new user and login with that04:22
Sonderbladealazyworkaholic: then install kde and try with that. if kde works, the problem is gnome-shell/compiz something..04:23
daftykinsSonderblade: that's a horrible suggestion04:23
daftykinsthrowing another DE on will ruin most peoples setups04:23
Sonderbladewhy would it?04:24
daftykinsreplacing things they share, pretty common.04:24
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: i purged & reinstalled nvidia as you said. No change.04:24
alazyworkaholicrebooted too04:24
daftykinsand still no go with guest sessions / alternate users?04:25
Sonderbladedaftykins: shrug, multiple de:s work for me04:25
alazyworkaholicdaftykins: Yes, tried that. Exactly the same behaviour.04:26
daftykinsSonderblade: depends how they're installed.04:26
daftykinsalazyworkaholic: probably time to reinstall some things, dunno without digging through logs more04:26
Sonderbladedaftykins: and i've had several issues in the past with gnome-shell/unity not getting past the display manager, while kde was working fine04:26
daftykinsthat's nice, but still not good advice imo.04:27
Sonderbladeok. i disagree04:27
alazyworkaholicNoticed someting in the lightdm log: CRITICAL: session_get_login1_session_id: assertion ´session != NULL´ failed¨04:28
SeriouslyLaughalazyworkaholic just to confirm, you're shown the greeter right? like it asks for your password?04:29
alazyworkaholicSeriouslyLaugh: Yes, the login screen with graphical background and a list of users to choose from, + guest. All very vanilla ubuntu setup.04:30
SeriouslyLaughyou could try dropping into a terminal and moving your .config and .cache files temporarily04:31
SeriouslyLaughmv ~/.config ~/.config.BAK04:31
SeriouslyLaughmv ~/.cache ~/.cache.BAK04:31
SeriouslyLaughthen go back to the greeter (ctrl+alt+f7) and log in04:32
daftykinsSeriouslyLaugh: that's irrelevant since guest sessions test even more than that04:32
SeriouslyLaughsource: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2189114&page=3&p=12857831#post12857831 though this seems to be xcfe specific...i am uncertain if it'll work04:33
daftykinssince nothing is ever kept for a guest, it's like a new user every time04:33
alazyworkaholicWhat logs should I review? /var/log/ kern.log? syslog? upstart? Xorg.0 or 1.log?04:35
alazyworkaholicSeriouslyLaugh: tried the config/cache trick. No good.04:35
daftykinsthe .Xsessionerrors04:35
pyioswhy my crontab element does not work ?04:36
logglogHi ppl is there a way to upload the output of terminal to the internet, for example if i type sudo apt-get install vlc that it puts the output online04:41
isReKT2000logglog, pastebinit04:42
daftykinslogglog: pipe it to pastebinit, after installing pastebinit04:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:42
daftykinsor pipe it to "nc termbin.com 9999"04:42
logglogto pipe means  to use |  ?04:42
logglogi am newer to linux04:42
daftykinsyes, pipe ;)04:42
SeriouslyLaughanother cool service: http://ix.io/04:42
logglogok thanks everyone :D04:42
alazyworkaholicxsessionerrors: http://pastebin.com/K2N9vSAZ04:43
SeriouslyLaughalazyworkaholic which version are you on? apologies if someone already asked you this04:44
SeriouslyLaughok thanks04:44
SeriouslyLaughthis catches my eye: 'upstart-event-bridge respawning too fast'04:45
alazyworkaholicSorry, got a call - must go. Thank you all for your help so far04:45
logglogso i just type in terminal sudo apt-get install vlc | pastebinit?04:45
SeriouslyLaughgoogle lands me here, but this forum post has 32 pages and is for 14.04 -- http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221810004:45
SeriouslyLaughcorrection 4 pages, 32 replies*04:46
SeriouslyLaughperuse that perhaps04:46
logglogOne more question with what command can i show what version of ubuntu i am using and what type of arhitecture my pc is04:46
SeriouslyLaugh!version | logglog04:47
ubottulogglog: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »04:47
SeriouslyLaughlogglog to get the syntax and usage, type man pastebinit into terminal04:50
SeriouslyLaughor read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pastebinit04:52
daftykinslogglog: uname -a will show the kernel info and thus architecture in use04:53
mekhamido any of you have a command line email client you like?04:53
LuteroBack again. Linux and Windows finally work normall aside from Windows not booting from GRUB2. I can enter BIOS and select Window boot mgr to be first and it'll load Windows perfectly fine04:54
SeriouslyLaugh!ot | mekhami04:54
ubottumekhami: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:54
LuteroAny suggestions? The error is something to do with invalid image04:54
SeriouslyLaughsounds like you may need to tinker with your grub settings04:55
LuteroI took another look at the efibootmgr util.. let me paste the info for that04:55
Luterohttp://pastebin.com/kr2PE8ym is this fine?04:56
daftykinsit's irrelevant04:56
daftykinsjust shows you now have GRUB boot first04:57
LuteroRight... I'm unsure what exactly I need to tinker with though XD04:58
daftykinsso what happens when you pick the Windows entry?04:59
LuteroIt'll show a rather long  error about wrong image or something. I'm not sure if I can even show you unless I cn access logs for grub05:00
daftykinstry running "sudo update-grub"05:00
ExclAnyone up to help me with an Ubuntu Mystery?05:00
LuteroBut again, switching the load order from Ubuntu 1st to WBM, I can then boot W1005:01
=== Near is now known as Guest29444
Luterodaftykins: it added a boot menu entry.. I guess this is probably the fix?05:01
Exclhuh? Guest2944405:02
daftykinswell it's an attempt05:02
=== HeisenbergsDog is now known as Guest75575
Guest29444i need help guy05:02
Exclany ideas why on that stack question guys?05:02
LuteroHere this is daftykins http://pastebin.com/sqPcyyd105:02
daftykinsLutero: it's probably not made any change but worth trying again05:03
LuteroAlright. Away I go05:04
daftykinsGuest29444: ask a question05:04
Guest29444what is xchat05:04
daftykinsstop it.05:04
ExclWhat bout me :( lol I'm experiencing lagspikes when gaming05:04
daftykinsExcl: your post says GT120, did you mean 210?05:04
SeriouslyLaughExcl you're asking a lot from a really underpowered machine...05:05
Excldaftykins I mean 120 lol05:05
arallenGuest29444, an IRC client05:05
daftykinsnonsense, my desktop is still a core 2 quad05:05
ExclSeriouslyLaugh oh yeah, that I know...but it's held up fine back on Windows, don't see why it would have lagspikes on Ubuntu05:05
daftykinsyou got asked if you were using those games through wine?05:06
ExclNope, running through steam05:06
ExclI am trying out this online game through PlayOnLinux called Perfect World...05:06
Exclseeing how that goes in a bit05:07
=== Guest29444 is now known as Nlh1901
SeriouslyLaughPlayOnLinux is a WINE frontend, isn't it?05:07
daftykinsright but you're running steam through wine?05:07
Exclyep SeriouslyLaugh05:07
daftykinsbecause ETS2 does not have a native Linux version05:07
ExclUhh no, I'm using Steam's Linux client05:07
Exclwell they have a linux beta daftykins05:07
daftykinsnot on steam?05:08
Exclat first I thought it was the game, but I tried playing some others, it has the same result05:08
Exclyeah on Steam?05:08
SeriouslyLaughi wonder if it may be worth looking into installing proprietary drivers for that GPU05:08
SeriouslyLaughif you have not yet done so05:09
ExclCheck again daftykins, it has it for SteamOS+Linux05:09
ExclAlready did SeriouslyLaugh, I had issues when trying elementary os, and moved to Ubuntu05:09
daftykinsdidn't see anything on the product page, but it doesn't matter - i don't consider game issues worthy of my time05:09
ExclAlready on proprietary drivers I'm afraid05:09
SeriouslyLaughhm yeah I've reached the extent of my comfort zone on this issue -- maybe ask over in the linux gaming channel Excl05:10
SeriouslyLaughi think it is #gamingonlinux05:10
Nlh1901it supot gnacktrack05:11
Exclyeah on v340.96 proprietary SeriouslyLaugh05:11
daftykinsit is in fact elementary how much a waste of time running elementary is :)05:11
Pinkamena_DI have been trying to figure out the best way to save a few monitor configurations. I have a laptop with two docks. One I use at work, with one ext monitor and the laptop monitor itself, to the left. The other is at home where I don't use the laptop monitor, but I have two external.05:11
Nlh1901i can install linux on my playbook05:11
Excltrue daftykins, but it is a pretty OS05:11
SeriouslyLaughi disagree, and use it as a daily driver. but that's neither here nor there.05:11
Pinkamena_DI don't know if it is possible to save config based on connected monitors. IT seems online that some people say this is what is supposed to be, but it does not always work, it seems to be based on the way the docking is connected.05:12
daftykinsExcl: you're beginning to make me think you still use it :P05:12
Nlh1901hey guy i need help plzzzz05:13
Pinkamena_DAlso one big issue I have is that if I have the laptop monitor off, and I sleep, and then remove the laptop from the dock, if I turn it back on usually it stays black and I have to force poweroff.05:13
asdopas(Lubuntu 15.04) I can't install SMplayer. I get broken dependencies, which I've listed here: https://bpaste.net/raw/dac5cd23e3b605:13
SeriouslyLaughNlh1901 I don't understand your question -- did you have an issue installing?05:13
Pinkamena_Danyway, does anyone have any monitor config software they would recommend?05:13
asdopasDo I have the wrong kernel version?05:13
SeriouslyLaugh!lubuntu | asdopas05:14
ubottuasdopas: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.05:14
asdopasThat channel is too slow, and besides, Lubuntu uses the Ubuntu kernel base. I thought I'd get a faster answer here, especially since I don't think LXDE is the issue.05:15
Nlh1901can i install linux on my blayberry playbook?, thanks05:15
SeriouslyLaughfolks here aren't too keen on helping with any distribution that isn't pure Ubuntu, asdopas05:15
=== sireebob is now known as Yuna
asdopasBut I don't get it. This is an issue with APT dependencies. It would be the same if it was pure Ubuntu.05:15
SeriouslyLaughyeah i agree. but it helps to keep the channel clutter down. there are approx 2k users here at any given time.05:16
asdopasAt least tell me why I'm getting the "but...is to be installed"05:16
asdopasI don't want to wait for hours on #lubuntu05:16
=== sireebobSF is now known as Yuna
=== JjJ is now known as Guest68078
daftykinsSeriouslyLaugh: you're wrong, flavours are supported just fine05:17
ubottu!Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.05:17
ExclI abandoned it for Ubuntu 3 weeks ago lol daftykins05:17
SeriouslyLaughdaftykins then can we update the !lubuntu factoid?05:17
daftykinsno, because the specific channels still exist, but here is also fine.05:17
=== sireebobSF is now known as sireebob
asdopasFor some reason, the added strings after the version number are throwing APT off. libgcc1 1:5.1~rc1-0ubuntu1.1 should satisfy libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1)05:20
asdopasI think05:20
SeriouslyLaughi've seen people ask for help on each of those flavors and told to ask in their respecitve channels, so i'm just a little confused on what the rules are05:20
asdopasAre you really going to die on this hill SeriouslyLaugh? I'm not asking anything super complex05:21
SeriouslyLaughhaha nope, I just like helping and I feel bad when I give someone the wrong advice05:21
asdopasdaftykins do you have any suggestions? I remember you from when you helped me with the rtl8192cu (Belkin USB dongle) and NVIDIA ancient video card kernel module mix up.05:22
jaydrohey can someone answer my question as to weather i should replace ubuntu 14.04.1 with ubuntu mate or INSTAL MATE INTO 14.04.105:22
e66I am using a custom apt-server. I want if the apt-server downgrades a package the client should also do it. How can I do that?05:23
daftykinsSeriouslyLaugh: if you do, then why do you keep trying to give people stuff you've just googled that often doesn't even apply?05:24
=== Excl_ is now known as Excl
daftykinsasdopas: i suspect you're getting offered an smplayer or package deps from some form of PPA that's ruining things05:24
jaydroDoes anybody have ubuntu knowledge to give me05:24
daftykinsjaydro: this is a support channel, not an experimental memory transfer lab unfortunately05:24
jaydroshould i replace 14.04 lts with mate or just install it onto it05:25
e66So I have a package p with version 3. p-3 in server. Local pc is using p-3. Then the devs upload p-2 to apt-server. Now how can I install p-2 without mentioning the version name? Dont want to mention version name because devs can upload any version anytime.05:25
SeriouslyLaughdaftykins no one here is getting paid, mate. we're all trying to help. relax.05:26
daftykinsyeah i've been here for years helping :) i know that05:27
daftykinsi'm also perfectly relaxed, i just find it annoying when you give bad advice off google results05:27
asdopasdaftykins: I tried --remove on the SMplayer PPAs I had, but it didn't work05:28
asdopasStill getting the unmet dependencies error05:28
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html05:28
daftykinsasdopas: share what "apt-cache policy smplayer" reports05:28
asdopasWait, I remember this...I can use apt-cache policy smplayer pastebinit05:29
asdopas| pastebinit, sorry05:29
daftykinssure can05:29
uioHi - any ideas for how to use ubuntu on machines that have password protected BIOS ? No live-usb will work then... I am trying virtual-box on a usb, but cannot get a proper full screen... any other altenatives ?05:30
daftykins!info smplayer05:30
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (wily), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB05:30
daftykins!info smplayer vivid05:30
ubottusmplayer (source: smplayer): complete front-end for MPlayer and MPlayer2. In component universe, is optional. Version 14.9.0~ds0-1 (vivid), package size 1388 kB, installed size 3702 kB05:30
daftykinsok so that's the 15.04 default archive package, seems alright05:31
Blue1uio: usually you can take the motherboard battery out, let it sit over night, that should reset the bios.05:31
daftykinsasdopas: now try the same for one of the deps it was trying to get that's newer05:31
Pinkamena_DWhen I try to enable a third monitor in ubuntu I get a pop up on the screen which is "invisible" (things won't render in it) I would guess it has some error message that I can't see.05:31
daftykins!info libqtcore4 vivid05:31
ubottulibqtcore4 (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 core module. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~ubuntu6.1 (vivid), package size 1590 kB, installed size 5008 kB05:31
daftykinsthat seems normal05:32
Blue1Pinkamena_D: what kind of card. I have a tiny bit of experience with 3 monitors -- a la windows and easy worship.05:32
asdopasSo apt-cache policy libgcc1?05:32
asdopasOr any of them?05:32
Pinkamena_Dits intel something 300005:33
Pinkamena_Da laptop card05:33
Pinkamena_Dthe full line in ubuntu is : 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)05:33
Blue1Pinkamena_D: lspci | grep VGA      will tell you what it is.  I have never seen a labtop that could do dual graphics, let alone 3.05:34
Pinkamena_Dit has two monitor outputs, the last output is the laptop screen itself05:34
Blue1Pinkamena_D: let me look that up.05:34
daftykinsBlue1: it's pretty common as it goes05:35
asdopasdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13554624/05:35
daftykinsasdopas: yip i've got no idea why those are incompatible then05:35
daftykinsasdopas: try installing the deps manually, then smplayer afterwards05:35
Pinkamena_Dhere is the error anyway: http://pasteboard.co/2uuHnAUq.png05:36
Pinkamena_Dthe part which is orange is just like a rendering dead zone, it turned orange after taking the screenshot05:36
uioBlue1: Ah - this is public computer and  don't think they'd like that !05:36
Blue1Pinkamena_D: you do have the driver for that installed yes?05:37
Blue1uio: :-(05:37
asdopasdaftykins: Yeah, about that..."libgcc1 is already the newest version."05:37
Pinkamena_Dfor the intel card? no05:37
Pinkamena_D(I mean, the linux driver, but not a third party one)05:37
Blue1Pinkamena_D: this may/may not help:  https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/13815/Intel-Graphics-Drivers-for-Linux-05:37
Blue1Pinkamena_D: it looks like that may need the intel driver -- it's worth a try.....05:38
daftykinsasdopas: mmm gonna need some brighter folks then i think05:38
daftykinsBlue1: NO!05:38
daftykinsPinkamena_D: do not do the above05:38
daftykinsnever, ever install anything after the fact for intel graphics.05:38
Pinkamena_Dwoah, ok05:38
daftykinsit will make a mess of your system and is a complete waste of time05:38
daftykinsas long as your install is up to date that's the best you can really do05:39
Blue1daftykins: good to know.  I have had to install drivers for ati and they are a pain.05:39
Pinkamena_Dthose sneaky people over at intel! grr05:39
daftykinsyeah AMD and nvidia require / or at least can use proprietary drivers added after, but it's not really the approach for intel05:40
daftykinsi mean sometimes you can get better support with newer kernels...05:40
daftykinsbut sandybridge is pretty old05:40
daftykinsi should know, i'm typing from one05:40
Pinkamena_Dbut yeah, I had three monitors working a loooong time ago, but something has happened in the middle and it stopped. I only use two monitors actually, but I want the third active because if the laptop screen it not running, then if I wake the computer after undocking, the screen never comes on at all.05:41
Pinkamena_Dwhile asking the question a new error came up from the display config. a pop up box comes which says "Failed to apply configuration: %s" - Looks like someone forgot to provide the actual error message to print/printf? \05:43
Pinkamena_DHowever the error looks like it is generic, no search results look like my situation exactly...05:43
Juggiehey guys... maybe it would be a good idea to take 100mbit mirrors off the mirror list, or at least off the list of those the main web page keeps automatically directing you to05:43
Juggietried 2-3 times kept getting shit downloads when just downloading the normal way, until i realized it kept picking a 100mbit mirror :(05:43
Juggieswitched to a better canada mirror and all is well05:44
hirak /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER hirak whcruahadeso05:44
SeriouslyLaughremove the space before /msg hirak -- and choose a different password ;)05:45
daftykinsthe above is a verify link, not a password.05:45
daftykinsJuggie: no idea what you mean by that, but nobody here is in charge of mirrors - try #ubuntu-mirrors05:45
Juggiedaftykins, just 100mbit mirrors are too slow at this point :)05:45
Juggieone user can saturate that :(05:46
asdopasI did some more digging, daftykins, here's what I found...05:46
asdopas"libqt4-dbus : Depends: libqtdbus4 (= 4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~ubuntu6) but 4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~ubuntu6.1 is to be installed"05:46
Juggiebut the main site was automatically selecting it for me.05:46
asdopasapt-show-versions libqtdbus4 gives me...05:46
asdopaslibqtdbus4:amd64/vivid-security 4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~ubuntu6.1 uptodate05:46
asdopasFor some reason, it wants ~ubuntu6 and not ~ubuntu6.105:46
daftykinsJuggie: so you think because you'd get 10MB/sec download off one, that it's somehow slow?05:47
Canonanyone know the package that contains minicom05:47
daftykinsapt-cache search minicom05:47
Juggiedaftykins, its not slow if im the only downloader05:50
Juggiebut i kept getting 200kb/s05:50
Juggiechanged mirrors, downloaded at 15mb/s05:50
Juggiebig difference05:50
Juggieand imo 100mbit would get saturated way too easily05:51
Juggiegiven the small list of canadian mirrors05:51
Juggiehence why i debate the purpose of listing it :)05:51
tryitAnyone on that has experienced problems with Ubuntu running from an SSD ?05:53
daftykinsJuggie: it is if it can rate limit per user... so i think too many assumptions are being made05:54
daftykinsJuggie: oh well, talking about it in the wrong channel won't get anywhere as i say05:54
daftykinstryit: sure05:55
Juggiedaftykins, np... i made comment in -mirrors05:55
tryitI have 15.10 installed on a 240GB SSD and after using it ok for a month or so it now fails boot05:55
tryitwhen I boot 14.04 LTS it mounts ok and is fully accessible05:56
=== mohit is now known as onano
daftykinstryit: err, the two versions on the same SSD, or?05:57
tryitno ... 14.04 is on a sata 320GB spindle ... sdb1 ... ssd is sda105:57
Canonnext question is I have a lvm that is a external HD that i cant mount05:58
LonelyDanbowhy doesn't lm-sensors detect all my sensors?05:58
LonelyDanboI have one for my video card and CPU, but it can't find them.05:58
tryitgrub2 set it all up and it worked fine for about 2 months ... then all pssst 15.10 just failed out05:59
daftykinsCanon: that doesn't make sense06:00
daftykinstry and rephrase06:00
tryitgives attempt to read write outside hd(0)06:00
tryitor something close to taht06:00
=== Near is now known as Guest58769
Canonexternal HD thats a lvm theat when i try to mount it tells me the it cant be mounted06:02
daftykinsCanon: you know you need to look for the logical volume name, you can't mount the /dev/sdx# partition number that's reported as being LVM?06:03
daftykins"sudo blkid" should help06:03
Canonits /dev/sda3   when i do mount -o -ro /dev/sda3 /media/mount/ it fails06:04
Canonerror is mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'06:05
daftykinslike i just said, you _CAN'T_ pick /dev/sda3 to mount06:05
daftykinsdue to LVM06:05
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:05
tryitdaftykins: any guesses on ssd ?06:07
=== lahwran is now known as lauren
tryitgotta wrap for now ... ciao all06:09
=== Guest75575 is now known as HeisenbergsDog
linociscohi all06:35
linociscoi dont remember the ip address of the device in the network. but I know it is in the network, how to find it?06:36
Datcan an old version of ubuntu be installed over a newer version06:37
SeriouslyLaughlinocisco ifconfig in terminal06:37
linociscoSeriouslyLaugh, are you kidding? no way06:38
linociscoi dont remember the ip address of the device in the network. but I know it is in the network, how to find it?06:43
linociscoi dont remember the ip address of the device in the network. but I know it is in the network, how to find it?06:44
SeriouslyLaughlinocisco do you mean the machine you are currently on, or another device that is connected to your network?06:44
linociscoSeriouslyLaugh, it is another device like switch or ATA06:45
=== cheapie_ is now known as cheapie
Datmaybe i'll have to do a fresh install damn06:55
lotuspsychjeDat: whats going on?06:57
Sonderbladeanyone know how to get video thumbnails to work in kubuntu 15.10? they used to work in 14.04 but not anymore..07:00
lotuspsychjeSonderblade: maybe the #kubuntu guys know?07:01
Sprocksdoes anyone know how i would go about connecting my Ubuntu server to a PPTP server?07:03
lotuspsychjeSprocks: ask in #ubuntu-server they might know07:04
Sprockslotuspsychje: i did, i just thought i would ask here in case someone here knew but they weren't in #ubuntu-server07:04
lotuspsychjeSprocks: sure np07:05
lotuspsychjeSprocks: perhaps the ##networking guys might also know07:06
Sprockslotuspsychje: i hadn't thought about joining there but it wouldnt hurt to check it out :) thanks07:06
linociscoi dont remember the ip address of the device in the network. but I know it is in the network, how to find it?07:21
Datlinocisco: maybe some sort of packet / traffic capture?07:22
Dattcpdump/wireshark something like that maybe07:22
Sprockslinocisco: have you tried nmap?07:23
linociscoSprocks, not yet.07:23
refgterSprocks: that will cause problems07:24
lotuspsychje!info etherape | linocisco07:25
ubottulinocisco: etherape (source: etherape): graphical network monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.13-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 668 kB, installed size 3078 kB07:25
refgterlinocisco: yep try that07:27
linociscolotuspsychje, thanks07:27
refgterSprocks why you pm me vulgar stuff about linocisco07:29
Sprocksrefgter: why you gotta lie?07:29
lotuspsychjeplease dont do this here07:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:30
ali__i have installed ubuntu 14.04 dualboot with windows1007:40
ali__when i shutdown windows10 and boot ubuntu07:40
ali__i cant access my windows files07:40
ali__i get the error unable to access ...07:41
ali__can anybody help me?07:41
lotuspsychjeali_: did you try /mnt or /media?07:42
Abesorry ali I don't have a dualboot partition. if I did I would probably able to help you. let me google for you07:42
Abeali__: here, but looks pretty complicated http://www.wikihow.com/Access-Windows-Files-in-Ubuntu07:44
ali_it says windows is hibernated07:50
ali_but i didnt07:50
Alk40 testing the color07:51
Alk40Hello out there07:52
BitcrusherHey Guys. Im new here07:56
rypervencheBitcrusher: Welcome^^07:57
Alk40I'm shocked Ubuntu is slow usually it's chit chat like crazy07:58
rypervencheProbably the holiday weekend and the time.07:58
Sprockspeople must have stuff going on Alk4007:58
Alk40Probs but meh07:59
rogoHi. How can I set my VGA 1 at 1920x1080  when next code doesn't work any more for my 1920x1080 display:  xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1920x1080               ??07:59
heypaleblueHey guys hope everyone is ahving a good night!08:01
Alk40Hmm so it worked and now it doesn't rogo?08:01
rogo@Alk40: yeah. I disconnected a second screen to watch again TV. I can solve it co connect it back, but I prefer a handy solution.08:02
rogo*co -> to*08:02
Alk40So it works but you just want to be able to connect and disconnect at will right08:04
heypaleblueCan anyone recommened a good book that convers linux in depth? Something similar to "How Linux Works, 2nd Edtition"?08:05
heypaleblueand maybe a good python book?08:05
Alk40For python I would say anything O'Reilly08:06
rogo@Alk40 yes.08:07
Alk40@rogo to be honest I haven't messed vga in a while but for me it was automated out of the box, let me check real quick I use to use this program with it08:08
heypaleblue@Alk40 yeah They're working on a "Head First Python" Book and I'm all about that. I just wonder about something good for linux that explains it from the kernel up08:08
Alk40If you wanna learn Linux from the ground up try building your own, you'll learn all you need to know truuuusssttt08:09
heypaleblueBuilding my own distro?08:10
Alk40@heypaleblue yeah I'll shoot you a link hang on08:11
=== RyanKnack_ is now known as RyanKnack
Alk40Hey ro08:15
Alk40Try to edit the values on08:15
Alk40sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:15
Alk40Set the size of the display in the xorg.conf to what you want see if that works08:16
Alk40@rogo I think the problem is your switching between different sizes and sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't08:17
Alk40@heypaleblue http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/lfs/08:18
Alk40Don't leave people08:20
Alk40I didn't get to help rogo :(08:21
=== newbie is now known as Guest94416
jwtiyari cant do partition my HDD gives this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/13555658/08:23
MrCeeIIIcan anyone direct me to installing skype for ubunto 14.1008:25
Alk40What Ubuntu version do you have08:25
jwtiyarAlk40, me?08:26
Alk40Sorry I got mixed up @jwtiyar08:27
jwtiyarAlk40, ok08:27
Alk40@jwtijar how fast is your computer? That kind of error is usually but not always hardware related08:30
jwtiyarAlk40, yesterday i formatted all my 1TB hard and i made root , home ,swap partition  , then while installing ubuntu give a error that installation is faild08:31
Alk40@MrCeelll have you tried software center? Your version should be supported08:31
jwtiyarAlk40, now its not booting and iam on live USB now , gparted shows all hard drive unlocated08:32
denbeiren_hi all,.. i'm running a pc from a livecd to backup the (windows) userfiles08:32
denbeiren_i let it run overnight, the files where copying08:32
denbeiren_now i wake up to a frozen system08:33
denbeiren_any ideas on how to revive it ? :-)08:33
jwtiyarAlk40, and do not let me create new partition table http://postimg.org/image/7s1qx9huf/ as shown in this pic\08:35
Alk40@jwtiyar are they mounted or can you mount them?08:35
jwtiyarAlk40, its very strange i created all these partition yesterday now shows all of them unlocated as u can see in above pic i posted08:36
Alk40@denbeiren that's a hard one, I don't know where to begin08:37
jwtiyarAlk40,there is nothing to mount08:37
denbeiren_Alk40: seems like it's dozed off, but i don't know how to wake it up08:38
=== denbeiren_ is now known as denbeiren
Alk40@jwtiyar run the following command in the terminal to see if your HD is recognized08:39
Alk40sudo lshw -C disk08:39
jwtiyarAlk40, this is output http://paste.ubuntu.com/13555757/08:40
jwtiyarAlk40, first one is my Live USB08:41
Alk40@denbeiren_ should have booted with acpi=off at this point it's not looking good :(08:43
denbeireni'll reboot08:44
Alk40@jwtiyar ok well it read and identifies it, I was afraid it was not going to recognize it ok next step08:44
jwtiyarAlk40, but what happened to my previous partitions ? all deleted?08:45
Alk40@jwtiyar not sure but it could be d number of things from wrong port being plugged in to loose cables08:47
jwtiyarAlk40, what can i do now? its not letting me create partition also08:48
Alk40@jwtiyar can you check the smart status on the HD?08:50
jwtiyarAlk40, how?08:50
Alk40Using disk utility sorry I forgot to mention it08:51
jwtiyarAlk40, there is no Disk utility08:52
Alk40That's weird what version are you using?08:53
jwtiyarAlk40, 15.1008:53
phill123hi, is it possible to run a command through bash, but fake no X11? I have a program I'm running that runs with no GUI if X11 doesn't exist, and I want that behavior when there is X1108:53
Alk40Try disks08:55
Alk40They change the name and location but it usually comes with it to check your HD08:55
jwtiyarAlk40, shows all my created partition08:56
Alk40Check if your HD is healthy08:56
jwtiyarAlk40, gives error while self test08:57
Alk40Oh that doesn't sound good08:57
jwtiyarAlk40, wha =t can i do ? format it again?08:58
Alk40Can you screenshot the error08:59
jwtiyarAlk40, http://postimg.org/image/cc90ulh23/09:01
CitizenNineJoin ##COTW09:01
Alk40Jwtiyar well it might be your HD doesn't support it but do you think your HD is not connected right?09:05
Alk40SDr what's wrong with your java?09:06
jwtiyarAlk40, i dont know but before was ok and every thing was working one day OS didnt boot and i puted another hard to my laptop , yeseterday i puted back it09:06
Carlos0611i have vsftpd installed. defaults to /home/user on connection. i want to access the /etc/www folder instead. how can this be done?09:07
lotuspsychjeCarlos0611: did you try the #vsftpd channel?09:07
Alk40I think that's the issue jwtiyar, it's either failing or not connected right, your original error comes up when there is a hard ward problem09:08
jwtiyarAlk40, so when booted to my previous Ubuntu i got some error so i wanted to re format all09:08
Alk40How old is your HD?09:09
jwtiyarAlk40, may be 3 or 4 years09:09
Alk40I hope I'm wrong but your HD might be failing, have you dropped it or anything of that nature?09:10
jwtiyarAlk40, no as i said one day suddenly didnt boot my ubunru and my windows09:11
jwtiyarAlk40, u r right the problem with the hard09:12
jwtiyarAlk40, i will change it if i cant fix it09:12
finexbeeri cant belyv that i m alive09:19
finexbeeri daid 34 yers a go an i cam back a live09:20
lotuspsychje!ot | finetundra_09:20
ubottufinetundra_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:20
lotuspsychjepuckz: do you have an ubuntu question?09:22
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motaka2While starting ubuntu 12.04 after seeing the grub os selection page , I see the mouse pointer for a secons and then I see a black screen. I tried to load by editing the grub with nomodeset by pressing ctrl+e and then then changing it and then pressing ctrl+x09:43
motaka2but not only nothiing changed but also after the restart I see nomodeset is removed from the grub, the investigations show that the hard drive is not failing and there is no hardware issue09:43
lotuspsychjemotaka2: you still messing on that issue<?09:43
lotuspsychjemotaka2: why dont you just install 14.04.3?09:43
motaka2lotuspsychje: I dont want to reinstall the softwares once again. I also dont have a hard drive to backup things09:44
lotuspsychjemotaka2: did you try booting a previous kernel yet?09:45
motaka2lotuspsychje: I dont know how to do that09:45
lotuspsychjemotaka2: you know howto enter grub right?09:45
Dreamanmotaka2 esc and old all kernel in boot09:46
Dreamanand use one09:46
motaka2lotuspsychje: is the the page shooing each time at startup ?09:46
lotuspsychjemotaka2: normally grub should not show every boot, but probably yes09:47
Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F09:47
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 4.3.0-040300-generic x86_64 (64 bit)  motaka2  onstall 4.309:47
motaka2lotuspsychje: I should choose previous linux versions ?09:47
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try yes, to get in your system again09:48
motaka2lotuspsychje: try yes?09:48
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try to boot a previous kernel, yes09:49
motaka2lotuspsychje: HOW?09:49
lotuspsychjemotaka2: enter grub and load a previous kernel09:49
lotuspsychje!grub | motaka2 read it09:49
ubottumotaka2 read it: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:49
motaka2lotuspsychje: I dont know how to enter grub, and I dont know how to do other things09:50
lotuspsychjemotaka2: hold shift to enter grub09:50
lotuspsychjemotaka2: you just said you did nomodeset, so you did enter grub before09:50
motaka2lotuspsychje: I am in grub09:51
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try what Dreaman suggested09:51
motaka2lotuspsychje: Please tell me step by step what I should do09:52
lotuspsychjemotaka2: in your grub you see a list, ubuntu,ubuntu(recoverymode),previous kernel09:53
lotuspsychjemotaka2: then choose an older kernel to boot and enter09:54
motaka2lotuspsychje: there are previous linux versions but not previous kernel09:54
haskell_Is there a way to freeze ubuntu at a certain time? I.e. I want to force myself to take breaks, and would like a cronjob that freezes the mouse/keyboard for 15 mins?09:55
lotuspsychjemotaka2: yes previous linux kernels09:55
lotuspsychjemotaka2: choose a previous one and press enter on it09:55
motaka2lotuspsychje: It is previous linux VERSIONS not KERNELS09:55
lotuspsychjemotaka2: tell us what you see in the list09:56
motaka2lotuspsychje: I took a picture an dI am waiting for dropbox ...10:00
motaka2akik: Are you there?10:03
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
motaka2lotuspsychje:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hlyu24or7uib64/IMG_20151129_132848.jpg?dl=010:04
rogger_hHey guys , i have a vps with a website on but from some reason my space is getting over in GBS ... something fill the disk and it shouldnt , ideas?10:05
lotuspsychjemotaka2: choose a previous kernel 3.2....10:05
lotuspsychjerogger_h: maybe the ##networking guys know this?10:06
lotuspsychjemotaka2: whatever makes your pc boot...try them all10:07
motaka2lotuspsychje: They are so so many10:07
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try them one by one, until you get in your system10:07
motaka2lotuspsychje: Thus is not effective10:08
lotuspsychjemotaka2: try it first before you complain10:08
motaka2lotuspsychje: They are about 30010:08
lotuspsychjemotaka2: you dont need all 300, you need 1 to get back in your system10:09
motaka2lotuspsychje: So why are you asking me to try 300 ? I tries two 3.2.* and they were the same10:09
motaka2none of them worked10:10
lotuspsychjemotaka2: your system is really broke mate, install 14.04.3 clean10:10
lotuspsychjemotaka2: you have a broken upgrade, cant enter recoverymode and cant enter previous kernels10:10
motaka2lotuspsychje: Ok, wil TJ- come here today ?10:10
Dreamanmotaka2 install 4.310:12
motaka2Dreaman: How?10:12
Dreaman32 or 6410:12
Dreamanis you ubuntu10:12
motaka2Dreaman: I dont know how to install 4.310:13
Dreamanyes i use 4.310:14
motaka2Dreaman: you dont know english ?10:15
Dreamanyes i am bulgarian10:16
Dreamanmy english is bad10:16
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cfhowlettDreaman, looks OK so far.  proceed10:16
motaka2Dreaman: mine is bad too. I have a great Bulgarian friend whose english is bettr than both of us10:18
Dreamanmotaka2 why not use the new ubuntu 15.1010:18
motaka2Dreaman: I have a lot of apps installed on this one10:19
Dreamani use and new kernel 4.310:19
motaka2Dreaman: I will try to install it10:19
Dreamanyes but is upgraet10:19
motaka2Dreaman: Can you tell me how to upgrade it ?10:20
Dreamana dual boot system win 10 and ubuntu 15.10 64 bit10:20
Dreamanhttp://store.picbg.net/pubpic/02/55/2bd2ef277beb0255.png  motaka2 evrithing work for me and 4k video use in ubuntu see10:22
motaka2Dreaman: Thanks for you great help. I'll try to install 4.310:22
motaka2I need rest. whenever ubuntu changes version I am in trouble10:23
Dreamanmotaka2 reintall 15.1010:24
cfhowlettyou know what to do, you just don't want to do it.10:24
motaka2cfhowlett: What should I do? I dont know10:24
cfhowlettas SO many have suggested ... clean install.10:24
motaka2cfhowlett: I cant do that. Doing that is simple but I will lose all my data10:25
cfhowlettdon't format your /home and you should be fine.10:25
cfhowlettbut you backed up all data first anyway, so ... should not be a problem10:26
SCHAAP137my 15.10 installation hangs quite often, when shutting down; how can i find out what makes it hang?10:26
lotuspsychjeSCHAAP137: F1 to see text shutdown errro?10:26
SCHAAP137F1 at the moment of hanging?10:26
motaka2cfhowlett: So can you guide me step by step? I have a 14.04 LIVE dvd, should I use that ?10:26
JasperDKHi all. I'm trying to mount a CIFS-share automatically at login with pam_mount, but I'm getting this error message in auth.log: "Luser volume for /home/jni/Music is missing options that are required by global <mntoptions>". Anybody got an idea what that option could be? I've pasted my .pam_mount.conf.xml to http://pastebin.com/hJVC1cDB10:26
lotuspsychjeSCHAAP137: or tail -f /var/log/syslog and shutdown10:27
SCHAAP137hmm, good idea10:27
cfhowlettmotaka2, that'll work.  use the same partitions you currently have.  format all EXCEPT your /home10:27
cfhowlettbut FIRST backup your /data.  DO NOT proceed before you have your backup completed10:28
Ubik_ /quit10:29
lotuspsychjeSCHAAP137: you can also edit grub "quiet splash" to "" to textboot/text shutdown10:29
shookees /ragequit10:29
Ubik_strange behaviour10:29
Datcan ubuntu be downgraded easily or can I install and older version over a newer version?10:30
cfhowlettDat, yes to both questions.10:31
cfhowlettbut old versions?  why?10:31
Sprocksdoes anyone know how i would go about connecting my Ubuntu server to a PPTP server?10:32
cfhowlettSprocks, might ask #ubuntu-server10:32
Sprockscfhowlett: i did also ask there, thanks10:32
Datcfhowlett: currently I use 14.10 but I experience application freezing, and other random problems when I used 14.04 I had no such problems.10:32
Datcfhowlett: how does one downgrade to 14.04 from 14.10?10:33
lotuspsychje!eol | Dat10:33
ubottuDat: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:33
cfhowlettDat, download 14.04, make aboot USB,  boot and install10:33
Datcfhowlett: I dont have to format do I?10:33
cfhowlettDat, you should.  backup your data first.10:34
PanicSkittleanyone else running 15.04 had netflix stop working today?10:34
motaka2cfhowlett: I am hungry10:34
cfhowlett??? off-topic.10:34
Dathrmm darn10:34
lotuspsychjePanicSkittle: try launch from terminal, see what errors you get?10:34
DatI belive that'll screw up my dual boot10:35
motaka2cfhowlett: booting from the dvd rom10:35
PanicSkittlelaunch netflix from terminal?10:35
Datcfhowlett: whats the best way to backup and restore? I'd rather not have to reconfigure everything10:35
motaka2cfhowlett: Install ubuntu ?10:35
cfhowlett!backup | Dat10:35
ubottuDat: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning10:35
lotuspsychjePanicSkittle: how do you watch? chrome? chromium?10:35
cfhowlettmotaka2, already advised you to exactly that - as have many others.10:35
fenneszHello ! Does anyone know of any hard disk with hardware write-protection10:35
PanicSkittlei guess i can try chrome10:36
lotuspsychjePanicSkittle: ok try start firefox from terminal and watch netflix10:36
motaka2cfhowlett: What will happen to /var/www   ?10:36
lotuspsychjePanicSkittle: or try chrome/chromium yes10:36
cfhowlettmotaka2, backup everything you want saved.10:36
lotuspsychjefennesz: ask in ##hardware please10:36
Datcfhowlett: thanks for the info10:37
motaka2cfhowlett: I dont have a hard drive to back them up10:37
cfhowletthappy2help! dat10:37
fenneszlotuspsychje, thank you !10:37
cfhowlettmotaka2, then wait until you do.  USB, external HDD, whatever you must do.10:37
motaka2what will happen to php and apache ?10:37
motaka2cfhowlett: god bless you. you are so smart10:38
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lotuspsychjeSCHAAP137: any luck?10:41
motaka2lotuspsychje: What about me?10:42
lotuspsychjemotaka2: ?10:42
motaka2lotuspsychje: What should I do ?10:42
lotuspsychjemotaka2: how many times should we tell you the same?10:42
motaka2lotuspsychje: I cant have clean install10:43
=== christopher is now known as Guest87558
lotuspsychjemotaka2: then you will have more trouble10:43
SCHAAP137lotuspsychje, no, it didn't do it this time10:43
Datsigh i wish this downgrade could be abit easier10:43
motaka2I hate linux10:44
cfhowlettDat, in future, consider using LTS releases only.10:44
lotuspsychjemotaka2: its not linux fault, your system is broken10:44
Dat14.04 is LTS right?10:44
motaka2lotuspsychje: no10:44
cfhowlettDat, indeed.  next LTS = 16.0410:44
Dat16.04 isn't out yet is it?10:45
cfhowlettapril (04) 2016 (16)10:45
lotuspsychjeDat: in daily builds yes, as developement branch10:45
motaka2Dat: no the last is 14.0410:45
lotuspsychjemotaka2: install it yourself10:45
Dathrmmm ok10:46
cfhowlettDat, but you should not be doing development releases as they are not ready for prime time.  Unless you don't mind all the beta testing and breakages.10:46
motaka2lotuspsychje: install what ? some packages were upgraded and linux is not working. what if  next time this happens again ?10:46
Datcfhowlett: I mind i've been dealing with these problems for months now10:47
Datdid and accidental upgrade to 14.1010:47
cfhowlettDat, doh!10:47
lotuspsychjemotaka2: upgrades can always turnout badly, thats why you need to create backups10:47
lotuspsychjemotaka2: buy a cheap hd/usb to keep your files on10:48
motaka2lotuspsychje: my windows laptop is so slow. I dont have money to buy a hard drive. and OSes break all the time :(10:48
knoppixhi nice day10:49
lotuspsychjemotaka2: install lubuntu on your slow laptop to speed it up and backup your data to there10:49
lotuspsychjemotaka2: there are tons of things to try, and you keep talking here without action10:50
motaka2lotuspsychje: my laptops DVD and usb ports are not working  and it doesnt have free space in there10:54
motaka2lotuspsychje: I will do some  thing about it. Dont worry10:54
eahmedshendyHi I have this in my auth.log (Ubuntu 14.04): http://paste.ubuntu.com/13556599/10:55
eahmedshendyIs that something to be afraid of? Or what does is mean, I am new in Linux administration, and I just search for something weired10:56
ikoniaeahmedshendy: don't worry10:56
ikoniaeahmedshendy: it just means the reverse dns of the person accessing your host doesn't match10:56
eahmedshendyikonia: what do you mean by that? there is someone accessing our server from <ip_address>.etisalat.com.eg ?10:57
ikoniawhy are you hiding the IP address ?10:57
ikoniaeahmedshendy: but yes, it means someone is trying to access your host from that IP address, however the reverse DNS map doesn't match it10:58
eahmedshendyBecause I don't know if that host is related to us or not10:58
eahmedshendyI will read about reverse DNS map, to understand it10:58
eahmedshendyThere is also another warning here I didn't get yet, "[mysqld] warning: can't get client address: Connection reset by peer"10:59
eahmedshendyget == understand10:59
ikoniaeahmedshendy: someone is trying to connect to the mysql port10:59
eahmedshendyBut this is authentication message? I mean someone fails to connect to the mysql database using a specific password?11:00
ikoniait's a message from mysqld it's nothing to do with the password11:01
eahmedshendyikonia: Ok, thank you11:03
Carlos0611./var/www/html/wp-content/uploads is the upload_path, what chmod should this folder be? I gave it 775 which fixed the issue i was having, in terms of security what should it be? wordpress11:03
ikoniaeahmedshendy: you'll get better responses from people if you don't cross post the same question in 4 - 5 channels at the same time11:03
ikoniaCarlos0611: the web server owner (apache) needs to have write access11:04
ikoniathat is the risk you can't avoid11:04
Carlos0611its for where wordpress uploads its themes and files11:04
eahmedshendyikonia: :), I don't who what channel will have the information for my issue, but I will take your recommendation11:04
ikoniaCarlos0611: I know what it's there for11:04
ikoniabut that doesn't change what I just said11:04
Carlos0611oh lol11:05
Carlos0611k so 775 it is11:05
ikoniathat seems too open11:05
ikoniathat's having the group open11:05
blehHi. I ran an lvmresize but it's taking forever, any thought on how to see the progress ?11:24
=== bleh is now known as thms
b3h3m0thIs it possible to create a wifi hotspot with custom network IP address in ubunut ?11:29
b3h3m0thCurrently when I do the "Use as hostpot", a hotspot gets created with IP range. But I am already on an ethernet network with same range. So I need to use different network address for the hotspot11:31
ikoniait's creating the hotspot with that range because you're on that network11:31
ikoniayou'd need to bring up a different interface do host the other range11:31
ikoniathere maybe a setting within network manager to change the range of the hotspot11:32
b3h3m0thobviously they are different interfaces11:32
b3h3m0thwlan0 and eth011:32
b3h3m0thikonia: yes, and I am looking for what that setting is11:32
b3h3m0thwhere to do that and how11:32
ikoniano idea without looking11:33
ikoniaI suspect it's taking the range of your WIFI interface to extend it11:33
ikoniathats how it's creating the hotspot, to join in to the existing rang11:33
ikoniathis is interesting, if you set up the hotspot like this, you maybe able to set the range inthe ipv4 tab as it looks like it uses dnsmasq to host the dhcp range11:35
nubhave you got to be very good at programmimg for google code in11:36
ikonianub: pardon ?11:36
b3h3m0th_did I miss anything ?11:37
ikoniathis is interesting, if you set up the hotspot like this, you maybe able to set the range inthe ipv4 tab as it looks like it uses dnsmasq to host the dhcp range11:37
ikoniahave a read on that, and see if you can set the hotspot that way and set the ipv4 settings, I think dnsmasq will use those settings to setup the range11:38
ikonia(I'm not %100 sure without looking myself)11:38
OneM_IndustriesHey, I have a question. I was wondering if there was a free alternative to Landscape, as I will not be using it for a company, but instead for my own use with a dozen computers at max.11:38
ikoniait's a comercial product11:39
ikoniathere are other tools you can use, such as an ENC with puppet (for example)11:39
OneM_IndustriesI am mainly just trying to learn, so my budget is "As little as possible." ;P11:40
OneM_Industries(Not that I wouldn't support the devs if I actually had money)11:40
ikoniaOneM_Industries: looks like there isa  30 day free trial11:43
OneM_IndustriesHm, that might work.11:43
IIThow to create usb image of ubuntu from linux ?11:47
ikonia!instal | IIT11:48
ikonia!install | IIT11:48
ubottuIIT: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:48
ikonialast link IIT11:48
Exagone313IIT: you want to create your own image?11:49
IITikonia, thanks mate11:49
IITExagone313, yeah i kind off11:49
Exagone313need a time to find the tutorial I found a time11:50
IITExagone313, np take your time11:50
Exagone313maybe not up-do-date but this is a start: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68887211:51
IITExagone313, thanks :)11:52
BluesKajHowdy folks12:00
hedenclodHello, I've been trying to speed up my boot time which I did, except the kernel startup time12:02
hedenclodI've read about mkinitcpio, but I can't seem to install it or find it in any ubuntu repo12:02
MonkeyDusthedenclod  mkinitcpio is for arch, not for ubuntu12:08
MonkeyDust(is what i read here)12:08
hedenclodoh too bad12:09
pokmowhen a file stored on a network drive is opened in nautilus, where is the file temporary stored/cached?12:13
ikoniain /tmp or your home directory, or ram12:14
ikoniadepends on how your implmentation is configured12:14
pokmoikonia: right. do you know how to find out exactly where it's stored?12:14
ikoniapokmo: why don't you tell us the real problem ?12:14
pokmoikonia: i just want to make sure it's not writing to my main drive which is a SSD12:15
ikoniaso look in /tmp look in your home directory and look on the network share's same current working directory (very unlikely)12:15
ikoniayou'll most likley see it in ram, unless it's too big12:16
pokmowell, i've looked at /tmp and they don't seem to be tehre12:16
ikoniaand to be honest, does it matter if it's writing to your ssd12:16
pokmoikonia: do you know how to check if it's stored in ram?12:16
ikoniaif it's open - it's stored in ram12:16
ikoniaand as I said, does it matter if it's writing to your ssd ?12:17
pokmoikonia: well, i bought my drive just a yr and a bit ago, now it's only got 60% life left12:17
ikoniahave you set it up properly, eg: using trim ?12:17
pokmoso i want to investigate the cause of the rapid deterioration12:17
ikoniahow are you working out %60 life ?12:18
pokmoyes, it's trim enabled12:18
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
pokmothe wear level count is 52412:19
ikoniahow are you working that out ?12:19
pokmoi pulled the drive out and plugged it into my OSX box. ran DriveDx on it12:20
ikonianot sure I'd trust that personally12:20
pokmoand total LBAs Written: 18.2TB12:20
ikoniarun lsof against the bo12:22
ikoniasee what's open while you've got the file open12:22
ikoniaI seriously doubt that even huge numbers of opening temporary files would put that ammount of stress on it12:22
KiborgHello. I have Ubuntu 15.10 64 bit with Geforce GTX 970. I am using Nvidia propertary drivers form additional drivers. Until recently it has wokred like charm, but after the latest update I am unable to even log in, I get login loop.12:34
ikoniawhat's a login loop ?12:35
Kiborgwhen you login and get thrown right back to the login screen12:36
KiborgLogin via console works12:36
ikoniathen what do the logs say ?12:36
ikoniawhat ?12:37
blb31750there's a movie called looper12:38
Kiborghow do I check that?12:38
ikoniahow does that have anythig to do with this channel or the discussion12:38
blb31750sorry, just couldn't resist12:38
ikoniaKiborg: there is a selection of logs in /var/log that X server log, the syslog, the security log12:38
ikoniablb31750: then please don't, it's not helpful12:38
cfhowlett!behelpful | blb3175012:39
ubottublb31750: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:39
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KiborgIkona: That is strange, the login loop is gone... Now the only problem is I have no Unity just desktop, no windows at all12:42
ikoniathat strikes me as a problem with your desktop config, rather than the graphics card/drivers12:43
ikoniacreate a new user, login as that new user,12:43
ikoniasee if hte problem is system wide, or just your user12:43
blb31750just trying to figure out what would be the optimal way to split 128GiB SSD into root and home partitions? Shoult 15GiB be minimum for the root?12:45
ikoniadepend on your setup12:45
ikoniayou can run it on as little as 2G,12:46
ikoniait's a personal choice you need to make/work ou12:46
k1lblb31750: for general desktop usage something around 15GB is fine12:46
cfhowlettblb31750, I have ubuntustudio + all alternate packages.  13 GB all told.12:46
variusshi i just installed ubuntu 15.1012:46
variussand i cant find where move  window control buttons to right side12:46
blb31750it's because not all packages are allowed to be installed into /opt12:47
=== pangarezao is now known as laskdjds
ikonianothing goes in /opt by default12:47
k1lblb31750: /opt means 3rd party stuff you install not using the package management. that is totally your own decision and choice. we cant know about that12:48
KiborgIkona: Sorry it took so long, I am not the best at this. So I created a new user and it works!12:56
KiborgBut this brings me to the first problem12:56
ikoniaKiborg: so that means your user enviornment is broken12:56
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
ikoniarather than anything to do with your system12:56
KiborgI think I know why12:56
KiborgSomething is wrong with nvidia drivers12:57
ikoniawhy do you say that ?12:57
ikoniayou've just proven they are working fine12:57
KiborgNew user is using Noveau I am using nvidia updates12:57
ikoniayou can't have a new user usign different drivers from another user12:58
ikoniathey are kernel level modules and configured in the X server  not per user12:58
KiborgOh ok sorry12:58
KiborgAssumed wrong then12:58
ikoniawhy did you assume the new user was using noveau ?12:58
KiborgI checked12:58
KiborgHe does12:59
ikoniachecked what ? how ?12:59
k1lKiborg: loginto the terminal with that user (ctrl+alt+t) then make "mv .config .configbackup"12:59
k1lthen relogin to that user.12:59
KiborgUnder the additional drivers, the noveau are chosen12:59
ikonianoveau is not an additional driver12:59
ikoniait's part of the kernel13:00
ikoniaI'm not really confident with the information you're giving me13:00
KiborgSorry about that13:00
ikoniathe nvidia "drivers" are system wide and confiurd in the xorg server,13:00
ikoniaI suggest you skip to the solution as k1l suggested13:00
ikoniaremove your user config from the broken user, login, make sure the problem is gone, and then rebuild your personal settings13:01
fritedid anyone see that o_O?13:07
k1lfrite: see what?13:08
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KiborgIkona and k1l: It works! Thank you!13:14
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=== RAX is now known as rax-
bgardnerI've set up mail & calendar integration with Google using online accounts and now Evolution syncs the Calendar up nicely and shows my email.  All good there, but now about 3 times per day I get a system modal pop-up challenging for my password associated with my email and no answer I can give is ever correct.  Any tips on how I can trace where this dialog box is coming from and stop it?13:48
Datwell my reinstall went well13:49
Datlost a few things and still need to reconfigure some stuff13:50
Datbut yay! 14.04 again!13:50
cfhowlettDat, so ... we happy?13:50
Datcfhowlett: for the most part yes :)13:50
Datnot sure if I should reinstall all the packages I backed up to a package.list13:51
cfhowlettdat system > software updater > settings > Updates > Notify me of New Ubuntu version: for LTS releases.13:51
cristian_chello, I've found https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+package/qt4-qtconfig-dbgsym13:51
cfhowlettDat, up to you.13:51
Datand i'm not sure if I should copy over my old home directory to get the application settings13:51
accidentnew build computer with a Gigabyte AM3 AMD 970 SATA motherboard.  Ubuntu 14.04.01 AMD64.  Lan won't connect.  Connected fine with i386 version on pen drive.13:51
cristian_cI see this package in launchpad, but I don't see it in universe repositories13:51
cfhowlettDat, hold off on that for a bit.13:51
accidentHow do I load the latests drivers for the lan?13:52
Datcfhowlett: yeah configureing the software notify now13:52
Datcfhowlett: yeah I was thinking grab what I need when I need it13:52
Dattime to figure out how to disable the touchpad while mouse is plugged in13:52
cfhowlettDat, I settings > mouse and touchpad > device          enable or disable as required13:53
Datcfhowlett: just found it13:54
cristian_cit seems to belong to official repositories but I can't find it with a search13:54
Datall better now hate the touch pad13:54
cfhowlettDat, I don't hate it, but I have found it virtually unusable due to lack of sensitivity settings.  Mine in WAY too delicate.13:55
Datcfhowlett: yeah thats how mine is thats why i dont like it13:55
accidenthow do i load ethernet drivers?13:55
cfhowlettDat, I purchased the dell keyboard/mouse combo and disabled my trackpad .13:56
cristian_cHow could I find more info about this?13:56
cristian_cAny ideas?13:56
=== roger__ is now known as roger_n
Datcfhowlett: ahh i'm using a laptop so I just bought a mouse13:57
cfhowlettdat well, happy you're happy.  any other issues outstanding??13:57
macskay_hi guys, i just added a user to www-data and tried to use mkdir inside a /var/www/html/... folder which is 755 to www-data, but still can't create a subfolder. I tried re-logging, still nothing.13:57
macskay_What am I missing?13:58
Dathaven't tested my windows install yet, however I did see it in the grub menu so thats a good sign... right now just trying to get all my settings back and missing packages13:58
Datcfhowlett: currently getting virtualbox and tools together13:58
Datcfhowlett: and a script to audo switch sound outputs on a hotkey13:59
cfhowlettDat, I dropped my win7 into a virtualbox in ubuntu since I can count the number of times I use windows in the single digits13:59
Datcfhowlett: I remember maybe a year ago or so that when the laptop goes to sleep or the screen saver it has a problem waking back up do you know if this is fixed or is some script still needed for that?14:00
cfhowlettDat, xscreensaver conflicts with lightlockerDM.  recommendation is to avoid using it.14:01
Datcfhowlett: avoid using xscreensaver?14:01
cfhowlettDat, you're on xubuntu or ubuntu??14:02
cfhowlettDat, http://xubuntu.org/news/screen-locking-in-xubuntu-14-04/14:04
MonkeyDustDat  what you can try: use rsync and 'screen' to make your backups, you can then even logout without interrupting the backup process, so i guess the screensaver would not harm either14:05
=== Administrator is now known as Guest60844
HoloIRCUser4I'm on 14.04.3 is14:07
=== HoloIRCUser4 is now known as hipitihop_
Datcfhowlett: sorry got called away14:09
Datcfhowlett: I am using kubuntu14:09
cfhowlettDat, http://xubuntu.org/news/screen-locking-in-xubuntu-14-04/14:09
Datcfhowlett: ok i'll check that out14:09
DatMonkeyDust: sounds like I'd need to write a script and crontab14:10
DatMonkeyDust: probably some sort of auto-mount to my nas to14:10
Datcfhowlett: looks like I may not even have xscreensaver so I might be safe on that14:16
scorpio32Black Arch or Knoppix?14:16
MonkeyDustDat  yes, like 'if (exists) nas-mountpoint; execute backup script; else mount nas; execute backup script'14:16
bazhang!ot | scorpio3214:16
ubottuscorpio32: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:16
hipitihop_On 14.04.3 is there a repo to install fwupd14:17
MonkeyDust!find fwupd14:17
ubottuFound: fwupd, fwupd-dev, fwupdate, libfwupd1, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 5 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=fwupd&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all14:17
DatMonkeyDust: yeah i'll have to play with that14:17
MonkeyDust!info fwupd14:17
ubottufwupd (source: fwupd): Firmware update daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.5-0ubuntu3 (wily), package size 69 kB, installed size 356 kB (Only available for linux-any)14:17
MonkeyDusthipitihop_  fwupd sits in the Universe14:18
=== patsToms_ is now known as patsToms
DatDoes anyone know what file controls the contents of the panel on the desktop?14:18
bekksDat: Whats the issue at that point? :)14:19
Dattrying to remember what all I had on my panel but might be better if its stored in some file14:19
hipitihop_Odd I tried apt-get install but couldn't find it. Must be pebkac14:19
Datbekks: the only problem is not remembering what icons/apps I had14:19
rensogood morning, i want to personalize or modify the text displayed in boot sequence, because in me pc, is a mess. any idea what is the right term for it ?i cant search precise because idk the right term. thanks14:19
hipitihop_The MonkeyDust14:20
jose__oh no14:21
MonkeyDustjose__  do you have a support qurestion?14:21
DatMonkeyDust: do you know what package to use to test out a webcam?14:22
MonkeyDustDat  'cheese'14:22
bazhang!info cheese14:22
ubottucheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.1-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 90 kB, installed size 661 kB14:22
Datahh yes thats it thx MonkeyDust14:22
bazhangjose__, whats the support question14:22
rensohi, any idea how personalize the output display on ubuntu boot sequence ???14:23
=== renso is now known as Renso
Datstrange touchpad is enabled again but is disabled in device inputs14:26
hipitihop_MonkeyDust just confirmed universe enabled but apt fails to find fwupd. Right pkg name?14:28
bazhang!info fwupd trusty14:29
ubottuPackage fwupd does not exist in trusty14:29
k1lhipitihop_: "lsb_release -d" brings what output?14:29
bazhang!info fwupd14:30
ubottufwupd (source: fwupd): Firmware update daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.5-0ubuntu3 (wily), package size 69 kB, installed size 356 kB (Only available for linux-any)14:30
k1lfwupd is in the repos since 15.1014:30
hipitihop_Standby ssh of tablet, bit sloe14:30
bazhangso a systemd -ish thing14:30
bazhangnot in trusty, no14:30
k1lnot even in vivid14:30
bazhang15.04 on wards14:31
bazhangits in wily14:31
hipitihop_bazhang Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS14:32
bazhanghipitihop_, thats trusty14:33
HeisenbergsDogwho creates the release names btw? mr. shuttleworth?14:33
deke111!info cheese14:34
ubottucheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.1-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 90 kB, installed size 661 kB14:34
k1lHeisenbergsDog: yes14:34
HeisenbergsDogcool, ok14:34
MonkeyDustHeisenbergsDog  he's the 'benevolent dictator for life'14:34
HeisenbergsDognice to know he still contributes14:35
hipitihop_bazhang yes, so fwupd not available?14:35
k1lMonkeyDust: missed the "sa"  of sabfl" :)14:35
k1lhipitihop_: not for 14.04. its in the repo since 15.10.14:35
bazhang!info fwupd trusty14:35
ubottuPackage fwupd does not exist in trusty14:36
k1lhipitihop_: and iirc its a systemd thing so it wont work on 14.04 anyway14:36
HeisenbergsDogwhat are the next planned names? for x/y/z?14:37
hipitihop_bazhang &  k1l thanks14:37
k1lHeisenbergsDog: x ist already named. the next one will be named when xenial is released14:37
HeisenbergsDogxonotic xenial?14:38
k1l!16.04 | HeisenbergsDog14:38
ubottuHeisenbergsDog: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+114:38
HeisenbergsDoguh. thx.14:38
HeisenbergsDogSCHAAP137, i see. nice.14:41
seremy tv is cutting off some of the screen.. how can i scale it down14:53
MonkeyDustsere  you mean the resolution of your monitor?14:54
sereMonkeyDust, for some reason i need to manually scale it down because it gets cuts of14:55
renso_hello, any can readme ?14:56
sererenso_, no14:56
renso_too bad :(14:56
cfhowlett!test | renso_,14:57
ubotturenso_,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )14:57
MonkeyDustsere  is the aspect ratio correct (21:9, 16:9, 4:3)14:57
renso_nice, thanks14:57
v3rsi0nis here anyone to help?14:57
cfhowlett!ask | v3rsi0n14:58
ubottuv3rsi0n: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:58
renso_have a question, how can change or organize text displayed on boot sequence ?? where all services and process start like ......service xxxxxx start (ok)14:58
v3rsi0nHow do i install terminology terminal on ubuntu 15.10?14:58
MonkeyDust!info terminology14:59
ubottuterminology (source: terminology): Enlightenment efl based terminal emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.0-1 (wily), package size 142 kB, installed size 462 kB14:59
sereMonkeyDust, im trying to use the resolution 1920x1080 but part of it gets cut off.. in windows aswell , so what i did to fix was just use the amd castalist to shrink it down a bit ..cantg seem to it here14:59
renso_V3rsi0n, this ppa have terminology https://launchpad.net/~enlightenment-git/+archive/ubuntu/ppa15:00
MonkeyDustsere  sounds like a hardware issue, then, the buttons on your monitor15:00
v3rsi0nthank you15:01
v3rsi0nlet's try15:01
MonkeyDustsere  got to go now, hope you find a solution15:01
renso_any ideo or software to change or organize text displayed on boot sequence ?? where all services and process start like ......service xxxxxx start (ok)15:04
marcus__join #ubuntu-de15:04
renso_is ubuntu dev ??15:05
loggloghey ppl can someone help me plz, i even asked this question at ask ubuntu, http://askubuntu.com/questions/703756/krita-installation-problems        but now i have the same problme wiht other oftware15:05
=== mclane is now known as Guest2016
Hundlogglog: Try another source.15:12
logglogHund hwo15:12
HundVia the.. uhm..15:13
Hund2 sec. I have to look it up.15:13
HundSoftware sources.15:15
=== moonunit is now known as Guest12067
Hund" For the latest versions of Ubuntu, the easiest way is to go through the "Ubuntu Software Center". Open the software center, then from the Edit menu select "Software Sources"."15:16
HundI havent used Ubuntu since 2010, so I'm a bit rusty. :P15:16
andyfiedwhat are you looking for?15:33
andyfiedi'm on ubuntu now so i might be able to help ^_^15:33
k1llogglog: change mirrors. that mirror you use seems to have issues15:34
Exagone313Hi, each times I want to use screen, I have this message: Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/0' - please check. so I have to chown this file every times to use screen on a new user... Is there any workaround? Thanks for your help.15:44
SchrodingersScatExagone313: that's funny, I just did that as well15:47
Exagone313I do it like every days15:47
SchrodingersScatExagone313: yeah, seems to set a new one each ssh session, so every time my machine disconnects from another15:50
Exagone313here, I'm connected via ssh, and I need to use screen for two users, it's annoying.15:50
v3rsi0nwhy i am getting this error while installing terminology?15:56
v3rsi0nsudo apt-get -f install15:56
v3rsi0nReading package lists... Done15:56
v3rsi0nBuilding dependency tree15:56
v3rsi0nReading state information... Done15:56
v3rsi0nCorrecting dependencies... Done15:56
k1l!paste | v3rsi0n15:57
ubottuv3rsi0n: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:57
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.15:58
k1lv3rsi0n: use a pastebin for terminal output15:58
Rafibd01717anybody see me?15:58
Rafibd01717Well I installed mongodb according to this tutorial... http://www.in2rafi.com/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu-14-04-lts/15:59
v3rsi0nsorry i am new to xchat irc.. i dont know the rules15:59
Rafibd01717after it I removed mongodb using sudo apt-get remove mongodb command15:59
v3rsi0ni got error while installing terminology in ubuntu 15.1016:00
Rafibd01717but when I run update I see this message.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13546921/16:00
Rafibd01717How can I completely remove mongodb files and make my system as it is before installation of mongodb16:00
v3rsi0nMorning it was working well. but when i try to run terminology it says like libelelementary.so.2 at /usr/lib/ : file couldnot be found16:01
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: that seems to say it couldn't connect to your 3rd party repo at all16:01
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, I see16:02
HeisenbergsDogExagone313: tmux > screen16:02
Rafibd01717what is the solution?16:02
Exagone313HeisenbergsDog: screen is supposed to work isn't it?16:03
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: you could remove the repo for the mongodb16:03
Exagone313it does not work as expected16:03
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, let me know the process16:03
agent_whiteRafibd01717: `sudo apt-get purge mongodb`, then try to update again.16:04
HeisenbergsDogExagone313, sure. but tmux is cooler anyway.16:04
agent_whiteRafibd01717: "Purging" is your "completely remove package" action you'relooking for. It ensures config files, global settings, etc, are removed.16:05
sachinhello friends16:06
sachini just install KVM for Android SDK16:06
sachinbut still unable to do it16:06
sachinis it necessary to install ubuntu on VM16:06
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: if that's the tutorial you followed then you would be looking for "/etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.0.list" but that doesn't seem to match the repo you mentioned, so not sure.16:07
sachinactually after installing KVM is it essential to have an OS on it16:08
Rafibd01717agent_white, actually I get nothing http://paste.ubuntu.com/13559831/16:08
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, can you let me know what to do now?16:09
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: if you have the file mentioned, I would remove it, and that should put you back to before you did the tutorial.16:10
Guest51511ay italian male16:10
Guest51511ay italian male16:10
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, you mean manual remove?16:10
tewardGuest51511: not the right channel or network for that, please stop.16:11
sachini created a kernel based virtual machine for Android SDK16:11
=== crane_ is now known as crane
agent_whiteRafibd01717: If you've removed /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mongodb-org-3.0.list, then to finish up, revoke the gpg key you added.16:12
sachinand as we gave the ISO image of Ubuntu16:12
sachinthen it starts doing it16:12
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: you can move it somewhere else if you're concerned about losing it, but it should be one line of text.16:13
sachinok now will do it installation on it then will be back to you16:13
agent_whitesachin: If you're trying to figure out your Android SDK, join #android... or ##android. I forget which.16:13
sachinthat is good16:13
agent_whiteSchrodingersScat: Nah no need, he can just remove it entirely.16:13
=== moz is now known as Guest17688
agent_whiteThen revoke the gpg key he added.16:14
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, well what is the file remove command in terminal?16:14
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: rm16:14
Rafibd01717sudo rm filename?16:14
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: yes16:14
v3rsi0nis there a way / command that i can completely reset my ubuntu like fresh new?16:15
SchrodingersScatbackup and reinstall?16:15
agent_whitev3rsi0n: Re-install :)16:15
Rafibd01717SchrodingersScat, well I removed the both files from their16:16
Rafibd01717now whats next?16:16
agent_whiteThere should have been only one.16:17
v3rsi0nyeh... already backup data.. now i will reinstall :D (headache)16:17
SchrodingersScatRafibd01717: should be done, next time you do a sudo apt-get update you shouldn't see the error.16:17
Rafibd01717you mean mongo is now completely purged?16:17
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Revoke the gpg key.16:17
Rafibd01717agent_white, I am not sure about what you are talking?16:18
SchrodingersScatit should have been removed after the apt-get purge, you can use find to look for straggling directories though. find / -iname "*mongodb*"16:18
Rafibd01717what is gpg key?16:18
Rafibd01717and how to revoke it?16:18
agent_whiteRafibd01717: In the first step of your tutorial, you add a gpg key for the new repo.16:18
agent_whiteRafibd01717: This allows you to talk to that repo. Looks like you added in the key... 7F0CEB1016:18
Rafibd01717as I am removing mongo why should I revoke it?16:18
Rafibd01717now why should I revoke it?16:19
marianoIs there a way to incorporate ubuntu's workspace view (for workspace management) on Xubuntu?16:19
agent_whiteBecause you're no longer using it. (It was added for that repo)16:19
Rafibd01717agent_white, I see.16:20
agent_whiteRafibd01717: `gpg --edit-key 7F0CEB10`16:20
Rafibd01717how can I revoke it?16:20
agent_whiteRead my command above.16:20
agent_whiteRafibd01717: http://askubuntu.com/questions/142258/how-do-i-revoke-a-pgp-key16:21
Rafibd01717agent_white, I did gpg --edit-key 7F0CEB1016:22
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Really, you don't _need_ to do this, but you can for good practice.16:22
agent_whiteRafibd01717: If that didn't work, do `gpg --list-keys` and find the one relating to mongo.16:23
Rafibd01717it gave me this... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13560079/16:23
agent_whiteRafibd01717: `sudo apt-key del 7F0CEB10`16:24
Rafibd01717doing this agent_white16:25
blb31750is overprovisioning still relevant for ssd drives? should i keep some amount of unallocated space?16:26
Rafibd01717agent_white, well now I see this when I do sudo apt-get update ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/13560150/16:26
=== pc_ is now known as Guest6637
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Key expired, need to update your keylist.16:27
=== rax- is now known as RAX
=== manacit is now known as rand_paul_2016
Rafibd01717agent_white, I see16:28
Rafibd01717Do I really need to update key?16:28
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Go ahead and delete that key16:28
agent_whiteRafibd01717: `sudo apt-key del 1436387333`16:28
Rafibd01717now should I run another update?16:29
=== RAX is now known as rax-
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Then you need to remove the PPA associated with that key.16:29
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Here, follow the rest of the commands here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/650032/gpg-errorthe-following-signatures-were-invalid-keyexpired16:29
Rafibd01717lots of work16:30
agent_whiteRafibd01717: `sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/samrog131*` `sudo apt-get clean` `sudo apt-get update`16:30
agent_whiteDone :)16:30
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Next time you follow a tutorial, don't just copy-paste commands, but try to understand what exactly is happening... though better idea is to learn how to use the terminal first.16:31
Rafibd01717sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/samrog131* You can not remove this file. no file like this16:31
agent_whiteRafibd01717: Try update16:31
agent_whiteOr clean first.16:32
agent_whiteapt-get clean, then apt-get update.16:32
SchrodingersScat!info mongodb trusty | why did you need another repo for this anyway?16:33
ubottuwhy did you need another repo for this anyway?: mongodb (source: mongodb): object/document-oriented database (metapackage). In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.4.9-1ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 42 kB (Only available for amd64; i386; kfreebsd-amd64; kfreebsd-i386; armhf; ppc64el; arm64)16:33
=== y is now known as Guest22945
=== Guest22945 is now known as CmdLineMonkey|Ph
agent_white^ That's the real question, haha.16:37
lotuspsychjehe installed it from git manually, we been over this yesterday16:38
agent_whiteOh lord.16:39
deskwizardGood morning, I'm having an issue with 14.04.3 and CP2101 usb-serial converter16:39
deskwizardthe /dev doesn't show up, doesn't show it as created in dmesg16:39
deskwizarddevice is detected by lsusb and dmsg16:39
deskwizardany ideas on what might be going on ?16:40
deskwizardFTDI FT232R are working properly16:40
deskwizardhavent tested PL230316:40
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: can you tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin the device?16:40
xar-pet peeve, using [enter] as punctuation ><16:40
deskwizardlotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/GeQUz6Jm16:41
deskwizardlotuspsychje, last 2 lines normal?16:42
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: no its an error, looking it up16:43
deskwizardlet me see if I get it with the FTDI16:43
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: might try these: http://askubuntu.com/questions/505932/ubuntu-14-04-mtp-error16:43
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: tried different usb ports?16:44
deskwizardlotuspsychje, get the same error when plugging FTDI but this one works16:44
deskwizardlotuspsychje, FTDI: http://pastebin.com/QMKzSUqA16:44
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: detects the device: ftdi_sio 3-1:1.0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter detected16:45
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: but still that mtp error16:45
deskwizardYes, but it also makes the /dev/ttyUSB device which CP2101 does not16:45
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: installed that mtp tool?16:45
deskwizardlotuspsychje, doing it now16:46
deskwizardwhich makes me think, I often have issues with SD cards and flash drives...16:46
deskwizardI bet thats related16:46
deskwizardlotuspsychje, what you linked is for making mtp work16:47
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: well as we have mtp error, might try to install16:48
deskwizardlotuspsychje, why not, im fully backed up anyway16:48
deskwizardlotuspsychje, no change16:49
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: you might put a realtime tail -f /var/log/dmesg too while you fool around16:49
deskwizard... lol one sec...16:49
deskwizardlittle case of dislexia this morning hehe16:50
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: your first paste syslog, the device has the mtp error in the middle, second paste at the end16:50
fritehow do i check if i have usb 3 support?16:50
lotuspsychjefrite: lsusb16:50
deskwizardfrite, is one of the port blue? :P16:50
deskwizardlotuspsychje, because there was 2 events in the first16:51
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: yeah16:51
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: wich ubuntu version was this?16:51
friteok, i dont, but if the usb bluetooth device is backwards compatible with 2.0 it will work anyway+16:51
deskwizardlotuspsychje, 14.04.316:51
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: ok good16:51
deskwizardanything over 15.04 kernel panics16:52
deskwizard(raid card driver)16:52
rohello. I need some help trying to format an SSD. I've tried running 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1' to clear the MBR and partition table but that didn't seen to work. After rebooting I can still see the partitions when run 'lsblk'16:53
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: plug out/in for your dmesg tail16:53
ikoniaro: thats just the boot sector16:53
deskwizardlotuspsychje, thats what I'm doing... want another ?16:53
ikoniaro: that's not going to do anything16:53
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: can you pastebin the dmesg also?16:53
ikoniajust run fdisk or parted and remove the partition, or put a new file system on it16:53
deskwizardlotuspsychje, how far do you want me to go... its the same messages over and over just diff device # ...16:54
deskwizardjust sayin16:54
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: paste the whole thing :p16:54
fritethis means usb 2.0 compatible right: Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub16:54
deskwizardlotuspsychje, mkay16:54
roikonia: I cant run gparted or the 'disks'  both give me this error repeatedly "Error fsyncing/closing /dev/sdb2: Input/output error"16:55
ikoniaro: are the disks in use/mounted ?16:56
deskwizardlol pastebin making machine laggy16:56
deskwizardlotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/uFjri75N full dmesg16:56
lotuspsychjelets c16:56
roikonia: yes. running umount gives me 'umount: /dev/sdb: not mounted'16:56
deskwizard(maybe I should have rebooted lol)16:56
ikoniaro: thats not a valid command16:56
ikoniaro: please pastebin the output of the command "mount" and fuser /dev/sdb16:57
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: did you plugout here? ftdi_sio ttyUSB0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now disconnected from ttyUSB016:58
friteare there no USB-USB cables, I mean not USB to micro but just uSB to USB?16:58
deskwizardlotuspsychje, different converters16:58
deskwizardthose work: ttyACM0 and ttyUSB0-116:59
roikonia: http://pastebin.com/wtBa8vUn16:59
deskwizardie. USB ACM and ftdi_sio16:59
deskwizardlotuspsychje, want me to reboot and unplug all the other ones16:59
deskwizardmight help16:59
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: ok cool16:59
deskwizardbe back in 10 ... server... hehe16:59
roikonia: 'fuser /dev/sdb' doesn't output anything17:00
ikoniaro: you certainly have some additional disks mounted17:00
roikonia: i have /dev/sda but thats my main hdd. the one im currently booted from17:01
ikoniaro: you also appear to have additional user space mounts,17:01
ikoniaro: please pastebin the output of the folloing, exactly as I type it17:01
ikoniaro: "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb"17:01
roikonia: http://pastebin.com/xCCSdTAa17:02
ikoniaro: if you run the following command, what is the output "sudo fdisk /dev/sdb"17:03
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: wb17:03
deskwizard:) ty17:03
axwhyhi all17:03
deskwizardlotuspsychje, reboot - plug CP2101 - dmesg17:04
=== mclane is now known as Guest22960
roikonia: its in an interactive mode. http://pastebin.com/BaTCNDjY17:04
axwhyim using ubuntu 15.10, my laptop using processor amd fx-7600p. my problem is my fan is too noise, how to slove this problem?17:04
ikoniaro: so if you do "d" then "1" what happens17:05
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: dmesg shows no issues, device connects and recognizes17:05
mircx1please help17:05
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: can you try the tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugout/plugin again?17:05
mircx1how i reload php5?17:05
ikoniawhat do you mean reload ?17:05
deskwizardlotuspsychje, of course17:05
mircx1i try to do something like it17:06
mircx1service php5 reload17:06
ikoniamircx1: you need to stop/start apache17:06
ikoniaphp is a module thats part of apache17:06
roikonia: http://pastebin.com/cYjim0ac17:06
ikoniaro: choose 517:07
deskwizardlotuspsychje, its not working... :| lol17:07
lotuspsychjeaxwhy: did you have this on other ubuntu versions?17:07
deskwizardi mean, the tail ... whats the full command again ?17:07
ikoniamircx1: what version of ubuntu are you using ?17:07
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: tail -f /var/log/syslog17:07
deskwizardok got it17:07
roikonia: http://pastebin.com/WCbpzTtn17:07
ikoniaro: now do "w"17:08
mircx1how i reload php5?17:08
profallIs this the Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS support channel?17:08
ikoniamircx1: what version of ubuntu are you using ?17:08
=== rand_paul_2016 is now known as manacit
ikoniamircx1: that's not a version17:08
lotuspsychjeprofall: #ubuntu-server might help17:08
ikoniamircx1: are you sure you're not using centos ?17:08
deskwizardlotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/6BPRUx3w17:08
axwhylotuspsychje: previously im using 14.04, i slove the problem using indicator-freq. but this version doesn't work.17:08
mircx1i use with ubuntu 10.0.417:09
ikoniacan I see the output of uname -a please mircx117:09
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: we keep getting that mtp issue17:09
roikonia: It says 'Device or resource busy'. How can I free the drive?17:09
ikoniaro: thats fine, did it exit the fdisk shell ?17:09
deskwizardlotuspsychje, yes, but as I mentionned, I get the same error with the FTDI and ACM drivers and those work17:09
mircx1Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-74-generic #142-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 28 10:02:35 UTC 2015 i686 GNU/Linux17:09
deskwizardI think the ID isnt in the driver list or soemthing17:09
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: maybe check lspci -nn17:09
roikonia: yes http://pastebin.com/V4h3wiNM17:10
deskwizardlotuspsychje, pci? not usb ?17:10
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: yeah sorry17:10
ikoniaro: ok, so if you do "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" now, do you see partition 5 as gone ?17:10
deskwizardlotuspsychje, hey im getting good at this :P17:10
roikonia: yes, http://pastebin.com/KdFfjunE17:10
ikoniaro: ok, do the same with partition 2 and partition 117:11
deskwizardlotuspsychje, so if its listed there, its detected by the driver ... I wonder why the device doesnt get created :|17:11
lotuspsychjeaxwhy: file a bug against 15.10 or go back to LTS?17:12
roikonia: done, http://pastebin.com/mjc4asPH17:12
mircx1how i reload php5?17:12
ikoniaro: ok, next time you reboot, your partitions will be gone17:13
ikoniamircx1: you need to stop and start apache17:13
ikoniamircx1: what's the actual problem17:13
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: you can try ubuntu-drivers devices from terminal maybe17:13
roikonia: will do. be back in 5. Thanks so much for the help! :)17:13
deskwizardlotuspsychje, no result (null return)17:14
deskwizardsame thing if I run it as root17:15
Kartagis!info avconv17:15
ubottuPackage avconv does not exist in wily17:15
axwhylotuspsychje: hmm i cannot going back. i love this version, all my hardware work in this version. except fan is too noise and multi touch on touchpad.17:15
Kartagis!info avconv trusty17:15
ubottuPackage avconv does not exist in trusty17:15
Kartagis!find avconv17:15
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 1 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=avconv&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all17:15
deskwizardaxwhy, what does the CPU load look like at idle ?17:15
lotuspsychjeaxwhy: try file a new bug against indicator-freq?17:16
deskwizardare you f.. kidding me17:17
deskwizard# sec17:17
deskwizard1 sec17:17
ikoniadeskwizard: no need for language17:17
ikoniaif you can't communicate without trying to swear, don'e17:17
axwhydeskwizard: fan still noise17:18
roikona: no luck. i ran 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb' and I see the old partitions. But the partitions were gone before i rebooted17:18
axwhylotuspsychje: thanks.17:18
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: can you check the silabs website, seems like it has linux firmware/drivers17:18
ikoniaro: really,17:18
ikoniaro: what type of disk is this ?17:18
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: maybe you find something usefull?17:18
roikona: MX100 SSD 512 gb. I just got it from amazon a week ago17:19
ikoniacrucial SSD, interesting17:19
ikoniaro: can I take a look at the output of "mount" again from your current system please17:19
deskwizardlotuspsychje, I'll look into it. thanks for your help17:19
lotuspsychjedeskwizard: hope you get it working17:19
mhoneyDoes anyone know of an open source rdp/vnc connection broker like logmein?  I found Guacamole, but that is limited to one-site per instance.  I'd like to find something that is cloud based17:20
roikona: should I do 'sudo mount' or just 'mount'? Does it make a difference?17:20
ikoniaro: just mount is fine17:20
lotuspsychjemhoney: be carefull with remote software, try ssh instead17:20
roikona: http://pastebin.com/RzZXYN7X17:20
lotuspsychjero: did you check if your ssd has firmware updates?17:21
deskwizardlotuspsychje, likely not, would have been more practical, but I'll just use another one for now, I don't feel like compiling drivers and stuff on a sunday morning17:21
ikoniaro: what do you see in "ls -la /run/user/1000/gvfs"17:21
deskwizardbut then again, I hate it when machines win on me so...17:21
deskwizardgame on.17:21
deskwizardwell, I guess not.17:22
deskwizard*Note: The Linux 3.x.x version of the driver is maintained in the current Linux 3.x.x tree at www.kernel.org.17:22
roikona: http://pastebin.com/nf2GgH5p17:22
deskwizardlets see what happens if I try a PL2030...17:23
rolotuspsychje: the firmware of the ssd? or the computer?17:23
lotuspsychjero: yeah ssd website mostly have recent firmware upgrades, might be worth checking it also17:24
ikoniaro: ok, so "sudo fuser -fuc /dev/sdb5"17:24
deskwizarddamn, another FTDI, well so much for the PL test17:25
=== netameta_ is now known as netameta
deskwizardhow does one file a bug report for such an issue lotuspsychje ?17:25
roikona: it says '/dev/sdb5 does not exist'17:25
ikoniaro: pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" again please17:25
lotuspsychje!bug | deskwizard17:25
ubottudeskwizard: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.17:25
RedblueHi. How many commands does the average Ubuntu user know from memory?17:25
ikoniaRedblue: not really a relevent question17:26
deskwizardRedblue, depends on the amount of issues he/she had :P17:26
roikona: http://pastebin.com/LvXnpJbz17:26
Redblueikonia, just a curiosity quetion17:26
ikoniaro: "ls -la /dev/sdb*"17:27
roikona: http://pastebin.com/qxg9zSpf17:28
ikoniaro: intersting, 5 is gone, but still showing on the partition table17:28
jtreminioHello! Does anyone know under what user the cron-apt program installs its cron?17:29
ikoniaro: lets go back and try your original idea17:29
ikoniaro: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=512 count=1 conv=notrunc17:29
ikoniaro: oops, sorry ignore that17:30
ikoniagave you the wrong sectors17:30
blb31750Redblue: 4217:30
roikona: could this be a firmware thing? as someone else suggested?17:30
ikoniaro: I don't think so17:30
ikoniaro: run the dd command I gave you, lets see what it does first17:31
ikoniaro: don't forget sudo17:31
Redblueblb31750, that's a lot, I think I know 10 at the most, and only understand 3 of them if any17:31
blb31750does ubu use systemd in 15.10?17:31
lotuspsychjejtreminio: under the user who's using it?17:31
roikona: alright. http://pastebin.com/pAPJEMUh17:31
k1l_blb31750: ubuntu uses systemd since 15.0417:31
blb31750ok, thanks17:32
roikona: fdisk -l shows me part 1,2 and 5. Maybe a reboot will help?17:32
lotuspsychjejtreminio: is the tool meant for creating a cron to get automatic updates on the user right?17:32
ikoniaro: try it, it shouldn't matter though, unless it's mounted17:32
roikona: sure. when in doubt reboot haha. be back in 517:33
lotuspsychje!manual | Redblue maybe memorize some here?17:34
ubottuRedblue maybe memorize some here?: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/17:34
jtreminiolotuspsychje: its cron job wasn't showing up when I listed them by user; however, I've decided to use anacron instead. Thanks though!17:34
lotuspsychjejtreminio: ok good luck17:34
=== ffio is now known as nerd
Redbluelotuspsychje, will check it out, thanks17:34
lotuspsychjero: can you tell us how your ssd is connected to pc, changed anything in bios?17:35
deskwizardlotuspsychje, sorry to be a pain about this but, how would one file a kernel panic for example? I can't do ubuntu-bug since its panicked... will it detect the panic if I run it after I rebooted without the troublesome hardware?17:36
Liwhat's the name of files browser application if I wanted to run from command line?17:36
deskwizardlets make ubuntu-bug work first...17:36
roikona: fdisk -l shows part 1,2,517:36
ikoniaro: it's almost as if it's not being written to, you could have a duff drive17:37
lotuspsychjeLi: gksu nautilus17:37
Lilotuspsychje: what is that?17:37
lotuspsychjeLi: the file browser you asked17:37
roikona: I had a sneaking suspicion that drive was broken. Anyway we can confirm with a test? I know you can do memtest for ram. is there something similar for hdds?17:38
ikoniaro: can you do a more agressive test, how big is this disk, 500mb ?17:38
roikona: 512 gb17:38
Lilotuspsychje: The program 'gksu' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:17:38
Lisudo apt-get install gksu17:38
lotuspsychjeLi: you can just start nautilus from terminal without gksu also17:39
Lilotuspsychje: however it ran when I typed nautilus alone17:39
ikoniaro: sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdb bs=25m17:39
ikoniaro: that will put zeros across the whole drive17:39
ikoniaif that doesn't work, your drive is not being written to, it will take some time though, so be patient17:39
roikona: 'invalid number 25m' i think m needs to be 'M'?17:40
ikoniasorry, M yes17:40
roikona: got it.17:41
thepadfor some reason kodi or xbmc wont run on my system17:41
thepadi tried installing of manager and site17:41
roikona: the cursor went to the next line with no output. Should it be giving me output?17:41
thepadany ideas17:41
thepadkodi problems17:42
ikoniaro: silent17:43
TheGlobefishhi :) i've been told to come here for help. apparently my graphics setup is broken:17:46
TheGlobefish01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 760 OEM] [10de:118e] (rev a1) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device [1043:8477] Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 46 Memory at f6000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16M] Memory at e8000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=128M] Memory at f0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=32M] I/O ports at e000 [size=117:46
TheGlobefish] [size=512K] Capabilities: <acces17:46
ikoniaTheGlobefish: who told you to come here for help ?17:46
ikoniaplease don't paste big lines into the channel, use a pastebin TheGlobefish17:46
TheGlobefishsircmpwn from #truecraft on esper17:47
TheGlobefishs denied> Kernel driver in use: nouveau  01:00.1 Audio device [0403]: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 HDMI Audio Controller [10de:0e0a] (rev a1) Subsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device [1043:8477]17:47
ikoniaTheGlobefish: so this channel is an ubuntu technical support channel,17:47
TheGlobefishthats my graphics setup17:47
TheGlobefishi was confused at first17:47
TheGlobefishbecause i'm on debian17:47
ikoniaTheGlobefish: please stop pasting long lines into this channel, use pastebin.ubuntu.com to share info17:47
ikoniaTheGlobefish: ok, then the channel you want is #debian17:47
ikonianot #ubuntu17:47
TheGlobefishok, thanks :)17:47
ikoniaTheGlobefish: if you do "/join #debian" you'll be fine17:47
motaka2TJ- wont come here tonight ?17:55
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
welle_hi all17:56
ikoniamotaka2: who knows,17:56
motaka2ikonia: :)17:56
blb31750TheGlobefish: yeah, paste your lines there...17:57
=== ludza1 is now known as ludza
motaka2ikonia: Something happened to my ubuntu 12.04, everyone told me to install a clean version but TJ- was trying to find out what the problem was.17:57
ikoniaok ?17:57
welle_what do you guys think of ubuntu 15.1017:58
niklasits cool17:58
k1l_welle_: it works17:58
blb31750welle_: it's newer as 15.0417:58
welle_you dont say17:58
niklasthe next lts version 16.0417:58
k1l_welle_: we stick to precise support issues in here. so is there a question?17:59
welle_no sorry.. didnt mean to interrupt anything17:59
k1l_welle_: for general talk there is #ubuntu-offtopic17:59
welle_ok thanks17:59
blb31750there are 3 ubuntu releases left including 16.04. After that all names are used18:02
k1l_blb31750: and then it starts from the beginning again. so no need to worry18:02
=== user1__ is now known as istanbul
blb31750hope it'll be called aaron aaronson then18:06
=== user1_ is now known as mehmet
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
k1l_blb31750: thats more a topic for #ubuntu-offtopic and not a technical issue for this channel18:07
blb31750ok ok, i'll go then18:08
arnols -l18:12
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
AbuDharhow to check which graphics card is used when I game e.g.?18:14
AbuDharin terminal18:14
=== arun_ is now known as Guest94289
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: sudo lshw -C video18:17
Martijn-NLHi everyone - i'm trying to install mono-develop not from the marketplace, because the marketplace gives me version 2.8.X.X. and I want the latest version of MonoDevelop. I followed the original manual of monodevelop add a repo, but it's not working when I try apt-get install mono-complete. Can anyone help me?18:18
AbuDharhttp://pastie.org/10589809 so the GeForce is being used lotuspsychje?18:18
nitrodriverWho is french ?18:19
Guest33780after i install vsftpd and create user and pass, i can not login to ftp what im doing wrong ?18:20
zykotick9!fr | nitrodriver18:20
ubottunitrodriver: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:20
Martijn-NLWhy is the Ubuntu Marketplace not giving me the latest version of MonoDevelop? :-(18:21
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AbuDharwa alaykum salaam :)18:24
=== istanbul is now known as mehmetcengiz
AbuDharanyone who wants to answer me?18:30
ilyasshow are you ?18:31
nootananyone there is a problem with my vidalia.18:31
ikoniafine ilyass, welcome to #ubuntu technical support channel18:31
AbuDharikonia: http://pastie.org/1058980918:32
AbuDharwhich one is currently used?18:32
ikoniaAbuDhar: why are you giving me that paste ?18:32
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: have you installed nvidia-prime?18:32
ilyassohh thank's ikonia18:32
AbuDharlet me check18:32
AbuDharyeah it is installed lotuspsychje18:33
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: ubuntu version and driver loaded?18:33
nootananyone there is a problem with my vidalia setup.tor is not running.18:33
AbuDharUbuntu version 14.0418:33
AbuDharnot sure about the driver is loaded..18:33
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: you can check active driver in additional drivers18:33
ilyasswhat do you do her in #ubuntu technical support channel ???18:33
ikoniailyass: support people with ubuntu technical problems18:34
AbuDharUsing Nvidia binary driver lotuspsychje18:34
ilyassoh cool :D18:34
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: try 304 or 346 perhaps18:34
AbuDharversion 355.06 from nvidia-35518:34
zykotick9nootan: note vidalia is discontinued!  see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vidalia_%28software%2918:35
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: did you enable performance mode in nvidia-settings?18:35
AbuDharlotuspsychje: no..18:35
AbuDharlet me try that18:35
AbuDharI did18:35
AbuDharit doesn't allow me lotuspsychje18:35
AbuDharI just get a warning sign when I try that18:35
AbuDharand switches back to Intel saving mode18:36
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: hmmm, try another driver in your list18:36
liberi removed some pkgs including xorg mesa and gpu driver and installed them again a little after that but now x wont start. only error it gives is /usr/bin/openbox error wile loading shared libraries: libEGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: no suck file or directory, any idea what this is?18:36
AbuDhartrying the 30418:36
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: ok reboot after + performance mode try18:36
AbuDharsure. thanks! :)18:37
AbuDharI have lags in CSS so I thought it was so weird lol18:37
ikoniabe aware you'll not get good support/performance via wine18:37
AbuDharnot that my graphics card is anything special... just that it should be able to handle that game.18:37
ikoniait's a lottery depending on card/wine version/game18:37
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: if your nvidia card isnt enabled on nvidia-settings to performance mode nothing will work on high video18:38
AbuDharah ok lotuspsychje :) but thanks for helping me anyway18:38
AbuDharI will try after a reboot to see if I can change that.18:38
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
Ricky_Rat5005I'm running Ubuntu Server 14, trying to install vsftpd, it gets to the line removing tftpd and just hangs for hours. Any suggestions? I've tried to remove tftpd on it's own and it just hangs as well.18:41
daftykinsi would not recommend using standard ancient FTP on a server in 2015 regardless, Ricky_Rat500518:42
Ricky_Rat5005daftykins - I need either tftp or ftp for Freepbx. What would you recommend for that?18:44
daftykinsnever used any phone systems.18:45
daftykinsso it's solely for the software and config update provision via trivial FTP?18:45
daftykinsRicky_Rat5005: oh your removal fail could be down to not stopping the service beforehand?18:45
Ricky_Rat5005Yes, either tftp or ftp, but polycom phones use ftp by default I believe.18:46
AbuDharError: alternatives are not set up properly18:47
AbuDharError: nvidia mode can't be enabled18:47
AbuDharwhen I try this: sudo prime-select nvidia18:47
AbuDharsorry lotharn :D18:47
Ricky_Rat5005daftykins ok, I will check that. But need one of the two.18:47
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: wich driver your on now?18:47
AbuDharI don't need bumblebee btw?18:49
AbuDharsince it is intel + nvidia18:49
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: no, bumblebee is outdated18:49
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: nvidia-prime replaces it18:49
AbuDharshould I try the 352.63 version ?18:49
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: you just had that version active no?18:50
AbuDharno I think that was 35518:50
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: try 346 perhaps18:50
dbuggerHey guys. Can someone help me? I cant connect through SSH to my server, even though trough my provider, which offers a "Console view" mode I can do it without problem! I am using in both same user and password... I dont understand!18:50
lotuspsychjeif that shows18:50
AbuDharlotuspsychje: it's not listed.18:50
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: and you cant enable performance mode on 340?18:51
daftykinsdbugger: VPS from who?18:51
AbuDharnope not on 304.. it gives me Error: alternatives are not set up properly18:51
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: weird18:51
AbuDharshould I try 340?18:51
AbuDharthis 304 is a legacy driver18:51
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: you can try18:51
dbuggerdaftykins, DigitalOcean18:52
AbuDhartrying.. also have to check BIOS this time :D18:52
daftykinsdbugger: ah same here. so you still receive the login prompt when you SSH in?18:52
dbuggerdaftykins, I get a "Permission denied"18:53
dbuggerbut on the console of the website, I can log without a problem18:53
daftykinsdbugger: yep, is this the root user+pass they email you with on setup?18:53
dbuggerdaftykins, I reset the root password. I logged into the "Console View", logged in, and changed it18:54
dbuggerdaftykins, Now I can keep logging in on the website, but not in my local terminal18:54
daftykinsright, but it's root you're using via SSH?18:54
dbuggeryes, Im doing "ssh root@"18:54
bekks!root | dbugger18:54
ubottudbugger: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:54
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
dbuggerwhat is even weirder, my public SSH is stored on authenticated_keys, so I should even get the password prompt18:55
daftykinsdbugger: ok, restart sshd from the website console login to start18:55
bekksdbugger: I guess you are awawre of that, already?18:55
dbuggerdaftykins, ok...18:55
daftykinsbekks: DO VPS' unfortunately come with root login as default18:55
dbuggerbekks, please, im confused enough :)18:55
bekksdbugger: "authenticated_keys" is wrong: authorized_keys is correct.18:55
dbuggerbekks, yeah, that. Typing mistak18:55
dbuggerdaftykins, Im gonna try restart sshd18:56
assasin9000hola soy nuevo18:56
daftykinsdbugger: also for completeness, try just 'ssh IP'18:56
daftykinsactually that'll try your current user; maybe 'ssh IP -u root'18:57
dbuggerdaftykins, Ok, Ill try18:57
dbuggerdaftykins, -u does not exist18:57
daftykinser make that -l root18:57
daftykinsheh ;)18:57
anon123I uninstalled makedev and now unity, networking and many core applications are missing. How do I reinstall it from a livecd?18:58
daftykinsanon123: with a chroot18:58
anon123I tried chroot18:58
anon123apt-get is broken18:58
EriC^^anon123: did you mount --bind /run ?18:58
dbuggerdaftykins, -l gives the same result18:58
daftykinsyou probably didn't apply a working resolv.conf for networking to work18:59
dbuggerdaftykins, and I completely restarted the machine. Same result18:59
daftykinstry it again ;)18:59
dbuggerdaftykins, what do you want me to try?18:59
Noxx_Hello ^^ can i ask help with ubuntu here?18:59
daftykinsdw the above was to anon12318:59
lotuspsychjeNoxx_: yes18:59
daftykinsdbugger: ok, try doing it from another user on your home system so rule out your existing user config18:59
Noxx_ahh great ty :)19:00
anon123I used http://www.webupd8.org/2014/01/how-to-fix-non-bootable-ubuntu-system.html as a guide19:00
dbuggerdaftykins, I have no other user in my server19:00
daftykinsso make one19:00
dbuggeroh, on the local one19:00
daftykinsor test from the guest session19:00
anon123for i in /sys /proc /run /dev /dev/pts; do sudo mount --bind "$i" "/mnt$i"; done19:00
dbuggerIs my root ok?19:00
AbuDharstill not working lotuspsychje. tried with 34019:00
daftykinsdbugger: check logs at both ends too, remember you can ssh with more debug output by adding '-vv'19:00
daftykinsdbugger: yeah would't hurt for a test19:01
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: thats weird mate19:01
anon123EricC^^: for i in /sys /proc /run /dev /dev/pts; do sudo mount --bind "$i" "/mnt$i"; done19:01
AbuDharlotuspsychje: http://askubuntu.com/questions/451335/cant-switch-anymore-from-intel-to-nvidia-gpu19:01
AbuDharlooking at this19:01
EriC^^anon123: ok19:01
daftykinsmost optimus implementations don't offer switching ;)19:01
dbuggerdaftykins, this happened: http://pastebin.com/nn2PuHdS19:02
AbuDharI remember getting it to work with bumblebee back then.19:02
dbuggerdaftykins, I tried from my local root, and it did not work neither19:02
=== Guest70729 is now known as qdii
daftykinsdbugger: i bet you've got remote login via password disabled in sshd_config19:02
dbuggerdaftykins, how can I check that?19:02
daftykins/etc/ssh/sshd_config on the console web login19:03
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: did you install bumblebee before?19:03
Ricky_Rat5005I've tried installing either/both tftpd and vsftpd... both hang during install when it says "Setting up (vsftpd or tftpd). I let them sit for hours but they just sit there.19:03
AbuDharyeah long time ago.. not on this ubuntu install19:03
AbuDharbut on this machine.19:03
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: or any drivers from nvidia site?19:04
Noxx_uhm how does one register on ubuntu forums lol?19:04
Ricky_Rat5005No other programs have issues with apt-get that I have installed.19:04
AbuDharhmm I don't remember if I tried from their site19:04
game0guys, is there any program that can help me in browsing folders in ubuntu server easily, I'm facing a problem that I had to write each time command for moving folders inside the server19:04
game0is there any solution that can make it easily for me19:04
minitruegame0: ranger19:04
lotuspsychjeAbuDhar: maybe try that 352 then?19:04
AbuDharlotuspsychje: trying.19:04
bekksgame0: How about stating the actual problem?19:05
dbuggerdaftykins, what am I looking on that file?19:05
daftykinsgame0: learning to use CLI is a very useful skill, alternatively, you can mess around with sftp.19:05
k1l_game0: use tab completion19:05
daftykinsdbugger: pastebin it19:05
k1l_game0: or use mc (midnight commander)19:05
minitruegame0: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranger_%28file_manager%2919:05
* Noxx_ slaps Noxx_ around a bit with a large fishbot19:05
game0my pc is windows version19:06
daftykinsthe easier you try and make computing tasks for yourself, the easier it'll be for you to forget how to do it properly when the time comes :)19:06
dbuggerdaftykins, Good I hate this console view...19:06
game0and I want to browse files in my ubuntu server easily19:06
dbuggerdaftykins, I think I saw "permitrootlogin no"19:06
daftykinsdbugger: "cat file | nc termbin.com 9999" would be ace19:06
daftykinsdbugger: heh that might have had a # in front though right?19:06
k1l_game0: stop asking. read the answers first19:07
dbuggerdaftykins, it has no comment. Im going to change it to "Yes"19:08
daftykinsdbugger: i'd actually advise you create a standard user instead, with sudo rights19:09
daftykinsfor security purposes remote root login = a no no19:09
dbuggerdaftykins, indeed, but for the time being, Ill leave that on the todo list. I need to get something done..19:10
k1l_dbugger: on ubuntu dont use root. login as user and use sudo where needed19:10
daftykinsok, it's two commands though ;)19:10
k1l_!sudo | dbugger19:10
ubottudbugger: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:10
daftykinshe knows, this is a digitalocean VPS where it's standard to be email'd a root password19:10
dbuggerdaftykins, it worked!19:11
dbuggerdaftykins, now Id like to know, why it asked me the password, when my public key was inside "authorized keys" ... =P19:12
AbuDharnot working.19:12
SchrodingersScat!details | AbuDhar19:12
ubottuAbuDhar: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)19:12
Noxx_how do i register on the ubuntu forums :P the register thingy's arent as normal on the site there lol19:14
k1l_Noxx_: #ubuntuforums for questions regarding the forums. that is where the admins and mods hang out19:15
Noxx_oh ok thx i thought i could post questions for me understanding buntu im a noob at linux Oo19:16
k1l_well, registering at a forums is not really an ubuntu issue :) running the browser on windows would have the same issue, i guess19:17
daftykinsdbugger: you're on your own there, i don't do key auth19:18
Noxx_teh problem i have is i got me a 160g pata disk and i cant get it formated like normal it gives me 2 partitions while i want to completly whipe the disk then i get errors that the disk doesnt exist19:18
k1l_dbugger: reloaded the ssh service after including the key?19:18
k1l_Noxx_: with what program?19:19
bekksNoxx_: can you rephrase it, using interpunctuation?19:19
Noxx_just a sec im checking i tryed to do this with disks19:19
k1l_Noxx_: well, try "gparted"19:20
AbuDharwhere did lotus go? :D19:20
daftykinsto watch the boxing19:20
Noxx_yea that one i just got19:21
AbuDhardaftykins: aah ok19:21
Noxx_brb trying something19:21
=== eu is now known as Guest18817
dbuggerk1l_, the key is there since months19:21
k1l_dbugger: doesnt matter if the ssh was not restart since then19:22
AbuDhardaftykins: I am able to switch to nvidia now but when I try to logout and login again it keeps blinking. Trying to restart now19:22
akikyou don't need to restart sshd for adding public keys19:22
mlozaHi guys, I'm using mate as DE and I replaced the default mate-screensaver with xscreensaver and now the Lock Screen button in the System menu is not functioning. How do I edit the command of the Lock Screen in the System menu?19:22
dbuggerk1l_, I just repowered the whole server. Isnt that the same?19:22
Ricky_Rat5005Can anyone tell me the difference btwn tftp and tftp-hpa?19:22
k1l_dbugger: yes19:22
dbuggerk1l_, ignore what I just said... now it does not ask me for password...!19:23
dbuggerI understand nothing o.O19:23
=== apb_ is now known as apb1963
AbuDharnot working.. It keeps switching back to Intel after restart19:26
AbuDharI am trying something drastic now :D19:29
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logglogHi ppl, is there a command or software that can shutdown my computer in couple hours or any time given19:33
bekkslogglog: "shutdown".19:34
logglogand how to make it shutdown in 1h?19:34
logglogi am new to linux19:34
Canonhello all I have a lvm that was in another laptop and I would like to mount it on another pc to take the data off. Using all the tricks tht are on different sites and nothing is working ... any ideas19:34
isReKT2000bekks, he's looking for a scheduling sort19:34
bekksisReKT2000: And thats what "shutdown" provides.19:35
Canonman shutdown19:35
bekksisReKT2000: "man shutdown", find the -h option.19:35
k1l_logglog: you really want to get used to manpages. they are the documentation from the commands. there you can seen what the command is able to do19:35
Ricky_Rat5005logglog take a look at the -t option19:35
daftykinsCanon: that's unlikely, really you just want a hand? ;)19:35
Canonhand ?19:36
SchrodingersScatRicky_Rat5005: that's not an option in my version, it would just be shutdown 6019:38
daftykinsCanon: help.19:38
daftykinsCanon: so did you identify the volume name on this other disk?19:38
Canonyes...  do you mean /dev or using vgscan19:40
daftykinsCanon: i think you can spot them with 'blkid' too19:43
guiteHi everyone, my mouse is horribly fast and the speed cursor is at the lowest (in the mouse configuration screen)… Is there anything I can do to permanently slow down my mouse ?19:45
l0p3nHey! Is there any backup tool to backup older files with longer intervals between the backups and newer files with shorter intervals between the backups?19:47
sethjis there a way I can force Unity to reload it's cache/db/whatever of .desktop files/launchers?19:47
guiteOK… xinput made it19:47
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning19:47
Canonfound the volume name ...just cant mount it19:47
guitethanks anyway :D19:47
flan_susel0p3n: Like a smark backup policy?19:47
sethjI put two new launchers in /usr/share/applications but even after 3 reboots Unity refuses to show them.19:48
daftykinsCanon: ok so what file system does it use, what command are you entering and what error do you get?19:48
l0p3nflan_suse: I'm not sure what that is but maybe you could explain :)19:48
AbuDharanyone who can try to help me solve this issue I have? I cannot switch to Nvidia in nvidia-settings19:49
daftykinsoptimus setups mostly don't work that way IME19:49
Canonext4      sudo mount -ro /dev/sda3 /mnt/mount/19:49
daftykinsCanon: that's not standard syntax - and you can't use sda3 like i'm sure i've told you before :)19:50
daftykinsCanon: sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 999919:50
flan_susel0p3n: How you described. Old files will be archived in more spaced out intervals (months, then years), but new backups will keep archives more frequently, like days, weeks, etc.19:50
AbuDhardaftykins: was that for me?19:50
l0p3nflan_suse: Yes that's exactly what I'm looking for!19:51
flan_susel0p3n: BackInTime works in that sort of fasion.19:51
l0p3nflan_suse: Aha I will give it a try. Thanks!19:52
AbuDharupdate-alternatives: error: no alternatives for x86_64-linux-gnu_gfxcore_conf19:52
flan_susel0p3n: Do you know how to add PPAs?19:52
daftykinsCanon: so any luck on that command output?19:54
AbuDhardaftykins: let me show you my grub file ok ?19:54
daftykinsno i'm good19:54
l0p3nflan_suse: Yes, how come?19:54
AbuDharyes daftykins19:54
AbuDharGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="i915.enable_rc6=0 i915.enable_fbc=0 i915.lvds_downc$19:54
AbuDharI will remove those i91519:54
AbuDharthose are intels19:54
flan_susel0p3n: The BackInTime PPA has the most recent versions and updates.19:54
flan_susel0p3n: https://launchpad.net/~bit-team/+archive/ubuntu/stable19:55
AbuDharok... that's maybe why it doesn't work.19:55
Canonwhat do i use if not /dev/sda319:55
daftykinsCanon: we'd find that out if you gave me the output of the command i asked you to run in a timely fashion19:55
Ricky_Rat5005I have googled the 'snot' out this. I am trying to install tftp server on Ubuntu 14. I am following this guide: http://askubuntu.com/questions/201505/how-do-i-install-and-run-a-tftp-server but when I do an apt-get install xinetd tftpd tftp it gets to setting up xinetd and just hangs.19:55
flan_susel0p3n: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bit-team/stable && sudo apt update19:55
l0p3nflan_suse: Great! I forgot to ask, can BackInTime make backups over the internet or a network?19:56
flan_susel0p3n: I haven't used it in a long time.19:56
flan_susel0p3n: I think over a local network, maybe? Not sure about over the internet. Unless it's a remote directory mounted to look like a local folder?19:57
flan_susel0p3n: I know BackInTime will not work (or work "efficiently") if the file system does not support hard links.19:57
Canonthe other thing that happens is that after a period of time the computer that i have the harddrive pluded into goes in sleep mode... screen turn blak and there is nothing i can do other then turn the system off19:57
MonkeyDustRicky_Rat5005  running a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server19:58
Ricky_Rat5005Thanks. I'll try there.19:58
l0p3nflan_suse: Thank you!19:59
flan_susel0p3n: Welcome. :)19:59
guiteOK, I think I have one more question: Is there a way to launch an xinput command when logging. I read about the .xsession files and it doesn’t seem to work anymore, lightdm uses *.desktop files which I don’t understand…20:02
AbuDharhttp://pastie.org/10590050 this is my current error20:02
EriC^^guite: startup apps20:02
guiteEriC^^: thanks, I’ll try :)20:03
EriC^^guite: sure, np :)20:05
Canonany ideas20:05
guiteEriC^^: …aaaaaaand it works ! \o/20:07
guiteEriC^^: thanks again :)20:08
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gt8ost4li need help i accidently deleted documents and all my files are gone can someone help me recover this file20:21
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel20:22
k1l_gt8ost4l: on the terminal?20:22
gt8ost4lk1l: what20:23
k1l_gt8ost4l: how did you delete that documents? on the terminal? on the desktop? did you look into the trash?20:23
gt8ost4lyes itwas a mistake cause i thought mega nz upload it so i peremently deleted it20:24
gt8ost4lcan i somehow get it back?20:24
k1l_gt8ost4l: see the bots message20:25
ioriagt8ost4l, in addition you can try with photorec in the testdisk package , but it will recover a lot of files20:25
k1l_gt8ost4l: in short: not without massive work, and not with a 100% chance.20:26
=== wook is now known as Guest62855
Dredd|Why am I banned on ##Linux?20:27
gt8ost4lso what can get back my documenrts20:27
Dredd|I've never even chatted there.20:28
k1l_Dredd|: ask in #freenode20:28
SlidingHornDredd|, You can ask in either #freenode or ##linux-ops.  Not really a topic for here though20:29
k1l_gt8ost4l: there is not a "click here and get all files back" button. so you need a lot of work20:29
gt8ost4lim not saying it would be easy20:29
=== Dredd| is now known as Dredd
MonkeyDusta gui to do it would be nice, unfortunately, i lack the skills to create one20:31
k1l_gt8ost4l: so see the answers you already got.20:31
ioriagt8ost4l, lets say that you removed mp3 files, you install testdisk, run sudo photorec , look for filters in Files Options,  and select only mp3, then it'll ask you where to save the files. but they are recovered under anoymous name  and you don't know if they are the files that you lost or files that you voluntary deleted20:33
motaka2ioria: Do you know if TJ comes today ?20:37
ioriamotaka2, really not ! how are you doing ?20:38
ioriamotaka2, linux-generic didn't work ?20:38
motaka2ioria: I am fine, Thank you. How are you ?20:38
ioriamotaka2, so and so, thanks20:39
motaka2ioria: no it didnt20:39
ioriamotaka2, how comes ?20:39
motaka2In the morning people said I have to install a clean ubuntu. I stayed for TJ- to come and confirms this. Do you think I should do that ?20:40
motaka2ioria: It is 00:10AM here20:40
motaka2I am still in the office20:40
motaka2ioria: ^^20:41
motaka2ioria: ^20:41
ioriamotaka2, oh... sorry to hear that. well, a fresh install, is the quicker  solution ....20:41
ioriamotaka2, can you paste uname -r ?20:42
motaka2ioria: I dont have harddrive to backup. but I will do that20:42
=== toshy1 is now known as toshy
motaka2ioria: wait so I start the machine20:42
ioriamotaka2,  ok20:42
motaka2ioria: do you want to see the content of /etc/ something in which grub configs are held ? akik told to modify it the other day20:44
ioriamotaka2, uname -r20:44
motaka2ioria: 3.13.0-68-generic20:48
ioriamotaka2, ok.... and the system boots normally ?20:49
motaka2ioria: define normally20:49
magmrhow to see the sha sum of a file from it's .sig ?20:50
ioriamotaka2, are you still booting in text mode ?20:50
motaka2ioria: right now yes20:51
ioriamotaka2, can you login ?20:51
motaka2ioria: I ran the last command from putty20:51
motaka2ioria: if you mean logging in from the greeter no, cause I dont see the GU, but I can login with putty or the text mode20:52
ioriamotaka2, ok, if you run sudo service lightdm start , what you got ?20:53
motaka2ioria: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ sudo service lightdm start20:54
motaka2[sudo] password for donkarlo:20:54
motaka2lightdm start/running, process 313220:54
MonkeyDustmotaka2  next time, use a pastebin for multiple lines20:54
daftykinsusually it auto switches to the GUI when that works20:54
motaka2ioria: on the ubuntu PC i see the blank page that blinks some times20:54
motaka2MonkeyDust: It was just for lines20:55
ioriamotaka2, ls -al ~/.Xauthority20:55
motaka2ioria: -rw------- 1 donkarlo donkarlo 0 Nov 22 18:23 /home/donkarlo/.Xauthority20:55
daftykinsmotaka2: just use the paste site next time please :)20:55
ioriamotaka2, sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:56
=== Guest65012 is now known as hoolahoop
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13565517/20:58
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt/sources.list20:59
daftykinspesky google PPA ruining the day :)21:00
kodis4piracyhey guys how do i turn off the adds and spying in ubuntu21:00
MonkeyDustkodis4piracy  define ads and spying21:01
bekksBut not believing in rumors.21:01
daftykins!ops | kodis4piracy21:01
ubottukodis4piracy: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:01
daftykinsregular troll, sort him out21:01
kodis4piracyMonkeyDust, when i search it shows me stuff from amazon and sends my searches to canonical21:01
kodis4piracydaftykins, i'm not here to troll just asking a question21:02
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13565571/21:02
ioriamotaka2, comment with a # the cdrom entries21:03
motaka2ioria: how ?21:03
=== metalcamp_ is now known as metalcamp
ioriamotaka2, the first two , i mean .... with this :  #21:04
ioriamotaka2, should look like that   #  deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 14.04 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Release i38621:04
ioriamotaka2, both21:05
motaka2ioria: vim says it is read only21:06
ioriamotaka2, with sudo21:06
motaka2ioria: done21:07
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt/sources.list21:07
ablegreenAlright guys, need some help. I have a linux laptop. It's got wifi. It has no problem connecting to two of my wifi networks (each has a diff wifi brand router). However, for one of them, I have to reboot the dhcp server on the laptop to get an ip address every time I connect. Any ideas?21:08
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13565651/21:08
ioriamotaka2, ok, sudo apt-get update  && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade21:08
bekksablegreen: It sounds pretty pointless to have a dhcp server running on your laptop when trying to connect to a wifi network.21:09
bekksablegreen: your laptop needs a dhcp client, not a server.21:09
ablegreenbekks: Sorry, I meant dhcp client21:09
ablegreennot server, correct.21:09
bekksablegreen: So what do you mean by "reboot the dhcp client"?21:09
ablegreendhclient -r21:10
ablegreenNot exactly "reboot"21:10
ablegreenbut forcing it to get a new ip address21:10
ablegreenthen dhclient21:10
bekksWhich is totally different from "rebooting".21:10
nmatrix9Hey all just did a xubuntu update and for some reason my audio is now borked - I no longer can get sound and my audio card is no longer detected.21:10
daftykinsso you open a terminal and run "dhclient <interface_name>" ?21:11
bekksablegreen: So which IP does your laptop have prior and after connecting to that particular network?21:11
MonkeyDustnmatrix9  in a terminal, type    alsamixer    see anything unusual?21:11
ablegreenbekks: None.21:11
daftykinsi bet the first is APIPA :>21:11
=== Numline1 is now known as Guest59086
nmatrix9MonkeyDust, cannot find file or directory21:11
bekksablegreen: "none" for which part of my question?21:12
ablegreenbekks: No ip address before attempting to connect to the network21:12
bekksablegreen: And after?21:12
ablegreenbekks: wpa_cli status says it's "Connected" but there's no ip address in ifconfig. Just says "BROADCASTING" or something.21:13
bekksablegreen: That doesnt answer my question.21:13
ablegreenbekks: : No ip address before nor after.21:13
bekksablegreen: then your wifi is not providing a DHCP server.21:13
MonkeyDustnmatrix9  install alsa-utils, then try alsamixer21:13
daftykinsi reckon the timing is just off21:14
ablegreenbekks: Works fine with my Macbook though?21:14
daftykins*other laptop21:14
bekksablegreen: then how do you get a valid IP on that network?21:14
nmatrix9MonkeyDust, Hey FYI, I reinstalled my alsa-base, just recently not sure if I should reboot though.21:15
ablegreenbekks: I just told you earlier. By doing dhclient -r and then dhclient.21:15
ablegreenOn my Macbook, I don't have to do that.21:15
bekksSo name the IP you get after that.21:15
nmatrix9MonkeyDust, I have alsa-utils installed but I'm reinstalling again.21:15
bekksThats what I asked you to do, earlier.21:15
bekksablegreen: arent you using NetworkManager for your wifi connection management?21:16
ablegreenbekks: No this is ubuntu server21:16
bekksWhich is not a valid argument against using NetworkManager.21:17
nmatrix9MonkeyDust, I'm gonna reboot21:17
ablegreenbekks: Maybe there is something wrong with the router being configured wrong, idk21:18
daftykinsablegreen: are you using a hardcoded config in your interfaces file which calls wpa_supplicant to connect from this host?21:19
ablegreendaftykins: Yes but I use wpa_cli for controlling pa_supplicant to disconnect and connect from certain networks  as well21:20
AbuDharanyone who has a tutorial on how I can get primusrun?21:22
daftykinsablegreen: try nm-cli21:22
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ablegreendaftykins: Typo? I don't have that command21:23
daftykinsno it wasn't21:24
=== user is now known as Guest93171
daftykinsoh no hyphen21:24
=== echo is now known as Guest39035
ablegreendaftykins: Looks like it uses network manager, which I'm not using21:24
daftykinsright, which is the basis of my suggestion21:25
daftykins...of trying something new!21:25
daftykinsalso, servers on wireless make me chuckle21:25
ablegreendaftykins: Ah okay.21:25
ablegreendaftykins: If it works, maybe I can look into its source to figure out why I can't get wpa_cli to connect & give me an ip address21:25
ablegreenThanks dudes21:26
daftykinsi reckon it's timing21:26
ablegreendaftykins: Timing between what?21:28
ablegreenI wonder if nmcli uses wpa_cli21:28
daftykinsnetwork association and DHCP query firing off21:28
daftykinsi'd write a script to associate manually then run dhclient; if it fails and yet works with a brief delay between, you know you're onto something21:29
bekksI'd just use nm-cli21:29
daftykinsi said that XD21:30
bekksdaftykins: :)21:30
* daftykins pats his box of cat6 UTP21:31
ablegreendaftykins: It already works with manually associating and then using dhclient. The problem is that why do I have to use dhclient? Should just get an ip address automatically like it does with the other network.21:31
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ubuntu_noobi think i broke something21:32
bekksubuntu_noob: so fix it :)21:32
ubuntu_noobhaha :)21:32
mehmetcengizselam turk var mi?21:32
daftykinsablegreen: because of what i said. jeez, do you even read :P21:32
bekks!tr | mehmetcengiz21:32
ubuntu_noobi want to reinstall ubunut21:32
ubottumehmetcengiz: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.21:32
bekksubuntu_noob: Thats not fixing things, thats ignoring problems. :)21:33
ubuntu_noobi used fdisk to format the drive21:33
ablegreendaftykins: Oh you said write a *script* with no delay and with a delay. I had been doing it manually via the terminal. Sorry.21:33
bekksubuntu_noob: fdisk isnt even able to format something. fdisk partitions things.21:33
daftykinsablegreen: yeah, obviously you doing it manually takes long enough to work fine21:33
ubuntu_noobi deleted the three linux entries21:33
ablegreenubuntu_noob: Hilarious name.21:33
ubuntu_nooband now the pc doesnt boot ofc21:34
ubuntu_noobgrub rescue ...21:34
ubuntu_nooband the ubuntu usb stick doesnt work either21:34
bekksubuntu_noob: because you messed with the partitions.21:34
ubuntu_noobi select install but nothing happens21:34
ubuntu_noobi figured21:34
daftykinsselect 'try'21:35
ablegreendaftykins: What is your hypothesis? That nmcli/network manager has a delay built in?21:35
ubuntu_noobi messed up the nvidia driver21:36
ubuntu_nooband then i got deeper into the shit21:36
daftykinsubuntu_noob: you've come here long enough to know that language is NOT appropriate.21:36
ubuntu_noobwell the things i do on linux arent appropriate either :)21:37
daftykinsubuntu_noob: i do not care, don't do it.21:37
ablegreenubuntu_noob: Do all your experiments in a VM21:37
ubuntu_noobwhats wrong with the partition then?21:38
bekksubuntu_noob: You messed with it. How are we supposed to know what you did with it?21:38
OerHekscheck or make a new bootable usb on the pc you work on, and try again21:39
ubuntu_noobyes i repeatedly used unetbootin21:39
ubuntu_noobthe first ubuntu installation was succeful21:39
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bekksubuntu_noob: repeatedly using unetbootin is different from messing around with fdisk, as you meantioned before.21:40
Bray90820I am getting this error when I try to partition a 4TB drive with disk utility21:40
daftykinsBray90820: use GPT on a 4TB21:41
ubuntu_noobokay sure21:41
MonkeyDust4TB? *drool*21:41
daftykinspssh, tiny spinning rust :P21:41
Bray90820MonkeyDust: I have 8TB in the computer21:41
ubuntu_noobfdisk displayed three partitions21:41
daftykinsno reason for ext2 today imo too21:41
ubuntu_nooblinux extended ...21:42
ubuntu_noobi deleted all of them21:42
bekksubuntu_noob: now you know whats wrong.21:42
bekksubuntu_noob: you deleted everything needed for a system to boot.21:42
ubuntu_noobi see21:43
daftykinsor are we being told that was what was done prior to the second installation?21:43
ubuntu_noobdoesnt the ubuntu installation create a new partition thingy?21:43
bekksubuntu_noob: only if you tell it to do so.21:44
ubuntu_noobthere is no second installation yet21:44
AbuDharwhen I try to run optirun glxspheres6421:44
AbuDharI get that error21:44
daftykinstype on one line, don't keep dancing on the enter key.21:44
Bray90820daftykins: Thanks you it works now21:44
daftykinsBray90820: ^_^21:45
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daftykinsBray90820: for reference, i believe MBR has a limit of 3.xTB21:45
ubuntu_noobbekks how do i tell it to do so?21:45
AbuDhardaftykins: you don't read it anyway.21:45
Bray90820daftykins: Well the drive is technically 3.64TB21:46
daftykinsAbuDhar: i do, then i keep thinking to myself again "optimus setups mostly don't let you switch permanently like that" which you ignored earlier, so then i don't reply :)21:46
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AbuDharI hate optimus21:59
AbuDharand Nvidia21:59
daftykinsAbuDhar: you know that prime works by using the nvidia chip on a per application basis, right?21:59
daftykinsso you don't need to 'switch'22:00
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hubbunnyHey guys, A question for anyone using ubuntu and snort. I'm trying to pull down rules using pulledpork for my snort installed but I keep getting: but keep getting a "you need to define an oinkcode" error. however as far as I'm aware I've declared my oinkcode in the pulledpork.conf file22:01
AbuDharwhat's the difference betweehn nvidia-352 and nvidia-352-updates?22:01
AbuDhardaftykins: I know that. :)22:01
AbuDharI don't want to switch.. Right now I just need optirun to work22:01
daftykinsso then why do you fight it?22:01
AbuDharI am not fighting man.. I need to get optirun to work so I can start steam with optirun22:02
AbuDharor css for that matter22:02
=== screedoz is now known as screedo
daftykinsi'd be willing to bet they'll pick the right chip auto22:03
AbuDharoptirun glxspheres22:04
AbuDharthis gives me errors22:04
AbuDhar[ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA GPU at PCI:1:0:0.  Please [  881.442580] [ERROR]Aborting because fallback start is disabled.22:04
daftykinsand without trying to call optirun?22:05
AbuDharglxspheres: command not found22:06
AbuDharoh that worked22:06
AbuDharglxspheres64 worked22:07
AbuDharso optirun works or not?22:07
AbuDharI don't think it does22:07
AbuDharI am so stressed by this. I have tried to fix it all day long.....22:07
daftykinsa framerate should be indicative of that, plus temperature in nvidia-settings22:07
k1l<AbuDhar> glxspheres: command not found  << what about you try it with a command that is installed?22:07
daftykinsglxgears <--- common one provided by mesa-utils22:08
AbuDharOpenGL Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile22:09
AbuDharSo it's not nvidia as you see22:09
AbuDharit's the freaking Intel card22:09
AbuDharrestarting for 20000th time22:12
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OerHeksthank you for flying #freenode ✈22:24
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AbuDhardaftykins: it still doesn't work ... I cannot do optirun glxgears22:30
daftykinsah well22:31
AbuDhar2 sec. Let me try something else.22:32
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OpenSorceI've been trying all day... can someone tell me how to set the default screen resolution for lightdm?22:35
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AbuDhardaftykins: getting another error now :)22:43
AbuDhar[  309.152367] [ERROR]Cannot access secondary GPU, secondary X is not active.22:43
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wyounghi, I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed on a HP Proliant DL320e.  When I upgrade kernel to 3.13.0-32 (from 3.13.0-24) my NIC and USB do not work.22:56
daftykinswyoung: we're already in the -60's so there's no point considering only 3222:57
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wyoungdaftykins: 3.13.0-32 is the latest version the RAID drivers support22:59
bekkswyoung: which driver exactly?22:59
wyoungbekks: hpvsa23:00
wyoung(HP Smart Array L120i)23:01
wootehfootHello! Tell me an easy way to acces Chromium's tmp files to copy a cached .flv file.23:01
bekksThere is none.23:02
daftykinsi would doubt changes are great enough to be of concern trying to apply them to newer kernels23:02
goddardthe ubuntu sdk has a memory leak23:02
bekksdaftykins: yes, because its a B320i controller - which is quite ancient.23:03
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wyoungdaftykins: I guess I could try although won't that taint the kernel further?23:03
daftykinseither you run up to date or you don't, simples23:03
MWMdo simlinks dissapear after a reboot?  can they be made permanent23:04
wyoungok I have figured it out!  Ineeded to install the extra's package23:04
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bekksMWM: symlinks are permanent.23:04
wyoungMWM: no, unless they are generated by an application that manages them, like udev for example23:04
daftykinswyoung: yeah that's where the firmware tends to come from, you should have linux-generic installed so that you aren't playing around with these manual installations23:05
MWMI made a symlink and observed it to work in xbmc.  when I try to view the same directory in a network share from windows, the directory is empty23:05
daftykinsMWM: i bet you're either creating them on an unsupported file system, or you haven't configured samba properly to share them as so - they won't be supported by a Windows host viewing them though i should think.23:05
MWMwindows (7) can see the parent directory but none of the sub directories... does this rule out an improper file syste,?  it is ext4 btw23:07
daftykinsexample evidence would be a lot better to explain this23:07
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MWMas a matter of fact it can see sub-directories in a non symlinked directory..... Ill bet I have to add the symlinked directory to samba as well.... ill be back if it downst work :D23:09
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k1l!bug | goddard23:12
ubottugoddard: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.23:12
MWMhah.  somehow the symlinked directories became unmounted.  thank you for the help guys23:15
AbuDhar /usr/bin/vglrun: 246: exec: Counter-Strike Source/: Permission denied23:30
AbuDharoptirun works now btw23:30
tachysI have a problem. I copied over my home directory "/home/my_username" from an external hard drive onto my existing Ubuntu installation's home directory. Now for some reason I can't open Firefox nor the terminal, even when I search for it or use ctrl + alt + t.23:46
tachysIt looks like if I click any of the icons on the left, none of them open anything.23:47
tachysexcept for files.23:47
k1ltachys: what is "ls -al" in that homefolder? does it name your username on the owner and group?23:47
compdocubuntu update broke my virt-manager :(23:47
daftykinsi'd bet the files are still owned as root, "ls -al /home/username/" to confirm23:47
tachysI don't have a terminal, so I can't check that.23:48
Sonderbladeis it just me or dae have trouble connecting to the chat.freenode.net server?23:48
k1ltachys: another user on that system besides guest account?23:48
[n0mad]Sonderblade: there's currently some issues23:48
k1lSonderblade: they are under ddos. more infos in #freenode23:48
inteusSonderblade: freenode has been getting DDoS'd lately23:48
daftykinstachys: can from TTY1, ctrl+alt+F123:49
tachysNo, I just reinstalled ubuntu, then spent half the day copying files over from the external HDD to my new ubuntu isntallation's drive at /home/my_username23:49
daftykinswhere there's a will, there's a way.23:49
tachysdaftykins: yes that works!23:49
daftykinsright so run the above.23:49
Sonderbladeinteus, no0mad: so it's not just me, you also have the problem?23:49
tachysdaftykins: nope, they are all owned my my_username23:50
daftykinsSonderblade: ask in #freenode - nothing to do with ubuntu.23:50
k1ltachys: "sudo chown -R user:user /home/user/"  replace user with your exact username23:50
daftykinstachys: how are the perms?23:50
tachysk1l: I've already done that. owner and group are user:user23:51
tachysdaftykins: there are several different files permissions, but those all look as expected.23:52
tachysHow do I get out of the tty mode?23:53
tachysback to desktop.23:53
daftykinsso you ran it before you actually checked?23:53
tachysdaftykins: no, i ran it when I copied over the files to the external HDD.23:54
daftykinsthat's not relevant23:54
tachysdaftkins: ok I will do it23:54
daftykinsdo what, i didn't suggest anything...23:55
rypervenchek1l did.23:55
* daftykins slow claps23:55
tachysdaftykins: sorry, I thought you suggested the ""sudo chown -R user:user /home/user/"  replace user with your exact username"23:55
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tachysOK so that doesn't do anything, none of the programs (firefox, terminal, gedit) work.23:56
tachysOK I gtg thanks for the help.23:56
rypervenchetachys: Did you try...nvm...23:56
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